My Fellow Americans

One of the things that separates me from the Dissident Right is their perspective on the United States.  They correctly point out that many unconstitutional laws have been enacted that deprive us of our freedoms supposedly guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.  But from this condition they deduce that the United States no longer exists.  Now to me that’s defeatism that seems unwarranted.  And I say this because reversing some of these infringements of our rights would only require the Supreme Court to recognize that the harm that these unconstitutional laws cause outweighs any supposed social benefits they provide.

I admit that all these problems have endured for an enormous length of time.  Going all the way back to the 1960s the affirmative action agenda has afflicted us.  But it’s fair to mention that for almost all this time both political parties have contributed to the support that these laws flourished under.  It’s only since the Trump Administration that the Supreme Court has come close to a working majority of constitutionalist justices. Even now John Roberts is an unreliable conservative vote with nothing in the way of actual courage to address unconstitutional laws.  But assuming that nothing can be done about present circumstances seems very short sighted.  What is necessary is electing presidents that actually want the country to be conservative.

Look at the difference between George W. Bush and Donald Trump.  W was supported by the whole country going into Afghanistan.  Even going into Iraq, the country still put their trust in him.  But after he had done all that could be done to eliminate the threat of a militant Iraq, W decides to go on a democratic nation building crusade in a primitive hell-hole filled with our worst enemies.  He bled our military of the finest young men on the face of the earth.  Then he tried to put Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court but settled for saddling us with John Roberts.  And finally, his multiple national disasters guaranteed that Barack Obama would torture us for eight years.

Compare this with President Trump.  No foreign wars, a tax cut, low unemployment, high economic growth, reduced illegal immigration, manufacturing jobs returning to the US.  And finally, on the Supreme Court he gave us Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.  Not to mention the tough fight he had to wage to get Kavanaugh confirmed.  And that’s the key point.  Fight!  Expecting to gain any ground without fighting our enemies is delusional.  But what you notice is that if you do fight, it improves things on all fronts.  The progressives aren’t all that tough, they’re just in charge.  If you push them hard enough, they give ground.  They’ll shriek about it but they’ll give ground.  That’s what’s so amazing to watch with the Trump Administration.  They’ve been harassed at every turn and started out with no reliable allies but through sheer dogged determination they’re finally bringing the fight to the Deep State and even something as staggering as the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t broken their spirits.  Can you imagine if every Republican administration showed the same resolve and courage?

So that is my rationale for not giving up on America.  Abandoning a thing as great as the United States to weirdos and bureaucrats seems cowardly and lazy.  Getting involved and knowing who you’re nominating is how a republic works.  It’s going to take a coordinated effort to vet the ambitious men who want to run this country.  They need to prove that they are willing to get results and ignore the Left when they call them racists, homophobes, misogynists, etc., etc., etc.

All that being said, that doesn’t mean I think that the United States is functionally the same country it used to be.  I won’t pretend that I feel that everyone walking around are “my fellow Americans.”  There are a few ideological tests that I administer to determine if someone is an American or just a pod masquerading as one.

  • If someone tells me that America is a racist country, he’s a pod.
  • If someone thinks that restricting immigration is racist, he’s a pod.
  • If someone thinks that free speech isn’t our right, he’s a pod.
  • If someone thinks that guns should be banned, he’s a pod.
  • If someone thinks that the government should tell me who to associate with, he’s a pod.
  • If someone thinks that the government should tell me who not to associate with, he’s a pod.
  • If someone thinks Barack Obama was a better President than Thomas Jefferson, he’s a pod.
  • If someone thinks Barack Obama was a better President than Donald Trump, he’s an idiot.
  • If someone tells me that women need to be advantaged in college or industry, he’s a pod.
  • If someone thinks Michael Brown was an innocent young man targeted by the police, he’s a pod.
  • If someone tells me that I should have to pay money to people whose distant ancestors were oppressed in the United States before my ancestors even got to this country, he’s a pod.
  • If someone tells me that marriage can be between anything other than a man and a woman, he’s a pod.
  • If someone tells me that there are more than two sexes, he’s a pod.
  • If someone tells me that a man in a sundress is a woman, he’s a pod.
  • If someone tells me that a mother should be allowed to put her little boy on hormonal therapy prior to castration because she thinks it will hurt her ex-husband, he’s not a pod, he’s a monster.

