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As part of my previously discussed plan to make my site more interesting to me I’m going to publish my ongoing attempt at a dystopic science fiction story, “Sniper.”  Part of my reason for putting it up on the site is to get feedback from sf fans and also because I hope at some future time to finish it and put it up for sale.  If anyone likes the story, I highly encourage him to spread it to anyone among his acquaintances or sites that he thinks would be likely to be interested.  After all the whole reason for the internet is mass communication.

Also, I’m encouraging all comments; positive and negative.  Feedback is greatly desired.  And away we go.



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The American Archipelago

Book 1 – The Sniper

Chapter 14 – Aftermath

The world woke up to a strange new America.  Panic reigned supreme in the corridors of business, finance, diplomacy and almost every other endeavor that had formerly been overseen by the Global American Empire.  Things were just generally pandemonium.  The Strategic Air Command was in high level communication with global allies and adversaries reassuring and threatening that the United States nuclear arsenal was still the deadliest power on the planet.

But aside from that organization, the rest of the United States leadership in whatever capacity was in stunned inaction.  Finally, the governors of Maryland and Virginia agreed to declare a joint state of emergency and call in their National Guard units to restore some semblance of order in Washington DC.  At first, the command of the army units based in Virginia balked at a state government taking this initiative.  But after confirming that neither civilian nor military hierarchy effectively existed within Washington anymore, an ad hoc arrangement was worked out to utilize the guard units to crush the very serious rioting and looting going on in the city.

Eventually the Maryland governor requested that his colleague in Virginia establish some kind of temporary council to run the day to day needs of the city.  The mayor of DC had been murdered during the rioting and the rest of the city government had fled.  The Virginia governor reluctantly agreed and so slowly and painfully martial law began to bring that benighted city back into some kind of order.

In places like Manhattan and Chicago; Los Angeles and San Francisco there was stunned disbelief.  After the announcement of the nuclear strike on the “terrorists” and then Connors’ broadcast of his decapitation of the United States federal government the oligarchs of the American Empire were in shock.  With much of the managerial elite dead and the databases and systems that they used to direct the levers of power, no one in the lower echelons of the government knew how to respond to this disaster.  The strike had taken out whole divisions of the government.  The FBI now consisted of the local offices.  The Justice Department had effectively ceased to exist.  Interestingly so had the IRS.  And the intelligence agencies had been especially targeted.  All of the data repositories including the “cloud locations” of these agencies had been destroyed completely.  The attacks had been thorough and precise.  Nobody in the remaining portions of the federal bureaucracy knew anything.  They were isolated and completely overwhelmed by the scope of the losses.

But outside of the cities the reaction was quite different.  In the red states and even in the countryside in the blue states it was as if a great weight had been lifted off the shoulders of these people.  Their oppressor was gone.  And it was as if they heard the quote from Revelations, “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”  And even though many feared that this fall would unleash chaos and war and death, still, they felt their hearts lightened and people began to hope that  life would become better without the tyrants who ruled them from DC.

Current end of unfinished story. 


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Guest Contributor – Milo Mindbender – 18MAY2024 – 1914 and Now

1914 could have been avoided, the use of chemical weapons by the Germans brought the English, and other western countries into what was just another small expansionist move by Germany. They had been going to war appx every 20 years for almost a century, without getting anyone else drug into it, as they slowly nibbled away at the eastern border of France in the purpose of taking the mineral and industrial rich eastern sections of France one bite at a time. These wars were fought mostly to move the border a small amount at a time, in response to past Napoleonic incursions into German territories, and until the use of gas were ignored for the most part by the rest of the world. We have no more right to the Ukrainian conflict than the German had to the French attacks. We have violated all of our promises of no membership to NATO, and no Eastward expansion which would allow us to garrison adjacent to the Russians border. We almost went to war in 62 over Soviet weapons in Cuba, and that was with a 90 mile ocean channel between their forces and ours, would we allow China to build a military base in Vancouver BC, Russia to build a base in Baja California, without protest?

The Biden-Trump Debates

Donald Trump has agreed to debate Joe Biden twice.  Once in July on CNN and once in September on ABC.  Why would he agree to go on those networks where every moderator they will select will run the debate as blatantly against Trump as they possibly can?  They’ll shamelessly tilt the questions for Biden and against Trump.  They’ll cut out his microphone whenever it might save Biden from an embarrassing moment and they’ll end by declaring that their in-studio polls show that Joe Biden won handily and Donald Trump is Hitler.

