Michael Anton Analyzes Bronze Age Mindset

Michael Anton is an interesting character.  Having been Publius Decius Mus of Flight 93 Election fame I like to see what he has to say.  Here he receives a copy of Bronze Age Mindset from Curtis Yarvin ( also known as Mencius Moldbug) and actually manages to read it through.  Read his reaction.


Apparently the unneutered millennial men are pretty pissed off about the world we are handing over to them.  Can’t say that I blame them.  This place is pretty awful.

Now I guess I have to try reading it.  Is there no end?


Michael Anton is Interviewed on Powerline

Michael Anton wrote the Flight 93 election back in 2016 and he is one of the people who recognized how important it was to beat Hillary Clinton.  He has served in the Trump White House and he is a Claremont guy.  I think he is one of the smarter guys out there and he’s on our side.  I found this podcast very interesting.



The Power Line Show, Ep. 110: After the Flight 93 Election

Tucker Carlson Interviews Michael Anton on the Birthright Citizenship Question


Publius Decius Mus (aka Michael Anton) seems to always be a go-to guy for every important argument.  And birthright citizenship is no exception.  Listen to Tucker Carlson question him on the history of the 14th Amendment and why it has been used to justify giving the children of illegal immigrants automatic citizenship.

Very useful information to have  when you want to answer some idiot like Paul Ryan.

04OCT2018 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Michael Anton’s – The Gillibrand Standard

Michael Anton (aka Publius Decius Mus) very, very rarely underwhelms.  This is no exception.  He lays out the strategy of the left and the uselessness of the NeverTrump Right.

None of the indictment is novel or complicated.  The bottom line is the Left has abandoned any recourse to objectivity, due process or even sanity.  All’s fair in love and war and everything is war for the Left.  Character assassination, perjury, intimidation, harassment of wives and children and any amount of media manipulation are not only acceptable but mandatory.  The #metoo playbook requires the accused to curl up in the fetal position and allow every kick from the sisterhood to land squarely.  And it requires every good Republican loser to join the accused on the floor for his well earned kicks.  And right on cue Flake curls up and presents his “head” for kicking.

But, surprise, surprise, neither Kavanaugh, Trump or even McConnell played dead.  They decided to fight back instead and they even won.

Anton says that the bright spot in this nightmare is that the orgy of dishonesty against one of their own (Kavanaugh is a Beltway insider) is bound to wake up many of the establishment Republicans from their stupor.  He thinks this tawdry exercise is providing an example to the spineless Republican leadership of what it’s like to stand up to a leftist lynch mob and win.  Maybe next time a psychotic leftist harpy accuses a man of some crime of passion that no one in his right mind would want to commit on her the Republicans will wise up and laugh her out of the Capitol Building.  Maybe, but I wouldn’t bet on it, the worthless worms.

The Gillibrand Standard

03JUL2018 – American Greatness Post of the Day

Michael Anton (aka Publius Decius Mus) performs a fisking of Bret Stephens’ paean to untrammeled immigration.  It goes without saying Bret doesn’t come off very well.  Can you imagine Stephens used to be considered conservative?   It’s a long article and I doubt Bret even deserves the honor of this much attention but Mr. Anton does cover the bases very thoroughly.  I would say this article  is preaching to the choir but if you are interested in just how crazy the house conservatives at the New York Times have become check out Anton’s dissection of exhibit A.


America Is Not the Common Property of All Mankind

11MAY2018 – American Greatness Post of the Day

Chris Buskirk interviewed Michael Anton ( link ) about his tenure in the Trump Administration.  There are a number of interesting things in the interview.  But toward the end they talk a bit about Anton’s opinion of Donald Trump.  As opposed to the usual disillusionment we typically hear from former administration members Anton is extremely positive about his former boss.  Here are the more important ones I gleaned from the audio interview.

“He was just right about the issues that mattered right now and that’s why I supported him.”

“I knew him reasonably well … wasn’t having dinner with him … was a staff guy … but was around him a lot over the course of fifteen, sixteen months.”

“Liked him enormously, respected him enormously …  there is a patriotic core to him that burns very hot.”

“He’s in it for the right reason, is doing it for the right reason … he didn’t have to do any of this.”

“He’s governing as President almost purely out of love for this country.”

Both Buskirk and Anton were educated at Claremont-McKenna College and were pupils of Harry Jaffa who was associated with the Claremont Institute.  I have found the people associated with the Claremont Institute to be extremely aware of what is currently at stake in our political situation and perceptive about the actual value of the various players on the political landscape.

