05AUG2022 – Another Outbreak of Unbridled Enthusiasm Breaks Out

I know, I know.  We’re not going to vote our way out of this.  Blah, blah, blah.  But, damn, that Lake victory hit the spot.  Maybe all of this is the dead cat bounce after hitting bottom in 2020 but right now I’ll take it.  It’s just plain enjoyable to be on the winning side of these things.  Whether it’s real or not, it feels like progress.

I saw that Dick Cheney put out a video defending his daughter by declaring that, “In our nation’s 246-year history, there has never been an individual who has been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.”  Boy, that’s rich.  The Democrats allow thugs to burn down the cities of America.  They use blatant voter fraud to foist a lying grafter on us as president while locking down the country for two years and destroying the economy.  But Donald Trump is dangerous.

I read that Sinema is going to sign off on the mini-Build Back Better boondoggle.  No surprise there.  The fix was in with Manchin.  I guess he got his cut of the pie.  Figures she’d be in there somewhere too.  That’s alright.  Both of them are up in 2024.  They’ll be remembered by their voters.

I was reading a speech that Hungarian leader Victor Orban gave recently.  It’s remarkable how he openly names the real threats that face western countries.  I guess when your party has a supermajority in the parliament you can speak honestly.  He talks of the dangers of unchecked third world immigration and he also names the LGBTQ agenda of much of the western countries as the biggest external threats.  But he also names the break down of the traditional family and the associated failure of women to bear enough children as the biggest internal threat.

This analysis is spot on.  It’s a long speech and also has long sections on the energy crisis and the Ukrainian war.  These other problems area also very grave, especially the climate hoax.  But I think they might be self-correcting.  After all, there’s nothing like losing your toes to frostbite to reinforce how important fossil fuels really are to our world.

Whoever the leaders of an actual conservative movement turn out to be, they should consult with Orban.  He’s one of the few leaders who understand the challenges facing us.  He gave a speech at CPAC yesterday.  I just started to listen to it.  Very exciting, very upbeat.

So, there’s all kinds of hopeful things happening right now.  And in eleven days Liz Cheney gets the boot from the voters of the great state of Wyoming so the beat goes on.  I’m sure I could dwell on the negatives.  After all, the Chi-Coms didn’t take Nancy Pelosi off our hands and George Soros still walks the earth sowing destruction in all directions.  But good things are happening.  We’re winning elections and guys like Ron DeSantis are using their power to stop the bad guys from running roughshod over us in places like Florida.

You can always be depressed and sometimes I am.  But not today.  Smell the roses, enjoy the day.

I’m Calling Out This Charles Lipson Guy

Back on the 14th of May I wrote a post called “The Five Stages of Grief – Part 1.”  Now I see that some guy named Charles Lipson has a post up at some rag called “Newsweek” entitled “The Biden Administration’s Five Stages of Grief.”

In my post I said, “People say that the five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  I think I have detected these stages in news coverage of the Biden Administration.  The Left is grieving for the loss of Joe FDR Biden’s New Deal Moment, the Great Reset, the Build Back Better Rip-Off.  If you think back to last year I remember when prices started to rise and the headlines were full of denial.  Do you remember how they claimed that the Fourth of July cookout was something like $1.47 cheaper than the year before?  And then there was the meme about inflation being temporary.”

Now here’s something from Lipson’s post, “Take inflation. The former administration spokesperson, Jen Psaki, initially denied rising prices were a problem. When that became laughable, the administration reframed the problem as a temporary one.”

What the hell!  When I want to talk about an idea that someone else has written on, I always give attribution and cite the work and put a link back to the original article.  But this Lipson guy did none of these things.  What the hell!

I challenge you Charles Lipson, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Chicago (if that is your real name!) to do the right thing and give attribution to Orion’s Cold Fire and apologize for your scurrilous behavior.  Have you no sense of decency sir?  Have you no shame, at last?  There you are at your fancy university in your la de dah city of Chicago taking the food out of Camera Girl’s mouth.  I challenge you to a debate.  Who is the greater pundit thee or me?

