The Biden-Trump Debates

Donald Trump has agreed to debate Joe Biden twice.  Once in July on CNN and once in September on ABC.  Why would he agree to go on those networks where every moderator they will select will run the debate as blatantly against Trump as they possibly can?  They’ll shamelessly tilt the questions for Biden and against Trump.  They’ll cut out his microphone whenever it might save Biden from an embarrassing moment and they’ll end by declaring that their in-studio polls show that Joe Biden won handily and Donald Trump is Hitler.

Now all of this is true.  And Donald Trump knows all these things.  And yet he accepted the debates immediately.  I’ll assume that he believes that he has more to gain by these debates than lose.  But is that true?  I was thinking about what kinds of things the moderator could direct against Trump and score points against him.  Obviously, they’ll concentrate on January 6th and abortion.  But they might also throw in some COVID questions.  After all, many on the Right are fairly angry at Trump for letting Fauci and his minions make our lives hell even before Biden got into office.  Reminding people of that could be a way to hurt Trump.

Someone in the media suggested that Trump hasn’t completely agreed to all the conditions of the interviews and that he might still refuse at the last minute.  Maybe that’s true and could explain why he has no qualms about being set up by the news channels.  But refusing after the fact would represent an embarrassing retreat.  People might think he’s afraid to debate Biden.

Two possibilities for accepting seem to me the most likely.  The first is that he’s worried about his chances in the race and hopes for some kind of lucky break during the debate that would increase his chances of winning the election.  Although Trump has led almost throughout the election period there are still several swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin that are very close.  And Trump needs at least one of these states to win.  Maybe he thinks that these three states are among the ones that will be strongly influenced by a good debate performance.  Because of how much Trump has at stake in the criminal cases against him, winning the presidency is almost a life and death situation for him.  Maybe the extra chance to impress these voters seems extremely important to Trump for this reason.

A second reason why he may be so anxious to debate Biden is that he is convinced that he can utterly humiliate him on the debate stage and this will serve as the knockout punch for Biden’s candidacy.  I think this may be the more likely reason.

Now it remains to be seen how all this turns out.  After all this is a very dynamic scenario.  Let’s start out just by looking at Joe Biden’s health.  Based on how these things are handled by the Biden camp, Dopey Joe will be doped to the gills with some kind of cognitive booster; caffeine, amphetamines, Ritalin, whatever.  Based on no information at all, my guess is Joe stroking out must be at least a reasonably high possibility.  And even if he doesn’t keel over there’s no guarantee that the stuff coming out of his mouth won’t be in the, “cannibals ate my Uncle Bosey” level of daffiness.  If either of those two scenarios play out, I’d call it a win for Trump.

But the opposite scenario can also occur.  Biden could just stand there and spin lie after lie with absolute insouciance.  This would match up to what happened back in the 2020 debates.  The moderators took Biden’s side and his lies ended as the debate’s points against Trump in the press.

But things have changed quite a bit since 2020.  Regardless if the moderators throw softballs at Biden, I assume Trump will go off script and attack Biden on all the various failures of his administration; inflation, immigration, crime and war.  And Trump is one of the most vindictive guys around.  With a little luck he’ll sting him enough so that Biden will take off on some self-justifying lie that will amaze even the moderators in its stupidity and obvious unlikeliness.  Maybe that’s Trump’s biggest hope in all this. That he can wind up Biden enough to make him act like a nut on stage.

So, I’ll be watching in July.  Should be interesting.

Why Did They Lie

Back in 2020 when the COVID pandemic was beginning, a tight network of elite scientists soon engaged in a remarkably effective effort to deceive the world. They collectively briefed the U.S. government, World Health Organization, and any media outlets that would listen: The science was settled, this wasn’t a lab leak. Some of them went on to publish the now-infamous Proximal Origins paper in March 2020 in Nature Medicine, ranked as the most impactful science article of that year. “We do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible,” the paper’s authors asserted.”

But now we have a much better understanding, not only of how COVID got loose but also why its origin was hidden.

“It was always a lie; one of the most consequential lies of the 21st century. Like all great lies it perfectly inverted the truth: the evidence supporting natural spillover has always been thin. Conversely, the evidence pointing to a lab leak has always been compelling and has grown substantially more persuasive with time.”

