30JUN2023 – OCF Update – This’N’That

Now things are getting into the summertime social season.  We have two family parties this weekend and then Fourth of July and on and on.  This afternoon Camera Girl spotted a big painted turtle on the grass.  Turns out it was laying eggs so being the natural historian that she is she collected them and is incubating them in a sphagnum moss set up.  Apparently, they’ll be a science experiment for Princess Sack of Potatoes and then they be released back into the swamp to maintain the delicate balance between the mold and the mildew that we all depend on here in Dunwich.

I spent some more time struggling with the great GA4 project.  Half of the websites and YouTube videos are people cussing about how much worse it is than its predecessor.  Well, what can you do?

I read a bunch of critiques of the SCOTUS decision on affirmative action.  Even the Z-Man’s Friday podcast was about it.  I think they mostly reflect the feeling that this will be like pulling teeth to get the colleges to obey the law on this.  But my way of looking at it is it’s a starting point for the red state governments to force the colleges in their jurisdictions to obey.  None of the Ivy League schools will.  Their state governments will work with them to ignore the Supreme Court using obfuscation.  Well, let them.  I went to a state college and they could teach science and engineering the same as Harvard and Yale.  Maybe better.  No dirt people are going to get in the Ivy League schools so who cares anyway.

The other interesting case was the Supreme Court once again overruling Colorado in its insistence that people working in the wedding industry must celebrate same sex marriages.  That poor wedding cake baker had the Supreme Court find in his favor and then Colorado brought another case against him, this time over some trans-nonsense.  I predict Colorado will continue to harass this other woman who builds websites and doesn’t want to build a gay themed one.  They’ll find some other trumped-up case, slightly different, and go after her again.  But as I said these rulings reinforce the standing in the red states and if we can hold the Supreme Court for a while, they will provide the basis for restoring the social fabric in the red states.  After we lose the Court, it’ll take brains and guts to tell the feds to pound sand.  Let’s hope we find men who have those attributes when we need them.

It was kind of amusing reading and watching the various lefties running around in circles screaming about the affirmative action case.  There was one video with Joy Reid castigating Justice Thomas.  Now I consider Joy Reid to be one of the stupidest people on God’s green Earth.  The fact that she also graduated from Harvard is conclusive proof that this rejection of affirmative action for college admissions is absolutely necessary.  If she was admitted, a virtual cretin, to the premiere university of the United States then obviously there is no objective criterion for their admissions.  In the video she goes on and on speculating on how Clarence Thomas must have some kind of deep-seated self-hatred that forces him to wreak vengeance upon black people.  If there were any objective standards in this country, instead of Harvard she should have been sent to a group home where she could have performed chores she might be suited for, like filling sacks with sand or scrubbing toilets.  Now the unlucky viewers of MSNBC have to watch her on the screen making absurd claims about talented and serious people.  Maybe someday when MSNBC closes down, she’ll find her rightful place in society as a dunk tank clown.

So, all in all, it was an interesting day.  I will be spending considerable time at these various family gatherings on Saturday and Sunday but I’ll do my best to provide some content for the faithful.  Enjoy your weekend.

Oppressed Obamas Inconsolable on 400 Ft Yacht in Greek Isles

No one feels the pain of the black underclass being denied admittance to Harvard like Barack Obama and family.  They could barely choke down the caviar and champagne because of the indignation over social injustice.  So brave, so tragic.



Quantitative Analysis Interrupted

mushroom, Sony A7 III with Minolta 200mm f\4 Macro lens

There is a program called Google Analytics.  By virtue of the largest internet surveillance system imaginable it keeps track of every link click on the world wide web.  It must be a truly massive system of mainframes buried under the Rocky Mountains and probably uses up enough electricity to power the Eastern Seaboard.  And by virtue of this horrific gathering of information, I can glean which of my posts and which of my links are most interesting to the general public.  It even tells me whether the links were based on search engine inquiry or direct input or referral from a third-party site.  And all of this information is somewhat interesting.  For instance, some days I get a link on an aggregation site and the majority of my traffic that day will be from this referral link.  In fact, on days like that my overall traffic might be ten times the normal site traffic.  And this is good because some of this new traffic might become regular viewers and show up every day.  So, the Google Analytics (GA) is valuable to more than just the FBI in their never-ending search for Americans who don’t love Big Brother.

