Guest Contributor – TomD – 09JUN2024 – Guns for Home Defense (Updated to 12JUN2024)

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What you need to do is to go buy a suitable pistol for home defense. Then you can practice your photographic skills by composing shots of your new weapon in various backgrounds.

Learning to shoot it well is a rewarding challenge.



reply by photog

I’ve been thinking about it. I wanted something that Camera Girl could fall back on when I’m out of the house. Some people have told me to get a shot gun for her because of its ease of aiming. As far as the photographic opportunity I see what you’re saying. Pistols are beautiful machines. The gun show isn’t a very photo friendly environment. No control over lighting or camera support.


reply by TomD

I’m not sure I would recommend a shotgun as a first and only weapon for a female who has absolutely no prior gun experience. I’ve got a shotgun for home defense but I got my first shotgun 65 years ago, at the age of 9. I’ve hunted and shot competition skeet, trap and sporting clays, all extensively.

Shotguns have significant recoil, enough to intimidate, probably scare, a first time shooter. And you really don’t want to start training a new shooter by scaring and intimidating them.

I’d like to see you buy a .22 pistol for learning how to shoot, practice gun safety and taking to the range. There’s no recoil to speak of and the noise is just fine with ear plugs. You’d need to get around 500-1000 rounds each to get comfortable and learn the fundamentals. ESPECIALLY GUN SAFETY! Get someone to teach you. I’d love to take you to my home range but it’s about 900 miles SW of you.

And your home defense weapon would be something like a Glock in 9mm. Maybe a revolver.

Below, my Benelli Nova 12 ga, it’s chambered to accept all 12 ga up to 3-1/2”. With 3” OO buck, it recoils hard enough to intimidate the devil out of me, approaching retina detachment levels.

Benelli Nova.jpg
Benelli Nova.jpg



Comment from War Pig

Working the slide on an autoloader can be a problem for women who may lack hand strength. Especially mature women. Milady’s 25 auto is easier but as far as I’m concerned the 25 is a cap gun and highly likely to malfunction. I always recommend a revolver for women who lack significant experience. The .38 is fine. Deadly at close range and a lot less recoil than a .357Sig. Since she’d likely be firing at very close range she can use a shorter barrel. I would recommend using special personal protection ammo. Say, Winchester Defender for the .38 special. The expanding defender type bullets maximize torso damage and she needs less accuracy. With a torso hit with defense ammo she would likely not require a second shot.

There are revolvers in .410 shotgun but they are very loud and flash a lot. Okay to intimidate the bad guy but the inexperienced shooter may drop it after the first shot.

Personally, I prefer a knife first, then a 45 ACP. But most people don’t like up close, look them in the eye and smell the adrenalin that fighting with knives requires.

The absolute worst thing about teaching women to shoot is their female reaction of closing their eyes in anticipation of or in reaction to, a loud noise. Teaching marksmanship to female officer cadets I had to overcome that first. I kept a length of 50 caliber cleaning rod on hand. I had them dry fire. Every time they closed their eyes I’d smack them on the top of the helmet liner they wore and shout “WRONG HOG”. Then when I broke them of that I’d do the same during live fire. Getting them to keep both eyes open was almost as bad.

Now, you can’t do that to Mrs. Photog unless you want to sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life and hire a food taster. So a mildly recoiling revolver is probably the best bet.


Comments from photog

Thanks Tom and War Pig for your very helpful advice for my home defense decisions.  Hopefully this will also be valuable for other readers on the site.


In reply to War Pig.

I tend to advise revolvers for limited experience people. In extreme high stress situations, people with little to no training to fall back on tend to brain lock. In that situation, chambering a round and flipping a safety needs to be every bit as thoughtlessly automatic as going for the brake pedal on your car. No think, just done.

That takes practice and experience.

Revolver? Just point and pull the trigger, no boom, pull again.

