Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” Movie

I just finished watching Matt Walsh’s documentary on transgenderism.  He did a very good job highlighting the inaccurate information that the transgender industry presents and he interviewed people whose personal stories illustrated the irreversible harm associated with the chemical and surgical procedures called transitioning.

My takeaway is this.  We live in a society that has allowed medical professionals to become accomplices in allowing delusional people, even children, to have themselves sexually mutilated in the vain attempt to become the opposite sex.

This situation is so diseased that it risks our civilization’s very existence as a self-sustaining enterprise.  I found several of the “experts” that he interviewed to be borderline unhinged.  The fact that more than one of them were transgender is of course unsurprising.  The one I found the most disturbing was a medical doctor in Rhode Island who claimed repeatedly that puberty blockers were totally reversible and harmless.  Meanwhile several patients and doctors confirmed that women placed on puberty blockers were at very high risk of osteoporosis and that once puberty is missed it is impossible for the organism to develop into a normal adult.

But probably the most compelling testimony was from a woman who at 42 tried to transition into a man.  She admitted that although she outwardly might appear as a male she would never be one.  And she talked about the horrible side effects of her surgeries that cause her ongoing and excruciating pain and would ultimately shorten her life.  Because of this experience she has become a counselor to parents of gender dysphoric children. She does everything she can to help steer people away from the transgender medical industry.

Matt Walsh has done a service to society making this film.  It’s well made and effective.  It gives you a good sense of what’s going on out there.  Anyone with children or grandchildren should watch this film.  It’s usefully frightening.  And it once again provides a good reason to move out of blue states and all of Canada.

Another Lesbian Upset by the Transformation of Their Identity

Lesbians feel like their identity has been falsified by a movement that now defines a lesbian as “non-men” who love “non-men.” And they’re beginning to see how sexual confusion harms children.

So even people who aren’t sexually normal realize that the madness of denying the reality of sexual identity is harming children.  Well it’s a little late now.  They’ve undermined the understanding of what men and women are and why they are that way.  They now see why tolerate and celebrate have completely different outcomes.  Celebrating deviancy and pretending it’s something wonderful confuses children who don’t really understand sexuality.  Now we’re reaping that harvest of confusion in the epidemic of little girls who are afraid of becoming women and boys trying to please their teachers and mothers.

Here are the two quotes that express the difference between the crazy then and the crazy now:

When gay Americans fought for same-sex marriage rights, opponents argued that it would lead to more extreme societal changes involving sex and gender.

“I mean, let’s face it. It kind of almost looks like the slippery slope argument is true,” Hatch said. “The reality is there are men in dresses going into locker rooms and exposing themselves. There are children at drag shows and there are children being put on hormone blockers or even in some cases surgically having things done.”

“As much as we want to ignore it, we can’t,” she added.


Hatch said she is plagued with guilt and regret witnessing the “butterfly effect” that decades of advocacy for gay and lesbian causes is having on children today.

“Had I known then what I know now, maybe I would have still wanted gay rights, but I think I would have fought harder to make sure that we didn’t involve the children in adult things,” she said. “Because it’s horrifying.” 

“Is this the people we are now? Is this who we’ve become?” Hatch added.

It’s pathetic to hear these regrets from those that dynamited our culture.  This is the world they created.  And it’s not over yet.  But maybe some good will come of it.  The reaction to the worst of what is happening may be a demand that things go back to what they were before this madness erupted.

Want to Know How Out of Touch With Reality the Greens Are?

This is hilarious.  They want the armed forces to switch 100% electric vehicles.  I can just see an M1 tank with a 100 mile electric charging cable running behind it.  It’s like a Babylon Bee satire come to life.

Guest Contributor – TomD – 25MAR2023 – Scientific American Goes Woke

Did a quick google (Laura Helmuth) and found she’s chief editor of Scientific American. That would be hard to believe if SA hadn’t been totally co-opted 20 or so years ago. I hate it too, I subscribed to SA for decades and absolutely devoured every issue. I remember the issue with the article on the Supernova of 1987 in the Great Crab Nebula. Whoever wrote it did a great job, it was exciting, mesmerizing, illuminating. Back then, the basis of the magazine was purely science

I watched politics and what is now called wokeism creep in. There was an editor change, don’t remember the names now, but that opened the gates. SA hired a new columnist (again don’t remember the name), who on his 2nd column, stated flatly that the verdict of history was now in and the political organizing system of the future was clear and that was socialism.

Oh, yeah? That was it for SA for me. Now you don’t know if any particular article is true or an outright lie intended to mislead you to believe in some woke bulls***t.