Well, I feel better now.  It’s good to get this thing off my chest.  Okay, let me go see what I can “borrow” from someone else now.

Good Guys and Bad Guys

I was hunting around for a topic this morning.  I started on something about Jen Psaki.  I started making fun of all the things about her that seemed mockable.  But just thinking about her annoyed me.  It was like some kind of miasma that infects anyone who comes in proximity with her evil persona.  So, I put that aside for a day when I felt stronger.

I thought about writing something on Merrick Garland and his double standard for protestors with differing political objectives.  But I got the same feeling.  I guess some days photog just doesn’t want to rake the muck.  But I couldn’t think of any topic that didn’t involve Leftists being Leftists.  After all, armies of Antifa psychopaths are laying siege to the homes of SCOTUS justices and Homeland Security is spawning a Ministry of Truth in their spare time.

So, I got tired of thinking about all those creeps and went outside and did some yard work.  I cleaned another one of Camera Girl’s gardens of poison ivy and I pulled out a few small Russian Olive trees (still at the large shrub stage) and did a little more fence repair and enjoyed the sunny day.  There was a little more wind than I cared for but that’s become standard conditions around here lately.

And after I finished all that, I had lunch and my mood was much better.  I read the end of the second part of the Bounty Trilogy, “Men Against the Sea.”  It wasn’t as good as “Mutiny on the Bounty” but it was interesting.  I was especially interested in Bligh’s policy of avoiding any of the islands in the South Seas because of the certainty that most of the islanders were cannibals.  I’ve been stressing lately that we’ll know when we’ve hit bottom when cannibalism becomes routine in some of our larger cities.  At that point I assume most people will choose to avoid Broadway openings and the New Year’s Eve Time Square party in order to lessen the chance of being someone’s lunch.  But I could be wrong about that.  Some people really like the theater.

So, I got to thinking,  Talking about the Left is so painful because it’s thinking about people who are murdering our country.  And unless the talk is constructive and helps us get rid of them, then it’s just masochism.  What is worth talking about is anything constructive.  Trying to figure out a way to make things better.  Or sharing information on someone who is improving things like DeSantis or Musk or Trump.

And the other thing for me is to concentrate on the cultural things.  Good books and movies and photos that I like or other things that come my way.  That’s worthwhile for me.  Today I had my Monday zoom meeting with some of the guys from the old firm.  All the news was of people leaving or retiring or going to contract employment.  It sounded like a death spiral to me.  But none of us care anymore.  These companies are rotten to the core.  It’s just a way to make money for a while longer.  The future will have to be something different.  The next President who doesn’t want to preside over the death of this nation will have to grab these mega-corporation CEOs by the throat and tell them either they bring middle-class jobs to this country or they will be taxed out of existence.  It’s as simple as that.

So that was Monday.

Springing Ahead, So to Speak

Being out and about yesterday was most enjoyable.  The combination of sunlight and activity was a tonic.  And all the positive comments for the classic car photos in the last couple of days made me want to forage outside in the real world again.  Being couped up at the Compound is too confining.  I’ve got to look around and see what day trips I can find to provide photographic subjects.  I’ll start small with some forays around Dunwich and then branch out around New England.  Who knows, maybe I’ll hazard a trip into Boston or New York city to photograph the wreckage of 21st century urban America.  But it’s apparent that it’s time to call an end to the pandemic.  It’s just too stupid to maintain any longer, even for people as stupid as the politicians.

And there are many signs of this in the articles both the Left and the Right have been posting in the last week or so.  Even the hopeless Karens are yearning to be free.  All that is needed to throw this over the top is the Supreme Court to veto the vaccine mandates and set us free at last.

