My Labor Day Weekend Prognostications

Several months back President Trump stated that Mueller’s investigation must end before September in order to avoid interfering with the midterms.  Well, there has been a little bit of back and forth about September 7th versus September 1st, but for all intents and purposes here we are.  There are all kinds of rumbling in the media.  The most tempting headlines come from politico and the New York Times so I skipped looking at those.  Instead I’ll use my own marvelous logic to analyze the situation.

Tomorrow is September 1st and it’s a Saturday.  Saturday is typically the perfect day to do something that you don’t want maximally covered in the news.  What better day to fire Mueller!  Do I think this will happen?  I give it a 20% likelihood.

What I do hear, is that Giuliani is compiling a report on the deficiencies of the Mueller investigation.  He is going to highlight the partisan decisions in the choice of targets.  This will allow him to characterize the investigation as biased and therefore illegitimate.  And this I assume will be the basis for pulling the plug on Mueller.  I figure it’ll take at least a few weeks to unfold this little passion play.  But I don’t imagine once it gets started that it’ll have to be much beyond September 15th before some definitive action will occur.  My take on this is that it’s a 50%  likelihood.  It’s as likely as not to happen within the next two weeks.

And finally, what is the likelihood that nothing will happen until after the election.  Well, previously I would have said very likely.  But I think things seem to be shifting.  That is reflected in a 30% likelihood.  I think Mueller has done a lot of damage and seems to be intent on poisoning the mid-terms.  President Trump recently said that Jeff Sessions will remain until after the mid-terms.  I no longer think that’s true.  I think it’s as likely as not that he’ll fire Sessions and begin a counter-attack against Mueller and company before the mid-terms.

Now what would that look like?  I assume that firing Mueller, Sessions and Rosenstein will be just the tip of the iceberg.  He must appoint a prosecutor to start actions against all the co-conspirators.  He must begin proceedings to appoint replacements in the Justice Department and FBI.  He must provide public information to the US citizenship and he must do all this without panicking the cowardly sheep in the Congress.

So, all of that’s fine.  Good stuff.  But look at the risk associated.  The screeching from the media could be enough to throw the mid-terms to the Dems, even the Senate.  So this is an enormous risk.  Then why do I think it’s more likely than not that he will move before the midterms?  Because Mueller is going to come out with a late October, maybe even early November surprise to absolutely sway the election.  And I think Trump is a risk taker.  I think he will roll the dice to prevent Mueller from calling the shots.

We definitely live in interesting times.  If you have an opinion, leave it in the comments.

30AUG2018 – Quote of the Day

“For suppose that every tool we had could perform its task, either at our bidding or itself perceiving the need, and if-like the statues made by Dædalus or the tripods of Hephæstus, of which the poet says that “self-moved they enter the assembly of the gods” – shuttles in a loom could fly to and fro and a plectrum play a lyre all self-moved, then master-craftsmen would have no need of servants nor masters of slaves.”



Aristotle has a premonition of artificial intelligence.


Trump vs the New Attorney General – Part 4

(If you want to start from the beginning of the story see link below)

Trump vs the New Attorney General – Part 1


Dramatis Personae – President Trump (PT);  Hannibal Lecter (HL);  Dental Assistant Susan Day (SD);  James Comey (JC);

Scene 1 – White House, West Wing, Oval Office 8am Monday

(President Trump sitting behind his desk and Attorney General Lecter standing in front of him)

PT – Well, uhh, Doctor Lecter, how do you want to proceed?

HL – I plan to “interview” former Director Comey first.

PT – Do you think you can get him to open up?

HL – A prescient choice of words.  Yes.

Scene 2 – Dr. Goodman’s Dental Office – Monday 2pm

(James Comey, reclining in the dental chair, while Dental Assistant, Susan Day prepares him for his dental examination)

JC – I’m surprised Dr. Goodman wasn’t available for my appointment.

