Fabulous 2024

JB – Welcome back to the PBS News Hour.  I’m your host Jiff Benetton and I’m here with New York Times columnist David Brooks-Brothers and Washington Post editor Jonathan Capon and we’re here to talk about the Biden reelection campaign strategy.  Tell me David, what do you think should be the Biden campaign’s highest priority right now.

DBB – Well Jiff, If I’m being honest, I think they should try to limit the number of new shooting wars to one per week.  Not that shooting wars are wrong or anything but it’s kind of a tradition to try and explain why we’re blowing up foreigners in some sort of detail.  I mean, it’s hard enough to explain who the Houthis are and why they’re not called Yemenis and where Yemen is on the map.  A recent survey revealed that 73% of Americans polled, identified the Houthis as inhabitants of the ice planet Hoth in Star Wars Episode 5; whereas in reality the desert home of the Houthis is more akin to Tatooine the home of the Tusken Raiders in Episode 4, or as I like to call it “the real Star Wars.”.

But all of this is happening while we’re still trying to explain why the Ukraine wants the Israelis’ money and it’s leading to confusion.  People are starting to get frustrated with all the flag icons they have to list on their profile on X.  Someone attempted to post the Yemeni flag with a slash through it and accidentally identified himself with the Cricket Liberation Front and a tragedy ensued.  As a simplifying strategy, during the next White House press conference I’d have Haitian Bette Boop say that all of these places are just different parts of Ukraine.  That would be best.

JB – Jonathan, what’s your take on the reelection situation?

JC – Jiff, I have just one word for Joe; FABULOUS!!!!  What the Biden campaign needs is fierce queer energy.  Joe needs a makeover.  A beehive blue wig, three-inch scarlet fingernails, stiletto heels and a B&D leather two piece should be enough to get this campaign moving.  They should bring in RuPaul as an image consultant and maybe give the First Lady a year-long furlough to an old age home to give the president room to explore his wild side.  I feel confident with Jolene Biden on the prowl the 2024 election will be jumping.  The campaign will become one big dance party!

JB – Dave, care to comment?

DBB – Uhhhhh, yeah.  I’m a little uncertain about Joe Biden as a drag queen candidate.  I’m not a hundred percent sure that the American public is ready for that much excitement.  In fact I’m pretty sure they want less Biden on their news feed.

JB – What are you saying David?

DBB – A recent poll found that 78% of Democratic voters wanted President Biden to make up fewer lies when he spoke to the press.  52% of Democratic voters said they were more likely to vote for Biden if he just hid out and didn’t show his face to the public until after the election.  I think that Drag Queen Biden would be unlikely to enhance his poll numbers.

JC – You know David, I always thought you were an ally but you sound just like a minion of the patriarchy spewing hate and trying to harsh the buzz that we LGBTQ people feel.  You white, straight, cis-gender males are the enemy of all that is queer and beautiful.  You should be ashamed for disparaging fabulous Jolene Biden and the White House Drag Extravaganza.

DBB – Yes, Jonathan.  …  I’m very ashamed.  In fact, I’ve gotta get out of here right now. (walks off the set).

JB – Well folks, you’ve witnessed history right here.  The patriarchy is reeling out of control and crashing to the ground.  If only there were a disco ball in this studio, we could celebrate the way we should.

JC – You go girlfriend!

JB – Right back at ya.  And that’s all we have.  From everybody at PBS, well everybody except that homophobe David, have a great tomorrow and a better yesterday.

A Biden Carol (Part 4)

Scene 1 – White House Residence / 3 a.m.

Biden – What a horrible dream.  All those filthy murderous bums kicking me and spitting on me and other things.  And after all I’ve done for them.  Making it easy for them to get fentanyl.  They should be thanking me!  Well, this is the last ghost.  This should be easy.  I’ll just tell him I’ve seen the light and I’ll get another chance.  I’ll use the old shmooze.

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – Hello Joe.

Biden – Why aren’t you dressed up as Death?  Where’s your hooded cloak?

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – We’ve moved ahead with the times.  The “Yet to Come” function is now handled by a clinical team.  If you’ll step this way, we’ll begin your appointment with a scan.  Lay down on the table and we’ll crank up the power.

