Biden’s Approval Rating – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

While I was gone Creepy Uncle Joe broke through the -20 point approval/disapproval rating.  Isn’t it a beautiful thing?  Well I’ll be winging across America today but I won’t be home until the wee hours of the night so this is just a howdy to all the folks out there in the interwebs.

I’ll do my homework and start making fun of progressives almost immediately.  Enjoy the summer sun.


Joe Biden Pre-Empted Wheel of Fortune.  Now He’s in Trouble

If there’s anything Camera Girl enjoys it’s watching Pat Sajak and Vanna White give away money to happy go lucky contestants spinning the wheel of fortune.  But tonight, Dementia Joe pre-empted the show and now she is mightily ticked off at the loser.

As she fast forwarded through the dvr recording she stopped at several points and I could hear Mumbly Joe going through his various emotive techniques.  His hoarse whispering, his references to God, his fake anger.  He did all of those.  Now I’m not a fanatical wheeler watcher like Camera Girl but even I was appalled that a useful and enjoyable television presentation was lost for the sake of letting that lunatic berate us and lie to us for half an hour or so.

I’m trying to think of a scenario where I would waste half an hour listening to Joe Biden.  And restricting the question to probable cases, I can’t think of a single one.  I mean it’s highly unlikely that he’d confess to all his high crimes on a televised address.  That would get me.  But Joe’s too good a liar to let that happen.

I guess he has his best excuse at getting my attention during the State of the Union Address.  But I skipped that.  Would you count a debate with Donald Trump?  I’d call that incidental viewing because without Trump there just wouldn’t be any reason to watch it.

So, Joe is making the full court press to pass a gun control law.  I guess it’s possible that McConnell is cowardly enough to agree to something like that.  I wouldn’t be shocked if they cave.  It is their defining feature to allow themselves to be stampeded off a cliff.  We’ll have to see just how stupid the Stupid Party is this time.

So, we’ll have to find something else to watch tonight.  I’ve recorded the 1972 Russian language sci-fi classic Solaris.  Camera Girl would rather be boiled in oil than watch a sub-titled foreign film.  So, it will have to wait until later.  We’ll watch an episode of the new Harry Bosch cable series.  It’s not as good as the previous seasons.  Bosch’s daughter who is played by an actress that looks like she weighs seventy-five pounds soaking wet is supposed to be an LAPD trainee.  I’ve had to watch her supposedly tackle male suspects and cuff them.  My nine-year-old grandson could body slam her and not break a sweat.  But it’s slim pickings on television these days.

It should be interesting to see if the Evil Party can somehow distract the voters from the crashing of the US economy.  The old election saw was, “It’s the economy, stupid!”.  But I wonder.  Nowadays it might be said that, “It’s the stupid, stupid!”.  After all, this is a country where approximately half of the people voted for Joe Biden, a seventy-eight-year-old mental patient, for president.  I guess it’s possible that America is just too stupid to protect itself from grifters and psychopaths.  From my point of view, the good news is that we’ve got the acid test in front of us.  If there isn’t a tidal wave of voters to throw the Democrats out then the Dissident Right is right.  We’re completely washed up and I’ll need Plan B.  So, five months to find out the answer.  I guess I can wait.

What Will Collapse Next?

Dementia Joe has shown himself to be the master of disaster.  I think we should give credit where credit is due.  So, let’s review Joe’s list of accomplishments.  Get comfortable.  It’s a long list.

I guess we could start with his campaign.  He ran it from his basement.  Huddled in the dark to avoid dying of COVID he made pronouncements blaming COVID on Donald Trump and kowtowing to the BLM rioters in statements littered with mumbled failures at meaningful English.  The list of his verbal gaffes is too long and all-encompassing to review.  Let’s just say broadly that at times he misstated who, what, where, when and how things were and had no clue as to why.

Then there was his choice of Vice President.  Kamala Harris is breathtakingly stupid.  Add to that, she has created a method of talking in circles to allow her to spout four hundred words by repeating four words over and over again.  Someone must have told her she has to fill up a certain amount of time.  Maybe she was on a debating team or something.  But it’s maddening to listen to.  You want to whack her with a yardstick to make her stop talking.  I guess besides her identity politics credentials she has the added advantage that she’s one of the few people Biden could pick that doesn’t make him look stupider by comparison.

