Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 22FEB2023 – A Pattern of Deception

Figuring out that the “Of the people, by the people, for the people” talk was an entire charade and farce is not an overnight realization for most of us. It is a process that takes place as one notices a pattern of deception that began centuries ago.

A few examples: Woodrow Wilson campaigning for president in 1916 on the slogan “He kept us out of war.” Less than a month after inauguration, American boys were stepping foot on French soil to add more bodies and carnage in a useless conflict, one that would be continued by their sons a little more than 20 years later.

Iraq part 1 & 2, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, China…the list is long of foreign entanglements that did nothing but drain blood and treasure from the nation. Not much needs to be added to explain the insanity of attempting to nation-build in a land of warring tribes and secular violence. Democracy? In Iraq or Afghanistan? How delusional does one have to be to believe in that?

More current is the gay marriage push that, while failing in 37 out of 39 state referendums, (including California-Prop 8) somehow ended up becoming the law of the land when it was decided by 9 unelected tribal elders (SCOTUS) that somewhere in the Constitution the framers accidentally left out the gays. (It should also be noted that many Americans were fine with legal protections such as civil unions, acknowledging one’s life partner, etc. But no, they had to have the ‘marriage’ label.)

Closer to home is the never-ending California state ballot propositions that are voted on, only to be stripped or watered down of their intentions once under judicial review. It is important to note that American citizens never wanted mass immigration to dilute the culture and Western world way of life. No, it was decided for them by the ruling class a long time ago.

The differences between political factions are nil. Rs pretend to be the loyal opposition while Ds appear to have lost their minds over DEI and wokeness ideology. We are not voting our way out of this, nor was there really a chance to do that for quite a while now. The goal now is to survive the coming collapse and hopefully build from the ashes.

Although, with intellectual giants at our country’s helm, we may not have much left to build from once everything settles. If Biden going to the Ukraine and Poland to basically have a measuring contest between Russia and China is the best we got, then it is not a good outlook for the future.

25JAN2023 – Shoveling Various Things

So, I’ve been under a form of coercion for the last three days.  Between shoveling snow and shoveling paperwork I’ve been buried alive.  Now I’ve been reading the news and opinion for the last few days and thinking about what might be interesting.  There are developments on both sides of the Ukraine war and there are interesting developments in Kevin McCarthy locating his backbone but I just haven’t had any time to contemplate, cogitate, and rhapsodize on these themes.

Instead, I’ve been concentrating on just what awful people inhabit the cesspool that is the Uniparty.  Schiff, Swalwell and Schumer.  And that’s just the esses.  The bees, ems and the pees are no better.  It’s a whole alphabet full of sleazebags, crumb-bums and crooks.  But at some point, during my second day of shoveling I wasn’t too cold from the weather or too hot from the exertion and I was feeling curiously relaxed by the rhythm of throwing the snow over my shoulder that I started thinking about the bright side of our present situation.

For one thing McCarthy said categorically that Schiff and Swalwell were disqualified from being on the Intelligence committee because they were, respectively, a documented liar about classified information and a purchaser of sexual favors from Chinese spies.  And I thought, “Hey that’s right, McCarthy said these two guys are scumbags and he wasn’t afraid of hurting their feelings like that RINO Paul Ryan would have been.  He just said it as a matter of fact.  That’s kind of fun.

And he’s going to try to keep Ilhan Omar off a committee too.  He’ll have to whip his whole party to make it happen but he’ll probably succeed because she’s a lousy human being and probably almost no one likes her anyway.  And that’s kind of fun too.

And McCarthy looks like he’s going to at least try to negotiate with the White House on some kind of budget deal.  Sure, he may cave and go along with the continuing resolution on the obscenely bloated so-called budget because all the media outlets are screeching every hour on the hour that the sky is falling because we won’t be able to send out the welfare checks to the illegal aliens.  But at the least he won’t just roll over and add another $100 billion for Ukraine as far as I can see.  And he won’t ban guns by calling them assault weapons so that’s pretty good too.

And then I heard that Mike Pence found classified documents in his fanny pack or his nap room and I started to laugh.  Now Mike Pence is a threat to our democracy.  Who’s next, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger?  Should they rifle through Grant’s Tomb to see if there were any Civil War secret weapons that might end up in Russian hands?  Our Deep State have beclowned themselves in the last few months.  Sure, they’re a metastatic cancer on the lifeblood of our republic but they’re also the Keystone Cops.  Certainly, they destroy the lives of many innocent Americans but they’re also pathetic losers.  And it’s almost certain that they’ve already sown the seeds of their own destruction.

