People’s Republic – A Book Review

Kurt Schlichter’s novel, “People’s Republic – A Novel” is an action-adventure story set in a near future where the United States has fractured into two separate countries.  The People’s Republic of North America encompasses the west coast and the Great Lakes and east coast down to about half of Virginia.  The remaining states are still called the United States of America.  There was at least some combat between the two groups of states but at the time of the story it has settled into a bickering of guerillas at the borders.

(Spoiler Alert – Skip down to last paragraph to avoid spoilers and read recommendation)

Now the story is not about the civil war or the current relations between the two countries.  Rather it is an adventure story about an undercover operation by a family to rescue a woman who foolishly defected to the People’s Republic.  The main protagonist is a former special forces soldier who earns his living by smuggling people across the closed border from the People’s Republic to the United States.

Together with the woman’s brother who is also a veteran they go on an odyssey to reach Los Angeles and rescue the girl and also carry back a data base full of the names of spies currently working in the United States.  Along the way we see the results of the radical progressive agenda in the People’s Republic and the growing discontent with the extreme economic hardships that exist there.

The book is liberally seasoned with fights, gun fights and escapes.  This is solidly in the action/adventure genre and provides a fast paced and well-written story.  There is a fair bit of progressive bashing built into the plot but being a progressive-basher myself I enjoyed it pretty consistently.  I would happily recommend this book to anyone on the right side of the political divide who enjoys action-adventure.  Progressives will definitely not enjoy how the Left is characterized.  Oh well.

Talk the Talk

Regular readers of this site know I tend to make fun of H P Lovecraft’s prose style.  In his better written stories, it has a quasi-nineteenth century sound to it.  But in some of his less ably written material it instead just sounds kind of overblown.  But recently I’ve been listening to a YouTube channel called Horror Babble by some guy called Ian Gordon who sounds a little like the actor who played Jay Peterman on Seinfeld.  He provides an accent that, I guess, is supposed to sound like something between 1920’s Oxbridge English and possibly early twentieth century Boston Brahmin.

After listening to a few of these recordings I’ve realized that this presentation makes these stories incalculably more entertaining.  Let me qualify this statement.  It doesn’t make the stories better horror stories.  But the presentation is just more fun.  I think the accent makes the ridiculousness of the stories seem intentional.  It’s camp.

And maybe it works because that’s more or less the “voice” that Lovecraft was hearing in his own head.  It’s always seemed to me that Lovecraft’s work was sort of an homage to Edgar Allan Poe.  And because Lovecraft lived far removed from the era when Poe’s prose was contemporary and because Poe was a consummately better writer Lovecraft’s language always seems stilted.   But with a spoken word interpreter somewhat bridging the gap with his theatrical reading it somehow works pretty well.

Now most of you probably already listen to audio-books.  The only ones I’ve ever listened to were Larry Correia’s Adventures of Tom Stranger with Adam Baldwin providing the voice talent.  And come to think of it the specific voice really does make a big difference in the enjoyment of that story too.

Well, anyway, this little epiphany has got me thinking about the voice that you hear when you write something.  I mean, unless you’re writing a character that’s more or less you, how do you hear that character or characters speaking.  What do they sound like?  Is it a regional accent?  And that’s kind of a big deal.  If all my characters sound exactly like me that might make it hard for my readers to see these characters as real people.  Going back and reading some of my dialog I would say that there are definitely differences in speech for the different characters.  And this is most noticeable for characters that differ in sex, age and generation.  So, I’m not worried that I have to reinvent all of my dialog.

But it does occur to me that maybe I’d like to add some characters that have very flamboyant speech patterns just to give the story some extra zing.  After all, even Shakespeare added dialect characters to make some of the scenes comical or memorable.  His dialect characters were usually Irish or Welsh or Scottish.  I guess I could throw in a Southie from Boston or a South Asian character for good measure.  But if I really want to get exotic, I’ll throw in a Millennial Social Justice Warrior.  Now that’s a foreign language that’ll take some practice.