Will they do it?  My guess is yes.  I think enough information on the stupidity of the vaccine strategy exists to give the justices a compelling reason to recognize the unconstitutional nature of the mandates.  Sure, we know the Supreme court will ignore constitutionality when national security is at stake or seems to be at stake.  They proved that with the Patriot Act.  And at least the Patriot Act had a bipartisan majority and the legislature and president behind it.  This is an overreach of an executive order that orders people to take a medicine in order not to lose their jobs.  It’s an outrage.  Of course, I guess I’ll have to figure out what to think if the Supreme Court fails us.

I read that the White House is building bunker walls and concrete barriers around the building.  Sounds like they might be thinking of doing something very bad to us sometime soon.   Or maybe the latest favorability polls have scared Dementia Joe.  The Quinnipiac poll has him at a net -19% (meaning 35% unfavorable to 54% unfavorable).  That’s getting down into Nicolae Ceaușescu territory.  Maybe he should be building that bunker.

I read that the Senate is going to push forward with the election fraud initiative but Manchin and Sinema aren’t on board.  If that fails, they’ll try to convince them to eliminate the filibuster.  If that fails, they’ll try to convince them to eliminate the filibuster for just this one election law.  But it seems like they’re up against a stone wall.  Now wouldn’t that be marvelous!

I’m sure there are Republicans just champing at the bit to screw all this good fortune up.  Mitt Romney comes to mind for some unknown reason.  But right now, we seem to be dodging bullets left and right.  Damn it!  I’m gonna be optimistic today.  It just feels right.  And nothing breeds bad luck like bad luck and the Dems just keep stepping on those garden rakes.  Have a nice day and get some sun.

Update:  The Supreme Court did the right thing on the OSHA Vax Mandate.  They just struck it down.  So there’s some good news for us.

Now is the Heating System of My Discontent Turned Glorious Prose by This Sun of a Gun

Camera Girl and I are huddled together over mugs of tea trying to stave off hypothermia.  The heating system finally gave up the ghost last night and the house has settled down to ambient temperatures.  We slipped below fifty-five degrees a little while ago and I’ve begun to understand how the Donner party got to where they did.  I got off the phone with the “tech manager” a while ago and she was very sympathetic to my plight.  I didn’t swear at the woman so that speaks well of me but I did question the competency and integrity of the company.  Their pre-recorded message that plays while you’re on hold tells me that they are growing by leaps and bounds and have branches from Vermont to Delaware.  Thinking about the viability of every state in that area doesn’t increase my confidence in the business model or mission statement of the “Company.”

This stream of consciousness post is meant to document my descent into cold induced dementia.  Now I can fully understand Joe Biden.  His brain is frozen and no meaningful thinking can occur.  I forgive him for everything except for the child sniffing and for his cruelty to Corn Pop.  Soon I will send Camera Girl off to one of her daughters’ houses to survive.  I will stay here and sacrifice myself as a protest against the cruelty and incompetence of “Big Oil” or, more accurately, “Small Oil.”

My only regret is that I couldn’t live to see Liz Cheney drummed out of the Republican Party and booted out of Congress.  Wait, that’s not true.  There are other things I wish I could have lived to see.  For instance:

  • Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, AOC and Liz Cheney forced to work as Amway reps.
  • The ZMan move out of Lagos on the Chesapeake
  • Joe Biden audibly fart during the State of the Union address.
  • Kamala Harris run away screaming at a press conference and never be heard from again.
  • Lori Lightfoot, Anthony Fauci, Beto O’Rourke and Bill deBlasio arrested for impersonating human beings.
  • The Mario Cuomo Bridge renamed the Tappan Zee Bridge, Andrew Cuomo renamed Tappan Zee and Chris Cuomo legally renamed Fredo.
  • The Squad deported to wherever anyone is willing to take them.
  • Fredo, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, Anderson Cooper and Chris Hayes forced by court order to serve for five years as dunk tank clowns in a travelling carnival.

Tell the world my story.

2022. So Here We Go Again

The holidays are over.  Daily life resumes.  I’ve read all the columnists predicting, extrapolating, interpolating, deducing, inducing, reducing and producing a lot of heat but not much light.  Those on the Left are either whistling past the graveyard or shrieking in fury that all of this bad news is Trump’s fault.  Those on the Right are rubbing their hands together and licking their chops and crowing that Joe Biden will be the downfall of Left and everything will be back to where it should be.  Blah, blah, blah.

