Buggery in High Places

I was busy today with a family gathering.  Good food, good company and good news all around.  A long day and no time for writing for the site until now.

So I look around at the news sites and see this:

The story is just as bad as the headline.  This guy works for a Democrat Senator from Maryland and apparently he’s another one of Joe Biden’s LGBTQ diversity hires.

Well, I guess the sacred Capitol building that the J6 protestors “defiled” has been literally defiled by Democrat staffer Aidan Maese-Czeropski and whoever he filmed buggering him.

And it’s fitting.  Apparently that is the highest and best use that the Left has found for the federal government.  It’s their private social club and they indulge whatever proclivities they enjoy whenever they want to.  And now they even film it just so their friends can laugh at the joke too.  But I guess this guy has some enemies and they passed it along to a reporter.

So I guess I could ask, will the Capitol Police arrest Mr. Maese-Czeropski and charge him with something?  Or is two men buggering each other in the Capitol already too close to the main purpose of that building?

After all, they’ve been buggering the country for generations now without any repercussions.  Why should a little more of it matter.  And at least in this case the buggering was consensual.  In the case of the country it’s not.

There’s something truly iconic about this scandal.  This is the revelation of what is truly the state of our federal government.  Washington is a cesspool filled with deviants who no longer even pretend to be anything else.  Utilizing the government to pay for and justify their behavior is no longer a secret.  It’s a bold display.  They make up rules that we have to abide by but they can pretty much do as they please.

Well, as long as the Democrats keep themselves in office I don’t think this guy has to worry about jail time or even a fine.  More likely he’ll sue the publication that published his sex tape and got him fired.  After all gay sex tapes are the only reason that privacy even exists as a concept in the United States.  Everyone else is at the mercy of the tech companies but if you’re buggering some guy in a US government building it’s a protected act.  Imagine that.

Supposedly they fired this guy, or forced him to resign.  But does anyone believe that he will be unable to find his next spot in the bureaucracy?  I’m guessing his next gig will be with EEOC or some other federal agency tasked with keeping people like him employed.  Or maybe he’ll end up in the State Department where he can raise the rainbow flag over some embassy or other.  That way next time he can get buggered on the Eiffel Tower or in the Coliseum or by Big Ben.  But I don’t recommend he try it near the pyramids.  The locals don’t appreciate it.  It might end up poorly.


06OCT2023 – Ah the Irony

Non-Binary by any other name would smell as sweet.  So the gals in tech are outraged that their job fair has been hijacked by a bunch of Indian and Chinese nerds who claim they are “non-binary.”  Well, well.  I guess if we can’t define a woman then we can’t say whether someone isn’t one.

Keep it coming all you weirdos.  Let the women, whatever they are, stew in the irony of allying themselves against white men for all these years.  Surely the Asian guys who have discovered the joys of non-binary (isn’t computing binary by definition?) will step aside and let the “ladies” through.

No?  Oh well.

Uganda Refuses the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Shocking.  Who knew the third world was allowed to tell the globalists no.  Maybe one day we will be allowed also.

I like his copybook version of his speech.  His penmanship is probably neater than mine is at this point.



Obama Was Light in the Loafers

Well there it is.  Imagine he writes in a letter to a girlfriend that he fantasizes about gay sex.

Another barrier broken.  America’s first bisexual president.  And I guess it makes sense that Michelle is so forceful.    Well I should have known based on the mom jeans he wore and his limp-wristed throw when he tried to throw out the first baseball at an MLB game.  My four year old granddaughter could have done better.

Hopefully he’ll get around to transitioning soon.  Another first!

Bud Light is the Canary in the Coal Mine

The transgender attack on sanity may possibly be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  There are some encouraging signs that people are thoroughly fed up.  What’s happening with Bud Light and Target, but especially Bud Light seems to indicate that people may have finally reached the breaking point and are unwilling to just accept another extension of the madness, this time including perpetrating horrible medical practices on children in the name of trans-health.

The boycott of Bud Light is an ongoing and actually strengthening phenomenon.  30% of the sales of this formerly popular beer have disappeared and don’t appear to be returning.  By siding with the TikTok “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney a so-called trans-woman they alienated a sizable chunk of their customer base and pointed to an effective way for normal people to push back against corporate support for ideologies and causes that threaten children.

Now the question remains whether the action will have an effect on Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch.  Will it alter their policies or not.  And then there is the larger question, will this action provide a spark that ignites a larger action to push back at the whole LGBTQ agenda.

