Some Actual Political Power Exercised

One of my very old friends sent me this interview of Matthew B Crawford whom I was not familiar with.  The discussion was about the various aspects and causes for our current imprisonment by a managerial state that uses endless states of emergency to control us.

When the interviewer Freddie Sayers concluded the discussion by asking whether individual people should seize more control over their own lives, Crawford replied, “I do think it’s one by one from the bottom up, is how social change happens.  But also, it is political, because I mean you don’t have the option of disengaging from this stuff.  You’ve got an HR department at your work or your kid’s in school that again, have this sort of militancy to them.  So, I think the response, by way of defending the space of normal human activity, normal human life and ownership over the things that are most meaningful to us.  There has to be I think, some actual political power exercised in reining in these sort of Messianic transformative social engineering initiatives.”

And that sounds right.  Individually we can try to resist, get on with our own lives and try to move in our own direction.  But the forces of coercion that are arrayed against us are more than daunting.  They’re implacable.  So, unless a power center immune to this coercion creates an oasis of freedom in the current desert then it doesn’t seem possible for us to live normal lives.

So that seems to be what era we now live in.  We’re like the Jews of the 1st century AD waiting for the Messiah.  Will it be Trump, DeSantis, Gaetz or no one?  Will it be a president or a governor or something completely unexpected?  Maybe it’ll be a holy man who begins a religious revival.  Or maybe it’ll be a labor leader who declares a general strike and shuts the country down.

It’s like the flame of freedom is being snuffed out across the country and someone has to build a shielded fireplace to protect it and allow it to warm the inhabitants.  Then it can be a template for the next neighbor to copy.  I like to think that Ron DeSantis might be that champion down in Florida.  Maybe he’ll strengthen his state to the point that the feds finally give up trying to ruin it.  That would take a remarkable effort to face them down.  Because we know that the Justice Department would come after him hammer and tongs.  I wouldn’t doubt that they’d come after him personally with trumped up criminal charges and try to imprison him.  But if he won, that might be a breaking point.

But whoever steps forward, this is probably our last chance for at least a generation.  The Millennials and the Zoomers are pretty much locked down by the safety culture.  The Boomers are too old and Gen X is getting up there too.  If it doesn’t happen soon, we’ll have that Great Reset that Dementia Joe spouts on about.  We’ll have electric cars without electricity.  Homes without heat.  Cricket tacos for dinner and jobs at Uber and Amazon.  And childless forty-year-old girl bosses cohabiting with their cats and goldfish while their male counterparts are playing video games and waiting for euthanasia.

“There has to be I think, some actual political power exercised in reining in these sort of Messianic transformative social engineering initiatives.”  Very true Mr. Crawford.  But who?


Us and Them

Half the news today is about the January 6th Committee recommending criminal charges against Donald Trump to the Justice Department.  Now, there is nothing surprising about that recommendation.  Nor is there any doubt that if the Justice Department decides to prosecute him that they can find a crooked DC court to convict him.  They’ve proven they’ve got access to any number of kangaroo courts and they can pack a jury with partisan hacks.  But what they can’t do any more is convince the majority of Americans that there is anything legitimate or honest in their activities.

Thirty percent of the country consider the federal government to be a pirate operation. Probably more than 50% feel that voting laws have been tampered with to the point that fair elections are no longer possible.  And a safe majority of Americans are aware that the press and many institutions are obviously controlled by the Democrats.

So, whatever the Justice Department does, no one will mistake it for justice.  It’s just the application of power against their enemies.  And that’s where we’ll be.  From now on we’re sort of where the Soviet Union was in the 1980s.  Everyone knows how things get done and no one believes the “official” explanation for anything.  It’s just the way the system works.

And that’s the way it will be.  The Left controls this country lock, stock and barrel.  They’ll do whatever they want to do.  But at the same time, they’re ruling over something between 30 and 50% of the population that considers itself under forced occupation by a banana republic junta.  Based on the activities that we’ve seen from the Obama and Biden gangs we can expect that gross incompetence and corruption will be the hallmarks of this regime.  And the faltering economy portends great suffering for the former working and middle classes.