A COVID True Believer

This post from Laura Helmuth is pretty remarkable.  Even the pharmacist who’s paid to spout the party line and would probably be fired if he said what he really thinks tried to help her,  But she’s all in.  If she dies tomorrow of myocarditis it will be “something else” that killed her, not the vaccine.  She’s all in.

World Didn’t End in 2023. Greta Thunberg Exclaims, “How Dare You!”

I think her punishment for being wrong should be for her to be put in one of those dunk tanks and let all the non-climate alarmists get five baseball pitches to try and dunk her.  With any luck she’ll drown.

A Hollywood Actor Whose Not An Idiot

Nick Searcy is that rarest of rare birds.  He’s a gifted actor who’s also a normal intelligent individual.

I thought he was one of the best things about in the series “Justified” and he’s almost the only denizen of Hollywood whose comments I can read on Twitter without reflexively swearing.  Well there’s also Adam Baldwin but after those two I don’t have many possibilities left.

And I love the way he deflates Twitter leftists.  It’s masterful.

Will the Internal Combustion Engine be Outlawed by 2035 and What Would be the Results?

Mandating battery driven automobiles would be an enormous change to the world we live in.  It would, in one fell swoop, destroy enormous corporations like Exxon and British Petroleum.  It would require the extraction of tremendous quantities of minerals such as lithium and nickel from the ground with devastating impact on the environment that is allegedly the reason for the change.  It would require us to sacrifice the almost limitless mobility we currently enjoy for a greatly diminished horizon.  And it would require an enormous upgrade in the electrical generation and transmission infrastructure.  And hidden in the switch is a higher level of control on your access to energy.

I posed this as a question.  But what it boils down to is a simpler question.  Are the Millennials and Generation Z so docile and bought into the Climate Change argument that they’ll just go along with this change.  My personal experience with these people says the answer is yes.  They are a completely different animal from their parents and grandparents.  They are easily led into actions that are painted as socially virtuous.  They do not possess any instincts to question authority.  And they like to move with the herd they identify with.  Put simply they’re domesticated animals, let’s say sheep.  And this is a generalization that of course has millions of exceptions but as a reflection of the majority of this cohort it is accurate.

This being the case I’ve been thinking about whether there is some combination of actions or events that could change this result.  The only thing I could think of is if some states band together and resist this mandate and because of this make owning battery driven cars unattractive.  For instance, suppose that the west coast states mandate battery cars but the rest of the west refuses.  That would mean that people in the gas vehicle areas would continue to have enormous freedom to travel where they wish but the coastal state people wouldn’t have that advantage.  I guess they could rent gas vehicles at the borders of their state and use these cars to travel for business or vacation.  And even this would reinforce for these people just how pathetic battery cars are in comparison.  In the east, with the smaller size of the states, gas vehicles could quite often pass right through a battery only state without running out of gas.  For instance, let’s say that Illinois was a battery state.  Someone in Indiana could drive right through Illinois and reach Iowa or Missouri without running out of gas.

So, the west coast, the Great Lakes and the northeast would become dead zones for gas cars and enclaves for battery cars.  And the enclaves would put up restrictive laws.  They would restrict or forbid gas cars from entering their territory, much in the way they restrict gun transport.  Maybe the gas car states would retaliate to punish the battery car states with similar bans.  That might be an interesting way to start driving wedges between the red and blue states.

But the funny part of all this is that freight hauling trucks would probably still be running on fuel.  Specifically, diesel fuel but probably there won’t be any battery-powered 18-wheelers.  Will these battery car states dispense with trucks?  Will they start building railway spurs everywhere and use only electrified tracks?  I guess it’s possible.  But what’s more likely is that they’ll leave diesel trucks as an anomaly, since private citizens won’t be able to have diesel powered cars.  After all inconsistency isn’t a problem for them.  It’s a feature of a quasi-religious approach to life.

Now, this is all spit-balling.  But you can see that this push to eliminate gas powered cars could have unexpected results.  And even if the whole country goes along with it, there could be strong reactions to the problems of mandating an inferior technology over an existing superior one.  Eliminating gas cars might have the outcome of making hydrogen fueled cars suddenly attractive.  These aren’t as convenient as gas cars but they eliminate the refueling time problem inherent in the battery cars.  Trade-offs will be weighed and people will gravitate to what makes their lives easier.  Even the sheep will choose between the bad options they’ve accepted to minimize the pain they have to endure.

I love the freedom that modern automobiles give us.  Being able to pack my bags and drive five hundred miles and go camping or attend an event has become a feature of American life.  The fact that the young would let this go to “save Gaia” is extremely depressing in my mind.  But I think it’s accurate.  Once again, we will witness soon whether the American dream will be sacrificed by our descendants or whether the will to resist still exists.