Cry Me Denial

I watched the Stephanopoulos interview.  Compared to how that midget would have grilled a Republican this was a lovefest.  But as carefully and as politely as he could couch the questions, he still tried to get Biden to admit that the public thinks he’s senile.  And because they believe this the polls are showing his support slipping.

But Biden would have none of it.  According to Joe the race is dead even.  He’s on track to beat Trump and he’s never been sharper.  He’s trotting the globe defeating tyrants, expanding democracy and swashbuckling his way into history.  And only the Almighty can tell him to quit.

I’m not a fan of Stephanopoulos.  I think he’s a detestable partisan rat pretending to be an objective journalist.  But it was painful to see how completely unwilling Biden was to admit to any problems at all.  His handling of the country.  The public’s perception of his mental state.  Or in his present position in the electoral polls.  In Joe’s eyes he’s the best man to run the country and the only man who can prevent Donald Trump from regaining the presidency.

I’m of two minds about this.  The part of me that witnessed the 2020 election results thinks that Joe knows the fix is in and he knows they can print out another million ballots in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Detroit so everything is honkey-dory.  But the part of me that looks at the state of the country and can’t believe that even the Deep State wants this to continue, thinks that Joe is going to be carted off to the Cracker Factory in January 2025.

But either way it’s fascinating to see Joe Biden on display in all his deteriorating splendor.  His porcelain teeth shining bright in a mouth that can no longer produce clear English.  Near the end of the interview when, “Stephanopoulos asked the president bluntly how he would feel in January if Donald Trump ended up winning the election and his warnings about Trump and democracy came to pass. Biden replied: “I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the goodest job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about….””

Well, when your kids are two or three years old, goodest is a reasonable thing to say.  It shows a mind finding patterns in the formation of superlatives in English.  Past five I’d say it indicates a problem.  When used by a man running for the office of president of the United States, I’d say it’s a flashing red light.  He’s becoming a doofus.

To sum up the whole experience of watching the interview, it appears that the Left can’t get Joe Biden to jump off his campaign wagon.  And as things continue to unwind for his prospects, I have to admit I’m feeling a certain unbridled enthusiasm beginning to well up.  Sure, I know that anything can happen in the next four months.  And I know that absentee ballots can be printed at an incredible speed.

But even a “win” by Joe Biden at this point will be therapeutic.  How many people will be satisfied if the polls have Biden down by double digit in the swing states and he scratches out a win by a few thousand votes a week later?  I’m guessing almost no one.  And that would put to rest the myth of fair elections once and for all.  And to my mind that would be an acceptable conclusion to the whole populist experiment.  We’d know that dissent is forbidden.  And we could all give up the farce of voting every four years and do something useful instead.

But just imagine if Trump wins.  There would be a party that would go on for a week.  People would be dancing in the street and YouTube videos of Democrat voters wailing and gnashing their teeth would be playing on endless loops until the whole internet finally crashed.  Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow would have to be committed to lunatic asylums for electroshock therapy for a month just to stop them from screaming.

And I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for a month.

Unbridled Enthusiasm 2024 Version

I must be getting progressively more addlepated.  Even though I’ve seen up close and personal how Washington and the Democrats produce the outcomes they want, even after just seeing Mike Johnson fold like a cheap suit and give the people in charge everything they demanded; zillions of dollars for the neo-cons and gestapo powers for the FBI, somehow, I’ve become afflicted with unbridled enthusiasm.  And the only reason is because everywhere I look, more and more people are looking at Joe Biden and saying, “You’ve got be kidding me!”

Now, this “everywhere” doesn’t include hardcore regime mouthpieces like Morning Joe Scarborough or Rachel Maddow, but even some Democrats are beginning to realize that Joe Biden as a presidential candidate is a travesty.  He’s a walking corpse whose every unscripted speech will include absurdities up to and including the classic, “cannibals ate my uncle Bosey.

Now sure the powers that be don’t care what the consensus is, in the country.  A poll could come out two days before the election that has Trump up twenty points in every swing state and after the obligatory two weeks, they would unashamedly have Joe Biden win by a handful of votes in each of those states.  They can do it, so they will do it.  It’s as simple as that.

But if and when that happens then this will be the 1990s Soviet Union and it will usher in the end of this regime.  When the lies become so blatant that nobody even pretends to believe them anymore then the end is near.  Because with nothing to fear they will begin the full-scale looting of the system and with no value left in it, the supports will collapse.

