The Enemy of My Enemy Can Be My Ally, Even if Just for Today

What do White evangelicals, Hispanics and Muslims have in common?  Your first instinct would be to say nothing.  But according to the Left, all of them are complaining about the public schools trying to groom their kids for sexual deviancy.  Apparently in Dearborn Michigan these three groups have been able to agree that the local school shouldn’t be foisting LGBTQ talking points on their children through the school library.

In the breathless narrative of a New Republic expose we read that this unlikely alliance of the Right along with groups that were formerly thought to be owned by the Left is laying siege to the local school board and demanding that deviant sexual propaganda be removed from the school library.  And being a leftist rag, the author presents this as an atrocity that should rally the Left to work even harder to bully parents to submit to the deviant faith.

This was the concluding paragraph:

The developments in Dearborn are a sign that the madness is spreading to new constituencies whom Democrats have long considered allies. Predicated on “protecting our kids” from the “scourge” of sexual progressivism, the anti-democratic right is forming a powerful religious alliance against secular liberalism. Those who believe in eternal torture for heathens are joining forces to establish hell on earth for LGBTQ people, public officials, and anyone who cares about American democracy.

Apparently, the wake-up call to parents when they saw during COVID what their children were being “taught” has been heeded by many and not just traditional people on the Right.  Religious people, even minorities who have traditionally clung to the Democrat party are slowly waking up to the reality of what their “ally” plans for their children.  Finally.

And if the Left is shrieking that means what is happening is effective.  Waking parents up has been an unexpected bright spot in all the havoc that we’ve lived through in the last few years.  Even leftists have been “scared straight” by what they found in their kids’ curriculum.  If the Stupid Party can wake up and latch onto this thing and legislate a real parents’ bill of rights, I think a lot of Democrat politicians will find it difficult to oppose it.  We might even get a veto-proof majority to enact something significant.  But let’s not get too far ahead of our skis here.

The moral of the story is that when it comes to different religious and ethnic constituencies you don’t have to be close friends to cooperate on tackling a threat from the anti-religious, anti-family progressive forces that have infiltrated the government and more specifically the schools.  You can cooperate on a project and get things done.  Later on, you can go back to hating on each other if that’s the only way things work between you.

Maybe that’s the model for the future.  Cooperate where it makes sense and otherwise circle warily around all the other groups that are trapped with us in this gulag our elites have built for us.

When Harry Met Harry

Today I heard the crushing news that “Bros” had crashed at the box office in its first week of release.  This first of its kind sexually explicit gay romantic comedy only took in $4.8 MM on its first weekend.  Shocker, right?  I mean who wouldn’t be lined up to see romantic misunderstandings and men buggering each other on the big screen.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll throw up.  And even if you’re a guy and rom-coms aren’t your thing why wouldn’t you let the little lady take you for a date movie to see love and monkey pox triumph.

I immediately blamed homophobia.  After all, the movie has a 91% critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes and a Cinemascore from audiences of A.  What else could account for normal people skipping out on this entertainment treat?  All kidding aside, who did the makers of this film think would be going to see it?  Basically, gay men.  Normal men have exactly zero interest in this thing.  Normal women aren’t lining up to watch men sodomize each other.  Even lesbians have no desire to see what these guys do to each other.  I guess to be fair, although it’s not a huge audience, bisexual men might show up too.  But then that’s it.

The movie cost $22MM to make and then you’ve got to add in the advertising budget.  Let’s say tickets are ten bucks each then all it takes is four million gay men to go see it and it’s at least at break even.  Surely there are four million gays in America.  They seem to be everywhere you look.  So, if the movie is tanking then it follows as the night follows day that it must be because most gay men in America are homophobes.

I know it’s hard to believe but there’s no way around it.  Maybe something can be done on social media.  Some kind of non-fungible token (NFT) could be displayed by gay men to prove that they’ve gone to see Bros at least once.  And anyone not displaying the NFT on his twitter feed should be driven out of the LGBTQ community and forced to wear a MAGA hat in public.

These people make me laugh.  They expect to get people to go see this crap.  Sure, they force everybody to pretend to approve of this stuff at work and school.  But people go to the movies to be entertained.  They don’t want to be miserable there.  Only masochists and humorless scolds go to a movie to prove a point.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a good chunk of the “gay community” aren’t interested in this movie either.

So maybe this will be a teachable moment for the Left.  People can be bullied into paying lip service to things they dislike but that doesn’t mean they’ve been brainwashed into really believing the propaganda.  So, if sexually explicit gay romantic comedies are something they want available then by all means let them pay the hundred-dollar ticket price that would make that economically viable.    I’m guessing $75 for popcorn would be about right.  Free refills!

