The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 3 Episode 30 – Hocus-Pocus and Frisby

Now this is more like it.  After those last two clunkers I was wondering if Season Three was all done.  But this will do.

Frisby (played by the unique Andy Devine) is a general store owner somewhere in the southwest named Frisby.  He is a spinner of tall tales and a terrible braggart.  According to him he has invented just about everything and has studied almost every field of science and engineering.  The customers of his establishment (one of whom is played by Howard McNear who was Floyd the Barber on the Andy Griffith Show) tolerate his lies because while he is pontificating, they are able to steal small pieces of candy behind his back.  We are subjected to an almost constant barrage of these tall tales in the first scene of the show.  Then a car pulls up to Frisby’s gas pump and while he fills their tank and regales them with the story of how he invented the rear mounted engine in their car the two men identify him as the man they are looking for.

Later on, as Frisby is closing his store he hears voices in the dark telling him to walk down the road to embark on a great adventure.  When he timidly refuses, he is levitated into the air and toward the destination that he was invited to.  On the desert floor we see a flying saucer (of course the one from Forbidden Planet) and the same voice invites him to enter.  Once inside, we see the two men from the car we saw earlier surrounded by other crew members.  They tell Frisby that they are aliens come to Earth to select a superior specimen for their menagerie.  After hearing of all his exploits and accomplishments they assume he is one of the most remarkable humans alive.  Frisby tells them that all the stories are lies.  But they do not understand the concept.  His lies have finally caught up with him.

When Frisby tries to leave they block his way.  When he resists and punches one of them in the face, the face cracks and is seen to be a mask hiding a strange non-human visage.  Seeing this Frisby faints.  When he comes to, the unmasked alien talks to him and declares that they will be leaving Earth momentarily.  To console himself Frisby begins playing his harmonica.  But the music has a toxic effect on the aliens and as they stagger back from the sound Frisby dashes for the door which they gladly open to allow his exit.  The saucer takes off to allow their escape from the “Death Sound” of Frisby’s instrument and he heads back to his store.  When he gets there the customers are throwing a birthday party for him.  He tries to tell them of his adventure but they laugh it off as just one of his wilder stories.

It doesn’t get much goofier than this one.  But it’s a great farce. A-

Thomas Jefferson or Pete Buttigieg – Choose

Apparently, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has evolved to the point where Thomas Jefferson must be cast out into the outer darkness.  The man who:

  • wrote the Declaration of Independence
  • was twice elected President of the United States
  • made the Louisiana Purchase and thereby more than doubled the size of the United States
  • was honored with a Memorial in D.C.
  • and has his face on Mount Rushmore

doesn’t deserve to be honored, according to Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.  So if Buttigieg has rejected Jefferson then I have to decide which side I fall on, which of these two great men will I choose?

So many cruel jokes come to mind.  The comparisons between the two men whether we look at accomplishments, writings or effect on the world around them are so lop-sided as to appear laughable.  About the only thing you can cede to Buttigieg in the contest is that he probably has a better dentist than Jefferson did.

And that has about as much relevance to Buttigieg’s qualities as Jefferson owning slaves has to his.  Basically, if you go enough generations back in anyone’s family tree you will find slave owners and that goes not only for Europeans but every other race and ethnicity you care to name.  Up until the nineteenth century slavery existed universally around the world.  It was the English who began the task of outlawing it from their empire in the early 1800s and later on France and the United States followed suit.  Condemning Jefferson for employing slaves in that time period is cheap virtue signaling by a progressive who lives in a land made free by Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson when they fought the British in the Revolutionary and 1812 Wars.

If writing the Declaration of Independence and leading the Continental Army to victory over the British don’t guarantee places of honor to Jefferson and Washington in the eyes of Pete Buttigieg then I don’t see how he can be considered an American at all.  To me he is no better than the ungrateful hippies who spat on returning Vietnam era soldiers who put their lives and limbs on the line to keep this a powerful and therefore a safe home for those cowardly nihilistic losers.

All of the revisionist nonsense that progressives spout and that weak-kneed Republicans kowtow to is unhistorical in assigning to people in the past, the knowledge of how the future would look.  If we use these types of standards then Abraham Lincoln will have to be cast out too.  Even though he freed the slaves he had uncomplimentary things to say about the slaves, both in respect to their qualities and of their characters.  I suppose Mayor Pete will cast out the Great Emancipator.  And what about Joe Biden?  Didn’t he have some remarks about Obama that were less than flattering?  Why isn’t Pete playing that to the hilt in their race for the Democratic Nomination?

Pete Buttigieg is, at best, a weird little man.  Being kind and saying that he is only mouthing the talking points of the equally weird progressive movement doesn’t excuse him from choosing to comment on the worthiness of some of the greatest American statemen that have and probably will ever live.  The fact that he expresses these opinions out loud because they are popular with a large national political party doesn’t bode well for the longevity of the American Nation.

So, I choose to keep Jefferson and reject Mayor Pete.  He doesn’t deserve the honor of being respected as an American.  He’s a traitor to the tradition that honors the men who risked everything they had to make this a free country.  Pete Buttigieg is either too stupid to understand the illogic of holding people in the past to standards that didn’t exist at the time or he’s just a dishonest hack following in the vanguard of progressive rabble-rousers.  He might as well fault the people who came over on the Mayflower for wasting their time on a sailing vessel when they could have taken a nice comfortable jumbo jet.

So, I reject Mayor Pete and his ilk.  All the Antifa thugs tearing down statues of men who lived long ago and followed their consciences and loved their homes.  I refuse to cast out the people who built this country when that was a hard and frightening thing to do.  But I do reject Mayor Pete and anyone else who rejects the men who built this country from the ground up.  I say simply that they are not Americans.  By their own admission they reject the heritage of the Founders.  Therefore, whatever country they belong to it isn’t the United States of America.  They are not my countrymen.  They are Unamericans.

20MAY2019 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Notes on the Great Realignment by Roger Kimball

I haven’t even finished this essay but I can already recommend it.  Kimball looks at the Never-Trumpers’ reaction to President Trump meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and then talks about the reality of Orban himself.

Things going on in Europe are important because they reinforce the global nature of the attack on normalcy going on everywhere by our beneficent masters.  Coordinating with our allies in Europe and elsewhere must be especially frightening to the Hive.

Max Boot seems to primarily exist as an example of hypocritical idiocy.  He can’t actually believe the things he says but he is stupid enough to believe we’ll buy his lies.

19MAY2019 – OCF Update – ShatnerCon or ShatnerKhan?

I was out of town all day Saturday (18MAY) and only got back this afternoon.  It was a family event and gave me a chance to see all the people who are so important to me but don’t live int he area.  Most of the discussions were family stuff that doesn’t belong on a blog like this but there was one piece of business that could be discussed here.

A small secret fanatical group of Shatner fans will gather in July to celebrate and mock all things Bill Shatner.  The agenda will include the viewing of prodigious doses of Shatner on the screen and scholarly papers dedicated to dissecting the genius, nay the divinity, of the greatest bad actor of his generation.

But the naming committee is deadlocked between ShatnerCon and ShatnerKhan as the official designation of this seismic event.  It seems only fitting that you, the audience of Orion’s Cold Fire step forward and cut this Gordian Knot.  Or something.

Anyway, the road trip has thrown me behind schedule so I will be scrambling to put up contnet for the next few days.