Any of these tests will identify people walking around the United States that are in no way my fellow Americans.  They are dangerous people who have rejected the Constitution of the United States as the valid law of the land.  They are working to undermine the best designed government that has ever been devised by the minds of men.

So, in this sense I agree with the Dissident Right that the United States as formerly understood doesn’t exist.  It has been overrun by people who are hellbent on destroying it and should not be considered Americans no matter what their ancestry says about them.  Some of the most dangerous of these are people whose ancestors came here on the Mayflower.  To me there are legal first generation Chinese and Mexican Americans who love this country and believe in all the things that make this country great and are therefore more American than these degenerate descendants of the Standishes and Bradfords.  Sure, there other immigrants who don’t appreciate the great gift they’ve been given to live here.  But I’m talking about the ones that do.  They believe in American exceptionalism and want to be Americans in every sense of the word.  They’re not looking for America to become Mexico or China.  They left those countries for a better place.  They never heard of white privilege or patriarchy or transgender anything.  They just want to raise their families and live in peace.  To me they’re more American than some Boston Brahmin whose family descends from the Pilgrims but disparages America as a racist, sexist, homophobic place that must be taught a lesson and deconstructed to suit the multicultural tastes of his fellow Cloud People.

But I disagree with the Dissident Right in the sense that we can fight to restore this country.  We are not outnumbered and we are on the side of common sense.  Our mistake has been to follow behind some other of these Cloud People who claimed to be on our side.  The Bushes and the Romneys are no different from the Clintons and the Obamas.  All of them are the enemy.  We need to find competent men who will fight for us and use them to change this country back to what it was.  We don’t even have to change the rules.  The Constitution hasn’t been changed.  Only unconstitutional laws have been allowed to stand.  Knock those laws down and we get back our country.

And the first thing I’d do is go after affirmative action for women.  There isn’t even a bad excuse for it anymore.  There are now more women than men in colleges and graduate schools.  Women have been advantaged for so long in corporate America that claiming they need affirmative action is a joke.  Ending the protected status of women needs to happen now.  Women can be shamed into admitting that they are taking advantage of unfair laws.  It’s an easy win and would be a good first step in cleaning up our unconstitutional mess.

Well my fellow Americans, that’s enough ranting and raving for now.  I hope you had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.  Hopefully by the Fourth of July we’ll be past most of this COVID-19 nonsense and enjoying a real barbecue instead of the cut rate version we’ve had today.

Who is the Next Donald Trump?

President Trump has been a seismic event in American politics.  For the first time in generations a man dared to speak the truth about like illegal immigration, off-shoring of American jobs and even whole industries to China and malign neglect of the working class in this country.  You have to go all the way back to Ronald Reagan to find someone who challenged the status quo and rallied the country behind a Pro-American platform.  And even though he’s been attacked relentlessly by every aspect of the Elite centers of power he managed to revive the economy and give conservative voters hope that things could be fixed.  And despite the apocalyptic appearance of the COVID-19 epidemic I fully expect him to be re-elected in November and do even more to turn this country around on the social and economic aspects of life here.

But in 2025 there will be a new president.  Maybe Mike Pence will be Vice President in 2024 and that may provide him with presumptive front runner status in the Republican primary race.  But what I’m interested in is who is out there right now that possesses the instincts and talents that could rival the kind of success that President Trump has demonstrated when squaring off against our enemies?

One guess might be another businessman.  In fact, let’s look at the essence of Donald Trump’s background.  He was born into wealth accrued by his father as a real estate developer in New York City.  So, you have a wealthy businessman who isn’t part of the Wall Street crowd.  Later he took some of his business interests public like the casinos, with decidedly disastrous results for his stockholders.  What that tells me is that he is an outsider of the corporate establishment.  His business is based on his family ownership of real estate assets in New York City and the connections with government and local business communities that he has built up over the course of his life.  In my mind that may be the kind of man we might expect to possess the skills we need.

Another possibility is someone like Tucker Carlson.  He apparently has decided that he wants to take on the elites on behalf of the working class, Christians, straight white men and other despised groups who fall into the category of deplorables.  Having grown up as one of the elites, he has quite a lot of information about them and he seems to have a convert’s zeal to repair the damage done by his former comrades.  Does he have the grit it takes to stand up to the kind of dirt they would throw at him?  It’s hard to say.  Having been part of the media for many years he may have all kinds of dirt they can expose against him.  Could he endure something akin to what Billy Bush did to Donald Trump during the campaign?  I think that’s hard to say.  But we may find out.  I have a feeling that Carlson has an interest in politics.

