The Trump Apprentice 2024

I didn’t watch the debate the other night.  And probably very few people did.  It’s not like there is any big payback for watching that stuff.  I did watch NBC’s “five biggest moments.”  Well, I don’t know how they define big.  I watched Chris Christie’s “Donald Duck” zinger.  I guess that was the “cleverest” line.  I have worked out my candidate hierarchy.  Starting from the most annoying and working down I’d say:

  • Nikki Haley
  • Mike Pence
  • Chris Christie
  • Tim Scott
  • Vivek Ramaswamy
  • Ron DeSantis

I left out the governor from the Dakotas because I didn’t see him show up in the clips and I’m not 100% convinced that he actually exists in real life.  He may be a deep fake manufactured to bring the debate number up to Lucky Seven.

I like Ron DeSantis because he has done some very positive things in Florida.  That said, these “debates” are an embarrassment for all involved.  I understand that what is going on is the process of choosing who will be the candidate if Donald Trump is successfully kept off the ballot by the Uniparty.  But that process is a stain on everyone involved.

But I’ve figured out a legitimate way to select an alternative to Trump if the puppet masters figure out a way to keep him from running.

Let Donald Trump choose his own successor.

He should do it now.  In fact, it could be done as an entertainment product; “The Apprentice – 2024 VP Sweepstakes.”  Elon Musk could stream it on X and anyone who wants to watch it could pay two bucks a show and there would be ways for viewers to vote on different aspects of the show and donate money to Trump’s legal defense fund and maybe even a tie-in where a viewer gets to be on the finale where all but one of the contestants get fired.

So, I sound a little tongue in cheek here but I truly believe that Trump should select his running mate/successor early on.  That way if the bugmen keep him off the ballot at least we’ll be voting for the next best choice and hopefully someone who Trump trusts not to sell us out.

Now this would probably be a more difficult choice than Trump faced in 2016.  Mike Pence was probably a strategic selection.  He had social conservative cred and that filled in some of the gaps from Trump’s more cosmopolitan background.  But now he’s faced with choosing someone who can try to save the country from the oligarchs that are already as angry as a nest full of hornets that’s been knocked out of a tree.

And maybe the one he picks wasn’t even on last night’s stage.  Except for DeSantis the rest of them aren’t even close to being qualified to save this country.  And last I looked Trump and DeSantis hate each other’s guts.  Not that that is a disqualifying situation.  Plenty of very effective partnerships were between men who hated each other.

Hopefully he’s already given very serious consideration to this selection.  Trump’s freedom may depend on selecting someone honest enough to pardon him once the dust settles.

But that’s it.  Trump should select his running mate/successor before the primaries start.  And that successor will have to be on the primary ballots too just in case Trump gets knocked off.  Otherwise, one of the establishment candidates would end up as the candidate.

What a strange and depressing political situation we’ve ended up in.  The most popular candidate is despised and conspired against by his own political party and both parties collude to deny the will of the majority of Americans on all the most important governance topics, like immigration, energy and the economy.  So if the powers that be have their way and Donald Trump is kept off the ballot then let him pick his successor.  In the diseased state of “our democracy” that will be as close as we’ll get to the will of the people in that circumstance.

Boy, I’d love to see Trump tell Chris Christie, “You’re fired!”

Sixth Circuit Appellate Court Upholds Ban on Pediatric Trans-Affirming Medicine

The Appellate Court upheld Kentucky’s and Tennessee’s laws that ban “gender-affirming” medicines and surgeries from being prescribed or performed on minors.  Watch Walsh’s video and you’ll hear just how total a defeat this was for the trans-lobby.  This was not a narrow decision but a refutation of the legitimacy of gender-affirming medicine and all the allegations that it was beneficial for minors.

Walsh is right that this victory should give us hope that other than in hopelessly benighted areas like the West Coast and the Northeast, judges will allow state governments to protect their children from this barbaric and criminal medical malpractice.