30APR2024 – Quote of the Day

No, children love a fairy story not because they think it true, but because they think it untrue, and because it makes no fraudulent appeal to their excellent good sense. That sense they are delighted to put aside while they “pretend.” That is their own word.[…] “Let’s pretend,” not “Let’s believe.” Their mother does not put “Let’s pretend” into the child’s mouth; she finds it there. Without it there is no play. But the pretending is always drama and never deception or self-deception.

Alice Meynell

Unbridled Enthusiasm 2024 Version

I must be getting progressively more addlepated.  Even though I’ve seen up close and personal how Washington and the Democrats produce the outcomes they want, even after just seeing Mike Johnson fold like a cheap suit and give the people in charge everything they demanded; zillions of dollars for the neo-cons and gestapo powers for the FBI, somehow, I’ve become afflicted with unbridled enthusiasm.  And the only reason is because everywhere I look, more and more people are looking at Joe Biden and saying, “You’ve got be kidding me!”

Now, this “everywhere” doesn’t include hardcore regime mouthpieces like Morning Joe Scarborough or Rachel Maddow, but even some Democrats are beginning to realize that Joe Biden as a presidential candidate is a travesty.  He’s a walking corpse whose every unscripted speech will include absurdities up to and including the classic, “cannibals ate my uncle Bosey.

Now sure the powers that be don’t care what the consensus is, in the country.  A poll could come out two days before the election that has Trump up twenty points in every swing state and after the obligatory two weeks, they would unashamedly have Joe Biden win by a handful of votes in each of those states.  They can do it, so they will do it.  It’s as simple as that.

But if and when that happens then this will be the 1990s Soviet Union and it will usher in the end of this regime.  When the lies become so blatant that nobody even pretends to believe them anymore then the end is near.  Because with nothing to fear they will begin the full-scale looting of the system and with no value left in it, the supports will collapse.

What will that look like?  If I were to guess I’d say hyperinflation and food riots.  Now why should I be enthusiastic about all this?  Because maybe the powers that be aren’t as crazy as the people they’ve hired to run their circus.  The people in the FBI, the State Department and the IRS are true believers who play their parts but can get carried away.  Higher up in the echelons of power there may be some people with a better understanding of the stakes that are at risk and maybe a better understanding of social and economic factors that come into play when people realize they are being manipulated and lied to.  And they just might back away from the road we’re on.  But even if they don’t reaching the end of this road is a step in the right direction.

I admit there’s nothing very cheering in what is likely to go on during the 2024 election.  I expect massive electoral fraud with absentee ballots.  I expect Joe Biden will be re-elected.  But I think that will be an ending.    No one will be able to take American presidential elections seriously after that.  The whole process will be akin to professional wrestling or television talent shows; strictly entertainment or as people are saying it lately performative.

At that point half of this country will know that their prosperity is in their own hands and will be despite what the federal government does and not because of it.  And that is where we have to get to.  At that point, action by the red states will become the crucial news of the day and what will be discussed and voted on by the citizens who don’t want to be swallowed up by globalists human extinction program.  And once enough people are thinking in those terms progress toward something better will begin.

“My Uncle Bosey was eaten by cannibals.”

Guest Contributor – Milo Mindbender – 28APR2024 – Jewish Identity and the Left

If I remember correctly the “Jewish” voting block has always been almost monolithic in its support for the democratic party. Now they get paid back in the coin most commonly used by that party, “What have you done for me lately?” It’s amazing that after 75 years of on again off again support, when the Israeli government tries to settle an issue that has been festering on its border, and is self-inflicted by the residents of Gaza, that we scream as a nation “What about the children?” The Gaza population chose their leaders once upon a time, the Palestinians are less welcome in every middle Eastern country than they are in Israel, due to their track record of disturbances in search of power, and easy money. They have been exiled from everywhere else, and now pissed off the last place they were allowed to make refuge.

I don’t like violence, but understand that weakness is fatal in that region, and only by being stronger than your neighbors/enemies can you survive.

Hamas leadership picked this fight, and now seems to be regretting it, kinda weird all the casualties are women and children, no uniforms, and no military aged males. Maybe we are not getting the whole story.