Now all of this is true.  And Donald Trump knows all these things.  And yet he accepted the debates immediately.  I’ll assume that he believes that he has more to gain by these debates than lose.  But is that true?  I was thinking about what kinds of things the moderator could direct against Trump and score points against him.  Obviously, they’ll concentrate on January 6th and abortion.  But they might also throw in some COVID questions.  After all, many on the Right are fairly angry at Trump for letting Fauci and his minions make our lives hell even before Biden got into office.  Reminding people of that could be a way to hurt Trump.

Someone in the media suggested that Trump hasn’t completely agreed to all the conditions of the interviews and that he might still refuse at the last minute.  Maybe that’s true and could explain why he has no qualms about being set up by the news channels.  But refusing after the fact would represent an embarrassing retreat.  People might think he’s afraid to debate Biden.

Two possibilities for accepting seem to me the most likely.  The first is that he’s worried about his chances in the race and hopes for some kind of lucky break during the debate that would increase his chances of winning the election.  Although Trump has led almost throughout the election period there are still several swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin that are very close.  And Trump needs at least one of these states to win.  Maybe he thinks that these three states are among the ones that will be strongly influenced by a good debate performance.  Because of how much Trump has at stake in the criminal cases against him, winning the presidency is almost a life and death situation for him.  Maybe the extra chance to impress these voters seems extremely important to Trump for this reason.

A second reason why he may be so anxious to debate Biden is that he is convinced that he can utterly humiliate him on the debate stage and this will serve as the knockout punch for Biden’s candidacy.  I think this may be the more likely reason.

Now it remains to be seen how all this turns out.  After all this is a very dynamic scenario.  Let’s start out just by looking at Joe Biden’s health.  Based on how these things are handled by the Biden camp, Dopey Joe will be doped to the gills with some kind of cognitive booster; caffeine, amphetamines, Ritalin, whatever.  Based on no information at all, my guess is Joe stroking out must be at least a reasonably high possibility.  And even if he doesn’t keel over there’s no guarantee that the stuff coming out of his mouth won’t be in the, “cannibals ate my Uncle Bosey” level of daffiness.  If either of those two scenarios play out, I’d call it a win for Trump.

But the opposite scenario can also occur.  Biden could just stand there and spin lie after lie with absolute insouciance.  This would match up to what happened back in the 2020 debates.  The moderators took Biden’s side and his lies ended as the debate’s points against Trump in the press.

But things have changed quite a bit since 2020.  Regardless if the moderators throw softballs at Biden, I assume Trump will go off script and attack Biden on all the various failures of his administration; inflation, immigration, crime and war.  And Trump is one of the most vindictive guys around.  With a little luck he’ll sting him enough so that Biden will take off on some self-justifying lie that will amaze even the moderators in its stupidity and obvious unlikeliness.  Maybe that’s Trump’s biggest hope in all this. That he can wind up Biden enough to make him act like a nut on stage.

So, I’ll be watching in July.  Should be interesting.

What Will We Stumble into Next?

What if the Europe of 1914 had figured out a way to avoid the Great War?  What would European civilization look like today?  Would the colonial empires have maintained their existence and by now have coalesced into a world completely dominated and controlled by Europe and its descendants?  Would the scientific and commercial progress of this civilization have produced the first truly global state?

It’s an interesting question.  But I think very mistaken.  World War I (and World War II) happened because they had to happen.  Humans (and Europeans specifically) have been struggling for the last five hundred years with the results of the Enlightenment.  Enormous technological and sociological change have engulfed the world and we are nowhere near figuring out how to harness these changes safely.

And just in time to finish off what’s left of western civilization, we have Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland playing nuclear chicken with Vladimir Putin.  For eighty years the existential nature of the nuclear threat has kept both the Americans and the Russians on their best behavior when it came to serious escalation.  But all that has changed over the last decade or so.  The CIA and the State Department have been embarked on a progressively more provocative series of “color” revolutions.  And now they’ve culminated in the Ukraine War as the capstone.  At least a hundred and fifty billion dollars of American aid and billions more euros have been transferred to Ukraine and something like a half-million Ukrainian lives have been sacrificed in this endeavor and now the neo-cons have pulled out all the stops and will allow the Ukrainians to use F-16s and long-range missiles into Russia proper.  And Putin has responded with statements to the effect that tactical nuclear weapons will now be on the table if western offensive weapons are used in Russia.

It doesn’t appear that we have many more tosses left before something pretty bad is going to happen.  If I were to guess what will precipitate the escalation, I’d say that it will be a major missile strike on Moscow.  The Russians will respond with a major attack on the western cities in Ukraine and I assume they’ll attempt to decapitate the Ukrainian military along with killing Zelinsky.  The question is whether they think they have to use a tactical nuke to achieve this.

