07MAR2021 – OCF Update – This and That

Today was a work day.  I’ve been neglecting my writing so today I paid my dues and knocked off a few thousand words of story telling.  I’m in a quiet interval in the story and those are harder to write for me than the action sequences.  Those seem to write themselves.

So the Democrats are paying the blue states a few trillion dollars to let them pay their union buddies off.  Seems about as expected.  And from what I remember there’s a bill circulating to codify election stealing into national law.  I wonder if the Republicans will put up any fight at all.  Probably not.  I’m very interested to see if the Red States start putting together state measures to keep the fraudsters out of their states.  And of course I’m waiting for the conflict that those two opposed actions will lead to.  I think at this point that there are some states that will take their fates into their own hands and begin the battle for freedom.

I’ve been following Curtis Yarvin’s Gray Mirror newsletter on my e-mail account.  I haven’t taken out a paid subscription yet so I only read the free section but that may be enough.  Yarvin likes to write voluminously so his free section is at least several thousand words. per piece.  He’s a strange cat.  He considers himself a monarchist.  He has no belief in the democratic form of government.  He’s not a conservative per se.  I think the correct term is neo-reactionary but he does have a lot of interesting ideas.  The only thing I’m not sure about is whether the world he wants is the one I want. If you’re interested in an intellectual’s take on the solution to the Woke Culture you might check it out.

I went back to some of the photography websites I used to follow and it seems they’ve fallen on hard times.  Web traffic is way down and interest has shifted to phone cameras and Pinterest.  Oh well.  Since a lot of these sites censored conservative commenters in a biased way compared to their progressive commenters I can’t say that I’m sad to see them suffering.  Maybe if they’d been more even handed I might have cared.  Well anyway I’ve got my own place to put my bug pictures up so I’m good.

My ongoing experiment with a rower (Concept 2) has been going okay.  I’m loving the experience as is Camera Girl.  It’s actually very relaxing and good for clearing my mind.  But as Maddmedic warned it is tough on the back.  So I’m doing back stretches and have stopped sitting on my uber-soft couch and now use a stiff wood backed chair.  So far so good.

I enjoyed the Biden parody post.  I’ve got to see if I can do more of those.  He really deserves all the abuse we can heap on him.

Well, that’s enough for now.  Enjoy your Sunday night.

Discussion from the Post “28FEB2021 – Reading the Tea Leaves”


I liked the comments from this post so much I decided they should be given their own post on the site Here it is.  This is exactly how I want the site to perform.


Neil M. Dunn

Red state legislatures should reinstate control over the election process B4 2022 for any chance of changing the House majority party and must reinstate control….B4 2024 if there is to be any chance to have Trump(or similar) become President. I am not optimistic.



Reply to  Neil M. Dunn

Neither am I. PA, WI, AZ & GA should have already been galvanized by the November outrage. Instead, crickets.



Like you, I was relatively okay with Trump’s speech. It sounded like a pre-election rally, a call to action of some sort, and a synopsis of why he’s great and Biden is not. Fine: Everyone listening gets it. He’s preaching to the choir. The question is twofold: How are we going to get back control, and secondly, Who is going to lead this process?

We now understand that no institution in the United States is going to stand firm for American values, laws, the Constitution, history, culture, language or borders. At least not at the leadership levels — people on the line, doing the work agree with conservatives, but the controlling executive and managerial levels don’t.

I think we can demonstrate with history, that in most situations people only learn things and move to action with pain. It would be nice if we learned through pleasure, but it doesn’t seem that way. If so, then it isn’t enough for Americans to wake up and see what’s going on around them. That’s been happening for decades, presumably under some sort of organized planning.

No; we’re too far down the road to socialism and American tyranny. Instead, we’re going to have to now live through the results of decades of apathy, inaction, and wanting someone else to do the work. As Trump said, conservatives are nice; Democrats are vicious. And we know how difficult it is to change human nature. There’s an old poem making the rounds about how the Saxons learned to hate. It will take a lot more, and a lot of real pain for conservatives to learn to be as strong as our opponents.