Here’s a revolver I bought sometime back. It’s not exactly up there with my S&W’s and Colts but it performed it function as a VERY light and small carry piece. At that time, as a structural engineer, I commonly found myself alone in old powerless and boarded up buildings in downtown Atlanta to see if they could reasonably be repurposed. I didn’t do that for long unarmed.

I never had to pull it on anyone, thank God. But one time, it may have saved me some serious trouble. A couple of the “residents” came upon me in some dark hallway. They were almost certainly measuring me when I put my hand in my pocket, a decision was instantly made and they left. At that time, I had 5-6 projects going in the area and the Mexican workers who usually kept all of their earnings with them were being robbed too many times to count.

This is a Taurus Titanium Ultra Light, .38 Special +P. It’s no larger than my hand and weights less than a pound.

Downside is when firing +P, it has a pretty sharp bark and recoil. It is ported, so that helps with muzzle flip.


War Pig In reply to TomD.

That’s good. Hammerless can be good but the trigger pull is heavier than cocking and firing. But, it removes another step so that outweighs the extra trigger pull. As you said, point and pull. Keep pointing and pulling until he goes down and stops moving. Yeah, plus-p does bark a bit. My late wife had a pistol. I started her out with the 38 and she progressed to the Python in 357 mag. Back then defender type rounds were mostly just hollow points. So she had 6 hollowpoints. Never had to fire it and only pulled it once to chase away the idiot. Actually not quite true. She did use it on an overbold coyote once. Made mincemeat out of him. Another advantage of a revolver is you can leave it fully loaded all the time with no worries. No magazine spring to fade if left loaded at max over time.


Chemist In reply to War Pig.

Look into the Shield EZ. It is a semiauto .380 where the slide is very easy to manipulate.

Full Moron

I watched these two Biden clips.  One has Biden spouting absolute gibberish.  Honestly, I couldn’t even guess what he was trying to say.  It was just jibber jabber.  The other has a scene where his toadies are dancing to Juneteenth dance music around him but he is frozen in a posture that makes him look like an animatronic mannequin.  Watching both of these video clips should be enough to convince any reasonable adult that Joe Biden is now hopelessly senile.  He can’t speak coherently, even when reading from a teleprompter.  His ability to perform minor tasks like walking, climbing short flights of stairs and recognizing things in his environment like entrances and exits from the platforms he is being exhibited on is evaporating.  There are even indications that he is becoming increasingly incontinent.

Under these circumstances how are we supposed to believe that he is the current leader of this country?  Other people write his speeches and executive orders and map out the agenda that is followed by the executive branch under his cabinet.  There is virtually no way any of this could be the work of Joe Biden.  Calling him a puppet is a remarkably apt expression.  That is exactly the way he looks and acts.  The only way it could be clearer is if he literally had visible strings attached to his wrists and ankles.

And yet Biden is barely a point or two behind Trump overall and even a point or two ahead in some swing states.  Can half of the country really hate Trump enough to vote for a dementia patient to lead this country through some of the most dangerous circumstances we’ve seen since the Cold War?  I guess the answer is absolutely!

So, I won’t be surprised when Joe makes his first State of the Union speech for his second term zip-tied onto a mobility device like some kind of cyborg scarecrow with a prerecorded AI voice track emanating from speakers while his mouth remains half open in a mute grimace of confusion and gas pain.

But what if Joe expires before 2029?  Will Kamala succeed to the Oval Office?  Well, somehow it seems unlikely.  And not because she’s much stupider than a mush-brained mental patient.  It’s because she’s an unpleasant idiot that makes those around her go through hell while she pretends that she’s not a moron.

So somehow there has to be a plan to move onto someone slightly less awful than Harris.  But who?  I’m going to reject the Michelle Obama theory and go directly to Oprah Winfrey.  Yes, it’s definitely Oprah’s time.  She combines many important qualities.  She’s fat, she’s a woman, she’s black, she’s rich and she’s stupid.  She’s got it all!