But I digress.  So anyway, about a year and half ago Google started announcing that GA3 would be superseded by GA4 on July 1st 2023.  But a year and a half is such along time.  It might as well be never.  And so, sure enough, I ignored this warning for … a year and a half.  And who knew?  Eventually, July 1st 2023 turns out to actually exist.  In fact, it’s 15 hours, 27 minutes, 47.33 seconds away!

As is my way last night at around 1 am, I managed to get the new GA4 link set up on my site dashboard.  Of course, the link isn’t really producing any data but that could take as much as 48 hours according to the helpful scolding I receive from Google whenever I look at the output.  So probably for the next few days (and probably much longer) I won’t have GA4 telling me that anybody is out there.  Of course, the website dashboard has an access log of the clicks but it doesn’t provide a trendline and totals so it’s not as useful or convenient.  What it means is I will be forced to understand yet another new system because of the unstoppable march of PROGRESS.  Ah well.

So, the good news is that you’re all still out there even if Google’s “Eye of Sauron” isn’t hooked up to my local palantir.  The bad news is that I wasted and am still wasting precious time messing around with these absurd systems that inevitably become less useful and less convenient every time they roll out a new edition.  But the upside is that even if the whole system crashes and burns at midnight tonight, it will still be the first day of July and that is cause for celebration in and of itself.  For the last ten days it has been cloudy and raining almost every day.  But yesterday it cleared up, and the forecast for today and tomorrow is sun.  So, I’ll let Silicon Valley’s minions have their way with my analytics and instead concentrate on more promising phenomena like some macro shots of the mushrooms that all that rain has engendered.

SCOTUS Bans Affirmative Action by Colleges. Finally!

Now let’s ban it throughout American society.


Bud Light is the Canary in the Coal Mine

The transgender attack on sanity may possibly be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  There are some encouraging signs that people are thoroughly fed up.  What’s happening with Bud Light and Target, but especially Bud Light seems to indicate that people may have finally reached the breaking point and are unwilling to just accept another extension of the madness, this time including perpetrating horrible medical practices on children in the name of trans-health.

The boycott of Bud Light is an ongoing and actually strengthening phenomenon.  30% of the sales of this formerly popular beer have disappeared and don’t appear to be returning.  By siding with the TikTok “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney a so-called trans-woman they alienated a sizable chunk of their customer base and pointed to an effective way for normal people to push back against corporate support for ideologies and causes that threaten children.

Now the question remains whether the action will have an effect on Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch.  Will it alter their policies or not.  And then there is the larger question, will this action provide a spark that ignites a larger action to push back at the whole LGBTQ agenda.

So far there have been a slew of laws passed in red states against transitioning children and other practices that drag children into the LGBTQ world.  Governor Ron DeSantis has been very prominent in this legislative movement.  And federal judges have moved to block these laws.  Eventually the Supreme Court will have to step in and that will be one of the first places where we will see how effective the revolt against the trans-madness will be.

And Donald Trump has taken a first step to nationalize this movement by vowing to get legislation banning medical procedures; puberty blockers and surgeries; that “transition” minors.  And this being the beginning of the presidential election season it’s possible that the transgender issue might become the focus issue for the whole election.

Or it might not.  And that’s the crux of this essay.  When a society no longer protects its children from madness; when in fact, the medical community itself is the source of the threat to children, then that society is doomed.  If the population of the United States fails to rally successfully against the forces that threaten to harvest its children as fodder for medical experimentation, then there is absolutely no hope of that society surviving.  It will dissolve into an atomized mob of lunatics stumbling along toward the grave.  And it will deserve it.

So, I’m extremely interested in what goes on during 2023-2024.  I’m convinced that if a successful national or at least local resistance to the transgender agenda doesn’t emerge then we are finished as a society.  As I said, if defense of children is no longer a strong enough reflex to rally a people, then that people is as good as dead already.

Alternatively, if there is a successful movement to reject the sexualization of children then I think that something can still be done to save the larger society we live in.  I’ve more or less written off the American project.  I’ve concentrated my efforts on finding work arounds for surviving in a degraded America.  I contend that families that decide to remain in the United States have to take actions to protect their children against the public school system in particular and from the federal government’s influence in general.

But if a larger movement awakens around protecting children from these harmful government influences, then I might be convinced that all hope isn’t lost for this country.  So, this is a test case.  Let’s see if America passes or fails.