Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump

Well, the crazies are now out in full force.  At a rally in Pennsylvania Donald Trump appeared to be grazed by bullets as he was talking to the crowd.

So much for the peaceful, law-abiding leftists.


Bigus Macus

This is the picture of President Trump we need to keep showing.

Below is a link to a witness who saw the shooter crawling up on the roof of a nearby building who got the attention of law enforcement and told them a sniper was on the building and they did nothing.

Peak Summer 2024

July 15th is peak summer; top dead center.  And this year it’s living up to the hype.  Lots of heat, lots of humidity, a pretty good amount of sunshine.  As opposed to 2023, I am satisfied with the ration of summer being provided.  I am watching countless hours of old movies and wandering the fields looking for pictures of bugs and listening to political talking heads panicking or laughing at the latest exploits of the Joe Biden Flying Circus and Freak Show Emporium.  I’ve had to stop watching anything that has James Carville on it.  The Ragin’ Cajun is so distraught that I’m afraid I’ll bust a gut laughing at his apoplexy.  I’ll be shocked if he survives.

Now I will pay for all this joy.  The karmic wheel never stops turning and eventually it will pay me back with pain.  But what the hell.  Let’s let this thing play out.  Sometime in September Trump and Biden are supposed to have their second debate.  I’m sure by then the Dems and the Media will have adjusted their depression meds and decided to stop their Biden freakout and concentrate on destroying Trump by any means necessary.  And ANY is the operative word there.  I won’t be surprised by anything but I may be dismayed anyway.  After all these are desperate and delusional people who control resources that have almost no limits.  Four years ago, they shut down the whole world’s economy for a year and a half just to get Donald Trump.  What might they consider out of bounds?

But I digress.  I read that Shelley Duvall died yesterday.  In honor of her passing I plan to watch “The Shining” this week.  There is a certain contrarian logic in watching that most wintry of horror movies at this most sultry time of the rolling year.  Watching Jack Torrance succumb to the poison that the Overlook Hotel has served up to him is a cautionary tale for every frustrated fiction writer that ever lived.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

And just to give equal time to a less disturbed ghost story I think I’ll watch the George C Scott version of “A Christmas Carol.”  I think Christmas in the middle of July is something that should not be left to only the Hallmark Channel.

Yesterday I got a burst of energy and took out my pruning saw, bow saw and extra heavy-duty pruning shears and went primitive on some small trees that have gotten out of control in one area of the property.  And while I was at it, I searched out some Virginia Creeper vines that had gotten completely out of hand in the woods.  Some of these vines were three inches in diameter.  The trees they were climbing on were almost overwhelmed by the parasite that had wrapped around and choked them.  Looking out at those trees I now see broad swaths of dead leaves up in the canopy where these vines have been cut off at the roots.

Camera Girl mocked me for all this effort for little tangible result.  But self-satisfaction is its own reward.  Vines, especially poison ivy aggravate me.  In August I have a plan to wreak havoc on a patch that’s growing by the road.  I’m going to soak them down with vinegar and cover them with plastic or paper to let them stew in that low pH brew.  I don’t want to use herbicides because of ground water contamination.  But acetic acid passes muster as an organic substitute.  In my book the highest good that bio-engineering could be put to would be building a virus that would drive poison ivy to extinction.  The man who did that would rise to the level of a saint in my opinion as having removed one of the great scourges in this world.

Well anyway, time to get back to peak summer.  At play in the fields of the Lord.

2024 Summer Movie Talk – Part 4

Westerns – Modern

I’m dividing Westerns into two categories; Classic and Modern, because they really are completely different categories.  I’ll list what I think are among the best or the most popular or the most interesting modern westerns in approximately chronological order.  I’ve reviewed a number of these movies so if you want my detailed opinion, you can do a search on the site.

  7. TRUE GRIT (1969)
  10. THE SHOOTIST (1976)
  12. THE LONG RIDERS (1980)
  13. PALE RIDER (1985)
  14. SILVERADO (1985)
  15. UNFORGIVEN (1992)
  16. TOMBSTONE (1993)
  17. WYATT EARP (1994)
  18. OPEN RANGE (2003)
  19. 3:10 TO YUMA (2007)
  20. TRUE GRIT (2010)
  21. HELL OR HIGH WATER (2016)

Twenty-one is a long list.  Longer than I intended but I guess I have a soft spot for some of these movies.  I included both versions of “True Grit” and both Tombstone and Wyatt Earp.  And I broke my own western rule by including “Hell or High Water” because the time period is modern day.  But modern westerns are modern!

