The Truth is Out There

Every man has a different version of the truth.  We, each of us, look out at this world through different eyes.  And each of us only can discern a small piece of the truth.  The old story of the six blind men and the elephant is a folk tale that illustrates this idea.  And that is why we band together and try to come up with a consensus account of how things “really” are.

And that was why when the country was essentially united after World War II the news networks were highly respected and at the same time took seriously their responsibilities to appear objective.  Well, that’s a different planet than the one we live on now.  Can you imagine trusting the version of the news that was read by a “reporter” from ABC or NBC, never mind MSNBC or CNN?

Now you might say, “What does it matter if the news is accurate?  There’s nothing we can do to change what goes on around us.  Why not just go with the propaganda version?”  And sometimes, I almost feel the same way.  Why bother?

But there is a good reason to scratch out the facts.  In the Bible it says, “The truth shall set you free.”  And this has a very specific meaning that relates to the soul of the believer.  But the statement is also true in the broadest sense too.  The truth is another way of saying objective reality.  It is a claim about the nature of the universe we live in.  It is the belief that if we could know definitively the truth of a particular claim then that truth would define reality for anyone and everyone.

So, if you lived in Hiroshima or Nagasaki and even if you did not believe in the atomic theory of matter, sometime in 1945 you would still have been constrained by that objective reality to experience the onslaught of the atomic bombs dropped on those cities.  And if you had believed in the reality of those weapons, you might have gotten out and survived.  And if you lived at ground zero and stayed you would have died even though you did not believe in the possibility of those weapons.

Now granted, being aware of things like the motivations of RINOs or the willingness of the FBI to use their agents to instigate incidents to harm their political enemies is hardly equivalent to knowing that an atomic bomb is headed for your location.  But the difference is one of degree not of kind.  Always and everywhere having or lacking accurate information is the difference between rational planning and blind luck.

All those people who listen to Fox News and NBC and hear what a great candidate Nikki Haley would make in the general election and believe it, will never understand why she would be John McCain or Mitt Romney in a dress.  They haven’t bothered to educate themselves on the facts concerning Haley and the positions she espouses.  And they don’t understand that whether she wins or loses we lose if she is the candidate.  Because if she is the Republican candidate then all the candidates are leftists.

And the same goes for the other facts that are out there.  People claimed that Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell wanted to enact a conservative agenda but even when a conservative president was in office, they did nothing.  This should have been enough to prove these claims false.  Bill Barr assigned a special prosecutor to investigate Russia-gate and after four years not a single person was convicted of a felony.  That should have shown that the Deep State doesn’t allow its people to be subject to normal justice.

So, this knowledge is mostly of a negative type.  It mostly tells you what won’t happen.  But sometimes it’s the opposite and in those cases, it could also save your life.  I’d say the January 6th event is one of the best examples of that.  Ashli Babbitt probably never imagined that a federal agent would shoot and kill her for trespassing in the Capitol building.  She was unaware of the truth.

As discouraging as the current reality is, understanding the important facts is crucial to surviving and thriving in this complicated and deceptive environment.  But don’t despair.  There is plenty of ignorance of the facts on the other side too.  And one day it will have its consequences.  So, hang in there.

Wake Up to the Truth

This life that each of us pursues is a mystery.  It entails a complicated relationship with many facets of our reality.  Each of us interacts with the natural world and the human world.  And the human world divides up into our interaction with people in a continuum that stretches from the totality of all human life; past, present and future; to every smaller circle of nation, state, city, town, neighborhood, right down to our family and finally to our relationship to our own human self; our own body, which then loops around back to the natural world.

And as much as each one of us is an individual and therefore unique, we want different things.  Some of us seek fame and others wealth.  Some pursue knowledge and some desire pleasure.  But because being human can no longer be a solitary endeavor, whatever we want to do with our lives, we have to do it in the context of our interaction with human society.  “No man is an island.”  So, we achieve what we do through our actions as part of human society.  And therefore, the kind of society we live in dictates the range of success that each of us and all of us can possibly achieve.