So far there have been a slew of laws passed in red states against transitioning children and other practices that drag children into the LGBTQ world.  Governor Ron DeSantis has been very prominent in this legislative movement.  And federal judges have moved to block these laws.  Eventually the Supreme Court will have to step in and that will be one of the first places where we will see how effective the revolt against the trans-madness will be.

And Donald Trump has taken a first step to nationalize this movement by vowing to get legislation banning medical procedures; puberty blockers and surgeries; that “transition” minors.  And this being the beginning of the presidential election season it’s possible that the transgender issue might become the focus issue for the whole election.

Or it might not.  And that’s the crux of this essay.  When a society no longer protects its children from madness; when in fact, the medical community itself is the source of the threat to children, then that society is doomed.  If the population of the United States fails to rally successfully against the forces that threaten to harvest its children as fodder for medical experimentation, then there is absolutely no hope of that society surviving.  It will dissolve into an atomized mob of lunatics stumbling along toward the grave.  And it will deserve it.

So, I’m extremely interested in what goes on during 2023-2024.  I’m convinced that if a successful national or at least local resistance to the transgender agenda doesn’t emerge then we are finished as a society.  As I said, if defense of children is no longer a strong enough reflex to rally a people, then that people is as good as dead already.

Alternatively, if there is a successful movement to reject the sexualization of children then I think that something can still be done to save the larger society we live in.  I’ve more or less written off the American project.  I’ve concentrated my efforts on finding work arounds for surviving in a degraded America.  I contend that families that decide to remain in the United States have to take actions to protect their children against the public school system in particular and from the federal government’s influence in general.

But if a larger movement awakens around protecting children from these harmful government influences, then I might be convinced that all hope isn’t lost for this country.  So, this is a test case.  Let’s see if America passes or fails.

The Progressive Coalition Starts to Unravel

Hamtramck, Michigan is a majority Muslim city near Detroit.  When the city government became majority Muslim  in 2016 the liberal white population there cheered.  But things haven’t gone as well as the white residence had hoped.  Recently the city council voted the banning of pride flags from city property and the liberal minority feels betrayed.

Well, welcome to planet Earth where Muslims aren’t big fans of the rainbow coalition taking too big an interest in their children.

“There’s a sense of betrayal,” said the former Hamtramck mayor Karen Majewski, who is Polish American. “We supported you when you were threatened, and now our rights are threatened, and you’re the one doing the threatening.

After several years of diversity on the council, some see irony in an all-male, Muslim elected government that does not reflect the city’s makeup.

Their talking points mirror those made elsewhere: some Hamtramck Muslims say they simply want to protect children, and gay people should “keep it in their home”.”

This mirrors similar fault lines that show up between Latinos and the various cohorts of the queer coalition.



If This Goes On … Then What? – Part 2

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Left’s agenda is their devotion to deviant sexuality.  The so-called LGBTQ agenda has become the most important cause for the global elites around the world.  And the extremes to which this agenda will go to silence dissent knows no bounds.  Currently deviating from the new rules on “pronouns” can get you fired from your job, thrown off the internet and in certain states hauled into court.

Worse still, in places like California there are laws that will allow the state to sexually mutilate your children against your will.  Pediatric transitioning is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is based on the premise that pre-teens can know that they need to be changed into members of the opposite sex based on an innate feeling that they were born into the wrong body.  So, kids who aren’t assumed to be responsible enough to drink beer or get a tattoo somehow know what it will be like to be an adult of the opposite sex and can judge that the horrific surgeries needed to simulate this transition and the pain and suffering that they will experience for the rest of their lives, will be a reasonable course of action.

Needless to say, this is a revolutionary movement that flies in the face of sanity, decency and the rock bottom human instinct to preserve children from harm.  And finally, a reaction against it is beginning to appear around the country, most powerfully in Florida where Governor Ron DeSantis has led the charge against grammar school teachers and school board members grooming children for acceptance of the LGBTQ madness.  And Florida and some other states are even outlawing so-called “gender-affirming medical procedures” or more accurately, puberty blocking drugs, trans-sex hormones and sexual mutilation of children.

So, there is some hope.  Things could turn around and other aspects of the LGBTQ agenda could be reversed.  One possibility for this involves the Supreme Court reversing the gay marriage decision and even reversing the finding for a constitutional right to homosexual behavior.  But none of these things are clear one way or the other.  Once again, we are in a gray zone where things can go either way.  What are the possible outcomes?