Any society that descends down the path of surveillance state eventually implodes from loss of legitimacy.  Eventually everyone pretends to believe the lies but no one actually does.  And one day pretend loyalty won’t be enough to save the state from a catastrophe and after that you get the Soviet Union and East Germany and Romania in the 1990’s.  And if they’re not careful they’ll end up with what Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu got, a kangaroo court like they gave their victims and a firing squad.

So, there’s no big news this week.  Just little stuff.  But I must be in a good mood because I had all these pleasant thoughts while shoveling.  Well, exercise is good for you.  Maybe it’s good for the soul too.

The Power of No

It never occurred to me that maybe the anti-McCarthy coup might actually have a chance to succeed but what if they did dig their heels in for a few weeks?  Maybe the rest of the House Republicans might start wondering if maybe there were a few more candidates that almost everyone could easily agree on.

It’s so pleasant to dream about what might happen if our elected “leaders” somehow developed backbone and started acting like leaders.  Of course, in reality most of them are either completely useless or worse.  They vary from hacks and grifters to actual sociopaths.  But maybe there are a few that want to do the right thing.  And if they show some resolve and take advantage of a rare situation where the actions of a few can impact a whole institution like the present situation in the House, then maybe something unexpected and positive might result.

Just for the sake of argument, suppose after a couple of weeks of yelling at each other behind closed doors, it occurs to some of the more moderate representatives that a more productive way of solving this problem would be asking each member to provide a list of names that they absolutely would refuse to vote for.  Taking everybody’s lists, they could then add up the negatives and disqualify anyone who had more than four no-votes against it.  Whoever is left would constitute a pool of names that had the potential to be approved.  Then after a couple of test ballots using that pool of names as the source, they could pretty quickly come up with the four or five names with the largest support and begin to do some horse trading to see who could become the Speaker.

Obviously, my idea would require that most of the Republican House members were reasonable human beings.  And we already know that’s not true.  I suspect at least half of them are nitwits.  But I’m sure that the more intelligent members of the group could persuade their more cognitively challenged brothers and sisters to follow some simple instructions.  Surely there are three or four Republican representatives who are both competent and haven’t sold their souls to Mephistopheles yet.  Jim Jordan is one name that has come up often.  Maybe there are some others.

The point is the MAGA wing of the party has found a silver lining to the 2022 mid-term meltdown.  Their 20-member coalition can wreck the Uniparty’s party.  Short of the GOP establishment letting a Democrat become Speaker, their backs are to the wall.  And if they did elect a Dem then the whole charade would be exposed and the Uniparty would be truly unmasked for all to see.  And from my point of view that would be almost as good as Jordan getting the Speaker’s gavel.

Now, this is all nonsense.  None of this will happen.  McCarthy will whine and hector the dissidents and they will be threatened by the donors who paid for their campaigns and eventually they’ll vote for good old Kevin.  But for just a day or two they did give me something to cheer about.  Listening to all of those politicians screeching apoplectically about irresponsibility and the storied history of the “People’s House” gave me a good laugh.

And who knows?  Miracles do happen.  Very rarely.  But not never.

03JAN2023 – Observations on Happenings in Washington

The House Republicans are busy beclowning themselves but I’m happy at least there’s something of a pretense being made of demanding accountability from the leadership.  Making McCarthy sweat a little before he’s coronated Speaker of the House is healthy.  I don’t believe he’ll enact that rule change to allow the Speaker to be voted out based on a single rep motioning for it.  After all, after he’s Speaker he’s untouchable.  Why would he honor a promise he made while he was still just a mere mortal?  I guess the only reason would be because it would be such a clear proof to the electorate of his dishonesty.  But then again, they’ve already embarrassed him.  Maybe all bets are already off.  We’ll see.

