The Biden-Trump Debates

Donald Trump has agreed to debate Joe Biden twice.  Once in July on CNN and once in September on ABC.  Why would he agree to go on those networks where every moderator they will select will run the debate as blatantly against Trump as they possibly can?  They’ll shamelessly tilt the questions for Biden and against Trump.  They’ll cut out his microphone whenever it might save Biden from an embarrassing moment and they’ll end by declaring that their in-studio polls show that Joe Biden won handily and Donald Trump is Hitler.

Now all of this is true.  And Donald Trump knows all these things.  And yet he accepted the debates immediately.  I’ll assume that he believes that he has more to gain by these debates than lose.  But is that true?  I was thinking about what kinds of things the moderator could direct against Trump and score points against him.  Obviously, they’ll concentrate on January 6th and abortion.  But they might also throw in some COVID questions.  After all, many on the Right are fairly angry at Trump for letting Fauci and his minions make our lives hell even before Biden got into office.  Reminding people of that could be a way to hurt Trump.

Someone in the media suggested that Trump hasn’t completely agreed to all the conditions of the interviews and that he might still refuse at the last minute.  Maybe that’s true and could explain why he has no qualms about being set up by the news channels.  But refusing after the fact would represent an embarrassing retreat.  People might think he’s afraid to debate Biden.

Two possibilities for accepting seem to me the most likely.  The first is that he’s worried about his chances in the race and hopes for some kind of lucky break during the debate that would increase his chances of winning the election.  Although Trump has led almost throughout the election period there are still several swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin that are very close.  And Trump needs at least one of these states to win.  Maybe he thinks that these three states are among the ones that will be strongly influenced by a good debate performance.  Because of how much Trump has at stake in the criminal cases against him, winning the presidency is almost a life and death situation for him.  Maybe the extra chance to impress these voters seems extremely important to Trump for this reason.

A second reason why he may be so anxious to debate Biden is that he is convinced that he can utterly humiliate him on the debate stage and this will serve as the knockout punch for Biden’s candidacy.  I think this may be the more likely reason.

Now it remains to be seen how all this turns out.  After all this is a very dynamic scenario.  Let’s start out just by looking at Joe Biden’s health.  Based on how these things are handled by the Biden camp, Dopey Joe will be doped to the gills with some kind of cognitive booster; caffeine, amphetamines, Ritalin, whatever.  Based on no information at all, my guess is Joe stroking out must be at least a reasonably high possibility.  And even if he doesn’t keel over there’s no guarantee that the stuff coming out of his mouth won’t be in the, “cannibals ate my Uncle Bosey” level of daffiness.  If either of those two scenarios play out, I’d call it a win for Trump.

But the opposite scenario can also occur.  Biden could just stand there and spin lie after lie with absolute insouciance.  This would match up to what happened back in the 2020 debates.  The moderators took Biden’s side and his lies ended as the debate’s points against Trump in the press.

But things have changed quite a bit since 2020.  Regardless if the moderators throw softballs at Biden, I assume Trump will go off script and attack Biden on all the various failures of his administration; inflation, immigration, crime and war.  And Trump is one of the most vindictive guys around.  With a little luck he’ll sting him enough so that Biden will take off on some self-justifying lie that will amaze even the moderators in its stupidity and obvious unlikeliness.  Maybe that’s Trump’s biggest hope in all this. That he can wind up Biden enough to make him act like a nut on stage.

So, I’ll be watching in July.  Should be interesting.

Unbridled Enthusiasm 2024 Version

I must be getting progressively more addlepated.  Even though I’ve seen up close and personal how Washington and the Democrats produce the outcomes they want, even after just seeing Mike Johnson fold like a cheap suit and give the people in charge everything they demanded; zillions of dollars for the neo-cons and gestapo powers for the FBI, somehow, I’ve become afflicted with unbridled enthusiasm.  And the only reason is because everywhere I look, more and more people are looking at Joe Biden and saying, “You’ve got be kidding me!”

