Alec Baldwin Talks to George Stephanopoulos About His Dream Come True

Serial rage-aholic Alec Baldwin sat down with malignant dwarf George Stephanopoulos to discuss how he was able to shoot two people without any criminal responsibility.  And it was palpable just how in awe of Baldwin’s genius the sniveling dwarf was.  Sure, Stephanopoulos had witnessed Bill Clinton evade serious consequences for any number of felonies.  But none of the Clinton murders were ever captured on video tape.  Here Baldwin went through a second-by-second account of his shooting of the cinematographer and director of his grade z western.  You could hear the pride in his voice at pulling off the trick shot that bagged both targets with only one bullet.  Of course, there is a trace of sadness that the director survived, but he remained upbeat and speculated that in future shootings he might be able to line up three or even four targets as Deadpool did in the famous opening fight scene of his movie.

A second video will be coming out consisting of the portions of the interview that were edited out.  They consist of the times where the conversation got side-tracked while Stephanopoulos reminisced about the good times during the Clinton White House when Vince Foster and Vic Raiser met their fortunate ends.  Unfortunately, Disney will be putting that episode behind a paywall.

At the end of the interview Baldwin was asked what he had lined up in the future.  He said he was in development on a biopic project about President Biden.  It was tentatively titled, “Plugs” and it would star Baldwin as the incontinent commander in chief.  Baldwin spoke in glowing terms of the cooperation he had received from the White House.  He hoped to have it in theaters for Christmas 2022 and hinted that Wesley Snipes was being considered for the part of Corn Pop.

Seriously though, Alec Baldwin is a soulless sociopath.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that he put the bullet in the gun to collect on some kind of weird codicil in his movie’s insurance policy.  The points in the interview where he breaks down and weeps look completely fake.

I have to assume that at some point in the future Baldwin will up his game and succumb to the urge to cannibalize someone just to check it off his list.  Hopefully it will be Stephanopoulos or possibly Robert DeNiro and Baldwin will die from ingesting that much toxin.

04DEC2021 – Thoughts on the Day

Well, here we are exactly three weeks before Christmas Day and despite the havoc that the pod people have unleashed on the world, I’m feeling kind of happy and even optimistic about what’s to come.  Why I’m that way is probably a combination of things.  Doubtless, knowing that the Biden administration is in disarray has something to do with it.  The fact that I’ll be spending several days with the kids and grandkids is also part of it.  Another part is that by December I’ve come to terms with winter and no longer feel the post summer gloom.  And finally, well, life is good!  Everyone in the family is in pretty good health.  We’re going to have another fantastic dinner soon and another one right after that.  The house hasn’t been foreclosed on.  We have enough money for food, clothes and even enough left over for some toys like the new camera I’m hoping to buy in January.  Any sane person would say I’m doing alright.  And even though I’m at least slightly crazy I’ll say it too.

So, what’s on the horizon?

I listened to a doctor in England who’s pretty sure that the omicron variant is going to be a very mild virus and should be the end of the farce we’ve been enduring.  He said it will be extremely transmissible and quite capable of infecting even the hyper vaccinated.  So, everyone will get this thing.  It will feel like the kind of virus that gives you aches and a dry cough and headache for a couple of days.  Then that should be it.  No huge number of deaths, no wave of hospitalizations except for the chronically ill and the really elderly.  So, in a month or three Anthony Fauci should be out of an annoying job as health nag of the world.  Hallelujah!  Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed but I’m guessing the weariness of even the Karens will drive this thing to its ending.  So that’s a good prospect.

Every year in the winter I’m always frustrated by the dearth of photographic opportunities.  After all, snow and ice sort of look the same whether I photograph it on Wednesday or Sunday so there is a futility to going out in the neighborhood.  Plus, I’m not a big fan of being cold.  Well, this year I’ve vowed that I’ll make a few treks around New England to try to find interesting snow (whatever that is).  Plus, I think I’ll set up a macro studio in the house and bring some interesting subjects inside to do the work in the comfort of forced hot water heating.  I’m interested to see if my 200mm Minolta macro lens will be controllable with a program I use to take focus stacks.  It allows the focus setting to be very gradually changed between shots.  I’m not at all certain it will work because the Minolta lens will be under the control of the LA-EA5 adapter which is nowhere near as precise as one of those lenses that has stepper motors built in.  But it’ll still be fun trying it out.  And that’ll be just one of the cool things I’m hoping to do with the A-mount lenses on the A7 IV camera once I get my hands on it.  Looking back on some of the photos I took on the A-850 DSLR with them I am excited to see what kind of results I can get in the spring.  But winter will still provide some opportunities.