Reply to  NC_Craig

Craig, I agree completely with what you describe. Somebody with a lot of courage and some brains is going to have to step forward and actually take a stand. And if he has a plan that will work men will follow him.


War Pig

Reply to  photog

But he or she will be assassinated or “cancelled” or have false charges of sexual harassment, etc, brought against them. If the bastards are now going after Dr Seuss, there is no limit to their perfidy.

They got JFK and Bobby Kennedy, almost got Reagan and even went after poor Gerald Ford. Frankly, I’m surprised Trump survived. The left is the party of racism, violence and assassination. They whistle up their brown shirt Antifa and BLM like Maduro whistles up his “militia”, both to suppress opposition to the regime.

I can see red state pushback but not secession. One pushback I’d like to see is the state basically kicking federal personnel out. Force all offices of the IRS and FBI to close and leave. If the feds retaliate with loss of federal money, then tell state residents they no longer have to pay US income tax, and dare the feds to try and enforce it. Red states put more into the federal coffers than they get back as it is. Threaten to have Military bases power and water cut off from outside the base borders, where the state rules, if the feds keep it up. Use the National Guard as the new state military and refuse to federalize them when congress tries.

If turned loose, the Texas Rangers can enforce the law quite well in Texas. FBI not needed. Also create another border just inside the US border and put up a wall or fence. Texas can then refuse to accept illegals.

I said many times that this was going to be the most crooked election in our history. I was right. The Democrats went after the election and they pulled out all the stops, every dirty trick in the book was used. Now they are in charge of government they will only entrench themselves further. No illegal act, no falsehood, no theft, no felony will be too bad for them to use in their quest for power.

The problem is, conservatives are basically decent people. Democrats are vicious swine with no moral scruples at all. They will support anything if it helps them achieve their ends. Murder, riot, arson, theft, vote fraud, lies, false charges, suppression of the Bill of Rights – anything. Things conservatives cannot bring themselves to do. So conservatives are always fighting with one foot in a bucket of cement and one hand tied behind their backs.



Reply to  War Pig

You know War Pig, that’s all very true and I may be getting senile but I’m actually more optimistic since the election fraud than I was before. I think the farce that is the Biden Administration will do more to wake up America than anything Trump could have done in a second term. I’m hoping that one of the governors will step up and tell Biden and his goons to go pound sand. As I said I’m probably dead wrong but I’m feeling optimistic.


War Pig

Reply to  photog

Unless they face legal repercussions, they will continue to violate election laws at will. Until one of the mighty goes to prison, there is no stopping them. Why shouldn’t they steal elections? They get away with it, and nobody pays the price. When they steal the elections, they can stymie any investigation. Look at Ohio. The federal prosecutor in our area arrested the speaker of the Ohio house on corruption charges. He was building a case on the largest state-level corruption and money laundering scheme he’d ever heard of. But, he has now packed his bags and gone as Biden replaced him. The Democratic-leaning replacement doesn’t seem very interested in the case so far.

We would need a President able to drain the swamp and it would take four terms in office at least, with both houses of congress firmly in conservative hands for those four terms. That’s how long FDR took to fill the swamp.



Reply to  War Pig

At this point I think if anything is going to be done it will happen in a red state. The federal government is hopelessly lost to the Left.



Reply to  photog

The Federal Government is bankrupt, hence the unlimited printing of money. It will collapse, along with EBT cards and money, unemployment checks and so forth. Then there will be riots, mostly in the urban centers. Let’s see how well the Federal Government does in holding onto their control when the money runs out.



Reply to  NC_Craig

Exactly how long the federal government can print unlimited trillions of dollars is unknown by me. I’m not sure anyone knows when the currency will collapse.



Reply to  photog

Gov. Ron DeSantis – Florida



Reply to  NC_Craig

He does seem to be doing a lot of things right. What might make things even more interesting is if he started coordinating with as many of the other red states as are interested to coordinate efforts. They could form their own League or Bloc. I think that could be very useful.