Now, this “everywhere” doesn’t include hardcore regime mouthpieces like Morning Joe Scarborough or Rachel Maddow, but even some Democrats are beginning to realize that Joe Biden as a presidential candidate is a travesty.  He’s a walking corpse whose every unscripted speech will include absurdities up to and including the classic, “cannibals ate my uncle Bosey.

Now sure the powers that be don’t care what the consensus is, in the country.  A poll could come out two days before the election that has Trump up twenty points in every swing state and after the obligatory two weeks, they would unashamedly have Joe Biden win by a handful of votes in each of those states.  They can do it, so they will do it.  It’s as simple as that.

But if and when that happens then this will be the 1990s Soviet Union and it will usher in the end of this regime.  When the lies become so blatant that nobody even pretends to believe them anymore then the end is near.  Because with nothing to fear they will begin the full-scale looting of the system and with no value left in it, the supports will collapse.

What will that look like?  If I were to guess I’d say hyperinflation and food riots.  Now why should I be enthusiastic about all this?  Because maybe the powers that be aren’t as crazy as the people they’ve hired to run their circus.  The people in the FBI, the State Department and the IRS are true believers who play their parts but can get carried away.  Higher up in the echelons of power there may be some people with a better understanding of the stakes that are at risk and maybe a better understanding of social and economic factors that come into play when people realize they are being manipulated and lied to.  And they just might back away from the road we’re on.  But even if they don’t reaching the end of this road is a step in the right direction.

I admit there’s nothing very cheering in what is likely to go on during the 2024 election.  I expect massive electoral fraud with absentee ballots.  I expect Joe Biden will be re-elected.  But I think that will be an ending.    No one will be able to take American presidential elections seriously after that.  The whole process will be akin to professional wrestling or television talent shows; strictly entertainment or as people are saying it lately performative.

At that point half of this country will know that their prosperity is in their own hands and will be despite what the federal government does and not because of it.  And that is where we have to get to.  At that point, action by the red states will become the crucial news of the day and what will be discussed and voted on by the citizens who don’t want to be swallowed up by globalists human extinction program.  And once enough people are thinking in those terms progress toward something better will begin.

“My Uncle Bosey was eaten by cannibals.”

Scranton Joe Biden on the Stump

Ladies and Gentlemen, I come before you today to remind you that you have a choice.  You can either vote for me; humble, lovable Joe Biden or for that Dog-faced Pony Soldier Donald Trump.  And as that clean, articulate black man Barack Obama once said, Donald Trump will never be President of the United States.

Okay, sure, that was wrong and he did become president but hopefully not again anyway.  As my Uncle Bosey once told me, “Stay away from cannibals because they’ll eat you and you’ll never be found afterwards.”  And that’s damn good advice.  Now they’re trying to say he wasn’t eaten by cannibals but who other than cannibals would eat him?  Let’s be sensible here.  He wasn’t eaten by vegans, that’s for damn sure.

But seriously folks, you can’t trust Donald Trump.  He never rides on the Amtrak.  He’s always taking first class airline flights.  He’s not one of us.  That’s because he wants to put y’all back in chains.  And if you vote for Donald Trump you ain’t black.  No joke!

When my son Hunter was killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine fighting the Soviets he was dressed sort of like Rambo and with the muscles and the camo, so it was really something.  I remember him saying, “I just want my country to love me as much as I love it.”  And it was beautiful.  And then Xerxes army surrounded us and I threw my spear at him but only cut his face a little and then I was killed by a lot of arrows.  But luckily, I got better and here I am.  And that’s how we won in Ukraine.  Trump has never been killed in war nor have his sons so how can you trust him?