Where we really are is interesting.  Omicron is delivering much as predicted.  Everybody is catching it but almost everybody is asymptomatic or experiencing a cold.  Very few people are going to the hospital and very, very few people are dying from it.  Because of the enormous number of people testing positive even the Covidian true believers are facing reality and minimizing the impact of the “stop the spread” protocols.  Instead of staying at home for fourteen days after testing positive, it’s five days at home and then five days wearing a mask at work.  And I read where some hospitals that fired non-vaccinated nurses and doctors were pleading with them to come back temporarily to help out during the spike.  The powers that be are pushing the same narrative of death and destruction for the unvaccinated but the average person is starting to realize that the story doesn’t fit the facts on the ground.  It should be interesting to see if Biden decides to declare victory and fold his tent soon.  Probably the biggest test will be what happens on January 7th when the Supreme Court reviews the OSHA vaccine mandate.  If they throw it out that might be enough to force the feds to say uncle.

Outside of COVID many of us are looking out at a high inflation economy and thinking of ways to save a few pennies here and there to avoid eating away at the nest egg.  Well, they say Americans are too fat.  Maybe we can all tighten our belts a little bit and save some money that way.  But for families with children, it’s a little more of a problem and definitely not a laughing matter.  This general anxiety over money will continue to hound the administration and will come back to bite the Democrats in the November elections.  Good.

I read a ton of copy on how urban crime is a top concern for citizens.  And Mayors are wringing their hands trying to convince their constituencies that they’re doing everything humanly possible to rein it in.  I very much doubt that they are and so the problem will fester and I believe that this deterioration in law and order will become the largest factor in political change over the next several years.  The inability of Democrats to address unchecked black criminality will be their Achilles Heel.  But whether the cities will be restored to safety is very much in doubt.  I’m of the opinion they will become like Detroit and Baltimore, third world hell-holes that reasonable people will avoid at all costs.

On the personal front here at the compound, we’re still battling the war against cold because of our defective heating system.  Our heating oil provider (which is also our heating system maintenance contractor) has made almost ten trips out and still hasn’t solved the problem.  I believe there was a problem with the installation of a fan called a “power venter” and this installation issue has metastasized into a fatal flaw.  I will have to fight the good fight and convince the bureaucrats at the oil company that they are the guilty party and must make things right.  Camera Girl is very vocal in her opinion that I haven’t been forceful enough in my efforts to goad the contactor to take action.  But the truth is the mechanics who might be able to get something done have been away on vacation and won’t be back until Monday.  Forcing them to send out the “D” team on a holiday weekend is worse than useless as we found out last week around Christmas.  We’ll limp through until tomorrow and then I’ll ramp up the pressure for a final solution that probably involves replacing the replacement unit and performing a careful installation.  Ah, it feels like the good old days of project engineering when haranguing mechanical contractors was my daily exercise.

On the review front, I’ve made it to the halfway point of season three of Star Trek and it’s very painful.  Many have told me to abandon this horrible and meaningless pursuit but I’m just too obsessively compulsive and stubborn to quit.  What renders this task so Kafkaesque is that each succeeding episode is an order of magnitude worse than the preceding one.  Don’t ask me how that is possible but it’s true!  I plan to bang through the rest of the episodes as quickly as humanly possible.  I apologize to the readers in advance.  Read them at your own peril.

So here we are in January.  It’s a weird and confusing world but some progress has been made.

