American Mind Explains Trump’s Appeal

Here’s a very good article that explains why the Right is voting for Trump.  Trump is the symbol of our revolt from the Uniparty sham that our elections represent.  Trump represents a vote for “none of the above” where all the other choices are establishment ringers.  I think Ron DeSantis has done great things for Florida but I’ll vote for Trump as a protest against the fake democracy that is being foisted off on us.

When we lose in 2024 I hope the people like Trump and DeSantis and the few honest men left in government get together and try to work around the federal government to save what’s left of America by building a network of private and state resources to try to help us survive in the hellscape that will be America in 2024.

I think a lot can be done.  And maybe it can be the basis for a new country existing in the hollowed out shell of the old one.  Or maybe I’m just whistling past the graveyard.

Why Won’t Republicans Move On From Trump?

Left’s Reaction to Trump’s CNN Performance Catalyzes His Base

Trump really got under their skin yesterday. I really love that.

Dunwich in the Time of Mud

Spring has arrived with its endless supply of muck and slop and just in time with it the town has gone topsy turvy.  Revolution has broken out.  The Old Guard and the Young Turks are having a set to and I’m caught in the middle.  I’ll be working more and making a little extra money but being of an extremely lazy nature I’d prefer the opposite.  But there are some interesting aspects to this turn of events.  New England town democracy in action is a bizarre force to observe.  The fact that the Old Guard is putting up a fight is almost unheard of in this neck of the woods.  I’ll have a ringside seat for the proceedings so it may make an interesting story when all is said and done but I expect that much angst and hard feelings will spill over into everyday life.

But at the same time, it will also cut into my blogging time, in fact it already has.  And on top of that I’ve mended my ways and now have begun applying myself to my fiction writing.  I cranked out four thousand words over the last three days and that has also cut into my posting.  But that’s all to the good.  The story is expanding and becoming more interesting.  I’ve definitely decided to nuke my hero’s base at some point.  I mean what’s a science fiction story without an atom bomb somewhere?  No one calls them atomic bombs anymore.  It’s nuke this and nuke that.  Thermo-nuclear.  Who came up with that name?  Thermo- implies heat.  Are there any cold nuclear explosions?  I guess if they ever figure out an actual cold fusion process, we could talk about it but anyway I think I’m going to nuke my base.

I’ve had to write some personal scenes into the book.  The hero gets to see his family for the first time in a long while and there are grandkids and his son’s widow and that was tricky.  I think I did alright which surprised me.  I’m not a very touchy feely kinda guy but I could see that leaving out his relationship with his family felt fake.  So, there you go, human interest.  What’s next, an Oprah interview for our hero?  I’ve even added an AI character.  That’s actually kind of fun.  It’s funny once you get going these things kind of write themselves in.  Anyway, the story is percolating along.

But all this stuff really just enhances the blogging.  You can’t just write about national stories all the time.  It’s just too much of the same thing.  We’ve got to be in the story too, or what’s the point?  I could just listen to Tucker Carlson or some other talking head.  That’s why I like when some of the guest contributors have something to add.  I like to get some other angles on things and I’m sure that’s the same with everybody else.

I think the whole Trump indictment story is both a ridiculous joke and at the same time an important object lesson.  It’s important that everyone on our side realize that this is not our country anymore and it doesn’t work by the rules we were told apply.  The people in charge change the rules as needed.  They don’t play fair and they play as rough as needed.  And if the January 6th prisoners aren’t enough to convince you of that just wait till Donald Trump gets his treatment.

So anyway, busy, busy, busy but still keeping my nose to the grindstone.  Wow, that sounds painful!

Selective Enforcement of the Law – Up in Lights on Broadway

“Alvin Bragg is the 37th District Attorney elected in Manhattan. Alvin – a lifelong Manhattanite who served as a state and federal prosecutor – has spent more than two decades fighting to make our communities safer and our criminal justice system fairer.”

This is the header on the official website of the Manhattan District Attorney.  Alvin Bragg is also another one of those black district attorneys that George Soros spent millions of dollars electing so that they could prevent black criminals from being indicted for the crimes they commit.

