FISA Reauthorization – The Real Test of the House

Want to know whether Republicans have any legitimacy as a conservative entity?  The FISA  program expires on December 31, 2023.  Just wait to see if they reauthorize it or not.  The FBI has been documented by the Inspector General for the Justice Department to have abused this program systematically.

“On April 27, Inspector General Michael Horowitz gave a statement before the committee that stressed the need for “transparency and oversight” to avoid or mitigate the repetition of “mistakes, errors, and abuses.” Horowitz explained that factual accuracy when showing probable cause was a pervasive problem among bureau agents before 2021.”

The abuses of the FISA court during the Russia-gate actions proved that partisan elements in the FBI and the Justice Department routinely abused the FISA process at will.

Why would the Republican House renew it?  The only reason possible would be cowardice.  They fear that if they allow it to lapse the Deep State will allow a foreign government to launch an attack on the US homeland and then blame the Congress for the attack.  But if that’s the case then nothing will ever get fixed in our system and the intelligence agencies will have free rein to spy on us and persecute anyone that speaks against them.  From my point of view, this reauthorization deadline is the acid test of whether there is any hope of ever reining these people in.

Put it on your calendar and on January 1st see whether our conservative warriors stood their ground or caved in.  I’m dying to know.  And if they fail it just confirms what all of the “conspiracy theorists” have been saying all along, that the FBI controls the Congress and not vice versa.

Mark the date.


Steel, Lead or Silly Putty

This week has been a crazy mish-mash of unexpected occurrences.  Extra work, surprise meetings, a pleasant event on the website, some additional weather-related work around the homestead and a couple of unexpected appointments.  Nothing bad but enough interruptions to my schedule to put me off my game.  Complain, moan groan.  But the show must go on.  So, here’s hoping I get my act together going forward.

I love Dopey Joe’s vow to veto any legislation that comes to his desk.  The stupidity of that statement truly reflects the reality of his intellect and the intellect of his voters.  The Democrats control the Senate.  Any legislation that comes to his desk for signature has to be approved by the Senate.  So, if the Republican House gets the Democrat Senate to agree on a bill, then Biden will automatically veto it?  Either he’s a moron, which is true, or he believes his voters are morons, which is also true.  Come to think of it, he’s remaining true to himself and his voters.  Gosh, he’s a paragon of integrity.  He’s the moron’s moron!

I’m very anxious to see just how far the House will go to fix the budget problems.  If they were very serious, they would write a real budget bill with realistic additions and subtractions that the Democrats would hate but could live with.  Then they could dig in their heels and only respond if the Senate provided a counter proposal that they in turn could respond to.  In other words, restore the former procedure whereby an actual budget was legislated.  And as I said they could delete most of the crap that the Democrats have filled the current budget with.  And they can write in laws to prevent things like the COVID lockdowns from happening again.  That would be a revelation.

Sure, during the lead up to such an event the media slimeballs would be keeping up an hourly drum beat on all the people of color and LGBTQ people who were, possibly, dying in the streets because a budget wasn’t in place.  People like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell would be on the steps of the Senate weeping and flagellating themselves over the white guilt they felt over this outrageous cruelty to the most vulnerable among us.  Think of the children!

But if McCarthy and his people could just hold together their majority, eventually Dementia Joe and Chuck Schumer would come begging with hat in hand to get the budget done.  And then we could eliminate this monthly ritual of approving the non-budget that we’ve been living with since Obama and finally get some measure of fiscal responsibility happening again.  One thing they should demand is that the budget of the FBI should be reduced by twenty percent and everyone working there also take a twenty percent pay reduction to begin the process of pulling their teeth.  Sure, there would be an enormous noise and some of our congressmen would mysteriously die but that’s not too high a price to pay for making things better.  At least not to my mind.

So, let’s just see what kind of spine Kevin McCarthy has discovered.  Is it steel, lead or silly putty.  Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

25JAN2023 – Shoveling Various Things

So, I’ve been under a form of coercion for the last three days.  Between shoveling snow and shoveling paperwork I’ve been buried alive.  Now I’ve been reading the news and opinion for the last few days and thinking about what might be interesting.  There are developments on both sides of the Ukraine war and there are interesting developments in Kevin McCarthy locating his backbone but I just haven’t had any time to contemplate, cogitate, and rhapsodize on these themes.

Instead, I’ve been concentrating on just what awful people inhabit the cesspool that is the Uniparty.  Schiff, Swalwell and Schumer.  And that’s just the esses.  The bees, ems and the pees are no better.  It’s a whole alphabet full of sleazebags, crumb-bums and crooks.  But at some point, during my second day of shoveling I wasn’t too cold from the weather or too hot from the exertion and I was feeling curiously relaxed by the rhythm of throwing the snow over my shoulder that I started thinking about the bright side of our present situation.

For one thing McCarthy said categorically that Schiff and Swalwell were disqualified from being on the Intelligence committee because they were, respectively, a documented liar about classified information and a purchaser of sexual favors from Chinese spies.  And I thought, “Hey that’s right, McCarthy said these two guys are scumbags and he wasn’t afraid of hurting their feelings like that RINO Paul Ryan would have been.  He just said it as a matter of fact.  That’s kind of fun.

