Despair Among the Never-Trumpers

Almost the only good thing coming out of the veritable tsunami of chaos that is our political landscape is how the Republican elites have been literally poleaxed by the loyalty of Trump’s voters.  I mean gob-smacked doesn’t begin to describe their horror.

Here’s an article in the despicable New Yorker that mentions a litany of super PACs and billionaire donors and how all of them are too shocked by the polls to even know where to begin.  Going over some of the advertising that is meant to sway voters away from Trump, the despair that has enveloped the political operatives is quite entertaining:.

“Miller took particular aim at a seven-million-dollar ad campaign recently launched by a pro-Tim Scott super pac, in Iowa and New Hampshire, which emphasized Scott’s likability and included an enthusiastic supporter asking the camera, “Have you seen him work a crowd?” Miller wrote, “Are you f***ing kidding me with this? This is what the money is going to?!” He went on to compare the spot to “using the playbook from a peewee football game to go up against Florida State.””

It’s heartwarming to read just how flabbergasted these soulless bugmen have become.  My favorite were the quotes when the author interviewed that neocon albatross Bill Kristol:

 He sounded pretty depressed about the Stop Trump project generally. “This is where the donors are now: ‘I don’t know, it sort of looks like he’s going to be the nominee, and it looks like he could win,’ and that’s sort of correct. And then now they’re busy talking themselves into ‘You know what? Maybe I’ll just kind of get along with Trump O.K. Why kill myself to, you know, recruit Glenn Youngkin, who’s probably not going to make it? Why don’t I just keep quiet, maybe write a polite check to Trump so I’m not on his bad side, or just stay out of it?’ ”

How hilarious is that?  The donors are thinking of groveling back to Trump.  They literally have no self respect at all.  They just turn with the wind.  And is it any wonder why the Republicans are where they are.  They don’t stand for anything and they don’t believe in anything but being in power.

Well, if Bill Kristol thinks that Donald Trump will be the nominee and could win the White House then I suppose the rest of the spineless Republicans will rally round pretty soon to try and get their piece of the pie when Trump gets back in the White House.  But with friends like these he’s better off keeping the Biden cabinet in place and simply replace them with Mexican drug lords and strongmen from other banana republics.  At least they’re ruthless and he can use them to persecute his real enemies like Bill Barr and Mike Pence.

But seriously what a farce this country’s politics has become.  The hollowness of all the politicians and the bureaucrats is nauseating.  I doubt a single one of them has anything even resembling an immortal soul.  Instead when they die a tiny puff of some noxious gas like formaldehyde or ammonia will be released and then dispersed into nothingness.  And neither heaven nor hell will notice that they ever existed.

But wouldn’t it be the greatest cosmic joke of all time if the Democrat fraud machine couldn’t manage to steal the 2024 election and Trump gets back in and has his chance to fire 60% of the bureaucracy?  I think I’d die happy just knowing that all those lying sacks of crap in the State Department and all those vicious sociopaths in the FBI and CIA were working as baristas in the local DC Starbucks.

Well, I can dream.


You know I thought I should add that enjoying the suffering of the Never-Trumpers is like a special gift I’ve been blessed with.  Seeing Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney bounced out of the federal government and hearing guys like Bill Kristol crying in their beer is a gift we’ve been given.  Letting them feel a tiny bit of the chaos that they’re responsible for in our lives just feels like justice.  Viva schadenfreude.

The Last Page

I was watching a news clip from ABC News (H/T to the Conservative Treehouse) where that Clinton White House weasel George Stephanopoulos is asking his fellow Democrat sycophants what they made of Donald Trump’s continued dominance in the Republican primary despite four separate criminal indictments.  And frankly they were scared.  The last opinion came from Donna Brazile and she stated that Donald Trump’s hold on his partisans reminded her of the “movements” that followed Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.  And she said, “and anyone who thinks that you can apply the old political rules to try to defeat this candidate based on he’s scary, he’s ugly, whatever you might want to call him, this is a movement. And we have to respect the fact that it’s a movement.”

And I thought to myself, “If someone as stupid and as partisan as Donna Brazile recognizes and admits that Donald Trump is the leader of a huge grassroots movement then it’s obvious that this isn’t business as usual in Washington.  Things are extremely bad there and they are even starting to admit it.  They long ago threw away the rule book and now they just do whatever they can think of to try to put the genie back in the bottle.  Voter fraud, wag the dog wars, biological warfare, printing trillions of dollars to bribe the populace, you name it.  Now they’re using kangaroo courts to jail their political enemies.  But all this has had the unfortunate result of waking up a large chunk of the populace.  And so, the genie can’t go back in the bottle.