The worse case scenario is the complete victory of the LGBTQ movement with pediatric transitioning becoming the law of the land and even pedophilia decriminalized.  This is the eventual victory that the deviants have been working toward all along.  This would render America an abomination that would cry out for the biblical reckoning that Sodom earned.

I think the middle scenario is the establishment in certain states of laws protecting children from the LGBTQ agenda.  The banning of pediatric transitioning and the strengthening of parental rights to prevent schools and other surrogates from proselytizing children into these deviant lifestyles would represent a specific line in the sand that could provide some sort of brake on the race to the bottom that we currently see going on in our society.

The best-case scenario would be a combination of several fortunate occurrences.  If the Supreme Court were to reverse the decisions on gay marriage and the constitutional protection for homosexual behavior this would provide the red states with the basis for rolling back a whole host of problems that plague our current society.  For me one of the best results would be not having to see the acronym LGBTQIA used everywhere I look.  Also, the term drag queen story hour would disappear from the lexicon except among weirdos in places like California and New York.  In other words, life would become a little like a paradise, relatively speaking.

Alright, here’s the moment of truth.  Which future do I think most likely?

Once again, I think the middle path most likely.  Protecting children is a pretty basic instinct.  I think in most places it will put a stop to the worst excesses of the sexual revolution.  At least that’s my guess.

Which one do you think will happen?

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28MAY2023 – The First Stirrings of an Awakening

A beautiful Memorial Day weekend and plenty of yard work will keep me busy today and tomorrow.  I look through the headlines and see the usual mix of depressing, ridiculous and muddled.  All of the Left is breathlessly cheering on Team Trump vs Team DeSantis, hoping that they will injure each other mortally.  And the Target pride month news showcases just how far this country has fallen as our largest retailers capitalize on the destruction of a generation of children.

If I’m to find anything hopeful in all of this it’s that a critical mass seems to have been reached.  Finally, a large chunk of the American public is aware that really awful stuff is being normalized.  Between Bud Light and Target, we’re finally seeing the people who don’t pay attention to the news at all waking up to the fact that evil people are in charge of their whole world.  From the doctors and lawyers, to the mega-corporations, to the politicians who run the country; everyone is on board with the program to pervert and destroy children.

And I’m not saying that this awakening will solve the problem.  The lopsidedness of the fight is almost comical.  We struggle to even catch the attention of the powers that be.  Maybe we can destroy one product in the catalog of a multi-national beverage manufacturer that will still make billions around the world.  Maybe a major retailer will miss earnings forecast for one month.  Maybe.

That’s not much.  But it’s where you have to start.  Elon Musk has provided at least one platform where people can share ideas and hear both sides of the story.  That’s not a small thing.  It’s so important that the Left is apoplectic about it.  They’re doing everything in their power to destroy Twitter by trying to convince advertisers to boycott it.  And who knows, maybe they’ll be successful.  To be honest, I never understood how the business model for the social media sites could actually work.  I assumed that it was a government sponsored monopoly and without the blessing of the FBI and the CIA it wouldn’t be economically viable.  But he’s trying to make it happen and it’s a blooming miracle that it exists for us.  And so, Ron DeSantis has Twitter as a place to launch his campaign as opposed to going on one of the hostile cable news platforms where they’ll parse out sound bites that distort his message and weaken his appeal.  It’s not much but it’s a beginning.

It’s a beginning.  But it’s definitely not winning.  What would winning look like?  To my mind winning would be a corporation stepping forward and announcing publicly that they were on our side and wanted our business at the expense of the business from the Left.  It would be a beer company that said it didn’t support pride month because it didn’t celebrate what pride month stood for.  It would be a retailer that said it wouldn’t support BLM because it was anti-American.  Instead, it supports the police because they stand for law and order without which the store couldn’t exist.

Winning would look like red states beginning the long, slow, painful process of coordinating their policies to protect their citizens from the federal government.  They would cooperate to the extent of sharing data on illegal aliens and Antifa so that these menaces could be dealt with.  They would protect and indemnify their citizens who are attacked by the federal government; by the IRS and the FBI.  They would begin to crack down on crime in their big cities and force welfare addicts to work.  They would force reform of the public schools and eliminate objectionable content in the curriculum.

So, there’s no winning going on.  None of that stuff is happening.  All we have is the very beginnings of an awakening.  There’s my thought for today.

Matt Walsh Asks, “Can We Give Target the Bud Light Treatment?”

Walsh admits that it will take a little more effort to boycott Target but they deserve it even more and he makes the case that it could be done.  Something to think about.