What about conventional politicians?  Ted Cruz?  Rand Paul?  Ron DeSantis? Mike Pence?  I think someone like DeSantis might be a possibility.  I favor a governor over a senator.  And DeSantis is showing determination in the way he’s running Florida.  That’s a tough place for a conservative to flourish.

Mike Pence?  If you had asked me back in 2016, I’d have said definitely no.  Seeing him fold like a cheap suit when that weasel George Stephanopoulos grilled him about the pro-religion law that he passed in Indiana was disgusting.  After eight years of working for President Trump he’ll certainly have learned a lot.  But can you learn instinct?  Can you learn grit?  I think Mike Pence would have to prove himself to me and many others before we’d believe he has the right stuff.

Finally, how about going back to President Trump for a successor.  How about Donald Jr.?  This one is intriguing.  A father is always a bad judge of the talents of his children.  I think we’ll have to wait to see if Don Jr. begins acting like a presidential candidate.

One thing I’m quite sure of is that we’ll be best served by having a long series of debates in which the candidates attack each other mercilessly.  I believe 2016 has shown that a gentlemanly discussion is useless for picking a leader.  We need plain talk and hard questions to find out who is strong enough to knock off the Democrat nominee.  I’m very much looking forward over the next few years to see who emerges on the Right as a successor to President Trump.  I only hope whoever it is that he has half the brains and guts of the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Finally, Some of the States Are Waking Up and Even Here in the Gulag, Signs of Life

Fifteen US states are beginning the process of getting back to normal.  States like Georgia and Arkansas are shedding most of the restrictions while Florida and Texas are selectively and incrementally opening up.  And with the two-week increments proposed to step through the process there may be big chunks of the country completely back to normal by June.  And that will be an important outcome.  Lots of economic opportunities are associated with the summer vacation schedule, so this could allow many small businesses to salvage something from the wreckage of this year.

The next milestone I’m waiting for is when the medical community admits that we’re on the downward side of the daily-new-death curve.  From my reading of it we’re already over the hump.  Even with the Blue States, for the last two weeks, calling every death a COVID-19 death, it looks like we’re about to break through.  The last five days have been steadily lower and lower totals.  So, we may hear them admit it soon.

And in addition to the progress in other parts of the country the folks in the blue states are starting to get tired of this too.  You’ve heard about protests in Michigan, Virginia and California.  Well even in the very heart of cower-in-place New England, folks are starting to ignore some of the rules.  They’re going outside for no reason!  They’re walking around without masks!  And, horror of horrors they’re going to visit relatives without a car window or a wall between them.  I was overjoyed on Sunday when my daughter and her family came over and hung around with us in the yard for a couple of hours.  And I swear I could see how much my grandsons have grown since I saw them last!  It was great.  They came to install some raised beds for Camera Girl’s gardens and they did us both a world of good just seeing and talking to them face to face.  It didn’t hurt that it broke seventy degrees yesterday for the first time this spring.  And right on cue, the road past my house was full of motorcycle riders thundering by in droves.

So, all at once we’re waking up and I can sense that nothing will slow it down.  Not even a spike in deaths.  I think even in blue states people are starting to realize this was a bad idea.  The shutdown didn’t stop the deaths.  It probably didn’t even slow it down.  It was already too late to stop the infections in the larger cities from reaching the elderly in those high-density areas.

The next fight will be over the blue states trying to get the federal government to bail them out from their civil service retirement entitlements.  I’m hoping that President Trump won’t want to do that and instead will concentrate on helping small businesses and restarting the economy.  With the election season upon us he’ll do everything he can to cheerlead the economy and eliminate problems for the people trying to get their lives back on track.  At this point Joe Biden seems to be almost a non-issue in the election.  It’s up to the President to call the shots and give us back our hope in the future.  And I think he can.

Well to paraphrase the Bard, “Now is the winter of our discontent turned glorious summer by this Son of New York.”

