How Do We Get From Here to a Better Place? – Part 1

Lately I’ve been thinking that it’s time to stop complaining about how bad things are and instead try to figure out what practical steps I can take to change my environment for the better.  This is a talking paper that I’m using to organize my thoughts and try to logically analyze the problem and come up with a path forward.  A way to get from here to some place better.

Well, the first step is to change our thinking about our world.  Instead of thinking of ourselves and our enemies as Americans we must begin distinguishing our environment from ourselves.  The US government and those that support it are the problem and we need to figure out how to minimize its harmful effect on us.

The question immediately occurs whether the best way to achieve this would be to emigrate from the United States.  It’s a fair question.  And in order to answer it you will have to do a comparative study of all the countries on Earth that seem to possess the minimum acceptable conditions for a good life.  And that criterion should allow someone attempting this analysis a fairly easy way to eliminate the vast majority of potential new homes.  For instance, if you rated physical safety as a very important characteristic for your home then places like Yemen or Somalia would be out of the question whereas this criterion would increase the desirability of places like Iceland or Singapore.  And in fact, just based on safety you could eliminate almost the entire list of third world nations, which is to say the majority of countries on the planet.  And likewise, criteria like opportunities for employment, standard of living, levels of taxation, currency stability, availability of quality healthcare, educational opportunities, various freedoms like freedom of religion, speech, the right to bear arms, cultural norms like gay marriage and other particular items of your choice.

I think it would turn out that the list of places that equal the score of even a degraded version of the United States of America is a pretty short list.  But the exercise is well worth performing for the sake of the clarity it will provide on what the true situation is in which we find ourselves.  I think it’s likely that the “calculus” here will be a question of how much material prosperity should be sacrificed for real freedom.

For example, right now, I’m fairly certain that Hungary far outstrips the United States in actual freedom of speech and religion.  Add to this Hungary’s stance in defying the globalist mania for sanctifying homosexuality and suddenly that country becomes extremely attractive to someone who values traditional family values.  In fact, in and of itself, this position elevates Hungary to the level of a gold standard for protecting children from the harmful propaganda that has infiltrated almost every corner of western civilization.

But I digress.  In one of the later chapters of this study I will specify the parameters and factors I will use to rank countries in relation to the United States and each other.  Next on the agenda is producing this ranked list.  And further I will also add into the mix various red states in the United States and rank them too.

This seems to me to be the correct path forward.  By performing this analysis, I will satisfy my need to know whether emigrating is a viable and attractive option or not.  And that is a question that should be answered earlier rather than later because later on that path may be blocked by government policies that aren’t currently in place.

I’ll try to break this effort down into manageable “bites” in order to show some progress and to keep myself from getting distracted.  Hopefully the information and the methodology will be interesting and useful for others who may be thinking the same things.

The Two Worlds

I’ve started a series of posts on what seem to me to be the practical steps we need to take in the situation we find ourselves in.  But in order to make it worthwhile I need to put some thought and some research into it.  So, it’ll take a while to start and even more time to show much progress.

But I was just thinking of something that doesn’t take much deep thinking to say.  So, I’ll put it down on paper (or electrons or whatever this medium is).

We all live in two worlds now.  There is the day-to-day existence in prison world.  That’s the cage that’s been built for us by the Deep State, the DEI/LGBTQ/BLM worshipping corporations, the tech companies, the schools, colleges, professional societies and most of the churches.

Then there is the other world.  That’s the one made up of people who think like us.  That’s your friends and family that haven’t drunk the cool-aid and still believe in the old world.  That’s people you meet out in the world and on-line who don’t talk like an NPR broadcast with their careful use of pronouns and therapeutic tone of voice like they’re in a mental institution and don’t want to rile up the patients.

These two worlds are night and day.  In one world every conversation you have and every document you read raises your stress levels and sets your teeth on edge.  You’re always biting your tongue to keep yourself from saying what you really think.  Every minute in this world drains you of joy and energy.  You find yourself looking for excuses to wander away into the other world.

Then there’s the free world.  Now this world is much smaller.  And it’s fragmented.  Some of it only exists on-line.  It’s fragments here and there.  This or that website and the folks that you find there.  For me a large part of it is this place that I have manufactured out of bits and pieces of my personality.  Here are a number of people I’ve met and who share some of the same opinions I hold.

Then there’s some of my work friends, guys I used work with.  One group gets together every week for a zoom meeting and that’s a lot of fun.  We compare notes on things and give our opinions on the various outrages going on and talk about old friends and enemies and where they are.

And finally, there’s family.  People who know you better than anyone.  With them you couldn’t even make believe if you wanted to because they’d know it was fake.  Here are the people that matter most to you and you can say what you believe.

The free world is where you want to spend all your time.  But unfortunately, that’s not possible anymore.  So, we’ve all learned to compartmentalize our words and our actions to protect ourselves when we’re in prison world.  We don’t want to rile the guards or the other prisoners who don’t belong to our tribe.  That would put us in great danger and wouldn’t solve anything.

We’ll have to wait for my more practical advice to figure out a way to escape from prison for good.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 30MAR2023 – Confiscations

The day the feds start gun confiscation is the day the 2nd US civil war begins.

I believe Biden and the left are purposely trying to destroy the USA on behalf of their owners, the Chinese, Russians and Soros.

Biden’s plan to stop gas sppliances such as cook stoves, furnaces, clothes dryers, and water heaters will only serve to further erode the power grid. California is already at the point of rolling brownouts. Imagine taking away all gas appliances and adding in mandatory electric cars to boot? Grid meltdown. Add on anything else such as a good-sized earthquake or solar flare and California will have massive blackouts and, as a result, lots of deaths. California is broke. And remember, the hospitals, etc, will be forbidden gas or fuel powered backup generators.

I have a natural gas standby generator, a gas water heater (looking at an on-demand unit to replace the tank type), gas range and a gas clothes dryer. That reduces my electrical load during outages and puts less stress on the generator, so I can basically run my whole home as if I still had line power. I can cook, wash and dry clothes and the rest on a smaller generator. All circuits are available, not just an essential few. Big Daddy Joe wants to take that from me. Good luck.