Reply to  War Pig


by Rudyard Kipling


It was not part of their blood,

It came to them very late,

With long arrears to make good,

When the Saxon began to hate.


They were not easily moved,

They were icy — willing to wait

Till every count should be proved,

Ere the Saxon began to hate.


Their voices were even and low.

Their eyes were level and straight.

There was neither sign nor show

When the Saxon began to hate.


It was not preached to the crowd.

It was not taught by the state.

No man spoke it aloud

When the Saxon began to hate.


It was not suddenly bred.

It will not swiftly abate.

Through the chilled years ahead,

When Time shall count from the date

That the Saxon began to hate.



Reply to  photog

Jefferson Davis had an entire government in place for the Confederacy; including a currency and banking system. Lincoln had technology. In today’s world, conservatives have the technology, while the only thing the aristocrats have is a currency, and identity politics.



Reply to  NC_Craig

This will be difficult and no one really knows how this will go but there are an awful lot of people whose eyes have been opened. It may happen faster than we think. We just need the right match. And I think that match will be a hero.



Reply to  NC_Craig

(Sorry for the long comment, but I guess I’m passionate.)

I’m reading the comments, and it seems we’re all seeing the same thing: With control over law, justice, congress, and (of course) the bureaucracy, there doesn’t seem to be a way to change things. The single, biggest problem we all face is utter lack of accountability. Nobody has gone to jail for anything in my lifetime, and that spans at least 40 years as an adult paying attention. Yes, there have been one or two major cases, but we’ll likely agree that perps along the lines of the Clintons, Bidens, Pelosis, and so forth — the upper leadership of government — should be tried and convicted.

The biggest problem for the other side — the tyrants — is the size of the United States. Go back and re-watch the original “Red Dawn” movie, in light of today’s world. You’ll see numerous major flaws of logic, logistics, and cause-effect. People say we’ll become like Venezuela. And yes, that’s what the tyrants (or more properly, the aristocrats) want.

Okay: Venezuela is, what…the size of Texas? The US has all the resources needed for a completely self-sufficient nation. But the biggest (historic) distinction between the US and every other nation that’s fallen to tyranny, is the armed citizenry. People say that individuals can’t go up against a military. I would argue most of the military personnel are on the side of the free citizens.

When the Soviet Union was about to collapse, the general(s) and politicians who led the coup, failed. In retrospect, they said that the only way a coup, revolution, or insurgency can succeed is with the large majority of the citizens supporting that cause. With 80+ million conservatives that we know about as voters, I would say that’s a significant majority.

The logistics of actually taking control of this nation, as the aristocrats want, are nearly impossible. They would have almost no infrastructure support — conservatives overwhelmingly are the mechanics, engineers, and construction sector, along with farming, processing and delivering food, goods and services. Democrats control the large, urban centers. They don’t control entire “blue” states. Dominion voting machines make it appear so, but county-by-county vote tallies show the truth. Urban centers are extremely vulnerable.

We, as a nation, will have to be forced into a direct confrontation. In Germany and the USSR, when the secret police came in the dead of night, the citizens didn’t have guns. They could have used knives, bricks, table legs, or bludgeons, but they didn’t. Europe has a history of centuries of being led by kings, czars, and other monarchs or dictators. The people were almost genetically conditioned to follow orders.

Americans have only a history of liberty. Almost any child on a playground, when confronted, will say, “It’s a free world: I can do what I want.” Ignore the child’s argument, and focus on that automatic assumption of freedom. When the police (or foreign mercenaries) come for us, America isn’t at all like Europe. Many people will die, and those mercenaries will be far more cautious about going after the citizens (outside the urban centers) in a wholesale manner.

We should be optimistic, but not because we’ll somehow find a great leader. No; it’s because when things really and truly reach the breaking point, there will be armed resistance. And even if the military tried to side with the Administration, how many citizens would it take to overwhelm that equipment? And how many previous military have the skills to fly helicopters, fighter planes, and every other damn thing.