SD – He was called away unexpectedly but he phoned to say Dr. Retcel would fill in today.  The Doctor just arrived and will be with you directly.  I’ve got to go now but you’re in good hands.  (leaves the office)

(Dr. Lecter enters in surgical mask and gown)

HL – Why hello Director Comey.  I hope you are comfortable.  I’m going to start the examination now but in accordance with my painless dentistry philosophy and just to make sure you don’t experience even the least discomfort I’ll be using a local anesthetic.

JC – Oh good, what anesthetic do you use?

HL – (as he injects Comey in the neck)  Sodium pentothal.

JC – Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!  (slumps into unconsciousness)

Scene 3 – Same location 3 hours later

(Comey slowly regaining consciousness, Lecter facing him with a big smile on his face)

HL – Director Comey, how good it is to see you awake.  For a little while there it didn’t look good.

JC – What is this?  What did you do to me?

JC – Funny story, after you confessed to the Russian collusion conspiracy and explained the roles of all your co-conspirators I was feeling mischievous.  I’m a big fan of the fictional character named after me.  There’s a scene in one of the films where my namesake sets up a formal dinner and as the piece de resistance pops the top off of the FBI agent’s head and while the agent is still conversing with the other diners the fictional Lecter proceeds to serve everyone a meal from the frontal lobes of the agent’s brain.  It’s a real hoot.

JC – You monster!  You’re going to eat my brain?  No, no, no, no, please, please, please, nooooo!

HL – Oh this embarrassing, how can I say this politely, I won’t be eating your brain.  It wasn’t quite right.

JC – What do you mean?  My brain is plenty good enough.  What are you a snob?  I graduated from the College of William and Mary majoring in chemistry and religion.  I’m plenty smart.

HL – No, sure, it’s not like that, it’s just that there really wasn’t enough there for a meal and the color and texture was just a little …… shall we say special.  So, I applied some crazy glue along the rim of the skull and plopped it back on.  You’re good as new, mostly.

JC – Mostly?  Whaddya mean mostly?

HL – Well, it’s the craziest thing.  You know that super glue stuff.  It sets so damn fast.  You’ve really got to be so careful lining things up ahead of time and getting it just right.  Well anyway, somehow, I had the top backwards and when I realized it, it was already set up and so, there we are.

JC – There we are?  Where the hell are we?

HL – (holding up a hand mirror to Comey) Well look.

JC – What the (bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep) My hairline starts at my eyebrows!

HL – And the fullest bushiest hairline I’ve ever seen.  And see, your sideburns still line up perfectly.  You should be very proud.

JC – Why you crazy (bleep)’in maniac.  How can I be seen in public like this?

HL – Relax, just shave your forehead every morning and no one will be any the wiser, mostly.

JC -I’ll get you, if it’s the last thing I do, you psychopathic maniac!

HL – Temper, temper.  Now remember a few things.  I’m the Attorney General of the United States.  I am in possession of a videotaped confession of all your crimes and misdemeanors.  In addition, although your brain is sub-par, as sirloin you seem to be exquisite stock.  So why don’t we just part company for now.  We’ll be calling for you to testify before the new special counsel and it would benefit you greatly to cut a reasonably moderate deal.  Let’s say you serve twenty years, maybe fifteen with good behavior.  I’ve got to catch a plane now.  I’ll let you see yourself out.

Scene 4 – White House, West Wing, Oval Office 2 month later

(President Trump sitting behind his desk and Attorney General Lecter standing in front of him)

PT – Well congratulations, Dr. Lecter you’ve come through 100%.  We’ve cleaned out the whole Justice Department and you didn’t have to eat a single civil servant.

HL – Thanks.  But honestly after seeing the quality of meat on display I’m afraid I’ll never be able to eat human flesh again.  It was just too much of a turn off.  In fact, working for the Federal Government has been so demoralizing that I am going to request to be returned permanently to the asylum.  Now that I’ve seen the true face of evil, the banality has scared me straight.