04DEC2021 – Thoughts on the Day

Well, here we are exactly three weeks before Christmas Day and despite the havoc that the pod people have unleashed on the world, I’m feeling kind of happy and even optimistic about what’s to come.  Why I’m that way is probably a combination of things.  Doubtless, knowing that the Biden administration is in disarray has something to do with it.  The fact that I’ll be spending several days with the kids and grandkids is also part of it.  Another part is that by December I’ve come to terms with winter and no longer feel the post summer gloom.  And finally, well, life is good!  Everyone in the family is in pretty good health.  We’re going to have another fantastic dinner soon and another one right after that.  The house hasn’t been foreclosed on.  We have enough money for food, clothes and even enough left over for some toys like the new camera I’m hoping to buy in January.  Any sane person would say I’m doing alright.  And even though I’m at least slightly crazy I’ll say it too.

So, what’s on the horizon?

I listened to a doctor in England who’s pretty sure that the omicron variant is going to be a very mild virus and should be the end of the farce we’ve been enduring.  He said it will be extremely transmissible and quite capable of infecting even the hyper vaccinated.  So, everyone will get this thing.  It will feel like the kind of virus that gives you aches and a dry cough and headache for a couple of days.  Then that should be it.  No huge number of deaths, no wave of hospitalizations except for the chronically ill and the really elderly.  So, in a month or three Anthony Fauci should be out of an annoying job as health nag of the world.  Hallelujah!  Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed but I’m guessing the weariness of even the Karens will drive this thing to its ending.  So that’s a good prospect.

Every year in the winter I’m always frustrated by the dearth of photographic opportunities.  After all, snow and ice sort of look the same whether I photograph it on Wednesday or Sunday so there is a futility to going out in the neighborhood.  Plus, I’m not a big fan of being cold.  Well, this year I’ve vowed that I’ll make a few treks around New England to try to find interesting snow (whatever that is).  Plus, I think I’ll set up a macro studio in the house and bring some interesting subjects inside to do the work in the comfort of forced hot water heating.  I’m interested to see if my 200mm Minolta macro lens will be controllable with a program I use to take focus stacks.  It allows the focus setting to be very gradually changed between shots.  I’m not at all certain it will work because the Minolta lens will be under the control of the LA-EA5 adapter which is nowhere near as precise as one of those lenses that has stepper motors built in.  But it’ll still be fun trying it out.  And that’ll be just one of the cool things I’m hoping to do with the A-mount lenses on the A7 IV camera once I get my hands on it.  Looking back on some of the photos I took on the A-850 DSLR with them I am excited to see what kind of results I can get in the spring.  But winter will still provide some opportunities.

I’ve been enjoying the movie reviews.  I think it makes a good change of pace from the political stuff.  Even the horror of Star Trek Season 3 can be fun if there is enough mockery involved.  Mixing science fiction movies with the old movies from the ‘30s and ‘40s seems to work.  But I’ll see if I can mix in some later movies just for variety.  I don’t want to get predictable!

I’ll have to do some reading into H. P. Lovecraft.  I’ve forgotten all the details of the stories and I’ll need those details when I riff on Lovecraft in my Dunwich newspaper articles.  I think I might try the “Whisperer in the Dark” next.

And finally on the fiction writing front I’ve made progress on my novel but what I’ve concluded is I need to carve out much more time.  I’ve got to get more disciplined.  I spend too much time just reading stuff on the net.  It’s way too much of a time sink.

Well enjoy your Saturday.

16NOV2021 – OCF Update – Thoughts for This Morning

A fine Tuesday morning in mid-November; cold, windy and bright sun.  A perfect day to be viewing the world from the warm side a of a window.  Camera Girl is her usual busy, efficient self.  I can hear her banging around some pots and pans in the kitchen.  She says the noise is incidental but I don’t know, I think she must enjoy the violence.  Maybe she’s thinking of me while she’s beating on them.

I took care of some paperwork and also approved some preventive maintenance on the heating system that needs to be completed before the heavy snows begin.  That one I should’ve done last week.  I can feel the snow in the air.  It won’t take much for a few inches to find its way onto the ground and that would make the work much harder.  But for someone as lazy as I am the fact that I’m not waiting for spring and hoping for the best is a major victory.  So, on the home front things aren’t too far off course.