So, it’s an open question where this goes.  Can the Democrats screw things up badly enough that despite election fraud they could still be voted out of office by their own voters?  I sort of doubt it.  I think the outcome of these elections is no longer in the hands of voters at all.  If that is the case then it will take the disruption of normal life to finally wrench control of the country away from the Left.

It will take something on the order of what Germany went through in the 1920s and 1930s to convince Americans to finally reject their current masters.  That’s a harrowing idea.  We’ll need to be ruined and destitute to finally cast off the crooks currently running this country.

It took about seventy years for the Soviet Union to fall.  But the United States has a much more robust economy and a long history of governmental stability.  Nevertheless, Americans are not used to true poverty.  Even during the Great Depression most people worked and could feed themselves. But the way the current gang are deindustrializing the country any level of economic destruction seems possible.  I won’t pretend to know how things will turn out for us.  It’s an open question.

But I will say that they’ve achieved permanent alienation of a very large minority of the country and that will seriously change the complexion of life in this country.  Joe Biden can wave the flag all he wants.  No one is following him to the Ukraine or anywhere else.  Let him organize the Tranny Brigade to head over that hill for him and best of luck with that.

Half the country (and probably a lot more) are now completely pragmatic about how they interact with their government.  No one is volunteering for anything anymore.  Self-interest of themselves and their families is the name of the game.  There’s us and there’s them.

Welcome to the Hotel California


So I’ve returned from the dead.  And it was a transcendental experience.  Like one of those California, peyote fueled spirit journeys that most of the Eagles indulged in back in the 1970s I faced my demons and have come back with enlightenment.  Or at least, I’m five pounds lighter from profuse sweating.

Yes, I have new insights.  For instance, I’ve discovered that every third news story involves Elon Musk, Twitter and Hunter Biden.  And what I realize is that none of this stuff will move the needle at all.  Now sure, Elon Musk can do a lot of good if he turns Twitter into a meaningful business.  And the first thing he should do is come up with a better name.  Twitter just sounds hopelessly lame.  Musk is a tech guy who makes rocket ships.  He should rename it “Atom Smasher” or “This Island Earth” or something cool like that.  But whatever.  The main thing is he needs to make this expensive toy a money maker and a business opportunity that does something useful.  Telling me about past management shilling for the Democrats is fine but it’s old news.

And all the rest of the news is the Republicans reporting on how hated Joe Biden is and the Democrats reporting on how beloved Joe Biden is.  Not exactly must see tv.  There was a little bit of news coming out of Florida.  DeSantis continues to telegraph his legislative and administrative actions.  And that makes him sound more and more like a 2024 candidate.  And that is problematic.

Hopefully DeSantis is smart enough to recognize that the GOP establishment is setting him up to be the Trump-killer.  And hopefully he realizes that attempting to fulfill that role will make him radioactive to at least twenty percent of the Republican electorate.  That is not a good look for him.  A better idea would be to have a sit down with Trump and thrash out a path forward for both of them.  That’s what grownups would do.  And DeSantis would have to swallow a lot of pride because Trump has already attacked him pretty hard in the last month or so.  Let’s face it Trump is one of the prickliest personalities in the world.  He needs a press secretary whose job should be to prevent him from saying anything about people who could do him some good.

But there’s no way around it.  Unless Trump is imprisoned by the Justice Department, he will be the 2024 Republican candidate for president.  And DeSantis is a very young man.  He’s doing extraordinary work in Florida.  Some might say being the governor of Florida is more powerful that being a Republican president of the United States.  He can continue to make Florida the envy of the nation.  And honestly, being Trump’s running mate would be a much, much better idea.  Since it seems that the Democrats have managed to game the Electoral College permanently there’s not much upside to going to war with Trump to possibly get the nomination but certainly alienate the Trump voters and lose in the general election.

So yes, I’m back and I’m surrounded by boring and stupid stuff as far as the eye can see.  By tomorrow I should be energized back to 75%.  And I’ll be able to opine on some of this dreck.  Today, this is what I could do.  Enjoy your weekend.

