Guest Contributor – Chemist – 02SEP2022 – Green Fantasy

I confess I am mystified by Germany and the rest of Europe’s attitude.
They earnestly believe that burning fossil fuels will warm the planet and lead to global Armageddon. Well, unless those fossil fuels come from Russia. Then it is somehow OK.

Nuclear power plants produce zero CO2 and, if done right, are the safest of all power generation methods. (The US nuclear fleet has a perfect safety record going back over 50 years.) Oh, but Japan had an Earthquake followed by a tsunami which caused the pumps to fail at a nuclear plant leading to (Checks notes) zero deaths?
Never mind the fact that Germany is not on an ocean and is not subject to tsunamis, they decided to shut down all of their nuclear plants.

So they put all of their resources into Chinese made solar panels and windmills. Again, the fact that these items are only made by burning tons of fossil fuels (most far dirtier than European fossil fuels) is somehow ok.
They did this knowing that there was no way these “Green” methods could serve their needs. I guess the plan was to make up the difference with that “Green” Russian natural gas which they would still be happily buying if Vlad hadn’t had the bad taste to invade Ukraine.

Tucker is right. They will freeze. The question is – how many governments will fall>

Tucker Carlson Tells America That Europe Will Freeze This Winter

Tucker reviews the disaster that is energy policy in Europe.  Between the embargo of Russia and the “Green Energy” initiatives like Germany shutting down its nuclear power plants, Europe will be freezing in the dark this winter.  The fact that the price of natural gas has gone up 700% and Germans are scouring their forests for scrap wood to turn into wood chips to heat their homes this winter is somewhat shocking.

Carlson makes a very good point when he says clearly that wind and solar were never going to be even close to a replacement for coal, oil and gas for heating and electricity.  But the Russian embargos are happening just at the right moment to create a perfect storm.

And so far, the Russians are still selling some gas to Europe (about 20% of what they could be sending).  If they cut off the supply altogether it will shut down German industry altogether.  So far the politicians are maintaining their stance on the Ukrainian war.  But it’s still summer.  We’ll have a better idea how things will go in January.

Now, we’re in better shape than Europe.  We produce a lot of fossil fuels.  But our energy prices have skyrocketed and they will increase again this winter.  This should have some effect on the November elections I think.

The ZMan Explains How Gaia Hates Plastic Bags

The ZMan tells the story of how his local Wegman’s has compelled him to honor Gaia and stop using plastic bags.  This amusing tale is the green revolution writ small.  And honestly it’s probably the least crazy part of the whole movement.  Plastic has become so ubiquitous in our lives that we no longer even think about it.  Paper bags or even reusable bags might make sense.  But square this with the behavior that occurred during the COVID crisis when reusable anything was suspected of killing old people.

It’s obvious that “science” is not what’s going on with these decisions.  We’re being ruled by cultists who don’t understand the reality behind the narratives.  But read the story for ZMan’s trademark humor and bile.

The Paper Bag Test

Doubts Building Up About the Existence of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Duh!

Even girls are starting to doubt the existence of forms of matter and energy for which there is no direct observable reality.  The good old expansion of the universe has ceased to be this reliable reason for making up phantom particles that can’t be detected, measured or explained.  Maybe now the physics nerds can try to sharpen their pencils and do the hard observational work that will be needed to obtain accurate data needed to make the next valid discoveries needed to expand our understanding of the cosmos.


How Could I Not Read an Article Called, “Germany’s Energy Fiasco?”

The author is a German professor named Hans-Werner Sinn.  His bio says he is a German economist who served as President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research from 1999 to 2016. He currently serves on the German Economy Ministry’s advisory council.  He is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Public Finance at the University of Munich.

What’s refreshing is he writes using facts when he discusses the realities of energy production.  Germany has almost completed its program of shutting down both its coal powered and nuclear-powered electrical generation facilities.  But since wind and solar account for 6.7% of the total energy requirements for the country it uses gas to heat most of its homes and businesses.

And even though 29% of electrical generation comes from wind and solar, whenever these resources fail (which is often) the full load of the electrical grid is powered by gas powered plants.  Therefore, Germany has built a large number of gas-powered plants to supposedly allow the transition to 100% renewables.  So currently, Germany is hopelessly dependent on Russian gas for heat and power.  And even if the whole German land mass was covered in solar cells and the sky was filled with wind turbines they would still need a large amount of gas to heat their homes and run their industry.

Germany’s posturing about boycotting Russian gas is just that.  Posturing.  If Russia were to cut off gas from Germany the country would grind to a halt in less than a week.  And several other European nations are in a similar situation.  This makes Biden’s threats especially hollow.

Reading Sinn’s essay, I am struck that the Greens in Germany have slit their own throats.  Germany had 17 nuclear power plants and an abundance of coal in the ground.  They threw these things away to pay the Russians for gas that produces more of the “dreaded” green house gases than they used to produce.

