December 6th 2017

Haven’t used this page in over a year, but I’d just like to say hi to you folks coming over from American Greatness.  I’m looking to encourage more interaction between the readers.  Commenting is of course encouraged and I’ve added forums to allow independent discussion of politics or the other subjects I write about (or anything else you want to discuss).  So make yourselves at home and bring in your friends.




November 19th 2016

Greetings Day by Day linkers.  Now that the glorious Trumpocalypse tsunami has swept away the sand castle walls of the MSM gatekeepers we can clearly see fearing these leftist idiots is ridiculous.  Enjoy your lives as you should and speak your minds where ever it will do the most good.  Find allies and look for targets of opportunity to expose them for what they are, liars and fools.


October 14th 2016
Welcome to folks linking through Gab. Feel free to leave comments here too.


Pardon our appearance.  I’m switching themes on the fly.  As you can see I don’t know what I’m doing.  But I’ll figure it out.  But the words are still all there.




August 31st 2016

Noticed traffic from Monster Hunter Nation and Mad Genius Club.  Greetings! Welcome all, and feel free to leave comments (positive or negative).  And also got a few visits from Twitter and Google Plus links I guess.  Hello to you too!


August 16th 2016

Welcome to all the new viewers, especially you folks from Day by Day.  I’ve been following that site since the early days of the Iraq War and it has given me a lot of laughs and a few sad nods of agreement.  I hope some of you find some stuff you like.  Feel free to leave any suggestions you might have.












This website is a work in progress. I’ll include several interests under one site. Among these will be photography, fiction writing and review and general interest topics (current events and practical philosophy).

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