But what’s next?

Well, that’s the most beautiful part.  Because the absolute unalloyed truth is that nobody knows the answer to that question.  Nobody.  Not the Deep State or the oligarchs or the CIA or the FBI or Barack Obama or even Donald Trump.  And certainly not Joe Biden.  He barely knows which way the bathroom is.  No one has read the last page of this story.

Nobody knows how all of this will end.  We’re so far out in left field that even the impossible is possible.  Imagine the craziest scenario for where we end up in five years and it could come true.  Anything from a return to 1950s America to an Orwellian nightmare to anything in between is almost equally likely.

So, when the pundits bloviate about how the new world order will be such and such and such, just relax.  They’re making it up.  They have no idea.  They’re like the Second Foundationers in the Asimov story who have figured out the future using their advanced science.  But then the Mule comes along (read Trump here) and the plan blows up.  History always has to reckon with the great man.  If the right man shows up at the right time, he can sweep away the best laid plans and reset the game.

Sure, the powers that be have led us by the noses for generations.  But they got too greedy or they’re stupider than their predecessors or they went to the same well once too often.  And now the rubes are wise to the grift.

Will it turn out well for us?  As I said, it’s impossible to say.  History would tend to say no.  These situations usually lead to tyranny.  But the future is not predetermined.  Random events and factors can set us on a different path.

So, as I said, relax.  Let the game play out and pay attention to who is lying to you and who is telling the truth.  The liars are the enemy.  And the other guys just might be the future.

25AUG2023 – 2024 Primary Thoughts

We’ll be bombarded for the next year and more with the 2024 election nonsense.  And the important political races will be things like primarying Mitt Romney out of his senate seat.  Maybe Mitch McConnell is coming up for a leadership vote too.  These are feel good events that we can all embrace and enjoy.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that short of a nuclear war, nothing will keep the Democrats from holding the White House for the foreseeable future.  And since if there is a war, I won’t be around anymore I’ve decided not to get too excited about all the hoopla.  So, the Republican presidential primary race isn’t particularly important with respect to how it plays out.  But does it serve any purpose?  Well, maybe.

A case can be made that it can provide information on the Uni-Party.  The talking points of the most obviously anointed of the candidates can tell us a lot about what the official party line of the Republican establishment is supposed to be.  You might further ask what use knowing that could be.  Well, the obvious answer is amusement.  It’s always fun to know just how stupid they think we are.  Come to think of it most people really are that stupid.  In fact, I was one of those stupid people just a decade or two ago.  I actually believed that George W Bush was a conservative and that he cared about the people on the Right.  What a dope I was.

But being mugged by Operation Iraqi Freedom opened my eyes thoroughly.  So, hearing Nikki Haley talk about how unlimited spending for Ukraine is the highest priority for the United States is hilarious.  Right now, the Ukrainians are being blown to bits in the minefields of Zaporizhzhia trying to approach the first of Russia’s three defensive lines.  Funneling more money and weapons to the Ukrainians will keep the meatgrinder going until the last Ukrainian has been fed in.  When that’s done the plan is the Poles and Balts are next.  When they’re used up it’s supposed to be our children that get fed in.  Something tells me that’s gonna land with a thud.  The Right is who usually fights these wars.  Well, we’ve been smartened up.  So now the millennials and zoomers on the Left are up to bat.  But they already spoke up back during the middle eastern campaigns, “No way bro, let someone else take care of that.  I’ve got pot to smoke and artisanal beer to brew.”  So yeah, Nikki Haley’s talking points tells you that the Uni-Party needs our kids to fight the Russians.

Aside from entertainment, the party line is valuable to know because it gives us a chance to see which of the candidates aren’t complete shills for the donor class.  For people like Haley, Hutchinson, Pence and Christie nothing needs to be proven.  Their tickets are stamped coming out of the gate.  What about this Ramaswamy guy?  Can we parse what he stands for or at least pretends to stand for?  And how about DeSantis?  Has he revealed his bottom line.  He’s already flip-flopped on Ukraine.  So, we know his donors must have given him an earful over his initial position that the war was a local affair and none of our business.  Is Ron a bought and paid for neocon?  Maybe.  That’s important information to ferret out.  After all he’s been about the best Republican governor in years.  How do these two things square?

I guess the other information that comes out of the primary will be where the pundits stand.  We’ve already seen that Fox News is now enemy territory.  Their mission is to support the establishment positions and candidates and attack Donald Trump whenever possible.  It’s been interesting to see how Tucker Carlson has become an outpost of right-wing realism in an ocean of left-wing propaganda.  Elon Musk has shown a willingness to allow free speech on his “X” platform.  That has been a veritable miracle.