Good.  Let them stew on their current situation and possibly discover wisdom.

Personally, I hope the Russians do shut off gas to the West for a few weeks.  I think it’s valuable for people to get what they say they want.  It has a clarifying effect.  Sometimes it’s even educational, depending on the intellect of the recipient.

Progressive Swedes Admit Puberty Blockers for Children is Medical Malpractice

The Swedes are not conservatives.  They are ultra-feminists.  But they have looked clearly at the medical results of using these drugs on children and they recognize that they damage the bodies of children sometimes tragically.

“The new guidelines come just months after a report claimed that doctors at the Karolinska University Hospital had been well aware of children with injuries as a result of hormone blockers for months before the injuries became public in November.

In one case, a girl who wanted to become a boy was put on puberty blockers at age 11 and developed serious side effects after five years of treatment, including osteoporosis and damage to the vertebrae in the child’s back.

“He felt so bad that he tried suicide attempts on several occasions. We didn’t understand, we thought our child would feel better from the treatment,” the mother of the child said.

Karolinska University Hospital, once a pioneer in gender dysphoria treatment for children in Sweden, stopped recommending hormone treatments in May of last year due to potential side effects from the treatment.”

The trans-psychopaths in our country don’t want to know the truth.  Hurting children doesn’t interest them.  Affirmation of their self-image does.  Hopefully people fighting this in our country will look at the results that the ultra-progressive Swedes discovered the hard way by being at the cutting edge of insanity.

Tax Time and Other Painful Realities

Today is the day.  This afternoon I’ll bundle up my wretched documentary evidence and head off to the tax accountant for another government mandated pummeling.  It’s like heading for the dentist with a toothache.  You know there will be pain and annoyance.  But what choice do you have?  Well painful realities seem to be the order of the day.

This morning I was listening to an interview Tucker Carlson had with a farmer about what the cost increases on fertilizers will do to the price of food.  The numbers were staggering.  He said that fertilizer prices had skyrocketed already and that natural gas prices were driving it.  Part of this increase in natural gas prices stem from the Biden administration’s shutting down of coal powered electrical plants.  Add to this the decision by the Europeans to shut down their nuclear power plants and you see the perfect storm that is driving energy and food prices to unsustainable levels.

You know, I’m starting to believe there is a chance that Biden will be forced to make an about face on his stupid “green energy” policies.  When people start suffering extreme hardship, actual hunger, that amount of anger might drive a revolt on both sides of the political street.  November might be more than just a “bloodbath.”  If we see blue states flipping their congressional delegations, I have no doubt that Dopey Joe will flip his script and discover his inner conservative.

I know this sounds far fetched but there is currently a perfect storm of economic conditions that will hammer home how delusional green energy really is.  Wind and solar power generators provide single digit percentages of our electrical capacity and even these low percentages are of low quality and necessitate additional gas turbine capacity to jump in when these green utilities inevitably peter out.

And as much as this is hammering the American people, I think it could be an even bigger catastrophe for the Germans.  They’ve buckled under the pressure from the Biden administration and agreed to the sanctions against the Russians and cancelling the start up of the Nord Stream 2.  What happens if the Russians stop sending them gas?  They’ll be buying it from the Saudis.  And it will not be cheap.  Add in the likelihood of a recession associated with all of this sticker shock for energy and food and you’ll see a manufacturing country like Germany experiencing extreme economic pain.

Of course, there won’t be any joy in my heart as I too suffer the consequences of Biden’s madness.  We’ll all be reeling from the effects of inflation on our lives.  But if any good can come from this it should be the realization by young people that idealistic and simplistic approaches to complex and deadly serious aspects of life are disastrous.  Powering an industrial economy can’t be achieved by wishful thinking and good intentions.  It’s the work of engineers and industrialists who have to work within the constraints of available resources and real-world tradeoffs between costs, environmental damage and reliability.

Maybe it will take an actual economic depression to pound home to these idiots the real world we live in.  We never seem to make any permanent progress.  Why are they called progressives anyway?  Because they grow progressively more stupid?



Chemist – “The most dangerous myth is the demagoguery that business can be made to pay a larger share, thus relieving the individual. Politicians preaching this are either deliberately dishonest, or economically illiterate, and either one should scare us… Only people pay taxes, and people pay as consumers every tax that is assessed against a business.” -Ronald Reagan



Here’s the Stupidest Guilt Trip for Americans Ever

As a child of the 1960’s Space Program I’ve always been very excited by the JPL robotic missions to Mars, Jupiter and beyond.  Seeing closeup views of Jupiter and its moons or Saturn was mind-boggling for a science fiction junkie of my generation.  Now the Mars Rover missions always seemed a little disappointing because the landscape just looked like Nevada without the gambling.  But I had no idea at the time that I was witnessing a crime against the Cosmos.