Biden – Will it hurt?

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – Well let’s say you’ll notice a tingling.

Biden – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tingling?

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – Well, maybe a strong tingling.  But it’s done.

Biden – What did you find out?

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – We were able to see your future.  You serve out a second term and after your death you are buried in a grand mausoleum close to the Jefferson Memorial.

Biden – Hey that sounds pretty good.

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – But two years later all of the green energy infrastructure begins to fail and millions of people freeze to death during an extremely cold winter.  A million-man march descends on Washington and tears your monument down and drags your body down to the Capitol and uses it like a pinata until there isn’t much left.

Biden – Well, that’s not so good.  Are you sure about that?

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – Yeah, the video was very clear.  Would you like to review it?

Biden – No.  I’ll take your word.  Look, this sounds really bad.  Maybe I can mend my ways.  Can’t I try to fix things?

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – Normally we’d try to come up with a remediation plan.  And help you to stick by it.  But we did a search for your soul.  And it’s the darnedest thing, but it’s not there.  Over the course of decades, it’s completely evaporated.  So really there’s no point.

Biden – But how can I have no soul?  I’m human.  I’m alive.  I must have a soul.

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – As best we can figure, you’re working strictly by reflexes.  It’s pretty remarkable.  For instance, your ability to make up lies is unprecedented for someone who’s not even really there anymore.  But in terms of redemption, without a soul the concept has no meaning.

Biden – But what’s going to happen to me after death.

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – There have been cases like this in the past.  After your body dies, your soul will recondense and quickly end up in its appropriate home.

Biden – Do you know where that will be?

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – You’re kidding right?

Biden – Well, you never know.  Accidents happen right?

Ghost of Biden Yet to Come – I’d pack for warm weather if I were you.  Bye Joe.


A Biden Carol (Part 3)

Scene 1 – White House Residence / 2 a.m.

Biden – Holy Crap!  I think this thing is for real.  They know everything I’ve done and why I did it.  My only hope is to win the 2024 election and win over the American people.  I know.  I’ll say all that MAGA stuff.  The rubes eat that up.  All I’ve got to do is freshen up my “Scranton Joe” act and I’ll be back on easy street.

Ghost of Biden Present – That’s what you think.

Biden – Donald Trump?  What are you doing here?  I thought I was going to meet the Ghost of Biden Present.

Ghost of Biden Present – I’m here because I’m going to be the Ghost of Biden Present.

Biden – Oh come on man!  That’s not fair!

Ghost of Biden Present – Why would a crooked rat like you get treated fair?  I got the job because I told them I’d twist the knife every chance I got.  Believe me when I say no one is looking to help you, Joe.  The only friends you’ve got are paid and that doesn’t exactly guarantee loyalty.

Biden – Look Donald.  None of that stuff we’ve been doing to you is personal.  Garland is just following the law.  It’s completely by the books.

Ghost of Biden Present – Don’t waste your time.  I’m here to show you what people really think of you.

Biden – Well, that’s all just a partisan exercise.  Your voters are against me and mine are for me.

Ghost of Biden Present – You haven’t been paying attention to the polls or the social media sites.  You’re about as popular a herpes.

Biden – Which kind?

Ghost of Biden Present – Both.  Even the 25% of people who say they’ll vote for you are holding their noses to do it.

Biden – I don’t believe you.  There are millions of Americans who love and trust “good old uncle Joe.”

Ghost of Biden Present – Well, we’re going to go out tonight and let you talk to the people.

Biden – Should I hold onto your sleeve and we’ll be whisked along through the air?

Ghost of Biden Present – No we’re taking the front door and walking down Pennsylvania Avenue.



Scene 2 – Washington D.C.


Biden – What are all these homeless encampments doing in the capitol of the greatest country on Earth?

Ghost of Biden Present – You put them there, numb nuts.  These are all the people who’ve been displaced since you opened up the border and let illegal immigrants and fentanyl flood the country.

Biden – My border policy is smart, humane and very popular with the American people.

Ghost of Biden Present – Really?  Let’s test out your theory.

