09JUN2024 – OCF Update – It’s a Rainy Morning Sunday, That’s Got Me Without Knowing What to Write


A rainy Sunday at the Compound.  I’m stuck in the house and getting on Camera Girl’s nerves, I can tell.  Next week will be very busy.  Tuesday will be a marathon of work until the wee hours.  I will be with the people, in all their gritty and idiosyncratic splendor.  So, I must get some things done today.  I’ve got photos and quotes to get uploaded and scheduled.  And I’ve got some scheduling things to figure out for my writing.  I’ve been so busy lately with work that I haven’t been able to do any fiction writing at all.  And that bothers me a lot.  As you get older the number of creatively productive hours in a day or a week decreases.  So, I need to make some time budgeting decisions to maximize my results.

But life rolls on.  And the now incredible increases to the cost of living are biting ever harder at my meager resources.  I was looking at some repairs on the swimming pool and wondered if outright replacing the lining might make some sense.  But when I heard the estimate, I was gob-smacked.  Yikes!  So, I’ll pay the piratical repair costs for patching for this year and decide about replacement next year when I get rich.

But just to assert our rights as Americans to waste money we went to the Chinese restaurant for dinner.  Sure, the cost was up about 50% from what I remember it to be.  But it made Camera Girl happy and it spared her having to cook last night.  And they have really fresh and delicious food at this place so it was a treat.

I was reading how McDonald’s might be pulling out of California all together.  And on one of the talk shows the socialist pundit was putting a brave face on it and saying that this would open up opportunities for Mom and Pop shops.  I was thinking, “Sure mom and pop get a really good deal on food prices compared to a behemoth like McDonald’s and they’ll definitely be able to outcompete McDonald’s on rental costs, utility costs and paper and plastic consumables.  Oh yeah!  It’s gonna be a paradise for small businesses in California.

Something that TomD commented about my Here and Now post.  He stressed that our present ruling class is not just more of the same.  He stressed that they’re really working to destroy us, “The progressives want us disarmed, private vehicles gone (except elite), and everyone on the dole and living in huge Soviet style arkologies. Males castrated.”

And I agree with that characterization.  They differ from the past in what they are attempting to accomplish.  Our former elites wanted us as factory wage slaves.  The new elites just want us gone.  And they think they can get the job done quietly and efficiently by eliminating our means of livelihood.  They impoverish us and then weaken us with drugs, illicit and prescription, that they flood the environment with and stupefy our children with a digital narcotic.  We’re being eradicated with poison like roaches.

Well, it won’t be easy but we have to learn how to avoid the traps and organize to assist each other in surviving.  Alright, enough of that.  Finish with something good.


I was watching the Coen Brothers version of True Grit the other day.  They’re a couple of nihilistic film makers but they did a remarkable job with this film.


Guest Contributor – TomD – 09JUN2024 – Not Your Grandpa’s Elites

Tom | Flickr


I don’t know.

I do agree that crooks, incompetents and charlatans have been in American politics forever but I suspect that they had no real interest in destroying the society in which they lived.

The progressive Dims? Not incompetents, that’s for sure. But I do believe that they largely hate the US and wish to tear it down to replace with a socialist authoritarian utopia. Utopia for the elite. For you and me, not so much.

The progressives want us disarmed, private vehicles gone (except elite), and everyone on the dole and living in huge Soviet style arkologies. Males castrated

The Here and Now

Upon reflection I’ve decided that more than half of my mental anguish over our current situation is due to my own gullibility.  Without a doubt, those running our country are terrible people.  They run roughshod over the laws that we supposedly live by and the decencies that allegedly define our public morality.

But on closer inspection, hasn’t this always been the case?  Haven’t there always been political bosses who manipulate our politics and government, to profit themselves and their cronies and haven’t they used immigration from time immemorial to control who came to power and what the terms of life for the common people would be?

Whether it was Tammany Hall in 19th century New York City or Mayor Daly in mid-20th century Chicago hasn’t hypocrisy and dishonesty and just plain graft been the rule and not the exception?  The only thing that has changed is that today the things they teach children as regime propaganda is much closer to suicidal than in former days.

Believe it or not, this realization has brightened my mood substantially.  Knowing that the evil regime I live under is more or less representative of the historical norm for these things gives me hope that most of us can figure out a way to negotiate our trek through this gulag.

Certainly, it doesn’t make it a more wholesome place than it is.  Our children are certainly being pumped full of poisonous lies about themselves and the world around them.  Certainly, we are being discriminated against by our own government and the elites that control almost everything around us.  But if you consider that it’s always been this way (more or less), then it stands to reason that we can find a way to survive and thrive in this environment too.

