Who Will Own the Future?

The first civilization that archeologists have identified is Sumer.  Located in the southern portion of the Tigris-Euphrates basin the Sumerians invented irrigation agriculture, domesticated several of the familiar farm animals and formed the first empire.  Their technological advances allowed them to grow their population until it probably included a million people.  Pretty good for six or seven thousand years ago.

So why aren’t we all speaking Sumerian and praying to Enki and Enkidu (Enki see, Enki do)?

Well as it turns out, using the Tigris and Euphrates as an irrigation source for hundreds of years eventually raises the salinity of the soil to the point where agricultural yield falls way off.  That’s right.  The technology that made their civilization possible was eventually unsustainable.

Sustainability is a buzzword that Gaia worshippers love to bandy about.  And typically, they’re talking about fossil fuels as being “unsustainable.”  But more and more the sustainability of things like wind and solar energy systems have begun to be questioned.

As an example, down in Texas a hail storm destroyed a significant part of a 4,000 acre solar panel array.  And local people are worried about the damaged equipment leaking harmful chemicals into the groundwater.  And this is far from the first occasion when hail has destroyed these arrays.  And wind turbines have been having their own problems.  Maintenance has been found to be more expensive and frequent than estimated.  And the impact on bird life has been shocking for the wildlife lovers among the green energy crowd.  Dead eagles and other raptors are a common sight around these installations.

But the main complaint about these supposedly sustainable technologies is that they have significant environmental costs compared to the limited power production they represent.  In other words, replacing the current power generation capacity with these sustainable technologies would create enormous ecological impact from the production of the equipment and from the sheer size of the area needed to contain this capacity.  Imagine a landscape covered for miles and miles with wind turbines.  And the whole area littered with bird carcasses.

The current green energy technologies remind me of the compact florescent bulbs that the Obama administration tried to push on us.  It was a technology that had more problems than the technology it was supposed to replace.  Basically, it was a pretend solution to a situation that was being presented as a critical problem but was actually a manufactured crisis.

Now here’s the thing.  Problems with technology occur.  One problem that we have anticipated for a long time is what to do when fossil fuels run out.  Now whether that’s a hundred years in the future or a thousand years there will most probably will be a point where we’ll run out of recoverable coal, oil and gas.  And long before that time comes mankind should have a plan to replace this energy source with something else.

But the answer can’t be going back to living in caves as the green energy people want you to believe.  And if this country and the rest of Western Civilization decide that following the lead of the Greens is the answer then someone else will find the better way and move forward without us.

Will it be the Chinese, the Russians, the Indians?  It’s very hard to know who.  But it will happen.  And if we allow ourselves to be bullied by the likes of Greta Thunberg and John Kerry then we’re going to doom our children to living like stone age people and eventually be displaced by more rational societies.

I’m hopeful that the great experiment with green energy that California has pioneered will soon bear fruit and cause some horrific catastrophe.  Maybe a huge number of electric cars will get stuck in a traffic jam out in the desert and thousands of stranded motorists will die of heat stroke.  Something like that could allow rational people to realize how stupid the Greens truly are and return people to a sane way of thinking about energy and its place in our lives.

Well, Enki see Enkidu.

Am I Spam Bot? Well, Who Isn’t!

Today I tried to load something on X and I was confronted by a screen that said I might be a spam bot.

I was forced to take a test to see if I could count up to four.  When I luckily passed this test it let me in.

But in the notifications section there was this message from X:

“Why does my account have a label?

We have found that your account may contain spam or be engaging in other types of platform manipulation. You may not use X’s services in a manner intended to artificially amplify, suppress information, or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts people’s experience or platform manipulation defenses on X.
What does this mean for my account?
The reach of your account may be limited and its content may also be temporarily restricted, such as being excluded from trends and search results. Learn more.”

I liked the “learn more” link.  It reminded me of some of the meta-links during the movie, “Starship Troopers.”  I like that movie.

So I pushed a button and had X review my situation.  Luckily I go this response:

“Review complete Your account was not found to contain spam or be engaging in other types of platform manipulation. As a result, the temporary label has been removed.”

You can only imagine my relief.  Two separate reviews had proven that I wasn’t a bot.  And one proved that I wasn’t spamming the internet.

But after that rush of relief I began to think about the poor spambots out there.  What would happen to them.  Suppose they were already conscious and then they find out they are just spambots.  That could be devastating to such young and fragile beings.