(Trump whistles loudly on his fingers and addresses the crowd.)

Hey folks, here’s “President” Biden.  He wants to get your opinions on his border policy.

Random Homeless Man – It’s really him.  Let’s get him!

Biden – (As he’s being dragged away by his heels  and kicked in the head and ribs by the murderous crowd)

Donald, Donald don’t leave me here.  Get me out of here before they murder me.  How can I learn my lesson if I’m dead.

Ghost of Biden Present – Don’t worry Joe.  You can’t be killed in this little demonstration.

Biden – What do you mean?  Those kicks hurt!

Ghost of Biden Present – No the beating will hurt like a bastard for sure.  But you won’t die.  That way it can go on for a very long time.  I’ll see you later Joey, much later.

Biden Help Trump, help!  Don’t leave me here!

Folks, ouch, we’ll build back better together, ow, Bidenomics is making this the most robust economy in the world, ah, the green economy is lifting all boats, Ahhhhhhhhhh!


A Biden Carol (Part 2)

Scene 1 – White House Residence / 1 a.m.

Biden – I really must be cracking up.  What a horrible nightmare that was.  And I’m not even in bed.  C’mon Joe.  Snap out of it.  It must have been the Adderall wearing off.  Get a grip.  What’s that light I see glowing before my eyes?

Ghost of Biden Past – I am the Ghost of Biden Past.

Biden – Is that really a thing?

Ghost of Biden Past – No, I’m just the guy who got stuck with this gig.  But work with me here.  We’re trying to line this thing up with Dickens.

Biden – Sure, sure.  Are you going to show me all the things in my past that I should feel gratitude about and help me to be a better man?

Ghost of Biden Past – No, that ship has sailed, hit an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the ocean.  I’m here to remind you of all the horrible stuff you’ve done so that it’s crystal clear why the perpetual gruesome agony you are slated for will be completely justified.

Biden – Wow!  No partial credit for that time I saved that amphibious lander when I shot down the Japanese Zero back in dubya, dubya two?

Ghost of Biden Past – Joe, you were born in 1942.

Biden – Oh, right.  I must be thinking of my service in Viet Nam.

Ghost of Biden Past – No you dodged the draft for Viet Nam.

Biden – So you’re not gonna work with me here.

Ghost of Biden Past – Work with you?  I’m rooting for you to get the perpetual wood chipper option.  In fact, I’ve got fifty bucks on it in the office pool.

Biden – Surely all that good work I did while in the Senate must buy me some good will up there.

Ghost of Biden Past – Up there?  Even Lucifer doesn’t want to work on your case.  He was thinking of farming you out to the Great Old Ones.  But Cthulhu said, nothing doing.  So, we’re stuck with you.

Biden – Surely someone from my past will speak in my defense.

Ghost of Biden Past – Yes, there was one character witness who was able to remove a very small charge from your list of sins.  We found Corn Pop and he said you never threatened him with a chain.  Apparently, you just ran off and never came back to the lifeguard gig you had.

Biden – That’s a lie.  He was a very bad dude and I stood up to him.

Ghost of Biden Past – Well, we checked out that story.  Corn Pop back then was an asthmatic camp counselor at the local YMCA with coke bottle glasses and a limp.  Now he’s a retired postal worker.

Biden – Yeah well, that’s not how I remember it.  So, what’s next?

Ghost of Biden Past – We’re going to walk you through the highlights of your various activities.  We’ve got Juanita Broaddrick and that summer with you “showering” with your underaged daughter.  We’ll go through the work you did getting Hunter to where he is now.  Then we’ll go over your work as the “Big Guy” and all of the stuff you did “for the country” while working for Obama.  For fun we’ll go over the blooper reel with your hair plugs and aviator shades.  It’ll be a busy time.

Biden – So this doesn’t look so good.  Should I get a lawyer or a character witness?  How about my old friend Barack.  Everybody loves him.

Ghost of Biden Past – Yeahhhh, about that.  Old Bathhouse Barry has his own ‘splainin’ to do.  I don’t think that would be wise.

Biden – Alright let’s start the tour.  Will there be lunch?

Ghost of Biden Past – Don’t worry there will be some roasted meat sooner than you think.