If after all, my own stupidity convinced me that a better world was the norm then educating myself to the reality should afford me the advantage I need to mitigate the damage done by the noxious aspects of the system and also allow me to see where I can get the best return on investment from my efforts.

In general, selecting friends and associates carefully to avoid entanglement with woke zealots and other crazy people is highly important.  And children will need to be schooled by sane teachers.  Later on, children will have to learn how to carefully navigate their way through cancel culture by very judicious use of silence.

All of this is sad and inspires a feeling of indignation when thought about in the context of the supposed basis of American liberty and values.  But if the reality is that those values have never been in force for the last hundred and fifty years then the rational approach is to figure out what is needed in the here and now.  Banging our heads against a wall that will not disappear is foolish and even dangerous.  After all this is a wall that is just as likely to open up and unleash a platoon of FBI agents with an arrest warrant.

So, I’m actually cheered by my new way of looking at things.  What I’ll be looking for are groups and individuals who are writing the book of how to survive and thrive in the here and now, not in the perfect world we wish were here.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 02APR20204 – All They Respect is Power

war pig

As a soldier, when I was stationed temporary duty at Ft Indiantown Gap, PA, I was tasked to assist the recruiting command on occasion. I went to Happy Valley and the University of Pennsylvania in uniform and was usually greeted by Nazi salutes. Disrespectful, especially since I had an uncle in WWII who was one of the group who liberated Buchenwald.

The overall opinion of the general populace in Pennsylvania concerning the armed forces was pretty low. Sure there were veterans but many of them were Vietnam vet draftees and they were disallusioned, especially if they had to use the VA.

What a difference after 9/11! All of a sudden everyone was thanking us for our service. High schools which had tried to block our recruiting activities were suddenly friendly.

The civilians had been frightened. The Homeland had been attacked and they were afraid. Liberals who seldom deigned to recognize our existence suddenly were waving American flags.

But we remembered who called us baby killers just weeks before. We knew once the fear factor lowered they’d be right back to their old ways.

Liberals don’t change. Not really. They only get worse. They went from calling the armed forces Nazis to forcing drag queen shows on to elementary school kids to secretly going behind parent’s backs to try to transition children to change their sex.

Probably all we can do is wall them off and let them devour each other.

Guest Contributor – Jess – 27MAR2024 – Woke Work Ethic

One of the contributing factors for my retirement was the lack of competent human resources. With the Covid fiasco, and the availability of a steady paycheck of unemployment benefits, it was much easier for many to just stay home, not pursue work, and in many situations, the amount of money received was more than could be made due to weather affecting construction. To aggravate the problem, suppliers faced the same problem, which could lead to expensive delays. Although the problems I faced were gradually becoming more apparent before Covid, everything snowballed and even good employees became less interested in performing quality work. The younger generation that was needed to be trained to replace the older craftsmen were woefully unprepared for the environment that construction demands, and I found I was more of a babysitter than a superintendent.

In my later years of construction, I had to deal with the newer engineers that, in my opinion, didn’t have the skills needed to design quality work. Plans wouldn’t fit site conditions, pointing out anticipated problems could lead to either bad decisions, or avoiding decisions. In one situation, even though the specifications demanded additional work, the engineer refused to pay for the work. I did it anyway to prevent an accident and bigger problems. Their ridiculous reason for not paying for the work only proved they were not only a coward, they had no integrity.

Is it too late to demand excellence, honesty and a good work ethic? I don’t know. I do know things won’t change much until DEI, EEO and other bizarre ideas of equality are abandoned. Nobody is equal, and pulling everyone to the lowest level of competence with policies only makes things worse.

17OCT2023 – Just Some Impressions of the Current Day

In Israel military and political leaders are sweating blood trying to thread a needle that has no eye; how to rescue hostages, kill the Hamas leadership and its psychopathic foot soldiers, minimize “civilian” Palestinian deaths and protect their own troops from harm while accomplishing all this in an urban environment that resembles some hellish first-person shooter video game.  Chances to accomplish all of these objectives is objectively zero.  And they know that.  The real mission is to destroy Hamas while not failing catastrophically at the other objectives.