16APR2018 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Michael Anton Addresses His Critics

Long time readers of this web site know I am a big fan of Michael Anton or as he was known when he authored the Flight 93 Election, “Publius Decius Mus.”  He, Angelo Codevilla and other members of the Claremont Institute have thrown their support behind the Trump presidency and its attempt to save the country from the globalist cabal of democrats and establishment republicans who want to turn it into their private fiefdom.  Anton went to work for the Trump administration and now is re-entering private life.  And he is leaving on very good terms with the President and his administration despite what the press contends.    I found this article interesting.

Michael Anton Addresses His Critics, Affirms Support for Trump


American Greatness – Pick of the Day – Total Political War by Matthew J. Peterson

Peterson is part of the Claremont Institute and they seem to be the most perceptive pundits out there.  

“Eight years ago, Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Angelo Codevilla called it the “Ruling Class,” a popular thesis which he turned into a book (The Ruling Class) and used deftly to explain the 2016 election and its aftermath. Michael Anton, in perhaps the most significant essay of the election, called it the “Davoisie oligarchy,” or the “Davos class” and recently coined the word the “oligogues” to describe the majority of elites in their camp that flatter and support them.”

Peterson hits all the high points and identifies what is really going on.  The deep state is rejecting the people’s choice for President because he is an outsider and because they think they can. 

Definitely a good read.

Total Political War


Woo-Hoo!!!  I Is Bona Fide – American Greatness Published My Article

The good folks at American Greatness have gone temporarily insane and published an article by an anonymous troll calling himself “photog.”  Said troll claims to run a website called Orion’s Cold Fire and for his theme chose “Defining the Space Between Never-Trump and the Alt-Right.”  The article is overheated and borderline psychotic but I’ll leave it to you to judge the merits of the argument, such as it is.

Excuse me. I have the inexplicable desire to shoot off some fireworks in the yard.  Life is good.


Since my readers don’t always stop by every day I figured I’d paste this poll on each post for a while to see what folks call themselves.  This is the post the poll came from  Who Are We?

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Publius Decius Mus and his Enemies

Publius Decius Mus (author of the anonymous and influential article “The Flight 93 Election” has been revealed to be Michael Anton.  And he has taken a job as the White House’s,  Communications Director of the National Security Council.  Anton immediately found himself attacked by the usual suspects, leftists and never-Trumpers.  He’s all kinds of bad things.  He’s a Nazi (of course), a fascist, a reactionary.  He’s too smart to just be a deplorable.  He must be an evil genius.  Anton was part of the George W Bush administration and a card-carrying neo-con.  But he saw the mistakes that were made and recognized the overreach and delusion that defined the Bush view.  He saw that Conservatism Inc. (his term for the pundits) was not interested in the issues that faced the everyday people.  They were uninterested in either rampant illegal immigration that depressed their wages, rampant globalism that exported their jobs or unchallenged cultural Marxism that demeaned their beliefs and proselytized their children.

The Flight 93 Election article was clear and I think convincing.  It provided the logical reason for even a high-powered intellect to embrace the Trump presidential bid as the only hope of avoiding a fundamental and probably irreversible degradation to the American way of life.  I remember agreeing with the article completely and finding comfort in knowing that someone clearly intelligent and literate had expressed in the public square what I also believed was at stake in the 2016 election.

So why am I writing this post?  Because once again, the Trump administration has done something good.  They have plucked a former W insider who was part of the Iraq War catastrophe and because he believes in what the Trump White House wants to get done, they’re using him.  Smart.

People keep telling me how crazy Trump is, how dumb he is.  Well if he is then he sure knows how to hide it.  Admittedly when he goes off script he sounds like Ralph Kramden of the Honeymooners talking to the members of the Racoon Lodge about how he is going to put one over on their wives.  But every time he makes a move it turns out to be the right one.  One theory I’ve been trying out is that Melania is the puppet-mistress pulling The Donald’s strings.  Well, if this is so then lucky him.  But more likely, he has learned how to size up advisers.  And he’s surrounded himself with people who know what they are doing.  If that is true, then hiring Anton is just another good example of Trump recognizing good people.  I’ve read some of Anton’s non-political writings and he is witty and clear.

Well, all this sounds just like a puff piece.  Where’s the dramatic tension?  I’ll tell you where.  I’m disgruntled.  Trump and his people knew Decius was a Bush guy but reading his articles must have convinced them that he should be part of the team.  I consider myself a great intellectual too.  And I’ve written dozens of posts on Trump that put him in a good light (well I do poke some gentle fun at you, schmoopy).  So where’s my cushy Washington job with a view of Pennsylvania Avenue?  Come on Donald, you know where to reach me.  Send the helicopter and let’s do a meeting.  As your science and technology adviser I can streamline all these boondoggle programs and actually get something useful done.  With my help, you can make nerds great again.  But this is a short-term offer.  On January 9th 2025 this offer will be null and void (well, unless you’re listening too Mike Pence, errr, sir).  So, hurry up schmoopy.