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    This one’s easy.  Science fiction and fantasy books was one of the first things that awakened me to awareness of a backlash against SJW dominated institutions.  The Sad and Rabid Puppy campaigns pointed me to two sources for Right Wing (or at least non-left wing) sf&f books.

    The most rabidly anti-SJW is Vox Day’s publishing house Castalia House  They specialize in fantasy and science fiction with some non-fiction thrown in.  One interesting attraction is Vox’s series of anti-SJW books.  The first two are “SJW’s Always Lie” and “SJW’s Always Double Down.”   These are named after the first two of the “three laws of SJWs.”  The third book will probably appear in a year or so.

    The other source for non-left wing science fiction and fantasy is Baen Books.  One of the right-wing writers there is Larry Correia who is the author of the very popular urban fantasy series Monster Hunters International.  He was the founder of the Sad Puppies campaign to prove that the Hugo Awards had descended into a leftist log-rolling cabal.  Along with Vox Day’s Rabid Puppy effort the Hugos were trashed and abandoned and the Dragon Awards were presented as a more honest measure of fan popularity.

    These are the names that come to mind I’ll add more over time.

    Dr. Dave

    SuperversiveSF is another purveyor of conservative (or at least non-SJW) SciFi.

    Then there is the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance:
    Alternative culture never felt so right.


    Much appreciated Dave. I’ll check them out. I’m always looking for good books to review.

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