And that was the glory of the United States in its earlier days.  The range of outcomes available to almost anyone living in this place was remarkable.  The practically limitless natural resources, the constantly expanding technological advances and the personal freedom afforded by the United States’ Constitution combined to create an incredibly dynamic and successful society that transformed the world in its wake.

But now the obscenely wealthy and powerful have decided the party’s over.  There’s not enough to go round, at least not for the middle.  The elite will still jet over to Davos and utilize whatever luxuries technology has to offer.  And whichever toadies they need to organize their lives and whichever pets they adopt from the third world will be included within their charmed circle.  But not the rest of us.  The elite has decided that it is in their best interests to get rid of us altogether.

The future has been cancelled.  No jobs, no homes, no families, no kids.  Not even the consolation prizes like a car ride in the country or a barbecue on the grill.  Instead, you have to settle for getting mugged somewhere in your fifteen-minute city while going out to buy your cricket taco.  You’ll own nothing and “like it.”  Forget about having a family, you won’t even be human.  As a child your teachers will groom you to be neutered and then experimented on to resemble something different.

And even the negative freedoms are being removed.  The freedom from fear is one of the big ones.  Turning the cities into anarchic kill zones is a big part of that.  The police have been handcuffed and prosecutors and judges have been appointed to protect career criminals from the punishments for their crimes.  And just to make sure that normal people don’t attempt to protect themselves from this death trap, those same prosecutors and judges go out of their way to prosecute anyone who tries.

Then what’s left?  Everything good in life has been removed until finally death by fentanyl will appear to be the best option available.

It’s a brilliant plan.  If you control all the levers of power and even the social and educational apparatus you can distort human behavior until it fulfills your dictates.  Human freedom, at least outside of their circle, does not fulfill these dictates.  So, it must be eliminated.  And it has to a great degree.

Pretty grim picture.  But only by comparison to what we had before.  Only because our expectations and our assumptions about the world around us, about this society, are misinformed.  There are still opportunities and resources all around us in vast quantities.  What is needed to unlock them is the correct mindset with respect to the obstacles and traps.  Know your enemies.  Avoid the pitfalls.  Identify allies and resources and form communities that strengthen those that you identify as friends.  And wherever possible work to undermine the wealth and well-being of your enemies.  And most importantly of all, protect your children from all aspects of this war against us.  Protect them from the lies and tell them the truth.

We can thrive in this new environment.  All we need to do is adjust.  The truth shall set you free.  Wake up to the truth.

The Silver Lining to the Hell We’re Going Through

Compared to the horrors of World War II something like the COVID-19 pandemic is trivial.  And compared to the dislocations of the Great Depressions some might think the slow-motion erosion of wealth in the United States over the last fifty years is easier to escape.  I won’t dispute these judgements.  But nothing this country has endured previously has ever destroyed the morale of its people the way the ascendant cultural Marxist attacks on the identity of traditional Americans has.  The combined power and reach of the educational, cultural, commercial, legal, financial and informational institutions have combined to demean and harm anyone who doesn’t grovel before the perverse and dishonest narrative that the Left compels everyone to acknowledge as truth.

And even though we are starting to fight back, the battle is so lopsidedly in their favor that we will continue to lose the majority of battles for the foreseeable future.  They own all of the high ground.  We barely have some bunkers in no-man’s land.  They will continue to punish with impunity anyone who defies them in any meaningful way.

But what they’ve lost is credibility.  No one sane believes what they are saying anymore.

I never really thought deeply about the biblical quote “The truth shall set you free.”  As a child I thought it was a trap to get me to ‘fess up when I had done something wrong.  Well, that had more to say about my questionable morals than about scripture.