Then there is the election.  Now, to be fair, this wasn’t within Joe’s purview.  His handlers rigged the election and he was just the blank card they drew to cheat a whole country out of its choice for President.  But let’s attach this one to him because at the least he was in on the deal.

Next, I’ll lump all the COVID mismanagement into one big pile of awful.  The lockdowns.  The school closings.  The mask mandates.  The vaccine mandates.  The boosters.  The executive orders forcing companies to fire employees for not getting shots they didn’t want.  The military vaccine mandate forcing soldiers out.  And the endless lies about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines.  And then when he had lost the trust of most of the country his famous “long winter of illness and death for the unvaccinated” speech.  COVID is probably the biggest nail in the Biden coffin.

I shouldn’t forget the Afghanistan debacle.  That was the one that cracked his presidency.  The military drew down their boots on the ground before evacuating the tens of thousands of civilians that were still in Kabul.  Also, they handed over the highly defensible air base and were forced to use the vulnerable Kabul airport for evacuation.  The spectacle of Afghanis falling to their deaths from the landing gear of US military planes fleeing Kabul during the rout that was supposed to be an orderly retreat from Afghanistan was what first sank Biden’s approval rating.

A number of servicemen were killed by a suicide bomber during the panicked retreat and just to underscore the incompetency of the military leadership a retaliatory missile strike at the attackers instead blew up a family with a bunch of kids.  Biden’s henchman took their cue from spokes-liar Jen Psaki and claimed that, all things considered, the debacle was a well-ordered operation.  From that point on bald faced lying then became the go-to for the Biden administration’s response to self-inflicted disasters.  Of course, this eventually wore Jen Psaki out.  Poor thing.

After that we had inflation.  The first hints were noticed in mid-2021.  But true to form they were denied in-toto by Psaki and the President.  Prices weren’t increasing they were just decreasing slightly here and there.  We shouldn’t be worried about inflation.  We should be afraid of deflation.  That’s why the President wanted to spend five or six trillion more.  Have to pump up that economy you know!  But pretty soon food and gas were becoming very expensive and anyone who wasn’t truly wealthy began to notice the grocery totals and the gas pump bill were skyrocketing.  And when it became impossible to deny, Psaki told us it was temporary.  “Just the end of the COVID bubble.  Nothing to fret about.  Ninety nine out of a hundred Nobel Prize Economists concur that we’ll be right back on track in a few more months.”  Well, now those same economists say it will be years before inflation subsides.  In the meantime, it has eaten away at the wages everyone makes and robbed a generation of young people of prosperity.

Then the famous supply chain disruptions.  During the COVID lockdowns toilet paper became hard to find on the shelves.  But we all smiled and shrugged our shoulders and joked about preppers.  But in 2021 and into this year we all started noticing empty shelves at the grocery store and Walmart.  All sorts of things and foods came up missing or began becoming ridiculously expensive.  I remember Camera Girl telling me that at one point oat meal disappeared off the shelves and when it returned it was twice as expensive for a while.  When this became an undeniable problem Jen Psaki explained it all to us.  It was the corrupt dock workers in Los Angeles who refused to off-load all those Chinese freighters backed up in the harbor.  Luckily Mayor Pete Buttigieg in his new capacity as Transportation Secretary was on it.  He gave a speech that was very reminiscent of some of Kamala Harris’s best efforts.  There were circular word patterns, hints about white privilege, talk about working round the clock and plenty of gay mansplaining.  But here we are almost a year into his laying down the law and somehow the shelves are emptier than ever.  Now we’re left with the impression that shutting down the economy for a year and depending on China to produce and transport everything we need may not be the brilliant idea our ruling elites took it for.  But don’t worry.  Mumbles Biden gave a speech and told us he’s building a ginormous Intel chip factory in Ohio that will replace all the infrastructure in Taiwan and China.  Boy I feel better.  I wonder if they can make some toilet paper there too maybe.