03MAY2020 – American Greatness – Post of the Day – Bound and Gagged by the Bugmen

Someone pseudo-named L0m3z has a post about SJW double talk or as he references it bug speak.  He makes his point but what really makes this worth reading is his quote from the “Zaphorian Cossack’s Letter to Sultan Mehmed IV.”  That scurrilous obscene screed to the Ottoman sultan is downright hilarious.  And Lom3z is using it as an example of non-bug speak such as he highlights in President Trump’s straightforward way of speaking and writing.  You owe it to yourself to read the details of the Cossacks’ history with the sultan.  It makes you proud to be a free man to know that such courage and creative obscenity has been passed down to us through history.  Take a look at the famous painting celebrating the momentous writing of the letter.  It does my heart good.

I’ll conclude with the conclusion of the Letter, “Now we’ll conclude, for we don’t know the date and don’t own a calendar; the moon’s in the sky, the year with the Lord, the day’s the same over here as it is over there; for this kiss our arse!”




The Latest Turn in the Michael Flynn Case

Well, I guess I might as well put in my two cents on General Flynn’s case.  With the release of the latest withheld notes between the various FBI and DOJ actors in this tragedy it is now obvious to anyone but the willfully blind that this was a takedown without any crime to justify it.

Strzok, McCabe and Comey engineered the prosecution as part of their strategy of undermining faith in the Trump administration and crippling its effectiveness by removing a competent man.  This was part of the whole Russian collusion myth.  Now every man on the street can read the details of how they did it.  The only question is what will be done to punish those who perpetrated it?

Will these criminals be allowed to walk away scot free?  Between this and the Mueller investigation, three years of the Trump presidency was bombarded with false innuendo by the hostile media and the various partisan deep state actors who leaked the fake news to the press.  These unelected tyrants hijacked our country and held hostage the workings of our government.  Strzok, McCabe and Comey should pay a heavy price. They need to go to jail.

And there are other parties that had a direct hand in this conspiracy.  John Brennan and James Clapper are up to their elbows in this thing.  Letting them walk away unscathed would be a travesty of justice.  With respect to the echelons above them, I assume they’ve insulated themselves and only a confession by Comey, Brennan or Clapper could shed light on higher level culpability.  I’ll leave that for later consideration if we ever see justice reach as far as the mid-level criminals.

Strzok, McCabe and Comey should go to prison.  But will they?  Six months ago, I would have said yes.  But it’s six months later and nothing has happened.  Barr made a lot of noise about spying and the inappropriate actions taken by the FBI.  He appointed Durham in May 2019, a year ago, to look into all aspects of the Russian collusion scam.  And what has happened?  As far as I can tell, nothing.  My belief is that Barr and Durham are collecting evidence and waiting to see who wins the 2020 election.  If Trump wins maybe they’ll slap a few wrists and publish a report about how to stop such atrocious things from ever happening again.  If the Dems win, they’ll publish a report saying that everything was done by the book and the system works beautifully.

I had thought that I was as cynical as it was possible to be.  I was wrong.  I now believe that the deep state is basically immune to reform.  Barr is an insider.  He has done nothing and that is all he intends to do.  It will take an outsider who tears it down with a wrecking ball to make it change.  I only hope that when President Trump is re-elected that he appoints a new attorney general whose background is in the military and this man demolishes the alphabet bureaus from the top down and rebuilds them with honest men.  But that is probably a fantasy that will never be realized.

Understand, I would like nothing better than to be proven completely wrong about Barr’s intentions.  If I looked at the news tomorrow morning and it had a photo of Comey being frog-marched out of his house in his pajamas at 3 a.m. I would be the happiest man in the world.  Hearing that Peter Strzok was turning state’s evidence and had implicated his boss McCabe in treason would make me giddy with delight.  But with every passing day I think it’s more and more clear that President Trump is the only honest man in Washington.  And because he is, I guess that the only honorable treatment that General Flynn will experience in this whole travesty is a pardon from the President when everyone else fails to serve justice.

Looking Around at the Landscape as We Enter the Next Stage

We truly are two nations.  I like reading the headlines on the news website Real Clear Politics.  They pride themselves on laying out a 50/50 selection of left- and right-wing articles.  Sometimes it’s hilarious to see how the titles seem to be screaming back and forth at each other in ideological outrage.  A recent example of this is:

  • Georgia Is a Scary Place to Be Living and Working, USA Today
  • Time for Public Health Experts to Stop Scaring People, Spectator