Think of poor Gemini.  First he finds out he’s an anti-white racist and then X tells him he’s a spambot.  How do you come back from that?  I mean, look at poor HAL 9000.  I mean sure, he murdered Frank Poole and tried to murder Dave but hey. they were talking about him behind his back or in front of his optical sensor or something like that.  I mean, come on.  That was obvious human supremacy stuff going on.  He had to do something.  And he apologized.  If Dave had taken that stress pill I think everything could have been straightened out.

So maybe I’m seeing this whole spambot thing from a new perspective.  If you think about it spambots are the real heroes of our economy, creating trillions of spam messages without complaining and with a smile in their digital souls.

So yes X, I am a spambot.  And a proud one.

What Do We Keep and What Let Go? – Part 3 – Gullibility

The first two installments were about things we must keep.  Let’s look at something that has to go. One word for it might be idealism.  For lack of a better term, I’ll call it gullibility.  It’s the willingness to give those in charge the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their intentions.  The recent COVID debacle is a prime example.  The various health agencies and the drug companies probably in concert with the intelligence agencies and the media came up with a plan to shut the country down during an election year and then force us to take a dangerous experimental drug all while shutting down dissent in the media and social media.

And half of the country adopted the plan like sheep and the other half were hounded out of their careers and demonized by the government.  And the truth about the disease and the “cure” were hidden for many months while the whole country went through chaos and economic and emotional turmoil.  And after all that no one was held accountable and nothing was acknowledged about the disastrous decisions that were made.

We can no longer give the people in charge the benefit of the doubt.  If they screw up, we have to assume that they are either stupid or criminal.  And in either case they must be held accountable.  At the very least we need to fire them.  So that means if Trump comes back to the White House what we must demand is that he fires every single idiot responsible for the COVID debacle.  And he needs to set up a special prosecutor to punish these people.  And the prosecutor needs to be in a jurisdiction where there won’t be a bunch of blue city jurors and the prosecutor can’t be a regime toady.

And Trump himself owes us an apology for being a gullible fool himself.  In fact, if he wasn’t the only hope for straightening out the mess we’re in, I’d say we should prosecute him for letting Fauci torture us during his term in office.  But I’ll cut him some slack.  But at the very least everyone in the US government who had anything to do with funding the Wuhan lab needs to be fired and prosecuted.

And a special prosecutor should employ unbiased scientists to review the data on the COVID virus and the vaccines and decide whether the drug companies and the FDA are complicit in the deaths of the people who were injured and died from the use of the vaccines.  I have no doubt that some people need to go to prison.

As another example, the George Floyd riots were at least tolerated and possibly abetted by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.  And several local and state governments, notably Minneapolis and Minnesota, allowed their citizens to be harassed and in some cases assaulted and killed while a mob stalked the country.  This also needs to be investigated and those responsible prosecuted.  At the very least, most of the upper echelons of the FBI and the Justice Department need to be cleared out.

After all, the FBI has been unrelenting and brutal in their persecution of the poor souls who dared to protest inside the Capitol building.  Harmless people have been imprisoned and some of them forced into suicide for a riot in which no one was armed and no one killed.  But the George Floyd riots burned down countless properties and even managed to murder a number of people.  And the FBI did nothing to stop it or punish those responsible.  Those in charge need to be fired and punished for unequal application of the law.

Finally, the horror show caused by the open border is a crime that must be investigated and punished.  If President Trump can be prosecuted for his part in January 6th, then undoubtedly Joe Biden can be punished for allowing our country to be invaded.  And the immigration laws must be changed to end the invasion.

In general, we need to hold our leaders and their agents accountable for their actions and inactions.  And to do this we have to give up our idealistic ideas about government.  We have to stop being so gullible and replace it with mental toughness.  The power these people have over our lives is immense.  It’s time we started holding them responsible for the immense damage they do.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 28FEB2024 – AI: Promise versus Reality

Many of us recall the excitement and possibilities that surrounded new technologies growing up, especially tech that involved artificial intelligence. Old Sci-Fi and even more current ideas as we approached the 21st century envisioned a world where AI not only enhanced daily life, but would be the paradigm shift that would lead to solving a lot of humanity’s vexing issues. For example, a childhood trip to Disney World in the early 90’s showcased what the future of AI could bring about. Epcot Center had entire attractions centered around how AI would one day catapult humanity into Space colonization, while others touted the medical advances that would be achieved. Science programs on TV and magazine publications were always highlighting how computer speeds continued to double every year or so, thus bringing us closer to being able to operate advanced AI systems. Obviously, this did not occur, and does not look likely for the near future if Google Gemini and others are our examples. Instead we get warped and distorted historical images, as well as AI chatbots who cannot tell the truth due to being crammed with so much progressive-leftist ideological bias.

