Guest Contributor – War Pig – 31JAN2024 – Lots of Guns

war pig

I agree. I believe blood must be spilled to effect major change and revolt.

61% of US counties are 2d Amendment sanctuaries. Depending on who you believe, there are anywhere from 200 million to five hundred million weapons in private hands. Those include not just AR -15s, shotguns and pistols, but sniper rifles of extreme accuracy and range, machine guns up to .50 caliber, artillery up to 152mm, antiarmor rockets and missiles, old bazookas, RPGs, miniguns, flamethrowers and tons of explosives for IEDs. Also between a trillion and five trillion rounds for said weapons.

If the left wishes to disarm the People, who they gonna call? I do not believe the military will turn their guns on US citizens en mass. Several national guards would refuse Bidens attempt to federalize them. Most police would not obey Biden or their own blue governors, either.

History teaches us that it only takes 2-3% of the population willing to take up arms and fight to succeed in rebellion. The Bolsheviks were only about 3% of the Russian populace and they defeated the Czarists.

We have upward of 25 million veterans, mostly conservative. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and the Carolinas alone have millions of hunters who are good at camouflage, stalking, and are proficient with firearms.

The left doesn’t really want any part of a shooting rebellion. They just think they do. Once victorious, the hangings will begin. Pelosi, Soros, the Bidens, Clintons and Obamas are likely to suffer from rope burn if they don’t bug out on their private jets.

After the Revolution – Part 2

So, I’ll skip over to the far-left edge of what might happen after the revolution.  What if the revolution is their revolution?  Meaning, what if the Left wins completely.  Well, this is even simpler.  According to the game plan we’re already following the feds will enforce California-like policies everywhere and all the time.  Fossil fuels will disappear from everyone’s lives (except for the elites) and normalcy will be totally outlawed in all areas of life.  Third world immigrants will be planted in every corner of the nation and we’ll resemble South Africa in almost every way.  Of course, such a place will collapse because of dysfunction eventually, but enough time will elapse before a collapse, so that none of us or our children will ever see anything approaching a livable environment.

Well, I’m sure you know that’s not the option I’m hoping for.

And finally, we reach my revolution.  And it’s one that has some evidence on the ground.  I point to what Governor Abbott is trying to do in Texas.  This revolution consists of the red states pushing back against the unconstitutional policies of the federal government and protecting their citizens from the consequences.  Whether it’s illegal aliens or lunatic energy policies based on “climate,” attacks on constitutional rights or federally sponsored rioting by Antifa and BLM; the individual governors and governments of the red states and hopefully a coalition of these states will adopt policies and strategies to nullify the dysfunction being levied against them.

And the eventual outcome of this movement might be the most positive end case of all.  As we’re seeing with the blue cities suffering under the illegal immigration floods, these blue states begin to understand how disastrous these altruistic sounding policies they’ve signed up for turn out to be in the real world.  Imagine for a minute what it would be like if the red and blue states were allowed to diverge down different paths on something like climate energy polices.  Imagine Blue America has been purged of fossil fuels and Red America hasn’t.  Someone going from Minnesota to, let us say, South Dakota would see his neighbors enjoying a warm home heated by oil or gas, a car that can drive an unlimited distance with refuels that take just a couple of minutes cheap goods due to low transportation costs and delicious meals of red meat from carbon dioxide emitting cattle.  Whereas he eats a cricket burrito while sitting at a frozen electrical charging station waiting for hours for his battery car to charge enough for the next hundred miles of his journey to his home where he’ll wrap himself in layers to survive the environmentally friendly temperature setpoint of fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit.  Now how long do you think those good progressives will endure this while living side by side with their neighboring red state Americans laughing at them?  Exactly, they’ll go berserk and demand their governors adopt the same policies.

Now this could also drive the feds to wage actual war on the red states claiming that climate disaster forced them into it.  But let’s assume this revolution goes our way.  So, what I see is that having a Red America and Blue America side by side might just be the way to win over the Blues.  With all of the awful policies of the Left, having a counterexample to observe in close proximity should be an effective lure to convince them just how stupid they really are.

But even if it doesn’t it would be like North and South Korea.  On one side of the border, poverty and insanity.  On the other prosperity and normalcy.  So, after my revolution we would have the two Americas still formally one country but with completely different lifestyles and cultures.  And to my mind over time the various blue states would begin to slowly migrate into the red model.

