Twitter, Musk Redux

Well, it appears that Elon Musk will get to buy Twitter and bring it private.  I hope it works out for him.  It seems like a crazy risk of a ton of money.  But what the hell do I know about any of this stuff?  There are two extra commas involved in his net worth versus mine.  So, kudos, you magnificent nerd and may you turn Twitter into some kind of futuristic electronic town hall where even Deplorables feel like they have a corner to congregate in.

But I fully expect that the Justice Department and the FDA will be plaguing Musk over every tweet that calls Fauci or Garland fascists.  But first things first.  Musk should immediately invite POTUS 45 back to his natural environment.  Trump needs to be tweeting 24/7/365 about all the things that were unfair and wrong.

The only problem is Trump is trying to tout his own social media site, Truth.  How is he supposed to replace Twitter if he goes back on it?  And how about the Gab guys?  What happens to them if Twitter becomes a viable option for social media for the Right.  It’s all very confusing.

And what about me?  Does this mean I have to start tweeting and hawking my products; my photos and my books on Musk’s free speech paradise?  Well, I don’t know.  I’ve never really figured out how to have my stuff discovered on mainstream platforms.  I’ve always done better in a rightwing ghetto.  It’s so much easier to be a slightly less small fish in a small pond.

I wonder how long it will take to find out if Musk can make this thing work.  Will he have to fire thousands of the blue-haired wine aunts and cat ladies that work for him in order to stop them from banning anyone who says that old bald fat men in wigs and dresses aren’t women?  Will the government shut him down if he allows scientists and medical doctors to speak the truth about what really happened during the COVID fraud?

Honestly, I have serious doubts whether he won’t regret throwing away that obscene amount of money for a company that doesn’t produce any tangible product and caters to a generation of crazy people who believe in things that even a village idiot thinks are too way out there.  I mean what happens if this is a scam and now Musk discovers after a few months that he just pays useless people to run a mad house that no one needs or even likes?  I mean, wouldn’t that make him the stupidest rich guy in the world?  I guess he’d still have the satisfaction of firing Jack Dorsey and fumigating his old office to cleanse it of the bedbugs that must infest that ratty looking beard of his.  And maybe if he fires 95% of the staff there, he could get the thing working efficiently.

So, as you can probably tell I’m conflicted about Musk’s Twitter play.  But in the back of my mind, I’m a little bit hopeful that a guy as smart as Musk is supposed to be, sees the diamond in the rough that Twitter represents and has a plan to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

But somehow, I think he would have been better off buying a 49% stake in Orion’s Cold Fire.  I would have settled for one billion.

Ferraris, Dessert and Women Irked by Trump

I was out of pocket today.  AWOL, off the reservation, footloose and fancy free.  I was communing, consorting and other wise hobnobbing with my fellow wizards.  We went to this car show in a very ritzy town.  The cars were parked up and down two sides of the street in this town.  Hundreds of them.  It had a lot of extremely expensive cars.  Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys and even less familiar luxury cars.  There were also some antique cars from the 30’s like Packards and some very cool old Fords.  And some high-performance cars from the 60’s; Stingrays and such.  I walked for hours and took a million pictures.

Then we got back to our host’s home and his gracious wife feasted us on an Italian meal.  It was one delicacy after another ending off with some delicious pastries.  And in between we talked politics.  There were two camps of thought.  One group said that DeSantis should be president.  The other said we need Trump.  I’m a big fan of DeSantis’s but I was in the second camp.  One of the attendants mirrored my thinking.  He said we need Trump because he motivates the Deplorables.  And he knows how to avoid being played by the Left.  He also pummels the Establishment Republicans when they get in the way.

The DeSantis camp basically are afraid that Trump will lose by scaring off moderates.  I clarified by saying they’re afraid he’ll scare off women.  I contended that Trump irks women.  And one of the wives who was present confirmed this assertion.  She said, “That’s right, he irks me and I think he irks a lot of women.”

And that’s a basic truth about Donald Trump.  He irks women.  He irks some other people too but the fact that he irks women is diagnostic.  Trump irks women because he says rude things, mean things, cruel things.  But many of the cruel things he says are true.  As a rule, women are more social than men.  They pay more attention to the impact on other people’s emotions of the things they say.  Women are more polite, more diplomatic.  They are the opposite of Donald Trump.  Trump says things to get a reaction.  Insulting his enemies and even his “allies” that aren’t aligned with his goals is a minute-to-minute calculation.  He is always saying “mean things” on Twitter.