What will that look like?  If I were to guess I’d say hyperinflation and food riots.  Now why should I be enthusiastic about all this?  Because maybe the powers that be aren’t as crazy as the people they’ve hired to run their circus.  The people in the FBI, the State Department and the IRS are true believers who play their parts but can get carried away.  Higher up in the echelons of power there may be some people with a better understanding of the stakes that are at risk and maybe a better understanding of social and economic factors that come into play when people realize they are being manipulated and lied to.  And they just might back away from the road we’re on.  But even if they don’t reaching the end of this road is a step in the right direction.

I admit there’s nothing very cheering in what is likely to go on during the 2024 election.  I expect massive electoral fraud with absentee ballots.  I expect Joe Biden will be re-elected.  But I think that will be an ending.    No one will be able to take American presidential elections seriously after that.  The whole process will be akin to professional wrestling or television talent shows; strictly entertainment or as people are saying it lately performative.

At that point half of this country will know that their prosperity is in their own hands and will be despite what the federal government does and not because of it.  And that is where we have to get to.  At that point, action by the red states will become the crucial news of the day and what will be discussed and voted on by the citizens who don’t want to be swallowed up by globalists human extinction program.  And once enough people are thinking in those terms progress toward something better will begin.

“My Uncle Bosey was eaten by cannibals.”

Pravda is Worried.  The Proles Have Caught On.

There is a fear growing.  Donald Trump has been consistently leading Joe Biden in national and state polls.  And the lead isn’t going away.  And the leads in some of the critical swing states have him ahead in some cases by almost ten points.

The fear exists because even with this lead and with people sensing this lead, the Democratic party is gearing up to use bogus absentee ballots to steal another election.  And they fear the consequences.

The January 6th protest was a result of people’s outrage that rampant voter fraud was perpetrated and approved by the political establishment.  And four years later the knowledge that the fraud happened is widespread.  And the numbers for Trump are even stronger now than they were four years ago.  The fear is that if they steal another election, it will finally snap the last threads providing any sense of legitimacy to the federal government.

You might rightly ask does it matter at all?  Ultimately, I think it does for them.  A large part of the strength of the United States as a great power derives from the consent of the governed.  Americans have been willing to fight in great wars and small because the benefits of living in a free country were self-evident.  Even the urban poor in the United States felt that they were in possession of privileges that even the rich inhabitants of other countries were denied.  We could say what we wanted.  We could move around a continent-spanning nation and find a new job and a new life just by willing it to happen.  We could start a business and make as much money as we wanted and no commissar would come down the street and take it away.  We had fair and free elections.  And if the bums we elected did a lousy job we could kick them out four years later.  We were called an exceptional nation and being an American was a special thing.  And we had found that to be true.

And now none of those things is true anymore.  Obama told us there is nothing exceptional about us.  And Biden says that third world invaders are better people than we are.  And the freedoms we were given can be taken back.  Say the wrong thing and there will be a knock on the door, or a battering ram, and away you go to the gulag.  No one is particularly proud anymore.  And precious few want to fight in their wars anymore.

And when we try to throw the bums out of office, they print up fake ballots and stay in office and tell us to mind our business, or else.

But the people running things are nervous.  The economy is not doing so good.  And the wars aren’t going so well.  And no one wants to join the military.  China, Russia, India and Saudi Arabia have been using other currencies instead of the almighty dollar.  The crime-ridden cities are even starting to scare the Democrat mayors running them.

I can tell that they’re nervous because their scribes are starting to write things like this.

“In the spirit of my argument in this column, I should concede that things do get trickier when we are dealing with a deliberate lie that has been concocted and spread as a political weapon, and is now believed by a large number of people, such as the “stealing” of the 2020 election. We don’t want to legitimise disinformation. But even in these circumstances, it is important to find things to agree on. No, the election was not stolen, but yes, there were a tiny number of instances of voter fraud (just shy of 475 possible instances, according to an AP report).

If we can show we have taken all of the facts — no matter how unpleasant or inconvenient they are — into consideration, not only does it make our arguments more persuasive; it also allows us to get closer to the truth (which we often have less of a grip on than we might like to admit). And doing so makes disagreement less toxic and more productive. In my experience, when you give someone an inch, they often end up giving you an inch, too.”