My view is that the Republican House should use their majority to hold the line on everything.  They should produce a budget.  If the Senate doesn’t want to bargain then say too bad.  No continuing resolution, no nothing.  Shut down the government and let the Democrats sweat.  It’s their Senate and President.  Let them vilify the House but it’ll be two years before there will be any way to change the power structure.  Even if the American public sweeps them out of office for turning off the endless flow of entitlements the Republican House majority will have done what they were supposed to do, legislate and create a budget for this runaway bureaucracy.  What happens in 2024 is just another page in this fake script we’re trapped in.  At least they will have shown some honesty, which is in very, very short supply.  Let the Democrats have the whole federal government and let them bring this whole charade crashing down around their ears.

Without a brake on the actions of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries we’ll be looking at hyperinflation and double-digit unemployment very soon.  And that’s what the American people voted for last year.  Or at least that’s what the poll results that we saw indicated.  It’s important that they get every last drop of the result they chose.  It should be clear as day what was selected; sky high energy and transportation costs, unreliable infrastructure and dead-end jobs for most of the population.  If that truly is what people want, it’s better for those of us who don’t share that vision to get it through our thick skulls that that is the future.  That way we can look for something better.

And as we head down that road, we’ll be able to at least enjoy the comedy that’s on full display from our elected officials.  An hilarious cavalcade of grifters, congenital idiots and just plain criminals who are busy selling off chunks of their country to the highest bidder.  And it just goes to show that individual honest men are completely defenseless against a government that has transformed itself into an organized crime syndicate.  It’s our version of the Baath Party with a revolving door full of Saddam Husseins switching out every four or eight years.  And who knows maybe even that charade will be dispensed with soon.

But while it holds out, I intend to savor every bit of the bathos and buffoonery.  Let’s hope Dementia Joe gets to finish out his term in January 2029.  By then both he and the country should be about the same; a gelatinous puddle of goo.  How could I ask for more than that?

Kevin McCarthy Struggling to Find Enough Votes to Become Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy has so far been unable to assemble the 218 votes he needs to become Speaker of the House in January.  The usual suspects in the GOP establishment are wringing their hands and warning that to resist McCarthy’s accession to the Speaker’s gavel would be madness.  Some representatives who despise McCarthy have floated Steve Scalise’s name.

Rep. David Valadao (R-CA) said, “Steve Scalise is a good friend of mine, but he himself and many others have said they’re supporting McCarthy and will continue to support McCarthy. Again, there is no Plan B here. The plan is to get him elected as speaker. At the end of the day — we could be there two, three days — it doesn’t really matter. The majority of the conference understands that without him, we wouldn’t even be having this debate.”

That may be, but apparently McCarthy is worried and so he is making concessions to his opponents.

The embattled California Republican is offering a congressional rule change that would make it easier to remove a House speaker in exchange for his ascension to the post. McCarthy’s offer would lower the threshold required for a motion to vacate the chair — a parliamentary gambit that forces a vote on retaining the speaker.

“Currently, because of rules change pushed through by Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi, only a member of the House leadership can offer a motion to vacate. Conservative House Republicans are pushing for that standard to be repealed, allowing any one member to force a vote on the speaker at any time.”

Well, well, well.  Some of the new congressmen don’t want the establishment hack to sell out their constituents.  If you ask me that’s pretty damn good.  It may not accomplish a thing but it restores faith that not every last politician in Washington is a fink.

Look, McCarthy will end up the Speaker and he will cut the usual deals with the Democrats that sell us out and make him a zillionaire.  But the fact that some of the reps are even trying to get some leverage over their future boss is a minor miracle from my point of view.

It at least shows that there’s an awareness of what the voters think of McCarthy and so these reps are at least trying to show that they’ll do more than just stand by and let the Uniparty sell us out according to standard operating procedure.

This is hardly a stunning victory.  It’s not even a feel-good story.  Let’s call this a tiny first step in the right direction.  But it’s a nice sequel to the ejection of Liz Cheney and most of the other Never-Trump impeachment traitors.  Let’s just call it a little creative schadenfreude.

Guest Contributor – TomD – 13AUG2022 – MCCarthy and McConnell

Tom | Flickr


If the Republicans prevail in the house and senate in the midterms but McCarthy and McConnell remain as the leaders, just look for more of the same. But if we could somehow get Rand Paul and Jim Jordan, it would be happy dance in the streets time.

Both these guys are fighters, the opposite of the current “leadership”. Have you ever seen more inept “leadership” than offered to us by Paul Ryan and McConnell in 2016-2018? They did nothing at all despite having the House, Senate and Presidency by substantial margins.