Now this is just my list.  Your list will be different.  I’ve got a lot of Clint Eastwood in this list.  Not everyone likes his stuff.  I left out Sam Peckinpah’s “The Wild Bunch” and “Ride the High Country.”  I could have left out “Unforgiven” and “Silverado.”  Just how I felt at the moment.

Have at it.  Give your opinion in the comments.

Mutiny on the HMS Biden

Ah, the last few days without political posts have been really enjoyable.  Movies.  Now, that’s more like it.  And I’ll continue the trend going forward but I thought a short post on Debate-Gate would be okay.

This week’s news has been a steady drum beat of regime media flacks and Democrat operatives reiterating the message that for the good of Democracy Joe Biden must drop out of the presidential race.  They describe the replacing of Biden with Harris or some other, younger, less white, less male candidate in exciting and intriguing ways.  Obama and Clinton will preside over some kind of gameshow-like debate where these wondrous candidates will showcase for the nation their intelligence and charm.  A wonderful candidate will be chosen and it will inspire the voters and Trump will go down to ignominious defeat.  All we have to do is convince Joe to release his delegates.

But he doesn’t want to!

And this brings us to every talk show this week.  The formula is always the same, “I love Joe Biden.  He has done more for us than anyone possibly could and he is the most wonderful human being in the world and may possibly be a demi-god. But…”

And then there it is.  But!

But he is a senile, doddering old fool who will lose to Donald Trump in the general election unless we scare him off the ballot or, or, or…

Or what?  Because right now Joe Biden says he’s staying.  And I think he knows you can’t get rid of him unless one of two things happen.

One thing would be for the Justice Department to discover that Hunter Biden has been giving the “Big Guy” ten percent.  That would really work.  Joe would be hauled away and the Democrat Party could remove him for cause.  But would the Democrat side survive the fallout?  Wouldn’t it tar the whole party just in time for the fall vote?

The second way they could get him to quit is pay him off.  Probably $100 million in an off-shore account would do the trick.   But who wants to give Joe Biden all that money?

So, until such time as they are willing to bite the bullet, Joe is hanging tough.  And in the meantime, he puts out these interviews and press conferences where we can see just how demented he is.  And his poll numbers will keep drifting down.  He’s calling Kamala Harris, Donald Trump.  And Zelensky, Putin.  And he’s making millions into billions, into trillions and who knows what’s next.  And it’s only a matter of time until he stops wearing pants.  Basically, Grandpa Simpson is running the country and our allies abroad are starting to wonder whether they should start sizing up their other options.

And so, as we head into the Republican Convention and then the Democrat Convention media talking heads and congress-critters will continue running around in circles with their heads exploding all over the place.  All because the polls keep getting worse and worse for Biden but he just won’t do what he’s told.

And isn’t that great.

Guest Contributor – TomD – 12JUL2024 – Photo – Just Stumbled Across This

Tom | Flickr



An early 2000’s Saleen Mustang. The Saleen modified Mustangs were/are renowned speed demons. This one has a supercharged 350.


For anyone who cares about this sort of stuff, all of these pictures were taken over a 12 year period with Sony cameras. The most recent, like this one, were taken with an A7IV using a Zeiss 16-35mm f4.0. I’ve got a pretty good lens collection and this Zeiss is one of the best.

2024 Summer Movie Talk – Part 3

Westerns – Classic

I’m dividing Westerns into two categories; Classic and Modern, because they really are completely different categories.  I’ll list what I think are among the best or the most popular or the most interesting classic westerns in approximately chronological order.  I’ve reviewed a number of these movies so if you want my detailed opinion, you can do a search on the site.

  1. STAGECOACH (1939)
  3. THE WESTERNER (1940)
  7. FORT APACHE (1948)
  8. WINCHESTER ‘73 (1950)
  9. HIGH NOON (1952)
  10. 3:10 TO YUMA (1957)
  11. RIO BRAVO (1959)
  13. EL DORADO (1966)

Now this is just my list.  Your list will be different.  I left out some classic movies that are on everyone’s list; “The Searchers,” “Shane” and some others.  That’s just my taste. Some people consider “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” a western but because it took place in the mid-twentieth century I don’t consider it a classic western.  It’s a great film but I consider it something else.

So, there it is.  Feel free to add what I have left off or disagree with what I’ve included in the comments below.