Now Gutfeld is Stealing My Best Gags

Here’s a Claudine Gay / Urkel gag from Gutfeld’s show last night


And here is my post from Dec. 21st 2023.  Below is the photo from the post.

Claudine Gay Accused of Stealing Steve Urkel’s Look

Coincidence?  I don’t think so!  Damn you Gutfeld!  The Urkel meme is one of my best.

Ah, fate is cruel.  Well, at least he steals from the best.




I’ve called Gutfeld out.  I’ve demanded on-air attribution.

Serializing the Uncompleted Novel Sniper – Installment 9

As part of my previously discussed plan to make my site more interesting to me I’m going to publish my ongoing attempt at a dystopic science fiction story, “Sniper.”  Part of my reason for putting it up on the site is to get feedback from sf fans and also because I hope at some future time to finish it and put it up for sale.  If anyone likes the story, I highly encourage him to spread it to anyone among his acquaintances or sites that he thinks would be likely to be interested.  After all the whole reason for the internet is mass communication.

Also, I’m encouraging all comments; positive and negative.  Feedback is greatly desired.  And away we go.



Link to Installment 1


The American Archipelago

Book 1 – The Sniper

Chapter 6 – The Plan

Bogey adapted to Cutter’s environment surprisingly well.  The older man was not overly sociable but he was adept at fitting oddly shaped personalities into a team matrix.  The world of software programming had habituated him to the reality of quirky personalities that, handled the right way, could produce amazing results.  Bogey was nothing like the introverted, almost autistic geniuses that Cutter was usually surrounded by.  But he was a talented and highly intelligent individual who was needed to accomplish the impossible mission Cutter had set himself to perform.

As they sat down together to begin defining their mission Bogey discovered that this strange man was not only a brilliant computer scientist, but he was also a highly trained strategist.  If Bogey had thought about it he might have realized that the logical skills that allowed Cutter to design a software architecture to efficiently accomplish the functions needed to run a business or control a factory were also the skills needed to orchestrate a complex plan.  What Cutter lacked was detailed knowledge of what could and could not be accomplished by an elite soldier trained in the techniques of modern warfare.  Bogey provided those details.  And between the two of them they built up the outlines for a number of types of missions that would be needed in their campaign.  Bogey explained the timing, resources, intel requirements and weaknesses for each type of operation and Cutter embedded those parameters into his model.  After a couple of weeks working together they developed enormous respect for each other’s skills and became much more efficient at modelling the operations they were working on.  And as Bogey learned how Cutter’s method worked and as he recognized the soundness of the plans they were making, he became caught up in building the plan into a bigger and bigger campaign with follow-on hacks of the media and social media sites to get out the reasons for the campaign to the general public.  He saw how the information war was just as important as the military strikes.

Cutter recognized that Bogey had become enthusiastic about the bigger picture.  So he started explaining more and more of his own long terms goals to Bogey and how the assassinations needed to be extremely selective and justifiable to the public in order to sway public opinion toward their side.  Cutter knew this was a delicate issue for Bogey so he approached it as an academic concept that was part of the planning method.  Bogey could tell what Cutter was doing and at the same time he began to understand the importance of the PSYOP portion of the plan to its final success.  He could tell that Cutter was telling the truth.  One day he decided to just say what he thought, “Cutter, I think we’ll need to get some things out in the open.  I know you’ve been talking around the question of assassinations and I know what you’re doing so let’s just put our cards on the table and get it over with.

Cutter nodded, “Sure, sure.  You’re right.  We can’t avoid the reality.  All these grandiose plans won’t happen if we panic the American people into supporting a full mobilization and martial law reaction to our campaign.  If we start out by killing the Attorney General we’ll be hiding under a rock for the rest of our lives and never see anything move forward with our plan.  We’re going to have to stage things and provide a PSYOP follow up at each stage to get our message out.”  “I understand that Cutter.  But there are two men who need killing before anything else happens.  And I can’t imagine they’ll lock down the country for their sake.  I mean that anarchist that slit my son’s throat and his handler.  I want them and I want them first.  There’s no leeway on that.  Agreed?”

Cutter thought about this for a minute before he spoke.  “If that’s your bottom line then let’s do it as a stand-alone.  We’ll get both of them in a single attack and then follow it up with a data dump and a message declaring why these two men died.  It will be a clear statement to the feds that you are the shooter.  They’ll come after you with everything they’ve got but it’s also the kills that will be most justified in the public’s mind.  But notwithstanding that, we’re going to have to pick the time and place very carefully to reinforce the guilt of these two men.  We might as well put all the other plans on the back burner for now and let’s get to work on this one.”