I’ve been enjoying the movie reviews.  I think it makes a good change of pace from the political stuff.  Even the horror of Star Trek Season 3 can be fun if there is enough mockery involved.  Mixing science fiction movies with the old movies from the ‘30s and ‘40s seems to work.  But I’ll see if I can mix in some later movies just for variety.  I don’t want to get predictable!

I’ll have to do some reading into H. P. Lovecraft.  I’ve forgotten all the details of the stories and I’ll need those details when I riff on Lovecraft in my Dunwich newspaper articles.  I think I might try the “Whisperer in the Dark” next.

And finally on the fiction writing front I’ve made progress on my novel but what I’ve concluded is I need to carve out much more time.  I’ve got to get more disciplined.  I spend too much time just reading stuff on the net.  It’s way too much of a time sink.

Well enjoy your Saturday.

03DEC2021 – Reading the Tea Leaves

Here’s a generous slice of today’s headlines on Real Clear Politics:


Biden Reaches Deal to Restart Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Announces New Covid Travel Restrictions, Extends Mask Mandate

White House Blames Pandemic and Guns for Increased Crime

House Passes Bill to Fund Government, Sends It to Senate

Supreme Court Signals Support for Upholding MS Abortion Law

Majority Blues: House Democrats Not Done Limping Toward the Exit

Trans Swimmer Sparks Outrage After Smashing Women’s Records

GOP Reps Propose Requiring History of Communism in High Schools

Black Lives Matter: Don’t Buy from White Businesses This Christmas

Dem Pollster: We Have a Problem

To Win, Beto Needs Latino Voters, But They’re Moving Away from Dems

Smollett Trial: Witness Says Actor Staged Attack, Wanted to Be ‘Fake Beat Up’

Finally, the Supreme Court Gets Out of Dodge

It Sure Sounds Like Roe v. Wade Is Doomed

Fewer Than Half Say Covid Is Most Urgent Health Problem

The War on Meritocracy

If you work your way through the list there is no good news for Biden and the Dems.  Everything is either things going our way or it’s things that Biden or some other Lefty is doing that are driving the public to despise them.  It’s not a good idea to underestimate the Republicans’ talent for screwing up a good thing but it seems that since August Biden has seemed like that guy in the cartoon surrounded by rakes, that he keeps stepping on, and that keep hitting him in the face.  Well, good!  After 2020 we’re certainly overdue for some good news.  The question that has to be asked is, do we expect this to continue?

I think the answer is yes.  Regardless of the pat answers that the Left has been handing out, the supply chain problems and inflation don’t just disappear because we don’t find them convenient.  Dementia Joe can beg the Saudis all he likes to drop the cost of oil but that’s not how it works.  The economic pain that he is causing almost everyone is not going away and his COVID policies continue to aggravate just about everyone, even a lot of his supporters.

The next question is how will this play out in the short, medium and long range?  In the short and middle range, the administration’s attempt to railroad the reconciliation bill through the objections of Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin is failing miserably and this failure is panicking the Congressional Democrats who are coming up for reelection in less than a year.  In fact, it’s now a foregone conclusion that the Democrats will lose the House of Representatives in 2022.  And it’s beginning to look like there may be a wave election that sweeps large numbers of both Democrat representatives and senators out of office.  If this happens then the Biden administration is essentially dead in the water.  Without the Senate it’s a cinch that no more judges in any of the federal courts will be approved and it’s also a certainty that no controversial legislation will occur.

