Skipping the Disunion of the States

So they’re going to shoot Dopey Joe up with Ritalin and fill the gallery with BLM and Antifa and everybody will clap for the Ukraine and award Joe the Congressional Medal of Honor for shooting down the Chinese Balloon.  Does that sound like a good time to you?

I don’t think I could stand that much fun.  I think I’ll skip it.  I’ll use the time on something more productive.  I’ll scrape hard water stains off the shower floor.  I’ll be MIA this afternoon so I’m writing this piece now.  I read an article about the approach Ron DeSantis took for reforming that Florida state college.  He appointed conservatives to the Board of Directors and they fired the college president on day one.  Now they’re working on removing the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department and will begin hiring new professors for the upcoming school year.

Now, that’s the way to do it.  Cut off the head and start over.  No pussyfooting around the edges.  Go for the jugular.  It’s beautiful.  Now, how about the rest of the Florida State University system?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I think the country gains much more with Ron DeSantis as the governor of Florida as opposed to him being president.  The president is a hostage of the intelligence agencies.  He should be the chairman of the Red State governors’ council (when they get around to forming one) and he can begin to help the rest of the country free itself from Washington’s corrosive effects.

It’s going to take coordination and planning to begin neutralizing the damage that Washington does and Ron DeSantis could maximize the good he can do by beginning to formalize a relationship between the Red States.  The first step would be to define what a Red State is.  Would it just consist of republican dominance of the state’s government?  Or would it include social positions too?  Obviously too much purity testing would blow up the whole process of forming a coalition but I think some list of basic positions must be established.  But they should make a start on it.  And high on the list of actions is a mechanism for protecting their citizens from federal persecution for the unconstitutional actions of the federal government.

And protecting police officers and police departments from the Justice Department is at the top of the list.  The chaos we’ve lived through for the last decade on account of Obama’s Justice Department attacking the police proves that.  Without the police doing their job things descend into anarchy, as we’ve seen in all the big cities of late.

So, the 2024 election is on everybody’s minds.  But I’m more interested in seeing the governors get together and start to organize themselves into something that can help us now.  Because as far as I can tell, the federal government is lost.  At the very least, if Ron DeSantis wants to be president, he’d better leave a successor to carry on the work he started.  Maybe he can have his wife get the job.  I’m sure he’ll have some influence with her and make sure she doesn’t go Left.  Then when he is term-limited out he can get back to work in Florida trying to restore freedom to America, one state at a time.

Dementia Joe Wants to Find Out What Comes After Trillion

So, Joe wants to cure cancer.  He couldn’t even face up to COVID but he wants to cure cancer.  And amazingly he ended by declaring that “the state of our nation, I mean our union, is strong.”

It was as expected, long, boring, and dishonest.  He went over all the crap he wanted to spend money on and told us all about the courageous Ukrainians (or Iranians as he called them at one point).  I counted about ten verbal gaffes but he didn’t fall off the podium so it was a big win for him.  But let’s do a quick review.  He lied about the border, he lied about crime, he lied about off-shoring jobs, he lied about energy, he lied about inflation, he lied about COVID and he lied about everything else I can’t remember.  And Pelosi and Kamala spent most of the speech clapping like seals to protect their finger nails.

I wish I could get the hour back.

The Governor of Iowa. Kim Reynolds, did a pretty good job.  She was coherent, didn’t say anything obviously untrue and was able to lay out a case for why the real leadership in this country on COVID was provided by Republican governors.  All in all, she was a hundred times more believable than Dopey Joe and much easier to listen to.

Well, that’s my report.  It wasn’t fun because he didn’t seize up and tumble off the podium.  I guess there’s always next year.

SOTU Speech 2022

Next Tuesday, March 1st is currently the date scheduled for Dementia Joe’s first State of the Union speech.  Normally I would avoid this bit of kabuki theater like the plague.  But I must confess I’m intrigued by the idea that something unplanned and unscripted might happen.  My favorite fantasy is that some subset of Republican lawmakers starts up a,” Let’s go Brandon” chant and Scranton Joe leaps from the podium and lays a smackdown on the first really small woman he gets his hands on.

Sure, I know nothing like that will happen but something equally absurd is possible.  Joe might get booed and let loose with some truly foul language.  That would be fun!  Or maybe he’ll really botch some particularly difficult two or three syllable words and completely lose track of his teleprompter and have to start over at a very noticeable point in his speech.  Or maybe he’ll tell such outrageous lies about his accomplishments that the crowd just breaks out into laughter.  Or maybe it’ll be just the usual boring speech, full of self-congratulatory lies and hyperbole.

