Enjoying the Trumpocalypse

Full disclosure, I’m a conservative.  I’m somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun.  If this nomination went the way I wanted it the ticket would read Cruz/Walker.  But as I’ve told my friends Trump is Plan B.  Truth be told I can barely see any long term advantage between Clinton and Jeb!.  So I can see the upside to Trump ending the establishment charade.  No more RINOs like Mitt and McCain.  Only question is what kind of president will we get from The Donald.  I guess comparing him to classic demagogues he’d be our equivalent to Athen’s Cleon.  To be continued.

Sony A7 Stuff

DSC02215_zpsmpg89hxySo it’s got to be six months to a year since the A7S II was launched. So we’re way overdue for something exciting. The A6300 just came out and highlighted an updated AF system. If the APS-C cameras are now up to DSLR level it seems to me about time for the A9! So that means I get to speculate and wish list to my heart’s content.

November 2016. Maybe a preview at the Brazil Summer Olympics.

How much:

24 mpx
ISO 100-50,000 extended to 50-200,000
Sports capable tracking AF
fully weather-sealed
5-axis stabilization
State of the art image and video quality
Improved menu system and professional control layout

Well that’s my guess/wish