Brazilians Occupy Their Congress, Supreme Court and Presidential Palace

Bolsonaro supporters stormed the main buildings of their three branches of government today.  It should be interesting to see if Brazil’s election protestors end up as the January 6th protestors did or prevail.  Brazil is not within my areas of expertise so I’m not sure what any of this means.  But ti does show that America is not the only major country where the Left and the Right are at each others throats.



H/T to Conservative Treehouse for News of Brazil’s Election Unrest

Sundance has been following Bolsonaro’s fate after his electoral loss in the recent election.  It appears that the military may be taking Bolsonaro’s part in this quarrel over election fraud.  It seems political stability is beginning to break down all over the world.  We may be entering even more chaotic times.  Brazil is a more unstable place than America.  But it may be a test case for the people losing faith in the traditional democratic institutions.