Garland Appoints Special Counsel to Take Down Trump

Everyone has been waiting for this moment.  The Biden administration has activated the plan to stop Donald Trump from running in 2024.  They’ve selected a hatchet man to put together a rigged investigation.  Then comes the Washington DC located kangaroo court and jury to convict him.  That should teach anyone who still has any doubts about whether justice still exists in these United States.  Should be interesting to see what comes of the investigation into Hunter Biden.  Probably nothing.  After all, it’s the DOJ that prosecutes people not the Congress.


Guest Contributor – NostraDumbass – 17NOV2022 – On Trump

“What do you think? Agree or disagree? Some other point to make?”

First, an observation of “Trump Tactics” …

It seems that Trump had to learn the ropes of the New York business climate in order to make any headway for his business. What he learned allowed him to move his company forward. It seems that for the most part, these tactics include using the pre-existing NY power structure to obtain results that he needed to survive and prosper. Being a “democrat” was a requirement. Donations to the right candidate at the

right time was also necessary. In doing so, Trump built a knowledge base of what worked, whether the actions were moral or not.


“What do you think?”

Once elected, I think that Trump was over-whelmed with the power structures built into the DC swamp. While his focus was on improving what he knew to be wrong with the way America was heading, he was less focused on the DC swamp as it began machinations that would protect itself from anything Trump could do to lessen its power. Make no mistake, the majority of elected congress at the time was “Republican”, but the real majority was the DC swamp. Trump kept his foot on the pedal to set America on the right path, but did not have a reliable team to protect him from the what the swamp was able to array. Trump was in charge, but his team consisted of who he was left to default to after the swamp removed the team members that he could rely on. From that point on, he had a two-front battle. I was left impressed by his ability to wage offensive tactics and still maintain his popularity with the American voters. He also produced three conservative supreme court justices, in spite of the DC swamp. I think at this point, even Trump knew that despite his popularity and the most weak candidate the DC swamp could muster against him for the re-election campaign, he would need to rely on individual states to protect the sanctity of the vote. When that did not happen, he relied on the individual citizen to rally against the fraud. DC swamp was not only prepared for this, but also had plans to attack Trump yet again. It would be a mistake to believe that Trump did not learn from this.


“Agree or Disagree?”

I do agree that Trump has the advantage to become the nominee for the Republican party. I also believe that the media is desperate to drive a wedge between Trump and any other MAGA popular republicans. This is probably to keep the vice-presidential nominee someone other than a one of these. Not that the media won’t turn on those same MAGA republicans in a New York minute. While Trump is assembling what he knows he will need during this next election, he is also more secretive than ever. I think this is defensive. The swamp won’t be blindsided, but what they can’t know is what Trump is preparing, only what he allows them to know. I think this makes it exciting.


“Some other point to make?”

I do not think there are many Americans that believe that the results of the last round of mid-terms was not stolen. The fact that the DC swamp critters on the red team are not raising any issues regarding this, just points out who is not for the US citizen. The border is wide open, the treasury is printing money, inflating away the savings Americans had been able to make. Now that they are running short of options, they will attempt to control everyone’s retirement accounts. I guess my point to make is that no matter what happens, one side is going to emerge victorious, either the DC swamp or the individual US citizen. I am prepared for either.

How Does Trump Plan to Win?

Yesterday Donald Trump announced his entry into the 2024 presidential race.  I guess not too many people were surprised or hopefully not too surprised.  So, all the usual suspects are encouraging a war between Trump and DeSantis and all the usual NeverTrumpers are reiterating the list of Trump’s many “crimes.”   Blah, blah, blah.

Really, my only question is this.  Does Donald Trump have a plan to stop or at least match the ballot harvesting operations by the Democrats?  Because if not I can predict the outcome in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.  His opponent will win in those states.  And based on that his opponent will win the electoral college count.  It’s as simple as that.

Now he has two years.  But has he begun the process of rounding up the bodies on the ground and the infrastructure to call and visit that many people who don’t usually vote but can be persuaded to.  Has he studied the way the Democrats are currently doing it.  Does he know where he’ll run into trouble?  Does he have the lawyers on the ground to handle the challenges?  And does he just plain have the money to make something like this happen?