So, after destroying the criminal justice system in New York City and destroying the lives and businesses of countless New Yorkers he’s decided to add hypocrisy to his lawlessness.  Here’s what I mean.

If a black criminal held up a jewelry store by beating the owner into submission and made off with a million dollars in diamonds and even if the NYPD managed to catch him red-handed Alvin Bragg would let him go.  No bail needed and maybe no charges.

But if the Democrat Party wants to harass Donald Trump, Bragg will gladly indict and prosecute Donald Trump for an old charge in a victimless crime that all of Bragg’s predecessors found too absurd to pursue.

Selective enforcement of the law is the process that the Left uses to punish Republicans and conservatives and protect their criminal constituencies which currently means the black inner-city thugs and thieves.

Well, it’s not surprising.  This has been going on forever.  Think of the policeman that was hung out to dry for the Michael Brown shooting and the guy who stopped Trayvon Martin from bashing his brains in by shooting him.  They were prosecuted for self-defense.  The fact that they weren’t convicted was luck based on the honesty of the juries.  But what kind of chance will Donald Trump have with a Manhattan jury.  I doubt he got 5% of the vote in Manhattan in 2020.

And from what I understand the Justice Department is waiting to get their turn with the classified documents case.  So, the lawfare will probably go on for years.

I guess the only point of this post is to acknowledge that the Left has volunteered to add yet another page to the roster of evidence that the United States of America has officially descended to the level of banana republic.  Nothing more clearly defines the difference between a legitimate constitutional country and a junta like using kangaroo courts to go after your political opponents.  Whether it’s Castro in Cuba or the Sandinistas in Nicaragua weaponizing the justice system is a hallmark.  And now it’s in the highest visibility venue with the most famous man in the country.  It’s going to be a sideshow.  But they’re not scared.

I remember how before the Iraq War there were innumerable articles about how Saddam and his psychopathic son Uday were notorious for using the Iraqi justice department to imprison, torture and then murder political enemies.  The rape of the family members was a particular trademark of Uday but Saddam’s regime was brutal for anyone who wasn’t in the good graces of the dictator.

Well, I guess we still have a long way to go but Washington should be proud that they’ve made such great strides in just a few short decades.  Between the presidencies of Obama and Biden we have raised lawfare to a high art as the members of the Trump administration can truthfully attest.  Prosecutors and judges will bend the law and suspend constitutional rights to punish those they accuse on trumped up charges.  Just look at what they’ve done to the January 6th defendants.

I could hope that seeing this played out against the former President of the United States might wake up even the groggiest Americans out there and act as a call to action.  But I don’t think so.  We’ve hit bottom.  America is a place where those in charge do whatever they want to those they despise.  That’s the only lesson I draw.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 28FEB2023 – Musk Earns the Two Minute Hate

Hopefully more people are noticing how quickly the apparatus composed of media, academia, and government figures turns on those highly public figures who speak heretically such Elon Musk. Disagreeing with the DEI ideology is unforgivable in their eyes. Once he was identified as an enemy of the Hive, the attacks became merciless. A quick search online currently brings up accusations of him being practically a Neo-Nazi from South Africa, a fraud in his educational path, or a P.T. Barnum figure for Tesla or SpaceX.

However, the Internet is forever, and it doesn’t take too long to pull up glowing articles from a few years past on Mr. Musk’s achievements in business and furthering technological advancement.

Whatever one’s opinion on Donald Trump, this technique of demonization was swiftly employed against him once he became a potential candidate for president, and continued throughout his term as president. For those of us of a certain age, Mr. Trump was a constant public figure in the news, entertainment, and media.

From the 80s onward into the 2000s his presence and relevance was seen. While not always receiving positive news coverage, the accusations of racial, sexual, and overall caricatured evilness did not begin until he ran for president.