We’ve tried a peaceful resistance, with the voting. That failed, and I see no real attempt to fix it. We tried the courts, and now, with even Durham quitting, that failed. We’ll try passive resistance and non-compliance, and that likely won’t work either. Then “they’ll” come for us. And that’s when half the population will finally make a stand and say, “No!”



Reply to  NC_Craig

Craig, you have thought about these things quite a bit. And lately so have I. I agree Americans are not Russian serfs that will passively turn themselves in to the secret police. But I do hope that a governor and a state legislature will show some backbone and tell the feds to pound sand when they come for the guns. I no longer think it’s a sure thing that the so-called conservative majority on the Supreme Court will protect the Bill or Rights. I despise Roberts passionately but he may not be the only traitor.



Reply to  NC_Craig

I forgot the biggest adversary of all: the banks and financial oligarchy. Control the money, and you control the nation. That’s what’s behind all this in the first place: financial control of the world’s resources. Standing against that is the American foundation of free-market capitalism, entreprenneurs, black markets, and lack of “respect” for government in general.



Reply to  NC_Craig

The banks belong to them. We’re going to need our own banks.


War Pig

Reply to  NC_Craig

“People say that individuals can’t go up against a military. I would argue most of the military personnel are on the side of the free citizens.”

The left likes to forget that there are something like 24 million veterans in civil society. Even if the military takes the left’s side (which I also doubt), they are short on manpower to occupy this entire, large nation, as you so accurately pointed out. Plus many of the combat vets have seen action in Vietnam and in Afghanistan/Iraq, where we beat the enemy at their own guerilla war game. Our veterans know how to prosecute a guerilla war, and enough of them have experience with IEDs to make any occupying force whish it had stayed in barracks.

Yamamoto said he had no intention of trying to invade the US mainland and “face a gun behind every blade of grass”. The old Soviet marshals said pretty much the same thing. You are both correct, the armed citizenry is the key to freedom. That is why the left is trying so hard to disarm us.

One leftist pundit said that; “if you need 30 rounds to hunt, you suck at hunting”: to which the correct reply is; “if you need a disarmed populace to govern, you suck at governing”.

25FEB2021 – OCF Update

Yesterday I cranked out a few thousand words to a story I’m working on and it felt great!  Nothing but positive energy.  Writing about something with no relation to Leftists or Wokeness was absolutely rejuvenating.  So I’m going to start writing a little fiction everyday.

Spring is starting to make some headway here at the compound.  I actually left the snow on the lower driveway this last snowfall and it’s melting sloppily on its own.  This is big.  By the end of February my back is usually pretty beat up.  And because of this I’ve been very slow to ramp up my use of the rower but with the specter of snow removal slowly receding in to the rear view mirror I will start building up on the rowing.

One of the negative effects of the spring season is the reappearance of the black bears in the area.  Last year they flattened Camera Girl’s beloved bird feeding pole.

This year she has vowed to pre-emptively take in the feeders when the local animal control warnings go out.  We shall see.

And at long last the replacement part for Camera Girl’s beloved dishwasher has arrived from Wuhan, China. It took three months for the part to arrive.  Something about interruptions at the factory.  Whatever.  There is much rejoicing and  the repairman will be declared a Hero of the Motherland and our next dog is sure to be named after him.

So as you can see my mood is ebullient and even the prospect of Dementia Joe declaring another fatwa against me and mine just isn’t getting the job done today.  Pretty soon the crocuses will be crocussing and the daffodils will be doing whatever daffodils do and I can get out with my beloved Sony A7 III and my beloved Sony 90mm F/2.8 macro lens and all will be right with the world.



Free America –21FEB2021 Update

As we settle into the new totalitarian regime the sense of outrage dulls and each new atrocity becomes less shocking because it’s already expected.  Biden is telling the Democrat Congress he wants a bill that gives the illegals an eight-year path to citizenship.  Then he wants to have D.C. and Puerto Rico declared states.  Soon he’ll demand slavery reparations.  And after that he’ll want to balance the books by cancelling the 401K and social security accounts of anyone who isn’t black.  Well, sure.  Are we expecting anything less?  They’ve telegraphed this stuff for years.  With full control of the Congress and White House the only check on their plans is the Supreme Court and I think we know how that will play out.  Even gun grabs and hate speech legislation are on the agenda and now it sounds like they intend to use the FBI as the secret police and arrest people they don’t like by calling them insurrectionists.  Good times.