In the long term it looks like the Biden presidency will be something worse than the Carter presidency.  A number of people are beginning to think that Biden will not serve out his full term.  In fact, some pundits think the Democrats are looking to get rid of both Biden and Harris.  And if the House is going to be lost in November, then it becomes important to swap out vice presidents before then because the House is in charge of approving vice-presidential appointments.  All kinds of horror stories have been whispered about Hillary or Michelle Obama being installed as vice president in time to allow a transition when Dementia Joe resigns.  The desperation that would warrant these kinds of bizarre strategies is wonderful to contemplate.  The reality of just how total a train wreck the Biden presidency has become is something to behold.  Federal judges are putting holds on each of his vaccine mandates and look almost certain to declare them unconstitutional.  If and when the federal COVID overreach is ended by the courts Joe will probably declare victory over COVID and do some kind of victory lap.  But the anger he has already fostered will not be going away.  The way things are going we are looking at a long slow burn for the American public waiting to get rid of the monstrosity that they had foisted on them in January.

Now what could go wrong with this analysis?  Obviously, the Stupid Party could come to the rescue of the Evil Party by virtue of their stupid.  Guys like Mitch McConnell live with their heads completely enclosed in their butts.  Another strategy that could be used to distract the public from Joe’s failures is a convenient war.  And finally, there is the chance that against all odds everything starts turning around for Joe just when he needs it to.  Manchin could finally take the bribe and inflation could magically disappear and Biden’s brain could be found and reinstalled.

But I’ll have to say I’ve become quite bullish for the chances that the Biden presidency is a dead duck.  Call me a crazy optimist but that’s what I think.

Abortion Redux

All of my adult life traditional religious Americans have been waiting for the chance to overturn Roe v. Wade.  It has taken almost fifty years to assemble a conservative majority of Supreme Court justices who might overturn the 1973 abortion decision.  Today a lot of the pundits were saying that the statements coming out of the hearings by the justices indicated that they were preparing to uphold the new law in Mississippi.  This would limit abortions to pregnancies shorter than 16 weeks.

Now enormous pressure is being put on the justices to let Roe stand.  Idiots like Senators Blumenthal and Schumer have made very ominous statements about the consequences if Roe is overturned or even if some stringent restrictions are made on abortion such as the recent Texas law.  The more measured warnings include packing the court or restricting its jurisdiction.  But Schumer actually made his warning sound like a personal threat against the justices themselves.  Personally, I’m not surprised by these threats.  The Democrats are gangsters who frequently resort to threats and violence when all else fails.  One need look no further than the George Floyd riots to see violence and intimidation being wielded by the Left’s mob du jour.

The abortion decision will not occur until next June.  This will provide proximity to the mid-term elections which will make its consequences even more interesting.  If the Court strikes down Roe or even just confirms the more stringent Mississippi law will this galvanize democratic support next November?  Or would it have the effect of encouraging voters on the Right who have been waiting all their adult lives to see the Supreme Court admit that abortion is not a constitutional right?

Speculating about something that won’t be known for another seven months seems kind of premature.  But it is fascinating to think that such a momentous change might actually happen after all these years.  And it makes me wonder what other alleged constitutional rights might be struck down in the future.  My favorite would be affirmative action.  The last time the subject came before the Supreme Court it was admitted by the Justices that it was indeed unconstitutional but that social pressures required it to be used as a stopgap method.  That was decades ago.  I think the impact from striking down all the affirmative action laws would be an order of magnitude greater than any of the other fake unconstitutional laws like same sex marriage because removing the affirmative action mechanisms would allow freedom of association to exist again.  The government would stop telling us who we had to employ.  We could once again hire people according to whether they were the best qualified candidates and not have to adhere to some kind of social grievance heat map to pick them.

The one thing I think could put the brakes on any actual decision is the fact that John Roberts might decide to vote for the conservative opinion.  By virtue of being Chief Justice that would then allow him to write the decision and he could do anything he wanted including just sending this case back down to the Appeals Court to tweak their decision.  And I wouldn’t put it past him.  He’s a spineless weasel who never misses a chance to roll over for the Left.

But the political winds are shifting in this country.  People’s eyes have been opened to how the people in Washington govern without caring what their constituencies actually elected them to do.  If voting for change doesn’t work pretty soon, they’ll stop voting.  And then they’ll look for change by other means.

End of 2021 – Where Are We?