The astounding thing is how arrogant mainstream media was towards the American people in that they expected us to fully accept the new narrative on Trump. The same NY real estate developer that these industries used to sell newspapers, advertising dollars for ‘The Apprentice” show, hell, even Domino’s Pizza commercials he starred in at one point. The man they helped build up with all the exposure became the Anti-Christ incarnate.

How insulting it was, it least to me, that they all but demanded we believe this new presentation of the man. To now see the same strategy and playbook used on Elon Musk is pathetic, yet predicable.

A Local Focal Friday

I was listening to the Z-Man’s Friday podcast while exercising this morning.  Camera Girl informs me that he sounds exactly like our family doctor.  Since I only go for a check-up once a decade, I cannot verify that this is true but she is a very observant and intelligent (if annoying) woman.

Today his topic was about how the dysgenic aspects of our culture were leading to a low IQ population, sort of the Idiocracy theorem.  There was a good bit of discussion about how as society devolves local power centers like local politicians (or call them warlords) and institutions that have control over specific functions or technologies (e.g., Silicon Valley) would begin usurping the place of the federal government as it imploded due to rank incompetence.

It was a very interesting discussion and it pointed to a mechanism for transitioning from the current stalemated political situation to a future where local politics and power structures could evolve to benefit a local concentration of competent and cooperative people.  Of course, it still depends on the crumbling of our society as the moving force to allow this untethering and we’re certainly not there yet.  Even though the beginnings of collapse can be seen in the increase in the frequency of airplane crashes, train derailments (not to mention naval vessels colliding) and the breakdown in law and order in the cities, still, we’re probably decades away from the official fall of the empire.

As I’ve many times stated we won’t have hit bottom until the incidences of cannibalism become too prevalent to make the newspapers (or whatever they call the news purveyors at that point in time).  So, this scenario that the Z-Man is postulating is still in the somewhat distant future.  But it most definitely makes me think that the idea of a Red State pushing for more autonomy is the correct model for the Right to embrace.  And I think that the idea of a Council of Red States is more and more the most effective way for people on the right to affect change.

I was reading an article by Salena Zito about what Ron DeSantis is up to down in Florida.  She talks about the fact that both Biden and Trump are bashing DeSantis because he’s the likely contender that both of them would face.  But then she spends most of the article going over the things he’s doing in Florida.  And even though it’s apparent that she’s supportive of his run for president, what strikes me is that the things he’s doing for his state would be impossible for a president to do without both a veto-proof senate and the house  under his control.

So once again, it makes me think that local control of people’s lives becomes more useful than battling for control of the dysfunctional federal government.  If DeSantis is actually able to enact Florida Digital Bill of Rights

he will be so far ahead of the rest of the country that the rest of us who toil under the yoke of internet tyranny will curse the fate that left us outside his benevolent rule.  Let’s face it, Florida is marching forward, throwing off the culture war shackles of the Left while the rest of us are being dragged backward in our Antifa and BLM controlled hellholes.

I think DeSantis should consider carefully whether he will have more power and more influence as the leader of a group of Red State governors rather than as an embattled Republican president.  And that’s not taking anything away from him as a presidential candidate.  If somehow he ends up as the candidate, I’ll vote for him certainly.  But how he gets there without antagonizing the millions of Trump-only voters is not clear to me.  Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis should be sitting down and talking about this election.  Even if they hate each other, even if both of them want to win above all else, they should look at all the options and decide what they can do to maximize the good outcomes from their campaigns.  In fact, what they should do is agree that whichever wins the other will throw full support to him.  And also offer the vice-presidential spot to his opponent first.  That would be putting country in front of ego.  Although I don’t think DeSantis should leave Florida to be a vice president.  He is so much more effective now; it would be a waste.  And I doubt Trump would accept the largely ceremonial duties of a Veep.  He craves a larger role.

So, these are the things I’ve been thinking about today.  I try to stitch together the various bits of information and find commonalities and synergies.  And maybe it’s all just part of my echo chamber.  But today I heard things that give me a little hope for the future.  And for a Friday that’s pretty good.