So as much as I’ve enjoyed the Biden years, I’m very excited to see Oprah replace Joe and lead this country into a future that staggers the imagination to visualize.  Her stupidity and her popularity will usher in a new age where all we expect from our president is an afternoon time slot on ABC and book and diet recommendations for all of the women of America.  A virtual golden age.  So, then, Vice President Joy Behar?  Oy!

Global Revolt. Sort Of.

The last few days the results of the EU elections came in and the “far right” parties did extremely well across the various countries of the Union.  There was a coinciding drop in the Green and Far Left parties across the EU.  And the national far right parties in France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy and even Belgium are all either increasing or have already become major parties.

Europe is not the United States.  But the same policies; runaway immigration, green policy sticker shock and woke repression, are souring the populaces of these countries against Leftist governments.  Of course, the globalists are fighting tooth and nail to suppress this revolt.  The various leftist and “centrist” parties band together to try and quarantine these populist parties and label them racist, fascist, reactionary and illegal.  Germany keeps threatening to shut down their AfD (Alternative for Germany) party for being anti-immigrant.

But slowly and surely it seems that things are swinging away from these policies.  Last year the Netherlands voted Geert Wilder’s party into power because they’re tired of the immigrants and the green assault on prosperity.  The Dutch are hardly xenophobic fascists.  They’ve just had enough of the madness.  And it looks like France is getting sick of it too.  After the French gave the highest vote total to their far-right party in the EU vote, Macron dissolved the French parliament and will call for new elections.  It is expected that Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party will end up with the largest number of seats in the body and there is a slight possibility they could cobble together a coalition.  Italy already has a populist right government.  So do Austria and Hungary.  Even Belgium; the very heart of the globalist bureaucracy, has a growing populist right party.  Even in the lefty haven of Sweden the right has come to power although what passes for the right in Sweden still looks like woke communists from where I stand.

Now don’t get me wrong.  None of this progress means Europe is becoming conservative.  This is like the spasmodic flailing that a drowning man experiences just before he expires and sinks to the ocean floor.  I think the chances of any of these countries escaping the grip of their leftist elites at this point are vanishingly slim.  It would take a miracle.  But it does show that they haven’t completely lost all instinct for survival.  And it might allow for a real revolt when things become even more desperate.

It is interesting that the United States, England and France are all about to have major elections within months of each other.  What I’m interested in seeing is what tell-tale clues can be gleaned from the results of the elections and the reactions of the citizens to these results.  In each case there will be quite different results and different reactions but, in each circumstance, we may learn a lot about what the future holds based on these reactions.

For instance, in the United States I’m expecting Joe Biden to be re-elected.  And I expect this result to produce widespread shock, anger and disillusionment with the political system here.  And that disillusionment may be a better result for bringing about change than a Trump win.  But a Trump win would also be an opportunity to learn about the state of our country.  Could the elites be very worried by how angry the populace has become over their manipulation of the government?  An honest election might show that to be likely.  So, there are things we could learn from this election either way.

And likewise with the British and the French.  Each of these countries is suffering from stress and are very angry at their leaders.  With the correct new leadership large changes are possible.  So, I look forward to all this activity.  But I confess I’m impatient for the results to be known.  I don’t want the drama.  I just want to read the end of the book.

Make It Stop!

(Apologies to the estates of Alfred Lord Tennyson and Simonides)

Half a league, half a league,

Half a league onward,

Into the valley of boredom, I crawl.

O stranger, tell the readers of OCF that

I lie here, obedient to their reading preferences.

This summer and fall will be well-nigh unbearable.  How many thousands of stupid posts by moronic pundits and half-witted lefty hacks will I have to read.  And how many polls of the “swing states” will we see announcing that the electorate is finally waking up to this or that inane platitude about the race?

How many more times will some hysterical Democrat-water-carrier wring his hands and beg Joe Biden to stand aside and let Gordon Gecko look-alike Gavin Newsom jump into the race?  And at the same time how many more progressive lickspittles will wax rhapsodic about Joe Biden’s towering intellect and astounding oratorical skill?