And the last thing that will be interesting in the primary is what Donald Trump tells us about his plans.  He’s been kind of vague on what he plans to do either in the election or if he wins.  Of course, he’s the same old Trump and whenever he talks about his accomplishments there are no mistakes or defeats.  So, it’s an open question if he really has a plan to defang the Deep State.  It’s possible his plans have to remain unspoken to allow for the element of surprise.  But I would be less skeptical if he could share them with us.

But there it is.  We’re going to be marinated in this clap-trap for the next fourteen months and just to stay sane we’ll have to address it somewhat.  I’ll do my best not to take it too seriously.  But who knows, maybe something incredibly compelling will occur during this madness and I’ll be caught up in the excitement.  You never know.

Well, Trump’s Back on Twitter (errrr… X)

I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say over the next year or so.  Unless they jail him to keep him quiet.  Trump has plenty of faults but no one can say he doesn’t have guts.  Then I compare him to that clown Christie and he looks even more impressive.  I don’t know if there is any hope for our “democracy” but Trump is at least taking a stand.  I wish him luck.  He needs it.

There Are Limits

So, after spending the last few days eating fried foods and being pummeled by my descendants in Monopoly and other blood sports, I am finally resurfacing to catch my breath, look around at the state of the world, such as it is, and make a few rude comments.

I notice that the “news” consists of various Republican candidates for president speaking out in outrage about, well, everything.  And all of it is pretty predictable.  The only one I found amusing was Chris Christie.  Currently standing at a whopping 2.7% in the Real Clear Politics average, Christie will tell anyone who’ll listen, which tends to be MSNBC or CNN, that Trump is frightened to death of him.

Now I could imagine that there are things that Donald Trump is frightened by.  Being railroaded by a DC jury in one of the kangaroo courts he’s being tried in could be one of them.  Seeing another election stolen from him by the crooks in Philadelphia and Atlanta is probably another.  But the only thing about Chris Christie that inspires fear is being stuck in an elevator with him and plummeting to your death because of weight capacity issues.  In what sense is Chris Christie considered a Republican?  At best, he’s a liberal Democrat.  Maybe fiscally he’s somewhat moderate, somewhat, but in no way a conservative.  And didn’t Trump pummel Christie along with the rest of the seven dwarfs back in 2016?

Then there’s the RNC threatening to keep Donald Trump out of the debates if he won’t take the pledge to support the winner of the Republican presidential primary.  I mean, who are they kidding?  The various polls have Trump with somewhere between fifty and sixty percent of the vote right now.  The only way Trump loses the primary is if the RNC rigs the rules to prevent him from appearing on the ballot.  And if they do that, I’ll bet thirty to forty percent of Republican voters stay home on election day.

Nah, they’ll let him in the debates and they’ll let him win the primaries and the nomination.  This thing has a life of its own at this point.  A big chunk of the population knows we’re being scammed and they want this thing to play out to the last drop of poison.  After all, it’s not everyday you get to watch the “shining city on a hill” become a bona fide banana republic with the honest to goodness flim-flam man installed as president and with his bagman in plain view.  And then they’ll jail the political opposition.  Even the Perons in Argentina would have blushed at that agenda.

Yes, I think at this point we’re all along for the ride and we want to see it through.  I guess what we’re expecting is that once the Republicans lose 2024 that the parts of the country where the Democrats are minorities will start taking direct action to make their states as independent of the federal government as possible.

At least that’s what I’m expecting.  I want someone like DeSantis or Abbott or both to go on Tucker Carlson’s show or some other platform and say officially that Republicans have been shut out of Washington DC permanently and it’s time to find another way to prevent us from being treated as serfs by the oligarchs.

Until then we’ll just be waiting around with Republican senators and congressmen and presidential candidates making silly statements about how they’re going to drain the swamp and fire the Deep State and get Washington back to doing the people’s work.

And I’m hopeful that it might happen.  After all, Biden has had three years to wreck this country and he’s done an amazing job of it.  The carnage is staggering.  Even Jimmy Carter didn’t do this thorough a job of crippling the United States.  So, if after all that, the election is declared in favor of that walking corpse then only a moron would still think that the election results reflect reality.

Well, anyway, that’s what reading the news stories today got me thinking about.  We all still have to do our best to keep the wheels from falling off the bus and we all still have to make the doughnuts but at least none of us has to believe that Donald Trump is afraid of Chris Christie.  There are limits.