Looking at the news articles I see more bad news for Dementia Joe.  The country rightly blames him for moronically shutting down oil production and thereby unleashing high energy cost inflation on the already suffering country.  The left-wing media is whistling past the graveyard trying to convince themselves that the infrastructure bill or the reconciliation bill will make everything go back to rainbows and unicorns and 2022 won’t be the bloody rout that everybody knows it will be.  But with $5 a gallon gas already here in parts of the country and with no place for the price to go but up Good Old Joe looks to be headed for single digit approval ratings sometime soon.

The consensus is Biden won’t run for re-election.  Well, duh!  And since Kamala is about as dumb as a hammer and half as popular as cancer there’s going to be one hell of a fight for the nomination.  And one of the best parts of it is that any white male Democrat who runs will be accused of racist misogyny just for running. Who knows?  Maybe Hillary will run again and we’ll get a 2016 rematch.  Oh, the fun that would be!

The Rittenhouse case has gone to the jury.  Whichever way it goes it will stand as another marker of when defending yourself from the mob became a crime.  Even if he’s vindicated, it’s just one more nail in the coffin of a free America.  A government sanctioned riot was burning down an American city and the only allowable choices for the blameless white populace is flee or stay and be assaulted, burned out or even murdered.  And if you resist, the full weight of the government is brought to bear to send you to prison.  And the media will help the process along by distorting the facts and egging on violent partisans to threaten the judge and jury into finding you guilty.

But seeing what a mess the idiotic Left is making of the government they stole is an invigorating experience.  If discontent became widespread enough there is always the chance that someone will take the opportunity to win over the people to real reform.  And not just the Left-sanctioned Bush version where nothing happens except tax cuts for the rich and foreign wars for us.

Well, that’s enough for now.  When some real news breaks out, I’ll have more specific things to say and I’ll have more reviews soon too.  Have a great day.

14NOV2021 – A Reflection on the State of the Our World

Since the end of August when Biden’s catastrophic blundering of the Afghanistan Retreat put his approval numbers into free fall, I have noticed that a large swath of the voting population seems to be waking up from the delusion that the Democrats are normal Americans.

As the radical left tries to implement deeply un-American policies like vaccine mandates at work and critical race theory in grammar schools even moderate leftists have become worried and even angry that the country is headed for a place that they neither intended nor approved of when they elected Joe Biden.  And now with the economy suffering from multiple serious problems; high inflation, shortages of basic foods and goods, disruptions in the supply of labor for small businesses; people are using the ballot box to register their anger.  In purple states like Virginia and even in deep blue states like New York and New Jersey safe Democrat seats are going to Republicans both to change policy and also to punish the Democrats for what they’ve already done.

And I will admit it has improved my mood and my opinion of what our future looks like.  But by improved I mean it has gone from utter despair to forlorn hope.  After all it was just ten years ago when we watched as the Tea Party candidates cashed in their election success to become Paul Ryan’s RINOs.  The idea that the gutless, soulless Republicans in Congress will fight to restore our rights in a fight against the FBI and the rest of the Justice Department seems absurd.  The idea that bought and paid for Senators will write legislation to regulate Google and Facebook into respecting our free speech rights is laughable.  The idea that the swamp dwellers in the FBI and the Justice Department will obey the orders of a President or Attorney General who tries to reform or clean out their corrupt gangs has been shown by recent example to be a fantasy.  So why should I be even forlornly hopeful that we’ll be even marginally better off in the near future than we are now?

I think the answer is awareness.  The number of people who are finally aware that the whole political system is a set-up by both parties is orders of magnitude higher than what it was just a few years ago.  Millions more people are now aware that men like Mitch McConnell are not on our side.  They now know that Mitch McConnell is on Mitch McConnell’s side.  He’s a crooked politician whose only priority is to hold onto the political power he has in order to benefit monetarily by it.  And if somehow, he is responsible for an action that benefits people on the Right it is simply a coincidence.  This is the reason that I have any hope at all.  Without awareness of the actual situation someone like me voted for the supposedly conservative politicians at every election.  Often these politicians won and took control in Washington.  And yet year by year, decade by decade nothing got better.  In fact, it got so bad that it seemed like some kind of nightmare where the absolutely worst outcome was always the result.  And that is such a debilitating condition that many on our side just gave up thus making the outcome certain.

