The Great Awakening

In a recent post I stated that back in 2015 the Alt-Right/Dissident Right (or whatever your favorite term is) predicted that the identitarian politics and globalist economic policies of the Left would push the civic nationalists over the edge and radicalize them into their own identitarian group.  In that post I called it the Great Awakening.

The term Great Awakening is actually a description for several religious revivals that occurred in British North America and later in the United States between the 1730s and the late 1800s.  I am stealing the term to use for a completely different phenomenon.

What I am talking about is the phenomenon of normal apolitical Americans waking up to the fact that the Left has been systematically destroying this country for the last fifty years.  And that they’ve been doing it with the tacit approval of most of the Republican hierarchy for most of that time.  When I say the Left I am including the progressives that make up the Media, Academia, the various bureaucracies at the state and federal level that lately are being called the Deep State and all the other entrenched organizations that have been pushing a radical agenda that works for the destruction of the family and traditional life in general.

Up until recently, most normal people assumed that the way to resist these progressive institutions was to vote for the Republicans at the state and federal level and support their efforts to preserve traditional values and cultural norms.  But the Great Awakening was catalyzed by the spectacle of the 2016 election in which the mask finally dropped and we saw the republicans for what they really were.  They were the gate keepers for the Democrats.  They ensured that no matter who was elected the progressive agenda would continue unabated.  During that election Donald Trump called out all of the republican presidential candidates and exposed them for their weakness and lack of courage.  He identified illegal immigration as the weapon being used to destroy America and said he wasn’t afraid to fight against it.  And when the Republican voters threw him their support, the Republican Establishment showed their true colors and became the Never Trump movement and declared that they’d rather elect Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

But even after voting for Donald Trump many Americans didn’t recognize the fact that they were personally the target of the progressive agenda.  Even after eight years of Barack Obama and all the hate and lies that attended his “fundamental transformation of America,” these sleepwalkers assumed that nothing could or should be done to change the trajectory of the culture.

Luckily for us there are two things happening to wake these sleepwalkers up.  The first is the President.  President Trump makes it a part of his duties to call out the progressive fanatics.  His bombastic style is an effective means for exposing the ugliness and stupidity of these people.

The other thing that is waking the sleepwalkers up is the acceleration of the Leftist agenda.  We now have immigrant congresswomen from the Middle East openly spouting anti-American and antisemitic sentiments openly.  And not being censured by their Democrat leaders.

And we also now have the transgender phenomenon on full display.  We have high school girls who’ve worked and trained to become competitive athletes being forced to compete against essentially men.  The dispiriting result of such an unfair practice is opening eyes even among communities that normally would have nothing to do with traditional groups.  A schism is opening up in the so-called LGBTQ community between lesbians and transgender supporters over the primacy of biological identity.

All these increasingly strident and unappealing spectacles are waking up normal Americans to the reality that the country is being hijacked by a concerted effort to undermine the normal way of life that makes life worth living.

So, what makes me think things are changing?  Look at the intersection of the two factors I mentioned above.  When AOC’s “Squad” started dumping on America, President Trump told them to go back to their dysfunctional craphole homes and fix them up before they complain about America.  And when the Media breathlessly interviewed Republican women expecting them to condemn the President they didn’t.  A few years ago, they would have.  But defending the Squad is a bridge too far.  Most Americans have had enough of strident leftists.  And this week when President Trump went after Representative Elijah Cummings for his inaccurate statements about the ICE border station and told him to spend more time improving the conditions in his own Baltimore congressional district most Republicans may have been uncomfortable but they could see the relevance of the comparison.

The worm has turned.  The Overton Window has shifted radically and the truth can now finally set you free.  President Trump has made it thinkable to call the Leftists on their lies and people are starting to do it.  And that neutralizes a big part of the scam that they’ve used on the right for the last fifty years.  And that will cause the whole thing to accelerate even more.

And that’s what I call the Great Awakening.  We’re waking up and finding out that the Emperor has no clothes and we don’t have to pretend anymore.  That doesn’t mean we automatically win.  We may find out that we’re outnumbered.  The awakening isn’t an end it’s a beginning.  We still need to figure out how we get what we want.  We’ll have to find out who we can work with and who we can’t.  But at least we’re awake.


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  • July 29, 2019 at 3:33 am

    You do strike accurate and resonant tones for me- and I have seen a few things owing to disability inservice caused by initially honorable doctors near 40 years ago. Government hides, doctors have honor like thieves do, expert in delay, distract, deflect, dissuade, and ultimately, altogether, deny accountability.