Some Actual Political Power Exercised

One of my very old friends sent me this interview of Matthew B Crawford whom I was not familiar with.  The discussion was about the various aspects and causes for our current imprisonment by a managerial state that uses endless states of emergency to control us.

When the interviewer Freddie Sayers concluded the discussion by asking whether individual people should seize more control over their own lives, Crawford replied, “I do think it’s one by one from the bottom up, is how social change happens.  But also, it is political, because I mean you don’t have the option of disengaging from this stuff.  You’ve got an HR department at your work or your kid’s in school that again, have this sort of militancy to them.  So, I think the response, by way of defending the space of normal human activity, normal human life and ownership over the things that are most meaningful to us.  There has to be I think, some actual political power exercised in reining in these sort of Messianic transformative social engineering initiatives.”

And that sounds right.  Individually we can try to resist, get on with our own lives and try to move in our own direction.  But the forces of coercion that are arrayed against us are more than daunting.  They’re implacable.  So, unless a power center immune to this coercion creates an oasis of freedom in the current desert then it doesn’t seem possible for us to live normal lives.

So that seems to be what era we now live in.  We’re like the Jews of the 1st century AD waiting for the Messiah.  Will it be Trump, DeSantis, Gaetz or no one?  Will it be a president or a governor or something completely unexpected?  Maybe it’ll be a holy man who begins a religious revival.  Or maybe it’ll be a labor leader who declares a general strike and shuts the country down.

It’s like the flame of freedom is being snuffed out across the country and someone has to build a shielded fireplace to protect it and allow it to warm the inhabitants.  Then it can be a template for the next neighbor to copy.  I like to think that Ron DeSantis might be that champion down in Florida.  Maybe he’ll strengthen his state to the point that the feds finally give up trying to ruin it.  That would take a remarkable effort to face them down.  Because we know that the Justice Department would come after him hammer and tongs.  I wouldn’t doubt that they’d come after him personally with trumped up criminal charges and try to imprison him.  But if he won, that might be a breaking point.

But whoever steps forward, this is probably our last chance for at least a generation.  The Millennials and the Zoomers are pretty much locked down by the safety culture.  The Boomers are too old and Gen X is getting up there too.  If it doesn’t happen soon, we’ll have that Great Reset that Dementia Joe spouts on about.  We’ll have electric cars without electricity.  Homes without heat.  Cricket tacos for dinner and jobs at Uber and Amazon.  And childless forty-year-old girl bosses cohabiting with their cats and goldfish while their male counterparts are playing video games and waiting for euthanasia.

“There has to be I think, some actual political power exercised in reining in these sort of Messianic transformative social engineering initiatives.”  Very true Mr. Crawford.  But who?


Us and Them

Half the news today is about the January 6th Committee recommending criminal charges against Donald Trump to the Justice Department.  Now, there is nothing surprising about that recommendation.  Nor is there any doubt that if the Justice Department decides to prosecute him that they can find a crooked DC court to convict him.  They’ve proven they’ve got access to any number of kangaroo courts and they can pack a jury with partisan hacks.  But what they can’t do any more is convince the majority of Americans that there is anything legitimate or honest in their activities.

Thirty percent of the country consider the federal government to be a pirate operation. Probably more than 50% feel that voting laws have been tampered with to the point that fair elections are no longer possible.  And a safe majority of Americans are aware that the press and many institutions are obviously controlled by the Democrats.

So, whatever the Justice Department does, no one will mistake it for justice.  It’s just the application of power against their enemies.  And that’s where we’ll be.  From now on we’re sort of where the Soviet Union was in the 1980s.  Everyone knows how things get done and no one believes the “official” explanation for anything.  It’s just the way the system works.

And that’s the way it will be.  The Left controls this country lock, stock and barrel.  They’ll do whatever they want to do.  But at the same time, they’re ruling over something between 30 and 50% of the population that considers itself under forced occupation by a banana republic junta.  Based on the activities that we’ve seen from the Obama and Biden gangs we can expect that gross incompetence and corruption will be the hallmarks of this regime.  And the faltering economy portends great suffering for the former working and middle classes.

