Living a Good Life in a Dystopian Future

Why did millions of immigrants come to America in its first hundred or so years as a nation?  Opportunity.  And that includes both economic opportunity and the opportunity to enjoy a measure of freedom that did not exist anywhere else.

Now, part of that economic opportunity was predicated on the opening up of an empty continent.  There was land being given away for a song and also the tremendous advantages that the industrial revolution was creating meant that all the potential locked up in this empty new world could be extracted at a phenomenal rate.  The steam engine and then the internal combustion engine created the modern world and with it the enormous middle class that was the heart of America in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Now we live in the aftermath of those events.  The continent has been tamed and to some extent filled.  Technology has more or less leveled off.  But as we experienced after World War II there is an enormous dynamism to the human capital that was mid-century America.

And that dynamism was fueled by a meritocratic outlook that tried to select the best man for the job and let him earn his way from there.  Business was a sort of Darwinian selection where everyone competed for the highest salary, the biggest office, the best benefits package and if truth be told, the prettiest secretary.

Well, things have changed.  In the last ten or twenty years all of the major sectors of our society have said that merit is racist, sexist, homophobic and now transphobic.  Children will no longer be graded in school according to ability and effort and workers will no longer be hired or promoted according to ability or achievements.  They will instead be given these academic and career rewards based on the color of their skins and their position in the sexual dysfunction hierarchy.

Now this will have a devastating effect on both the people who aren’t advantaged by the hierarchy (i.e., white people in general and straight white men in particular) and also the society itself.  After all, if meritocracy was the driving force that powered the American century and its dominance of the world in almost every field, then the removal of this force will create the opposite effect.  And we are already seeing this in multiple instances.  Wherever “equity” has been introduced, mediocrity, at best, has set in.  Anyone who has observed the American workplace from within over the last thirty years can think of several examples where a woman or minority affirmative action hire has proven so incredibly incompetent that people were hard pressed not to assume it was done as a way to punish those who worked in the same department as these disasters.

So now that equity has been codified by the government and this race based corporate sabotage will be practiced on an industrial scale, we can expect severe economic and societal dislocations.  Companies that employ unqualified individuals and then shield these individuals from answering for the results of their incompetence will not be able to compete with meritocratic organizations.  They will produce inferior and over-priced products that won’t be bought.  So, this policy, if enforced, will doom American industry when competing against products and services provided by competitors who hire based on ability.

And so, after that long and winding introduction, I reach the point of my essay.  In the future, it will only be possible to thrive by living in a place that allows people to be rewarded for competence and hard work.  Maybe that will be a red state.  Maybe it will be a foreign country.  But for the foreseeable future it won’t be a Fortune 500 company operating in a blue state.  Theoretically you can still be a small businessman living in a blue state if your skill set is in high demand.  Tradesmen and technicians who can pick and choose their assignments may still be able to write their own tickets.  Especially if their skills are needed for critical equipment and components.

But even these exceptions still have to endure the other shortcomings of living in these awful places.  Their kids will have to be taught by leftist propagandists (unless they’re home-schooled).  They will be subject to absurd administrative interference in their lives.  They will be surrounded by brain-dead zombies.  And they will be in proximity to dangerous urban areas from which violent mobs may erupt at any time.

Our current leftist leaders want to turn you into a serf.  If you don’t want that to happen then you will have to do something about it.  The best thing you can do is figure out where merit is rewarded and move there.  I’m still trying to figure out which place makes the most sense for me.  For younger people it’s easier.  The only caveat I make for them is this.  Make sure it’s a place where you can find a wife and raise a family.  Everything else will probably take care of itself.

Chicago Boldly Declares Its Future: Detroit

Yep.  In their election yesterday of the “progressive” choice, Chicago voters (or however it is that they decide these things there) picked the candidate who thinks law and order is racist.  So on with the descent into hell.  Probably this election should be enough to empty out Chicago of anyone who loves their children.

After all, four more years of gang-bangers and car-jackers running the city should be enough to convince even those not paying attention that Chicago will be kind of tough on kids.  What with a school system that doesn’t teach, an open-air drug market on every corner and a race war brewing in the streets you’d have to be an idiot not to get your kids the hell out of there.  So, Chicago will become like Detroit, a city of those who can’t get out.  The criminals will feed on the weak and the strong will become the political leaders and feed on the weak and misery will dominate a once great American city.