And if you think about it, Donald Trump is a lot like Corn Pop.  They’re both bad dudes who don’t follow the rules and probably don’t even wait an hour after eating before going back in the pool.  If I had the time, I’d like to bring both of them behind the shed and teach them a lesson with my bicycle chain and my boxing skills.  I’m not bragging I’m just saying that’s what I’d like to do but I can’t because of these new laws about fighting and the whole gay thing.  You’ve got to be careful not to say the wrong thing, which is tricky.

But forget all that for a minute, just remember how much better things are now that I fixed the economy.  I fixed the COVID and then I eliminated college loan debt and I got rid of gasoline and oil and now we’ve got electric cars and electric heat and everything is all electric and that’s progress.  Sure, if you’re still using the gasoline and the oil it’s a little more expensive.  And sure, maybe food and rent are up a few pennies but we’re all doing much better now than under Trump.  Just look at your 401K accounts they’re rocketing.  Why all of my green energy stocks are through the roof.  And just last week Nancy Pelosi showed me her stock portfolio and it was worth six hundred million dollars and you can’t hate that!  All these people in the Trump commercials saying they can’t make ends meet must be lying.  No joke!

So as my friend Madame Secretary of State Clinton said a while ago, “basket of deplorables.”  These dead-enders clinging to their guns and their God don’t have the votes to keep Scranton Joe Biden from coming back and finishing up his mission in Washington.  I’m going to fundamentally transform the whole United States of America into Scranton.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that’s what I’ll do.  The whole country will be just like the Scranton you see today.  Full of Amtrak stations, migrant housing, repurposed police precincts and prisons, welfare offices, needle exchange safe places, transgender bathrooms and Section 8 housing.  Welcome to the future.  So, make sure you vote for me every chance you get.  I really need your help.  Help!!!

Guest Contributor – Milo Mindbender – 04062024 – Several Thoughts

Trump vs Biden

I find it interesting that Trump couldn’t fill a stadium, Biden couldn’t fill a high school basketball court, Trump campaigned nationwide, and got huge support, Biden “Put a lid on it at 0900” and did not travel due to kung flu, Trump was leading until the 0200 shut down in several states and then color me shocked, Biden surged in a manner that exceeded the capacity of the vote tabulators in use, but there is nothing to see here.
They almost pulled it off in 2016, they did it in 2020, and I do not doubt that they will do it again. Stevie Wonder can see there is something fuckery going on here, but by questioning the narrative I am accused of wearing my tin foil beret too tight.
My first election I voted in was 84, and the only one I missed since then was 92, I was deployed in Task Force Andrew and did not get registered vote before the cutoff date being out of state. I sat that one out, but consider my franchise to be an obligation, and responsibility as it is the only time my representative actually wants to hear from me.
If Trump pulls this one off, and defeats the cheat, he needs to surround himself with proper experts, not self serving jackapes, and be willing to accept criticism when warranted. If he doesn’t, win, I think we just need to drop the curtains, lower the house lights, and file towards the exits, the show is over. Claire Wolfe talked about the three boxes, that soap box has been used for the bonfire of the vanities in charge, we are teetering on the Splinter’s of the ballot box, that leaves the last box, and I don’t want to go there anymore than those who are trying to stampede us that way.
Once that starts I don’t forsee a solution that brings us out the other side intact.

Anarcho-Tyranny Comes to a City Near You

When the act of charity becomes dangerous, charity dries up. This is the result of the same policies that were put in place, creating a giant open air prison, with hidden fences. Releasing these criminals with a “Semi stern scolding”, and telling the to go out and try not to do it again, doesn’t seem to be working, but God forbid some innocent civilians are forced to defend themselves, break out the charge book, and warm up another cell, we gotta put a stop to these vigilante activities.
Daniel Penny wasn’t available for comment.

In Your Lifetime

“This will be the most important election in your lifetime.”  How many times have you heard those words?  How many of the last elections have been described exactly that way?  Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt.  2020, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, 1976, 1972, 1968, 1964, 1960, 1956. 1952, 1948, 1944, 1940, 1936, 1932.  That’s twenty-three presidential elections and eighty-eight years of crises, wars, world war, depressions, riots, drafts, atom bombs, collapsing evil empires and cultural psychoses.  Forget the boy who cried wolf.  This is almost a century of crisis.