And then Dopey Joe and his military Dream Team decided to pick a fight with Putin over the Ukraine.  The blinding stupidity of this decision is depressing.  Russia controls enormous reserves of oil, gas and critical minerals.  In addition, Russia and Ukraine are major producers of wheat and fertilizer.  The impact of the war and the subsequent sanctions on Russia have spiked the prices of oil and gas above and beyond their already inflated prices.  And scarcity of wheat and the increase in food prices caused by fertilizer price jumps will bring starvation to the third world and actual hunger to the poor in the United States for the first time in decades.  And Biden’s sanctions have pushed Russia into the arms of China.  And between the two of them they are decoupling the dollar from the price of petroleum which is one component of what makes the dollar the default currency for the world.  So effectively, by attacking Russia, Biden has weakened the US currency just when it was in a very precarious position from the inflationary policies that he has been pursuing during COVID.  Even for Dementia Joe this was a disaster home run.

So, what’s left?  Well, infants can’t get baby formula.  The FDA has shut down 40% of the national supply of formula and had no plan for making up the difference.  Well, the progressives don’t like breeders anyway.  Do parents vote?  Well don’t worry Joe was able to get enough formula to the illegal alien mothers at the border so the important people were okay.

I won’t add on the rolling crime waves in the cities.  Sure, that’s the responsibility of Joe’s puppet master.  But let’s face it.  That’s above Joe’s pay grade.  So, I’ll give him a pass.

And that brings us up to date.  So, the question at the beginning of this diatribe is, “What will collapse next?”

Here I’ll have to put on my magic hat and gaze into the crystal ball.  Well, if I cheat a bit, I guess I’ll extrapolate from the drops in the stock market to predict a market crash.  Of course, I’ve been away from the market for decades.  Back in the 1980s seven hundred points was a crash.  Now a thousand-point loss is a bad day sell off.  But based on all the problems afflicting the world economy I assume that a bear market is inevitable.  And I’m guessing this will usher in a recession.  What comes after that is anyone’s guess.

So, Joe has easily unseated Jimmy Carter as the worst modern-day president.  The way he’s going Herbert Hoover and Andrew Johnson must be starting to feel the heat.  I will show a little caution here.  I still think we’re a long way from cannibalism.  But what Joe has proven is that he’s not just unlucky.  Everything he touches self-destructs.  We will all suffer but what he has ensured is that when the mid-terms come and again in 2024 voters will reject Joe and his party with visceral hatred at all the misery and outrage, he has put them through.  Well done, Joe, well done.

Midterm Slogan: Impeach the Dumbasses

The Democrats and their boosters have settled on the dual strategy of blaming Putin for inflation and also telling Americans that downgrading their lives is the solution to poverty.  I saw a Bloomberg publication advising people who can’t pay their bills to:

  • Take the bus
  • Don’t buy in bulk
  • Try lentils instead of meat
  • Nobody said this would be fun

Brilliant!  Why didn’t I think of that?  I’ve got one.  Sell your blood.  Wonderful!

But it seems obvious that this opens a very good opportunity for the Republicans to be seen as the party that wants Americans not to be poor.  They can have a slogan like, “The Democrats want you to barely survive; The Republicans want you to thrive.”

It’s truly pathetic that McConnell and McCarthy haven’t already rolled out a campaign for November that targets Democrat voters.  They should harangue Democrats in all fifty states to provide enough votes in the Senate to convict both Biden and Harris of being dumbasses who have allowed the US economy to deteriorate to where Americans can’t buy meat for their kids.  We’d need sixty-seven votes in the Senate and that is probably a bridge too far but it would make a killer advertising campaign.  Imagine showing cuts of Biden and Harris spouting gibberish, graphs showing gas and food prices skyrocketing and then finish by saying, “Can we afford to wait three more years to get rid of Biden?  By then there won’t be anything left.  Vote Republican to get rid of the dumbasses.”

I think it has definite appeal.  One thing such a campaign strategy might do is sow dissension in Democrat ranks.  Democrat senators who are up for re-election will try to distance themselves from Biden and Harris.  Some might even agree with the campaign to help bolster their chances for re-election.  Even if we don’t get the sixty-seven votes in November there might be some senators up for re-election in 2024 who might work with the Republicans to get rid of Biden and Harris next year.

