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If the Republicans prevail in the house and senate in the midterms but McCarthy and McConnell remain as the leaders, just look for more of the same. But if we could somehow get Rand Paul and Jim Jordan, it would be happy dance in the streets time.

Both these guys are fighters, the opposite of the current “leadership”. Have you ever seen more inept “leadership” than offered to us by Paul Ryan and McConnell in 2016-2018? They did nothing at all despite having the House, Senate and Presidency by substantial margins.

The current Dims hold all three branches but the two legislative branches by razor thin margins. Despite which, they are ramming incredibly destructive legislation down our collective throats. And all we have to counter them is the ineffective duo of McCarthy and McConnell?

The Silver Lining to the Hell We’re Going Through

Compared to the horrors of World War II something like the COVID-19 pandemic is trivial.  And compared to the dislocations of the Great Depressions some might think the slow-motion erosion of wealth in the United States over the last fifty years is easier to escape.  I won’t dispute these judgements.  But nothing this country has endured previously has ever destroyed the morale of its people the way the ascendant cultural Marxist attacks on the identity of traditional Americans has.  The combined power and reach of the educational, cultural, commercial, legal, financial and informational institutions have combined to demean and harm anyone who doesn’t grovel before the perverse and dishonest narrative that the Left compels everyone to acknowledge as truth.

And even though we are starting to fight back, the battle is so lopsidedly in their favor that we will continue to lose the majority of battles for the foreseeable future.  They own all of the high ground.  We barely have some bunkers in no-man’s land.  They will continue to punish with impunity anyone who defies them in any meaningful way.

But what they’ve lost is credibility.  No one sane believes what they are saying anymore.

I never really thought deeply about the biblical quote “The truth shall set you free.”  As a child I thought it was a trap to get me to ‘fess up when I had done something wrong.  Well, that had more to say about my questionable morals than about scripture.

But now I understand.  The truth shall set you free is another way of saying “I was blind but now I see.”  When we base our actions on inaccurate information, we may fail to escape from the problems that those lies are propagating.  Knowing the truth sets you free from the circle of failure that lies perpetuate.  An example from my life was finally realizing that the Republican establishment wasn’t trying to defend conservative life.  Once I saw that truth everything that had been puzzling about the political situation in the United States made perfect sense.  Suddenly I saw that some whom I had assumed were friends were really enemies and some whom I assumed were crazy turned out to be sane and actually wise.

Now, in the last five or six years the Trump revolution has turbo-charged the Left into a manic assault on all things normal.  All the masks have dropped off and all on the Left have shown their true colors.  And there is the silver lining.  Even the dense and even the stupid can now see clearly that the Left is openly attacking normalcy with the intention of replacing it completely with perversion, dysfunction and madness.

This clarity finally makes it possible to stop losing ground and slowly make progress.  Even starting from bunkers in no-man’s land we can begin to improve our positions and reclaim territory.  And most importantly we can organize friends and shun our enemies.  Both are important.  Helping friends is critical when we are so weak and disorganized.  But as we get better organized and bigger, we can start to do damage to our enemies.  Losing our business will begin to hurt our enemies more and more as time goes on.

So, there’s the silver lining.  The truth shall set us free.  And from my point of view, it already has.

My Thoughts on Afghanistan

Approximately the last third of my life has been lived out in the shadow of September 11th 2001.  What I thought I knew and what I believed about this country seems like a different world from today.  And the biggest change is how I feel about George W. Bush and the people he led.  I thought he was one of us or at least I thought he was on our side.  Looking back, I see that believing that was the biggest mistake of my life as an American citizen.  Bush was the one we trusted and he used that trust to destroy us.  He handed us over to our enemies and they cut our throats.  Bush then Obama.

Afghanistan is the exemplar to point out the betrayal.  America was reeling from the 9-11 attacks and Bush said he would revenge us.  We gave him whatever he asked for and we supported him in everything he did.  And after all the dead and wounded Americans and the waste of trillions of dollars what was the plan that they executed?  Bush was trying to make Afghanistan into a country safe for transgender Muslims.

The bitterness of this pill is hard to exaggerate.  Creating a global progressive nirvana on the corpse of our nation was their plan.  He sent our sons and brothers to die in those hellholes while his policies sent our jobs and industries to China.  And his judicial appointments set the stage for gay marriage and transgender rights and every other betrayal imaginable.  And the cost of the wars hollowed out our economy and set the stage for the financial crash in 2008.  And all of this misery ensured that Obama would happen.  And he finished what was left to do.