One interesting innovation will be the rebuttal by congress critter Tlaib.  Apparently, Joe will be rebutted from both the left and the right of his position.  Tlaib will espouse the position that we need more inflation, more urban violence and more COVID lockdowns.  I assume that instead of wearing one of the matching white pants suits that the “Squad” usually wear for these events she’ll be more fittingly attired in a strait jacket along with a Hannibal Lector bite mask.

If Joe’s performance turns out to be entertaining, I’ll try to put up a post on it right away.  If it’s really good I might live blog it to get the blow-by-blow account on-line as soon as possible.

I’m trying to imagine if Joe will dare to claim that the “state of our union is strong.”  If they decide to eliminate the masks in the audience that will have a slightly less hollow ring.  But from what I’ve read the lefties would be shocked to learn that all that street theater they endured over the virtue of masking was just that.  So, it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.

A different tack has recently been tried by some leftist pundits.  They’ve decided that inflation is the result of the Ukraine.  “It’s not Joe’s fault, it’s Putin.  Again!”  Apparently, time travel will be a part of that defense.  But I guess he’s desperate for any plausible or implausible rationale that will permit him to escape the blame for sabotaging almost every facet of American life over the course of his year in office.  Maybe he hopes to benefit from a war that he has managed to start with a country that won’t allow itself to be bullied or cajoled into toeing the globalist talking points.

So, yeah, I’ll tune in on Tuesday.  I’ll have something to eat and drink and a barf bag just in case Joe really lays it on thick.  I guess it’s too much to hope he’ll mention Corn Pop.  I really miss Corn Pop and the leg hair story.  Good times.

Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent Made Glorious Summer

Cast your minds back to the Obama days and remember all the horrors, all the defeats.  Remember Black Lives Matter and the drumbeat of charges against police for trying to keep order in the streets.  Remember Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown being painted as innocent children instead of the violent thugs they actually were.  Remember Obamacare and the skyrocketing costs for insurance.  Remember Fast and Furious, the Benghazi fiasco, Queer Marriage, Weaponizing the IRS and of course his domestic spying on reporters and his other enemies.  Remember the unemployment nightmare where a whole generation of young people couldn’t find jobs.  It was a bleak hopeless landscape as far as the eye could see.  And the rhetoric painted it as the inevitable endpoint for our country, permanent stagnation.

But look what three years with the right sort of leader can do.  Unemployment practically non-existent, rising wages, energy independence, our enemies in retreat, England throwing off the shackles of the tyrannical EU, Italy, Poland and Hungary resisting the EU forced immigration, Israel finding alliances with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf States and trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada.

And then it gets better.  President Trump humiliates his enemies at every turn.  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer have been attacking the President non-stop for four years and they have employed every vicious tactic and lie they could think of.  And the net result?  Today President Trump’s Gallup Poll approval numbers reached a new high.

And finally, we have the 2020 Race.  The Democrats have assembled the most hopeless, unelectable collection of unlikable losers imaginable.  Biden, Bernie, Fauxcahantas and Butt Pete.  And I’m not even going to consider the eliminated nuts like Spartacus.  These are just an embarrassment to the once great Democratic party.  All of them are delusional and a couple are actually insane.  With the Democrats advantaged by the paid for votes of all the parasites who live off the government they should be unbeatable but instead they’re about to get their heads handed to them.

And tonight, President Trump gave his State of the Union Address.  And it was a barn burner.  He touted the almost endless list of accomplishments and advancements that his administration provides for America.  He had dozens and dozens of applause lines.  I think the Republicans will be limping for weeks after all the wear and tear to their old hips and knees from getting up and down so many times.

And he brought on a full card of heartwarming or heartbreaking stories.  Wives and families of servicemen.  Parents of the victim of al-Baghdadi.  A hundred-year-old Tuskegee airman and his great grandson.  Rush Limbaugh receiving a Freedom Medal after the revelation of his late stage cancer diagnosis.

The President poured it on.  And at the end his message was that he was counteracting the negative message of the Obama era and substituting the idea that America’s best days are still to come.  It was masterfully done.  It was confident, upbeat and the facts it presented were undeniable.  It was a little overwhelming but it was very effective.  He truly is a showman.