But now I understand.  The truth shall set you free is another way of saying “I was blind but now I see.”  When we base our actions on inaccurate information, we may fail to escape from the problems that those lies are propagating.  Knowing the truth sets you free from the circle of failure that lies perpetuate.  An example from my life was finally realizing that the Republican establishment wasn’t trying to defend conservative life.  Once I saw that truth everything that had been puzzling about the political situation in the United States made perfect sense.  Suddenly I saw that some whom I had assumed were friends were really enemies and some whom I assumed were crazy turned out to be sane and actually wise.

Now, in the last five or six years the Trump revolution has turbo-charged the Left into a manic assault on all things normal.  All the masks have dropped off and all on the Left have shown their true colors.  And there is the silver lining.  Even the dense and even the stupid can now see clearly that the Left is openly attacking normalcy with the intention of replacing it completely with perversion, dysfunction and madness.

This clarity finally makes it possible to stop losing ground and slowly make progress.  Even starting from bunkers in no-man’s land we can begin to improve our positions and reclaim territory.  And most importantly we can organize friends and shun our enemies.  Both are important.  Helping friends is critical when we are so weak and disorganized.  But as we get better organized and bigger, we can start to do damage to our enemies.  Losing our business will begin to hurt our enemies more and more as time goes on.

So, there’s the silver lining.  The truth shall set us free.  And from my point of view, it already has.

A White Pill for 15JUN2021

An old expression is, “Forewarned is forearmed.”  And over the course of the last few months, I have come to think that is a good message for all of us.  Knowing what these rats are trying to do should be a huge advantage in minimizing the damage they can do to us.

But not only that.  Framing the situation correctly has other advantages too.  The utter contempt and hatred I now openly express for our enemies is not only liberating but also truly pleasurable.  Getting to call them vile names is a joy.  And if anyone tries to tell me how both sides are legitimate leaders for this country, I just laugh at him and express as derisively as possible how absurd that statement is.  Of course, I qualify it by saying that most of the Republicans are also phony bastards.  But the primary message is that the Democrats are open enemies of the free people of the former United States.

And looking at things that way clears my head and drives away the feeling of helplessness and confusion.  I assume the worst.  I reckon from the point of view that they’ll get Joe Manchin to do their will and that will allow them to pass their election bill and the slavery reparations and the Supreme Court packing laws.  I assume they’ll do all the crap they want to.  Assuming that means that what I’m waiting for is whether any of the red state governors will push back and say no.

The only way this country, or at least, a part of it survives as a free land, is if someone stands up to the feds and says no.  “We won’t let you steal our elections.  We won’t follow a packed Supreme Court that makes unconstitutional decisions.  We won’t let our children be taught to hate their ancestors.”

That’s what I’m waiting for.  And I can afford to wait a little while.  But not forever.  If nothing happens and we get dragged over the cliff into serfdom then I’ll make a move to a better place.  I’ve begun to look at other places like Hungary, Poland, Singapore, even South America.  It won’t be a happy decision to make.  It’ll be a sad one.  But it can be made with a clear understanding of what is here and what is gone.

And that is why I will forever have a fondness for Donald Trump.  He is responsible for opening my eyes.  He spoke the truth when everyone else was afraid and everyone else lied through their teeth.  JEB and McCain and Paul Ryan and Rubio and W and all the rest of those phonies who sold us down the river every single time there was a chance to fix things.

Donald Trump made all of this possible.  He wasn’t able to drain the swamp.  They harried his administration for over four years.  They tried to disrupt every good thing he did.  They are still going after him personally and they are punishing everyone connected to him.  He may even one day be able to get back to the White House and make more progress.  But even if he never does another thing, he has brought light into the darkness.

So, there’s my white pill for today.  Knowing the score makes you free.  Your mind is free and you can determine your own fate within the possible options that are out there.  You can’t single-handedly make this into Old America again and you can’t completely avoid the damage that the Left spreads.  But you can act from an intelligent position.  And that’s not nothing.  That’s my message.