Of course, if they fail at that primary objective then all the other failures; deaths of soldiers, hostages and civilians will have been in vain and therefore infinitely worse.  And they approach this mission with the knowledge that Hamas orchestrated this cataclysm for the express result that they would get to kill a lot of Israeli soldiers without the Israelis achieving their goal of eradicating Hamas from Gaza.  I’m sure the IDF knows all this.  For that reason, I’m guessing that they will resist the pressure brought to bear by Israeli peaceniks, moderate Arab state leaders and Joe Biden, that the battle in Gaza be limited and without result.  But that’s my assumption.  All past experience has been that Gaza is an insoluble problem that cannot be resolved.  Time will certainly tell.

In the House of Representatives word is that many of the establishment leaders are bowing to necessity and approving Jim Jordan’s bid to become Speaker.  Here, I don’t even have an inkling about what will happen.  As far as I can tell most of these politicians are crooks who only follow orders from their paymasters so it’s impenetrable to me.  Maybe the need to come up with an aid package for Israel will force the establishment shills to accept Jordan against their wills in order to allow the legislation they want to proceed.  Possibly some good will come of this accident of timing.  I’ve heard Jim Jordan is supposed to be the one in ten thousand, honest man.  I hope he is and I wish him well.  What I do hope is that he draws the line at further funding for Ukraine.  After all I think it’s only fair that we restrict our support to one major war at a time.  Ukraine has had their chance.  Now let them work it out with the Russians.  If that’s still possible.

Joe Biden is going to Israel.  I’m sure he’ll regale them with tales of his service at the battle front in 1948, 1967 and 1973.  He might even relate the story of his hand-to-hand duel against the dastardly Arab terrorist Corn Al-Pop.  He was one bad dude.

Joe Biden in the Holy Land.  Surely the Lord of the Old Testament has some lightning, earthquake and brimstone saved up for just such a contingency.  I mean, Joe is like some local representative of Sodom or Gomorrah showing up after a local atrocity.  Turning Dr Jill into a salt pillar seems like letting him off light.  But politics makes for strange bedfellows.

The election and Trump indictment news moves along on the expected trajectories.  The more certain that Trump will be imprisoned the more certain that his support among Republican voters will increase.  It’s like some fateful confluence of irresistible forces is dragging us to a crisis that can only be resolved by a radical shift in the status quo.  Maybe it’s an illusion but it seems that we won’t be splitting the difference this time.  It appears that the system is breaking down catastrophically.  Now I say appears because as has been mentioned innumerable times before, there is an awful lot of ruin in a world empire.  But short of armed intervention by the military it seems like people are getting fed up with the dysfunction that has been imposed on the whole country.  But we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s what I have to remark on today.  More madness and more dysfunction.  More of the same.

07OCT2023 – The Mundane and the Murderous

So, my heating system maintenance contractor claims to have a replacement part to make all my problems go away.  But the guy who really knows what he is doing isn’t available until Wednesday.  Wednesday it is.  Cold showers until Wednesday.  Whoo!

Well, let’s see.  Inside their terror campaign the Palestinians are desecrating the bodies of murdered Israeli women.  Netanyahu says they will pay a terrible price.  He has his work cut out for him.  This has the potential of being the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  I wonder if the Israelis will decide to empty Gaza.  It would be horrendously provocative but what else will be effective as a defense against these kinds of attacks?  The only other solution is retaking Gaza and policing it which is also a daunting prospect.  Wait and see.

More and more as the world spins out of control the situation in the United States takes on a surreal aspect.  Currently we aren’t engulfed in war and destruction.  Not yet.  But the tyrannical forces that bring war to the streets of Beirut, Jerusalem and other flash points, we begin to see it demonstrate its power over the American people through lawfare and voter fraud.  Antifa and BLM become the shock troops in a way that is not wildly different from Hamas and Hezbollah.  We’re all living in a world becoming increasingly radicalized.

Will that change?  Could Americans successfully pull back from this undermining of the values we depended on to make our lives normal and stable?

Possibly.  But not surely.  Probably not even likely.

We may have crossed over some tipping point where there are just too many bad guys breaking things and not enough good guys trying to fix them.  But we’ve got to play the hand we’ve been dealt.  There’s no choice.  We watch the events playing out in crime ravaged cities and the halls of Washington DC as awful public policies and nonsensical or even malignant belief systems cause enormous damage to millions of individuals and the fabric of all of our lives.

But the real problem isn’t even with the Left that spreads these problems.  It’s our side that has failed.  Our leaders are compromised.  It’s our children who believe in these false values and policies.  They’ve given up on the things that made life wholesome and productive.  That is why I doubt this can be fixed.  So that only leaves the option of watching and doing our small bit and protecting ourselves from the fallout from the crash.  A grim existence.