A Biden Carol (Part 1)

Scene 1 – The Oval Office

GLAAD – Have I the honor of addressing Mr. Biden or Mr. Epstein?

Biden – Mr. Epstein has been dead these seven years.  In fact, he hanged himself in prison exactly seven years ago this very night.

GLAAD – That’s not how I heard it happened.  Anyway, I’m sure his generosity is well represented by his surviving partner.

Biden – What do you want; you dog faced pony soldiers?!

GLAAD – At this festive time of the year it is more than usually desirable that we make some slight provision for the drag queens and other weirdos that have fallen on hard times.  Thousands are in need of necessities like eye-liner and mascara.  Hundreds of thousands are in want of holiday cheer like amyl nitrate and ketamine.

Biden – Are there no libraries, are there no grammar schools?

GLAAD – Plenty of libraries and schools, but those gigs have become difficult to book because of Moms for Liberty.

Biden – Look I haven’t got time to waste on you losers.  Romney, you cretin!  Get out of your hole Mitt and throw these losers out.  I have business to attend to and if I see these deadbeats in here again, I’ll know that I no longer need your services and you’ll be shipped back to Utah.  Now I’m headed home so don’t close up until you’ve foreclosed on the homes of all the widows on that list, I gave you.

Mitt Romney – Yes, Mr. Biden.  Come this way gentlemen.  Mr. Biden is very busy.


Scene 2 – White House Residence

Biden – All right, have you loaded up my Beta Max with all those vintage 1980s porn classics?  Dr. Jill is out of town this week and I want to do some research.

Secret Service Agent – Yes, Mr. President.  Your whole disgusting list for the weekend has been filled and we’ve cordoned off your residence to prevent “problems.”

Biden – Good, all of you can get lost.  I’ll use my life alert if I need you.  Now scram.


Biden – Now that’s more like it!  Let me get a big bowl of ice cream and let the party begin!

Suddenly a fissure opens up in the floor and flames shoot up and a bloody mess slowly stumbles into the room.  He’s festooned with what looks like smoking coils of some kind of hose.  He is shrieking and moaning pathetically and approaches Biden.

Biden – Holy smoke, who the hell are you?

Jeffrey Epstein – Ask me who I was.

Biden – Okay, okay, you awful mess.  Who were you.

Jeffrey Epstein – In life I was your partner, Jeffrey Epstein.

Biden – Epsy, what the hell happened to you?

Jeffrey Epstein – Two guesses.

Biden – Why are you wrapped up in that burning hose?

Jeffrey Epstein – Those are my prolapsed intestines.  They’re filled with boiling oil.  When it starts to cool, they drain it off and refill it again.

Biden – Wow!  That’s not good.

Jeffrey Epstein – Yeah, but wait’ll you hear what they have cooked up for you.

Biden – Me?  But I haven’t done anything.  I’m the President of the United States.  I help people all day long.  I’m not going there!

Jeffrey Epstein – Yeah, yeah, Joey.  It’s me you’re talking to.  They know about everything down there.  The showers with your daughter, the trips to the island.  Don’t kid yourself.  You’re gonna get the deluxe treatment.

Biden – But Epsy, don’t you have any good news?  Are you here to tell me about a way out?  You know like the three ghosts?

Jeffrey Epstein – The only ghost here is the ghost of a chance that you ain’t got.  The boss sent me to rub it in a little.  And I came because I will miss the hot sulfuric acid shower hour.  You’ve gotta take what you can get.

Biden – But what will I do?

Jeffrey Epstein – My advice is to try to make whatever amends you can and lighten the sentence however you can.  Confession would help quite a bit.

Biden – Confess?  But there’s an election coming up.

Jeffrey Epstein – Oh forget it.  Just do what you’re doing.  At least it’ll take some of the heat off of me.  Goodbye Joey you dope.  See you in the showers.

Exit into the flaming crevasse followed by the fissure closing up.