But that’s the dynamic.  The Democrats have their people and they will keep them in charge regardless of how miserable conditions become.  So be it.  Democracy says it respects the will of the people no matter how stupid it is.  We might as well too.  We’ll see how this pattern plays out.  All the larger urban centers, especially those in the blue states will probably follow suit.

Now, how does this election impact us?  Only as a confirmation that we are beyond thinking that the consequences of the Left’s policies will convince people to throw them out of office in the areas where their natural constituencies predominate.  This is the evolution of dependency that began with the Great Society programs of the 1960s; whole cities and even regions made up of nothing but people subsisting on welfare.

The parts of the country we need to consider are the ones where there are enough people left who still want a future.  These are the places that may have a chance to head off the same fate.  To do this they need to strictly enforce immigration laws and limit welfare benefits to only the truly deserving.  Doing this will be an enormous struggle against the full power of the federal government pushing for the opposite of these policies.  Florida and some of the other red states are the test cases for this.  The struggle will be for them to get their cities under control, even against the will of the “democratic” majorities within them.  If they can’t then eventually the functional population will be outnumbered by the non-functional urban dwellers and these states will become blue states.  And they will join Chicago and Illinois.

There you have it.  Another data point in the evidence of our decay.  In the same week we had Donald Trump victimized by the anarcho-tyrannical nincompoop that George Soros installed as Manhattan’s district attorney.  And Wisconsin elected a progressive state supreme court justice to tip the balance of that court progressive.  Everything moving along nicely toward the hive future we’ve been promised.  Let’s hope there are a few good men who plan to put up a fight.  But we won’t find them in Chicago.

So, what’s a Poor Boy to Do? – Coming to Terms with the Real World

I was talking to some friends and the discussion came around to Trump and DeSantis in the 2024 race.  And there was all this noise about Trump and the electability problem with women and how DeSantis was like Trump without the drama and on and on.  I kept quiet and eventually someone asked me what I thought and I said, “I don’t think we’ll be winning anymore presidential elections from here on out.  And everyone got quiet but they kinda nodded their heads and said yeah.  And that was a good moment.  We started talking about other things, local things and things we were doing personally.  And that was better.

Honestly, it’s time to come to terms with where we are.  We live in a country that is easily controlled by a subset of the population that will not be knocked off its perch by any combination of opponents currently present.  And that could change but waiting for that eventuality would be like the Carthaginians waiting for the Visigoths to defeat the Romans for them.  It would eventually happen but that would be five hundred years after Carthage had been sacked.  No, we have to utilize our time usefully.

And what is that?  What makes sense?  First off, prioritize the problems with living in this environment.  Look at the aspects of this government that cause the worst damage.  If you live in a Blue State or City then without a doubt the deleterious effects are all around you.  Economic mismanagement and crony budget boondoggles are high on the list.  Then there are the educational issues; poorly performing teachers and schools along with very dangerous social indoctrination of your children.  And if you happen to live in an urban center or even some suburban areas the breakdown of law and order is absolutely a critical problem that will have to be addressed.

These are all critical issues that have to be addressed.  For the most part it seems to me that the best way to reduce the problems is to move out of a blue state or city and into a red state where the local government isn’t oppressive and where conditions are least damaging.  I think we’re already seeing this play out in a big way.  And it just makes sense.  No one can afford the absurd taxes in places like California and New York.  And no one can afford to risk the education of their children no less their lives in cities like Chicago and New York.

But will moving to a red state be enough?  That’s the million-dollar question.  I think in a few years the Supreme Court will be shifted to the Left and federal policy will mandate the same kind of policies in the red states as we see in the blue.  Our hope is that the red states will successfully resist these attacks.  But what if the Left insists?

I think we try our best to opt out of as much of civil society as we can and form our own institutions; our own schools, churches, businesses and the like.  But if all these attempts are sabotaged then the only three choices left are to fight, hide or to leave.  As far as fighting we can’t match the resources that could be brought to bear against us.  Joe Biden wasn’t kidding about nukes and F-16s.  They’ll happily use them.  Unless a real general comes along who can take up for our side, we won’t stand a chance.  At least not in the near future.