The biggest question I have is how much violence and disruption would there be?  How will the federal government react to nullification?  Potentially it could be a war.  But more likely the feds would use intimidation and gestapo tactics to try and break the leadership of the red states.  The crux of it is whether there are strong enough local leaders to overcome the federal intimidation.  I guess I’m still slightly hopeful that this could be done in the immediate future.

So, that is my roundup of the various scenarios for “after the revolution.”  It’s a bizarre range of things.  I left out the option where there is no revolution and we just continue under the same stalemate we currently endure.  I couldn’t see defining the null case as a revolution.

So, what do you think?  Do you disagree?  Did I leave out another version?  Did I get one of the scenarios wrong in some important detail.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments.  And enjoy the revolution comrades!

Schadenfreude – Taylor Lorenz Version

You might remember this female apparatchik from her doxxing of the Libs of TikTok lady.  Well, things must be getting lonely out there for La Lorentz at the Washington Post and now she must be feeling the icy chill of an upcoming pink slip because here she moans and groans about how all we plebes will be devastated if the intrepid reporters who provide us with the truth (pravda) are forced onto the bread lines.

I’ve provided a group of right leaning pundits laughing heartily at her warning.

Oh, Taylor, Taylor.  When will you ever learn.  What goes around, comes around.

After the Revolution – Part 1

One of the ZMan’s favorite phrases during his podcasts seems to be “after the revolution.”  This is usually followed by a comment about some benighted leftist finding out how the guillotine works, up close and personal.  Ouch!

But what seems to be a lot less easy to find is any thoughts about what would be going on after the revolution.  And maybe this is because the more hard-line folks on the Right have truly apocalyptic dreams for the world if things go their own way and it would be unwise to discuss the specifics in the open.  But really it’s because the Right is not a monolithic movement but a coalition of those who want to be free of the Left, there really isn’t one vision of what “after the revolution” would look like.

But I thought it might be interesting to think a little bit about what some of these visions might be and also what I myself would like “after the revolution” to look like.

Let’s start with the wildest visions of the really hard-core cases, something that would closely resemble what the people who made that new movie “Civil War” imagine people on the Right want as the future.

So, in this extreme vision of post-America the country would be divided into a bunch of independent countries that each is based on the regional ethnic make-up and political predilections.  The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (including Virginia and maybe North Carolina) would be the rump USA nation.  It would be run by the same elite that currently runs the whole country.  I think it would also include the Great Lakes states, the Pacific northwest (with at least a part of California) and Hawaii.  Then the South would be its own country.  The Midwest would be another.  Some people think that Texas and the southwest (with or without all or part of California) would be another.  Maybe Alaska joins up with Canada.

In this setup whole ethnic populations would be swapped between these areas at least partially by force.  What the forms of government for these successor states would be is a subject of wild speculation by those who desire this drastic fate for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  But if such a division of the country and its people occurred it’s possible to imagine multiple forms of government.  Perhaps this time around, the Puritans will decide on something more explicitly oligarchic.  Maybe the Midwest will continue on with a representative democracy.  Maybe the South will get a king and the Southwest will decide to join up with Mexico.  Personally, this particular scenario sounds quite bleak to me.  But I hesitate to say that it is completely impossible.

But I think that reaching this scenario will involve maximal violence and destruction.  Millions of people will die and economic and social upheaval will devastate the whole continent.  And in this weakened condition, attack from external threats doesn’t seem far-fetched.

The next in line from most extreme to least would be a 50/50 split of the country between blue and red states.  Blue America would be similar to the Puritan nation from above.  Let’s say New England, Mid-Atlantic states with Virginia and North Carolina, Great Lakes states also including Michigan and Illinois, the whole West Coast, Nevada, New Mexico, possibly Arizona and Hawaii.  Everything else would be Red America.

As far as political systems, Blue America would be California on steroids.  No fossil fuels, no red meat, lots of cricket burgers and all transgender all the time.  Red America might be like what we had in this country before the 1960s.  Maybe it will include an amendment that allows states to secede at will.  I assume that both nations would be highly antagonistic and constantly sniping at each other about all the compromises that would have to be enacted because of the divorce.  They’d even be fighting over who would keep the name USA.  But since Amerigo Vespucci was part of the whole European colonial plot maybe the blue states can find some obscure native American (there’s that name again) term for the real estate.

I could actually see how this arrangement would be an improvement over our present situation.  Getting to this state doesn’t seem to be something that will happen easily or without copious violence.  So even this less drastic alternative isn’t my favorite scenario.  I’m certain there would be open war before the divorce occurred.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss some other scenarios including the one I favor.