The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 31 – The Chaser

This is a straight forward fantasy.  A young man named Roger is hopelessly in love with a woman named Leila that has no interest in him at all.  He calls her endlessly hoping she will just talk to him.  A man waiting in line for the pay phone that Roger is hogging tells him that there is only one way to win the love of Leila.  He gives Roger the business card of Professor A. Daemon (get it, a demon!).

Roger goes to the professor’s office and tells him he must have Leila’s love.  The professor tells him “that’s easy and cheap.”  The love potion only costs a dollar.  But the professor tells Roger that he’d be back.

Roger convinces Leilah to have a goodbye drink of champagne with him to get him out of her hair.  Of course, it works and she falls in love with roger.

When next we see Roger he has been married to Leilah for six months and she won’t give him any peace.  She sits at his feet and talks to him continuously.  She can’t keep her hands off him and dotes over his every move.  Finally he goes back to the professor and asks him how he can tone down Leilah.  The professor says nothing will change her and the only way he’ll ever have peace is to kill her.  And he has a potion that’s painless, undetectable and will kill her immediately.  He pays the thousand dollars and with great misgivings decides to murder his wife.  He goes home and once again decides to use champagne as the disguise for the poison.  And just as he’s about to hand the drink to Leilah he sees the baby booty she has been knitting and immediately throws both glasses to the floor.  He closes his eyes in resignation knowing now that he will spend the rest of his life with the maddening mother of his children.

This is a silly, goofy story.  But I enjoy a comical look at the war between men and women.  There isn’t a red-blooded husband out there who hasn’t at one point or other in his marriage contemplated his wife’s murder (or is it just me and Camera Girl?).  Well anyway, it works for me.  B+