Jim Jordan’s Weaponization of the Federal Government Investigation is Truly Depressing

It’s much, much worse than we’ve heard.  I’ve started it at Shellenberger’s testimony and then it goes on for hours.  Obama set this in motion and the intelligence agencies have jumped on it with relish.  For this alone I’d shut down the FBI and the rest of them.  If Speaker of the House Johnson loves this country he should refuse to allow the Patriot Act to be renewed.  American Stasi.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 30NOV2023 – What Comes Next

To many Conservatives, Trump is a symptom of the overall problem of the GOP.

The schism between the established National Review/Con Inc./Open Border/Forever Wars GOP and Conservatives cannot happen soon enough. Whatever comes next cannot be worse than what is offered at this time.

Too many have lost patience with the GOP merely being the “shadow of Radicalism” and simping to the Left as mere loyal opposition.


JEB Haley Rides Again

I have to wonder how many more elections will the Republican establishment; both politicians and rich donors, attempt to foist the hopeless anti-populist candidates that they always put forward.  It was one thing back in 2000 when we bought into George W Bush. Sure, he was the son of a former president and the governor of Texas.  And he claimed he was a born-again Christian.  How could we go wrong?  But then we got Iraq and compassionate conservatism with all that entailed.

And then we got John McCain and Mitt Romney.  That one-two punch was enough to awaken even the most complacent conservative to the reality of the Uni-Party.  These were hopeless losers who would rather let the Democrats have all the social justice victories they dreamed of as long as their favorite military equipment manufacturer received enough contracts to keep the checks rolling into their election funds.

But finally, we got to 2016 and the spectacle of JEB! Bush telling Donald Trump that illegal aliens crashing our border was an act of love that we must honor by providing them with citizenship.  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Donald Trump buried Jeb Bush in 2016 and with him he buried the chances of lame, rollover and play dead, establishment Republicans getting a free pass to be our mostly unsuccessful presidential candidates.

However, hope springs eternal in the hearts and wallets of the Koch Brothers and other super-wealthy Republican backers and in the idiot sons of the Mayflower descendants.  But now they’ve discovered a new ploy; diversity idiots.  And so was born the horror that is Nikki Haley.  She sounds like Jeb Bush but she’s noticeably manlier.  And because of this stiffer spine she’s even more forceful in her embrace of increasing immigration and fighting wars in whatever third world countries have yet to be invaded.  She likes the Ukraine and Gaza wars.  A lot.  And given a little time I’m sure she could warm up to a Belarussian adventure and maybe one day Kazakhstan.  She truly is a wonder to behold.

So, my question is, will there ever be a point when the donors to the Republican party will stop providing hundreds of millions of dollars to Potemkin conservative candidates in the hope of covering both bets in the presidential elections?  Many people would say no, that the necessity of forcing an establishment candidate on Republican voters is critical.  After all, they’ve been doing this since Gerald Ford in 1976 and it’s worked for the most part.  Election after election we convinced ourselves that whatever empty suit they hauled up on the stage was better than Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.  Why should things change now?

But I don’t think that’s the case.  I listen to the media talking heads talking about how exciting Nikki Haley is and what a breath of fresh air she brings to the Republican race.  And it sounds so absurd that I think, “Nah, only the hopeless morons would fall for that.”  And based on her numbers it all seems about right.  At best she’s polling high single digits.  Basically, she’s got the anti-Trumpers and the truly mentally challenged (although there is a large overlap in the Venn diagram of those two subsets).  To me it seems that the establishment Republican candidates have been exposed once and for all.

What seems like the next step is the formal acknowledgement by the donors that they will either have to come to terms with the direction of the Republican party or go over to the Democrats.  I guess they could start their own party but I think they’re too lazy for that.

Now alternatively, if the powers that be in the party rig the 2024 primaries so that Donald Trump doesn’t end up as the candidate, that will change things significantly.  I think it will end the Republican party as a legitimate political home for the conservative half of the country.  And I would guess that a new party would begin to form to replace it.  Because it would be a pretty absurd situation where something like 30% of the electorate just stayed home during the election of the United States president.

But anyway, I will say I am a little disappointed that Donald Trump won’t be participating in the Republican debates.  I would love to see Trump get to knock JEB! off just one more time.

What to Do While Waiting for the Apocalypse

Many people on the Right are fond of saying, “What can’t go on, won’t go on.”  And that is true.  But equally true is the law of inertia.  And an enormous body in motion has no choice but to remain in motion until all its momentum is dissipated.  So, for instance, just because a train goes off the track it doesn’t stop moving immediately.  Its forward momentum can go a very long way and do an enormous amount of damage before it comes to rest.

So, it behooves us to use our time on this runaway train called “today” to survive this train wreck as best we can.  And I guess ten different people in ten different parts of the train will decide on ten different strategies to do that.  So, someone in the front of the train might decide that the only way to survive is to jump off.  Someone in the middle might think that bracing himself in his seat is best.  And someone near the back of the train might roll himself up into a ball and get near the floor.  We all use our best judgement to maximize our own situation.  At least we tell ourselves that.

But the point is that we must react to the reality of where we are.  What we can’t do is become hypnotized by the spectacle going on around us.  Being outraged at a train derailing won’t save you from being maimed or killed by the crash.  You have to react to what’s actually happening on the ground and save the outrage for afterward.

So being enraged about the FBI and Joe Biden and the Left’s agenda might be cathartic but in the moment it does nothing to stop the FBI and Joe Biden and the Left’s agenda.  What makes sense is to keep clear of the FBI, undermine the Left’s agenda in every way that you have competence and mock Joe Biden whenever and wherever you can.

The Left was always talking about “The Resistance” while Trump was in office.  Well, that’s what we should be.  It’s our job to remind everyone around us just how lousy a job the Democrats are doing.  And it’s the easiest job in the world.  Even CNN and MSNBC admit that over 60% of the country think Joe Biden is a dishonest, inept, doddering moron who’s driving the country over a cliff.  If that’s not enough of a boost to get our message across nothing ever will be.

So, remember, the train is already off the track.  The crash will go on as long as it goes on.  Your job is to keep you and yours alive until the crash is over.  Then at that point we can start talking about rescuing the survivors from the wreckage and beginning to put our lives back together.  Until that time there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about laying blame on those responsible for the catastrophe or instituting corrections and preventions for the future.

So don’t waste your time on outrage.  And I know that’s easier said than done.  But at least don’t let outrage stop you from doing, in the moment, what needs to be done to survive and hopefully thrive in this crazy world.  Oh, and have a good Wednesday.