I won’t assume that just because the Republicans did nothing in 2022 about what happened in 2020 that Donald Trump will be equally helpless.  You would think that in places like Arizona where they had just seen the 2020 catastrophe that they would have been working behind the scenes to fix things or at least put together their own ballot harvesting initiative.  Instead, they did nothing.  I’d like to believe that Trump is a smart operator and he’ll contact the Republican organizations in each of these states and work with them to build a machine to get this done.  But no one is talking about it.

Look, no one wishes more than I do for a Republican party that is functional and agile.  Politicians are supposed to be the ultimate pragmatists.  They are supposed to be the masters of the backroom deal where coalitions are built by greasing the palms of the power brokers.  But long painful experience has taught me that the Stupid Party is a strange combination of corrupt and inept.  They combine the worst features of self-serving satraps and clueless rubes.  They feather their own nests but forget that they’re supposed to also advance their constituency’s agenda.  Stupid Party just doesn’t capture all of the Republicans’ qualities.  I think Useless Party is closer to the mark.

And unless Trump is going to build an organization from the ground up, he will have to use the existing Republican apparatus.  This is what makes me think that preparing to win 2024 by fighting ballot harvesting with ballot harvesting will not work.  It’s like pitting the Keystone Cops against the Three Stooges.  Sure, the Keystone Cops are pathetic and stupid but compared to the Stooges they’re like Navy Seals.

So that’s my thoughts.  If Donald Trump is already working to put together a ballot harvesting plan to beat the Democrats, then fine.  Or if he has some kind of challenge in the courts to eliminate harvesting that he is pretty confident will succeed then, also fine.  But if all he is going to do is run against Biden’s admittedly horrible record then he will lose exactly as the Republicans lost in 2020 and 2022.

So that’s my take on Trump’s run.  He’ll get the nomination.  But unless he changes his tactics he’ll end up with the same result as 2020.

What do you think?  Agree or disagree?  Some other point to make?

Updating Some Comedy Gold

That friend of mine sent me another link.  This one is old Sanford and Son scenes with Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr’s heads on the Sanfords’ bodies.  Then there’s Pelosi, the Clintons and even Mitt Romney standing in for some of the other characters.

As Kenny Banya would say. “It’s gold Jerry. gold.” Enjoy.

03AUG2022 – An Interesting but Not Shocking Series of Results from Last Night’s Elections

So disappointingly we only hooked one of three impeachment reps last night.  Michigan booted Meijer last night and selected Trump’s pick Gibbs.  But both Newhouse and Herrera-Beutler skated by in Washington state.  In retrospect it seems obvious that in a deep blue state like Washington what passes for Republicans are going to be diluted with people who would be considered Democrats in red states.  In the future it will make sense to stop thinking about counting “Republicans” in places like Washington as reliable votes.  At best they can be thought of as Independents that might be bargained with on certain votes.

The big disappointment of the night was Kansas rejecting the pro=life amendment to curtail abortion.  Well, Kansas got their say.  They’ll live with it.

Missouri rejected Greitens in favor of Schmitt.  Probably not a big deal.  Michigan went for Trump’s pick Dixon.  Good.  Arizona selected Masters for Senator.  Good.

But it looks like there’s some chicanery going on with the vote for Arizona governor.  It’s stuck at 80%.  With Lake ahead by about 2% I assume the crooks are cooking up new votes for her opponent.  Should be a good test of what the cheating will look like in November.

All in all, a pretty good night.  The outlines of the new Republican party are taking shape.  The areas that really are conservative will begin to diverge from the areas that are now reliably liberal.  And that’s all to the good.  Local rule is the name of the game.  Give the people what they want.  Let them live with their choices.

02AUG2022 – Another Busy Tuesday in Primary Season

Arizona, Missouri, Washington, Kansas, Michigan.  Never-Trumpers, abortion, Trump picks.  Today has got something for everyone.

Arizona has a duel between a Trump anointed gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake and the establishment candidate, Karrin Taylor Robson, touted by the present governor and Mike Pence.  So far Lake’s in the lead but there are some polls showing a tight race.  In the primary for Arizona senator Trump’s pick Blake Masters, seems out way ahead.

In the wonderful spite derby that is the effort to fire all the Republican representatives that voted to impeach Donald Trump there are three of the quislings being primaried today.