But heaven help me, I think I believe the expression is true this time, in a sense.  Now I don’t think Armageddon is upon us.  Nor do I believe that either Biden or Trump is going to change the world that much, either for the better or worse.  But I do believe that we have reached a point where Americans have gone beyond wondering if our elections are honest and basically will make up their minds based on the results of 2024.

Would you believe an election was honest if it reelected a frail, mentally struggling 82-year-old incumbent who has knowingly allowed millions of illegal aliens to flood the country, increased the cost of living to unaffordable levels for the working and middle classes and waged war on his political opponents through lawfare?  I’m going to say for most honest people the answer is no.

Effectively, this will undermine the legitimacy of the United States federal government in the minds of its citizens over a wide swath of the country.


We’ve never been in this territory before.  Well, not since the Civil War, anyway.  And I believe it will have a profound effect on the way Americans think about and interact with their government.  I see this as akin to how the Americans felt about the British government in the 1770s.  There will be an adversarial mindset and the federal government will react to this mindset in kind.  And that could lead to a spiral of actions and reactions.

Of course, trying to predict the future based on historical precedents is a fool’s errand.  But the attitudes are hardening and there is definitely a civil war vibe that has infected both sides over the last couple of years and there definitely is such a thing as self-fulfilling prophesies.  But let’s just say that if Biden is “re-elected” I think it will ignite a political movement to resist the malfeasance of the federal government, especially concerning illegal immigrants.

What happens if Trump wins?  Isn’t it funny how no one even talks about that?  Then he’ll really have a tiger by the tail.  He would have to start off his term by pardoning everybody on our side; himself, first of all and all of the January 6th defendants and as many of his people as have been hounded by the DOJ.

After that he’s going to have to try and make good on his promise to fire almost a quarter of the federal bureaucracy.  Hopefully he’s really done his homework and has a decent plan for such a monumental endeavor.  And then he has to try and revive the economy.  And then boot out tens of millions of illegal aliens.  And then he has to end the war in Ukraine.  And then he has to dismantle the green energy boondoggle.  And then, and then, and then, …

I don’t know about you but electing Trump president is starting to sound like the next round of presidential elder abuse.  The poor guy.  Well, maybe he can make DeSantis VP so he’ll have a kid around to do the heavy lifting.

And even if Trump gets is elected, I don’t think unity is going to be restored to the US.  In fact, based on the last time he came into office I expect the CIA to send a hit squad after him as he steps into the White House on Inauguration Day.

So, is this the most important election in my lifetime?  I’d say yes.  But let’s hope the next one isn’t.


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The Long National Nightmare of Me Being Way Too Busy is Over!

Today I finished up a weeklong marathon project that really made my life a misery and seriously cut into my on-line time to the detriment of this site.


So here I am looking around and I see…

The same crap as the week before!


Okay, there’s a claim that Biden’s poll numbers have gone up a point or maybe two.  Let’s grant that.  But his swing state numbers, both with and without third party candidates are the same or maybe even a little bit worse than before.  And inflation has gotten worse but the disastrous housing market is forcing the Fed to drop interest rates to try and generate some good news for Biden.  Which will make the inflation worse still.

And the Zoomers are really angry about Gaza.

Apparently, the big tent party is beginning to turn on its Jewish contingent because of Biden’s support for the Gaza War.  And this is causing pundits like the Ragin’ Cajun James Carville to hit the panic button.  His exact words were:

“I’ve been very vocal about this,” Carville said. “It’s horrifying, our numbers among younger voters, particularly younger Blacks, younger Latinos … younger people of color. Particularly males. We’re not shedding them, they’re leaving in droves,” he added.”

So, Biden has lots of election problems because the country has lots of problems and it’s too late to fix them before November.

