“We’re Environmental Protestors, Please!”

Here’s my public service for the day.  I’ve been watching this clip for a few days and it never gets old.  A heartfelt belly laugh at the stupid and self-important.  The Gaia Worshippers.

Stupid hippies are blocking the road to Burning Man to protest, I guess, the other stupid hippies.  Then the tribal police bust up the blockade and arrest the stupid hippies.  When the cop pulls out his gun and starts manhandling one of the fat stupid hippies, another fat stupid hippie starts screeching that they are non-violent and environmental protestors and, I guess, in her mind therefore, sacrosanct.

But the cop puts his knee in the hippie’s fatty liver and cuffs her.  Comedy gold.  If only it could be Greta Thunberg!


Room Temperature Super Conductivity?

Maybe.  We’ll have to see.  But if it’s true that’s a lot of power not being turned into useless heat.  So what do you folks think, reality or hoax?




Too Much Truth


“In 2020, five psychologists asked the editors of PNAS to retract their study of racial bias in police shootings. PNAS, which stands for the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science, is one of the most prestigious multidisciplinary journals in the world. Retraction is an outcome no scholar wishes to experience because it signifies a serious research error and, as such, entails considerable reputational damage.”

Was it because of they made up data or because their calculations were wrong.  Nope.

“Some observers have suggested that the retraction was politically motivated. The study, which showed no evidence of racial bias in police shootings, had been used in political debates in ways that challenged calls for radical police reform; calls that had grown louder in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. Heather Mac Donald, a research fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute, claimed the article was retracted because she had cited it in a congressional hearing and in essays published in the Wall Street Journal and other right-leaning media outlets. Others denied this claim. Most importantly, Dr. Joseph Cesario, the senior author of the retracted article wrote, in response to Ms. Mac Donald, “We retracted the paper because we overstepped with the inferences we made from our data.” In other words, he maintained the reason was not political but motivated by purely scientific considerations.”

The narrative must be maintained at all costs, even if it means loss of credibility of some of the hive workers.

The truth?  What is truth?  Is your truth my truth?


Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 15JUN2023 – Energy Haves and Have-NotsXYZ

A side story on California’s stupidity on renewable energy:

Last fall the state energy commissioner, or whatever the “very important state official” who is in position to announce proclamations from on high to us peasants had dire news. The problem? Energy consumption between the hours of 4pm-10pm needed to be drastically reduced due to the whole sun going down effect. No sunlight, no solar charging-easy concept. The call was put out with advice on appropriate temperature settings for A/C, and the avoidance of activities that might strain the electric grid across the state.

Imagine the surprise that night to see So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles fully lit up in anticipation for the NFL game being played. The irony was not missed on what the state considered their priorities to be during this alleged crisis. And yes, it was put out with an attitude that this could result in blackouts (brownouts?) across the state.

Those unfamiliar with Los Angeles weather should know that it is quite mild for most of the year. If this was such a desperate situation surely a football game should not have been that important to warrant the amount of wasted energy to light up a small village. The game could have been rescheduled to be during the daylight hours. But no. Priorities you see.

If This Goes On … Then What? – Part 3

So, after the rainbow crusade the next most important article of the woke faith is the climate change crusade.  And the real-world consequence that this delusion engenders is the energy crisis that we are currently suffering under.

Starting in Europe but now picking up steam here in America, the Left is attempting to criminalize the use of hydrocarbon fuels.  And especially they’re trying to take them away from private citizens.  So even though the bulk of electrical generation is powered by natural gas in this country, the federal government and states like California are legislating against the use of gasoline powered cars and other equipment like lawn mowers and at the same time, against the use of natural gas for cooking and eventually home heating.

And indicating to the oil companies that they are going to be phased out has had the predictable effect of curtailing their efforts to keep the price of gas and oil stable.  Instead, this plan has unleashed the OPEC cartel’s efforts to maximize their profits in the short term and ignore Washington’s pleas to help it along with making the transition quiet so that it becomes a fait accompli.  And even though the adoption of electric vehicles is already becoming a nightmare for the power grid in California, the feds have doubled down on making this all happen by 2030.

First a word on the technical aspects of this plan.  As a chemical engineer I can say categorically this is a stupid and wrong-headed plan.  Charging electric cars from a grid that is basically powered using fossil fuels is incredibly wasteful.  Over a third of the energy that even reaches the grid is wasted as heat during transmission.  That’s not even taking into consideration the difference in efficiency between the internal combustion engine versus the combination of the turbine electric generators and the battery charging and discharging efficiency.  It’s absurd.  And they call it “green.”

So how does this end up?  Well, you know the drill.  Let me throw out some scenarios and I’ll make my guess and then you follow up on the poll.  Here goes.