You see we were guilty of planetary cross-contamination in the first degree!  I didn’t know we were guilty until I read this ridiculous article.  But now I’m hoping that somehow, we’ve already wiped out all the extraterrestrial lifeforms in the solar system solely because I know it would devastate Sofia Quaglia, the authoress of this drivel and all the space ecology weenies that she consulted on this fake crisis.

Now, understand.  I highly doubt that any organisms that can’t trace their ancestry to Earth will be found elsewhere in the Solar System.  But if I have to worry about them succumbing to the COVID virus then my take is they deserve extinction.  These geniuses want to somehow ensure that the probes we send up are somehow 100.0000% sterilized of all biological organisms.  This would probably end the space program.  And if it didn’t, it would require enormous expense to add all these requirements to the missions.

But what makes it especially stupid is that Earth organisms have most probably found their way to other parts of the Solar System without our help.  Not that any of them probably were able to thrive on Mars or the moons of Jupiter.  But if they did are we supposed to be worried about it?  And if these terrestrial descendants somehow outcompeted the native Martian or Jovian flora and fauna should this upset me for some reason?  Well, if it’s supposed to then I have a bulletin; it’s not working.  I don’t care.  If these extra-terrestrials are such lame losers that they can’t survive e. coli, then they deserve to go extinct.  Let them get on the ball and discover penicillin like we did.  And anyway, seeing them all wiped out is the surest defense against them catching up with us on the evolutionary ladder and pushing us off.  As the Legionnaires in Galaxy’s Edge put it KTF, kill them first.

Honestly, don’t these snowflakes have anything more important to do than fret about space paramecia being outcompeted by their terrestrial cousins?  Lord help us.

Supreme Court Strikes Down OSHA Vax Mandate

This is fantastic news.  Unless that old psychopath wants to fly in the face of the judiciary branch of government this should be the end of his attempt to deprive people of their livelihood.

Unfortunately, they upheld the the mandate for federally funded healthcare agencies with a 5-4 vote.  But half a loaf. I have to assume this will hasten the end of a lot of this COVID fascism.  Companies that don’t want to torture their employees anymore will be able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and that may make them more competitive.

Well anyway, baby steps here.  One small step for the Right.  One giant step for America.

Snow Removal Musings

So today I paid my first installment of winter penance in New England.  Three hours of snow removal and only half of the job is done.  Because I waited for the snow to stop before starting to clear it and since the snow didn’t end until early afternoon, I ran out of daylight at about the same time as I ran out of sensation in my frozen toes.  Tomorrow I’ll finish off the job.  But coming into a warm house and taking a hot shower after snow work is conducive to thinking.  So, thank you annoying snowstorm.

While I was clearing the snow it occurred to me that places like California have legislated to eliminate internal combustion engines from lawn mowers.  Eventually they want all motors to be electric.  If these people have their way it will require multiple large and expensive batteries to be able to clear snow for six hours or cut a large lawn.  Now granted lawns are not essential things but in a place like New England or any of the other cold weather areas of the country snow removal can be critical.  In fact, sometimes it’s life or death.  What if the idiots who want to make all motors electric have their way?  What exactly happens to the fleet of snow plows and other snow removal vehicles?  Will there be a warehouse full of batteries ready to be swapped out every few hours?  And around here it’s in the winter time that power lines go down.  What if there is no current to recharge those batteries?

I’m sure these people can’t be so stupid as to eliminate all these essential-service gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.  For instance, they’re not going to have armies of battery powered harvesters and combines harvesting all the grain in the Midwest.  But that just makes it more sinister.  They know that they won’t eliminate these uses of fossil fuels.  And in point of fact almost all of the electricity that will power all these batteries is produced by burning fossil fuels.  And that won’t change.  What they want to eliminate is our private access to fossil fuels.

As I’ve previously said, energy is wealth.  If the only energy we have access to is the low-capacity battery systems then we become essentially an underclass.  The rich will have all of the perks that include gasoline powered lawn mowers and snow blowers and cars and trucks and access to airline flight.  We’ll be the serfs with our short-range electric cars and our undependable electrical grid.  We’ll be travelling on buses and subways as we shuttle to and from our serf jobs.

The saddest part of this is they’ve brainwashed a lot of the millennials to believe this is all for the good.  These fools agree with the elimination of fossil fuels “for the good of the planet.”  For them global warming and green energy are realities that they believe in.  For some reason they don’t seem to understand that what they’re agreeing to is a retreat back to subsistence technologies.  Or even worse, the stratification of society where the elite class has access to modern technology but the have-nots, among whom they will be included, will subsist in third world squalor.  Or maybe it’s even worse.  Maybe they accept their status as an underclass.

I think this will be a time of sorting.  Those who voluntarily accept these losses to their freedoms and range of actions are the walking dead.  They will retreat to small rental spaces and play video games and work as unskilled labor as they wait for their lives to end.  They’ll leave behind no children and they will celebrate their own extinction as a victory for Gaia.  The rest of us will select for freedom and life.  And our children and grandchildren will inherit the earth.  Literally.