ArthurinCali Has Some Stories from the GWOT

Arthur has a very nice illustrated tale from his days in the Navy off the coast of Iraq.

Stories from GWOT: Iraqi Oil Platform Defense

Here’s a sample:

“The next step in deterrence was (admittedly) very fun to watch. A helicopter would be launched (or directed if already airborne) to intercept the Dhow. Seeing the hapless fishing boat get engulfed by rotor wash from the helicopter directly above it looked kind of fun.”

ArthurinCali Fisks Jamelle Bouie’s Diatribe Against Trump

Arthur has dissected the NYT leftist’s screed complaining that Trump is not being persecuted enough!

Good long form analysis of all the Left’s talking points against the man they love to hate.

My favorite line:

“Keep in mind that you do not have to be a fan or even a supporter of Donald Trump to be able to see the different set of standards currently being deployed against him, and how that is a danger to the entire faith and allegiance to our political system and institutions.”

More Haiti

War Pig
Unfortunately, Haiti is run by tribalist gangs who now practice cannibalism of their rivals. Perhaps we should simply embargo them and let them solve their problems as the Kilkenny Cats did. Give it a year or two, then open the embargo and deal with the survivors.


For whatever reason, the Haitians seem incapable of self-governance on any basis other than a strongman dictatorship and that’s a best-case scenario.
It’s ironic that Haitians tend to be a successful US immigrant group on average. That’s probably because anyone with any sense, intelligence and ambition is more than ready to get out of that s*** hole (as Trump so delicately stated it).
I’ll bet the El Salvador method would work well there.


1915-1934 intervention didn’t work.
1994 intervention didn’t work.
2004 intervention didn’t work. Kind of seeing a pattern of futility.


Milo Mindbender

If you look at the island from satellite you can see very clearly the border with the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a tourism destination, but Haiti is not so much. They share an island, but do not share a culture. The problems in Haiti are more culture based, and less of a location issue. After every change of government, or natural disaster the western world tries to rebuild, or in the case of the Clinton foundation reloot this nation. You would think the serving of dirt cookies, and the reduction to cannibalism would serve as some sort of a warning about the eventual outcome of this.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 07MAR2024 – Civic Myths

People do not understand just how extreme the demographic changes to America have been since the 1960s and what this will mean for the future of American politics, policy, and culture. Although we are told constantly that the shift in population groups was inevitable, this is just not the case.



1960s were the start of the decline.

The majority Anglo-Saxon culture had a massive influence on the expected behaviors and standards in America from the beginning. It’s what shaped our politics, laws, and entire society. Many cannot imagine how much impact this had on the nation in the areas of social, political, and cultural mores.

In 1960, the US population

was roughly 180 million, with the breakdown being 158.8M White, 18.9M Black, and 1.6M all other groups. For perspective, the entire population in the US of neither White or Black would only fill up the city of Phoenix, Arizona today. *

*A simplification for illustrative purposes notwithstanding the multitude of different ethnic and religious factions.

The US population is now at 330 million

(with estimates even higher when including illegal immigration.), and shows no sign of decreasing or leveling off anytime soon.

Would a lack of the massive global immigration ushered in by the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act have given us a utopian society? Of course not. There still would be challenges and obstacles to face, but I tend to believe it would have had a less stratified result we see in society today if a firm majority were still in place.

I used to believe in civic nationalism and the idea of the global populace buying a ticket to the (American) story and ideals. Funnily enough, around the time I held these beliefs was 30+ years ago in an America that had a firmly entrenched demographic majority of Heritage Americans. (Roughly 75% IIRC) See, that’s kind of the paradox of the idea of a successful nation operating under civic nationalism in that you still need a majority ethnic population who puts their full faith in the mythos of said nation’s founding, institutions, and ideals. Once it hits a certain fracturing of population and becomes majority-minority, with no one group asserting dominance – this gives rise to overt tribal tendencies.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 28FEB2024 – AI: Promise versus Reality

Many of us recall the excitement and possibilities that surrounded new technologies growing up, especially tech that involved artificial intelligence. Old Sci-Fi and even more current ideas as we approached the 21st century envisioned a world where AI not only enhanced daily life, but would be the paradigm shift that would lead to solving a lot of humanity’s vexing issues. For example, a childhood trip to Disney World in the early 90’s showcased what the future of AI could bring about. Epcot Center had entire attractions centered around how AI would one day catapult humanity into Space colonization, while others touted the medical advances that would be achieved. Science programs on TV and magazine publications were always highlighting how computer speeds continued to double every year or so, thus bringing us closer to being able to operate advanced AI systems. Obviously, this did not occur, and does not look likely for the near future if Google Gemini and others are our examples. Instead we get warped and distorted historical images, as well as AI chatbots who cannot tell the truth due to being crammed with so much progressive-leftist ideological bias.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 02FEB2024 – A Little Daylight

I still feel that we are winning. The constant charade by Leftists to convince the American public that all is well and normal is getting harder to maintain. Too many spinning plates to keep going as they say. Everything they touch seems to be declining, from the economy, immigration enforcement, foreign policy, education, national pride-everything.
No, this doesn’t mean that the GOP will get better at taking advantage of this, or that we will simply be able to vote our way out of this. But it does mean that more and more will recognize that the ruling class is against them and that there is a way forward to a future that allows true freedom from these forces.
It is Communism by another name that they are pushing on us, whether folks see it or not. As our blogger rightfully points out we should not forget that other things need to fill our time besides getting riled up by these shenanigans. Spend time with friends, family and hobbies you enjoy. Make sure to “Touch Grass” as they say. Have a great weekend!

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 10JAN2024 – The Incredible Empty Suit

Biden is not the one running this country and the SecDef’s recent Houdini act should convince more of the public of this reality.

The implications of the Secretary of Defense ‘disappearing’ for nearly a week without (allegedly) the president knowing reveals a larger truth that the American public need to understand.

It should be pointed out that the current geopolitical situation in the world regarding global conflicts would require daily briefings between the president and his cabinet. Situational awareness and evolving conditions would prompt multiple meetings daily to stay current on these issues.

Between China, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, the Houthis, North Korea-hell, even the border crisis with its contingent of military assets being deployed would tell anyone with common sense that of all people the Secretary of Defense for our nation would be joined at the hip with the American president.

With them admitting that Biden didn’t know for nearly a week where his SecDef was, or his medical status is a damning indictment on the reality that he is an empty figurehead for the country, and not the Commander in Chief.

The bigger question is, who is running our government?

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 30NOV2023 – What Comes Next

To many Conservatives, Trump is a symptom of the overall problem of the GOP.

The schism between the established National Review/Con Inc./Open Border/Forever Wars GOP and Conservatives cannot happen soon enough. Whatever comes next cannot be worse than what is offered at this time.

Too many have lost patience with the GOP merely being the “shadow of Radicalism” and simping to the Left as mere loyal opposition.