What Afghanistan is to me is a reminder and an object lesson.  The lesson is that the establishment Republicans cannot be trusted at all.  They despise us and they only use us to provide them with the privileges that their positions provide.  Labels like conservative and Christian don’t mean anything.  Words don’t mean anything.  The only thing that means anything is results.  We need our country back and that means there is an enormous amount of work to do.

If we find a man who can get things done and plays straight with us, we should follow him.  But no blind faith.  Trust but verify.  Don’t follow the flag.  Don’t listen to the pretty speeches.  No bipartisan nonsense, no reaching across the aisle.  No talk of the conservative case for gay marriage or transgender special forces or gun control.  No excuses, no extenuating circumstances, no nonsense.  Produce results and we’ll let you collect your fee.  Do a good enough job and we’ll name a bridge or a highway after you.  Fail us and we’ll drop you like yesterday’s garbage.

And if your name is Bush and you want someone to fight a war go fight it yourself.  You’ve killed off enough Americans to last your family until the end of time.

Who is the Worst RINO in Recent History?

I skipped small timers like most of the house reps who voted for impeachment and guys like Jeb! and some of the small time hoodlums who showed up in the White House cabinet positions.  But if I missed someone good feel free to pick “other” and add him in in the comments.  Pick the creepiest low down skunk of the bunch.  I tell you it’s not an easy pick.  McCain, Romney, Ryan.  It’s real close.


Who is the Republican You Despise the Most?

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Update:  The people have spoken.  Mitt Romney is, hands down, the the most despised Republican.  Quite an honor.






Looks Like Liz Cheney is Going to Find if She’s More Popular Than Donald Trump

Apparently Cheney has ticked off, not only her constituents but also Republicans in the House and in her home state of Wyoming.

Martin Kimmet, the chairman of the Republican Party in Park County, WY said he has received countless critical messages from the voters about Cheney’s impeachment vote.

“Kimmet was critical of Cheney’s chances in the upcoming 2022 Mid-Term elections, suggesting that the nosedive in her approval among constituents might be enough to see her ousted from Congress. “She couldn’t win a primary today for dog catcher,” Mr. Kimmet said.”

Ouch!  Let the 2022 primarying begin.  And let’s not forget Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney when their terms come up.


More than half of House GOP commits to vote for resolution calling for Cheney to step down from leadership

Ah, now this is looking more like some short term fun. Ahhhh, poor Liz.  The mean old right-wingers are pulling on her pigtails.  How sad, how brave of her.



Long time OCF reader Chemist commented:

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw defended her.
Yesterday, Mr. Crenshaw sent me a request for money.
I declined his request and suggested he ask Liz for the money.

Sorry guys, the jig is up.  Better find day jobs real soon.


After Impeachment Vote, Liz Cheney ‘Couldn’t Win A Primary For Dogcatcher’ In Wyoming According To GOP Officials

Final Update:

Well the House Republicans folded like a cheap suit.  I don’t think the Wyoming voters will be as forgiving.  Goodbye Liz.

03JAN2020 – American Greatness – Post of the Day – Charlie Eastman – In the GOP Version of the Alamo, Nobody Dies Fighting

I liked this post by Charlie Eastman.  At this point probably the most useful thing we can do is identify the traitors and make sure to get them kicked out of office.  All of the congressmen and senators who stabbed us in the back need to be primaried and if they make it to the general election we need to give our votes to either a third party candidate that we want in or to the Democrat strictly for the sake of spite.  In fact if it’s a Republican who is very secure in his re-election prospects I say after the primary fails go straight to voting directly for the Democrat.  I’d rather see a Democrat in the Utah seat than Mitt Romney for the simple reason that ejecting Romney would give me great joy.

Supreme Court Vacancy is a Huge Opportunity for the Trump Campaign

Over the last month the media has been filled with reports of the enormous cash advantage that the Biden campaign is taking over the Trump campaign.  It’s not that the President’s donations have been meager but rather because lefty billionaires are funding super PACs with a fire hose in a desperate attempt to carry Biden over the finish line by any and all means.

And like a deus ex machina (a god from the machine, manna from heaven, a set-up too good to be true) President Trump is handed a situation that allows him to cancel that advantage.  The rage and panic engendered by the opportunity to fill the vacancy is sure to dominate the press for weeks.  The President will tease the selection until Friday.  The hearings will be a three-ring circus.  Every tweet by the President will be a mini-event.  And meanwhile Joe “hidin’” Biden will be standing on the side crying, “doesn’t anyone want to know what I think about this?”

