Stopping the Left is Not Enough

If you look at all the crazy things going on in our country you would be excused for thinking that all that is necessary to fix our problems is removing all of the leftists from power.  You might think that if we had fifty Governor DeSantises and people like him running our cities and in Congress that everything would go back to normal.  I think I used to believe that either consciously or unconsciously.  All we needed was good leaders and everything would revert to a normal world.  I no longer believe that to be the case.

Our world has drifted very far from a healthy pattern.  We could probably spend eternity debating what were the causes of this drift.  Some people would point all the way back to the Enlightenment and the dethroning of religion as the center of human life in the West.  Maybe that’s true.  Other people point to the emancipation of women as the spark that destroyed the family and led us to the place we are now.  I think cases could be made for a number of causes for what has happened to our world.

The point I want to make is that some kind of change is going to have to happen.  And either we are going to make these changes ourselves or nature will fix them for us.  An example of what happens when you let your society degenerate would be the end of the classical world.  The Western Roman Empire was toppled by German tribesmen who realized just how feeble the Roman state had become.  And a few hundred years later the Eastern Roman Empire was almost completely swept away by the armies of Arabia galvanized by a fundamentalist religion that gave meaning and order to their lives.

Something very similar will happen to our world unless we step back and restore sanity to the way we live.  Our institutions have to stop propagandizing our youth as to the value and desirability of living a secularized and sterile existence that eschews marriage and children.  The idea that it is acceptable and even preferred to adopt an identity that puts you at odds with biological reality is madness.  And all the other LGBTQ lifestyles must also be identified as deviancy that doesn’t merit celebration but at most pity and possibly tolerance if it isn’t allowed to corrupt the youth.

And these are just the negative aspects of our society that must be addressed.  At the same time, changes must be enacted to amplify society’s effect on the positive behaviors we want to encourage.  Our government must support the formation and flourishing of families.  If a man and a woman are raising up children the government should be doing everything it can to maximize the odds that they will create good, well-adjusted and productive people.  The tax laws and the social safety net should be primarily focused on these people.  Everything should be done to allow young women to stay home with their children during those formative years.  And this shouldn’t be done just because it is helpful to the child-rearing task but also because raising a family is the most fulfilling occupation that two people can hope to have.  And a young mother at home with her young children is the necessary center of such a family.  Without her it is an incomplete and confused fragment of what a family should be.  A poor family with a mother at home has its struggles.  But even a rich family without a mother at home is unbalanced and often unhappy.  The children feel the lack but don’t know what they’re missing.

And there are so many things about our society that are unhealthy and dangerous.  The complete disappearance of religion from our daily life and the normalizing of unhealthy obsessions like drugs and pornography have destroyed countless young lives.  All of these things are justified by our fetish with freedom.  A re-evaluation on the limits of freedom is painfully overdue.

And if society doesn’t start making these changes very soon, then as I said at the beginning of this rant, nature will do it for us.  Or more accurately, do it for our successors that live in healthier cultures.

For Once Reality Outparodies the Babylon Bee

This post from the Babylon Bee attempts to mock the FBI sting operation that was recently head in DC.  But the actual reports showing Capitol Police outfitted like Darth Vader attempting to shield the identity of an FBI plant dressed up as a fake antifa agitator was beyond parody.

Honestly, if anyone still doubts that we live in an occupied country just think about this.  The FBI was perfectly fine with BLM and antifa burning down areas of dozens of cities last year.  But they are going all out to entrap right-wing protestors with whatever false flag activities they can engineer.  FBI or Stasi, what’s the difference?





Joy Pullmann at the Federalist Lists What’s Wrong With the Republicans

Maybe she could just have said they’re absolutely useless but she does itemize what she thinks they should be doing.  And there is some value in that.  I’m always of two  minds about these rants.  After all I’ve done enough of them myself and even though it feels better getting to say it, unless someone actually accomplishes any of the items on the list it’s all just hot air.  But I like to see if the other guy (or gal in this case) has anything on his list that I’ve forgotten.  Joy actually has a few things I haven’t thought of so kudos to her.

Sharyl Attkisson Investigates COVID Death Rate Inflation

Sharyl Attkisson reports on a county in Colorado where the locals discovered that not only was a murder/suicide added to the COVID death total but even two people who were very much alive were added in too.

Colorado finally got around to distinguishing between deaths due to COVID and those due to other causes where a positive COVID test existed.  The number dropped from 13,845 to 7,028.  Can you imagine if this is representative of the whole country.  As one of the coroners who exposed this said, COVID is a real disease but its death toll is being inflated for political reasons.