In Michigan, rat one, Peter Meijer is running against Trump approved candidate John Gibbs.  He looks to be in big trouble.

In Washington state there are two rats, Jaime Herrera Butler and Dan Newhouse.  But Washington is a commie state so the primaries aren’t according to party so these two rodents may get enough Democrat support to slide through.

In Missouri Eric Greitins has the Trump nod for Republican senate nominee but he’s being challenged by the Republican establishment of the state.  This one’s up in the air.

In Kansas, there is a vote on an amendment to the state constitution that would allow lawmakers to decide what would be the fate of abortion in Kansas.  This is seen as an important test of how red states view abortion in the post Roe v. Wade environment.

And finally, in Michigan, will Trump’s pick for Republican candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon win a convincing victory and show himself a viable threat to unseat that soulless harpy, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

How can you not like this night of political mayhem?  Anti-Trumpers going down in flames, Establishment Republicans denied, conspiracy theorists being elevated to positions of importance?  It’s got everything, even some democracy in action.

Well, I’ll be roasting the popcorn so be sure to stay up for the fun.  As winter asserts itself here in Dunwich in the early days of August the rest of the country continues to celebrate the joys of summer.  I’ll put on an extra layer of blankets and drink some hot tea by the glow of the cathode ray tube of my black and white television while Walter Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley announce the results and provide commentary, the lousy commies!

Nothing Wins Like Winning

I was out of town yesterday at a family event.  I got to talk to some folks I haven’t spoken to in years.  And it was immediately clear that everyone was galvanized by the Roe v. Wade decision.  It was all they could talk about.  Even people who still didn’t know what is going on in the country, people submerged in the New York city progressive bubble were animated and excited and thinking about further changes that the Supreme Court could enact.

And this was in the belly of the beast.  There were progressives everywhere I looked.  But people were talking openly about which progressive law could be flipped next.  Gay marriage, affirmative action, freedom of association and religious freedom were all being excitedly discussed while radical progressives were in earshot.  There was an energy and an attitude.  It was as if the Supreme Court had given us permission to speak the unspeakable.  I’m guessing this is what it was like when the Soviet Union crumbled.  No one had to be careful what they said about the government.  They no longer had to pretend to love Big Brother.  You could finally state out loud that 2 + 2 = 4.

And so that is the revolution.  It turns out that we could have been winning all along.  All of these Republican judges and congressman and senators (and presidents!) were working against us all along.  All it required was for us to elect someone who was actually on our side.  All it required was for someone to actually want to win these things for us.  All it required was someone to finally do something.  And now even the sleepers are aware that something has been unleashed in the world that has been chained up for half a century.  The normal people have suddenly experienced what representative government is supposed to be like.

Probably you’ve often heard of the progressive program as a one-way ratchet.  The powers-that-be have used a slow but steady escalation of progressive changes that always moves in one direction.  Worse and worse and worse.  Like a band around our chests constricting our breathing.  But now it’s as if someone has released the pawl and the gear has spun loose.  All the tension is removed and we can breathe!  And once you can breathe you can also think clearly.  And you wonder how the hell did we end up this way?

If we’re not idiots we should be thinking about how to prevent this from happening again.  We should be looking at who stood by and watched all this going on and either was too stupid to fix it or was part of the plot to make it happen.  In either case these are the people we need to blame.  These are the people we must fire.  Now admittedly, some of these sleepers who are finally becoming aware truly are too stupid to help themselves.  I already was hearing them mention admiringly Nikki Haley and Kristi Noem as conservative women who could lead us to victory.  At that point I walked away and looked for someone with at least half a brain.  And that confirmed that indeed the “conservatives” are their own worst enemies because a very large contingent just don’t have a clue.  But that’s fine.  The 80/20 rule says that eighty percent of the work is done by twenty percent of the group so all we have to do is find the two out of ten people with the sense to come in out of the rain and let them run the show.

So yesterday was very encouraging.  A month or two ago I asked “Is Something Real Starting to Happen?”  I think yesterday I saw a very large affirmation that it is.  I’m reminded of what Churchill said.  This isn’t the end or even the beginning of the end.  But it feels like the end of the beginning.  Things are starting to roll.