And the border crisis is worse than ever and the criminal aliens are in the news every day.  And the cities are becoming war zones.

And now ships are crashing into bridges and destroying them.  I mean, you can’t make this stuff up!

Sure, this is more of the same.  But it’s like a train crash.  Once you’ve discovered that you have no brakes and you’re closer than some minimum distance “x” then you can’t avoid the crash.  But the closer you get to the impact the more terrifying is the view from the engineer’s seat.  So, I’m sure whoever is running the Biden campaign is in daily contact with the voting officials in Pennsylvania figuring out if they can add an extra five million votes to the Biden total on Election Day.

Well, enough election crap.  Instead something nearer and dearer to my heart; my novel (The American Archipelago: Book 1 – The Sniper).  Thanks to all who’ve been reading along and special thanks to those who have provided feedback.  Honest criticism is extremely valuable when you’re trying to make a story attractive to the publishers and compelling for the readers.

Anyone who has a taste for dystopian science fiction, I ask that you give it a whirl and leave some comments that reflect your take on the story, positive or negative.  And the more specific the better.

Here in Dunwich the weird is the rule and the weather is no exception to this.  It’s supposed to snow tonight and then rain will freeze up tomorrow night and create a Class IV Kill Storm. So tomorrow, after helping Camera Girl navigate the frozen tundra, we’ll probably hunker down and enjoy the sounds of squealing brakes and screeching cries on the road outside as the black ice claims numberless victims on the crater strewn back roads of Dunwich.  Afterward I’ll go out for the traditional gathering of the pocket change from the bodies of the crash victims and I’ll return as a conquering hero (of sorts) as I dole out this largesse to my minions (dog one and dog two) in the form of low-quality pressed rawhide that I purchase on the websites of third world competitors of Amazon dot com.

I’ve often wondered what would happen if a prolonged storm cut off the supply of these “treats.”  I fear that my minions might notice that there is a disturbing similarity between pressed rawhide and, well, me!  Me thinks Dog One has a lean hungry look about him.  Such minions are dangerous.

Well, anyway, enough yammering.  I’m back and on the job.

Swing State Voters Agree, Joe Biden Sucks

More bad news for Biden: Is it ‘rosy retrospection’ or just fact?

I could paraphrase this whole report as the swing states chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“The poll covered seven closely contested states considered critical to the 2024 election: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In two-way matchups, the survey found Trump leading Biden in six of those states. Trump is up by 5 points in Arizona, 1 point in Georgia, 3 points in Michigan, 6 points in North Carolina, 4 points in Nevada, and 3 points in Pennsylvania. In the seventh state, Wisconsin, the two candidates are tied.

Any way you look at it, it’s terrible news for Biden. Last November, I posted a very simple formula on X. “Trump has the simplest campaign pitch in the world,” I wrote. “1) Things were good when I was president. 2) Everything went to hell when Joe Biden became president. 3) Elect me and I’ll make things good again. That’s the whole campaign.”

Indeed it is. And short of suddenly becoming a great president, there might be little Biden can do about it.”

Of course none of these polls can inform us exactly how much voter fraud would be needed to overwhelm Trump’s legitimate voter advantage.  So none of this should be confused with me declaring Trump the probable winner.  But it does tell you something about what the American people think about Biden.

Start the Revolution Without Me

Basically, the Democrats have decided to deconstruct the United States of America.  So, they’ve imported forty million new people from the third world, declared the existing citizens as devils and proceeded to tear down any cultural or societal rules that formerly allowed us to recognize each other and get along.

Okay, the young people are now utterly lost and the old people are completely alienated; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  How all this works out or doesn’t work out is the soap opera that we listen to on the “news” every day.  Trump, Biden, Musk, Newsom, DeSantis, Abbott, Schumer and the rest of the cast.  We’re supposed to be invested in all this and cheer and boo as if it were a movie.  Well, I guess it is.  But let’s be honest, our part in this melodrama is to put our money on Red or Black.  We’re supposed to cheer our side and watch the spectacle.

