Snow Removal Musings

So today I paid my first installment of winter penance in New England.  Three hours of snow removal and only half of the job is done.  Because I waited for the snow to stop before starting to clear it and since the snow didn’t end until early afternoon, I ran out of daylight at about the same time as I ran out of sensation in my frozen toes.  Tomorrow I’ll finish off the job.  But coming into a warm house and taking a hot shower after snow work is conducive to thinking.  So, thank you annoying snowstorm.

While I was clearing the snow it occurred to me that places like California have legislated to eliminate internal combustion engines from lawn mowers.  Eventually they want all motors to be electric.  If these people have their way it will require multiple large and expensive batteries to be able to clear snow for six hours or cut a large lawn.  Now granted lawns are not essential things but in a place like New England or any of the other cold weather areas of the country snow removal can be critical.  In fact, sometimes it’s life or death.  What if the idiots who want to make all motors electric have their way?  What exactly happens to the fleet of snow plows and other snow removal vehicles?  Will there be a warehouse full of batteries ready to be swapped out every few hours?  And around here it’s in the winter time that power lines go down.  What if there is no current to recharge those batteries?

I’m sure these people can’t be so stupid as to eliminate all these essential-service gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.  For instance, they’re not going to have armies of battery powered harvesters and combines harvesting all the grain in the Midwest.  But that just makes it more sinister.  They know that they won’t eliminate these uses of fossil fuels.  And in point of fact almost all of the electricity that will power all these batteries is produced by burning fossil fuels.  And that won’t change.  What they want to eliminate is our private access to fossil fuels.

As I’ve previously said, energy is wealth.  If the only energy we have access to is the low-capacity battery systems then we become essentially an underclass.  The rich will have all of the perks that include gasoline powered lawn mowers and snow blowers and cars and trucks and access to airline flight.  We’ll be the serfs with our short-range electric cars and our undependable electrical grid.  We’ll be travelling on buses and subways as we shuttle to and from our serf jobs.

The saddest part of this is they’ve brainwashed a lot of the millennials to believe this is all for the good.  These fools agree with the elimination of fossil fuels “for the good of the planet.”  For them global warming and green energy are realities that they believe in.  For some reason they don’t seem to understand that what they’re agreeing to is a retreat back to subsistence technologies.  Or even worse, the stratification of society where the elite class has access to modern technology but the have-nots, among whom they will be included, will subsist in third world squalor.  Or maybe it’s even worse.  Maybe they accept their status as an underclass.

I think this will be a time of sorting.  Those who voluntarily accept these losses to their freedoms and range of actions are the walking dead.  They will retreat to small rental spaces and play video games and work as unskilled labor as they wait for their lives to end.  They’ll leave behind no children and they will celebrate their own extinction as a victory for Gaia.  The rest of us will select for freedom and life.  And our children and grandchildren will inherit the earth.  Literally.

Biden Humor for the Day – Begs Oil Companies to Lower Gas Prices

You can’t make this stuff up.  Let’s see, Dementia Joe cancelled the oil pipeline, stopped the oil and gas leases, weaponized the EPA and the Energy Department against the oil and gas companies and threatened the car companies to switch over to electric cars.  Gee, why wouldn’t they help him by selling gasoline at a loss.  I mean it would only be patriotic and Christian to turn the other cheek.

That Joe, he’s so funny.  When gasoline gets to $5/gal he’s gonna be awfully popular with everyone and they’re gonna show their appreciation with votes.  Joe must be getting awfully popular with those red-state Democrat congressmen.  I mean who’s going to fault Joe for doubling the price of …..  everything!

Saint Greta’s Chinese Children’s Crusade Beckons (or Killing Two Birds with One Stone)

I just want to start off this post with a simple statement.  Greta Thunberg is emblematic of all that is wrong with our age.  Here is a confused mentally unstable child who instead of being instructed in the realities of her world is encouraged by her parents and teachers to indulge her flights of fancy and assume a mantle of wisdom with which she harangues her elders for providing her with the modern advantages that allow us to avoid cold, starvation and exhaustion, things that were the realities of human life for untold thousands of years before renaissance civilization discovered the secrets of modern physics.  This post is dedicated to mocking the world view that attaches importance to the petulant ranting and raving of this disturbed and disturbing child.

I recently read a report that China will add enough new coal fired power plants in 2020 to increase their electrical output by the total amount currently produced by all of Europe.  That means even if Europeans stopped using power completely and went to live in caves and kept themselves warm by donning squirrel pelts the Chinese would already have added back all that power usage in CO2 emitting coal for them.  Hmmmm!

This really got me thinking.  I’ll bet Saint Greta of Thunberg hasn’t heard about this.  She’s not going to like it.  That’s a lot of CO2.  I’ll bet she’d really like to start a children’s crusade in China to shut down those coal fired plants.  Why I’ll bet that there are millions of Chinese environmentalists just waiting for Saint Greta to show up in Beijing and harangue the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee on their use of coal.  Being screeched at by a stunted Scandinavian kobold; isn’t that something that the highly principled leadership of a transparent and humanistic administration like the Chinese Politburo would relish?  Hmmm!

But how to make this happen?  I mean Saint Greta is really busy practicing her scowling-in-a-mirror exercises, and the Chinese really have their hands full with helping out the happy citizens of Hong Kong.  How can the gig be set up?

Then it hit me.  Let’s tell her it’s the United States that’s adding the coal plants and she’ll be over here like a shot.  But what we can do is replace her billionaire’s catamaran with a Shanghai junk and send her on a voyage of discovery as she sails through the Suez Canal, around India and into the Pacific Ocean on her way to straightening out Xi Jinping.  That two-year trek, which will include scurvy, rickets, interaction with pirates and very little in the way of modern annoyances like electricity and modern sanitary conditions, should give her a lot to think about.

And when she finally arrives in China, she can spread the gospel of renewable resources and let the people there know that they were much better off back in the Cultural Revolution when they survived on their daily five ounces of rice and their buffalo dung heating stoves.  That should really turn them around on this whole industrial revolution thing.

And once she’s converted the countryside and marches into Beijing in front of her army of millions, I’m sure Saint Greta will be installed in the Forbidden City on a Throne of Jade and televised across the Middle Kingdom with her patented “How Dare You!” speech.  Oh yeah, there’s nothing tyrannical despots like better than to be upbraided in front of their slaves by a demented dwarf.

But what would really make the whole thing special is if Saint Greta could find the authentic life style she is hoping to give to the rest of us.  I’m sure the Chinese would be thrilled to lead Saint Greta to their neighbor North Korea and let her see what the glories of pre-industrial life are really like.  If you’ve ever seen those night time satellite photos of the Korean peninsula you’ll know exactly how well the North Koreans are following Saint Greta’s example.  And with respect to food, if memory serves me correctly Greta actually resembles the way a North Korean looks after living on the diet and lifestyle fostered in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

And after Saint Greta has had a chance to reflect on the virtues of starvation and frostbite maybe President Trump can use her as a bargaining chip in his negotiations with Kim Jong Un.  He can threaten to send wave after wave of demented dwarves into North Korea if they won’t come to terms on their weapons program.  Yep, it’s a win-win for sure.


Let’s See if There are Any Senate Republicans Stupid Enough to Jump on the Carbon Tax Bandwagon

As the linked article documents even liberals in Washington state and Canada rebelled against the insanity of paying more money for the hydrocarbon fuel we use to heat our home and drive to work.  Any republican senator who votes for this deserves to be primaried and cast into the great abyss where Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake wail and gnash their teeth.  But I guarantee that more than one idiot republican senator will.

We really deserve better politicians but I doubt we’ll ever get them.