But we need that.  Badly.  I tried to make the point that we need Trump to win in 2024.  We also need DeSantis to be his Vice President, almost his Co-President.  And I think Trump actually needs DeSantis more than DeSantis needs him.  We need someone who can drain the swamp.  Donald Trump tried in 2017 – 2021 and completely failed.  Maybe Pence was part of the reason for that failure.  Maybe this time DeSantis can be the surgeon Trump needs to lobotomize the Deep State.

At least that’s my read on what is needed.  Trump knows the policies he wants but he needs someone who can translate that agenda into an assault on the insurrectionist agencies of the Executive Branch in order to make those policies happen.

Was I able to change any minds?  I don’t know but I made my case and I could see some of the reasons why Trump has so many detractors on the Right.  Americans, and American women especially are polite, friendly people.  They don’t want to be attacked, especially not by friends.  But what it is time to do is to point out to these people that sometimes the truth is cruel and hurts some people.  And that the truth is its own defense.  Ignoring or denying the truth because it is ugly, hurtful or cruel isn’t going to make it go away.

The Democrats won’t be able to ignore or deny the truth of what they have done to this country.  And just because it is Donald Trump who will be pointing these things out in his own inimitable and caustic way won’t allow them to ignore what is being said.  It’s just too ugly for politeness to bandage over.

In 2024 Trump will be the bitter medicine for those who voted for Biden in 2020.  I don’t know if there’s any sugar that can make it easier to swallow.  And I don’t care.

Firing the Deep State

After reading about the color revolution in the Ukraine back in 2014 I am now convinced that unless a United States president puts a maximal effort into defanging the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department, we will never get our country back.  These federal agencies have unfettered power to pretty much do whatever they want around the world and in the United States.  Reading the techniques used in the Ukraine; the street riots, the use of martyrs; I can see the George Floyd riots for exactly what they were.  2020 was our color revolution.  BLM and Antifa were the shock troops that goaded on the violence and chaos.  George Floyd was the martyr to the cause of social justice.  And the Justice Department and the FBI made sure no one interfered.  The flip side of this was January 6th.  Here was the FBI entrapping normal people who thought the BLM “protestors” proved that protesting and occupying government buildings was legitimate.

We now live in a country run by the Deep State.  And if they don’t approve of a president then they ignore his orders and cancel him out with phony investigations and worse.  In order to eliminate the Deep State a president will need to have the cooperation of the Congress and the Supreme Court.  He will have to have signed legislation that authorizes him to dismiss any bureaucrat that he deems stands in defiance of the presidency and he’ll need the Supreme Court to over rule the inevitable lower court rulings and injunctions when the president attempts to use this legislation to drain the swamp.  The real test of all this will be if the FBI and the NSA attempts to defy authority and refuse to vacate the premises.  At that point it would be necessary to call in the military to force obedience.

And then the question has to be asked, is this even possible?  The bureaucrats have successfully stiff armed one president who intended to run things his own way.  They wasted half his term in office with phony investigations and completely ignored most of his orders to change their behavior.  Would a more government savvy man with a cadre of seasoned managers be able to push back and effectively clean house in these powerful government satrapies.  Could Donald Trump succeed where he previously failed?  Could Ron DeSantis, do it?  Could anyone?

I admit that I just don’t know.  But I will say that if it isn’t attempted then any hope of restoring republican government to this country is doomed to failure.  Leaving the people in charge who allowed the BLM riots and set up the January 6th victims for prosecution is tantamount to admitting that equal protection under the law is a laughable absurdity.  Allowing those who set up the Russia-gate fraud to escape serious prosecution proves that President of the United States is not running the US federal government.  It’s run by a cabal of bureaucrats who run the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA, the NSA, the DHS and the rest of the alphabet agencies that spy on us and make sure we can’t interfere with how they run their global empire.

I would like to believe that we can win back this country.  But as I’ve repeatedly said before, it’s going to take an incredibly smart and a remarkably brave man to do it.  Let’s hope God provides a man like that for us.

Trump Says He’s Preparing to Enter the Social Media Arena

Donald Trump is setting up to unveil a social media platform called Truth Social in early 2022.  The company will be a publicly traded entity and will have a some kind of streaming option akin to what YouTube provides.

Well, this is what I said I wanted so let’s see how this goes.  I wish all the success in the world to this enterprise and if it has value I’ll gladly join up.  And if it causes Facebook and Twitter to suffer, then all the better.  Let’s wait and see.