Hiding means pretending to adopt the woke identity but maintain a clandestine existence.  It seems to me that such an existence could be maintained for a short time but eventually living in a woke world would corrupt the children.  So, I don’t see this as a viable option.

No, if the federal government decides to persecute the red states and no Caesar shows up then the only real long-term option for people like us is to leave for a better place.  And it’s not obvious that such a place exists.  It would have to be outside of the influence of the United States.  Everywhere else is already being molded to accept the rainbow coalition and pledge allegiance to the woke agenda.

So, what does that leave?  Russia and China are the obvious holdouts.  Probably areas of Asia like India and Southeast Asia and currently a good chunk of the Muslim world are independent.  Brazil has made some movement to embrace China and Russia.  And that brings up the question which is worse; living in a woke American society or living in the third world?  Now there are some exceptions.  Places like Singapore, Dubai, Japan and Hungary are relatively affluent enclaves outside the direct control of the United States.  But none of these places are clamoring for ex-pat Americans to invade.  Even if you want to move to these places, you will need skills that these places need.

So that’s the bottom line.  Is it better to become a woke bugman or to leave America forever.  We may have a generation before the red states are sufficiently degraded but one day that choice may be upon us.  If the Left wins, we will have to pick one.  Choose carefully.

Thoughts After a Hectic Week

Just a busy, busy week.  Last Thursday we had a town political event that kept me tied down for a couple of days.  Then this week we had three days of a “winter storm” which was half snow and half rain and had to be shoveled by hand which, honestly, is kind of fun but eats up a lot of time.  And today I had to pay the piper or rather let my accountant do my taxes which turned out rather well.  A few thousand dollars will come back to me from state and federal governments and the peasants will rejoice (huzzah!).

But it’s kind of kept me from being on top of events and also significantly interfered with both fiction writing and blogging (booo!).  But I hope we’re now past most of the problems.  The forecasts I’ve seen for the remainder of March and the beginning of April seem more spring-like than wintery and I don’t foresee any major disruptions to my very carefully planned laziness by the forces of entropy.  But who knows.  C’est la guerre.

But enough complaining.  All of this is a long-winded way of saying, “I’m back.”

And I guess a thing that’s worth discussing is the depths to which Blue-State politics infects even Republican party policy with woke madness.  I heard from an official that a plurality of Republican officials voted to empower a committee to select candidates for public office on the basis of race and sexual orientation.  Supposedly the fact that only a small number of voters were present saved the party from having to accept the results of this vote but think of that.  If even the Republicans are now choosing representation by the diversity, equity and inclusion nonsense then what chance is there to have our side of things heard at all?

What the official told me is that the Republicans from the larger towns and cities feel compelled to toe the line coming from people who are obviously not even Republicans.  But with such supermajorities among the voting population, they’ve been emboldened to send ringers in to infiltrate the Republican party and essentially take it over.

So what does that tell you about the trajectory of Blue State politics?  Well, think of it now as an echo chamber inside of an echo chamber.  These northeastern states will soon be vying with California for being beholden to state worker unions but without California’s Silicon Valley tax base.  It’s already the case that the teacher’s union dictates the state budget process and because of this the pension liabilities estimated for the retiring baby boomers will very shortly make a balanced budget impossible.

If there were a responsible administration, they would be looking at this coming tidal wave and calculating how to restructure this debt and also rein in the pay and benefit packages to something that would be sustainable.  But the current administration wouldn’t dare do this.  So, we’ll be going over Niagara Falls without the barrel.

Now the smart thing to do is get out of Dodge.  But unfortunately, I’m tied down by family necessity so I’ll be getting a ring side view of the whole sickening spectacle and probably will be rendered penniless and homeless into the bargain.  But such is life.

And it will probably give me endless stories of death and destruction with which to amuse my readers.  Huzzah again!

But the whole reason for this cautionary tale is that creeping socialism is a disease for which there is no cure.  Amputation of the gangrenous appendage is the only treatment.  With that in mind the healthy Red States should think long and hard how they can inoculate themselves from the kind of citizens who inhabit these Blue States.  Government employee unions must be kept from exerting power over the legislation by whatever means are necessary and things like welfare must be minimized to avoid the situation you see where homelessness and drug addiction begins to dominate in the large cities.  And they should do this as a group , coordinating their efforts and sharing information.