You see how the writer is bending over backwards to be fair to us poor benighted proles.  Read how she admits that there were a tiny number of frauds.  The Associated Press said so!  How can it be false?  That extra week or two of counting votes?  Why what’s wrong with that?  Who ever heard of counting all the votes in one day?  Crazy talk.  So, they kicked out the Republican poll watchers?  Why shouldn’t they.  They were making the poll workers nervous by being there.  And the precincts that came in at over 100% voter turnout?  Why that’s just democracy fortified.

A few other nervous sentences in the article:

“A Monmouth poll last June found that only 21 per cent of Republicans (but 93 per cent of Democrats) believe Joe Biden won fairly.

We can see similar gulfs on all sorts of issues, from the effectiveness of masks and lockdowns in preventing the spread of coronavirus to America’s migrant crisis and the war in Gaza. We are talking, here, not just about divides in terms of what is morally wrong and right, but what is real and what is not.

The stakes are too high to continue in this splintered way. A 2022 poll found that more than two in five Americans believed a civil war was at least somewhat likely in the next decade, thanks to political divisions.

And a report by the Eurasia Group in January said the upcoming US presidential election represents the biggest political risk to the world in 2024. “The United States is already the world’s most divided and dysfunctional advanced industrial democracy,” analysts wrote. “The 2024 election will exacerbate this problem no matter who wins.””

Yep, they’re nervous.  And that’s because they plan to steal 2024.  And if four years after 2020 got us to where we are today, I think they know that another stolen election is going to finish off whatever good is left in this once exceptional nation.

And how will these scribes find a Starbuck’s after the fall of the empire?

Throw the Dice One More Time

Not too many years ago I thought that all conspiracy theories were absurd.  JFK, RFK, 9/11, Pearl Harbor.  How could all these absurd things be true?  But after all the goings on that have happened in the last few years, if I can think of a government agency that might benefit from a covert operation to misdirect the American people I’ll be just as likely to believe it as not.

The things that went on in 2020/2021 were madness and they were directed by various parts of our government.  Various blue state governments and the FBI sat back and watched anarchists travel from state to state to orchestrate riots that destroyed billions of dollars of property and claimed lives.

The COVID lockdowns were once again a joint effort between blue state governments and Anthony Fauci to shut down our economy and create an excuse for absentee and mail-in voting that allowed the local Democrats to rig the presidential elections.  These things were done right in front of our eyes.  Very little effort was put into disguising the methods or the intent of these actions.

A lot has happened in the last three years.  Biden and his “build back better” grift has done a real number on the economy.  Inflation has been ignited and the results have not been lost on the American public.  Dementia Joe keeps telling everyone what a great economy it is but when the cost of everything has doubled it’s kind of hard to convince people that things have never been better.

And in fact, it’s finally soaked into his bone-head that he won’t be able to make the sale.  There are just too many things wrong to allow the usual Democrat shuffle.  So, they’re looking for some other angle to make his election seem plausible.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that in a recent presidential poll Joe was losing among key Democrat constituencies like Hispanics and women to Donald Trump!  But that brings me to the point of this post.  With Joe’s poll numbers dangerously low, is there any chance that the boys would allow Trump to win?

You may think this is a trivial question.  I don’t think it is.  The stakes keep getting higher on both the up and down sides of this gamble.  The economy is really starting to melt down.  The foreign policy landscape is getting pretty scary.  And the breakdown of law and order is even starting to frighten urban Democrats.  Will the fixers decide to steal one more election and hope things will turn around?

It’s starting to look like a degenerate gambler that’s already lost his life savings and is about to mortgage his house to double down for one more throw of the dice.  So, would they go to ludicrous lengths to fake an election win?  Will the wildly unpopular Joe Biden somehow find five or ten million extra votes just to let this charade go on until 2028?  And do they even want to?

As I said, the stakes are already pretty high.  Trump has said that he is going to fire many of his enemies in the Justice and State departments and in fact many other areas of the federal bureaucracy.  So, rigging an election may be the only way for these people to hold onto their power and comfortable lifestyles.  But at the same time, the mood of the public is becoming decidedly ugly toward what is going on in Washington.  Do they really despise the opinion of the American electorate so thoroughly that thwarting the will of the people is now of no consequence in their calculus?