And what it will do is appeal to people’s desire to get out of the trap we’re in.  Who wants to hear that we have to wait until 2025 to see the last of Dementia Joe and the Nitwit?  Even if it doesn’t succeed it might get us a few more seats and those will help to offset poisonous fools like Romney.  Yeah, I like this idea.  I think I’ll have a flag made that says, “Impeach the Dumbasses.”  It’s not as inspirational as Make America Great Again or anything like that but it’s short, punchy and abusive which plays to my strengths.

I’ll fly the flag in the run-up to Election Day and have a barbecue to raise money for “Impeach the Dumbasses” bumper stickers.  Come to think of it, maybe I can have them made up by one of those web sites that make custom bumper stickers and sell them on the site.  You know, it’s sort of my patriotic duty to do it.  And I might even make a few bucks too. Win, win.

Update:  So there have been a few people interested in actually buying a bumper sticker.  If anyone knows of an on-line company that does a good job making these things cheaply and conveniently let me know.  Me and my big mouth!

Biden Blames Putin for Gas Prices, Stagflation, COVID Crisis, Afghan Debacle, Crime Wave in Cities and Incontinence

Washington D.C. – American President Joseph Biden gave a hard hitting if somewhat confusing speech today in front of the Trade Union Delegation from Inner Outer Stanstanistan.  To the somewhat bemused pastoral herdsmen in their colorful native garb the animated but sometimes incoherent stateman was highly entertaining.  Of course, since the translator was speaking in Outer Inner Stanstanistanian they couldn’t understand anything he said.  But their spokesman was quoted as saying “we could tell he really meant whatever it was he was saying.”

After blaming every domestic and foreign policy debacle in his administration on the Russian strongman, Biden finished up the speech with an appeal for lower priced insulin that ended with him repeatedly striking the podium with his shoe.  This got a standing ovation from the herdsmen who remembered old video clips of Khrushchev at the UN that they had watched during lunch break in grammar school.  The emotional yak herders left the meeting chanting, “We will bury you, we will bury you” in fairly good Russian.

MSNBC reported that the speech is widely believed to be the talking points for the Democrat mid-term elections campaign platform.  Rachel Maddow explained, “We will blame everything on Putin.  Inflation, Putin.  Crime, Putin.  Biden’s flatulence, Putin.  There is even talk of finding footage of Putin standing on George Floyd’s neck whenever Chauvin needed to be spelled.  We drew the line at implicating him in the Kennedy assassination because Putin was eleven at the time and known to be a fairly poor shot with a rifle.”

Caught flat-footed by this new scheme Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell was quoted as saying, “Huh?”

After the speech a news team was sent out to a local gas station to do a man on the street interview with a consumer filling his gas tank.  After watching a clip from the speech, the motorist reached into his car and proceeded to brain the reporter with a baseball bat.  Police were called to the scene and after watching the video, they emptied the clips of their sidearms into the now motionless reporter and left.  The rest of the news crew beat a tactical retreat back to MSNBC where they suggested that the DNC might want to do a little more focus group workshopping of the idea.  But they stressed that heavy blunt objects and pointed and sharp-edged utensils be removed from the premises beforehand.

Later that night a medical emergency was declared at the White House.  During dinner when asked by Doctor Jill what he had done that day President Biden began to repeat the word Putin over and over in a continuous string; putinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputiputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputinputin!!!!!

When the doctors arrived, the president was diagnosed with a rare form of political Tourette’s syndrome.  It is now believed that for the rest of his life he will only be able to utter combinations of the two syllables pu and tin.  When questioned about this development White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki declared that this situation was Putin’s fault but that it would pose no real problem to President Biden continuing his present activities.  In fact, Psaki hinted that the new situation might actually make her job easier.

However, after hearing that the condition was permanent First Lady Doctor Jill packed her bag and left the White House with her secret service detail in tow.  She was quoted as saying, “That’s enough.  I’m out.”

The Big Poker Game

Russia’s all in.  The leaders of the western “democracies” are looking at their hand and wondering if the other guy has a better one.  And the rest of us are trying to figure out how we will end up paying for the loss.  Because we lose every which way it goes.

No matter what happens, we’re going to be paying for $10 a gallon gasoline and $10 a gallon heating oil.  Forget about expensive restaurants and vintage wines.  We’re going to have to get used to eating peanut butter sandwiches for dinner and mending our old clothes.  Everything that used to seemed normal will become extravagances.  We’ll be counting the pennies and sweating the dollars that we don’t have.