PT – Too bad.  We’ll miss your cheerful and humorous banter.  But there is one consolation, James Comey was just committed to your old alma mater so you two will be neighbors.

HL -There goes the neighborhood.

A Crack in the Facebook Wall

The New York Times published a story about a Facebook employee who started an employee group as a protest against the leftist mono-culture at the company.  If you read the article you’ll see that all the charges he makes are reflections of the obvious and pervasive anti-conservative nature of Facebook .  Since I try never to link to the Times I have a derivative article on zero-hedge.  The fact that the New York Times published this item leads me to believe that this group inside Facebook will be the controlled opposition used to allow Facebook to pretend to be tolerant of other points of view.

The only good thing about all this is that it indicates the President is putting at least some pressure on these Silicon Valley  types.  Other than that I’m sure it will be business as usual at FacebookGoogleTwitter.

Trump vs the New Attorney General – Part 3

(If you want to start from the beginning of the story see link below)

Trump vs the New Attorney General – Part 1


Dramatis Personae – President Trump (PT); Senator Mitch McConnell (MM); Senator Chuck Schumer (CS); Hannibal Lecter (HL);

Scene 1 – White House, West Wing, Oval Office 8am Monday

President Trump seated behind his desk, Mitch McConnell standing nervously in front of him.

PT – Look Mitch, I don’t know what’s the big deal about this.  I need a new Attorney General and you have the votes.  Let’s get it over with.

MM – Mr. President, that’s absurd.  You’re nominating a psychopathic murderer who’s also a cannibal for Attorney General of the United States.  How do you call that no big deal?

PT – How does that differ from Janet Reno or Eric Holder?

MM – At the very least because they weren’t cannibals!

PT – That we know of you mean.  I mean it’s very hard to prove a negative you know.

MM – Mr. President, I’m not sure the American people will stand for this.

PT – I think this is exactly what the American people have been waiting for.  Jeff Sessions was weak and ineffective.  Hannibal will get results and hack away at the dead wood.  Now go out there and make us proud of you Mitch.  Good luck.


Scene 2 – US Capitol Building; Senate Floor – Monday 11am

MM – The chair recognizes the senior senator from the great state of New York, Charles Schumer.

CS – Mr. Chairman, fellow senators, what the hell!  Are we seriously going to debate consenting to the Department of Justice being run by a cannibal?  What’s next?  Will we have Health and Human Services run by a witch doctor?  I mean, come on!  I will not let these proceeding continue.  I’ll have the news networks crucify you all to kingdom come.

MM – Senator Schumer, will you take a question from the nominee?

CS – Sure I could use a laugh.  What would the cannibal like to know?

HL – Hello Chuck.  It’s good to see you in such robust good health.  But you seem to have put on a few pounds.  Careful, careful.  Marbling of the sirloin, uh, I mean hardening of the arteries can be tricky.  Anyway, I would like to know if you are aware that I have been given a full pardon? Now if I don’t get the Attorney General’s position I’ll be out of work.  In that case I’m considering restarting my private practice.  I was shown a nice office, loft, kitchen arrangement in Soho.  I hear you live there and I was wondering if you might have time to inspect it with me and give your opinion of the space.  You know since we’ll be neighbors and all.

CS – Mr. Chairman on reconsideration I don’t see why we can’t have this nomination voted on this morning.  Plus, I really have to be leaving.  I’ve suddenly realized that I need to move to another neighborhood right away.  Good bye. (flies down the chamber aisle at an impressive sprint).

MM – Well if there are no further questions I think I’ll let the nominee leave to allow us to vote.  Thank you Dr. Lecter.  And I’d just like to state for the record that I’ve lost seven pounds this month and have often been described as stringy and tough.

HL – Thank you Mr. Senator.  Duly noted.


Trump vs the New Attorney General – Part 4