Greatest Hits from Biden’s Q&A in Vietnam

I guess if you multiply mush-brain by jet lag the result is breath-takingly disjointed.  It’s almost as if he’s performing an impression of what he remembers he used to sound like.  He even threw in the dog-faced pony soldier shtick. .All that was missing from his greatest hits collection was Corn Pop and the leg hair.

Of course, maybe this is a performance to allow the long awaited announcement that Biden will step aside and someone else will run in 2024.  Well, I’ll bite.  Anyone who is willing to sound like this on purpose has earned the right to walk away.

But the rest of the world must be starting to worry whether we’ve gone nuts.  And it is a valid question.  Our politics has forced the establishment to foist a doddering embarrassment on them as the legitimate leader of the “free world.”  Well, the charade hasn’t gone well.  The laundry list of things that are imploding has gotten so long that even the true believers like the Mayor of New York are freaking out over the various policies that are destroying his city.

Even the Democrats running this thing may be getting scared now.  There’s probably a wing of the party that’s starting to wish the neo-cons could be dragged off to an insane asylum before they trigger a nuclear exchange.  But the show must go on.  It’s a year or so before they pull out “Voter Fraud 2024 – The Re-Boot.”  That should be entertaining and educational.  We’ll get to see just how cooked we are.


Recording Poetic Justice for Laughs

So what to write about when I’ve foresworn speculating about the coming revolution?  Well, the only thing to talk about then is what it’s like at ground zero.  We’re all witnesses to a seminal moment in American and world history.  We get to watch a myth die.  The Democrats and the Deep State are cooperating in the murder of the America we grew up in.  And they’re doing a thorough job.  I’d say that fully 35% of Americans are as disillusioned with this country as it’s possible to be.  Probably another 30% are confused and a little scared about the way things seem to be going.  And the other 35% are a combination of idiots, wokesters and crooks.  And every day is another experiment to see what Madhouse America will teach us.

A continuing theme has been the prevalence of geriatric crooks running our government.  Biden and Feinstein have of late been joined by Mush-brain Mitch McConnell.  And he’s giving Dementia Joe a run for his money.  But whereas Joe just spouts nonsense, Mitch suddenly seizes up like the Tin-Man from the “Wizard of Oz.”  When he stands there staring into space I expect him to mumble “oil can” through frozen jaws.

But old crooks are hardly our biggest problem.  Truly everywhere we look we can see madness and dysfunction.  The litany is endless.  But this week I had an epiphany.  Laughter is an answer.  What I look for is poetic justice.  Whether it’s Sanctuary Cities squawking at the cost of housing illegal aliens.  Or tribal police manhandling environmental protestors blocking the roads to Burning Man.  Or transgendered NGO workers discovering that African and Middle Eastern governments really do want to do very bad things to them if they fly the rainbow flag.  Or woke baristas discovering that having their customers robbed and assaulted by homeless crackheads every single day is going to make a coffee shop quite a bit less profitable.

Each of these events has something in common with the others.  First off, each provides a healthy dose of schadenfreude.  That alone makes them valuable because laughing at our enemy’s misfortunes is priceless.  But they also provide a morsel of hope.  Because each one showcases some weakness of our enemies based on their adopting some tenet of their philosophy that flies in the face of reality.  And it’s this refusal to face reality that contains the seeds of their downfall.

Now whether that downfall is imminent or centuries in the future is the problem.  For all I know, illegal aliens may continue flooding the country for several more generations before collapse takes down the USA.  In that case my mockery of the complaining city fathers of NYC or Chicago is pretty weak tea.  But what certainly is true is the joy I experience when I mock these people.  So, whether or not the big picture is changed by my enjoyment I’m positively impacted.

And I think I’ve discovered that readers like these stories too.  I think a lot of people are like me.  They hate the enemy and take joy in their discomfiture.  Some people might say this is petty or even wrong.  I disagree.  Celebrating their defeats even minor ones is an objective good that should be developed.

So that is why you can expect to see more current events posts that mock our adversaries’ misfortunes.  From my point of view this is a useful output for my site.  So, let the flames begin.

25AUG2023 – Babylon Bee Laugh for Today

Once again pretty dead on.  Every day Biden has a new low point.  Telling the bereaved Hawaiians about how his car was almost burned was a another new low.  Keep it coming Joe.  Let’s these people know what they’ve voted for.  A dishonest moron.

26MAR2023 – The Week Begins

Christmas Cooking, Sony A7 III, Sony 90mm f\2.8 macro lens

The weekend was replete with good food, happy visitors and talk.  We heard stories about the really old days, over a century ago when our ancestors came to this country and made their fortune and then lost it and then started over again.  It was exciting, pathetic, sad, funny and very familiar.  Familiar because it’s family.  And we heard tidings of some old friends and relatives who are ailing.  But as we age there will always be more of that.  But there were tidings of the next generations venturing out into the world.  That’s always a necessary and welcome development.  And we made plans for upcoming gatherings.  Easter is almost upon us and we’ll be hosting the family which is great.

And now here we are beginning a new week.  Chaos reigns supreme in Dunwich and I expect pandemonium when I arrive at work tomorrow.  But the world we live in is in a permanently catastrophic state and if no other good thing has come of this shambolic existence, it’s that we’ve become less delicate.  Anything less than a megaton of destruction is routinely just shrugged off as “more of the same.”  Well, good.  We’ll continue on and deal with these occurrences, one catastrophe at a time.  Who knows maybe they’ll run out of plagues eventually and we’ll come out on the other side.