Since we’re the ones footing the bill, we might as well enjoy the show.  Russia is going to force Ukraine to stay in its orbit.  The West is going to banish Russia from their financial and economic systems.  This will be followed by Russia withholding oil and gas and other commodities like fertilizer from Europe and the US.  This round of tit for tat lockouts and boycotts will lead to huge dislocations in supply and demand of critical materials like wheat and corn.  I guess we’ll get to see Joe Biden’s approval numbers reach single digits in the months running up to the November midterms.  I guess if it got bad enough it’s theoretically possible that the incoming congress could impeach and convict Dementia Joe of mopery and dopery and boot him and his mentally fragile vice president out of office and make a Republican president.  That might be fun to follow on tv.

But I’m not sure if anyone will want the job by then.  I think Americans are going to be extremely displeased with the way things will be going for the next couple of years.  Dopey Joe has screwed things up royally and it won’t be easy to fix it.  And that’s assuming that we don’t get into a nuclear war with Russia.  I’m not sure what the geniuses in the think tanks feel are the odds of this happening.  But based on nothing but what I’ve read about the start of World War One and my gut instinct I’m guessing that the odds of a shooting war breaking out is 50/50.

But nuclear war isn’t something I worry about anymore.  We’ve put a drooling idiot in charge of the nuclear arsenal and General Milley in charge of our trans-army so we’ve already chosen to leave our survival up to the toss of a coin.  All I’m interested in at this point is how the American public reacts to all this going on.  Even ten years ago half of these problems would have guaranteed an administration would be voted out of office.  If it turns out that’s not the case this time then this country has truly been fundamentally changed for the worse.

So let the poker game proceed.  Bluffing and raising the stakes are the order of the day.  Well, lying is Joe’s forte.  The problem is he does it so consistently that everyone assumes that every word out of his mouth is a lie.  The only problem for Joe is Putin probably doesn’t bluff.

SOTU Speech 2022

Next Tuesday, March 1st is currently the date scheduled for Dementia Joe’s first State of the Union speech.  Normally I would avoid this bit of kabuki theater like the plague.  But I must confess I’m intrigued by the idea that something unplanned and unscripted might happen.  My favorite fantasy is that some subset of Republican lawmakers starts up a,” Let’s go Brandon” chant and Scranton Joe leaps from the podium and lays a smackdown on the first really small woman he gets his hands on.

Sure, I know nothing like that will happen but something equally absurd is possible.  Joe might get booed and let loose with some truly foul language.  That would be fun!  Or maybe he’ll really botch some particularly difficult two or three syllable words and completely lose track of his teleprompter and have to start over at a very noticeable point in his speech.  Or maybe he’ll tell such outrageous lies about his accomplishments that the crowd just breaks out into laughter.  Or maybe it’ll be just the usual boring speech, full of self-congratulatory lies and hyperbole.

One interesting innovation will be the rebuttal by congress critter Tlaib.  Apparently, Joe will be rebutted from both the left and the right of his position.  Tlaib will espouse the position that we need more inflation, more urban violence and more COVID lockdowns.  I assume that instead of wearing one of the matching white pants suits that the “Squad” usually wear for these events she’ll be more fittingly attired in a strait jacket along with a Hannibal Lector bite mask.

If Joe’s performance turns out to be entertaining, I’ll try to put up a post on it right away.  If it’s really good I might live blog it to get the blow-by-blow account on-line as soon as possible.

I’m trying to imagine if Joe will dare to claim that the “state of our union is strong.”  If they decide to eliminate the masks in the audience that will have a slightly less hollow ring.  But from what I’ve read the lefties would be shocked to learn that all that street theater they endured over the virtue of masking was just that.  So, it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.

A different tack has recently been tried by some leftist pundits.  They’ve decided that inflation is the result of the Ukraine.  “It’s not Joe’s fault, it’s Putin.  Again!”  Apparently, time travel will be a part of that defense.  But I guess he’s desperate for any plausible or implausible rationale that will permit him to escape the blame for sabotaging almost every facet of American life over the course of his year in office.  Maybe he hopes to benefit from a war that he has managed to start with a country that won’t allow itself to be bullied or cajoled into toeing the globalist talking points.