And most interestingly of all, he completely ignored the impeachment.  Not a single word was said about Schiff or Pelosi or the Ukraine.  And as much as I would have enjoyed him harassing those worms it was exactly the right choice.  The speech is really the President talking directly to the American people and it was presented to give the American people the best sales pitch for giving President Trump his second term.  And in my opinion, it succeeded.

Vox Day Has a Comment on the SOTU

Now Vox is a big Trump supporter but in his opinion the civic nationalism from someone like Trump won’t be enough to save the United States.  But he acknowledges the effectiveness of what Trump did last night to consolidate the Republican base and kick the stool out from under the NeverTrumpers.  I get bored by rhetoric so I shut it off after about fifteen minutes.  But I acknowledge the necessity of talking to the whole country.  I just hope he takes concrete action soon to get his agenda going in the face of total opposition from the the Dems.

My Favorite Show Last Night

So I’ve repeatedly called the Trump presidency “the greatest show on earth.” Honestly, it really is.  I watched the President’s address.  My only objection was having to hear one or two minutes of Shep Smith yammering in the background before the broadcast.  But that faded out of my mind right away.  One of the first things that struck me was that President Trump was having a good time going through the ritual.  He shook hands with Pence and Ryan more than once before he got started.  He always added something at the end of a sentence to intensify or personalize what he was reading off the teleprompter.  He applauded all of his guests very vigorously and he seemed at certain points to be speaking directly to the Democratic Congress as if to chastise them for their lack of enthusiasm about undeniably patriotic and sympathetic topics.  At one point, his expression and his hand gestures seemed to be saying to the Dems, “Come on applaud!”  The news said it was one of the longer SOTU addresses but honestly it seems to go quickly for me.  And I’m not just comparing it to the torturous Obama addresses.  Even W was too long for my tastes.  Probably because it didn’t entertain.  Trump was fun to watch.  The hand gestures, his claims to non-partisan motives and the general appeal to a patriotic agenda were highly effective.  I especially enjoyed his rhetorical shot at the NFL Anthem Kneelers right before the Super Bowl.  Masterfully done.  And, of course there was the kill shot, “young Americans have dreams too.”  Gold, Jerry, gold.

I’m sure there were some right wingers who were upset about the 1.8 million dreamers being brought up as a pillar of Trump’s four part plan on immigration but honestly, there isn’t a prayer in the world of Cryin’ Chuck accepting the wall and all the rest of the good stuff Trump loaded into his plan. I look at it as a poisoned pill that the Dems will refuse to touch.  What other choice will Trump have than to go to the American people and tell them to give him more Republicans in November to get his job done correctly.  I’m guessing a few years ago I would have been one of those complaining about this offer.  But I have learned my lesson.  Ann Coulter was right, “In Trump We Trust.”

Some of the other facets of the experience were the cutaways to people in the audience. Pelosi was the most consistent.  Her expression seemed to be saying, “That egg salad sandwich I just ate must have gone bad.”  Honestly she looked like she had to throw up but was gritting her teeth to stop it.  Schumer was draped over his chair like it was a recliner.  He was just sitting there taking it all in.  Some members of the Congressional Black Caucus looked enraged, especially when he talked about historically low black unemployment.  One of the highlights was when Trump mentioned the presence in the audience of Congressman Steve Scalise, recovered from the gunshot wounds he received at the hands of a crazed Democratic supporter last year.  That was a feel good moment that Trump seemed especially to relish.  First Lady, Melania Trump was in the gallery with the guests and looked typically dignified and lovely.  I read this morning that CNN claimed that Melania wore white as a protest against her husband’s alleged dalliance with a porn star, although why white would be an effective protest color is beyond my meager understanding.  Honestly, these people really have lost what little minds they had.  Several of the guests were associated with MS-13 gang related violence.  There were the four parents of two murdered Long Island teenage girls and an Hispanic law enforcement officer who ignored death threats to lock up a large number of these gang members.  These were highly emotional moments that made a deep impact.  However I believe the most charged moment came when Trump said that American heroes lived not only in the past but also today and the Republican audience started chanting USA, USA, USA.  At that point Democratic Representative  Luis Gutierrez literally got up and walked out of the assembly.  Good times, good times.  So what else could you ask for?  Well, actually, if you remember my recent “Trump vs SOTU” spoof, I included Trump insulting his enemies and having the FBI “Secret Society” members frog-marched out of the House of Representatives in the middle of the address and hauled off to jail.  Well, sure that would have been cool.  But you can’t expect reality to be as cool as my imagination.  But, then again, this is Trump so maybe he’s just saving something for next January.