Great Caesar’s Ghost!

Long ago, there was a tv show called the Adventures of Superman. Perry White, was played by the well-known character actor John Hamilton. And in one episode, after all of his reporters run out of the room before he can tell them what he wants them to do, he sits there staring into the space in front of him and says, “I know people say you’re crazy when you talk to yourself, but by Great Caesar’s Ghost, there’s no one else around here sane enough to talk to!”

Well, now I’m in the same situation. I’m talking to myself in order to use this program that Microsoft has on Windows called Voice Typing.  It works quite well. But what I notice is that it’s difficult for me to get used to the fact that I’m talking to myself.  I mean, when I type typically, I guess I’m silently talking to myself but this is a completely different thing. Uh, you have to think on the fly. Because I can speak a lot more quickly than I can type. So, I don’t have enough time to think of what I want to say.  If you see what I mean.

So, look at those last few sentences.  They’re pretty stilted.  That was me trying to dictate to the computer.  It’s not pretty.  And so, I’ll have to see if this works for me.  I’m guessing I’ll have to practice with it until I can think comfortably at the speed of my speech instead of at the speed of my typing.

But one interesting thing has come out of this experiment.  I can see now how some of the mistakes I’ve seen on other people’s blogs happen. They’re using a dictation program. That seems apparent.  The machine is mistaking certain similarly sounding words for others that have a completely different meaning.  And then afterwards, when the human edited it, he’s missed some of these problems.

So here we have a technological change.  Dictation replacing typing.  I remember reading that the ancients when they read something, they read it aloud.  I think it was something about Julius Caesar I remember, that he was able to read silently and at the time this was considered a radical departure from normal behavior.  Great Caesar’s Ghost!  Maybe I’m too old and inflexible to change how I produce text.  Maybe my brain is too canalized to change.  Well, it’ll be an experiment.

This has been an interesting week.  All the coverage of the Trump verdicts and the fines has further revealed the clear divide in the United States.  Once again there is no middle ground.  The Left has abandoned all pretense at objectivity.  Any and every attack on Trump is justified and reasonable in their eyes.  Even when the result of this thinking frightens even their allies.  The enormous fine against Trump’s commercial interests and the obvious fictitious nature of the “crime” has frightened other businessmen in New York.  The realization that prosecutors and judges can easily fabricate charges that will basically allow confiscation of all their wealth has panicked many of these ultra-wealthy individuals.  And Governor Hochul reacted by trying to soothe the nerves of the rich.

But if there’s one thing billionaires hate is the threat of confiscation of their wealth.  Recently Elon Musk was denied a huge payment from Tesla because the State of Delaware stepped in and forbade it.  Almost immediately Musk had the incorporation of Tesla moved out of Delaware.  I fully expect to see similar moves by many public and private corporations to preempt any possible chicanery by Letitia James or any of the other bloodsucking ghouls in New York State.

And this is on top of an already desperate fiscal situation in both New York City and New York State.  Things like the feeding and housing of illegal aliens is starting to put a real hole in their budgets.  So, could the lawfare against Trump hasten the unravelling of the Empire State?  Great Caesar’s Ghost!

NY Gov Reassures Rich: We Only Use Lawfare on Trump

Just look at that smile.  How could the rich worry that a state that twists the law into pretzels to bankrupt its enemies could possibly turn on them?  Just do exactly as we say and shut up and we’ll only bleed you dry a pint at a time.  We won’t go for the throat like we did with Trump.  At least not this week.

As the rich head for the exits Kathy Hochul can figure out how to keep  MS-13 from pushing her aside and planting its flag in Manhattan.  It seems they don’t respond to subpoenas from Letitia James except with automatic weapons fire.

Hochul tells NY businesses not to fear about Trump verdict: ‘Nothing to worry about’


Friends to the Rescue



Ah, freedom.  There’s nothing like it.  The air smells fresher the food tastes better.  Even the damn birds sounded happier.  I walked out of a meeting this morning with the prospect of doing whatever the hell I want to do for next four days.  Finally.

Recently I talked about how the blue cities are on a trajectory to become like Detroit.  Coincidentally I read an article in a rag called Financial Times that claimed that the cities were currently suffering from a similar problem to what happened to Detroit.

“For decades, the beautiful Detroit downtown buildings of the late 19th and early 20th century stood nearly empty, thanks to a combination of racism, the loss of US auto-industry predominance, rising crime and violence, and white flight to the outer rings of the city.”

I love how the primary reason cited is racism.  Rising crime and violence is third.  So, the solution to the problem in the article is to turn the empty commercial space in New York and Chicago into residential and small business commercial space.

It’s like the woman who wrote this article is from Mars.   Hundreds of thousands of people have left New York and large numbers have left the other blighted cities since the George Floyd riots.  But she wants to fill up the empty glass and steel skyscrapers that fill downtown and midtown Manhattan, some of the most expensive commercial real estate in the world, with coffee shops and struggling actors?  Apparently, the author of this article watched too many episodes of “Friends” and thinks there are millions of Joey Tribbianis lining up to move back into the city.

And probably only actors and drug dealers are currently crazy enough to want to move into Manhattan.  Everyone else is either stuck there or getting out.  So, what gives?

Well, this is a finance magazine.  It’s currently predicted that the next financial sector that will succumb to the stagflation economy will be the commercial real estate market.  It’s natural that these finance types are hypothesizing how to prevent all of that value from evaporating when the bottom drops out of the urban commercial real estate market.

Of course, it wouldn’t occur to them to discover that the last time these cities were blighted by crime and violence the solution was voting for a law-and-order mayor and letting him restore order and prosperity to New York City.  That was Rudy Giuliani back in the 1990s.  I guess that’s too far back in ancient history for these geniuses.  Or maybe it’s just not allowed to think about anything like that.