And the quoted article concludes that the lies were made for four different reasons:

  1. One group of scientists who lied were direct collaborators with Wuhan in their bat virus gain of function experiments and therefore were directly responsible for the COVID outbreak.  They lied to avoid culpability in this enormous disaster.
  2. A second group of scientists weren’t linked to the Wuhan lab but had strongly supported the idea that gain of function research was safe and therefore would be seen as partially responsible for the risky research that gave rise to COVID.  Also if COVID’s origin is pinned to gain of function research then these researchers would be deprived of this experimental practice for safety reasons.
  3. A third group had financial and reputational incentives provided by Anthony Fauci in the form of grants for research.  They sold their reputations for research dollars.
  4. And the fourth group was anybody who absolutely refused to say it was a lab leak because Donald Trump said it was.  They hated Trump so much that they would swear that the core of the sun is cold if Trump said it was hot.

In a just world, people in the first three groups should go to prison for lying about the origin of a disaster that had such horrific economic impact.  The fourth group should be mocked incessantly and any of them in the media industry should lose their jobs.

But this isn’t a just world.  It’s just the world.

What is Wrong with This Picture?

Look at where the country is headed in the next few months.  Donald Trump is the popular choice for president with about half of the voters in the United States.  And he is almost certainly going to be convicted of felonies in up to four different state and federal court legal trials.  Theoretically he could be given a combination of sentences that easily exceeds his life expectancy.

Now what is anyone to make of this?  It’s patently absurd.  Without even going through the charges like the hush money trial which obviously stretches the underlying statute completely out of its jurisdiction, all the charges are political prosecutions that have never been used in the way they are being presented.  An obvious example is the case involving classified documents.  Joe Biden had many classified documents in his possession and was in fact proven to be allowing someone without a security clearance to access these documents and he has been completely exempted from criminal penalties.  The naked fact that these are political prosecutions is impossible to obscure from insiders or the general public.

If Trump loses or is excluded from the presidential race then his future looks to be as a political prisoner in the banana republic jail that the Democrats now maintain for their enemies.  But even if he wins the election there may be state charges that even as president, he cannot pardon himself from.  What are we to imagine about the legitimate president of the United States officiating over his office from a state penitentiary?  Will he be allowed to leave the jail cell for the State of the Union speech?  How will his secret service detail spend their time behind bars?  Will they have to spend time watching over him in the dining room, the prison yard and in the workshop making license plates?

The blatant overreach and the pretense that all of this is legal and measured will probably strike anyone who isn’t a Democrat partisan zealot as proof that we’ve completely left equal treatment under the law far behind.  And that is the part that I believe makes this present situation novel.

What we will see will be the delegitimizing of the claim that this is a nation of laws.  There will be an ironclad example that proves that justice in present day America is no different than what existed in Stalin’s Soviet show trials or Mao’s Cultural Revolution struggle sessions or the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolutionary Reign of Terror.  “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

So, this is a lesson that I learned over the course of the last four years.  Now the rest of America, even the most brain-dead will get a clear view of this on display.  I suppose the rest of the world will see it too.  And the myth of equal justice will be laid to rest.

But there’s a follow-on test we will observe.  What happens after this lesson is learned.  If the Left gets away with this and Americans just knuckle under to it, then we’ll also see another myth exposed.  That’s the one that says that Americans are proud of their freedom and won’t tolerate a tyrant.  That’s the one I’m waiting to find out about.  I can’t say I’m overly hopeful about this second one either.

Swing State Voters Agree, Joe Biden Sucks

More bad news for Biden: Is it ‘rosy retrospection’ or just fact?

I could paraphrase this whole report as the swing states chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“The poll covered seven closely contested states considered critical to the 2024 election: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In two-way matchups, the survey found Trump leading Biden in six of those states. Trump is up by 5 points in Arizona, 1 point in Georgia, 3 points in Michigan, 6 points in North Carolina, 4 points in Nevada, and 3 points in Pennsylvania. In the seventh state, Wisconsin, the two candidates are tied.

Any way you look at it, it’s terrible news for Biden. Last November, I posted a very simple formula on X. “Trump has the simplest campaign pitch in the world,” I wrote. “1) Things were good when I was president. 2) Everything went to hell when Joe Biden became president. 3) Elect me and I’ll make things good again. That’s the whole campaign.”

Indeed it is. And short of suddenly becoming a great president, there might be little Biden can do about it.”