During a get together with some friends we were talking about that teacher in New York City who was fired. Apparently at some kind of group session where people were supposed to talk about personal struggles she tried to talk about her grandparents and their loss of a child during the Holocaust.  She was shut down because they let her know the only ones allowed to talk about problems are black and brown people.  Then to top it off when they were taking a group picture, she wouldn’t give the Wakanda Salute (put her arms in front of her in the shape of an X).  Apparently, this is a gesture used in the Marvel Comics movie Black Panther.  I think she felt it was silly or divisive.  So, they fired her.  I think she had been given an award recently for figuring out a way to improve math test scores in her school.

We were discussing the fact that people are leaving New York in epidemic numbers to get their kids out of the public school system.  And obviously with the story about the teacher just mentioned it isn’t hard to imagine that in a very few years they will have driven all the good teachers and most families that care about educating their kids, right out of the system.  We debated whether this would have any effect on the city government.  I think the opinion was it wouldn’t.  At least not until the system crashed and burned beyond repair.  And that is a truly amazing result.  New York City is estimated to have eight million people living in it.  Now, that was before the disruptions from COVID and BLM.  If someone told me it had lost a million people, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.  But even if there were only six million people living there, I find it shocking to imagine what will happen to the productivity and general behavior of the inhabitants if the school system becomes like what they have in Detroit or Baltimore.  That level of illiteracy and dysfunction in a place as hard to keep running as New York will be truly frightening.  I wouldn’t be surprised if whole industries just up and move out overnight.  Wall Street, the banks, the insurance companies, the advertising companies, even the fashion industry can, and probably will, leave when the city starts becoming like Detroit.  As it is the lawlessness of the BLM riots has destroyed the retail stores in uptown and midtown.  It’s actually hard to imagine things improving without some serious incentives by the state and federal government.

One of the guys was saying that communities as far away as Florida were seeing school enrollments skyrocketing with New York emigres looking to find schools where their kids would get a decent education.  I imagine a similar thing will be going on in other cities similarly affected.  Certainly, Minneapolis is experiencing a crime epidemic and I’m sure the parents there are looking for a way to escape.  Chicago also sounds like it is melting down.  So, the good times are just flowing in Dementia Joe’s America.  It’s at least a small comfort that the states that voted overwhelmingly for Biden are taking it on the chin big time.  And with the political fall out that the governors of New York and California are suffering lately it is a little less painful to see what the communists are doing to the Former United States.

But here in Free America we don’t give the Wakanda Salute.  We don’t watch sports games where people disrespect the National Anthem of Free America.  We don’t tell our children that they should be ashamed because their skin happens to be fair.  We don’t let teachers fool them about who they are and what is right and wrong.  And our pronouns don’t need to be asked.  They’re self-evident.

Then the get together devolved into an argument about deciding who were the hottest women on television back in the day.  The final match up was between Wrangler Jane on F Troop and Barbara Eden on I Dream of Jeannie.  Well, that should be obvious.

An Open Letter to the Leaders on the Right

To: Former President Donald J. Trump, Senator Josh Hawley, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Tom Cotton, Governor Ron DeSantis, Governor Kristi Noem, Mr. Mike Pompeo, Mr. Donald Trump Jr., Mr. Tucker Carlson


I am writing this open letter to you powerful and hopefully conservative leaders in the hope that somehow it will find its way to you in the real world.  I am not sure that all of you really are on our side and I’m also sure that I’ve left out many conservative leaders that are out there.  But if this message gets through to any of you and you actually find my message important then you have more chance of spreading this information to the rest of the conservative leaders than I do.

And my message is that unless you all organize some kind of effective message to the conservative people of this country very soon it will be too late.  And that’s not hyperbole.  The Left is torturing us in every facet of our existence.