Well, that’s enough for now.  How’s that for some gloom and doom for a Thursday.

A Capitalist Tells CNN the Truth About Investing in Blue States

Don Lemon and his colleagues sit in shock as Kevin O’Leary tells them the sad truth that states like NY, NJ, MA and CA are dead zones for capital investment and new businesses.  Shockingly Lemon seems like the most realistic of the three “journalists” getting the news.  Pretty funny to watch.

Mob Rule or Oligarchy; Potato, Puhtatuh

Going all the way back to Plato and Aristotle, Europeans have theorized and even attempted to set up the optimal form of government.  Aristotle divided all governments into one of three forms, each with its deviant version:

The distinction between correct and deviant constitutions is combined with the observation that the government may consist of one person, a few, or a multitude. Hence, there are six possible constitutional forms (Politics III.7):


Form                     Correct                 Deviant

One Ruler             Kingship               Tyranny

Few Rulers           Aristocracy         Oligarchy

Many Rulers       Polity                     Democracy

I suppose we could make a case that our government has slipped from a polity into a democracy that Aristotle would consider a deviant form of government in which mob rule corrupts the correct governing of a state.  But many contend that we had long ago slipped into an oligarchy that is controlled by the combination of the managerial class inhabiting the federal bureaucracy and corporate boardrooms.

Be that as it may, the outward form of government is portrayed as a democratic republic or representative democracy.  But if an oligarchy has effectively captured permanent control over the federal government, then regardless of appearances, we are living under a regime that will not respond to our wishes or protests.

And this is not a surprising occurrence.  Every historical instance of democratic rule has eventually devolved into some form of tyranny.  Athens was overthrown by an oligarchy and Rome became essentially a military monarchy.  I guess it was inevitable that eventually a powerful faction would decide to impose its will on a state as rich and powerful as the United States of America.  The vast wealth was just too tempting.

But for us who remember the almost paradisical conditions that existed while the oligarchs had not yet consolidated their control over the levers of power it is problematic to know what to do going forward.  Many have just given up and now adopt whatever dictates and fashions the oligarchy and its servants dictate.  They do what is necessary to survive in the hive.  Some people call these individuals “bugmen.”  It’s a galling existence.  At any point it might be necessary to allow yourself to be denounced because of your sex or race.  You may even have to take a demotion in order to satisfy the diversity, equity and inclusion caprices of your employer.  But you’ll do it to keep the stock options you’ve been given and the connections you need to get your kids in a “good school.”

Of course, your children are also at the whim of the weirdos who run these good schools.  If things go poorly your son or daughter may end up as your daughter or son.  Which is another way of saying psychologically broken, sexually mutilated and permanently sterile.  And there is a very high probability that they’ll be taught to hate you and your ancestors for being the wrong color.

As you can see joining the hive is not without its sacrifices.  And perhaps in the long run is a dead end for all but the true aristocracy.  Then, the question is are there any alternatives?

Currently, the workaround most people resort to is moving to a Red State that resists the worst of the Left’s interference.  Ron DeSantis in Florida has of late become the champion of Red State resistance.  And consequently, hundreds of thousands of people have moved to Florida over the last couple of years from places like New York.

Another alternative is leaving for another country.  This is a much riskier proposition.  In most cases other countries are unsatisfactory to Americans because of economic and cultural concerns.  And in fact, few places provide even the freedoms we still seem to enjoy here.  Places like Hungary or the Czech Republic seem promising.  There are signs that they value freedom and traditional culture.  But it would still be making yourself a stranger in a strange land.

And finally, you can do nothing and hope that the country will somehow free itself from this subjugation we find ourselves living under.  There are no historical precedents for this.  But there are some circumstances that might provide some hope.  Poor management and incompetent leaders are contributing to a relative weakening of the United States with respect to the other larger powers in the world.  If America’s economic position should seriously deteriorate then it is very possible that the coalition that keeps the oligarchy in power could disintegrate and that would leave open the possibility that a different coalition could gain power and restore the freedoms that made the United States a desirable place to live.