Of course, I will be rewarded by the weekly comedy of Biden fumbling over one syllable words or his feet.  And every once in a while, we’ll have the Benny Hill-like hilarity of Joe being dragged away to the nearest bathroom before his pants explode.  Sure, this stuff is great.  We all need a good laugh.

But all in all, we’re all just marking time until we find out whether the Democrats are going to fake the November election results or let Trump win as he obviously would under an honest election.

Some of you might say I’m whining.

Well, I am!

You see, I’ve been trying to come up with an alternate strategy for getting through the five months before the election.  I keep thinking I can replace political news with book and movie reviews and photography and science articles.  And maybe I could but I find that I’m spending too much time reading the political news to also keep up with these other areas and so it’s a vicious cycle of dependence.  Alas, alack.

Well, maybe I’ll learn and straighten up and fly right.  After all the universe is full of interesting things.  Like:

  • Colliding neutron stars giving rise to stellar sized ejection clouds of pure gold.
  • Rising tides of “far right” parties in Western Europe.
  • Government warnings about the deadly “bird flu” and the miraculous appearance of an amazing vaccine!
  • Nigel Farage running on the Reform UK Party ticket and predicting Reform will replace the Tories.

So, I’ll stop whining now and start looking for things to write about that don’t include the words Biden, Trump, Washington or boring.

So, let’s start with Farage.  A recent article lays out his read on how the Tories abused the gift he gave them in the Brexit issue and instead governed as leftists.  And now that they’ve burned away their whole voter base, he wants to replace them with the Reform UK party.  Of course, in the upcoming election this year Labor will be the primary recipient of the Tories’ implosion.  Labor will be the majority party.  But if Reform can get a decent handful of seats, they can begin the long process of replacing the Tories and giving the English people a party that actually represents the opinions of the people.  Interestingly, the election this year is on July 4th.  Maybe if Reform gets off to a good start on the Fourth of July some of that magic might infect our politics too this November.

At the very least the founding of the Reform party should be a lesson for our country.  The Republicans have been fake conservatives for long enough.  Someone should either dramatically reform it or start a legitimate conservative third party to drive it out of business.

09JUN2024 – OCF Update – It’s a Rainy Morning Sunday, That’s Got Me Without Knowing What to Write


A rainy Sunday at the Compound.  I’m stuck in the house and getting on Camera Girl’s nerves, I can tell.  Next week will be very busy.  Tuesday will be a marathon of work until the wee hours.  I will be with the people, in all their gritty and idiosyncratic splendor.  So, I must get some things done today.  I’ve got photos and quotes to get uploaded and scheduled.  And I’ve got some scheduling things to figure out for my writing.  I’ve been so busy lately with work that I haven’t been able to do any fiction writing at all.  And that bothers me a lot.  As you get older the number of creatively productive hours in a day or a week decreases.  So, I need to make some time budgeting decisions to maximize my results.

But life rolls on.  And the now incredible increases to the cost of living are biting ever harder at my meager resources.  I was looking at some repairs on the swimming pool and wondered if outright replacing the lining might make some sense.  But when I heard the estimate, I was gob-smacked.  Yikes!  So, I’ll pay the piratical repair costs for patching for this year and decide about replacement next year when I get rich.

But just to assert our rights as Americans to waste money we went to the Chinese restaurant for dinner.  Sure, the cost was up about 50% from what I remember it to be.  But it made Camera Girl happy and it spared her having to cook last night.  And they have really fresh and delicious food at this place so it was a treat.

I was reading how McDonald’s might be pulling out of California all together.  And on one of the talk shows the socialist pundit was putting a brave face on it and saying that this would open up opportunities for Mom and Pop shops.  I was thinking, “Sure mom and pop get a really good deal on food prices compared to a behemoth like McDonald’s and they’ll definitely be able to outcompete McDonald’s on rental costs, utility costs and paper and plastic consumables.  Oh yeah!  It’s gonna be a paradise for small businesses in California.