But doing that every day is kinda boring.  And that’s been my occupation (or hobby) since 2016.  Well, I think even in this election year and with all the hoopla that they’ll be rolling out, it’s going to be a part time exercise.  As I said the other day, I think there are way more interesting things to write about than Trump/Biden.  Part of the problem is that my own learning curve has finally flattened out.  I seem to have taken all the red pills that there are to take.  I get it.  I see the real world in all its horror.  And I’d say that almost all my readers are at about the same place too.  So, they don’t need the spiel anymore.

So, what I figure is, I’ll check the news.  If there’s something noteworthy, I’ll write about it.  If there’s not, I’ll do something else.  Maybe I’ll review something fun or worthwhile.  Maybe I’ll put up some of my fiction writing as I’ve been doing with the “Sniper” book.  In fact, I have to put aside more time for the fiction writing.  It’s going to take a lot more discipline than I currently muster to get this darn book done in a reasonable amount of time.  But that’s what I’m gonna do.

Rereading the story has been a little bit of a revelation.  I myself, actually wouldn’t mind reading a story like this.  That gives me even more encouragement to get the thing finished off and edited and make the rounds.  I’m gonna try it on Baen because they publish the kind of authors I like; people like Larry Correia.

Probably none of the lefty publishers would touch a book like this.  They wouldn’t like the politics of my protagonist.  They would feel like their friends resemble my villains.  So eventually I might just have to self-publish it on Amazon which is a difficult situation.  They have about a billion books so getting noticed is a do-or-die kinda thing.  But I might as well get along with the whole thing.

So, I read the news today.  Well, same old, same old.  Trump, Biden. Nope.

Watching the Train Wreck

Yesterday it was Haitian cannibals.  Today it’s hydraulic fluid pouring out of jetliners during takeoff.  Tomorrow it’ll be a nuclear exchange with the Russians.  I remember back in 2001 after the 9/11 attack everyone was walking around shellshocked.  There was a slew of incidents; hijackings, subway bombings, biological weapons attacks, kidnappings, even a space shuttle crash.  It felt like the wheels were coming off of our whole civilization.  But back then we felt that the people in charge were marshalling forces to push back against the anarchy and we hoped over the next few years the world would be put back in order and normalcy would be restored.

Well, that never happened.  We went from two terms of Middle East war under George W Bush to two terms of color revolutions under Barack Obama.  We got a respite under Trump but now we are experiencing Biden’s war on modernity.  It seems to be his intention to not just eliminate affluence from the middle classes but to eliminate the middle class altogether.  Joe Biden seems to have ushered in the era of Crap-hole America.  There can be little doubt that he has initiated various policies that are laying waste to the majority of Americans’ livelihoods.

So, I really don’t have any deep insights about why or how or even where this ends up.  It’s kind of an unprecedented phenomenon.  The only similar situation was the Jimmy Carter presidency where 18% mortgage rates and double-digit inflation created an enormous backlash that got Ronald Reagan elected in 1980.

I believe that the numbers for the Biden catastrophe are quite a bit worse than the Carter Stagflation.  I’m comparing my memories of that period to today.  Things were pretty grim back then but the country hadn’t divided into two camps that considered each other the enemy.  And no one thought Jimmy Carter despised the majority of American people because of the color of their skin.

So, I think we’re in uncharted territory.  Based on what we saw in 2020 with BLM, COVID and the election fraud I don’t doubt that the current regime would be more than willing to do whatever it takes to win the November elections.  No amount of obvious fraud would surprise me.

But I am very interested to see what a second stolen election will do to this country.  Already an outright majority of Americans think the 2020 election was stolen.  I’m guessing that a repeat performance on top of the awful polls that Joe Biden is seeing today might trigger a very strong response from the people.