So, it’s an open question where this goes.  Can the Democrats screw things up badly enough that despite election fraud they could still be voted out of office by their own voters?  I sort of doubt it.  I think the outcome of these elections is no longer in the hands of voters at all.  If that is the case then it will take the disruption of normal life to finally wrench control of the country away from the Left.

It will take something on the order of what Germany went through in the 1920s and 1930s to convince Americans to finally reject their current masters.  That’s a harrowing idea.  We’ll need to be ruined and destitute to finally cast off the crooks currently running this country.

It took about seventy years for the Soviet Union to fall.  But the United States has a much more robust economy and a long history of governmental stability.  Nevertheless, Americans are not used to true poverty.  Even during the Great Depression most people worked and could feed themselves. But the way the current gang are deindustrializing the country any level of economic destruction seems possible.  I won’t pretend to know how things will turn out for us.  It’s an open question.

But I will say that they’ve achieved permanent alienation of a very large minority of the country and that will seriously change the complexion of life in this country.  Joe Biden can wave the flag all he wants.  No one is following him to the Ukraine or anywhere else.  Let him organize the Tranny Brigade to head over that hill for him and best of luck with that.

Half the country (and probably a lot more) are now completely pragmatic about how they interact with their government.  No one is volunteering for anything anymore.  Self-interest of themselves and their families is the name of the game.  There’s us and there’s them.

Welcome to the Hotel California


So I’ve returned from the dead.  And it was a transcendental experience.  Like one of those California, peyote fueled spirit journeys that most of the Eagles indulged in back in the 1970s I faced my demons and have come back with enlightenment.  Or at least, I’m five pounds lighter from profuse sweating.

Yes, I have new insights.  For instance, I’ve discovered that every third news story involves Elon Musk, Twitter and Hunter Biden.  And what I realize is that none of this stuff will move the needle at all.  Now sure, Elon Musk can do a lot of good if he turns Twitter into a meaningful business.  And the first thing he should do is come up with a better name.  Twitter just sounds hopelessly lame.  Musk is a tech guy who makes rocket ships.  He should rename it “Atom Smasher” or “This Island Earth” or something cool like that.  But whatever.  The main thing is he needs to make this expensive toy a money maker and a business opportunity that does something useful.  Telling me about past management shilling for the Democrats is fine but it’s old news.

And all the rest of the news is the Republicans reporting on how hated Joe Biden is and the Democrats reporting on how beloved Joe Biden is.  Not exactly must see tv.  There was a little bit of news coming out of Florida.  DeSantis continues to telegraph his legislative and administrative actions.  And that makes him sound more and more like a 2024 candidate.  And that is problematic.

Hopefully DeSantis is smart enough to recognize that the GOP establishment is setting him up to be the Trump-killer.  And hopefully he realizes that attempting to fulfill that role will make him radioactive to at least twenty percent of the Republican electorate.  That is not a good look for him.  A better idea would be to have a sit down with Trump and thrash out a path forward for both of them.  That’s what grownups would do.  And DeSantis would have to swallow a lot of pride because Trump has already attacked him pretty hard in the last month or so.  Let’s face it Trump is one of the prickliest personalities in the world.  He needs a press secretary whose job should be to prevent him from saying anything about people who could do him some good.

But there’s no way around it.  Unless Trump is imprisoned by the Justice Department, he will be the 2024 Republican candidate for president.  And DeSantis is a very young man.  He’s doing extraordinary work in Florida.  Some might say being the governor of Florida is more powerful that being a Republican president of the United States.  He can continue to make Florida the envy of the nation.  And honestly, being Trump’s running mate would be a much, much better idea.  Since it seems that the Democrats have managed to game the Electoral College permanently there’s not much upside to going to war with Trump to possibly get the nomination but certainly alienate the Trump voters and lose in the general election.

So yes, I’m back and I’m surrounded by boring and stupid stuff as far as the eye can see.  By tomorrow I should be energized back to 75%.  And I’ll be able to opine on some of this dreck.  Today, this is what I could do.  Enjoy your weekend.