There is an old saying that God helps those who help themselves.  It’s true.  President Trump is an energetic advocate of his interests and when you are paying attention to the situation every once in a while, opportunity knocks.  The flip side of opportunity is the uncertainty and disruption that comes with riding a tiger.  But looking at our opponents and their haplessness in the face of managing the crises they have embraced I’ve got to like our odds of ending up on the winning side of these events.

I remember how even a minor calamity like Hurricane Katrina unraveled the Bush presidency while the true disaster of the COVID crisis is being politically weathered and the BLM insurrection is actually a net positive for the Trump campaign.  To me this is the proof that leadership is much more than just following an MBA slide show template on how a CEO leads an organization.  You truly need to know something about what people are.  And that’s why the Bushes and the Romneys can’t do it.  They’ve never met any actual humans in the wild.  They’ve heard of them at cocktail parties and at management retreats and even seen a few caged ones in their mansions where they keep a zoo of cooks, maids and body guards.  But they’ve never gone out into the forest and studied them.  Somebody like Bill Clinton loved going out in the brush and rub elbows with the common man.  That’s how he got re-elected even after the world knew that he was a lecherous old goat.  When the people looked at him, they knew he was a sinner but they also recognized that he was an actual human being.  No one will ever confuse Mitt Romney with a living man.

So, fate has spun the wheel again for President Trump and as ever he answers the call and puts the machine in gear.  Will he win the game?  It’s absolutely impossible to know for sure.  But I tell ya, I like our odds.

Michael Anton Analyzes the Impeachment Strategy and Summarizes the Possible Outcomes

In his sixty two hundred (!) word essay “The Empire Strikes Back” Michael Anton narrates the Deep State and Democrat controlled Media’s Ukraine-gate maneuver and how it’s supposed to justify impeachment and removal of President Trump.  Suffice it to say it is ponderous to read through the machinations they are going through to justify their treason and depressing to realize what nakedly illegal practices of their own they are trying to protect with the smokescreen of impeachment.  The Deep State and the Elites feed from the trough of federal spending that is funneled to lawless countries like the Ukraine.

I won’t attempt to even summarize his essay.  If you have an interest in these matters, which I do, you might read it.  But I’d like to quote some ideas from his conclusion.  Anton thinks that it is unlikely that even the craven Senate Republicans would be stupid enough to convict the President.  But if they did, he had this to say about the consequences:

“And it might. It worked against Nixon. It almost worked against Reagan. But let’s be clear: if it works this time, there are only three possible outcomes:

First, deplorable-Americans will meekly accept President Trump’s removal, in which case the country as a self-governing republic will be finished; the elite coup will have succeeded, their grip on power cemented. With all due respect to the vice president, this is not the way—these are not the people on the backs of whom—he should wish to enter the Oval Office. And I am confident he will not.

Second, deplorable-Americans will revolt at the ballot box and punish the elites in a series of elections that put in power serious statesmen intent on rooting out corruption and reestablishing democratic accountability.

Or, third, deplorable-Americans’ attempt to set their government aright via ballots will not avail, as it has not so often in the past; they will realize that it has not, conclude that it never will, and resolve by any means necessary to get out from under the thumbs of people who so obviously hate them and wish to rule them without their consent.”

That third outcome is the Dissident Right’s refrain, “we can’t vote our way out of this.”

And as to the outcome for the Senate Republicans if they did convict the President:

“Oh, and let’s also be clear about something else: if the Republicans “collude” with this sham and force the removal of a president whose approval rating within his party hovers north of 90%, and whose voters scarcely understand—much less agree with—the “case” against him, they will destroy the party forever. I don’t often make predictions, because I’m not good at it, but this one is easy. They will have removed all doubt that they are anything but ruling class apparatchiks, adjuncts, and flunkies of the administrative state from which they take orders.

And let none of them dare gaslight us with the trite dismissal that Trump’s removal would not overturn the 2016 election results because the president’s replacement was also elected. Trump’s intraparty enemies hate him, and wish to be rid of him, precisely because he is not one of them, because he stands for, and represents, something fundamentally different. Getting rid of him is, for them, a way to get back to business as usual. But there is no going back. A few of them in safely anti-Trump states or districts may survive the president’s removal but the vast majority will not. A new party—a Trumpian populist-nationalist party—will arise from the Republican Party’s ashes. More blue-collar in economic orientation and less in hock to coastal and financial elites, it will do a better job of attracting Democrats and independents—possibly pointing the way to the first real national majority coalition since the Reagan era. And that new party will not welcome the traitors, who will have to make do with contributorships on CNN and MSNBC. Assuming any slots are available.”