Of course, this weakening could just as easily destabilize the country just as the military weakness of Rome destabilized that empire’s borders and allowed the Germanic tribes to overrun the western half of the empire.  Our ruling elites have flooded the country with tens of millions of refugees and by delegitimating their police forces they have reduced the big cities to free-fire zones, where chaos reigns supreme.  This environment may make it impossible to restore competent authority in large swaths of the country.  If that happens leaving these areas for safer locales or even different countries may not be a choice but necessity.

It’s pretty hard to know which choice to take.  Maybe the best advice is, keep your options open and wait for a tipping point to know which way to turn.  But one thing for sure, don’t depend too much on any government.  Have some good friends who have your back in an emergency.  You’ll need them.

So, we may be living through another laboratory experiment in the devolution of a democratic society.  Aristotle would not have recognized the trappings of our system as related to the Athenian experiment (although the Greek columns standing in front of our federal buildings would have looked familiar) but he would understand the transition from republic to oligarchy.  Maybe he would have blamed it on giving women the vote.  He mentioned that they shouldn’t be allowed to do that.  Apparently, he was ahead of our time.

Choose Carefully

Each of us has his own “world.”  It’s made up of all the connections we use throughout our day.  We’re connected to our families by each word we pass, every facial expression we use to communicate.  After that the average man is connected to the world by his phone.  It is the nexus for all the calls, texts, e-mails, YouTube videos, news items, tweets, Amazon purchases, Google searches and on and on and on.  After that we have the relationships we have with our job, with the various government entities and the various corporations that we employ to provide us with goods and services to live our lives as consumers.  All of these connections give us a sense of being connected and grounded to the world around us.

But lately more and more of these connections have started to have a disorienting effect.  The head of the United States, Joseph Biden just gave a speech that declared, specifically that people like you and me are dangerous extremists intent on destroying the United States.  And a while ago the top health expert in the federal government told us that unless we shut down our country and hid in our homes wearing masks over our faces, we would all die of a horrible disease.  And around the same time, we were told that mobs of rioters looting and burning down the commercial districts of our largest cities were completely within their rights to do exactly that.  But if anyone tried to resist them with a weapon that would be prosecuted vigorously by law enforcement as assault.

If you read the news and especially if you read the mainstream media you might begin to believe that the whole world has gone insane and that we’ll be headed for a new dark age any day now.  Without a doubt, the people running much of western civilization have lost touch with reality and are trying to push the world in an unhealthy direction.  I won’t go through the whole litany but looking at some of the worst aspects; green energy initiatives, defund the police and transgender affirming treatments for minors, we can see that dangerous ideas have been mainstreamed by people with great power.

All of this can make it seem like there’s no place to turn for a breath of sanity.  Part of the reason it feels so dire is that for most of our lives we never had to worry about most of these institutions becoming unhinged.  Most of the United States was remarkably well run.  And even the bureaucracies, although they might be incompetent, uncaring or inefficient were never working to destroy us.  Now we can see they are.  And in addition, private companies have jumped on board the project to speed up our destruction.  Once you internalize that perspective it becomes easier to deal with the problems.

Once you change your point of view and assume that none of these organizations is necessarily on your side, it frees you up to begin evaluating your environment dispassionately and systematically.  This goes for all of the relationships you have.  From top down you can start with your country, state and town.  And from bottom up you can look at where you buy your coffee, what news you read and where you spend your entertainment dollar.  Each of these is a choice.  And granted, good options are hard to find in a lot of categories.  But that doesn’t excuse us from at least looking at the options and choosing the least bad choice.  And if you put in the work, you might be surprised at the good options you never knew existed.

Some of them are easy.  Looking at movies and tv just read the reviews and you can pretty easily find out what sounds like woke propaganda.  Another tactic is to buy local.  Small stores are more expensive than megastores.  But if you know for a fact that the owner is one of us then that’s got to sweeten the deal quite a lot and might put a small premium in price in perspective.  And get involved in your local community.  That can pay enormous dividends and will make you more aware of problems that may be coming your way.  And finally, it extends all the way up to deciding what state or even country you should live in.  It may seem extreme to contemplate such a huge change.  But if you look at it dispassionately, it might be the best move you’ll ever make.