But when people know they’re being played they start recognizing the fakes.  People like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.  Nikki Haley and Mitt Romney.  John McCain and John Kasich.  These people don’t want the things we want.  They believe in the same things our enemies believe in.  That is if they actually believe in anything at all other than money and power.  And knowing that is the only chance we have of getting results.  We can look for someone who actually accomplishes any of the things he promises.  A particularly good way to spot a phony is to see if other phonies start claiming that this guy is the real deal.  Sort of like when the New York Times decides who is the leader of the New Conservatives of the Dark Web.  If that isn’t the kiss of death nothing is.

So that’s kind of why I think we’re in a slightly better place now than a year ago.  The 2020 election, the COVID farce, the BLM riots and Dementia Joe’s lamentable failures have red pilled a goodly chunk of the non-leftists in America.  From my point of view, I’ll at least have a better chance of knowing when it is time to give up all hope and find a new place to live.  So if you can consider that good news then rejoice my people!

22OCT2021 – Thoughts for the Day

Outside some of the trees, the maples and the birches have already shed their leaves.  The oaks are turning red and the very last of the flowers are still bravely displaying their gaudy colors, bright yellow and purple right to the last, but Autumn is in the air.  The smell of the fallen leaves and the other signs of decay are unmistakable.  But I’m past my summer mourning period and I have embraced the short cool days and long chilly nights.  Halloween is a week from this Sunday and Camera Girl has festooned our door with fake cobwebs and skulls and all kinds of macabre paraphernalia.  Princess Sack of Potatoes is engrossed with all the Halloween themed library books that are being read to her.  Several grandchild birthday parties are in the offing and of course the big gatherings are right around the corner.  My outside chores are way behind schedule but that’s sort of my norm.  Right now, the home front is a happy place.

Looking at the news today is a continuation of what has been going on.  Biden’s poll numbers are something like 40/50 so definitely underwater and probably a bit worse than that in reality.  Probably more like 35/55.  But those numbers aren’t very important at the moment.  The big surprise for me is Manchin and Sinema holding out against the Reconciliation Bill.  I figured once they were given the requisite payoff they would fold.  I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

And all the other things going on in politics, the Virginia governor’s race, Biden yammering about the Senate disposing of the filibuster, Garland threatening parents for objecting to racist ideology being taught to children, Florida legislating against the vaccine mandates in the workforce, teachers and firemen and cops suing cities over the mandates, inflation and empty store shelves, you name it, all this stuff gives hints that the country is coalescing around the idea that the Democrats are making things worse in any number of ways.

The thing I find hopeful is that what is being demonstrated is not only outrageously extreme policies but more importantly, bungling incompetence.  Milley, Austin, Buttigieg, that fat guy in the wig and dress, Blinken, Harris are basically a clown car full of failures.  And leading up to the “Big Guy,” Dementia Joe himself.  If the empty shelves crush the Christmas season, I could see the 2022 mid-terms being a referendum on Biden.  That could give us some breathing room from the Dems instituting most of their agenda permanently.

But being honest I have to admit that this is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  We still haven’t seen anyone stopping any of the leftist agenda.  It just rolls on poisoning the minds of our children and rendering us pariahs in our own country.  What would warrant me taking notice is some conservative state legislation either getting confirmed by the Supreme Court or being rejected by the Supreme Court and the state telling the federal government that they reject the decision and will implement it despite the rejection.  In fact, I would prefer the latter.  That would be a real Crossing of the Rubicon.  That would be authoritative proof that men with convictions and courage still exist in this country.

Okay, dream over.  The news is more of the same but life goes on here at the Compound.  We’re living our lives the best we can here behind the Iron Curtain and watching which way the wind blows.  Have a wonderful weekend.