The basset hound puppy is getting big.  She’s teething horribly and some of her teeth have already fallen out, but she bites Camera Girl’s hands relentlessly.  But she’s enjoying raising the crazy little dog too much to complain.  I on the other hand put on a pair of cowhide gloves whenever I’m in charge of her.  She’s a rambunctious creature but there is an infectious energy when you’re playing with a puppy.  It does make you feel more alive.  So, life goes on.  Even surrounded by crazy people overseas, crazy people in our cities and crazy people running our government we still do the things we must.  And try to find some joy too.

A Golden Fall Day

I look out on the golden sunshine on this summerlike day and rejoice that whatever madness the psychos on the Left have inflicted they still haven’t altered reality.  There are still seasons and sunsets.  The beginning of October means the last of the roses finish off and the Montauk daisies are beginning to bloom and, in a week or two, the wolfbane will open its purple petals and the lycanthropes of Dunwich will assemble to howl at the moon and pull up Camera Girl’s vegetable garden.

But out in the big world all kinds of crazy things are going on.  Republicans and RINOs are engaging in jousting contests to see who will control the Speaker’s gavel.  This is a situation without precedent in the modern age of Washington.  We’re in completely unknown territory and virtually anything seems possible, all the way from incredible disaster to surprising improvement.

Meanwhile, Biden and his handlers are attempting to convince their paymasters that it’s too late to change horses in midstream.  But the rank and file of the Democrat party are seasick from all the turmoil that Dementia Joe’s policies have engendered.  They look at the polls and realize they’re part of an enormous chunk of the country that wants it to stop.  The food and gas inflation, the sky-high mortgage rates, the food costs, the endless billions being shoveled into the Ukraine war, the violence in the cities, the rolling blackouts and the attacks on normal parts of life like gas stoves and gasoline cars, the homeless and the illegal aliens living on the streets and in the parks.  Even Democrat mayors and governors want an end to the millions of illegals flooding their cities.

And the Justice Department and the FBI have made a mockery of justice by their openly partisan and obviously concocted indictments against Donald Trump.  Every week they come up with a stupider basis for attacking the former president.  Now they’re going after him because they say he overvalued his properties when he used them as collateral in a loan application.  As if corporations don’t do their own due diligence when they loan money!  This charge is so absurd, that it boggles the mind that they could find a prosecutor corrupt enough to claim it.

So, as we march on into the fall, the drumbeat of doom and gloom echoes throughout the land.  Well, that’s as much as to say, situation normal.  There’s really nothing much for our side to do except avoid taking any responsibility for the trainwreck the Democrats have created.

The only positive act that can be performed is refusing to feed Zelensky any more money for his minions to steal.  Let that murderous boondoggle play itself out without us taking an accessory role.

Wait a minute, there is one other thing.  Refusing to approve an extension to the Patriot Act seems like the only really important accomplishment that the Republican House can perform.  Let it expire finally.  The fallout will probably be a false flag attack by the CIA.  But what can you do?  Our side can announce the expected attack ahead of time as a likely ruse and assume the American people have seen enough in the last few years to recognize when they’re being had.  After all the CIA is allowed to spy on foreigners.  They should have stopped the 9-11 hijackers before they ever got on those planes.  Any attacks by foreigners, including illegal aliens is handleable by the FBI without the need for the domestic spying built into the Patriot Act.

Well, that’s enough for now.  There are still a bunch of razzberries and grape tomatoes to pick and I’m waiting for the HVAC guy to replace the oil pump on my heating system.  I leave everybody to enjoy the rest of the day and contemplate the “state of the union.”  It should be an interesting season.

Whiling Away the Hours

Today will be a lost day.  I’ll be essentially off the grid until 11 pm.  So, I’ll just put together some thoughts now to cover the day.

I was very happy that American Greatness posted my article “You Gotta Laugh.”  And not only because it multiplies the traffic to my site several fold.  But because it’s nice to get the visibility that a larger spotlight can afford.  Let’s face it, Google and Facebook don’t amplify the reach of right-wing sites.  In fact, it would be accurate to say they hide them.  So, it’s a treat when I can have one of my posts sitting at the top of a webpage that gets thousands of visits per hour.  That was fun.

It really does seem that the message on the street is that Joe Biden isn’t popular.  Could this be the long-awaited pivot to dumping Biden from the 2024 race?  How would that be done?  Some are saying that Gavin Newsome will challenge Biden in the primaries.  Others are saying that’s impossible.  Their alternate theory is Biden will be forced out through revelations about his corrupt influence peddling through his crackhead son Hunter.