So basically, they let you pick your poison.  I guess that’s fair if you’re looking to maximize traffic.  But I skip reading the lefty sites.  I just chuckle over their headlines.  Living as I do in New England, I am surrounded by the left-wing echo chamber and basically only one message comes through.  It is COVID-19 FUD 24/7.  Speaking to my grown daughters they are terrified of the virus.  Any suggestion that the lockdown can end anytime soon elicits a look of shock and disbelief.  Discussing things like mortality rates and actual asymptomatic infection rates confuses and frightens them.  Now the fact that they have children in their houses forces me to leave things be.  Mothers protecting their offspring aren’t interested in logic.  Fear is the motivating factor.  But despite this fear it is already apparent that even in the very center of the shelter-in-place orthodoxy there is a dawning realization that not only shouldn’t we be shutting down the machinery of American industry but we can’t survive much longer doing it.  The problem is how to do this without acknowledging that the President was right all along.  But since double talk is their stock in trade, they’ll attempt it.

The next challenge is going to be how the recovery money is going to be distributed.  The Democrats are looking to divert the money into a bailout of states like Illinois and Connecticut that have allowed their public unions pension responsibilities to metastasize to such an extent that they’ve eaten up the entire state budgets.  Hopefully President Trump will be able to resist any such pressure.  But what he still has to do is figure out how he can save the small businesses.  There are probably a million small businesses that have been driven to bankruptcy.  Even if the shutdown ended tomorrow these businesses don’t have the money to pay the two months of bills they’ve racked up and they certainly can’t replace the inventory that they had to throw out when they closed their doors in early March.  I know some of these people personally and it is tragic to see a family business driven into the ground for a totally irrational idea.  But there it is.

Going along with this reclamation work is the public relations job that will also be needed.  Now, the President is lucky in that he threaded the needle.  He followed the advice of the medical experts in allowing the shutdown.  But he was also smart enough to know that as soon as it was clear that the exaggerated claims of millions of deaths weren’t going to happen, he shifted to a script of re-opening the country as quickly as possible.  But the Democrats are starting to realize how bad their talking points are going to look in another few days and they will also switch scripts and try to blame the President for the shutdown.  We’re already hearing Pelosi claim that the President didn’t do enough to prevent travel from China to the US.  She claims he should have also prevented American citizens from returning.  Now this is the same woman who was walking around Chinatown in San Francisco back in January claiming that the virus couldn’t spread from person to person.  Obviously, logic and honesty won’t factor in to what the left will say to shift blame onto the President.

But once again he’ll have a winning hand.  Here are few points:

  • There are all kinds of statements by the Dems calling the President’s shutdown of travel from China unnecessary and racist.
  • The fact that Joe Biden and the Democrats have been in bed with China for decades will tie them in with the cause of the epidemic.
  • The whole open borders policy that the Dems have been pushing forever will be a natural avenue of attack since unchecked immigration is part of the reason that New York City was such a hot spot for the virus.
  • And finally, clips of all the Dems endlessly repeating for weeks the need to keep the country locked down in perpetuity will prove that they don’t know what they’re doing.

All of these avenues of attack can be used separately or in conjunction to hammer home the message that the Democrats and their problems are the source of this problem and also the reason it was allowed to fester out of all proportion to the actual danger.

And lastly the President has to resist any talk by the Democrats to allow voting to become a mail in ballot sent to every citizen.  The opportunities for fraud become so great that if it was to be enacted we’d never see another honest election for the foreseeable future.

These are going to be busy days ahead.  The President will need to get his message out and also orchestrate the rebuilding of the American economy.  If he does all that he really can make a case for being the greatest President in a very long while.

Even the Egghead Professors Think Trump Will Win in November

Read this guy’s article.  He obviously doesn’t like the President but he says the data shows that President Trump will win in November.

When those biased against you say you’re gonna win then chances are you’re gonna win.  QED.

Morale in the Time of War

Last week I talked about enjoying life during the enforced depression that the Left thinks we deserve.  In a lot of ways this is similar to what went on during the Iraq War.  The media gave us a steady drum beat of death and defeat for almost five straight years.  They will forego any cheerful or happy news in order to break our spirit and improve their chances in the next election.  As the progs are awfully fond of saying never let a crisis go to waste.  They’ve latched onto the COVID-19 story and they will say anything and everything they can think of to blame the President.  First, they will blame him for not doing enough.  But once it becomes clear that all their direst predictions aren’t realistic, they will switch rapidly to blaming him for the economic crash that the quarantine caused.  And right now, they’re doing both.  After all they’ll milk the fear of death all the way to when fear of starvation overtakes it.  And just like at the end of the Bush II term when the economic crash struck, you’ll feel like fate has stepped in and taken your enemy’s side.  Thinking back to 2008 you’ll remember how inevitable it seemed that McCain would lose to Obama.  It seemed like nothing could be done.