But either way, the escalation will be extreme and the number of civilian deaths will be measured in the thousands.  Now, it’s somewhere in this part of the escalation that I think we could see this whole thing spin completely out of control.  Direct attacks on Moscow will eventually radicalize Putin’s reactions to this strategy.  And especially if the civilian casualties are high, we run the risk that the attacks on Western Ukraine could spill over into Eastern Europe and trigger a retaliatory strike from Poland on Russian territory.  And from there we have a direct path to a nuclear exchange.

Biden and Blinken seem to be the caliber of idiot that we could expect to bring on a nuclear war for absolutely no good reason at all.  When people look back on this, they’ll probably try to identify the ideological reasons why war broke out at this time.  What they should look for are Joe Biden’s college transcripts and Antony Blinken’s psych evaluation.  For once the villain won’t be artificial intelligence.  It will be lack of intelligence.

What Could a Coalition on the Right Look Like?

According to Joe Biden in his famous 2020 election message to black voters Republicans want to, “put y’all back in chains!”  Well, how could anyone doubt the accuracy of statements by Joe (Cannibals ate my Uncle Bosie) Biden?  But to be fair to Dementia Joe, even with the economy cratering in front of us no one thinks that Donald Trump can get more than a maximum of twenty percent of the black vote.  So, I guess Biden’s strategy isn’t uninformed.

But regardless of how durable the Democrat coalition seems to be, the thinking that needs to be done on the right is what kind of coalition can be created that will last for more than just the disaster that is 2024.

And I’m not thinking of a, “the enemy of my enemy” kind of situation.  I think it’s time to find commonalities with whoever is out there that isn’t diametrically opposed to us.  And I guess I better define who, “us” is.

Well, that’s easy.  Us is anyone who isn’t a card-carrying member of the leftist project.  Well, maybe it’s actually easier to say who it isn’t.  It isn’t feminists.  They want to dissolve the family.  It isn’t the LGBTQ.  They want to outlaw normal.  It isn’t the anti-white coalition.  They want to erase me.  It isn’t the climate warriors.  They’re nuts.  It isn’t the communists.  They want to steal our money.  And it isn’t the globalists.  They hate this country.

So, anyone who’s not a part of these groups is “us.”

You might think that eliminates a lot of people.  I’m not so sure.  I don’t think that the “normal” people in this country are outnumbered.  I just think they’ve never been allowed to think of themselves in that context.  For the first time, maybe ever, a Republican presidential candidate may win the Hispanic vote.  Now think about that.  If the Republicans manage to hold onto the majority of the white vote, namely men and married women and also win the Hispanic vote it’s got to be pretty hard for the Democrats to win elections.

And it can get even worse than that.  Democrats are currently winning the “women” vote.  But the amount of fuzzy thinking that is currently going on about abortion and the whole “Handmaiden’s Tale” nonsense that the Democrats feed women is ripe for some pushback.  Young women are finally realizing that they’ve been sold a bill of goods by the Left.  Their dreams of having it all have turned out to be a pretty hollow fiction.  Squandering their twenties and thirties as corporate middle-management drones and then spending their forties desperately trying to find a husband and start a family is hardly, “having it all.”  Of late the talk about a “trad-wife” movement is a little bit overblown but there is definitely something going on that makes me think that organizing young women to join the normal coalition could pay big dividends in the future.

In a way, the hardest group to get on board is the most surprising one too.  It’s the Dissident Right.  These are people that have become so embittered by the consistently anti-white and anti-normal actions of the United States government that they refuse to believe that they can find common cause with anyone but their own ethnic and political grouping.  And from what I’ve read, they’re pretty adamant in their opinions on this.  And I can sympathize with their point of view.  But I think that a situation could arise where they could find some kind of common ground with a broader grouping of people that contains ethnic groups that they are unfriendly with.  Now this won’t happen until this broader coalition begins to poach away parts of the leftist coalition.  And once it does it can begin to prove its usefulness as a vehicle for promoting traditional values across ethnic groups as a strategy for attacking the leftist positions.  So, if you can get multiple old and new constituencies backing up family values as opposed to the feminist/LGBTQ anti-human values it would help to show the dissidents that there are practical, concrete advantages to making common cause with other groups based on cultural and philosophical commonalities.

What sparked this chain of thought was a post that the ZMan put up about a moderate group on the right that he characterized as the Cosmopolitan Right (Cosmo Right).  This includes people like Auron MacIntyre, Lomez and the others on the moderate right who include some of the people in the orbit of the Claremont Institute.  The interesting thing about the post was that as opposed to most other moderate right groups or entities, ZMan was guardedly positive about this group’s agenda and capability.  I’ll have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  Who knows?  Maybe one day we can, “all just get along” on the Right.  But in the meantime, it gave me food for thought.