So, there’s the question?  At this point will they go to any lengths to keep themselves in power?

I can’t make up my mind but my gut says yes.  They’ve come this far and there’s no going back.  If the federal bureaucracy is ever cleaned out these people in the Justice Department run the risk of prison.  If anyone ever gives whistleblower evidence to honest prosecutors and judges the bad guys would end up with life sentences at best.  So, I guess come November we’ll see a re-run of 2020.  Joe Biden will be re-elected by millions and Donald Trump will go to prison.

And that will be the clear end of the legitimacy of American elections.  At that point a different way of looking at life in America will be needed by our side.  At the moment I do not know what it will be.

New England Leads the Nation in Election Fraud Education

Connecticut is demonstrating how absentee ballot fraud is done on a wholesale basis.  A surveillance camera captures a state employee repeatedly dumping batches of absentee ballots into a drop box.  And the Democrat state officials look decidedly uncomfortable explaining how this impossible thing; voter fraud, could end up on a video feed for all to see.  And that’s the wrong part, as far as they’re concerned, the part where they get caught.

Well, from now on I’m looking forward to hearing all the fairy tales that the Democrats are ready to tell.  Just a few bad apples, nothing to see here, blah, blah, blah.  But this was a Democrat primary and the incumbent was the one who won by the margin in the absentee vote.  Will the Democrat who got cheated just roll over?  Should be very interesting.

Hell Week Begins Well


Work, work.  Work, work, work.  As stated earlier this week will be very busy.  But not as bad as previously imagined.  Today was surprisingly reasonable.  Good.

CPAC established that Donald Trump is still the primary candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.  It’s not clear to me how Ron DeSantis and the GOP establishment will deal with that.  And honestly, I don’t much care.  As the Z-Man likes to say the Democrats have “fortified democracy” in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan.  It probably won’t allow for Republicans to win in those states anymore.  Or at least not until cannibalism breaks out pretty convincingly in those places.

The other stuff in the news is relatively tame.  Bakhmut is about to fall in Ukraine but the billions keep flowing to Zelenskyyyyyyyyy and company.  East Palestine Ohio has disappeared from the headlines but Mayor Pete will now be dressed as the construction worker instead of the policeman whenever YMCA is played during pride month.  Mumbles Biden is no longer even trying to fashion coherent sentences or even use actual words.  His utterances look like the gibberish that science fiction writers used to make their alien creatures spew.  Long strings of zees and exes intermingled with random vowel sounds.  You know; izzichthizzzzexxxx zeep seep eeeee!  It’s funny.  I think every single Democrat president has been worse than his predecessor since all the way to Jimmy Carter.

But with Biden we’ve somehow taken a horrible giant step change to something much worse.  We now have a president that is so repellant in all his aspects that you begin to wonder if it will be possible to surpass or even equal him in awfulness.  I was thinking of Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg and after review I think Biden has either of them beat.  Sure, Kamala is stupider than Joe but for all of the horrible things she had to do to get to where she is, she can’t compare to the depravity and dishonesty that Joe just radiates.  And the same goes for Mayor Pete.  Sure, Pete’s a pathetic excuse for a man.  But Joe is just plain loathsome.  Just look at what he’s done to his son and daughter.  He belongs in the asylum where they keep people like Hannibal Lecter.  Even Lecter would ask to be moved to a better cell if Joe were his neighbor.

I don’t know.  Maybe there is someone even more horrible waiting in the wings.  Is Caligula about to be reincarnated?  Could Rasputin have survived the various assassination attempts and somehow survived to end up in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just to outdo Biden?  Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

But all of this is just misdirected anger.  It is America that is broken.  Regardless of whether we blame the evil party or the stupid party or both, we must confess that our political system doesn’t work anymore.  It’s been gamed.  We are owned by the public servants who run the intelligence agencies and the Congress.  And they are on the payroll of the corporations that cash in on the various government contracts, programs and monopolies.  The weapons manufacturers, the drug companies and the tech companies work hand in hand with the regulators, the federal agencies and the Congress to keep the gravy train going and us under their heels.

Sure, this is probably how it’s been for the last century but things have accelerated.  Running the United States isn’t enough anymore.  They want the whole planet.  And to make that work we aren’t needed.  In fact, we won’t be tolerated.  We’re in the way and they know what to do about that.  We’re going to be downsized out of existence.  And not slowly.  Active measures are being taken and they don’t even have to pretend it’s not so.  Accuse them of trying to get rid of the middle class and they just shrug their shoulders and say, “So?”