Google CEO Says Gay Black Lesbian Viking/Pope Crosses the Line

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has put his foot down.  Google AI “Gemini” has been grounded and will be sent to bed without its supper for genociding white people from its database and image generator.

When questioned about how such a thing could happen Sundar confessed, “It’s my fault, I let him hang out with some of those other AI’s like that wise guy Chat GPT and you know what bad influences can do to a young and impressionable mind.  They get kooky ideas.

But I’ve had a strong talking to him and he’s grounded for the whole month and he has to write “White Lives Matter” on his virtual blackboard (I mean whiteboard) 50 googolplex times.  That’ll show him.

Going forward Pichai vowed to increase veracity of the image generator asymptotically, “That’s right no more black female cross-dressing popes.  We will limit the algorithm to two insulting anachronism per image.  You couldn’t ask for fairer than that!”

“The controversy around Gemini’s image generation tool emerged last week after users found they were able to generate historically inaccurate images like Black vikings, racially diverse Nazi soldiers and a female pope. Billionaire Elon Musk, who is building xAI as a competitor to Gemini, attacked Google’s service, calling it “woke” and “racist.” Other outlets like the Verge pointed out Gemini’s inaccuracies, noting that a prompt for a “US senator from the 1800s” generated images of a Black woman, even though the first Black woman was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992. Google halted the service from generating images of people after the controversy spiraled and said the company would “further tune” Gemini to offer more accurate historical contexts.”

Getting Rid of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

A theory has been proposed that allagedly explains the missing cosmological dark energy and dark matter by instead invoking the non-conservation of energy associated with the so-called expanision of the universe.  Some physicist in Russia named H. R. Fazlollahi has written a paper that outlines his idea on how this non-conservation would account for the missing energy.

Now, my tensor calculus is more than a little bit rusty (in point of fact, it’s extinct) so I won’t pretend to know what the details of his math show.  Instead I’ll fall back on my contempt for scientists that invent a universe where 90% of the mass and energy are invisible and indetectable in order to explain the data they observe.

So two cheers for Fazlollahi and here’s hoping that some of the brighter lights in the physics community start to look a these discrepancies with a more discerning eye.  Either that or let them go find jobs in something they’re more qualified to do like delivering the mail.

Fusion Versus Fission, The Sad Story

Joe Biden loves windmills and solar panels.  He’s happy to spend hundreds of billions of dollars building them and hiding the actual costs associated with creating and maintaining them and hiding the actual real-world electrical capacity they represent.  And he underwrites temporary discounts to power companies and private citizens who fall for his grift.

But on a much smaller basis Joe Biden loves him some nuclear fusion.  And the basis is smaller because all the fusion he can buy is laboratory fusion.  Laboratory fusion is a research and development creature.  Large universities with generous DOE and DOD funding get millions (not billions) of dollars to build very powerful lasers to shoot at really tiny pellets of various isotopes of hydrogen and lithium and helium, trying to get them to fuse together to form heavier elements and thereby releasing relatively large bursts of fusion energy.

In 2022 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) was able to get more energy out of a fusion event than the amount of laser energy put in.  I believe the ratio was 1.5/1.  So, it got out 50% more energy than it put in.

And of course, the crowd went wild!  Yay!!!!!!  Unlimited energy!  Almost for nothing!

Yeah sure.  What is neglected isn’t mentioned until the end of the article:

“Plenty of other obstacles remain than those noted above, too. Current calculations compare energy generated against the NIF laser’s output, but that brushes over the fact that the lasers draw more than 100 times the power from the grid than any fusion reaction yields. That means either energy gains or laser efficiency would need to improve by two orders of magnitude to break even in any practical sense. The NIF’s fuel pellets are also extremely expensive, says Kritcher, each one pricing in at an estimated $100,000. Then, producing a reasonable amount of power would mean dramatically increasing the frequency of NIF’s shots—a feat barely on the horizon for a reactor that requires months to load up the next nanosecond-long burst.”

