28MAY2023 – The First Stirrings of an Awakening

A beautiful Memorial Day weekend and plenty of yard work will keep me busy today and tomorrow.  I look through the headlines and see the usual mix of depressing, ridiculous and muddled.  All of the Left is breathlessly cheering on Team Trump vs Team DeSantis, hoping that they will injure each other mortally.  And the Target pride month news showcases just how far this country has fallen as our largest retailers capitalize on the destruction of a generation of children.

If I’m to find anything hopeful in all of this it’s that a critical mass seems to have been reached.  Finally, a large chunk of the American public is aware that really awful stuff is being normalized.  Between Bud Light and Target, we’re finally seeing the people who don’t pay attention to the news at all waking up to the fact that evil people are in charge of their whole world.  From the doctors and lawyers, to the mega-corporations, to the politicians who run the country; everyone is on board with the program to pervert and destroy children.

And I’m not saying that this awakening will solve the problem.  The lopsidedness of the fight is almost comical.  We struggle to even catch the attention of the powers that be.  Maybe we can destroy one product in the catalog of a multi-national beverage manufacturer that will still make billions around the world.  Maybe a major retailer will miss earnings forecast for one month.  Maybe.

That’s not much.  But it’s where you have to start.  Elon Musk has provided at least one platform where people can share ideas and hear both sides of the story.  That’s not a small thing.  It’s so important that the Left is apoplectic about it.  They’re doing everything in their power to destroy Twitter by trying to convince advertisers to boycott it.  And who knows, maybe they’ll be successful.  To be honest, I never understood how the business model for the social media sites could actually work.  I assumed that it was a government sponsored monopoly and without the blessing of the FBI and the CIA it wouldn’t be economically viable.  But he’s trying to make it happen and it’s a blooming miracle that it exists for us.  And so, Ron DeSantis has Twitter as a place to launch his campaign as opposed to going on one of the hostile cable news platforms where they’ll parse out sound bites that distort his message and weaken his appeal.  It’s not much but it’s a beginning.

It’s a beginning.  But it’s definitely not winning.  What would winning look like?  To my mind winning would be a corporation stepping forward and announcing publicly that they were on our side and wanted our business at the expense of the business from the Left.  It would be a beer company that said it didn’t support pride month because it didn’t celebrate what pride month stood for.  It would be a retailer that said it wouldn’t support BLM because it was anti-American.  Instead, it supports the police because they stand for law and order without which the store couldn’t exist.

Winning would look like red states beginning the long, slow, painful process of coordinating their policies to protect their citizens from the federal government.  They would cooperate to the extent of sharing data on illegal aliens and Antifa so that these menaces could be dealt with.  They would protect and indemnify their citizens who are attacked by the federal government; by the IRS and the FBI.  They would begin to crack down on crime in their big cities and force welfare addicts to work.  They would force reform of the public schools and eliminate objectionable content in the curriculum.

So, there’s no winning going on.  None of that stuff is happening.  All we have is the very beginnings of an awakening.  There’s my thought for today.