I’m not claiming they’ll start a guerrilla war or march on the Capitol or anything like that.  I think there will be a psychological change in the way most Americans view their government.  I think they will be forced to admit that the “democracy” here is a sham.  And I think it will break out into the open.  Not just the dissident right but everyone not on the Left will be talking about the fraud and how the United States is now a banana republic.  I think the disrespect toward Biden and the rest of the junta will be open and vicious.  And I think that kind of a psychological change will damage the country in ways that will be measurable.

And I think it should.  A very real part of the strength of this country is based on the fact that we thought we were the good guys.  And that, if need be, we would fight to protect our way of life.  I’m sure that is no longer the case.  In fact, I’ll advise any friend or family member to stay out of the armed forces.   In fact, I’ll warn them to stay away from all Democrat run jurisdictions.  I’ll also advise them to weigh the options between what life will be like in red state America and any pockets of freedom and opportunity in other parts of the world.  America has been a land of prosperity and freedom for generations.  But that era may be finished now and re-evaluating its advantages and disadvantages versus other countries is no longer an unthinkable idea.

So, I’m very interested in how America reacts to 2024.  And from time to time, I’ll add to these remarks.  After all who can take his eyes off of a train wreck when it’s in progress?  I know I can’t.

Angry Old Joe and Better Things

I scanned through about five minutes of Joe Biden’s “old man shouting at the camera” routine.  Well, he didn’t fall down or begin speaking literal gibberish.  But I found it intolerable after just a few minutes.  I guess it could be summed up as Ukraine, abortion and January 6th.”  Okay, let’s see how that works out for him.  Maybe everyone will forget that their jobs are being given to illegal aliens that are also assaulting and murdering their wives and daughters.  And maybe they’ll forget that everything is now twice as expensive as it was during Trump’s term in office.  So maybe the Dems will be able to win the November election by fraud.  I guess we’ll see.  But it’s time to look around and spend our time thinking about and doing things that we consider important.

And that goes for me too.  Serializing my incomplete novel has been an interesting experience for me.  It has taken me a lot of time to get about half way through writing it and you kind of forget how you thought up various scenes and bits of dialogue.  So, seeing the beginning again is an odd case of seeing it with new eyes.  I guess I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what I’ve reread.  It seems to hold up pretty well.  Of course, you always find small mistakes and even inconsistencies that have to be tweaked.  But all in all, it isn’t half bad.  And that is immensely gratifying for me and gives me the encouragement I need to start banging away at the second half of the story.  And this rereading has also given me some new insights into some additions that I need to make to fill in some holes that I now find in the story.  It really was necessary to get about this far in the story before I could have enough perspective about the tempo and the balance of the various story lines.

Of course, the hardest part for an author is to find a publisher and/or a market for his literary offspring.  After listening to a podcast about how incredibly difficult it is to get self-published science fiction novels “recognized” on the Kindle site I think I’ll try to see if I can interest any of the traditional publishing companies in my deathless prose.  After all, who could fail to recognize the brilliant writing, the deep psychological truth in the characters’ underpinnings and the timeless quality of the epic struggle between the King of the Mole Men and the faceless, soulless minions of unspeakable evil?  Wait a minute.  Is mole-men two words or a hyphenate?

Well, regardless.  Thanks to all that have plowed through the chapters and please feel free to send along criticism and thoughts on how you think the story should proceed.  I’ve only put up on the site about two thirds of what I’ve already written so there’s still a bit to go but I’m sure many people can guess some of how this story proceeds.  There is an inexorable logic to how a clandestine war is prosecuted and where the dramatic tension needs to exist.  Suffice it to say that things need to start going wrong for our heroes pretty soon.  But I’m sure everything will be resolved by the final chapter.

Or maybe not everything.  There’s always got to be a sequel you know.


“Oh if I were the King of the Mole Men, Not queen, not duke, not prince.

My regal robes of the Mole Men, would be satin, not cotton, not chintz.”