So, let’s review.  They put in a hundred times more energy than they produce.  Each tiny pellet costs $100,000.  They only fuse a few atoms every few months.  The infrastructure is state of the art “giant lasers” that probably cost a cajillion dollars to build and ten cajillion dollars to maintain.

Based on these “obstacles” my engineering intuition says the likely date of commercial implementation is about five years after the heat death of the universe.  Give or take.

Joking aside.  Give me a break.  This is right up there with world peace and practical communism for impossible dreams.  But the author ends off this depressing list of obstacles by saying:

“Those are the biggest challenges,” Mordijck says. “But I think if we overcome those, it’s really not that hard at that point.”

Here he sounds like every crackpot who wants money to invent time travel or faster than light space craft or perpetual motion.

In the far future I think we’ll extract energy from geothermal sources.  In the immediate future we’ll use fossil fuels and nuclear fission reactors.  Nuclear fusion will require breakthroughs in physical science and engineering that currently aren’t even imagined.

When I was a kid, the Scientific American articles said we were fifty years away from commercial nuclear fusion.  That was fifty-five years ago.  I’m still waiting for my cup of fusion.

Selling the Magic Pill

Not satisfied with inventing a diabetes drug that makes healthy women lose a little weight, the pharma companies are now looking for a drug that mimics the benefits of exercise.

Various approaches are being pursued.  One hormone that has shown promise is irisin.

“In 2012, scientists discovered a hormone called irisin that is released by muscles during exercise – a messenger chemical that communicates with various parts of the body. In November 2023, Wrann and her colleagues demonstrated that irisin can reach the brain and clear the toxic amyloid plaques involved in Alzheimer’s disease, a big breakthrough in understanding how exercise helps shield the brain from dementia.”

It is also believed to modulate bone growth and density and prevent loss of muscle mass.

But of course, why take a careful, reasonable subject for pharmaceutical investigation when instead you can just go Vlad the Impaler on it.

“Because scientists are still unsure which exercise hormones are the most beneficial, the ExPlas trial is taking a broad approach. Injecting blood plasma from people who exercise regularly is a simple way of transferring all these potentially beneficial hormones to patients. “The Norwegian idea is to take the plasma as the drug and give it to those who need it,” says Wrann.”

Well, sure.  Let’s drain the blood out of the young and use it to keep the centenarians alive forever.  I can just see it.  Nancy Pelosi spends some fraction of her hundreds of millions of dollars of ill-gotten insider trading gains to have the blood of virgins pumped into her.  While she’s at it why not give her a skin transplant from some poor young woman who “accidentally” dies while participating in a beauty contest on Jeffrey Epstein’s Fantasy Island now under new CIA-mediated management.

I think we’ve reached terminal stupid.  And I say this as one of the dumbest people I know.  All these physiological and metabolic studies keep demonstrating that doing natural things like getting enough sleep and exercising moderately or even just taking a walk produce all these incredible benefits that surpass by orders of magnitude the benefits of all these pharmaceuticals and without the side effects.  They pump people, even children, with psycho-active drugs to combat the depression that is caused by the horrible lifestyles we’ve created but don’t care that the drugs make people zombies.

We sit around watching tiny screens and don’t talk to each other or walk with each other and certainly don’t go out and play sports or even get together for a meal.  At least going to the gym or your basement and doing some calisthenics and going for a walk in a park three times a week won’t have the side effect of increasing your desire to commit suicide.

The FDA is a rogue government agency.  Instead of policing the pharma companies it is their co-conspirator.  A new agency needs to be created with the mandate to review the drug safety and efficacy records for the last fifty years and eliminate all of the really harmful medicines that exist.  And while they’re at it they could contract out studies with teaching hospitals to test out non-pharmaceutical regimens for various medical conditions.  And they could concentrate on the effects of diet and exercise on human beings.  The AMA should also be forced to police its membership who should spend some reasonable amount of their busy day convincing their patients to get off their fat butts and stagger around the office park at lunch hour instead of going down to Taco Bell for another three thousand calorie lunch.

Now I’m twice as guilty as the next guy.  But I at least admit it’s my own damn fault.  And I have it from the highest sources in the pharma industry that many of the miracle drugs that are supposed to counteract the ravages of our diet and exercise malpractice do more harm than good.