The current Dims hold all three branches but the two legislative branches by razor thin margins. Despite which, they are ramming incredibly destructive legislation down our collective throats. And all we have to counter them is the ineffective duo of McCarthy and McConnell?

What Passes for Logic in Academia

I read an article entitled “Down With Primaries!” by some genius named Kevin D. Vallier who is an associate professor of philosophy at Bowling Green State University who wrote a book called “Trust in a Polarized Age.”

This learned scholar wrote the following:

“Most democracies don’t have democratic primaries. By and large, party elites choose candidates, and the people then vote for the parties or the candidates. American democracy, by contrast, relies on popular primaries: Ordinary party members select the candidates, or we have open primaries, in which voters can select candidates from either party.

Why do we do this? American anti-elitism. We see party elites selecting candidates as corrupt backroom dealing. We don’t trust parties to evaluate candidates themselves, to help us make a better democratic choice.

Americans are wrong about this. We should abolish democratic primaries.

You see the party elites are the ones we should trust to look after our interests.  Think of the last few presidents before Trump and ask yourself how that worked out.  George W. Bush and Barack Obama are the shining examples.

And then he gives examples to “prove” his point:

“Consider some recent illustrations. In 2016, GOP party elders would have blocked Donald Trump from the outset. I’m sure that many people reading this are still happy that Trump broke through as he did. But for most Republicans, and most of the country, this proved to be a bad outcome.

If Republican Party elders had had their way in 2016, Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush would have been the nominee. I have no love for Rubio or Bush: They are too hawkish for my tastes. But Trump damaged the country’s democratic system in ways that Bush or Rubio would not have done. Conversely, had Democratic Party elders not gotten their way four years later, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren might have been the nominee in 2020. If a strong left-wing candidate had become president, instead of Biden, most Americans would have regretted it.”

So from the author’s point of view Jeb Bush instead of Donald Trump would have been a win for democracy.  And Joe Biden instead of Bernie Sanders was also democracy in action.  Even though in each choice he is advocating for the less popular candidate.

Finally he sums it up:

“Backroom deals? They’re the stuff of democracies around the world – and of American democracy before the advent of the primary system. We should bring them back.”

It’s amazing what passes for political thought in universities.  So his thesis is that letting the parties give us the choices for president will make it more “democratic.”  Of course, what if the two parties are just two sides of the same coin; heads I win, tails you lose.”  Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle Dee work for the same masters and just act out parts that reinforce the script that we can change the conditions we live under.

Well, I have to assume “Professor” Vallier represents the pragmatic reality based side of academia and is considered a radical by the Bernie Sanders majority at his university.  All that tells me is that subcontracting to BLM to burn down the universities is a noble idea.

Tucker Carlson Provides an Excellent Discussion of Ukraine

I think this is the best summary from a mainstream source that I have seen so far.  Carlson touches upon many of the important aspects of how this war is going to make our lives worse in the weeks and months ahead.  Energy prices, food prices and increases in everything else because of the impact of the price of oil.  And fundamentally, the increased risk of starting a nuclear war.  Tucker Carlson is probably the only mainstream source that provides this point of view.  Everyone else including the rest of Fox News is carrying water for the UniParty and their desire to start a war with Russia.


What Do the Poll Numbers Tell Me?

For decades I’ve noticed that political polls in the United States had a very noticeable bias.  Depending on whether they were ridiculously partisan polls or just slightly biased they would skew more or less to the Left.  They were able to produce this bias by overestimating the percentage of the population that is Democrat and underestimating the Republican share.  And it was just assumed by me that we had to throw our own fudge factor in when trying to make sense of the actual political situation from these flawed measures.

But look at Joe Biden’s approval ratings on RCP now.