And he’s going to try to keep Ilhan Omar off a committee too.  He’ll have to whip his whole party to make it happen but he’ll probably succeed because she’s a lousy human being and probably almost no one likes her anyway.  And that’s kind of fun too.

And McCarthy looks like he’s going to at least try to negotiate with the White House on some kind of budget deal.  Sure, he may cave and go along with the continuing resolution on the obscenely bloated so-called budget because all the media outlets are screeching every hour on the hour that the sky is falling because we won’t be able to send out the welfare checks to the illegal aliens.  But at the least he won’t just roll over and add another $100 billion for Ukraine as far as I can see.  And he won’t ban guns by calling them assault weapons so that’s pretty good too.

And then I heard that Mike Pence found classified documents in his fanny pack or his nap room and I started to laugh.  Now Mike Pence is a threat to our democracy.  Who’s next, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger?  Should they rifle through Grant’s Tomb to see if there were any Civil War secret weapons that might end up in Russian hands?  Our Deep State have beclowned themselves in the last few months.  Sure, they’re a metastatic cancer on the lifeblood of our republic but they’re also the Keystone Cops.  Certainly, they destroy the lives of many innocent Americans but they’re also pathetic losers.  And it’s almost certain that they’ve already sown the seeds of their own destruction.

Any society that descends down the path of surveillance state eventually implodes from loss of legitimacy.  Eventually everyone pretends to believe the lies but no one actually does.  And one day pretend loyalty won’t be enough to save the state from a catastrophe and after that you get the Soviet Union and East Germany and Romania in the 1990’s.  And if they’re not careful they’ll end up with what Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu got, a kangaroo court like they gave their victims and a firing squad.

So, there’s no big news this week.  Just little stuff.  But I must be in a good mood because I had all these pleasant thoughts while shoveling.  Well, exercise is good for you.  Maybe it’s good for the soul too.

It’s Much Worse Than I Thought

So the Republican Congressmen took a vote on kicking Liz Cheney out of her leadership position.  The result was, “Just 61 Republicans voted to remove Cheney from her post, while 145 voted for her to stay in a vote by secret ballot.”

So the House Republicans are just as useless as the rest of the Republican establishment.  Well good.  Too bad it was a secret ballot.  An open vote would make it that much easier to primary the rest of these rats.  I hope that whoever is serious about rebuilding a party that would represent Free America will make a point of primarying Cheney and McCarthy next year.

But honestly, other than as an amusing form of revenge, thinking about the Republicans is just another waste of everyone’s time.  What are they other than more cogs in the same machine that perpetuates the obvious lies that we all are fed day and night by American Pravda.  Let the Left do its worst.  When the humiliation and anger get extreme enough people will be forced to make a choice.  Give in, leave or fight back.  Fold, Flee or Fight.

Will McCarthy Protect Cheney or Heed the Voice of the Voters

According to an article in the Federalist House Minority Leader McCarthy has to decide tomorrow whether he will save Liz Cheney from a majority of Republican House members that want to kick her out of her leadership job.  It should be a very telling moment.  Political hacks are very hesitant to turn on other political hacks at the leadership level.  It’s basically unheard of.  If in fact McCarthy sacrifices Cheney then to my mind that means that Donald Trump effectively runs the Republican Party.

Cheney made noises like Nancy Pelosi in blaming the Capitol incursion on President Trump.  She has enraged the Wyoming electorate and it is a pretty safe bet that she will get the heave-ho in 2022.  But this is a great test to see just how much the congress-critters understand about their status with the voters.  If McCarthy protects Cheney I would not be surprised to see him primaried out of office in 2022 also.

At this point the Republican Congressmen and Senators are as useless as testicles on Mitt Romney.  The only way they can hope to maintain the support of the voters is if they demonstrate at every turn an understanding of the mood of the conservative voters.  And one thing the conservative voters are not in the mood for is neocons attacking Donald Trump while he is speaking the truth about the stolen elections.

The only useful thing that the elections can do at this point is to allow us to fire RINOs.  First action should be all ten of the reps who voted for impeachment.  After that we’ll have to go through the list of Senators.  Some are easy.  Murkowski, Romney and Sasse are three of the five senators who voted against Rand Paul’s resolution against the impeachment.  They should be easy.  The other two Collins and Toomey aren’t actionable.  Collins just got re-elected and in six years she will be two hundred years old and automatically turned into an historical landmark.  Toomey is retiring and besides since he is in Pennsylvania honest voting is a meaningless concept.

Now all of this is strictly for sweet revenge.  These rats should be punished as soon as possible and they should never be allowed to run for dog catcher after this.  But just to be clear, the real political action that needs to be taken will have to be at the state level.  All conservative leaders need to coordinate actions across the length and breadth of red state America coming up with actions that can protect their citizens against Dementia Joe and the rest of the evil trolls.  Any red state with a blue city should work out a strategy to  criminalize the Antifa activity to such an extent that all of those cretins will be sent to the big-house for the rest of their lives.  And policies should be formulated to punish the Big Tech companies that discriminate against their citizens.  And they can drop the hammer on the schools and college that proselytize their children.

These are where the real politics will take place.  But firing RINOs will be a nice diversion in the meantime.