    Here is one gaping example.

    As a 100 percent (hard won) service connected disabled for life, I took careful note when V.A. tried to charge money for prescriptions- the 2 bucks was not the issue- it was that once a crack happens in legal rights (100 percent free treatment for service connected disability) it goes all the way until a new reality (oppression) forms. That was 1994.

    Now, last few years, V.A. hopped on the opioid craze (the Fentanyl crisis) as a whole new way to not have to do their due diligence, their jobs. I was told my (14 plus year) doctor did not know how to treat severe pain- go to this private entity (given no choice but must use the Choice program (have you a taste for irony?) and let THEM treat severe pain.

    It turned out the referral was merely a deflection- the new human, non V.A., paid by V.A., was a NON DOCTOR, pit stained, ignorant of many basic terms (like iatrogenic, or spinal cord dysfunction versus spinal cord injury) and was happy to lie about treating …hundreds just like me currently… when there are only 40 or so with the disease in the whole USA. Funny, how did hundreds get to the outback town of roughly 100,000 and all go to him?

    So I can tell you of a SYSTEMIC matter- if I have your attention. Medicare. As explained, I do not need Medicare, got V.A., but since it was autotaken when getting Social Security, each month, I decided- what the hell- pay for it as a backup for the V.A.. Do you already know what happened? See how INTENSELY accurate the story I am commenting upon is? Left, Right, no matter when the boot is on YOUR neck.

    Yep. They forced me to give away my Medicare information- including the extra payment to cover what Medicare wont (in part). They literally took my card (cannot go to V.A. appointment without it now- no checking in with the desk) and placed into the check in machine, and literally asked me for my information. When it came to the insurance part, they clicked through so fast I barely realized that was their goal- to associate Medicare with V.A. so they can consume DOUBLE DIP money and nobody, nobody, ever the wiser- except I put in about 14 years of RESISTING this move- anticipating it- so I never gave in to …Do you have any other insurance?… in the check in machine. This way, they finally TOOK THE CARD and processed it with a (expletives deleted but reluctantly) big, heavy, muscular guy inches behind me, baiting me to elbow him in the damn neck just because he triggered me. I did not fall for it.

    Now, I am realizing assisted suicide is not that crazy. I am not done fighting, mind you, but when an impossible physical regimen of attendance (owing to disability) and doctors that do more harm than good, when I can just sit here reclined to save the nerve damage, when I can do almost nothing productive (but now, fighting V.A. for decades, can type like a madman, like no mechanic you ever met before) it seems reasonable, it is realize-able, that suicide with assistance is a way out of the pain, insult, misery, alone-ness (I don’t feel lonely, per se, my whole adult life went like this- cannot miss what never had).

    So, I have watched America turn into the most rabid, clueless, careless, lazy, irrational, illegal, lawless, twisted, system of gaffes imaginable- far beyond what I thought possible. I agree RINOS exist (not naming but knowing them by their lackadaisical reactions to pleas for help with V.A.) and most all of us are sound asleep- busy with lives, happiness, wives, kids, career, making sure to get retirements. See, I get all that- when you have things you love,, why, America and its problems are secondary, and to be protected from, NOT fought against.

    Do you see how far down the rabbit hole we all are now? If we go two feet deeper, will come out into sunshine, and nobody speaks English for thousands of miles natively.

    There IS an awakening coming- but deeper than you say- and it may not come. The Big Bang theory is baloney (all from nothing, nowhere, all size from atom size, all matter from no matter, from all directions and yet no direction). Instead, matter exists. Energy of every kind comes from matter. Matter if heavy enough dilates (stops) time. We misnamed these things black holes (lumps of matter) and also Event Horizons (places where events stop happening). All the misnomers in the deeper part of physics conceal a huge awakening- that matter is eternal in some places owing to simple (yes it is fairly simple) general relativity time dilation.

    So, here is where the bullcrap of our higher learning, institutions, of our minds and through our kids minds starts- at the Little Bit Gassy Event we misnamed the Big Bang.

    When America stepped away from reality, found that fun imaginings are better than reality, that truth can be replaced with word-usements that sound profound, all the bullcrap imaginable jumped on the gravy train- not just ignoring the giant awakening realizing that what caused reality, the VISIBLE universe, is knowable, we ignore even the genitalia of humans as related to their sex. We put men in sports competitions with women when strength is critical to the contest.

    Frankly, it sickens me (no pun) and my stomach turns to see it all so clear. There is no winning against the V.A. when it has power like this to define reality. There is no winning against the Left when the Right helps – left and right.

