16MAR2024 – And Now for a Message from Our Sponsor

Saturday dawns sunny and brisk.  Very refreshing.  So much so that I resent sitting here to write.  But yesterday was a clamorous and dreary day of work.  So as Bob Cratchit observed, “I am behind my time.”  So here I am and I will take the time to provide cogent analysis on whatever it is that demands comment.  But “demands” is a stretch here.  I refuse to write further on Trump’s many legal battles.  When and if they reach a critical juncture, meaning, when they actually drag him off to the gulag, then I shall say my piece.

As for the latest political polls; yes, yes, we all know Trump’s winning.  Even a Democrat shill like Nate Silver is openly admitting that Biden is losing significant minority voters along with other important components of the Democrat coalition like the young and women.  But that’s all been said.  Sure, I’ll mention it in passing if it seems especially pointed.  But we are months and months away from even the conventions and by then, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny may be the Democrat candidate.  So, no, let’s put that aside for now.

I’ve already spoken about cannibal migrants this week.  Check.

Camera Girl has complained about the ruinous price of food including the corned beef for her birthday celebration this weekend.  Check.

Russians killing Ukrainians and Ukrainians killing Russians.  Check.  Check.

So, what, what, what?

Well, truth be told, I don’t feel like talking about any of that crap right now.  It’s been said and we can take a break from saying the same things again.

If you notice I’ve been putting up some stuff from movies and books.  I find this stuff makes me feel better.  And I’m looking for more of it.  This kind of stuff makes the day better and reinforces the things I think are good and healthy to think about.  And I openly encourage anyone who has anything that they want to share with the rest of the readers to link it and I’ll put it up.  Even Weird Al Yankovic (within reason of course).

Inevitably because I’m old and because a lot of what’s new stinks, the things I’ll point to will be old.  And the amount of high definition will be limited.  I hope my younger readers will forgive this.  But honestly watching some black and white footage won’t hurt any of them too badly.

I was thinking the other day that Shakespear died more than four hundred years ago and yet his English is still ninety percent understandable by even average readers.  Newness isn’t really a very good selection criterion for entertainment or really much of anything outside of technology.  Humans are still humans.  What needs to be done is to attempt to reintroduce the younger audience with their cultural heritage.  Whether it’s Shakespeare or the Marx Brothers, the human condition is pretty constant.  Iron Man and Odysseus are similar characters with similar problems.  Thor is just Achilles with CGI added in.

So, I apologize in advance if I stop banging away quite as often on how the end of Western Civilization is approaching and instead put-up examples of why we should care if Western Civilization is saved.  I’ll try to strike the right balance of outrage and fond remembrance so that your experience here is stimulating.

On with the show.

Guest Contributor – Bigus Macus – 16MAR2024 – A Modern Classic

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Another one rides the bus [HD, 60FPS REMASTERED] – YouTube

Ridin’ in the bus down the boulevard
And the place was pretty packed, yeah
Couldn’t find a seat so I had to stand
With the perverts in the back

It was smellin’ like a locker room
There was junk all over the floor
We’re already packed in like sardines
But we’re stoppin’ to pick up more, look out

Another one rides the bus, another one rides the bus
Another comes on and another comes on
Another one rides the bus
Hey, he’s gonna sit by you, another one rides the bus

Geriatric Twerking Madonna Adds Support Bar. AARP Applauds

Words fail me.  I almost asphyxiated from laughing so hard at this clip.

This image is so grotesque that it’s beyond hilarious.  The fact that Madonna doesn’t recognize how pathetic and absurd she looks performing this aluminum foil wrapped granny-twerk should give the shivers to her younger avatars; Taylor Swift and Beyonce.  In this clip they can see their future.  Twerking to the Oldies.

Weaponized Cuteness

My five year old granddaughter, Princess Sack of Potatoes, learned “Feliz Navidad” in kindergarten.  While she was visiting I went to YouTube to play the Jose Feliciano version as an historical record for her, but opened this one by accident.

She was fascinated by this pint-sized crooner.  And so it goes for every generation.  Well, no harm done.  Her mother and her grandmother and her great grandmother had their crooners too, whether it was Frank Sinatra or Paul McCartney or whatever singer was out there.  But so soon?


Some Christmas Music Choices

What to listen to after you’ve been stuffed with Christmas dinner?  Take your pick.

Mid 20th Century American Christmas Songs

Classical instrumental Christmas

Traditional English Carols

I guess to be fair I should include the 1970s, 1990s and 2020s versions of Christmas music.  But I have a weak stomach.  So I’ll leave that to Ryan Seacrest and his “Dick Clarke’s Rockin’ New Years Eve” cavalcade of  sewage.

Little Songs by Colter Wall – A Country Music Review by JT


I’ve listen to ‘Little Songs’ a couple of times in the past few days. The first thing that I noticed was the audio improvement compared to his last album. My second takeaway after two listens was that I like all the songs and the flow of the album. I don’t recall a standout cut yet, which gives me the feeling that there may not be one, but I don’t care about hits when I listen to Colter. I like the laid back peaceful honesty in his originals, and his covers are always carefully selected and originally performed. I do miss his previous vocal style, that is what was partially responsible for my becoming a fan, but I respect the fact that he is the leading authority of his instrument and the minor changes he made don’t really affect my listening pleasure very much. He is one gifted vocalist to be sure. And songwriter extraordinaire!, especially in the almost extinct genre he has revived.
I’m a fan, I just ordered the vinyl version of this offering, and I’m looking forward to the next 20, something listens. Colter is the real deal, and has been big favorite of W.B Walkers Old Soul Radio Show for years now. W.B.knows a class act when he hears one, and I like to think sometimes I do too.

Little Songs by Colter Wall – A Country Music Review

I’ve been a fan of Colter Wall since a friend of mine introduced me to his eponymous album, “Colter Wall.”  That collection had some very strong songs like Kate McCannon and Bald Butte.  And in general, that was a big album.  This month I got ahold of his album called “Little Songs.”  And that is surely an honest title.  The longest title clocks in at 4:32 and the shortest is 2:25.  And more than that, none of these songs is big in its impact.  They’re quiet, almost subdued.

They’re of the western genre in the country/western alliance and they have the understated manner of the modest inhabitants of the Great Plains, especially the northern expanse of the plains in Canada where Colter Wall hails from.  We hear about ranchers and cowboys and farmers and their work and their romances and their blues.  But there’s no shouting unless you count a little yodeling in one song.

So, this isn’t a collection to get you all stirred up.  It’s quiet and small.  I’m a fan of colter Wall so I’ll add these songs to my MP3 player and they’ll leaven my collection of country music with some of the softer notes that provide a counterweight to all the fussing’ and shouting’ that some of my other songs provide.  Your mileage. of course, may vary.