10JUL2021 – American Greatness – Post of the Day – Return of the King by Josiah Lippincott

This fellow Josiah Lippincott takes Angelo Codevilla to task for his essay, “What is Trump to Us?”  His point is that despite whatever failures Trump had in his term in office without him there would be no populist movement.  He does a pretty good job of defending this idea and reminds us of who would be the conservative political team if Donald Trump hadn’t appeared on the scene, guys like Marco Rubio.

One of the more interesting ideas that he presents is the idea that Trump should run for Liz Cheney’s house seat and then become Speaker of the House if the Republicans recapture the House of Representatives.  That’s a pretty wild idea.  I like it.  Can you imagine Trump mocking Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s lectern?  Anyway I like his point of view.  Sure I’d love to see DeSantis step up and start to push our agenda forward but until he does something revolutionary we still have to remember that without Trump none of this would even exist.

7JUL2021 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Codevilla Talks About Trump

Angelo Codevilla has an article that analyzes Trump’s invaluable action as a catalyst but also the failures of his administration to drain the swamp.  It’s a good analysis of the 2016 election and its consequences.  Codevilla claims that Trump’s awakening of the country against the Elites is what triggered them to drop the mask and tighten the oligarchic controls that they already possessed.

He then talks about the failed chances to rein in the Deep State and goes on to discuss what future leaders must do to restore our freedom.  Even if you do not agree with every interpretation of the events or conclusion it is a very thought provoking read.

This article feeds into my own process of trying to figure out how we move forward from the awful place we currently find ourselves in.  If there is to be any hope of pushing back against the forces that are actively working to destroy our society competent leaders will have to step forward with workable plans and a gigantic dose of audacity.


Speculations About a Leader

In a recent opinion piece Angelo Codevilla discussed how state enforced nullification of anti-constitutional federal laws and programs could act as the basis for a new federalism that allows conservatives to regain their freedoms without requiring a civil war.

In the article he stresses that it will take very strong leadership from someone to make something like this a reality.  Codevilla gives Charles De Gaulle as an example of a leader attempting to restore a nation.  And he stresses that the leader has to put the cause above his own personal concerns for glory or gain.  He must submerge his personality into the cause.  Codevilla wisely refuses to speculate about whether Donald Trump will be that leader.  But I’m not that wise and I want to at least discuss what the options will look like and how we’ll know when a leader has arrived.

First off, I want to remind everyone of one thing.  Prior to Donald Trump’s appearance on the scene none, and I mean none, of the so-called Republican leaders at the state or federal level did a damn thing about challenging the Left’s narrative about anything.  When it came to immigration, they kowtowed to the supposition that illegal immigrants should be made citizens and that unlimited illegal and legal immigration was a necessity and “the right thing to do.”  Good old JEB! Bush went so far to say that the crime of illegal immigration was “an act of love.”  And so, anyone who objected to it was a heartless monster who hated children and love.  It took Donald Trump to know that this con wasn’t actually believed by the American people.  And the establishment Republicans continued to denounce his “callous indifference” to criminal aliens all the way to his inauguration and beyond.  Eventually some of these NeverTrumpers woke up and realized they had better come up with a new con that included parroting the things that Trump had shown them.  But I ask you to think about this bit of history because many of those same people are once again presenting themselves to us as the future saviors of the conservative half of the United States.

Of course, we won’t be seeing JEB! or John Kasich or Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie anymore.  They are all done.  But expect Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio to be right there explaining how they’re ready to make America Great Again by only making twenty or thirty million illegal immigrants, citizens, at least in their first term anyway.  After that I’m sure a billion will seem like the right number.  My point here is that the GOP Establishment will never disappear.  They will always bounce back with whatever spin they think will allow them to perform their gatekeeping act and prevent anything from interfering with their “opponents” running the country off a cliff.

So, anyone who tells me that what we need is Trumpism without Trump is talking about something that has never been seen before in real life.  If anyone wants to assume the mantle either in opposition to Donald Trump’s run in 2024 or in his absence if he decides not to run, I say show me what you’ve got.  Prove to me you know what we want and then prove to me that you can and will do it.  And that’s a tall order.  Even Donald Trump was stymied in his desire to “drain the swamp.”  The swamp refused to be drained and he couldn’t change that.  If someone has a plan, we’ll need to know what it is and how he proposes to do it.  In fact, I’m not sure that a lot of us even think a President of the United States can do it alone.  It might take a `       coalition of red state governors with or without a Republican president to make any progress against the combined power of the Deep State and the Globalist Corporate Cabal that currently has us by the throat.

