The New JEB!

H/T to ArthurinCali for the link.  When the NY Times anoints an Republican candidate they might as well include a stamp that says “NEOCON.”  Nikki Haley or Chris Christie?  Which is more emblematic of controlled opposition.  What’s next, the adoration of the magi?  Will Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan come bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh?


Forcing Change

H/T to ArthurinCali on an interesting exchange.

27JUL2023 – H/T to ArthurinCali

This is exactly right.  Make your laws a source of self-segregation and you will magically make your state a much better place.  Do the same with welfare, education, illegal immigration and crime and you start to turn your state into a functional and desirable place to live.

I have a feeling DeSantis will find out that being governor of Florida is a much more valuable position than president.  He has real power now.  He can make a real difference.  The blue states haven’t hit bottom yet.  Maybe then they’ll be ready to change.  Right now most of them are like the parents in that video clip.  They have a son in a sun dress taking puberty blockers and they blame the state for it.  Sanity is nowhere on their horizon.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 21JUL2023 – California Sights

Here is a photo I took on our last road trip to the coast around the Big Sur area. Anyone who gets an opportunity to travel the Pacific Coast Hwy (PCR) while in California should take full advantage of it. The views and landscape is stunning.

Also, Here is a photo of the main Hearst Castle swimming pool I took while taking the tour. Another site worth visiting.



Homelessness Addressed

Arthur has a short post on a solution to homeless encampments that are metastasizing across our cities.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 26JUN2023 – Not Forever


As we cannot see what the future holds for America, the historical record is the best we must go by. Numerous empires in the world have risen and fallen to ruin due to internal hubris, and my thought is that ours will be no different. All the signs point to decline, from moral decay in society and financial overstretch, to military misadventures overseas. Looting the treasury phase as Zman points out, is an apt description of what we are currently seeing. TPTB are more concerned with what happens thousands of miles away vs. what can be seen only a few states from our nation’s capital. How long can it continue? Another decade? A few weeks? It is hard to describe just how out of touch the ruling class is with the people they lord over. This alone might be a godsend as when the collapse finally happens (without a nuclear fireball, hopefully) there will still be pockets of sanity and quasi-civilization around the country. My current reading list includes a lot more historical instances of these periods; Weimar Germany, England, and France after ruling class collapse, and of course, the time of Reconstruction after the American Civil War. It will NOT be pleasant, nor easy during these times. Many first-hand accounts attest to this. But, I stay hopeful that a sort of rebirth can occur. We cannot be ruled by idiots forever.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 15JUN2023 – Energy Haves and Have-NotsXYZ

A side story on California’s stupidity on renewable energy:

Last fall the state energy commissioner, or whatever the “very important state official” who is in position to announce proclamations from on high to us peasants had dire news. The problem? Energy consumption between the hours of 4pm-10pm needed to be drastically reduced due to the whole sun going down effect. No sunlight, no solar charging-easy concept. The call was put out with advice on appropriate temperature settings for A/C, and the avoidance of activities that might strain the electric grid across the state.

Imagine the surprise that night to see So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles fully lit up in anticipation for the NFL game being played. The irony was not missed on what the state considered their priorities to be during this alleged crisis. And yes, it was put out with an attitude that this could result in blackouts (brownouts?) across the state.

Those unfamiliar with Los Angeles weather should know that it is quite mild for most of the year. If this was such a desperate situation surely a football game should not have been that important to warrant the amount of wasted energy to light up a small village. The game could have been rescheduled to be during the daylight hours. But no. Priorities you see.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 14JUN2023 – Transphobic Latino White Supremacists

One factor seldom noted in the discussions regarding the brave new world of Transanity and the courts is the multicultural makeup of the USA, and the effects these proposed ‘laws’ would have on multiple communities that absolutely reject this warped gender ideology. While mainstream media attempts to paint every protest and backlash as the work of white supremacist and MAGA people, the truth, as always, is more complex and nuanced than they let on. See the recent uproar at the Glendale, California school where a community of over 200K Armenian-Americans and Latinos stood up to the school for trying to incorporate queer studies into the curriculum. Other incidents of pushback around the country are either ignored, or portrayed as a minority of bigots by MSM. When large groups of brown folks such as Muslims are seen on video having their children stomp on the rainbow banner, the media narrative becomes…complicated. Where it all leads is still a guess, but the Left’s hubris that victory is all but guaranteed for their deviant agenda is the height of their self-assured pride in this cause. There is more resistance to this ideology than what has been acknowledged.