Recall of Gavin Newsom Starting to Look More Likely

Booting Gavin Newsom out of the California Governor’s Mansion is starting to look much more likely than previously admitted.  Possibly his present policy of restoring the lockdowns on Californians has soured the Democrats at least to the point where they won’t bother to show up to vote for him.

My take on this is that California is a failed state that the inhabitants have earned.  And until cannibalism has had a chance to weed out the hopelessly stupid there is zero hope of reforming the Golden State.

But what this recall can provide is the opportunity for great hilarity.  Gavin Noisome or Gavin Nuisance or whatever Nancy Pelosi’s wretched relative is called deserves to lose his job and suffer the same ignominy that Gray Davis suffered after he was booted from office.  If only every state had this wonderful escape hatch.  Can anyone imagine that Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t have already been handed his walking papers if New York State voters had this same option?

Anyway, I look forward to a fun moment in September when this vote occurs.  If it fails well it still ruined Gavin Gruesome’s summer.  But if he’s kicked to the curb it will be the highlight of the week.

Hat Tip to the Conservative Treehouse on This COVID Story

So the Conservative Treehouse article reported that  there was an “outbreak” of COVID on Cape Cod where 469 people caught COVID and 74%were already fully vaccinated.  Among this large pool of people four were hospitalized and no one died.

My layman’s reaction to this is:

  1. COVID is very contagious.
  2. The vaccine isn’t good for much.
  3. COVID isn’t that dangerous to healthy people.
  4. The health officials in the US aren’t being very honest with us.

Cape Cod is where New Englanders go in the summer to vacation with their families and enjoy sun and fun.  Young and old go to parties and music concerts and weddings.  In the short summer season they enjoy life.  And that’s what that 469 people were doing when they caught COVID.  The idea that the solution is to stay away from other people and wear a mask over your face for the rest of your life is plainly insanity.

Enough is enough.

31JUL2021 – OCF Update – Last Day of July

Tomorrow is the official first day of winter here in New England.  I’ll start up the snow blower and dig out my shovel, close up the storm windows and turn on the heating system.  I’ll put away the shorts and shortsleeve shirts and dig out the thermal underwear and mukluks.  It was a good summer although there was a lot of rain.  But now we have to get down to the serious part of life, surviving the horrors of winter.  We’ll be cheered by some of the winter holidays like Labor Day and Halloween but we’ll be ever conscious of the threat we face from frostbite and cannibalism.  Camera Girl made some veiled hints about there not being enough meat on my bones.  I sleep with one eye open and my right hand trailing onto the floor where the axe handle is there if needed.  Trust but verify.

Actually it’s been very pleasant the last couple of days.  Low eighties, high seventies and sunny except it rains at night, which is fine by me.  I’ve never seen the grass this green at the end of July.  All in all, pretty remarkable.  Camera Girl had a special plant of hers come up and bloom for the first time this year.  She says it’s called a moon flower.  It’s shaped like a giant white trumpet.  Something like an enormous morning glory flower.  Interestingly it blooms at night.  I’ll put up some photos of it soon under a separate post.  She was very excited about it and it was nice to see her so happy about it.

In related news some of the Elecampane seeds I planted may finally be sprouting.  Not sure yet because the sprouts are too small to tell.  I have more seeds and may put some more in dirt just in case but it’s encouraging to see something starting.

All kidding aside, today is the last day of July and that is a milestone around here.  The kids start getting anxious about school and with this nonsense about masking again I can’t blame them.  Maybe people will come to their senses and spare their own flesh and blood this nonsense.

Well, lots going on, more to come here.  Stay tuned.


How Much of a Factor Will the Crime Epidemic Be?

I’m not completely sure how important an issue rampant crime will be in the political situation in America.  It’s already fueling an enormous flight from the major cities and that is having a major impact on everything from used car prices to the pricing and availability of houses in the suburbs to the supply and demand of seats in private schools.  But as much as the big cities are and will remain the uncontested domain of Democrat politicians you have to wonder what will happen as the unchecked crime in theses areas becomes a permanent condition.

Already it has had some impact on the politics in some of the biggest cities.  New York has selected the closest thing to a law-and-order Democrat to be their next mayor.  And the pop-eyed lesbian mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, has hinted that she might not run for re-election in two years.  What she doesn’t mention is that she may be ridden out of town on a rail long before that if the current rate of murders in Chicago continues unabated.

What this is leading up to in my thought here is the question of whether there will be a turning point where the cities pull back from the madness or each just spirals down into a dysfunctional no-man’s land like Detroit or Baltimore.  I think it might not be a uniform decision.  As we see New York is starting to reverse course.  But places like Portland and Minneapolis will probably stay the course and ride this wave right into the ground.  A recent report stated that Minneapolis has seen a 60% increase in murder last year and just yesterday a woman’s headless body was found in a car on the street in one of the neighborhoods of Minneapolis indicating that we are well on the way to abject savagery.