An Explanation of the Slippery Slope to Grooming Kids

Matthew Boose over at American Greatness wrote a good explanation of the how and why of the LGBTQ movement.  I think he summed it up well at the end.

“For too long, mainstream society has been walking on eggshells around an aggrieved, pathological minority that has been empowered to dictate social norms for ordinary people. This has led to such absurdities as men competing in women’s sports, and pressure on the remainder of the population to adopt tortured, dehumanizing language like “pregnant people” or frivolous ”pronouns.”

Up to a point, we could call this trend unreasonable, bothersome, or unfair. Now, it is a danger to the innocence and well-being of a generation. It’s time for those in the mainstream, those with an actual stake in the future, to assert their place in society and stop appeasing an extreme fringe.”

That about sums it up.

Add Alabama to the List of States that Want to Save their Children

DeSantis has started a revolution.  And it’s spreading.  First Virginia, then Texas, Alabama and several other states are working on their own versions.

Here are some quotes from the article

“Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed two bills related to transgender issues and sexual identity into law.

One outlaws transgender youth’s access to gender-affirming medications. The law makes it a felony to prescribe puberty blockers or hormones to trans youth under 19.


The second bill prevents teachers from providing instruction on sexual identity to students in kindergarten through fifth grades. It also requires students in public K-12 schools to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match the gender designated on their birth certificates.


“We should especially protect our children from these radical, life-altering drugs and surgeries when they are at such a vulnerable stage in life. Instead, let us all focus on helping them to properly develop into the adults God intended them to be.”


Ivey released this statement upon signing this bill into law: “Here in Alabama, men use the men’s room, and ladies use the ladies’ room – it’s really a no brainer. This bill will also ensure our elementary school classrooms remain free from any kind of sex talk.


“We don’t need to be teaching young children about sex. We are talking about 5-year-olds for crying out loud. We need to focus on what matters – core instruction like reading and math.””

Good let’s hope it spreads to the rest of the red states and maybe beyond.

Okay, Groomer

Finally, something being done right on the Right.  When Florida passed an anti-grooming law to protect K-3 students from teachers proselytizing for depravity, the Left went nuts.  They mischaracterized the bill as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and attacked Florida and Ron DeSantis as bigots who would be the cause of uncountable kindergarten suicides over rampant body dysmorphia.  When that didn’t work, they recruited Disney to force Tinkerbell and Cinderella’s fairy godmother to cast a spell on DeSantis to make him change his mind.  No soap.  Then they put billboards on highways that are covered with the word gay.  Meh.  Finally, armies of woke K-3 teachers are protesting and threatening to quit if they can’t talk to little kids about deviant sex.  And finally, finally someone came up with the perfect meme.  Here’s the listing in the Urban Dictionary (for as long as it lasts):

Okay, groomer

Definition:  A phrase used to convey disdain with leftists who try to use gay people as a shield to push their pro-pedophile agenda.


“John, did you hear about the Don’t Say Gay Bill?”

“Oh, you mean the bill that prevents teachers from talking to kindergarteners about sex without parental consent?”

“It’s so bigoted!”

“Okay, groomer.”

by The True Patriot March 29, 2022


Andrew Klavan over at the Daily Wire did a long section of his podcast on the whole issue.  He’s a very easy going libertarian so he’s very far from an extremist but he rightly points out the manipulative tactics that the Left uses to get at young children.

There’s an old saying that if you’re getting a lot of flak that means you’re over the target.  Well, this is definitely getting a lot of flak.  Every red state needs to copy this law or even make one even more restrictive.  Instead of K-3 make it K-12.  Why would we ever want teachers preaching sexual depravity to our children?  Opting out of even “normal” sex education should be the default situation in all schools.  None of these people are qualified to talk to your children if you don’t think they are.

Well, anyway, this meme is a winner and makes the perfect answer to anyone who wants to claim to be on the side of reason when advocating for this proselytizing.  Anyone who wants to sexualize kindergarten children is either a complete moron or a pedophile.  Either way shaming them is more than warranted.  It’s everyone’s duty.  I assume that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will immediately suspend anyone who says “Okay groomer.”

What I’m waiting for is Ron DeSantis to yell “Okay groomer!” to some television reporter interviewing him or some Disney flak who tries to shame him into reversing his approval of the law.  He’s lucky.  He’s every Lefty’s dream target.  They’re probably lined up for miles waiting to ask him about the kindergarten suicides.

But I’m kind of jealous.  I don’t have anyone to say it to.  I’m kind of hoping that someone will show up in the comments to take the pro-groomer argument.  I just so badly want to say,

“Okay Groomer!”  Man, that felt good.