The mindset of the writer of this piece is interesting.  She wants us to think that turning commercial real estate into rental apartments is a winning idea because a part of downtown Detroit has followed that idea and has “recovered somewhat.”  But downtown Detroit is no success story and it is a sad remnant of this former city of almost two million people.  Not since the Sack of Rome by the Visigoths has a more thorough job been done destroying a city.

But I think we could be seeing what the outcome will be for these cities.  Ruling out the rule of law and order we are left with creating a rump New York or Chicago in the center of the downtown where a small remnant of the city can exist, subsidized by billionaires and guarded by private security guards.  But Tribbiani better watch which way he walks when he leaves the Central Perk or it could be his last cup of bad coffee.

Manhattan DA Says No Jail Time for Crimes Below Murder or Deadly Assault

This is wonderful.  “Newly minted Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg issued marching orders to his hundreds of assistants and support staff.  Bragg says his office “will not seek a carceral sentence” for anything short of murder or deadly assault (“carceral” being progressive double-speak for prison). Also, he says minor crime won’t be prosecuted at all.”

Bragg is another of George Soros’s success stories after he donated a million dollars for Bragg’s campaign.

So now I can start my new career as jewel thief.  All I need to do is head down to the Diamond Row in Manhattan, hit all of the larger shops for a few million dollars worth of diamonds, find a fence to take them off my hands, rinse and repeat for a few weeks, then retire (far away from dangerous New York) and live the life of George Soros.  Or if I prefer burglary I can just break into apartments on the Upper East or West Sides of Manhattan, the places where people vote for progressives, and simply take all their stuff while they’re not at home.  Or I can steal luxury cars and sell them to chop shops.  That should be very lucrative.  I wonder if I can find DA Bragg’s BMW the first week just to show my gratitude?

This is very good news.  Mayor Eric Adams is going to find it pretty difficult to rein in crime if all the criminals he allows the police to arrest are simply released by Bragg.  But this should accelerate New York’s slide into cannibalism very nicely.

Thank you DA Bragg.

A Night at the Opera

As the Cuomo Tragicomedy grinds on the only thing that is certain is that by the end the voters of New York will wish they had Andy back as governor.  Not that he is a good governor.  Far from it.  He is a petty vindictive dope.  But compared to what will follow he is Pericles.

And really, I am just tuning in for the laughs.  The first high note will be when the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences takes back Andrew’s Emmy Award.  That will strike at the very heart of who he is.  The loss of legitimacy will probably force him to resign his office.

The second important moment will be when Fredo turns on him.  All of this scandal has been terrifying for Fredo.  He doesn’t really know how to navigate these treacherous straits.  So far, he has gotten by leaning on the fraternal loyalty schtick.  It’s definitely wearing thin and eventually he’ll have to move against Andy.  It will have to involve some flavor of Fredo being the victim of all this dishonesty.  If I thought Fredo was bold enough I’d guess he’d go transgender.  That would completely inoculate him from the contagion of patriarchal guilt.  And who knows, maybe someone will think it up for him.  That would be a great sideshow.  He could even change his last name to Cuoma to literally divorce himself from the masculine gender.  I’m hoping it will work itself out on air on CNN.  Possibly Don Lemon can perform some kind of ritual mounting of Fredo to symbolize the defeat of white straight cis hetero something or other.  Well, whatever they come up with won’t be that funny but still, it’ll be worth a laugh or two.  It’s built into the trade mark Chris Cuomo deer in the headlights look into the camera.  In fact, it’s a family trait.  I remember I was told about the press conference where Andy was asked about the public policy of his administration in sending COVID patients back into the nursing homes to infect the other patients.  When I viewed the video, Andy had that same deer in the headlights look on his face.  I’m not even sure he knew what the policy was.  It just shows that Mario’s sons aren’t all that very bright.

But as I say, what will follow Andy in the Governor’s mansion will make him look like Abraham Lincoln in comparison.  It will be a vindictive woman of color and she will torture everyone in that state until they flee in horror.  It should be marvelous.  I will especially enjoy her torturing her white sisters relentlessly.  I assume they will be the primary subject of her wrath and they will be the ones dispossessed even more vindictively than white men.

I notice that I haven’t even addressed the sexual crimes that Andy has been accused of.  So far, they still pale in comparison to what Groper Joe got away with in the Senate.  We won’t even consider what Bill Clinton got up to as Governor of Arkansas.  Andy kissed a couple of women and I think he touched a woman’s stomach under the pretense of admiring her abs.  And he propositioned a couple of them too.  Well as a Democrat leader of a blue state, these are hanging offenses.  And I couldn’t be happier that they are being used as the icing on the cake for shoving him out of office.  All of these male feminists should have to suffer the consequences of advocating the double standards of modern feminism.  I will relish every moment of his obligatory groveling to the matriarchy.

And finally, what will the future hold for Andy?  Could he actually serve time?  Probably not for the COVID deaths.  That was just the usual stupidity of elected officials.  For that you get kicked out of office.  But could he be locked up for sex crimes?  I think he might!  So, there could be even more fun to come.

O momma mia, momma mia, momma mia let me go!

My Daily Dose of Schadenfreude

Reading about Andrew Cuomo whining about billionaires leaving New York is music to my ears.

Apparently, the combination of the federal tax limit of $10,000 deduction of state income tax and the confiscatory upper tax level brackets have the rich and well off heading for the New York borders.  And now the tax revenues are off by several billion dollars.  What a surprise!

Hey does that mean free college might be impacted?