Hat Tip to the Conservative Treehouse for this Link

I have no idea who this Scot, Neal Oliver is.  I guess he’s some kind of media personality but I just listened to his declaration of protest against lockdowns and vax passports and I’ll say it’s beautifully spoken.

I’m surprised that it’s been broadcast.  I’ve read that the Brits are even worse on COVID craziness than Biden and Company.  Well, whoever he is and however he got this past the COVID Nazis I want to say well spoken, Mr Oliver, well spoken.

What’s a Twentieth Century American to Do? – Part 1

A few days ago, I was having a political discussion with someone on our side of the cultural divide.  I said something like, “If none of the red state leaders does anything to resist the unconstitutional changes being made then we might as well leave and go somewhere else.”  His answer was that maybe we might leave out of protest or anger but we wouldn’t be going someplace where we would have more freedom than we have, even in this diminished America.  And that got me thinking, “Is that true?”

Our complaint with what is going on is that we are being cheated out of the freedoms that were the defining qualities of this country.  If we cannot have those freedoms here, where can we have them?  If the answer is nowhere else then leaving would just be a matter of protest.  So, this needs to be determined in order to know what is the reasonable course of action.

Knowing the fellow that I was talking to; I think he was specifically talking about the 2nd amendment.  But I thought about all the things that are considered freedom in America.  And that is a complicated calculation because some of the most cherished freedoms, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms; are exactly the things that are under assault by the Left.  But there are other advantages in this country that we might want to consider freedom.  I remember during the Second World War the US government sponsored Norman Rockwell to produce public service ads that highlighted some of the American virtues that we all benefitted from, such as, the freedom from want, and the freedom from fear.  As diminished as some of those things have become it is definitely important to look at what trade offs would exist if an American were thinking of leaving here.  After all, as unequal as some of the enforcement of laws has been in the last few years it bears remembering just how non-existent justice tends to be in most of the world outside of the first world.  Imagine demanding your rights from the police in Mexico or the Philippines.

So that is the first part of what this post, or these posts are about.  But contingent on the answer to whether there is a freer place to go, there is a second question.  If there is no better place to go then the next important topic is how can we maximize our freedom while living in this post-freedom America.  And surely, I’ve talked about this a million times already but I want to look at it from a different perspective.  It’s a new idea I’ve had.  I have started calling it the “American Archipelago.”  The concept is that we can look at all of our separate lives spread across the length and breadth of this continent as islands of freedom in a sea of darkness that is Woke America.  We can walk in freedom on our own tiny preserve and we can visit each other in real life or in digital space and step from island to island and travel over this sea of darkness without being drowned in it.  All we have to do is perfect our seamanship to avoid being drowned.  I like the metaphor and plan to use it in a story I’m thinking about.

But for now, I’ll think a little bit about the answer to the question.  Is post-freedom America still the freest place on Earth?

18SEP2021 – OCF Update

Yesterday’s visit has thrown me completely off schedule.  I just finished off a week’s worth of quotes and photos but I haven’t put together a single post in over a day.  Well, a happy get together of friends is always a positive so I’ll have to do my best to catch up as best I can.

I heard some reports on just how awful parts of New York City had become.  One particularly disturbing aspect is the prevalence of mentally disturbed homeless men.  This has made certain areas of Manhattan no-go zones for women and the infirm.  Another report that was interesting is a trend by gang members to perform daytime reconnaissance of likely robbery targets and then perform a coordinated attack at night on several locations simultaneously thus overloading an already degraded police response.  In one of these attacks a victim refused to hand over his expensive watch and was shot for his trouble.  The police have stopped reporting a lot of the robbery.  It’s too prevalent to note.  They’re concentrating on the assaults and killings.

There was a spirited discussion about the outcome of the anti-police campaign going on in the cities.  Someone noted that even though the cities have changed course and are attempting to fill the vacancies in their police departments, candidates are not forthcoming.  Apparently it’s just not worth the risk of being prosecuted by an ungrateful city government for doing their jobs.

I said that regardless of any individual failings of police officers the attacks on law and order were an existential threat to our society.  I stated my opinion that the police should walk away from these places all together.  I said that complete lawlessness should be fostered in these places for as long as it takes for the people who voted for all this to get all the anarchy they could possibly want and then some.  I finished by saying I fervently hope that my home town burns more or less to the ground.  That will be the only thing that teaches these people what their philosophy truly stands for.