DeSantis Versus Pence, a Contrast Worth Looking At

Lately everything that DeSantis has been doing strikes me as right on target.  He’s passing laws to restrain the Left in multiple arenas.  And even beyond the kind of laws he champions, his interactions with the press and the corporate Left have been spot on.  He refuses to be intimidated and he pushes back at them and even attacks their motives.

And that made me think of a comparison between what DeSantis is doing with outlawing the sexualizing of very young schoolchildren and what Mike Pence did when he passed a law to protect religious freedom in Indiana.  This law was meant to protect wedding service providers; like the photographers and cake bakers from anti-discrimination lawsuits by LGBTQ advocates.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Says Religious Freedom Law ‘Absolutely Not’ a Mistake

Here’s a link (above) to a video of Pence being grilled by George Stephanopoulos on the bill and repeatedly attempting to get Pence to say yes or no as to whether the bill allows wedding service providers to “discriminate” against gay people getting married.  If you watch it Pence looks like a weak, whiny, wimp afraid to just say openly that religious freedom is the aim of the bill and if preventing religious people from being forced to violate their religious convictions is discrimination against the people trying to coerce them then it is justified discrimination.


Now compare this travesty with these three examples of Ron DeSantis dealing with the press on the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

‘Does The Truth Matter Or Not?’: DeSantis Lashes Out At Reporter Over Question On Bill


Gov. DeSantis signs controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill into law


Gov. Ron DeSantis responds to leaked Disney comments about parental rights bill (on Tucker Carlson show)

In each case he counterattacks against the media narrative and hammers his point home that the truth is completely different from the version being represented by the media.  And in the second and third videos and goes farther to say that those attacking these bills aren’t trying to protect LGBTQ individuals.  They are trying to impose indoctrination or “grooming” of small children into deviant sexual practices.  They are trying to introduce to very young children extremely harmful sexual and psychological ideas that can lead to irreparable harm to their minds, bodies and even end their lives.

Is it any wonder that Mike Pence has proven to be such an ineffective representative for conservatives?  He can’t defend the things he believes in in a forceful and convincing manner.  One week after the interview with Stephanopoulos Pence amended the bill to prevent it from protecting the wedding service providers that it was meant to aid.  He is useless.

I believe Ron DeSantis is just the opposite.  He is smart and he is strong.  He can think on his feet and he can push back against the twisted logic that the Left uses to make the attackers look like the victims.  I believe if we have a man like this as president, he will find ways to reverse many of the evil laws and regulations that afflict us.  Someone with strength would even be able to push the awful people we have in Congress to follow his lead.

I don’t know whether DeSantis will be running for president or vice president in 2024.  But in either case he looks like the right man in our future.  Could the Deep State do to him what they did to Trump?  Maybe, but DeSantis has significantly better governmental experience and would bring his own team from Florida into the executive branch with him.  Trump had no team.

So, this is my case.  We’ll have to see what actually happens in 2024.

DeSantis Signs the Young Schoolchildren Anti-Grooming Law

What the Left calls the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill is now law in Florida.  DeSantis makes a very eloquent statement about why this bill is needed.  And he accuses the Left of supporting the sexualization of kindergarten children and he says he doesn’t care what they think of him saying it.  He’s standing up for the rights of parents to control the things taught to their children and to restrain activists from trying to recruit their kids into sexual madness.

This guy hits all the right notes.  Someday he will be President.  If not in 2024 then in 2028.

Now That Russia Has Taken Ukraine Are the Baltics Next?

The other day I speculated what our response would be if Russia invaded the Baltic States.  Now that the Ukraine has been occupied and nothing has been done by the West other than some pro-forma sanctions it occurs to me that there really isn’t anything keeping them out of the Baltics.  Not a thing.  Of course, that invites the question, what’s keeping them out of Poland or Germany or France.  Militarily, it’s the same answer.  In each case we only have the threat of nuclear war as a deterrence against Russian military attack and occupation.  By allowing our armed forces to become an LGBTQ poster child instead of a fighting machine we’ve put all our eggs in the nuclear war basket.  And Russia will continue to test us to see where the tipping point is.  Ukraine?  Moldova?  Estonia?  Latvia?  Lithuania?

And once China sees this happening we can forget about Taiwan.  And how about Korea?  Right about now I’m guessing Japan is starting to get a little nervous.  All these dominoes were set in motion when the Left’s world view was adopted by Americans.  When you demonize America and its history and deny the difference between a man and a woman you throw away the basis for the deterrence of an army or even a nuclear stockpile.  Would a woman like Kamala Harris or a feminist man like Joe Biden send troops against the Russians or launch nuclear weapons?  I’m guessing the Russians have decided the answer is no.