Something that TomD commented about my Here and Now post.  He stressed that our present ruling class is not just more of the same.  He stressed that they’re really working to destroy us, “The progressives want us disarmed, private vehicles gone (except elite), and everyone on the dole and living in huge Soviet style arkologies. Males castrated.”

And I agree with that characterization.  They differ from the past in what they are attempting to accomplish.  Our former elites wanted us as factory wage slaves.  The new elites just want us gone.  And they think they can get the job done quietly and efficiently by eliminating our means of livelihood.  They impoverish us and then weaken us with drugs, illicit and prescription, that they flood the environment with and stupefy our children with a digital narcotic.  We’re being eradicated with poison like roaches.

Well, it won’t be easy but we have to learn how to avoid the traps and organize to assist each other in surviving.  Alright, enough of that.  Finish with something good.


I was watching the Coen Brothers version of True Grit the other day.  They’re a couple of nihilistic film makers but they did a remarkable job with this film.


Guest Contributor – TomD – 09JUN2024 – Not Your Grandpa’s Elites

Tom | Flickr


I don’t know.

I do agree that crooks, incompetents and charlatans have been in American politics forever but I suspect that they had no real interest in destroying the society in which they lived.

The progressive Dims? Not incompetents, that’s for sure. But I do believe that they largely hate the US and wish to tear it down to replace with a socialist authoritarian utopia. Utopia for the elite. For you and me, not so much.

The progressives want us disarmed, private vehicles gone (except elite), and everyone on the dole and living in huge Soviet style arkologies. Males castrated

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 09JUN2024 – When the CO’s In a Skirt

war pig


They poisoned the well and they also shot themselves in the foot. The US DEPENDS on mostly White, hetero teenagers to fill our military. That’s the majority demographic in the US. Sponsoring combat video games and financing and supporting Top Gun movies can only go so far. The gender agenda is indeed poison. I can imagine the reaction if any of my commanding male officers had shown up at formation in a female officers skirt.

Those who do still join rapidly become disillusioned and leave after their first enlistment. Fewer and fewer make it a career. Reenlistment bonuses are high but that’s not enough. Most of them cannot stand their current C-in-C. They saw running from Afghanistan with our tails between our legs as betrayal. Making the Taliban the best equipped military in the region with our abandoned weapons was close to treason. All Biden taught Russia, China, North Korea and Iran is that if you string it out long enough, America will quit. Even if America wins all the battles, the enemy can outlast our cowardly and self serving politicians.

Israel Frees Four Hostages in Raid on Hamas Captors

The rescued hostages are named as Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv. All four had been abducted by Hamas terrorists on October 7 from the Supernova music festival near the southern community of Re’im.

Special forces had simultaneously raided two Hamas sites in central Gaza’s Nuseirat. At one location, Argamani was rescued, while Meir Jan, Kozlov, and Ziv were at the second location.

The rescued hostages are all in good condition, according to initial medical assessments. They were taken to Tel Hashomer Hospital for further evaluation.

Amid the operation, heavy airstrikes were carried out in the area against Hamas sites and in support of the ground troops. Hamas health authorities reported a “large number” of casualties.”

Most of the mainstream media sites are playing up the Palestinian casualties incurred during the rescues.  Yeah, I guess being a kidnapper or a kidnapper’s neighbor isn’t the safest decision you can make.  Pro-tip, live far away from Israeli captives.

Kudos to the IDF for pulling off a difficult mission.  Regrettably there was one IDF death.

The Here and Now

Upon reflection I’ve decided that more than half of my mental anguish over our current situation is due to my own gullibility.  Without a doubt, those running our country are terrible people.  They run roughshod over the laws that we supposedly live by and the decencies that allegedly define our public morality.

But on closer inspection, hasn’t this always been the case?  Haven’t there always been political bosses who manipulate our politics and government, to profit themselves and their cronies and haven’t they used immigration from time immemorial to control who came to power and what the terms of life for the common people would be?

Whether it was Tammany Hall in 19th century New York City or Mayor Daly in mid-20th century Chicago hasn’t hypocrisy and dishonesty and just plain graft been the rule and not the exception?  The only thing that has changed is that today the things they teach children as regime propaganda is much closer to suicidal than in former days.