So, yeah, I’ll tune in on Tuesday.  I’ll have something to eat and drink and a barf bag just in case Joe really lays it on thick.  I guess it’s too much to hope he’ll mention Corn Pop.  I really miss Corn Pop and the leg hair story.  Good times.

Compare and Contrast

I listened to Putin’s speech and then I listened to Dementia Joe’s mumblings.  I know I’m prejudiced against Biden but it wasn’t even close.  Putin spoke almost off the cuff.  He related the history of Russia as honestly as it can be put.  He complained about the outrageous tactics that Lenin and Stalin used to create the various “ethnic” states.  The wholesale mixing and matching territories to prevent any threat to the central authority by ethnic groups.  It’s the speech of a pragmatic and confident ruler telling the outside world why he’s making the moves he is and why he feels justified in making them.  He’s not asking permission.  He’s explaining why no one had better get in his way.

Listening to Joe is painful.  Watching him try to read off the teleprompter but still stumble every few minutes is annoying as all hell.  Plus, it’s all bluster.  He’s going to impose sanctions that sound like mostly refusing to loan Russia money.  From what I’ve read Russia isn’t in debt.  We on the other hand are in debt to China for trillions of dollars.  Somehow, I think Russia can underwrite its growth out of the boundless oil and gas revenues it receives.  A real leader would try to find some modus vivendi with Russia.  Theoretically, we should have an easier time dealing with Russia than China.  Also, the realities of Russia’s relationship with Europe would warrant careful consideration of the practical aspects of maintaining mutually beneficial policies.  But not Joe.  He’s probably more worried about how Burisma will be affected by these changes.  After all, if Hunter stops getting paid how can the “big guy” get his twenty percent.

Now let’s talk about morality.  Vladimir Putin is a ruthless autocrat.  He uses whatever tactics get him what he wants.  The cruelty of the tactics that were used against the Chechen rebels were horrific.  The fact that Putin used Chechens to destroy their fellow Chechens in no way excuses the hideousness of the policies.  But it does indicate the intelligence that Putin brought to his actions.  He fought fire with fire.  Putin is someone to be feared and respected because he is competent.

What exactly are the moral advantages that Joe Biden brings to the table?  He is an inveterate liar.  He lies about his personal life.  He lies about his official actions.  He seems to lie without any thought to how transparent the lies are.  He plagiarizes the words of other men.  There is credible testimony that he sexually assaulted a woman on the streets of Washington D.C.  And as for his financial dealings, he’s been peddling his government influence for as long as he’s been in public office.  And when he became Vice President, he became an international influence peddler.  He was able to collect millions of dollars in China and the Ukraine through the help of his bag man; his junkie, pervert son Hunter.  And all of this is documented on a laptop that Hunter idiotically left in a computer repair shop and ended up published in the pages of the New York City tabloid the New York Post.  And finally, just watching video of the man as he interacts with women and children is repulsive.  He sidles up behind women and grabs their shoulder and sniffs their hair.  He’s like Suetonius’s description of the depraved behavior of Tiberius.

Say what you will about Putin’s ruthlessness, at least the things he has championed for his country are essentially wholesome.  He defends Christian religion and Russian culture against such outside influences as LGBTQ organizers and globalist NGO agitators.  Compare this to Biden who has opened the US borders to criminal aliens and defended the murderous rioters, looters and arsonists who ran amok during the 2020 George Floyd insurrection.

Looking at these two men it’s hard not to see an imbalance.  Biden is an empty suit.  He’s just the chair warmer for a ruling elite that controls all the levers of power so the puppet doesn’t have to be very impressive.  Putin is a leader, not a democratic leader, more of a dictator but still a popular leader.  Regardless of the differences in circumstances and world opinion it’s hard not to be impressed by Putin and hard not to be disgusted by Biden.  Just my impressions.


TomD’s comments 

It’s like a horror story, the Dims are failing so badly and obviously at everything that seemingly any rational person on earth would think they need a basic reappraisal of their goals and methodology. But not this group, No Sir!

One of the many horrors of the Biden “Administration” is there is no way out for at least 3 years. Look at the attached “order of succession”. To quote the Lady, “It’s turtles all the way down.”

order of sucession.jpg
order of sucession.jpg