    I feared for a Civil War in America. Now I fear it is the only solution. Here is how.

    When parents see their dead kids, kids see their dead parents, all manner of bullcrap will evaporate. Nobody will think about whose genitalia fit where. Nobody will think about guilt trip so called non profits as plausible places to put their trust- show me or get out of my face- will replace mindless giving that in big part goes to the salary of the so called non profit.

    I once said what keeps me going is to see what (tech advance) happens next. Now I am half fearful, half curious, how this will turn out.

    As far as I am concerned President Trump already earned his spot on Rushmore- and I know more than I am saying here.

    Chew on that, fellow Americans, and cry for our lost nation- may help you.

    Oh- climate changes. After an Ice Age, do you know what happens? Temps rise, ice melts. The blackened glaciers turn blacker as they melt and melt faster. How come some old mechanic is who has to say this? I have no idea.

    • July 29, 2019 at 11:58 am

      Hello Achilles:
      You touch upon a number of issues that one of my guest posters, War Pig, has written on. The government’s poor management of Veteran’s concerns is truly appalling.

  • July 29, 2019 at 4:10 am

    It seems plain insanity rules our nation- the feeling of words moving in a pundits mouth runs their muscle memory, a similar herd-like instinct runs the listeners mind. After all, herd mentality allows one animal to wander, and 90 percent of the herd is buried in the backside of the animal directly in front. See?

    So here is a way to burst the homosexual political movement in four letters. Notice this is NOT about homosexuality, whether someone will out me like Christians do when they say Are Ya Born Again? My sexuality is not for their use no matter what.


    So, let that sink in. LG BJ. If I have a special preference for pleasuring involving a person, I get a massive political movement that even absorbs and operates the Supreme Court. I get special privileges.

    How about special privileges for the MOST COMMON form of pleasuring- BJs? Some are gainst BJs because HPV virus causes throat, anal, cervical, and a half dozen other cancers. Others do not care, don’t know, or think the vaccine for HPV protects from ALL cancers- when it does not.

    So, do you see via the contrast how INSANE it is to force everyone to condone, support, even give lip service (geez!) to a particular sexual self pleasuring proclivity?

    If we give special privileges to one in about ten or one hundred, for having a preference for same-sex pleasuring them, why not have special privileges for those seeking, living for, a BJ?

    Because you heard the term BJ and knew instantly what it was- there was not time to tangle your neurons, confuse you, guilt you, game your mentality, you knew what a BJ was the very first second.

    Think about this. Give it some thought. Thanks.

  • July 29, 2019 at 7:56 am

    Why are they called progressives? They want to progress back to Feudalism and Repression.

    • July 29, 2019 at 12:15 pm

      I’ll let them call themselves whatever they want as long as they restrict their activities to their own club.

  • July 29, 2019 at 8:32 am

    “That doesn’t mean we automatically win. We may find out that we’re outnumbered. The awakening isn’t an end it’s a beginning. We still need to figure out how we get what we want. We’ll have to find out who we can work with and who we can’t. But at least we’re awake.”

    Why leave it to chance… you pathetic beta simpleton? Grab your guns and MAKE the change! DO IT NOW! THESE TIMES ARE EXACTLY WHY WE HAVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT!

    • July 29, 2019 at 9:26 am

      Hello Yiddish Lion:

      Ready, fire! … Aim?

  • July 29, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    We, of course, already knew who these race hustlers and leftists are. However, Trump has unmasked these people with such ease and making it so enjoyable to watch at the same time. No one has bigger cahuna’s than the DJT! They simply don’t know what else to do than to go their same stupid playbook over and over again shouting racist, bigot, homophobe, etc. They know they’re in trouble for 2020 so they continue to project and smear Trump daily, but the more they are exposed the more crazy and radical they get and, they’re so stupid, that they don’t realize they’re pushing more and more reasonable folks over to Trump.

    • July 29, 2019 at 2:56 pm

      He does make it fun watching him pummel them.

  • July 29, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    Original post clearer and without spin than most any other description of this problem. A fair analysis and evaluation. Thanks.

    • July 29, 2019 at 4:34 pm

      Thanks Wendell. I thought it was worth saying. It feels like the change is finally happening.

  • July 29, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    A sufficiently resounding renunciation of progressivism in about 16 months to conclusively demonstrate the nation’s rejection would be a good start.

    • July 29, 2019 at 8:54 pm

      Tom, that would be the best case scenario. But if it fails at least a lot of folks now are going into it with open eyes. No more gaslighting, no more more trusting in fifth columnists.

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