Then we stopped for a very satisfying meal of spaghetti puttanesca and assorted cold sandwiches.  After that we discussed the relative merits of various Humphrey Bogart movies.  Yesterday I was partial to, “To Have and Have Not.”  Others disagreed and sided with “The Big Sleep” or “The Maltese Falcon.”  So we put on the “Big Sleep” and  marveled at just how many pretty girls Bogey had throwing themselves at him.  Carmen, Mrs. Rutledge, the librarian, the bookstore girl, the cabbie, the hat check girls.  Looking at Bogey it seemed incomprehensible.  But life is not always sensible.  For instance, how could I explain how I managed to rope Camera Girl in?  Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

And before the visit broke up we planned some kind of gathering between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  After all, family commitments made those occasions just too hard to work around.  Whereas between them was a few weeks when everyone else would be reeling from Thanksgiving dinner and unlikely to compete for time.

So, it’s no excuse for my tardiness writing here but at least it’s put me in a good mood for tackling my various on-line and real world chores.  Now to dissect Dementia Joe’s latest debacle.

What Isn’t Fake?

Authenticity in the present-day world seems to be in extremely short supply.  News is fake.  Some science is fake.  Medicine is very fake.  The FBI is fake.  Now it turns out the military is run by fakes.  Elections are fake.  The Republicans are mostly fakes.

The Democrats are real.  They truly are communists.

But Biden’s brain is fake.  Money is fake.  Capitalism is fake.  The internet is mostly fake.  Education is most certainly fake.  Most of organized religion is fake.

So, what isn’t fake?  I guess the only thing that’s real is what you yourself know is real.  For me that is the friends and family that I know are real.  They’re living in this funhouse mirror version of reality and they have to make the compromises that we all have to just to live.  But they’re not fake.  Some of them may be mistaken about what is real and what is imaginary but they’re trying to live their lives the best way they can.  They need and deserve all the help I can give them and all the prayers that I can send out for them.

But is there anything else that’s real?  Yes, evil is real.  All of those things I listed above are fake for a reason.  They are part of a plan that is systematically breaking down all the good things that once existed in this place.  The system that is implementing all of these lies is very real.  The FBI and the military have weapons that are extremely effective.  The Justice Department has a federal prison system that can swallow up people and never let them go.

Another thing that’s not fake is the Great Awakening.  Not the woke joke but the awakening by normal people to the reality of the system.  That’s real too.  The Sleepers have opened their eyes and now see that they’ve been fooled.  That’s a powerful reality.  If the number of these people is large enough it might be a very big deal.

I don’t claim to know that we will be able to turn this thing around.  In fact, I’ll have to say I’m more pessimistic today than at any time in the last five years.  But they say that the truth shall set you free and I tend to agree with that.

In my essay on someone becoming the leader of the deplorables I talked about him building a platform for the deplorables to call their home.  Part of the reason for building a base for us is to give us something that we can depend on to be real.  Having something you can depend on is important.  Whether it’s a payment processor that you depend on for your on-line business income or a social media site that you enjoy interacting with, people become anxious and confused when the things they think they can depend on fail them.  Always having to worry about something being pulled out from under you is a terrible way to live.  And so, building something that is real and can be depended on is more than just a luxury it’s a necessity for maintaining the sanity of people in our position.  It’s a refuge.  And what I was thinking is that if we can build out that refuge into more and more compartments of our lives then less and less of the world would be fake.

And maybe if we could expand that reality to enough of our daily lives then maybe someday the fake bubble will collapse in on itself and disappear altogether.  I dream of the day when the Democrat Party, the New York Times, MSNBC and Twitter all shut down and all of the inmates from those asylums are rounded up and sent to Canada where they belong.

India Claims Ivermectin is Effective Against COVID

India has over four times the population of the United States and medical infrastructure that’s orders of magnitude less capable but India currently is experiencing less than a fifth the daily deaths that the United States is.  Here’s what India attributes it to:

Uttar Pradesh was the first state in the country to introduce large-scale prophylactic and therapeutic use of Ivermectin. In May-June 2020, a team at Agra, led by Dr Anshul Pareek, administered Ivermectin to all RRT team members in the district on an experimental basis. It was observed that none of them developed Covid-19 despite being in daily contact with patients who had tested positive for the virus,” Uttar Pradesh State Surveillance Officer Vikssendu Agrawal said.

He added that based on the findings from Agra, the state government sanctioned the use of Ivermectin as a prophylactic for all the contacts of Covid patients and later cleared the administration of therapeutic doses for the treatment of such patients.

Claiming that timely introduction of Ivermectin since the first wave has helped the state maintain a relatively low positivity rate despite its high population density, he said, “Despite being the state with the largest population base and a high population density, we have maintained a relatively low positivity rate and cases per million of population”.


Last January a local doctor in his mid seventies told me that Ivermectin was the magic bullet for the COVID pandemic.  So he knew, India knows and a bunch of other people have been saying it but the powers that be don’t like that answer.  So mask up America, mask up.