Lots of bad things are no longer unthinkable.  Luckily for us the Russians want to sell Europe gas and China wants to sell us everything.  So, they’ll be satisfied to just take the stuff they want.  They don’t have to force us into a fight for our lives.  It’s sort of like the smash and grab attacks on expensive stores.  If the sales staff stays out of the way and lets the thieves take what they want they won’t get hurt.  And what else can you do when you’ve told the police they’re evil.  You’ve thrown away your shield and have to submit to the thieves.

It’s not a happy situation we find ourselves in.  But at least it lays bare the reality of a feminized West.  Without men in charge of the military and foreign policy, non-feminized countries will be free to exert military force as they see fit.  Our safety culture will direct us to take the less dangerous option of hectoring the enemy like a global Karen telling Moscow or Beijing to stop what they’re doing or we’ll tell the UN on them.

But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Dementia Joe will stand up on his two feet and take Vladimir Putin behind the barn and lay the smackdown on him.  Maybe he’ll send our tranny brigade against the Russian army.  Size fifteen stiletto heels marching in unison to victory.  The good and bad news is that Biden is responsible and he’ll have to figure this out.  The good news is he’ll take the blame.  The bad news is we’ll have to suffer the consequences.

“O brave new world, that has such people in it!”

Just in Time for Christmas Cowards Cave to Toy Blackmail

Lego announced that they’ve signed up with the feminists and LGBTQ mafia to demonize boys who like traditional boys’ toys like their expensive blocks sets.  This si coming out just when California had to legislate against stores having separate aisles for boys’ and girls’ toys.

The article stated,

In a statement released on October 10, Lego announced that it would work with both the Geena Davis Institute and UNICEF to make sure that its “products and marketing are accessible to all and free of gender bias and harmful stereotypes.”

Well I’ll just give my opinion.  If any toy manufacturer goes the full nine yards and stresses gender bias and harmful stereotypes, then they’re guaranteed my business.  I’m completely happy with my grandsons playing with swords and guns and my granddaughters playing with dolls and kitchen sets.  That’s just the dinosaur I am.

Dave Chappelle – The Only Man in America Who Has Freedom of Speech

First things first.  Dave Chappelle is not a right-wing guy.  As far as I can tell he’s more or less a leftie.  But he’s a comedian and he makes fun of lots of things.  He makes fun of black people and white people and Asian people and whatever other people there are out there.  And being black he can do that.  But can he get away with satirizing the LGBTQ mafia?  Turns out the answer is, so far yes!  Chappelle seems to be so popular and so commercially valuable that Netflix has refused to cave to the cancel culture’s demand to kill his latest comedy special, “Closer.”

Closer is the sixth and last installment in a series that Chappelle produced for Netflix.  And in the previous episode Chappelle talked about how the speech codes around LGBTQ people were a sore point with his business partners in TV and Hollywood.  He could use derogatory names for white people and black people and brown people and yellow people but he couldn’t for queer people.  And he let you know that rubbed him the wrong way.

In this latest installment he zeros in on the phenomenon of cancellation against anyone who admits to believing that a so-called trans-man or trans-woman isn’t exactly the same as an actual man or woman.  He gives as an example Bruce Jenner in his mutilated form “Caitlyn.”  Chappelle says,

“I shouldn’t speak on this because I am not a woman, nor am I a trans. But as we established, I am a feminist. That’s right. I’m team TERF. I agree. Gender is a fact. You have to look at it from a woman’s perspective.”

“Caitlin Jenner was voted Woman of The Year her first year as a woman! Ain’t that something? She’s better than all of you.”

“Gender is a fact. Every human being on Earth had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on this Earth. That is a fact,” Chappelle said.

These quotes have actually been scrubbed by the news site that posted them to remove the various obscenities Chappelle adorned them with but they make the point.  The social media sites and the entertainment industry and just about all the powers that be are determined to force everybody on Earth to pretend that a man in a sundress, sexually mutilated or not, is exactly the same as a real-life woman.  And Dave Chappelle is the only man in the world who can get away with telling them that they’re lying.

What’s wrong with this picture?  We used to brag to the world that America was a “free country.”  That used to be the line.  If someone said, “Do you know what I think?”  And you knew you weren’t going to like that opinion you’d say dismissively, “Sure, go ahead, it’s a free country.”  Now that’s a joke.  You can’t say anything you really believe.  If you do, you’ll lose your job or your membership in a club or your bank account or your credit card or your website or your ability to fly on a plane.  The only guy in America who can speak his mind is Dave Chappelle.

And that tells us that despite Dave Chappelle’s endless jokes about blacks being second class citizens, the rest of us are the real slaves here.  The only free man in America is Dave Chappelle.  He’s free to speak his mind in public.