I’ve stated before that this cause, stopping this madness, is a politically powerful and morally obvious winner of a fight.  Most people see clearly how outrageous this whole trans-movement is.  The idea that an explosion of children are confused about whether they are boys or girls is a dangerous situation that should be remedied not embraced.

Eliminating the profit motive from this racket is an important first step.  The next step is to look at doctors who perform these procedures on adults and investigate whether they do more harm than good to the patients who come to them for such radical and dangerous procedures that at best produce cosmetic changes and at worst ruin the health and sometimes kill the patients involved.

At the very least, laws should be put in place allowing class-action suits to be brought against physicians and medical centers that practice these horrendously risky procedures that provide no meaningful benefit to the mentally unstable people who seek out these treatments.

I think if the Republicans in red states have half a brain they would ride this horse right through to the 2024 elections.  Even some of the blue states would probably be fertile grounds to attack the trans-medical-industrial complex and expose the money being raked in and the lives being destroyed by this supposedly humane approach to confused children.  I think enough horror stories are already available to educate people out there to the realities of all of this and use the resulting outrage to flush many politicians and mental health officials out of office.

But the stupid party is just that.  Stupid.

I Ask for Donald Trump and You Give Me Nikki Haley?

The headline reads, “Major GOP donors eye Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis as the top Trump alternatives.”  Farther down it says,

“Mark Harris, the lead strategist at the pro-Haley Stand for America super PAC, released a memo after the debate touting the position of the lone woman in the primary “after two strong debates.” A Haley fundraising appeal on Thursday told supporters she has been “FLOODED with a nonstop SURGE OF SUPPORT,” following the debate.”

So, Nikki Haley is surging.  Her support is rising.  Well my stomach is surging and churning and my gorge is rising just thinking about her.

You know, I think I’d prefer Joe Biden as president rather than Hikki Haley.  It’s hard to imagine but I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t get my vote over Nikki Haley.  Except maybe Barack Obama.  He might be a tad worse.  Luckily, he’s blocked on constitutional grounds.  But even JEB! would be preferable to her.  Romney would be close.  They have a lot in common.  The smug elitist attitude, the tone-deaf position on conservative issues.  But I think even Mitt would get my vote instead of Haley.

It’s amazing to think that establishment Republican operatives see Haley as a top choice.  But it makes sense.  She gives them a candidate that they can package as checking off all the right boxes.  Female, check.  Non-white, check.  Pro-abortion, check.  Pro-Ukraine, check.  Pro-Gaia, check.  Smug elitist attitude, check, check, check.  These are the people who gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney for president.  They know a cheerful loser when they see one.

So, look, this isn’t shocking or even surprising.  The powers that be will select the least authentic, most bought and paid for loser they can find.  And that is Nikki Haley through and through.  Then, why am I writing about this?  Because it makes me crazy knowing that they’ll keep doing this over and over again.

And this is why Donald Trump is the only candidate I can vote for.  He’s the protest vote against all of this phony nonsense.  Even after W, McCain, Romney, JEB and everything that went on in 2020 they still try to push Nikki Haley as a conservative.  It’s enough to make you want to throw up.  Because what they’re saying basically is, “Either you’re too stupid to see what we’re doing or too weak to stop us from doing it and we don’t even care which it is.”

And so, if in November 2024 the ballot for president has the name Nikki Haley as the Republican candidate I’ll vote for the Democrat.  Even if it’s Joe Biden.  Even if it’s Kamala Harris.  Heaven help me, even if it’s the stupidest man on planet Earth, Don Lemon, I’ll vote for him.

I’m not voting for their clowns anymore.  Bought and sold won’t work.  We’ve gotten a look behind the curtain and we’re not likely to forget.  So, 2024 can be the beginning of the new world.  No one votes for fake conservatives anymore and we abandon federal elections until our choices are credible.  No more Mitt Romneys, no more Bushes and definitely no more Nikki Haleys.  Boycotting these phonies is precisely what will change things.  In the meantime, local politicians will gain in importance and eventually one of them will be the clear choice in presidential elections.