My guess is that the crime epidemic will go a long way to consolidate the Republicans in the red states as fear of the blue city crime will favor no-nonsense candidates who take a pro-police stance and promise to protect the people living in the suburbs and rural areas from the roving gangs of urban thugs that have been unleashed by the cities.  One thing that will be interesting to see is whether states like Georgia and Missouri decide to step in and clean up Atlanta and St. Louis.  If things really spin out of control in those places I wonder if the state will take control of the police in those jurisdictions and override the local control.  It would seem that it would be warranted on a civil rights basis if the people in these cities were shown to be suffering from criminal mismanagement.

I have no illusions about the blue states doing anything similar about their cities.  They will convince themselves that this is all the result of white supremacists selling illegal guns to poor innocent gangbangers who just want to keep up with the fentanyl arms race that free enterprise necessitates.  They can get their constituents to believe anything they tell them so they’ll just let the degeneration of their cities proceed and the elites will move to secured suburbs and everyone else will pay a price.  But no price is too much to pay for equity, diversity and inclusion.

But what about the supposed purple states?  Are there any states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, maybe Virginia that could see what’s going on and learn something about what’s wrong with the Left’s vision of the world?  Could watching Philadelphia or Kenosha burned and looted and seeing their fellow citizens without police to protect them from merciless thugs in their own neighborhoods convince the “moderates” that backing the Left is a terrible mistake.  The answer is no, I don’t believe it will.  I think the sorting between the Left and Right has already occurred and those places are lost.  But I could be wrong about that.  I hope I am.

So that’s my take.  The Antifa-BLM riots and the elimination of the urban police departments may very well serve as the object lesson that the red states need to formulate a strategy to protect themselves from the Obama insurrection.  In fact, if it doesn’t then there really isn’t any hope for this country.  Seeing the fate of our greatest cities and then witnessing the daily spectacle of old men and women being brutally beaten and sometimes killed while the police stand down and let it happen is all the warning we’ll ever get.  We’ll soon enough know.

This Guy DeSantis is Going to be a Factor Going Forward

I watched DeSantis in this speech.  He’s very credible and he has good instincts.  He speaks well and he also gets things done.

DeSantis is going to be positioned very favorably for a 2024 run for president.  If he keeps making Florida the success story for freedom vs. the Democrat hells all around he’s going to be a very popular choice.

I suspect Trump will want him to be his VP choice.  But how does that work?  Can you have them declare that arrangement from the start?  Otherwise DeSantis might turn out to be the stronger horse.  Running a state like Florida gives him a lot of people he can tap for cabinet positions.  That was one thing Donald Trump didn’t have and what caused him so much grief.


John Kass Continues Chronicling the Death of Chicago

If you have friends and relatives in the big Democrat-run cities I think you should urge them to get out before something really bad happens to them.  Recently some very good friends decided to leave New York City and I am extremely relieved they did.

Not only is the infrastructure and social network, like the school system crumbling but the risk of random and deadly violence keeps rising.  Let those who believe in the lunacy at work there endure it.  Not us.

The City of Anarchy: Calling Chicago “Chiraq” is now an insult to Iraq



30JUL2021 – OCF Update – It’s All Been Said

Last night I was putting up some photos from last fall for the daily photo and I had some quotes to download (some Thomas Edison coming up).  Then I was thinking about what to write for a post.  But without anything new in the news I had nothing new to say.  We’re in a bad place and it will continue like this for a good long time until something gives.

The Left is running most things and if they want to continue locking down the blue states and weaponizing the federal government against us, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.  For the people lucky or smart enough to be living in the red states it’s different.  They can make changes to protect themselves from the feds and the Left.  DeSantis and Abbott are making some of the right noises.  Maybe we’ll see some sort of breakthrough that will spark some large scale realignment.  But right now it’s holding actions and some small efforts to clean up the mess.

And that’s not much to write about.  Abbott and Garland may be headed for a confrontation over Abbott’s executive order to criminalize transporting illegal aliens.  If it does come to a fight that will be interesting.  Seeing one of our guys standing his ground would be something to talk about.  But right now it’s just posturing on both sides.  So I’ve just said all there is to say.  DeSantis is going after the tech companies over anti-right discrimination.  But with the federal courts running cover will it stick?  If he does stick to his guns that might look like something interesting too.  But once again, to be continued.  So you see my dilemma.  There’s just not enough meat to make a stew out of.  It would end up just a thin soup with no flavor.

I’ll be putting together some culture pieces but those take time and thought.  So things are a little slow on the site right now.  But I think that’s better than just banging away at the same old themes.  Writing about the revolution when nothing good is afoot is sort of silly.  And since we’re deep into the silly season the next big news will probably be in September when all those blue states kids are going to be headed to the classrooms trying to breath through a gag.  Who knows, maybe one of the blue state governors will try to save his hide by leaving his state open and deny the teacher’s unions cover.  Or maybe a bunch of cities will start electing republican law and order types to save themselves from being savaged by Saint George Floyd’s disciples.  But I figured I’d explain the drop in output.  I’m also doing some fiction writing which also takes up a good chunk of time for writing and even plot outlining.

But for those who enjoy the content here I promise to be more resourceful and find interesting things that don’t depend on our political leaders doing the right thing.  Based on historical trends that would be a losing strategy