Of course none of these polls can inform us exactly how much voter fraud would be needed to overwhelm Trump’s legitimate voter advantage.  So none of this should be confused with me declaring Trump the probable winner.  But it does tell you something about what the American people think about Biden.

ArthurinCali Fisks Jamelle Bouie’s Diatribe Against Trump

Arthur has dissected the NYT leftist’s screed complaining that Trump is not being persecuted enough!

Good long form analysis of all the Left’s talking points against the man they love to hate.

My favorite line:

“Keep in mind that you do not have to be a fan or even a supporter of Donald Trump to be able to see the different set of standards currently being deployed against him, and how that is a danger to the entire faith and allegiance to our political system and institutions.”

Nikki, We Hardly Knew Ye. And Even That Was Too Much.

Well, the obnoxious Nikki Haley finally, finally figured it out.  She’s been the patsy of the Never-Trump cavalcade of clowns like the Koch Brother (after all if there’s only one left is he still a brother?).  Now even she can see that if the only ones who vote for you are Never Trumpers and Democrats, the only places you can win are Vermont and Washington DC where there isn’t anyone else.

Don’t go away mad Nikki.  Just go away.





Nikki Haley and Joe Scarborough Agree on Trump

What would Nikki Haley and Joe Scarborough have in common?  Well, they’re both in a panic that Americans might re-elect Donald Trump President of the United States of America.  Here are their latest statements as headlines in today’s new reports:

Haley: Nominating Trump Means ‘Suicide for Our Country

Scarborough: “How Stupid Would You Have to Be” To Vote for Trump?”

Apparently, we would have to be so stupid that we would be willing to commit suicide by nominating Donald Trump for Republican candidate for President.

Well, thank our lucky stars that we have Nikki Haley and Joe Scarborough, two of the most extreme conservatives out there to alert us to our danger.  And that is a relief because suicide is bad.  Very bad.  After suicide there really isn’t much upside left.  Of course, I’m not exactly sure what it looks like when a nation of 273 million people commits suicide all at once.

That’s a lot of corpses.  And if we’re all dead who buries the bodies.  And it will have to be burial.  The cremation of 273 million people would be an awful lot of carbon dioxide released all at once.  The Canadians are even more strict than Biden about CO2 so if they’re going to be stuck disposing of their neighbors’ bodies, they’re not going to burn them.  So, I guess it’ll be burial.  Or maybe composting.  That’s kind of green.  Maybe they’ll do that.

Now I wonder if the suicide will occur immediately after the Republican Convention nominates him.  That’s on July 18th so I had better take my summer vacation before that.  And probably around the Fourth of July I’ll probably buy an expensive sports car and a diamond tennis bracelet for Camera Girl.  The first payment will come due in August.  Hah!


I guess I better start figuring out how I want to commit suicide.  I’ve never really given it enough thought.  It’s kind of complicated.  If I were Canadian (Canada again!) I could get some help from the government.  I hear they’re always willing to lend a helping hand when someone wants to off himself.

I read somewhere that if you drink too much water, like ten gallons or so, your electrolyte levels in your blood get too low and your heart will stop.  That sounds pretty painless but I’d have to spend my last hours on Earth in the bathroom urinating and that doesn’t sound very dignified.

Maybe pills.  Currently I know we have a lot of heartworm medicine for the dogs.  Could I do myself in with those?  Nah, I’d just end up dewormed.

Maybe I could get like ten COVID vaccine boosters all in one day.  That would probably kill anyone.  But I don’t like needles.

I have heard of the “death by a thousand cuts.”  Hopefully paper cuts count.  Over the course of my career around the office I must be in the high nine hundreds by now.  I’ll buy myself a ream of really sharp paper and begin playing around with it.  I’m bound to reach my goal in a day or two.  And as a man who spends a lot of his time writing down words, death by paper seems a fitting end.

I guess all that remains is for me to figure out my epitaph.  “He died with his boots on?”  “Stranger, go tell the Spartans?”  “Tippecanoe and Tyler too?”  “Haste makes waste?”  “Dammit, I’ll take the garbage out later?”  I don’t know.  Nothing grabs me.

You know this whole thing is more complicated than I thought.  I’m sorry Nikki, Joe.  I may have to put off this whole suicide thing for a while.  If it’s all the same with you maybe we can nominate Donald Trump and somehow keep breathing for a short while.  If you don’t mind.  But feel free yourselves to drop dead.  I don’t think anyone will really care that much.  I know I won’t.