Well, if challenging Biden in the primaries is impossible, exactly how does the Deep State keep him from running again?  I mean, I could see them earlier on threatening to reveal his corruption as a way to convince him not to seek re-election.  But if he’s already running, will they be able to convince him to drop out.  I guess it’s possible the media companies could cooperate and fabricate a bunch of polls showing Biden so far down that it convinces the American people that Biden is through and thereby convinces Biden too.  But I’m not sure Biden would take the hint.  He may be convinced that presidential immunity is the only thing that can keep him from being indicted.  Maybe he plans suicide as his way out.  Or maybe he’ll use dementia as his shield from prosecution.

And the other big story is the regional banks tottering on the edge of insolvency as depositors pull their money out.  This is round two of this crisis.  2008 was the first occurrence.  And that first round put our government into permanent emergency mode.  It was that bank crisis that force the whole financial system to adopt zero-interest rates and permanent quantitative easing.

But now because of the sanctions against Russia and the Green New Deal, the administration has unleashed dangerously high inflation.  That forced the Fed to increase interest rates and now all these banks are stuck with billions in underwater government bonds.  Checkmate.

So how does Dopey Joe talk his way out of this one?  Will faking a re-election solve his problem or just ensure that a blowup occurs on his watch?  I really can’t tell.  I have a feeling he’s hoping that a miracle will happen in the next year to make his problems go away.  But I think that’s highly unlikely.  What will probably happen is a pretty serious recession.  All the symptoms are there to see.  Maybe things will get so bad that not even the election fixers can throw this one to Joe.  It’s possible.

But the bad guys have called the shots so far.  We’re forced to sit here and watch this farce.  Well, watch it we will.  I’ve become stoical about the whole thing.  I’m sort of fascinated by the scope of the debacle.  I guess when I’m bankrupt and homeless it’ll feel less theoretical.

But until then I’ll be here babbling about the folly of our elites and their hopeless crusade to make the world safe for woke insanity.  See you tomorrow.

08MAY2023 – Just Some Thoughts

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;”

My word, but that Billy Shakespeare could turn a phrase.  Now, I’m not preparing to storm the walls of a French town but I am steeling myself for about eleven days of grief.  This week is disrupted but next week promises to be a disaster.  Well, I asked for it, now I’ve got to see it through.  It’s like everything in this world, the reality never completely corresponds to the theory.  But I’ve always been the king of wingin’ it.  So, bring it on, bring it on, bring it on.

I watched a video with that Grima Wormtongue of Washington insiders George Stephanopoulos surrounded by his panel of losers.  He had Chris Christy, Donna Brazile and two other boobs I’d never heard of.  They were bemoaning an ABC poll that shows Biden with an approval rating of 36% and trailing Donald Trump 42% to 49% in a general election.  They said Biden’s age and mental health were factors and also the awful economic conditions that Americans are suffering under.

Well, duh!

What I liked about this video was how scared they all sounded about the budget negotiations and how maybe this time McCarthy has them over a barrel and the Democrats will have to cut the trillions in graft in order to get the debt ceiling approved.  As far as Trump or any Republican winning the White House, I think that’s just happy talk.  The voting fix is in for the swing states so winning the presidency is almost certainly not going to happen.  But it’s still nice to see that most of the country hates Creepy Uncle Joe.

I see that the protests have begun in New York City to try and force the DA to charge Daniel Penny with murder for the killing of Jordan Neely.  Well, it’s no surprise.  And just to add some irony to the event they disrupted subway travel to make their point.  The cretins were on the subway tracks in Manhattan.  Sadly, none of them were run over by a train or electrocuted by the third rail but they managed to infuriate the commuters trying to get to work and home.  I’m sure it won’t be long before the despicable Manhattan DA railroads this young man and sets him up for a kangaroo court conviction.  But we’ll soon see where this goes.  And either way it will be instructive of the true direction that New York City will be heading in the future.  My guess is cannibalism.

I feel like a lot of people are waking up to the new reality.  The shock at the banana republic tactics that we see all around us has worn off.  And that’s a very good thing.  When you lose your illusions about your surroundings then you can make much more effective decisions.  And in that way, we will stop falling into the same traps that they’ve been springing on us for decades.  We won’t latch onto the next “approved” choice that we hope will be on our side.  So, no more JEB!, no more W, no more RINOs, no more establishment ringers of any sort.

I hope to do my best to produce content over the next week or so but there may be some glitches.  So, stay tuned and we’ll muddle through somehow.