They torture us at work with their various trainings.  We get sensitivity training for racial identity, sexual identity, gender identity.  We get lectured on equity which is just another name for anti-white discrimination.  Now we even get safety training to rat out our friends who say the “wrong” things.

They torture us if we try to watch entertainment.  We have to have overpaid steroid users kneeling during the national anthem while the airheaded “sports analysts” tell us how brave they are to do it.  Every movie and every tv show and even every commercial trumpets the BLM mantra that America is an abomination saturated with systemic racism.  The stupidest people in the world, actors and actresses, line up to preach to us about how evil we are.  They’ve even invented a name for it, white privilege.

They torture our children in every school from nursery school all the way through graduate school.  And if they don’t toe the line, they won’t get to use their hyper-expensive degrees.  They turn them against their parents and ancestors and make them hate the very civilization that created the world that provides all the advantages that everybody takes for granted.

They torture us on-line where they harass and de-platform normal people who want to communicate with the rest of the world.  They will not only de-platform you but they will pressure banks and payment processors to boycott your business.  They’ll even contact your employer and get you fired from your job.  And Silicon Valley acts as a giant echo chamber that gaslights us and even worse, silences us in their search engines and advertising algorithms.

They torture us by making and selectively enforcing laws against us.  They’ll celebrate the rioting and murder committed by BLM and Antifa but they’ll prosecute to absurd levels anything that is done by the Right.  Now they are ramping up their surveillance and prosecution campaign using the bogeyman of “white supremacist terror.”  They punish free speech and they are attempting to invalidate the second amendment by criminalizing guns.

They torture us by encouraging illegal immigration and by exporting all our jobs.  And now Silicon Valley has finished the job by killing the retail businesses with Amazon.  I won’t even bother to discuss COVID and the horrors they’ve inflicted on us for that.

They’ve made our lives hell but other than President Trump’s term in office you’ve all done nothing.  In the last four years there was a glimmer of hope.  That’s been extinguished.  And most real conservatives living in blue states are close to giving up permanently.  I have many friends who were outspoken champions of the Right but after the 2020 election and its aftermath have told me they don’t think there is anyone on the Right that has any fight in them at all.  If you tell them that we must form a resistance they say, “Leave me alone, don’t waste my time, let me go and enjoy my life as well as I can.”  So, if you hope to do something about taking back this country from the Left you all better sit down together in one room and put together an action plan that includes more than talk.

You want to be the leaders of the Right, so lead!   You had better put together a party or corporation to rally the conservatives.  It can’t be the Republican party because they are useless.  Their “big tent” includes squishes like McConnell and Cheney and countless others who wouldn’t know a conservative principle if it walked up to them and punched them in the nose.  And I’m not asking all the Republicans to leave the party.  It’s irrelevant.  We need an organization that’s just for social conservatives, people who believe in the Bill of Rights, who believe in God and country.  A good test is anyone who thinks that the BLM riots were justified doesn’t belong in this group.

Put together an organization and come up with some goals.  Speak to us tell us what you plan to do.  Give us hope.  Give us something to buy into and support that isn’t just us funding your stupid re-election funds!  Build something that we can benefit from.  Find some billionaires on our side and have them build some platforms for us.  Have our own Facebook, our own PayPal and while you’re at it have them open our own bank.  You could get 75,000,000 customers and who knows one day you might have your own Google, YouTube and Amazon also.  Buy a bunch of expensive lawyers and start suing our enemies in every court in the land.  Sue Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and all the banks and other corporations that have been de-platforming and firing people for absolutely no legal reason at all.

And I’m no business genius.  I am aware that it takes business savvy and experience to do this.  But if there is no one on our side smart enough to figure out how to monetize 75,000,000 angry consumers then we deserve to lose.  Give these people a way to channel their anger and they will be glad to pay a little bit to have an organization of their own.