This satisfied Bogey and he now concentrated on the details of this first mission, night and day.  Cutter began to provide him with detailed intel on the two targets.  And he also learned all the tragic details of his son’s attack.  Cutter even provided him with the government video of the actual attack.  Bogey was horrified by it.  It haunted his dreams for a week.  Seeing Robert that way opened all the old wounds and filled him with pain.  But he watched it over and over again memorizing the minutest details of the attacker and how he moved.  Eventually he wore out the horror and it became just a deadened callous on his mind.  But it allowed him to get beyond his anger.  Eliminating the killers was a technical problem that he was solving.  Eventually he deleted the video and never asked for it again.  Even though the mission was not linked to any other follow-on missions it was large and complicated and involved a lot of placements of supporting equipment and extremely precise timing.  All this materiel had to be procured by Connors and some of it had to be assembled and tested by Bogey and Cutter.  But eventually it was all finished.  Now they waited for the perfect opportunity.  Cutter used his intel from the FBI to choose the event.  And the actual place and time would only be known a week before the operation so the complete schedule wouldn’t be available until then.  But finally, they selected the event.  And six days before zero hour Mel sent her final detailed schedule to Cutter and Bogey and they got together for the final run through meeting.  When it was done, they took a day off and rested.  After that they began following the schedule and in the blink of an eye the day arrived.

End of Chapter 6

Google AI Hates White Men

Google has an AI called Gemini that can generate images.  People have been trying to force it to create pictures of white men but it’s almost impossible.  It will make black people or any other race but white without a problem but white people are a big problem.  So you can get black vikings and a pope that’s an Indian woman or any number of interesting anachronisms like a 16th century French King who’s Chinese but no white men.  Fascinating.  Google says they’re working on it.

School Committee Calls for National Guard in Massachusetts

The Bay State, the center of DEI has finally evolved public school to its final form.

“Members of a Massachusetts high school committee sent a letter asking their mayor to deploy National Guard troops to rein in violent chaos on campus — ranging from daily brawls in the halls to frequent drug use and fornication in empty classrooms.”

But this is probably the quote that captures the reason for the request for troops:

“Another BHS math teacher, Cliff Canavan, had his arm broken in December when he was attacked while trying to restrain somebody who was kicking an unconscious student in the head.”

Brockton is a crime-ridden hellhole that somehow hasn’t been turned into a paradise on earth by the wise policies of Massachusetts politicians.  Very strange.  The city is 51% black and 27% white.  So I assume most of the students are non-white and most of the teachers are white and they just don’t know how to restrain their white privilege and lack of empathy for students just trying to break up the monotony of the day with some fentanyl and and … uh … coitus.

I think the school committee is on to something.    A platoon of soldiers with drawn bayonets could probably maintain order in the corridors between classes and possibly limit the amount of drugs and sex going on.  Or at least they could give it a try.  But I see the danger in some kid trying to shoot or stab a guardsman and the kid ending up dead.  Then the BLM contingent would show up and the Governor would mandate that the city of Brockton voluntarily burn itself to the ground and hand over its assets to the rioters.

Well, that’s the only way progress is made.  Let the kneeling and bootlicking begin.

Guest Contributor – Milo Mindbender – 21FEB2024 – 2020 Redux

It seems that the people and organizations doing the cheating stopped caring about how obvious it has become, since there are no consequences delivered, and they get to hold the moral high ground in their view.
I am looking for another created crisis to allow major unsupervised absentee voting, and in Georgia specifically Atlanta another sewage leak, actually a dripping toilet to create an opportunity for my “overlords” to do the right thing since I don’t vote the way they tell me to.
They must in their view of this because they are the arbiter of right and wrong, and know more than my redneck self does about the real issues. Otherwise, they might not be in power, and who could survive that?
Look to see many August, September, and October surprises to be unleashed as a way to preserve their food trough. Greed is bad enough, but when you couple it with envy, the sky is the limit on what is possible.

Pravda is Worried.  The Proles Have Caught On.

There is a fear growing.  Donald Trump has been consistently leading Joe Biden in national and state polls.  And the lead isn’t going away.  And the leads in some of the critical swing states have him ahead in some cases by almost ten points.