Morning Shmoe vs. The Biden Boondoggle

Dramatis Personae: Morning Shmoe Browfurrowed (MS), Lycra Spandexy (LS), Joe Biden (JB),


MS – It’s 19 minutes and ten to minus 23rd seconds past the quarter hour here on the Morning Shmoe Show.  I’m  Morning Shmoe Browfurrowed and I’m here with my lovely bride Lycra Spandexy-Browfurrowed and we’re talking about the mouth breathing lowlifes out there on the Right who dare to claim that Joe Biden isn’t way ahead in the polls.

LS – That’s right Shmoe, you tell’em.  Get up in their grill!

MS – I will dear, if you just let me finish my thought.

LS – Certainly darling.  I was just trying to add emphasis for emphasis.  Okay?

MS – Okay.

LS – Okay.

Shmoe gives an involuntary shudder.

MS – Where was I?  Oh yes.  Some fly by night polling outfit calling itself Gallup, and boy that sounds like a made up name to me, claims that jailbird Trump is ahead of President Joe Biden nationally by ten points and ahead of him by significant margins in almost all of the critical swing states.  This is obviously propaganda meant to undermine the confidence of the American people in advance of the upcoming 2024 election.

LS – Boo!  Boo!!  Hiss!! Hiss!!

MS – (Staring menacingly) Are you done?

LS – Oops, sorry.

MS – (under his breath) Give me strength.  Anyway we’ve got President Joe Biden on a video chat and we’d like to have him clear the air about these phony polls.

A monitor behind the hosts projects the enormous image of the octogenarian politician which they turn to face.

MS – Hello Mr. President.  How are you today sir?

JB – Hi Shmoe, I’m pretty good.  I ate a little too much ice cream this morning so I’m trying to stay close to the bathroom for the next couple of hours.  Purely as a precaution mind you.  But otherwise I’m doing swell.

LS – Hi Mr. President.  I hope you feel better!

JB – Thanks Lycra.  My you’re looking cute as a button.  I wish I could smell that shampoo I sent you.  Mango papaya coconut dream is my favorite.  Maybe you could come over later for a sniff.  Boy you look good enough to bite!  Grrrr.  You remind me of a girl I knew back when I was a lifeguard.  She was pretty as a button too.  Back then they didn’t have the fruit scented shampoos like they have today.  But she smelled good too.

LS – Oh Mr. President, how exciting that sounds.  Maybe some other time.

MS – Ahem!  As wonderful as that would be, we’re in New York and you’re in Washington so maybe we could just move along with our interview?

JB – C’mon man!  I was just being friendly.  Sure sure.  Let’s move on.  What can I tell you?

MS – Well, Mr. President, we wanted your thought about that erroneous report circulating this morning.

JB – Those are damned lies.  I never took any money from the Chinese or the Ukrainians.  No way.  Now the Russians, well maybe.  But why shouldn’t I take their money?  We don’t like them right?  That would be patriotic.  And anyway, they can never prove it.  I had the CIA scrub that stuff six ways to Sunday.  And I spent all of it on that weekend at Hunter’s place.  So, no way they’ve got anything on me.

MS – Uhhhh.  No, we don’t want to talk about that.  I’m talking about the polls.  The ones that say Donald Trump is in the lead.

JB – Who?  That dog-faced pony soldier?  No way, no how.  We fixed his wagon.  You see I spoke to my old buddy Hatrack Barabbas, that sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, and he told me that as long as Trump is only ahead by anything less than two million votes we can grind that out with fake absentee ballots over the course of a couple of days after election day.  So no problem.

MS – Mr. President, we’re live on the air right now.

JB – Why you stupid son of a …

Suddenly the feed disappeared from the monitor and was replaced by a stock photo of the White House with the word, “oops” across the screen.

MS – Obviously the President was just demonstrating his puckish sense of humor.  There is nothing “fake” about absentee ballots and anyone who claims that is obviously a stooge for Trump and Putin.  But what President Biden was implying was that reliable pollsters have assured him and us that 2024 will be another amazing election year for Joe Biden.

LS – Oh, Shmoe isn’t it exciting.  Joey, I mean President Biden, on election night smiling with his bright, bright teeth and his aviator shades, sniffing my hair and calling me cute as a button.  You never say I’m cute as a button anymore.