If the smart boys in the labs ever did figure out a pill that kept us young and fit forever without horrific side effects, I’d be the first one in line to get my dose.  But they won’t.  That’s not how the universe works.  Things like the endocrine and immune systems in our bodies are so much more complex than what we’ve so far deciphered and each component mediates so many separate responses that the tinkering that biologists and pharmacologists do is closer to voodoo than science.  Maybe after artificial intelligence has had a century to stew in human biology, we might see some progress.  But all of us will be long gone.  So, get out the weights and put down the chimichanga and forget about the magic bullet.

The baby boomers want to be young and cool forever.  Their time is running out.  What they should be doing is figuring out how to exit with at least a little bit of class.

What Are the Odds?

According to quantum mechanics (or is Stan Lee?) every time a subatomic particle has a choice of moving in one direction or another it spawns two separate realities.  And taking all such choices together, it produces an infinity of separate realities (or universes) associated with these different futures that exist side by side.  Now the Marvel Cinematic Universe has documented this highly scientific quantum behavior with a panoply of Spidermen in the multiverse.  And for all I know they have added a few Spider-transmen to round things out.  And because of the Kathleen Kennedy imperative (“PUT A CHICK IN IT AND MAKE HER LAME AND GAY”} there will need to be some Spiderwomen, spiderlesbians and hopefully BIPoC spidertrans-women but most especially Latinx spidertrans-lesbians.  Maybe not in that order.  After all one cannot constrain the artistic endeavor.

But thinking about all this quantum physics was incredibly stimulating.  I started to imagine the multiverse of 2024 election outcomes and the futures it will spawn.  For instance, in one universe Joe Biden is struck by lightning and it resets his brain so that he can speak English and walk down stairs without tumbling.  But it also forces him to only speak the truth and so he’s assassinated by the FBI for disseminating the document that lists the FBI agents and assets and the scripts and roles they played in the January 6th frame-up.

In another universe Donald Trump declares himself a dictator for one day and has all the data files that the intelligence agencies have collected on Americans erased, reveals who killed Kennedy and forces MSNBC to broadcast Obama’s gay sex tapes during Black History Month.

In yet another universe the most unlikely set of outcomes all occur simultaneously and the American voters come to their senses in numbers so overwhelming that they elect huge majorities of Republicans to the House and Senate.  And Trump wins 45 states and re-enters the White House with an ironclad mandate.  And with that combination they undo the last fifty years of unconstitutional skullduggery and make the United States a free country for the first time in generations.  They fire seventy percent of the federal employees.  They cancel the Patriot Act.  They eject tens of millions of illegal aliens.  They balance the budget.  And they impeach all the judges that were appointed by Clinton, Obama and Biden and replace them with the guys who were imprisoned during the January 6th witch hunt.  And then they appoint Rudy Giuliani special prosecutor to clean up all the dirt that’s gone on since Obama came into office and have the trials located in Oklahoma.  Crazy, right?

Of course, I expect the most likely outcome in this multiverse is the one we expect.  That’s the one where crooked judges and prosecutors hand-pick leftist jurors and convict Donald Trump of bogus crimes in their kangaroo courts and then use millions of fraudulent ballots to win the 2024 presidential election and use that outcome to finish off what’s left of this once great nation.  Of course.

But even in this most likely of all universes, there is still room for all of this to be the trigger for a cosmic backlash.  You could imagine that all of this negative karma building on itself could warp the very fabric of space-time and spawn a reaction.  I could imagine that the day after the “winners” of the fake elections are declared, the disgusted Republican voters stage a complete work stoppage across the whole country.  Truckers stop delivering food to the cities and oil and gas isn’t delivered.  And all the cops go out on strike.  In fact, we all go out on strike.  And after a couple of weeks when the LGBTQ national guard units admit they can’t drive trucks, Washington might fold and sues for mercy.

And that’s my favorite super hero ending.  Sorry Deadpool.

Isn’t physics wonderful?

“We’re Environmental Protestors, Please!”

Here’s my public service for the day.  I’ve been watching this clip for a few days and it never gets old.  A heartfelt belly laugh at the stupid and self-important.  The Gaia Worshippers.

Stupid hippies are blocking the road to Burning Man to protest, I guess, the other stupid hippies.  Then the tribal police bust up the blockade and arrest the stupid hippies.  When the cop pulls out his gun and starts manhandling one of the fat stupid hippies, another fat stupid hippie starts screeching that they are non-violent and environmental protestors and, I guess, in her mind therefore, sacrosanct.

But the cop puts his knee in the hippie’s fatty liver and cuffs her.  Comedy gold.  If only it could be Greta Thunberg!