The fear exists because even with this lead and with people sensing this lead, the Democratic party is gearing up to use bogus absentee ballots to steal another election.  And they fear the consequences.

The January 6th protest was a result of people’s outrage that rampant voter fraud was perpetrated and approved by the political establishment.  And four years later the knowledge that the fraud happened is widespread.  And the numbers for Trump are even stronger now than they were four years ago.  The fear is that if they steal another election, it will finally snap the last threads providing any sense of legitimacy to the federal government.

You might rightly ask does it matter at all?  Ultimately, I think it does for them.  A large part of the strength of the United States as a great power derives from the consent of the governed.  Americans have been willing to fight in great wars and small because the benefits of living in a free country were self-evident.  Even the urban poor in the United States felt that they were in possession of privileges that even the rich inhabitants of other countries were denied.  We could say what we wanted.  We could move around a continent-spanning nation and find a new job and a new life just by willing it to happen.  We could start a business and make as much money as we wanted and no commissar would come down the street and take it away.  We had fair and free elections.  And if the bums we elected did a lousy job we could kick them out four years later.  We were called an exceptional nation and being an American was a special thing.  And we had found that to be true.

And now none of those things is true anymore.  Obama told us there is nothing exceptional about us.  And Biden says that third world invaders are better people than we are.  And the freedoms we were given can be taken back.  Say the wrong thing and there will be a knock on the door, or a battering ram, and away you go to the gulag.  No one is particularly proud anymore.  And precious few want to fight in their wars anymore.

And when we try to throw the bums out of office, they print up fake ballots and stay in office and tell us to mind our business, or else.

But the people running things are nervous.  The economy is not doing so good.  And the wars aren’t going so well.  And no one wants to join the military.  China, Russia, India and Saudi Arabia have been using other currencies instead of the almighty dollar.  The crime-ridden cities are even starting to scare the Democrat mayors running them.

I can tell that they’re nervous because their scribes are starting to write things like this.

“In the spirit of my argument in this column, I should concede that things do get trickier when we are dealing with a deliberate lie that has been concocted and spread as a political weapon, and is now believed by a large number of people, such as the “stealing” of the 2020 election. We don’t want to legitimise disinformation. But even in these circumstances, it is important to find things to agree on. No, the election was not stolen, but yes, there were a tiny number of instances of voter fraud (just shy of 475 possible instances, according to an AP report).

If we can show we have taken all of the facts — no matter how unpleasant or inconvenient they are — into consideration, not only does it make our arguments more persuasive; it also allows us to get closer to the truth (which we often have less of a grip on than we might like to admit). And doing so makes disagreement less toxic and more productive. In my experience, when you give someone an inch, they often end up giving you an inch, too.”

You see how the writer is bending over backwards to be fair to us poor benighted proles.  Read how she admits that there were a tiny number of frauds.  The Associated Press said so!  How can it be false?  That extra week or two of counting votes?  Why what’s wrong with that?  Who ever heard of counting all the votes in one day?  Crazy talk.  So, they kicked out the Republican poll watchers?  Why shouldn’t they.  They were making the poll workers nervous by being there.  And the precincts that came in at over 100% voter turnout?  Why that’s just democracy fortified.

A few other nervous sentences in the article:

“A Monmouth poll last June found that only 21 per cent of Republicans (but 93 per cent of Democrats) believe Joe Biden won fairly.

We can see similar gulfs on all sorts of issues, from the effectiveness of masks and lockdowns in preventing the spread of coronavirus to America’s migrant crisis and the war in Gaza. We are talking, here, not just about divides in terms of what is morally wrong and right, but what is real and what is not.

The stakes are too high to continue in this splintered way. A 2022 poll found that more than two in five Americans believed a civil war was at least somewhat likely in the next decade, thanks to political divisions.

And a report by the Eurasia Group in January said the upcoming US presidential election represents the biggest political risk to the world in 2024. “The United States is already the world’s most divided and dysfunctional advanced industrial democracy,” analysts wrote. “The 2024 election will exacerbate this problem no matter who wins.””

Yep, they’re nervous.  And that’s because they plan to steal 2024.  And if four years after 2020 got us to where we are today, I think they know that another stolen election is going to finish off whatever good is left in this once exceptional nation.

And how will these scribes find a Starbuck’s after the fall of the empire?