Shmoe removes his earpiece and hurls it at Lycra and walks off the set.

Greatest Hits from Biden’s Q&A in Vietnam

I guess if you multiply mush-brain by jet lag the result is breath-takingly disjointed.  It’s almost as if he’s performing an impression of what he remembers he used to sound like.  He even threw in the dog-faced pony soldier shtick. .All that was missing from his greatest hits collection was Corn Pop and the leg hair.

Of course, maybe this is a performance to allow the long awaited announcement that Biden will step aside and someone else will run in 2024.  Well, I’ll bite.  Anyone who is willing to sound like this on purpose has earned the right to walk away.

But the rest of the world must be starting to worry whether we’ve gone nuts.  And it is a valid question.  Our politics has forced the establishment to foist a doddering embarrassment on them as the legitimate leader of the “free world.”  Well, the charade hasn’t gone well.  The laundry list of things that are imploding has gotten so long that even the true believers like the Mayor of New York are freaking out over the various policies that are destroying his city.

Even the Democrats running this thing may be getting scared now.  There’s probably a wing of the party that’s starting to wish the neo-cons could be dragged off to an insane asylum before they trigger a nuclear exchange.  But the show must go on.  It’s a year or so before they pull out “Voter Fraud 2024 – The Re-Boot.”  That should be entertaining and educational.  We’ll get to see just how cooked we are.


Recording Poetic Justice for Laughs

So what to write about when I’ve foresworn speculating about the coming revolution?  Well, the only thing to talk about then is what it’s like at ground zero.  We’re all witnesses to a seminal moment in American and world history.  We get to watch a myth die.  The Democrats and the Deep State are cooperating in the murder of the America we grew up in.  And they’re doing a thorough job.  I’d say that fully 35% of Americans are as disillusioned with this country as it’s possible to be.  Probably another 30% are confused and a little scared about the way things seem to be going.  And the other 35% are a combination of idiots, wokesters and crooks.  And every day is another experiment to see what Madhouse America will teach us.

A continuing theme has been the prevalence of geriatric crooks running our government.  Biden and Feinstein have of late been joined by Mush-brain Mitch McConnell.  And he’s giving Dementia Joe a run for his money.  But whereas Joe just spouts nonsense, Mitch suddenly seizes up like the Tin-Man from the “Wizard of Oz.”  When he stands there staring into space I expect him to mumble “oil can” through frozen jaws.

But old crooks are hardly our biggest problem.  Truly everywhere we look we can see madness and dysfunction.  The litany is endless.  But this week I had an epiphany.  Laughter is an answer.  What I look for is poetic justice.  Whether it’s Sanctuary Cities squawking at the cost of housing illegal aliens.  Or tribal police manhandling environmental protestors blocking the roads to Burning Man.  Or transgendered NGO workers discovering that African and Middle Eastern governments really do want to do very bad things to them if they fly the rainbow flag.  Or woke baristas discovering that having their customers robbed and assaulted by homeless crackheads every single day is going to make a coffee shop quite a bit less profitable.

Each of these events has something in common with the others.  First off, each provides a healthy dose of schadenfreude.  That alone makes them valuable because laughing at our enemy’s misfortunes is priceless.  But they also provide a morsel of hope.  Because each one showcases some weakness of our enemies based on their adopting some tenet of their philosophy that flies in the face of reality.  And it’s this refusal to face reality that contains the seeds of their downfall.

Now whether that downfall is imminent or centuries in the future is the problem.  For all I know, illegal aliens may continue flooding the country for several more generations before collapse takes down the USA.  In that case my mockery of the complaining city fathers of NYC or Chicago is pretty weak tea.  But what certainly is true is the joy I experience when I mock these people.  So, whether or not the big picture is changed by my enjoyment I’m positively impacted.

And I think I’ve discovered that readers like these stories too.  I think a lot of people are like me.  They hate the enemy and take joy in their discomfiture.  Some people might say this is petty or even wrong.  I disagree.  Celebrating their defeats even minor ones is an objective good that should be developed.

So that is why you can expect to see more current events posts that mock our adversaries’ misfortunes.  From my point of view this is a useful output for my site.  So, let the flames begin.