And at least there is a bit of humor to the whole thing.  Even the outside world is starting to catch on to just how pathetic Joe Biden and his gang of losers really are.  Even the Saudis, who have never been known for their love of humor have joined in the act.  Saudi tv has a skit where Biden and Harris look-alikes wander around a political soundstage hopelessly lost and stupid.  Imagine when even stone age people like the former headhunters of the Amazon jungles and the New Guinea highlands join in the fun.  Maybe it could become a meme when representatives of every race and ethnicity compete on Rumble to mock Dementia Joe and Magic Bus Kamala.  That would be a true moment of solidarity for the whole human race.  It chokes you up just thinking of it.

But seriously, this is going to go on for a good long time.  As a very smart man said long ago there is a lot of ruin in a nation.  Before the US is degraded to a level where people will do anything about it, it will have to get a lot worse.  So, I intend to do my best to take care of those I love and try somehow to make my immediate surroundings a little less horrible.  And when I have the time, I’ll put up some of my scribblings here as moral support for folks like me.  If you have something to share leave it in the comments and if you have something longer, you’d like to see posted send it to me at the e-mail address listed or just say so in the comments and if it’s something I can support I’ll probably post it up.

Things are a lot worse than they used to be.  But one thing has improved.  We now know the truth about the country we live in.  Tens of millions of people now know that what we were told was a big lie.  And that is a powerful thing.  And I don’t know how, but I’m pretty sure that one day that is going to have a tremendous impact on some critical moment in our history.  A country is made of more than just banks and bureaucracies.  I think there is a component that depends on the trust of people.  And this country has lost that.  It was that characteristic called American exceptionalism.  It was belief in ourselves as being part of something remarkable.  Now we know that’s not true.  And pretty soon the rest of the world is going to find out too.  The day will come when one of Joe Biden’s gang is going to ask us for help and he’s going to get

… nothing.

20MAR2023 – Spring Equinox – The Canada War

A work day and a writing day.  Having added a couple of thousand words to my story I felt extremely virtuous.  So, I looked at the headlines to see what I had missed.  Yikes!

What I saw was plenty of panic over the bank failures and the subsequent actions of the Fed and the other central banks.  The narrative is that the Fed and the regulators are going to thread the needle by raising the prime rate enough to keep inflation from igniting but save the banks from imploding by trading their underwater bonds for new ones.  Now of course the bond swaps will be wildly inflationary but the thought is if we just keep pumping cash into the banks it will keep the economy from imploding.  What could go wrong with that?  I’m thinking of converting all my assets into Doritos, the only known commodity that never loses its value and that all people recognize as cash.

Meanwhile the MSM is beginning to get interested in the reports of the Biden family receiving Chinese influence peddling payments, and even CNN admitting on the air that “this doesn’t look good.”  So, what can Mumbley Joe do?  Well, he says it ain’t so.  But nobody believes that.  So, he starts yelling about “assault weapons.”  But nobody even blinks an eye anymore at that ploy.  So, what’s a grifter to do?  I assume he’ll try to wag the dog.  He’s wanted to get the Russian oil and gas but it turns out the Russians have guns and aren’t afraid of rainbow flag waving soldiers.  Plus, it turns out they still have those nukes.  Not good.

My guess is he’ll try for a safe war.  Maybe he’ll invade Canada.  They’ve got oil and gas just like the Russians but no nukes and they’re kind of light in the loafers, especially that Trudeau guy.

I mean, it’s a great idea.  This will be easier than that famous standoff with Corn Pop.  And he could look tough while doing it.  All it needs is a cool name like Operation Desert Storm had.  Maybe Operation Arctic Blast or Operation Great White North or Hey Ya Hosers!  And this would give General Milly Vanilly a chance to actually win at something.  All he’d have to do is have his tranny division roll into Ottawa and de-pants Trudeau and demand he surrender to the obvious justice of a (nominally) heterosexual man groveling before transgender soldiers demanding his country relinquish their harmful fossil fuels to a higher power.

It makes sense to me.  It can be a form of reparations for the slaves that the white people of Canada never got around to having but probably thought about.  Maybe Gavin Newsom could get involved.  His state is looking for $65 billion dollars for reparations and right now the Silicon Valley guys are kind of tapped out.  Maybe Joe can give him a cut of the plunder from the Canada war.

You know I really like the idea of the Canada war.  We can’t lose (probably) and we can sell off parts of Canada to the rest of the world which will give us enough money to keep our economy afloat long enough to get Joe Biden re-elected in 2024.  No, this is good.  This is the real thing.  I’ve got to call up Biden and get his people working on this.  I wonder what my cut should be?  Ten percent?

Biden Gets A Clean Bill of Health by Coroner

My favorite line, “With a fresh injection of formaldehyde and some makeup, he looks like he’s still with us! Just look at him — so peaceful. It looks like he’s just sleeping!”

Less believable is this report.

Yeah, I don’t buy it.

Dramatic Footage of the Military Confronting UFO Over Lake Huron

Below is the amazing flight camera video of the successful defense of Lake Huron by our pilots.

When the first missile failed to strike the target the squadron leader said he, “wanted another shot at it..”  The rest is history.  What wasn’t revealed in the press conference was that after the aliens fired their primary weapon and obliterated the White House, President Biden’s righteous anger prompted him to take the squadron leader role of the attacking F-16s that took down the aliens.  Few people know that in addition to being a long haul trucker Biden is also a Top Gun fighter pilot.  No joke!