Well, here we are at the precipice of December and there have been some hopeful political signs and some hopeful cultural stirrings.  The consensus is that Brandon Sucks and that even some Democrats are unimpressed with the Biden administration and with the direction they’re bringing the country.  But where does this put us?  Have we made any real progress in the last year?  That’s what I want to discuss here.  And the simple answer, I think, is yes.  Not a lot of progress but enough to warrant not giving up quite yet.

The first item to look at is COVID.  Almost eleven months since Dementia Joe took over and I’d say way more than half of the country has had enough of the absurd claims and dictates of the Democrats.  The way that the White House favored the teachers’ unions and ignored parents’ concerns has demonstrated that even in blue states like Virginia and New Jersey people have grown extremely weary and angry.  In places like California and New York there are still a majority of nuts voting in the likes of Gavin Newsom but even there the enthusiasm for this endless control over people’s lives is gone.  And the courts have recently begun to push back against the vaccination mandates that the feds are trying to push on public and private employers.  Taking all these things together we are in a better place on COVID.  I suspect that the “Omicron” variant will turn out to be a nothing burger in terms of deaths and places like Florida will be the proof that lockdowns and mandates are a stupid strategy.

The next thing to talk about is the economy.  The inflation and shortages that have sprung up are the primary reason for Dementia Joe’s sagging poll numbers.  And despite any obfuscation most of the inflation is caused by his administration’s war on fossil fuels.  Doubling the price of gasoline is a phenomenally disastrous course for a president to take.  Not only does it hurt commuters but the increased cost of fuel adds to the price of virtually everything we buy because of the transportation component to their cost.  And with winter in full swing now the increases in fuel oil will outrage million of homeowners.  Even renters will see their payments go up to account for the heating increases.  Inflation alone will cost the Democrats their House majority and very likely, the Senate too.

The damage that last year’s riots did to the ability of city police departments to enforce the law is tremendous.  Almost every major city and even smaller population centers have seen the police step back from enforcement as a result of the cities’ administrations throwing the police to the wolves.  And the result has been an epidemic of lawlessness.  Murder, assault, armed robbery and looting of retail establishments is literally out of control.  Just last week armed gangs overwhelmed security in a number of California retail stores and walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise.  Security guards have been shot and store employees are demoralized and frightened.  I’ve read leftist news sites claim that because the cities are already Democrat strongholds that crime will not be a major political issue in 2022.  I think they’re dead wrong.  There will be plenty of cities and maybe even blue states that will vote Republican out of fear of lawlessness.

Another item that can be added to the list of positive signs is the mainstreaming of some formerly forbidden ideas.  Even though it is relegated to only single sources, a politician (Ron DeSantis) and a network journalist (Tucker Carlson) have both begun to talk openly about subjects like anti-white discrimination and targeted violence against white Americans by groups that are almost opnly sanctioned by federal law enforcement agencies.  The biggest instance is the FBI protecting BLM and Antifa from prosecution during their riots which featured intimidation of white people along with assault, arson and looting.  The fact that any mention of these conditions is now allowed to reach audiences at all is, I think, a game changer.  Raising awareness in the general population is the only way to reach a critical mass of people unwilling to put up with the madness that has overtaken us.

And finally, I think we are finally reaching a point where leadership may be emerging that is willing to work toward toppling the oligarchy that has us by the throat.  Trump was the first taste of that.  He was suppressed pretty successfully by the combination of the media and the deep state.  Someone like DeSantis may be the next iteration in this process.  He is a politician and he has run a large state government.  He may have a plan to take charge of the federal government and reform it.  And by reform it I mean gut it.

So, these are the items I see and what has been going on.  In summary, the lousy job Dementia Joe has done on the economy, COVID and public safety seems poised to decimate the Democrats in Congress and state governments.  And some beginnings have emerged in some meaningful resistance to the outrageous assaults on American life that have gone on in the last year or two.

