Happy Father’s Day Weekend

Since we have generations of fathers in the family I was glad to get today as a visit from my kids (and some of my grandkids) and leave Sunday for my sons-in-law to get their day.  There was talk of rain but it’s a classic summer day out there with temperatures already climbing into the heat zone.

I did my yard work yesterday so I don’t have anything to do but walk around take some pictures and play with the grandkids.  Pretty good.  All you dads and granddads have a great day and have an extra burger or dog just for the hell of it.  And if the wife is not to strict maybe some pie and/or ice cream is called for too.  Add in some decent coffee and that sounds like a good enough day for anyone who isn’t a world conquering swashbuckler.

Anyway ignore the noise coming from the left and have a great day.

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War Pig
War Pig
1 month ago

My kids and grandson are coming over Sunday for a cookout and pictures. Burgers, brats, franks, the usual side dishes and double chocolate fudge Coca-Cola cake with butter pecan ice cream for dessert. The cake is one of my specialties. Its a bit fussy to make but the results are worth the trouble. Good wishes to all good fathers this day, and special blessings to fathers stationed overseas and their families back home.

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