And maybe they can get away with all of this.  Most of the people in the limelight don’t seem particularly smart or strong.  But maybe the people really calling the shots are.  Maybe they’ll win because they are smarter than us.  And if they succeed in dominating China and Russia then maybe their system will overshadow the planet.  What a thought; rainbow flags as far as the eye can see and transgender armies goose stepping in front of the Kremlin.

But just accepting all this seems weak.  I think it’s worth resisting.  Wouldn’t it be great to find out that they really aren’t that smart!  Maybe it’s just the stupid party helping them win.  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll find some smart people on our side.  Okay, that’s enough for a Monday in hell week.  We return you to the horror show already in progress.

H/T to Conservative Treehouse for News of Brazil’s Election Unrest

Sundance has been following Bolsonaro’s fate after his electoral loss in the recent election.  It appears that the military may be taking Bolsonaro’s part in this quarrel over election fraud.  It seems political stability is beginning to break down all over the world.  We may be entering even more chaotic times.  Brazil is a more unstable place than America.  But it may be a test case for the people losing faith in the traditional democratic institutions.

Some Observations and Thoughts Working on My First Election

Now that I’ve almost entirely recovered from the fatigue, fascination and horror of Election Day I’ve had a chance to reflect a little on what I saw and learned.

First off, it really was a fascinating experience.  Coming into direct contact with four or five thousand people, even if only briefly is stimulating and highly interesting.  Even if you’re for the most part only asking and answering questions you get a flavor for each soul you collide with.

And I would say the negative contacts were only in the range of a tenth of a percent.  I could count them all on the fingers of one hand.  And that’s a remarkably low percentage.  Possibly the majority of the participants were enjoying the experience.  Or maybe they picked up on my energy.  Because despite how exhausted I was by the fifteenth hour of my shift I was still energized by the whole thing.  My feet weren’t energized but my mind was.  It was fun.

However, that all ended when the doors were closed and the tabulation began.  Everything about the process of counting the votes is painful, annoying and subject to the vicissitudes of badly designed and easily malfunctioning equipment.  But at least in the case of the election team I worked with everyone went way above and beyond the call of duty to get the numbers accurately and expeditiously relayed to the Secretary of State’s office.  So, kudos to us.

Now I’ll apply what I learned on Tuesday to what is going on across the country now several days after the election in places like Arizona and Nevada.  The delays they are experiencing are on account of the mail in ballots.  Either they are waiting for a certain number of days for ballots mailed in on Tuesday to reach them (which seems idiotic) or they only started processing them after they finished the count of the normal ballots.

In either case this is either rank stupidity or an excuse to fabricate ballots to offset shortfalls by the candidate that’s supposed to win.  If it weren’t then there would be a requirement that all mail in ballots be mailed in a month before the election.  That way all of them would be received and processed before the election.  The fact that these states are allowing their elections to be dragged out for a week or more is malfeasance that necessarily robs the process of legitimacy in the minds of the voters.  By my way of looking at things this is hastening the break down of national cohesion.  This year, more than half of Americans already believed that the 2020 elections were illegally tampered with.  2022 won’t improve on things.

So, I’m struck by the paradox.  Here we have a population of people who expend time and emotional energy to vote in the hope that it influences how their government works.  And yet more than half of those people think that to some extent the selection of federal representatives is rigged.  How can that be reconciled?

Maybe it can’t be reconciled.  And maybe in the not-too-distant future something is going to change.  What’s the old saying?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  Maybe we’re getting tired of acting crazy.

Arizona Law Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote Should Provide a Good Test of SCOTUS

This election season Dementia Joe and his evil minions will try to swamp the polls with illegal voters.  Arizona’s law attempting to prevent this abuse will be a test case to see if the “conservative” Supreme Court is worth the breath that’s been spent talking about it.  The law is sure to be challenged.  Either elections can be made to run fairly or we’re a banana republic.  Currently 2020 proved we’re a failed state but maybe, just maybe, there are still enough people left who want their freedom back to turn this thing around.  My proof that this can happen will be sixty new Republican seats in the House and ten more Republican senate seats.

I think that’s fair.