Give the Left What It Says It Wants

The recent bus service from Texas to New York City and Washington DC that Governor Abbott initiated got me thinking.  It sort of aligns with the idea of acceleration that is popular with some on the Dissident Right.  The idea is to accelerate the crazy ideas that the Left favors in order to let reality crash the system sooner.  The thought is that hitting bottom is the only way to convince the stupid that their beliefs are irrational.

I have mixed feelings about the accelerationist theory.  Hitting bottom seems like a particularly dangerous place to be.  I’m not sure some of these “bottom” conditions can be reversed.  For instance, if Biden allows another fifty million illegal aliens to invade the country, I’m not sure it will be possible to repair that kind of damage short of some horrific violence that might finish the country off altogether.

But the example of the bus rides points to a different kind of acceleration.  If the damage can be restricted to blue states, then maybe the actions will serve a purpose.  Suppose the bus rides were extended to other groups that aren’t wanted in the Red States.  For instance, imagine if the homeless could be persuaded to move to California.  And the same could extend to prison inmates.  Their sentences could be commuted if they agreed to leave the red states permanently.  After all New York and California have been pioneering the concept of emptying the prisons and eliminating criminal convictions.  It only makes sense to send career criminals where their talents can be put to their best effect.

I haven’t gone through all the accelerationist scenarios that could be handled this way but I’m sure it could be quite interesting to play this thought experiment.  Maybe there could even be some kind of negotiations to get certain corporations to move out of state.  Or more realistically, provide a carrot and stick approach for companies (and universities) based on whether they engage in anti-social behavior like white guilt struggle sessions and EDI propaganda.  Hefty fines for each infraction would quickly make these companies weigh whether their policies were more important than relocating.  As a practical example, Ron DeSantis has recently tweaked Disney by eliminating their self-governing status in Florida.  It will be interesting to see if further “lessons” influence Disney’s propensity for condemning conservative laws and programs in Florida.  Changing their behavior would be a major victory.

Obviously, my poor efforts are woefully insufficient to evaluate just how many similar ideas could be identified.  Governors and legislatures are the right ones to do it.  Imagine if Washington DC could be inundated with a million illegal aliens and a hundred thousand freed felons.  Joe Biden would probably have to roll out the razor wire and call back the National Guard to keep his friends from defecating on his lawn, stealing the catalytic converter on his bomb proof limousine and spray painting, “Let’s Go Brandon” on the side of the West Wing.

Well anyway, that’s what I thought about this evening.  You see, I can be constructive if I try.  It doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom.  We can have fun once in a while too.

Reflecting on Progress

Today will be a busy day here.  We’ve got a big high school graduation party happening, with friends and family enjoying a near perfect summer day.  The pool will be full of kids.  Burgers and dogs will be scarfed down and lemonade will flow.  And tomorrow I go to another party for my niece who is also graduating.  After the horror of the COVID lockdowns this summer feels like heaven.  And coming up in a couple of weeks is the big trip to Yellowstone so busy, busy, busy.

But I wanted to reflect a little on the juxtaposition of the Bidencrash and the SCOTUS decisions.  Here is proof that all is not lost.  Even in the grip of the Deep State coup that foisted a doddering idiot on us as the so-called “leader of the free world” we see that large swaths of the country are still ready to take advantage of opportunities to throw off the shackles of leftist control and restore normality to their lives.  Thanks to the courage of those five judges, we have seen incredible change unleashed.  Several states have already outlawed abortion completely.  That’s a stunning change.  The people in those states have taken back control over their lives and redefined what is right and what is wrong.  That is not a trivial thing.

I can only imagine what next year’s Supreme Court docket will include.  And I imagine what it will be like when this country is clearly seen to be two different nations, Blue and Red.  And I welcome this contrast.  Because finally, finally there actually will exist freedom.  It will be freedom of choice.  Freedom to decide which America we want to live in, Blue or Red.

And that will be a revelation.  The people in the Red States will not be upset about the choices that the other side has made.  They will be unconcerned at the abortion, transgender pronoun signaling and all the other manifestations of mental illness on display in the other America.  In fact, they will be glad that these things exist as a cautionary tale to show to children when they ask why it is important to have clear standards of what is healthy and what is diseased.

But the people in the Blue States will be foaming at the mouth and bellowing in rage at the knowledge that there exists a world where their power to sow confusion and misery is excluded and rejected with impunity.  After their decades of growing power and finally complete cultural control over our lives, this transformation will be maddening.  I expect countless acts of vandalism and violence in the coming months and years.  But it will still be a relief to know their control over our lives is over.