Look, who does Nikki Haley think she’s kidding?  Regardless of whether Trump succeeds in fixing our government or not he’s the lone possibility of it.  Nikki Haley, at best would be Jeb Bush in a skirt.  At worst, she’d be the new Hillary Clinton putting the deplorables in their place.  Nope, I’ll take my chances with Trump.  At least he hates the same people I do.

NY Gov Reassures Rich: We Only Use Lawfare on Trump

Just look at that smile.  How could the rich worry that a state that twists the law into pretzels to bankrupt its enemies could possibly turn on them?  Just do exactly as we say and shut up and we’ll only bleed you dry a pint at a time.  We won’t go for the throat like we did with Trump.  At least not this week.

As the rich head for the exits Kathy Hochul can figure out how to keep  MS-13 from pushing her aside and planting its flag in Manhattan.  It seems they don’t respond to subpoenas from Letitia James except with automatic weapons fire.

Hochul tells NY businesses not to fear about Trump verdict: ‘Nothing to worry about’


An American Spectacle

In the last week or two Donald Trump has been found guilty of civil crimes that added up will cost him $438 million dollars.  And that does not include the ban on doing business in New York State that will cost him untold amounts of money in addition.  And both of these trials are on transparently trumped-up charges that have been railroaded by criminally partisan prosecutors and judges.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by any of this.  But I do think it is notable that federal and state officials are nakedly using fraudulent means to attack Donald Trump’s fortune in addition to his person.  Not only are they trying to imprison but they also want to bankrupt him.  What I’m curious to see is whether this is completely without consequences for those in charge of these bogus prosecutions.

From where I stand, I think they will get away with it.  It’s possible that higher courts may reverse some of these decisions based on the outrageous procedures that were used.  The case that involved the allegedly overvalued assets is a complete sham that has no precedent.  An honest court would have thrown it out on the face of it.  But I don’t foresee any blowback to the New York Attorney General or the judge that oversaw the trial.

And the fake rape civil trial is a complete farce over supposed events that happened over fifteen years ago and never had any credibility in the first place.  Once again, if the decision is reversed there won’t be any negative consequences for the Manhattan District Attorney or the judge.  None.

Probably the only tangible effect of these witch-hunts will be on wealthy New Yorkers who think they might have Democrat political enemies.  Being stripped of their fortunes now probably seems a lot more real and incredibly frightening.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them start to rethink living and doing business in the “Empire State.”  Maybe there will be a stampede of billionaires heading for the borders out of New York.  Suddenly that name Empire State takes on a new meaning.  Empires exist at the whim of the emperor.  Justice isn’t a blind goddess in an empire.  She takes her marching orders from the boss.

And that’s what we’re seeing.  Justice is now doled out in Washington, Colorado, California and New York according to whether you belong to the right party.  If you don’t genuflect to the pieties, if you won’t burn incense to Caesar then you can expect that knock on the door and maybe you lose your money or even your freedom.

More than ever it’s important to think about the United States as separate states.  Some of them still seem to possess equal justice under the law.  But definitely not all.  Being a business owner or even a parent is a lot different in Florida than it is in California or New York.  And something like Trump’s railroading will make that crystal clear.

I guess it seems odd, me pitying Donald Trump.  He’s very wealthy (so far), has been President of the United States and is famous and popular with over a hundred million Americans.  I’m nobody.  Even if Trump has to pay off these bogus fines, he’ll still be many thousands of times richer than I am.  But I think of the spectacle of the supposedly “last best hope for humanity” rounding on one of its most important citizens and using the same tactics that you’d expect Saddam Hussein would have used against his enemies.

I think of what I would do in his circumstances and I have to admit I’d be overwhelmed.  Look at what the FBI has done to those people who were in Washington on January 6th.  None of the courts in DC are fair.  The jury selection is rigged.  Once government uses a partisan mob against its citizens, we’ve reached bottom.  This is no different from Robespierre ginning up the mob to “judge” anyone and everyone who fell into the hands of the Committee of Public Safety.

It’s not justice.  It’s just being fed to the lions in the coliseum.  And the knowledge that any of the elite can be subjected to this same treatment will alter the reputation of the United States as a safe haven for the rich and their money.  And that alteration will weaken the United States a great deal.  Something to think about.