Who knows, maybe a new party will replace the Republicans.  The time is past ripe for it.  Once the party starts losing every election I could see a massive defection of conservative Republicans to a third party at some point.  That would leave the phonies and the grifters like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham high and dry and all alone.  I guess they can call up their old friend Nikki Haley and see what she’s up to.

The Shape of Things to Come – 2023 Edition

I was reading an article about shoplifting and the author said something like, the way things are going having food on open display in a grocery store may soon be too expensive to allow because of shoplifting.  And that struck me.  Imagine if you couldn’t walk down the aisles of a supermarket and pick out your fruit and meat or even a can of beans or a box of spaghetti.  Imagine if you couldn’t go to a big box store and get some nails or screws or a saw because the store couldn’t afford to leave these things on shelves.

So that’s what they mean about a society going from high trust to low trust.  The stores can’t trust the public not to steal everything in sight.  That got me thinking, where else has trust disappeared.?

Well, off the top of my head, you can’t trust that your public school isn’t trying to groom your kids for homosexuality or even stranger things like trans -gender dysphoria.  And you certainly can’t trust the Republicans to be conservative.  You can’t trust anything about the government.  You can’t trust scientists to tell the truth about the climate or the drug companies with your health.  You can’t trust the tech companies with your information and you absolutely can’t believe a word that the news organizations say.  And we used to depend on the police and the courts to keep us safe from criminals but that’s gone too.

If you think about it, the world we knew was based on a bunch of relationships of trust that no longer exist.

Based on this, I think it would make sense to try to imagine what the world will be like in a few years when all of these changes have reworked our relationships with each other and the larger institutions around us.  The first thing that came to me was that where you lived would become increasingly important to determine how you would live.  Currently the larger cities run by Democrats with large poor minority populations are becoming more and more like third world locales with businesses moving out and increasing rates of violence.  It would make sense that around these disaster areas will develop concentric rings of suburban areas where the levels of crime and other dysfunction will gradually decrease as you move outward in much the same way as a topographic map records rings of decreasing elevation in circles around mountain peaks.

Proximity to these danger zones will also determine things like the existence of stores selling luxury merchandise and levels of safety precautions like bars on windows and security systems in homes.  Of course, the definition of “luxury” will be completely relative to the wealth of the area.  In some places toothpaste may be a luxury item.

Security problems like these may explain the real basis for the “fifteen-minute city.”  What these enclaves are really designed for is excluding strangers from the area.  The kind of surveillance that will be possible in the future will make the non-local with no business in an area stand out like a sore thumb.  After all, if you have nothing to hide why worry if the government knows everything about you?  So, only people that the government thinks should be somewhere will be able to get there.  No freedom, no crime.  Pretty slick.

But out among the peasants, not so slick.  It appears that there is an intentional destruction of the old world going on.  People living together in free association, voluntarily following sensible rules and laws, will be overwhelmed by the encouragement of criminal behavior in dysfunctional communities that won’t be constrained by police forces and the old legal system.  The new world of the elites will be separated and insulated from these areas by diminishing transportation options, advanced electronic surveillance systems and a social credit system that will control what you can do and how you will live.

This seems to be the direction things are going.  Whether this plan will be successful in all or some places and how long it will take to implement is yet to be seen.  But that is what seems to be happening.  Otherwise, how do you explain what’s going on in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Philadelphia?  These cities are being made unlivable by the people in charge and so far, nothing has been done to stop the change.

I hope it is within reason that some areas of the country will successfully prevent this program of sabotage from succeeding.  If they can restore law and order to their jurisdictions, I think the existence of these oases of normalcy will eventually destabilize the new system.  Maybe colonies from the normal areas will eventually establish themselves in the depopulated wastelands and eventually return them to civilization.  But maybe I’m being overly optimistic.

Okay H.G, Wells, how’s that for some extrapolation into the future?  In your face Herbert.