Now I know I’ve gotten ahead of things.  The events of the last couple of weeks are barely a sliver of daylight peeking through a sky of solid clouds.  But that sliver is so blindingly bright that it lights up the world.  We see what can be.  We know what we want now.  We want to be free of the control of insane ideas and the crazy people who espouse them.  It’s clear how easy it is to reach this goal when the people we choose for leaders aren’t part of the mad house we’re fighting against.  Donald Trump has fully vindicated his value as a leader.  He did what fifty years of Republicans couldn’t, or rather, wouldn’t do.  He gave us an honest Supreme Court.  He gave us back our Constitution.  Say whatever you like about his shortcomings as an individual.  He accomplished something stunning.

He gave us back hope.

Binary America

America is two almost opposite nations occupying the same geographic space.  Red America is a nation that mostly believes in the civic nationalism that was the official narrative of the United States up until the end of World War II.

Blue America is Woke America.  It rejects, almost compulsively, everything that defines Red America.  This goes so far as to reject normal human biology and common-sense rules of societal survival such as that career criminals must be prevented from continuously harming other citizens.

And in addition to this polar opposite contrast between these two outlooks on life, the two nations are extremely closely balanced in numbers.  So much so that neither nation has been able to dominate over the checks and balances of the American constitutional system and impose its will permanently on the other.

This situation has led to extreme animosity against the opposing citizens by each group.  It is beginning to border on what some have called a cold civil war.  It’s not clear whether a resolution of this struggle for control of the country will happen in the foreseeable future.  If it does, it may involve an actual civil war so bloody and destructive as not to be contemplated.

The idea of the country splitting in two parts by one side declaring its independence seems like a recipe for the nightmare civil war scenario that so many people imagine.  I have been thinking of a different plan to mediate the problem.  Let’s call it a patchwork solution.

Each state has to decide which of the two nations it belongs to.  Once the states have formed these two groups each group will sit down and work out the laws that would pertain to the Blue Nation or the Red Nation.  The two groups would also sit down and work out what functions both nations agree that they could share under an umbrella of cooperation.  Maybe the post office, maybe the military (maybe not), maybe highways and airports, maybe the monetary system (maybe not).

Then the two nations would work to allow citizens to migrate between the two areas for an extended period of time in order to accommodate the separation.  And both nations would bend over backwards to minimize the financial impact to the immigrants.  I could see real estate transactions being facilitated by the states so that no one would be stranded or made destitute.  After the period of immigration, the two countries would be governed by the new laws that each nation had chosen.

And everyone would get what they say they want.  Blue America would be a social justice wonderland.  There would be no police.  There would be no gasoline, heating oil or nuclear power.  So mostly people would be like they were before the introduction of electricity and the automobile.  Everyone would have their own pronouns and white people would be hounded to their graves for being white.

Red America would be … America.  Which, if you think about it, would be basically Heaven.

I’ve been trying to figure out what could be said against this.  From the Blue America side, they would have to be tricked into this by convincing them that they would be far better off without all those terrible rednecks that they mock and hate so much.  This will be a monumental job.  Possibly if things continue to go sideways the way they have for the last two years, it may become an easier sell.

What makes it such a difficult sell is that deep down most of the Left knows that without normal people they could never afford the enormous dysfunction that their unrealistic model of human behavior creates.  And if actually forced to pick between the two Americas millions of Leftists would try to sneak into Red America.  This would require some sort of evaluation process to try and weed out the Leftists.

Maybe the rules of Red America would dissuade the Leftists from coming but somehow, I doubt it.  So, forcing everyone to conform to these basic rules would be a good way to discourage wolves in sheep’s clothing.

What would be important during the formation of Red America is to make the rules irrevocable so that if a particular state changes its mind about certain laws that state would have to leave the group and either go it alone or ask for reintegration with Blue America.  In fact, the law allowing secession is an important change from the current American Constitution.  Constraining states to follow laws they don’t believe in is what has gotten us into the situation we’re in now.

So, there’s my mad plan.  Sure, there are all kinds of objections to making this happen but it’s my vision of what might prevent a war.  What do you think?


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