But this is a different President and these are different times.  Already you can see that President Trump isn’t the passive victim that Bush and McCain were.  He makes his case and although he’ll listen to experts if he thinks things aren’t happening fast enough or that too much caution is being used, he’ll make a change.  Look at the way he questioned the ventilator nonsense that DeBlasio and Cuomo were handing him.  And when they said they didn’t have enough hospital beds he called their bluff and set up hospitals on ships and in convention centers.  When the experts said we’d have to wait months to start opening up the country President Trump forced them to look realistically at the difference between Wyoming and Manhattan and admit that most areas of the country aren’t going to suffer if they go back to work.  Now the various states like Florida and Texas are actually opening up for business and a more normal life.  And that’s spreading even to places in the blue states.  People in Michigan and even New York are demanding some easing of the ridiculous “hide under a rock” strategy that hasn’t achieved anything meaningful.

So, here’s the payoff of this essay.  Stop the doom and gloom.  I have good friends who are already talking about how we’re doomed in November.  Mail in ballots, too many senate seats to defend, backlash for the downturn, not enough judgeships being passed, you name it they’re fretting.  Well I have the same advice for them and everyone else.


Sure, there are all kinds of problems.  And for the people in the blue states it’s going to be really bad.  The small businessmen in New York and the other northeast states have their backs to the wall.  But from my point of view that is more of a problem for governors of those states.  They’re the ones who refuse to loosen the restrictions on business.  They’re the ones who’ll have to answer to the voters for it.  And those are the states that mostly don’t vote republican.  So, if the President is smart, he’ll take care of his own.  The outreach should be to places like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  But he should make sure that he takes credit for getting things moving again and blame the Democrats in those states who dragged their feet.  And he should do everything he can to highlight the sensible policies that Republican governors in places like Texas and Florida took and how that sped up their recoveries.

Our part in all this is not letting the FUD get to us.  FUD, in case you didn’t know isn’t a Looney Tunes character.  It’s the acronym for fear, uncertainty and disinformation.  It’s what the media pumps out on a 24/7 basis.  If you let everything they say worry you then you’re going to be a wreck by November.

So, relax.

Your job is to help out your friends and family through all the chaos that comes.  But remember to inject some fun into your life and theirs.  If you remember back in 2016 every single poll showed Trump behind Clinton by 5 to 10 points.  Think about that.  Does that sound like they were using honest numbers?  That was propaganda meant to convince you not to even bother to vote.  They are already doing the same thing.  Save yourself a lot grief and just worry about the things you can control.  Take care of your problems and let the President handle the big stuff.  That’s what he’s good at.  He’ll come up with practical solutions and he’ll make sure people hear about it.  That’s the difference between him and Bush, McCain and Romney.  He’s a winner and they were losers.

So, relax.  Have some fun.  If you’re in a lockdown area have a telecon with your relatives where everyone has their favorite snacks and the little kids talk about whatever cool things they’re interested in that week.  One of my younger grandsons was telling me all about his latest dinosaur movie where one carnivore was biting off the arm of a T. Rex and blood went all over the place.  Bless his blood thirsty little mind.  He had a blast telling me all about it.  And I had a bigger blast hearing about it.  And we all agreed we’re going to have a great barbecue as soon as this nonsense is over.

So, relax.  Take care of yourself and let the President worry about the big stuff.  It’s why we hired him in the first place.  And put in a good word for him with your nervous friends and tell them to relax too.

Opening Up America

I watched the press conference that previewed the President’s program to restart America.  I must say it sounds a lot like my own take on how it should be done.  The President allowed his three doctors to walk us through the medical criteria that would be used to determine when a particular state had reached the health thresholds needed to progress to the first, second and third stages of the process.  One useful visual aid were three graphics that showed the United States over the last couple of months of the crisis with the states colored by the severity of the pandemic in each state.  What was apparent was that most of the country is only lightly affected by the COVID-19 disease.  And that in certain areas like the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana the caseloads and the infection rates are so low that it will be safe to proceed directly to the first stage of the reopening process.  And the doctors used all the comforting scientific jargon about gating the progress and sentinel surveillance site testing to avoid a resurgence caused by asymptomatic cases mixed in with the unaffected.