Believe it or not, this realization has brightened my mood substantially.  Knowing that the evil regime I live under is more or less representative of the historical norm for these things gives me hope that most of us can figure out a way to negotiate our trek through this gulag.

Certainly, it doesn’t make it a more wholesome place than it is.  Our children are certainly being pumped full of poisonous lies about themselves and the world around them.  Certainly, we are being discriminated against by our own government and the elites that control almost everything around us.  But if you consider that it’s always been this way (more or less), then it stands to reason that we can find a way to survive and thrive in this environment too.

If after all, my own stupidity convinced me that a better world was the norm then educating myself to the reality should afford me the advantage I need to mitigate the damage done by the noxious aspects of the system and also allow me to see where I can get the best return on investment from my efforts.

In general, selecting friends and associates carefully to avoid entanglement with woke zealots and other crazy people is highly important.  And children will need to be schooled by sane teachers.  Later on, children will have to learn how to carefully navigate their way through cancel culture by very judicious use of silence.

All of this is sad and inspires a feeling of indignation when thought about in the context of the supposed basis of American liberty and values.  But if the reality is that those values have never been in force for the last hundred and fifty years then the rational approach is to figure out what is needed in the here and now.  Banging our heads against a wall that will not disappear is foolish and even dangerous.  After all this is a wall that is just as likely to open up and unleash a platoon of FBI agents with an arrest warrant.

So, I’m actually cheered by my new way of looking at things.  What I’ll be looking for are groups and individuals who are writing the book of how to survive and thrive in the here and now, not in the perfect world we wish were here.

Cannibals Ate My Debate with Donald Trump

Donald Trump has agreed to a debate Joe Biden with every possible unfair advantage going to Biden.  It will be on CNN with no live audience and the moderators will be his worst enemies and they will be able to cut off his microphone if they don’t like what he is saying.  It’s as bad as it can get in terms of stacking the deck against Trump.

So, you have to ask yourself why Trump would agree to this.  My guess is that he believes that Biden can’t get through the proceedings without an embarrassing health problem of one sort or another.  Based on all of his latest attempts at outdoor personal appearances, it seems like Biden has become alarmingly incontinent.  In addition, Biden’s memory is now completely unreliable.  And so, he is dependent on teleprompters to get him through routine speeches and question and answer events.  Between these two conditions it seems highly likely that in a stressful and unpredictable event like a debate with Donald Trump, really bad things could happen.

It seems to me there is a definite risk that Trump could end up “losing” these debates.  If the people running the debate control the feed, they can obfuscate any number of embarrassing moments and could even hide certain unfair practices that they allow Biden to benefit from.  For instance, by controlling what the camera is showing they can hide the fact that an outside source could provide Biden with a tele prompted or voice in ear answer to a statement by Trump.  Now Trump and his people know this.  So, they are taking a chance that Biden’s team which includes both his own handlers and the CNN technicians could manipulate the video enough to make it seem as if Joe Biden won the debate.  And yet Trump’s willing to go down this road.  I have to assume he thinks the potential upside of a Biden catastrophe is likely enough to risk the probable downside of a successful manipulation.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the whole thing.  I would have demanded, if not an even playing field, then at least one of the moderators being from the Right.  Tucker Carlson would have been the obvious choice.  But I’ll be watching the debates hoping to see Joe Biden break into tongues or fall over his feet or run off the stage to have his diaper changed.  I may be sorely disappointed.  Maybe Joe makes it through unscathed or maybe the moderators manage to make Trump look bad by stacking the deck against him with Stormy Daniels and “convicted felon” non-questions.  But if Donald Trump is willing to buck the odds to score a knockout blow against the already wobbly Dementia Joe, then I should invest the time to watch this crazy bit of stagecraft.

Who knows we all might be watching a bit of history where fate steps in and decides the outcome.  I’ve got the two hours to spend.  I might even make some popcorn to make it fun.