But none of these things represent a meaningful reversal of the already disastrous status quo.  It isn’t enough to capture the Congress or even the White House.  Policies must be rolled back not only on paper but in practice.  Bureaucrats have to be fired so that policies that they dictate cannot be enforced even against the wishes of a president.  And in the realm of business nothing has been done to break the stranglehold that leftist corporations in Silicon Valley exercise over e-commerce and social media speech.  Conservatives are banned from presenting their views on most of the internet and stand to lose their livelihoods if they attempt to do so.  Donald Trump has stated that he intends to launch a social media company to give a home to conservatives looking to speak freely.  That sounds like a good start.  But what is really needed is an e-commerce platform that combines the e-commerce services of companies like PayPal, GoFundMe and YouTube.  And that’s a tall order.  In fact, I’d add in banking and credit card functions to that list.  All of these things have been weaponized against conservatives in the last few years.  Only companies that provide these services to conservatives without fear of cancellation will finally re-level the playing field for us.

Last word, we’ve seen a start to progress.  But we’re so far behind that it’ll be a good long time before we start seeing anything like winning.  Let’s hope 2022 is the beginning of something more than just hope.

Praying Mantises, Children’s Books and Pa – Part 7 – The Next Generation

Well as Milo intimated a month ago, our rescued Mantis has laid an egg case.

Currently the proud mother is still alive although I suspect that after laying her eggs her life span may be limited.  I’ll put the egg case in a cold area for the winter and then put it outside in spring.  Princess Sack of Potatoes will probably equate this phenomenon to the story of Charlotte’s Web that we recently watched.  Well, I’ll have to say the project has really paid dividends.

Here’s mom.

DeSantis Addresses the Waukesha Attack

In the middle of a news conference on law enforcement and the latest COVID nonsense (at about the 5 minute mark) Governor DeSantis takes the national news agencies to task for pretending that the Waukesha attack was some kind of accident.  He’s the first government official who clearly states that the driver was probably committing the attack out of anti-white hatred.  That’s actually a very bold position.  It’s also very honest and will resonate with people who sense that the networks are trying to control the facts about the case.  And as DeSantis states the networks tailor their facts to suit their bias when it comes to who is attacking whom.

DeSantis is a powerful force in our country right now.  I hope he has a chance to help the rest of the country in addition to Florida.

Note: The video quality in this clip is awful.

29NOV2021 – OCF Update – Special Book Review

Just received a copy of a book recently written by a very good friend of mine.  Justified Deadly Force and the Myth of Systemic Racism


He’s a veteran law enforcement officer and he’s put together a text book to go over the reality of the use of deadly force by police over the course of the last number of years.  I’ve just started it and will probably have several review posts about it.  The author wrote it primarily to be a text for Criminal Justice courses about the subject of deadly force.

Full disclosure, I do not receive any commission from the link.

Carville Advises Biden on Ingenious Strategy to Restore His Poll Numbers: Medically Induced Coma

James Carville, the “Ragin’ Cajun” carnival barker of democratic political advisors, this week counselled President Joe Biden to adopt a radical strategy to restore his presidency, medically induced coma.  The ingenious plan came to Carville when he analyzed micro polls that are taken every second of the day on the interwebs and register the meaningless momentary thoughts of very stupid people who constantly click on web polls.  During Dementia Joe’s colonoscopy Carville noted that Biden’s job approval trended continuously upward from 12.0% to a mind-boggling 12.6%.  Interestingly during this same time period when Kamala Harris was the de facto President of the United States her job approval rating went from 1.6% to 0.1%.

Carville immediately saw the possibilities and crafted the plan.  He advised Sleepy Joe to have himself placed in a medically induced coma for the remainder of his term in office.  By November of 2024 Carville calculated that Biden’s approval rating will be approximately 124.3%.  This should guarantee his reelection and allow him the mandate he’ll need to fundamentally transform the United States, again.

But when the plan was approved and announced to the Biden cabinet it spawned a firestorm of outrage.  Kamala Harris screamed, “He’s not leaving me holding the bag on this turkey of an administration.  I’ll beat him to the punch.  I’m gonna coma this afternoon.”  And just like that every member of the administration in the chain of succession to the presidency rushed to Walter Reed Medical Center to be induced into medical comas.  The only mishap was with Speaker Pelosi.  While setting up the IV, a few drops of her blood came in contact with a spark and because of the high alcohol content there was a flash back in which the Speaker of the House was incinerated.