So, anyone who wants to be the new Trump has a lot of explaining to do.  I need to know what and how.  I want to see some evidence that he actually believes in the things he claims to stand for and I want to know who he plans to fire in the Justice Department and I want to know who will be his Attorney General.

And not to be too critical of how he handled an impossible job, if Donald Trump will be running again in 2024, I want to know what he will do this time to prevent the train wreck that the Justice Department caused for his administration.  I’ll want to know what policies he will champion and who in the legislature and who in the governorships he has allied himself with to make these things realities instead of lost causes.

It’s a very long time until 2024.  I would say that anyone who waits until then to start causing changes in the direction of this country is not a leader.  I like that Ron DeSantis is enacting legislature to protect Floridians from first amendment violations by Silicon Valley and unconstitutional federal laws.  I’d love to see him form a coalition with Texas and some of the other red states.  What I’d really like is for these measures to be challenged by the feds and then see a state governor and legislation refuse a federal court’s ruling against them.  I’d like to see them win a staring contest with Creepy Uncle Joe and win!  That’s when I’ll know that here is some leadership on the horizon.  Until then it’s just speculation.

A White Pill for 15JUN2021

An old expression is, “Forewarned is forearmed.”  And over the course of the last few months, I have come to think that is a good message for all of us.  Knowing what these rats are trying to do should be a huge advantage in minimizing the damage they can do to us.

But not only that.  Framing the situation correctly has other advantages too.  The utter contempt and hatred I now openly express for our enemies is not only liberating but also truly pleasurable.  Getting to call them vile names is a joy.  And if anyone tries to tell me how both sides are legitimate leaders for this country, I just laugh at him and express as derisively as possible how absurd that statement is.  Of course, I qualify it by saying that most of the Republicans are also phony bastards.  But the primary message is that the Democrats are open enemies of the free people of the former United States.

And looking at things that way clears my head and drives away the feeling of helplessness and confusion.  I assume the worst.  I reckon from the point of view that they’ll get Joe Manchin to do their will and that will allow them to pass their election bill and the slavery reparations and the Supreme Court packing laws.  I assume they’ll do all the crap they want to.  Assuming that means that what I’m waiting for is whether any of the red state governors will push back and say no.

The only way this country, or at least, a part of it survives as a free land, is if someone stands up to the feds and says no.  “We won’t let you steal our elections.  We won’t follow a packed Supreme Court that makes unconstitutional decisions.  We won’t let our children be taught to hate their ancestors.”

That’s what I’m waiting for.  And I can afford to wait a little while.  But not forever.  If nothing happens and we get dragged over the cliff into serfdom then I’ll make a move to a better place.  I’ve begun to look at other places like Hungary, Poland, Singapore, even South America.  It won’t be a happy decision to make.  It’ll be a sad one.  But it can be made with a clear understanding of what is here and what is gone.

And that is why I will forever have a fondness for Donald Trump.  He is responsible for opening my eyes.  He spoke the truth when everyone else was afraid and everyone else lied through their teeth.  JEB and McCain and Paul Ryan and Rubio and W and all the rest of those phonies who sold us down the river every single time there was a chance to fix things.

Donald Trump made all of this possible.  He wasn’t able to drain the swamp.  They harried his administration for over four years.  They tried to disrupt every good thing he did.  They are still going after him personally and they are punishing everyone connected to him.  He may even one day be able to get back to the White House and make more progress.  But even if he never does another thing, he has brought light into the darkness.

So, there’s my white pill for today.  Knowing the score makes you free.  Your mind is free and you can determine your own fate within the possible options that are out there.  You can’t single-handedly make this into Old America again and you can’t completely avoid the damage that the Left spreads.  But you can act from an intelligent position.  And that’s not nothing.  That’s my message.

Someone at the American Thinker is Speculating on the Arizona Audit

Someone named Andrew Coy is wondering exactly what would happen if it turns out Donald Trump won Arizona.  He further speculates what would happen if the other swing states also do audits and it turns out Trump won those too.

He looks at the likely reaction by the Military and the Supreme Court.  Interesting speculation.  I haven’t thought about it enough myself yet.  But I put it out there in case anyone was interested.  I’ll reserve judgement for a few more weeks when the Arizona count is due to conclude.  If it does come out in favor of President Trump that will be a big deal and then things could start getting very interesting.