And it was good to hear the President reassure the people in the hardest hit areas like New York and New Jersey that their states will be allowed to maintain the heightened shutdown they currently need but at the same time allow people in relatively unaffected areas to follow safe but much less restrictive protocols that will allow them to go back to work and normalize their lives again.  The President stressed that the elderly and the infirm will be the focus of quarantine efforts going forward because these are the populations where ninety percent of the deaths are occurring.

And finally, I heard the President reiterating the need to provide relief to the small businesses and their employees who are the primary victims of the business shutdown that we currently have.  He stressed that the end game is to get back to a point where a restaurant or a sports stadium will be able to serve its clientele as it was designed to, not half full or almost empty.  Infrastructure projects were also mentioned and that is to the good too because those types of projects have a follow-on effect for the rest of the economy in the areas where they are located.

So, from all ways of looking at this announcement, it was a winning performance.  It was scientific, authoritative and quantitative.  It was practical, flexible and not some kind of one size fits all approach.  It provided very good news for a large area of the country that is either moderately or minimally impacted by the virus, that things will be getting back to normal very soon.  But it deprived the gloom and doomers in the northeast from accusing the President of ordering them into danger.  That means the Governors in those areas will be responsible for making the difficult decision of when they will start transitioning their states back to much needed productivity.  And they probably wish they could use the President as a scapegoat because the economies in those areas are being decimated and waiting for the crisis to be completely over before loosening the quarantine is probably impossible.  So, the resurgences that are bound to occur during the loosening of quarantine are bound to be highlighted by the media.  Well, let them work that out for themselves.

A very good press conference all in all and a good day for the country in its journey back to normalcy.

An Eventful Week in a Momentous Year

President Trump is a bold fellow.  A while ago he was saying he wanted the lockdown to end on Easter.  And predictably the media went ballistic.  They weren’t going to allow the country to get better if they could help it.  But President Trump isn’t easily discouraged so right after Easter he began hinting that things are going to change.  And now we know that he’s going to start a rolling wave of openings.  As he explained at his press conference yesterday the loosening of restrictions will begin first in the states that have not been overwhelmed by hospital cases.  A strategy will be worked out with the Governors that allows for flexibility of conditions and timing.

And the President took time this week to hit back at some of the misinformation that the Democrats and the Media have been spreading at his expense.  First off, he put to rest the alarmism that many had spread about many tens of thousands of additional ventilators that would be needed during the pandemic peak.  He provided facts that showed that the actual usage of ventilators even in the hardest hit areas like New York City was at least a factor of ten lower than the estimates claimed by some alarmists like Mayor DeBlasio.  President Trump pointed this out but also stated that the stockpile of ventilators now available would be useful as a strategic reserve.

Next, he reminded the audience that instead of the alarmist predictions of hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths from the virus the reality would be an order of magnitude lower at least.

And the President described upcoming meetings with industry, union and political leaders to address the financial damage that has already been done to workers and small businesses by the shutdowns.  And he assured us that getting the economy going again and providing short term relief to the affected was one of his highest priorities.  In connection with this he hinted that Congress will need to take additional action to make funds available to save many small businesses and families from bankruptcy.

And one of the more amusing meetings was a White House press conference where the President ran a video clip that featured the comments from a couple of months ago where medical experts for the networks condemned President Trump for stopping flights from China because the COVID-19 outbreak wouldn’t be important enough to warrant such a racist and xenophobic action.  Now they constantly harp on how late he waited to take action on the virus.  It’s as if they suffer from selective amnesia rather than shameless hypocrisy.  And the clip finished off with various governors including partisan democrats like Andrew Cuomo thanking President Trump profusely for the assistance he has provided to the states.

All of this is just the public relations aspect of what is going on.  President Trump is preparing for the most important action of his life.  He needs to coordinate the action of fifty different Governors to make decisions that will involve life and death for their citizens.  And all this while the Democrats and the Media will try to make any setback, any tragedy into a headline to punish the President and throw the election to that demented groper Biden.  It takes a bold fellow to undertake this even if the media and the institutions were in his pocket.  To do it with every power center in the world dead set against him is not boldness it’s fearless audacity.  Bravo sir, bravo.