This brilliant strategy has had one drawback.  Once the chain reaction of comas subsided it was discovered that the presidential succession devolved onto Cletus Burbank, the night janitor at the White House.  But the amazing thing is that despite Carville’s data once Burbank was installed as president his job approval rating soared to 94.1%.  When contacted to account for this anomalous success, interim President Burbank stated, “I make sure all the doors are locked before I leave in the morning and all the toilets are cleaned and have a roll of paper.  Everything else is somebody else’s problem, if you know what I mean.”

Republican strategists are working feverishly to counter this brilliant ploy and vow to have both the Republican members of Congress and the Republican Supreme Court appointees under medical comas within the week.  Mitch McConnel was heard to say, “If those bastards think we’ll take this lying down … well I guess they’re right.  Because I suppose you have to lie down when you’re in a coma.”

The upshot of this phenomenon in Washington is that the federal government has ground to a virtual standstill.  Coincidentally, GDP has soared and crime has dipped to its lowest level in 100 years.  No one in the government was available for comment.

28NOV2021 – OCF Update – This’N’That

Good morning my fellow normal people.  Welcome to another day of figuring out how to navigate Crazyland.  I looked through the articles this morning.  Same old, same old.  You know, things like Dementia Joe can’t figure out how gas prices went up and he’s asking the Justice Department to pummel the Law of Supply and Demand into submission.  Brilliant stuff like that.

I read an impassioned defense of woke-ism by some idiot who was re-animating slavery for the millionth time to justify anti-white racism.  So here we are a hundred and fifty plus years after slavery and somehow it’s still busy oppressing people left and right.

Alright, so let’s look at slavery.  Well, slavery is really bad.  So we had slavery here.  We don’t anymore but, yes we had slavery.  But you know what’s worse than slavery?  Cannibalism.  And you know where cannibalism was (and to some extent is) a real thing?  Africa.  All the way up to the present day cannibalism existed there.  Back in the 1800’s if two tribes had a war, the winners collected up the dead and the wounded and butchered them for lunch.

And there was plenty of slavery in Africa but when someone wasn’t that useful for work he went in the pot.  So if you were someone who was captured as a prisoner after a war and you had a choice between being sent on a hellish slave ship to a distant land to work your life away as a slave or have your throat cut and end up as stew which would you pick?

It’s a fair question.  I’m not sure what I’d do.  But these weren’t choices.  They were just the fortunes of war.  If the Arabs were offering a price for slaves that was above the market price for meat then the prisoners went on the boat.  If not they went in the pot.

The remarkable thing is we decided slavery was wrong on our own.  I think that alone is reason enough for all this woke nonsense to be refuted.  Comparing its track record to that of any other civilization that we know of, the Western world has been remarkably generous with other peoples.  The Arabs and the Turks kept slaves.  It never occurred to them to free them as a matter of moral duty.

Anyway it’s something to think about when the wokesters start yammering about slavery.  Of course I am waiting for cannibalism to emerge here.  I figure California or New York are the most likely places but who knows?  Maybe some artisanal entrepreneur right here in Dunwich could get the thing going.  They’ll probably put out a full-color magazine, well at least an e-zine, and maybe a cable show.  It really makes you think, doesn’t it.

I’m still suffering from the Omicron Variant.  I’m presently using a home-made ventilator to keep me alive.  It makes typing difficult but what can you do?  I went through the patent for Ivermectin and hope to whip up a batch after lunch but, once again, ventilator in the way.  The sun’s not out today so it’s pretty dreary here at the Compound.  In less than a month the winter Solstice will occur I’ll have to build the stone altar and sacrifice a shoggoth or a werewolf or maybe an ear of corn (inflation) at the appointed hour when the portal opens in the sky and Azathoth and the blind idiot pipers materialize in our space-time.  After they gorge themselves on the sacrifice, I’ll invite them in for a glass of eggnog and talk about what they’re planning for Christmas.  I hear Cthulhu already has his lights up and is inviting folks over to see them.  Considering his track record on eating guests, I think I’ll just wait till he puts up a photo on his site.

So I’ll have to be cured of this wretched virus by then or I’ll catch my death of cold outside.  I wonder what they’ll name the variants after they get up to Omega?  Anyway, I should have something interesting to write about later today.  Have a nice day.