This assessment seems quite likely.  And the Senator I’d most enjoy seeing bounced out of his seat is Mitt Romney.  I would hope that Utah would enact a recall law specifically to remove him if he were stupid enough to aid in the removal of a popular president.  In fact, even if the conviction is unsuccessful, if Romney votes for it, I hope the people of his state remove him for that alone.

Anton worked for the Trump White House in addition to being an academic.  He is almost uniquely positioned to discuss the reality of our present situation.  What I find interesting is that even a mainstream and serious commentator such as Anton is now pointing to the apocalyptic realities of what would happen if the Uni-party Establishment decides they can overturn the 2016 election results by removing a popular president.  What that tells me is that the intelligentsia on the actual right has reached the same boiling point as the rest of us.  When a policy wonk joins the Deplorables it won’t be long before the pitchforks and the torches start showing up on the scene.



What’s Wrong with the Republican Party? – Willard Mitt Romney!

If anyone needs to see proof that the Establishment Republicans are a total failure, he needs look no further than Mitt Romney.  Here is a man that was the 2012 standard bearer for the party running for President and selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate.  A wealthy man that belongs to one of the most socially conservative religious groups in the country.  The son of a famous political figure and himself the past governor of one of the country’s most liberal states and the present United States Senator from one of the country’s most conservative states.  A man that made his fortune buying companies and selling off their assets.  It’s a good way to get rich but leaves a lot of Americans out of work.

Why is he a leader in the Republican party?  Because he is smart, energetic, rich and he wants to do good.  Why is he a failure?  Because he doesn’t have a clue as to what it means to be a conservative.  Everything he says is conditional on who he is talking to and what he is trying to accomplish.  When he was running for Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts, he was pro-choice.  When he was running for President, he was pro-life and “extremely conservative.”  When he needed President Trump’s endorsement for the Senate, he was deferential and polite.  Once installed he has been a constant critic of the President and a reliable source of anti-Trump quotes for the media.

And because he doesn’t know what conservatism is, he can’t lead conservatives.  They’ll know that when push comes to shove, he’ll sell them out to try and please his liberal friends or to avoid being called a racist, sexist, transphobe, xenophobe, whatever.

This is very much the same syndrome observed with the Bush family.  A wealthy patrician family with a history of political service who mistake their elite sensibilities with conservatism.  In reality the only thing they know how to conserve is their family fortunes.

But I contend that Romney is a special case.  His years in Massachusetts as Whipping Boy for the Democrat establishment, mocked and blamed for everything that was already wrong in the Bay State, has made him so pliable that he no longer even has to be shamed into caving into whatever progressive lunacy of the day is on exhibit.  He’s begun to adopt them on his own.  In this he’s reminiscent of John McCain.  Here’s a man who struggled from his sick bed, dying from brain cancer to vote to save Obamacare, something he had fought tooth and nail to prevent from coming into existence just a few years before.  Basically, these men live by the issue polls they sponsor and the donors who pay for their Senate votes.  They acquiesce to whatever the fad of the day is and they spin like a weather vane wherever the political winds blow.

This is leadership?

Some of it’s our own fault.  We need to know what’s bad for us and regardless of how many smart people tell us that something can’t be changed for the better we need to find men who believe what we believe and are willing to fight to preserve or restore these good things.  We need strategies that move things in the direction we want.  We need men smart enough to counteract the progressive tactics and willing to fight fire with fire.  We need to support those people and institutions that reflect what we believe in.  We need to live up to the values we think are important.  Things like loyalty to family, loyalty to friends and community, some sense of decorum in the way we live and interact with each other.

President Trump has proven categorically that all the things they say can’t be done, can be done.  Granted, you have to have skin as thick as an elephant’s and brass cajones to withstand the mental and political assault by the Deep State and the Media.  But it can and must be done.  Otherwise we might as well look for a new place to live.

But back to the original thesis.  We can’t keep voting for the McCains and the Bushes and the Paul Ryans of this party.  And we damn well can’t listen to anything Mitt Romney ever says about anything.  In fact, a safe policy would be to do exactly the opposite of whatever he proposes to do.  Personally, I wish him all the health and success in the world for him and his family.  Politically I wish Utah had a recall law that would allow the voters to correct the mistake they made in 2018.