Guest Contributor – Chemist – 17JUL2023 – Vetting a Cabinet

This illustrates my biggest issue with President Trump: He is very bad at picking people for the job. This is important because it is likely the most important thing a president does – Pick his cabinet and other heads of departments.
Trump gave us Jeff Sessions – who allowed the democrats to persecute Trump for the first 2 years of office.
He gave us Rex Tillerson who called Trump a fucking Moron.
He gave us Mad Dog Mattis who didn’t have a clue and publicly resigned.
I could go on with a dozen more, but why?
And Trumps biggest mistake: His son in law Jared Kushner who brought Kim Kardashian to the White House. If you like the criminals roaming around your state, thank Jared.
Trump is dazzled by athletes, Hollywood stars and medal wearing generals. There are dozens of generals who were working against him but Trump didn’t fire them.

To those of you who say that Trump has learned his lesson, I give you Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker. Those senate races should have gone GOP, but Trump anointed candidates who didn’t want to win.

You are very correct that the next GOP candidate needs to have a plan in place for stopping the steal. I don’t want to see another blue city in a red state truck in ballots and count until their candidate wins with zero repercussions.
We need a plan. We need lawyers on the ground with documents in hand and we need facts ready to go.

Make no mistake, if Trump is the candidate I will vote for him but I would really like to see some better decisions from him on who he surrounds himself with.

As the Nose on Your Face

Look at all the attention that the Bud Light and Target boycotts have gotten.  Even in blue states the uproar has hit a nerve with many people, especially parents of small children.  Look at the popularity of Matt Walsh’s movie “What Is a Woman?”  We seem to have finally reached a breaking point to what people will ignore.  Even the most lethargic or bovine parents have been triggered.  They can see that terrible things are being done to children and they’re afraid for their own children.  They’re looking for someone to fix this.

The transgender madness and more generally all of the grooming that is being done to kids in the public schools is the weapon of opportunity that any half-intelligent candidate running for president in 2024 should embrace whole-heartedly.  And obviously it is the one that gives Ron DeSantis his biggest advantage.  He has gone the farthest in words and actions to attack this visible target.

His work with the Florida legislature to outlaw grooming children in the lower grades and his attacks on Disney reinforce this reputation for defending parents’ rights against the LGBTQ coalition and their goal to indoctrinate small children into sexual deviance and confusion.  And if any issue has the potential to overcome the voter fraud machine that the Democrats have built it would be parental fear for their children’s welfare at the hands of the public schools.  Glenn Youngkin showed this in Virginia, a state that had long ago gone from purple to blue.  The fear that parents felt over the indoctrination of their kids by radical teachers overcame their social programming to vote Democrat.

Could such a thing happen on a national level.  I think it’s possible.  But it would have to be rolled out with a powerful message that transgender indoctrination was a nefarious and potentially fatal poison that threatened children.  And even though DeSantis and Youngkin are the ones that would primarily benefit from this strategy all of the Republicans could potentially get on board such a campaign.  In fact, any of them that stands against this strategy will be flattened in the wake of it.  Even Trump would be in trouble if he ignores the strength of its appeal.

But are any of them smart enough to grab onto this third rail and ride the lightning to the White House.  Well, Trump is obviously savvy enough but he also realizes that the issue favors his most dangerous rival, Ron DeSantis.  In fact, Trump’s come out against labelling things as woke.  He claims the expression is overused.  And it may be.  But in the case of transgender grooming, it doesn’t matter what you call it, but trying to ignore it is not a good play.

And as much as I want Trump to be the protest candidate in the phony elections we now have, I can see how DeSantis is the real strong horse if he has the brains and guts to play the transgender card for all its worth.  Impassioned rallies where he brings de-transitioned victims of the transgender medical industry out to speak and make their case against the insanity of transitioning children would be an enormously powerful platform.  Imagine that idiot Biden trying to defend all his rainbow nonsense in the face of something like that.

Well, for what it’s worth that’s my thought.  What actually happens is anybody’s guess.

American Mind Explains Trump’s Appeal

Here’s a very good article that explains why the Right is voting for Trump.  Trump is the symbol of our revolt from the Uniparty sham that our elections represent.  Trump represents a vote for “none of the above” where all the other choices are establishment ringers.  I think Ron DeSantis has done great things for Florida but I’ll vote for Trump as a protest against the fake democracy that is being foisted off on us.

When we lose in 2024 I hope the people like Trump and DeSantis and the few honest men left in government get together and try to work around the federal government to save what’s left of America by building a network of private and state resources to try to help us survive in the hellscape that will be America in 2024.

I think a lot can be done.  And maybe it can be the basis for a new country existing in the hollowed out shell of the old one.  Or maybe I’m just whistling past the graveyard.

Why Won’t Republicans Move On From Trump?