Can An Old Dog Learn a New Trick and Then Teach It to a Pup

For Christmas I bought my granddaughter a nice little Yamaha keyboard when she showed interest in music.  So far she seems uninterested in even a simple scale on the keys.  But I noticed that one of her favorite cartoons, Masha and the Bear had a piano song that she enjoyed.  This cartoon about a retired Russian circus bear and a Russian-American Girl both living in Alaska is perhaps the only thing on television for small children that doesn’t enrage me.

To try and interest her in learning I’m trying to teach myself to play the tune on the keyboard to attract her to the instrument.

Progress is slow.  I don’t read music fluently so I of course went to the internet for support.  This silly little YouTube clip actually helped.  I wrote the note letters onto a sheet of paper and bought some stickers for the keys with the letters on them.  I have now mastered two thirds of that ditty down below and it has caught her attention.  I’m hoping my two year old granddaughter will consider me a modern day but slightly older Mozart and follow my lead.  Time will tell.

05FEB2021 – photog’s Friday Finds

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Just a few links this week and only one that’s actually political.


Nebraska County GOP Votes to Censure Ben Sasse; State Party to Hold Meeting on His Anti-Trump Votes and Comments
By Debra Heine   (American Greatness)  (I hate Sasse almost as much as I hate Mitt Romney.  Seeing him censured and hopefully primaried does my heart good.)


The Culture

First Steps for Surviving What’s Coming Our Way  By Michael Devon  (American Thinker)  (This is sort of a prepper’s primer on what you might want to have on hand over the course of the Biden reign of terror.  Admittedly this is more of a worst case scenario point of view but there are some interesting items on the list that might make you think.)

TBT: Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony by (The Portly Politico) (Something to get our minds on that’s more pleasant than Washington)

Colter Wall – Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs – A Country Music Review

Back in 2017 a musician buddy of mine told me he saw a young country singer in Nashville named Colter Wall.  He had a murder ballad called Kate McCannon on his album that once I heard it I really liked.  And once I heard the rest of the album, I thought was exceptional.  So, I’ve been following his music since then.  And he’s getting some good play on a few movie soundtracks and on the TV show Yellowstone.  I was looking forward to his album this year.  But I’ve been so distracted by the political horror show we’ve been living through that I missed the release.  I bought the album last week and finally listened to it today.  And it was a good listen.

Now his 2017 album had a sort of alt-country feel to it.  This album is a straight up western music album.  There are songs about cattle farming and rodeos and cowboying and gunfighters.  You see Colter is from Saskatchewan Canada which is north of Montana and is still like what we think of as the old west.  None of these songs are as emotional or quirky as some of the stories on his 2017 debut and none of them knocked me out of my chair but I thoroughly enjoyed the familiarity and simplicity of the western tunes.  The guitar and fiddle play are pleasing and Colter’s baritone sound is easy to listen to.

If you’re looking for some new music and like old time western music, I think you’ll enjoy this album.  I did.

Here is the song list:

Western Swing & Waltzes

I Ride An Old Paint: Leavin’ Cheyenne

Big Iron

Henry And Sam

Diamond Joe

High & Mighty

Talkin’ Prairie Boy


Rocky Mountain Rangers

Houlihans At The Holiday Inn

A Plug for Someone on Our Side of the Culture Wars

Tyler Cook, my friend over at The Portly Politico, is having a sale of his music at his site.  Even though I’m a country music guy I think it’s my duty to provide a link to show my solidarity for non-Leftist arts of all kind.  If you are a music lover and feel so inclined check out his link and see if it’s your kind of sound

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