The worst-case scenario is that this whole thing is accomplished.  The people of the United States act like good little sheep and just acquiesce in this whole stupid plan.  And in order to compensate for all the inefficiencies and fallacies in the plan we all end up losing a whole lot of freedom and affluence.  With much more expensive electricity and with the supply insufficient to allow everyone to recharge their cars every day, trains and busses will become the mandated form of transportation for ordinary people.  So, forget about auto trips and vacations.  Probably car ownership will become too expensive for anybody not in the upper middle class.  Even home heating will become a real problem.  Expect that people will walk around their homes in coats and hats in the winter and insulation will become a matter of life and death.  And enjoy living in the desert southwest without air-conditioning.  And the cost of food will also increase drastically and the variety of foods will go away.  No more fresh fruits in the winter except for the very well off.  The peasants will make do with whatever can last from the fall.  No more meat.  Unless you consider crickets meat.

The middle scenario is a much slower rollout and the realization that nuclear power plants can be sold to the climate zealots as “green energy.”  Having a reliable and economical high density power source could ameliorate some of the sins that battery cars create and leaves open the scenario where hydrogen fuel for cars is affordable.  And likewise, affordable energy could prevent the other problems like expensive food and home heating

The best-case scenario would be the American people revolting against the stupidity of the green agenda and voting for a combination of fossil fuels in the here and now and research into long term energy solutions like nuclear and other more exotic sources like geothermal.

For once I’m not guessing that the middle scenario will occur.  I think the American people are sheep that will be led to the slaughter.  I’m guessing we’ll get the whole green agenda and we’ll be eating bugs and taking the train in the future.  The ultimate humiliation for a once free people.

Leave your guess below.

We’ve Found ET?

So, some former military guy says the government has UFO’s and dead aliens.  Sure, why not?  It’s no stranger than all the other lies the feds tell us.  So, is this the distraction that’s supposed to get us through the Silly Season this summer while we learn how much gasoline will cost and how much cricket dust will be added to the hamburger we’ll be eating?

Personally I don’t believe it at all.  Let me know what you think of all this, below.

Have extraterrestrial ships and creatures been found by the feds?

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Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin


Irrefutable Information

Scott Newgent is a woman who in her forties had sex reassignment treatments and surgery and now speaks out against the procedure but more specifically is warning against the harm that it does to minors.  Very powerful words.  Hard to deny her knowledge of the subject matter.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 02JUN2023 – Comments of Transgender Industry

The Transgender movement we currently see has the markers and characteristics of other historical fads-only with monumental life-altering effects for those who fall prey to its empty promises of making someone feel mentally compatible with their bodies. What is more sinister is the parade of doctors and self-described experts on the condition of gender dysmorphia who obscure even the slightest possibility of downsides to making the decision to alter the human body. The doctors make an incredible amount of profit on the surgeries performed, as well as the lifetime regime of Frankenstein medicines required to “live as one’s true self.” We can infer from the number of post-surgical patients who proclaim to be 100% happy that the pressure and influence not to express any regrets must be high. It is human nature to rationalize big life decisions such as buying a home, selection of a mate, or to invest heavily into something financially. It cannot be that different with the commitment to fully transgender. I would even compare it to the ‘sunken cost’ fallacy. Sadly, the impact of these decisions is not easily reversible, or have a margin of recovery for most. A rueful purchase of a home or vehicle can be amended, one can decide to divorce, while returning one’s body back to factory settings is practically impossible. The level of deception and subterfuge needed to mask the dangers and harm are plain to see by watching Walsh’s film. To push this ideology onto children is another level of evil and perversity in and of itself.

Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” Movie

I just finished watching Matt Walsh’s documentary on transgenderism.  He did a very good job highlighting the inaccurate information that the transgender industry presents and he interviewed people whose personal stories illustrated the irreversible harm associated with the chemical and surgical procedures called transitioning.

My takeaway is this.  We live in a society that has allowed medical professionals to become accomplices in allowing delusional people, even children, to have themselves sexually mutilated in the vain attempt to become the opposite sex.

This situation is so diseased that it risks our civilization’s very existence as a self-sustaining enterprise.  I found several of the “experts” that he interviewed to be borderline unhinged.  The fact that more than one of them were transgender is of course unsurprising.  The one I found the most disturbing was a medical doctor in Rhode Island who claimed repeatedly that puberty blockers were totally reversible and harmless.  Meanwhile several patients and doctors confirmed that women placed on puberty blockers were at very high risk of osteoporosis and that once puberty is missed it is impossible for the organism to develop into a normal adult.

But probably the most compelling testimony was from a woman who at 42 tried to transition into a man.  She admitted that although she outwardly might appear as a male she would never be one.  And she talked about the horrible side effects of her surgeries that cause her ongoing and excruciating pain and would ultimately shorten her life.  Because of this experience she has become a counselor to parents of gender dysphoric children. She does everything she can to help steer people away from the transgender medical industry.

Matt Walsh has done a service to society making this film.  It’s well made and effective.  It gives you a good sense of what’s going on out there.  Anyone with children or grandchildren should watch this film.  It’s usefully frightening.  And it once again provides a good reason to move out of blue states and all of Canada.