But you had better do it soon.  People can’t hold out forever.  They need hope and they want something to believe in.  Come up with a plan and put it in front of the Right and they will follow you.  Dawdle around and there won’t be anything left.  If you are leaders then lead.  If you’re not then just put out a statement that there is no hope and you’re outmatched.  Then we can decide how to make the best of our lives somewhere else.

Arthur Milikh Writes On A Way Forward for Conservatism – I Beg to Differ

Over at Real Clear Politics Arthur Milikh of the The Claremont Institute’s ‘Center for the American Way of Life’ has an essay called  “A New Conservatism Must Emerge.”

His thesis is that the Left has conquered all of the institutions of America not because of any inherent strength of its point of view but because the Right is so unaware of what it stands for that it never even knew when things were slipping away.

Actually I reject this thesis.  I think we were sold down the river by the supposed conservative leaders of the Republican party who were really only part of the Left in disguise.

Now his solution to fight back against the current situation is to attack the institutions of the Left and to re-affirm the tenets of the “American Way of Life.”

Well, I guess so.  But all of that is kind of vague.  Mr. Milikh does list the symptoms of the disease that is now killing us but a more straight forward approach to how to save us from the Left is to say we need a leader to gather up the splinters of our resistance and shape it into a weapon with which to club our enemies into submission.  Because no amount of defensive action is going to make them stop.  Their teeth need to be pulled.  Their ability to assault us needs to be neutralized.  Someone with brains and guts needs to call a conservative convention to plot out a survival strategy.  America has been turned into Orwell’s 1984 and people are acting like it’s just a slight inconvenience.  We all know what must be done.  But how can it be done and who can do it?  It will take a bold leader who finds some strong position and fires the first shot and proves that he can’t be taken down by all the forces of the Left.  If someone does that it will cause a chain reaction that will shatter the illusion of the Potemkin Village that the Left has built up like a strong wind blows down a house of cards.

So my short counter proposal is “We Need a Champion.”





15FEB2021 – OCF Update

We got a good response on my “Who is the Worst RINO in Recent History?” post.  And I’ll have to say I really enjoy getting the feedback.  In fact, I crave that experience.  It’s no secret that I despise Romney.  But even if the winner had been someone I don’t really care that much about like Richard Burr or Bill Cassidy, I still would have been gratified to get the information.  I only have my small group of friends here in the Northeast and finding out what the rest of the country thinks is valuable.  Not knowing what has been going on in the rest of the country is part of how they have been able to rip this country apart.  When people get to tell their stories it makes us all better informed.

I encourage all of the readers to say what you think even if you think my opinions are mistaken, even, especially if you think they’re mistaken.  And I’m interested in any topics you are interested in me writing about.  If you have a topic send it in the comments.  And if you want to write on it, even better.  I’ll set up a folder for you and post it.  Just pick an alias and it’ll be searchable for your alias and if you ever want it removed I’ll be happy to do it.

Now that the impeachment is over I’m hoping that we’ll start to hear from Donald Trump and what his plans for the future are.  I’ll continue my own series of posts about what I think the country needs.  At this point I think a convention of conservative leaders is desperately needed.  A national organization separate from the federal government is going to be needed.  It will need to coordinate all the red states that are tired of being ignored or persecuted by the feds but it will also have to represent and help the conservatives living behind the enemy lines in blue state America.

I am also looking for any practical experience with the topics that I am discussing for the “Reclaim the Family” series.  This is one of the most important topics but it’s also one of the most difficult to come up with practical and actionable advice.  Families aren’t widgets.  Each is different and the people in them aren’t as easy to model as simple things like economics and missile ballistics.  Even anecdotes about life and families would be welcome.  The contributors’ stories are some of my favorite content here.  I really miss War Pig’s stories.  They were always entertaining.

I think after I finish the Star Trek series I’m going to review the old Jackie Gleason series, “The Honeymooners.”  I haven’t watched them in decades.  They should be a lot of fun.  Ralph and Norton, Ralph and Alice; these are almost archetypal relationships that I think still resonate with men and women.  Plus they really are funny and we could all use a good laugh.

So stay tuned, plenty coming up and even beside the politics there should be plenty to read and discuss.

Now Let’s Switch It Up – Who Will Lead Us Out of the Wilderness?

Yes, Mitt Romney is the lowest of the low.  But who do we we think could be part of the solution?  We need a leader, a hero.  Someone powerful and smart.  But who is out there?  I’ll put a few names out there, pick any that seems like they could help.  If you have a better name pick “other” and list him in the comments.

This is a lot more difficult than the other survey.  This isn’t a simple choice between obvious choices.  None of us know the answer to this.  Some of these people want to help us and even have done things to help us like President Trump.  But who has the wherewithal to get us out of the trap that the Left has gotten us in.  Strength, brains but also enormous courage.  That’s what’s needed.  Because the enemies ranged against him will be almost irresistible.

And honestly, what it’s going to require is someone who can organize the other leaders around him and forge that coalition into a weapon to defeat the Deep State.  And that is going to take more than anyone has shown so far.


Who Will Lead Us Out of the Wilderness?

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Who is the Worst RINO in Recent History?

I skipped small timers like most of the house reps who voted for impeachment and guys like Jeb! and some of the small time hoodlums who showed up in the White House cabinet positions.  But if I missed someone good feel free to pick “other” and add him in in the comments.  Pick the creepiest low down skunk of the bunch.  I tell you it’s not an easy pick.  McCain, Romney, Ryan.  It’s real close.


Who is the Republican You Despise the Most?

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Update:  The people have spoken.  Mitt Romney is, hands down, the the most despised Republican.  Quite an honor.






12FEB2021 – OCF Update – The Mid-Winter Blues

The Mid-Winter Blues have got me today.  I should be celebrating the end of the Impeachment Farce and the beginning of better things but for some reason the prospect of another couple of months of this weather has sort of sunk into my soul.  It won’t last but it does make me slightly sorrowful.

I finally started reading the latest Harry Dresden book (Battle Ground).  I’m a few chapters in but I really haven’t gotten hooked.  Something seems different about Harry’s voice.  Jim Butcher took about six years off between his earlier books and these last two ( this one and the previous one Peace Talks) and it seems to me there’s been a change.  Who knows, maybe I’ve changed.  But we’ll see, maybe I’ll snap into it.

I finally got through the first chapter of Gulag Archipelago.  It was ninety pages of purges that killed off sixty million people.  Stalin truly was a monster.  One of the footnotes had an historical idea I hadn’t heard before.  There was a belief that Stalin may have been part of the Czarist secret police before the revolution.  The records were burned by some of the Bolsheviks and it would explain Stalin’s expertise at pulverizing resistance.  The next chapter is about interrogation.  Just from the little I’ve already read it appears that torture was one of their areas of expertise.  Oh well, onward.

I’ve been thinking more about what is the practical way to start making some headway against the Left.  It seems to me that a coordination of consumer practices would be a way to leverage the numbers that our side has.  And that could be both positive and negative coordination.  Boycotts would definitely be an important tactic but also cutting deals with companies such that they would acknowledge the monetary advantage of working with us in exchange for the complete cessation of woke kowtowing.  So if we give them a lot of business they stop virtue signaling to the Left and stop attacking normal culture.  No boycotts of right-wing books and products. No transgender bathrooms.  It seems astonishing that something like this hasn’t already happened.  But our side is so lacking in leadership that I guess it shouldn’t be.

I saw a headline that Nikki Haley is attacking President Trump.  Good.  She’s clearly shown her true colors and anyone who tells me what a great presidential candidate she’d make is going to get laughed out of the room by me.  Another snake.  Boy there are so many.

I’ve been reading about a movement to have 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties and constitutional counties where the sheriff will refuse to allow anyone to be prosecuted for offenses that are protected under the constitution.  That sounds like a step in the right direction.  Although in blue states that will become very tricky.  A governor has a lot more fire power than a sheriff.

Well, maybe when the Senate votes to acquit today or early next week I’ll snap out of my funk.  But I really could use some good news.  If anyone hears of anything splendiferous please pass it along.  I could really use it.