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread
RCP Average 1/10 – 2/13 40.6 53.8 -13.2
Rasmussen 2/9 – 2/13 1500 LV 42 57 -15
Reuters 2/7 – 2/8 1005 A 43 51 -8
YouGov 2/5 – 2/8 1255 RV 41 51 -10
Susquehanna 2/3 – 2/9 800 LV 42 52 -10
Politico 2/5 – 2/6 2005 RV 41 55 -14
IBD/TIPP 2/2 – 2/4 1355 A 38 48 -10
CNN 1/10 – 2/6 1257 RV 42 57 -15
Monmouth 1/20 – 1/24 735 RV 38 55 -17
Insider Advantage 1/21 – 1/23 850 LV 40 59 -19
Harris 1/19 – 1/20 1815 RV 39 53 -14


These are horrible numbers.  And they’re close to accurate.  Rasmussen is one of the few pollsters that doesn’t favor Democrats.  He’s got Dementia Joe at 42 – 57.  CNN which is perpetually in the tank for the Dems has 42 – 57.  That’s not an accident.  Those are real numbers.  And why are they doing this?  Because Biden’s numbers with Democrats are terrible too.  Or in another way to look at it, a lot of the people who voted for Biden have switched parties.  The proportion of voters who claim to be Democrats has shrunk.  They’ve shifted to the Republicans or at least to Independents.  And they mean that they’ll be voting for Republicans even though they don’t want to be called Republicans because they’re women and they don’t want their friends to judge them harshly.

All this tells me that the midterms are going to be very bad for the Dems.  They will lose the House and the Senate.  I think that’s a given.  Does it mean anything more?  Only maybe.  It’s completely within the control of the Republicans to do what they typically do and blow this golden opportunity.  They can use their control of the Congress to collect fees from the donors and lobbyists, as usual.  They can ignore their duty and not thoroughly investigate and document for the American people the blatant and systematic voter fraud that happened in 2020.  Or they can for once act like the leaders of a free people.

Normally I’d say the chance of them doing the right thing was zero.  But things are significantly different this time.  Donald Trump refuses to let sleeping dogs lie.  He continues to rally the people to support efforts to investigate the 2020 election.  He continues to call out the RINO’s like Liz Cheney who support Democrat lies like the “Insurrection.”  And some of the state leaders are making the right noises too.  They are attempting to safeguard their election processes.

Putting all this together I’d say we’re at about a fifty percent chance of something good coming out of the present situation.  Admittedly that’s not a glowing prospect but compared to how things have gone for most of my life, it’s a reason to hope.

The polls actually give us good information for the first time in decades.  The people are pissed off.  Now it will take the politicians to get their act together.  Let’s pray that some actual leaders will emerge and use the opportunity.

The End of Summer

August 31st isn’t the last day of summer.  It’s not even Labor Day this year, the unofficial last day of summer.  But flipping the calendar from August to September is a psychological milestone.  Even in an unusual year like this where the grass is lush and green and the flowers abound there are subtle signs that fall is imminent.  The days are already shorter.  Even on hot days the nights are cooler.  Some birds are getting ready to leave and some of the insect life is dying off.  The crickets and frogs are still singing but there is a certain desperate edge to their choruses.

So here we are at the end of the silly season and pretty soon politics will begin dominating the news as the pretend process of enacting all the psycho legislation that Biden and the rest of the nation-wreckers have teed up is displayed for us in the headlines.  And once that charade is done it’s time for the Republicans to miraculously make a comeback and win back control of the House and maybe Senate in 2022.  Of course, that won’t undo any of the damage done.  Fake elections will have been enshrined as the law of the land and various other atrocities will be enacted.  But, by gum, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell will be handing out PAC money to their loyal toadies the way nature intended it to be.  And then it will be time for Mitt Romney to start talking about Senate investigations into the failures in the Afghanistan withdrawal.  And the recommendations of that investigation will be to double the defense budget to make sure that next time we never leave a country like Afghanistan again.

But I’m guessing that a lot more Americans aren’t buying into any of this anymore.  A lot of us have seen this movie before.    Does anyone believe that our defense budget isn’t big enough?  Does anyone think we need another aircraft carrier?  Does anyone believe that we all need a third dose of COVID vaccine?  Does anyone believe that putting the first tranny Moslem on the Moon is what NASA should be doing with their budget?  Does anyone believe that eliminating all testing from our schools will bring about equal opportunity for kids in the ghetto?  Does anyone believe that defunding the police will make black kids safer?  Does anyone believe that mandating what percentage of women or minorities or sexual deviants make up the board of directors of a corporation will make it a more efficient or even a more moral company?  Does anyone believe that a country that has tolerated endless affirmative action is afflicted with “systemic racism?”

I could go on forever.  The point is we are reaching a tipping point.  Soon more people will be done with the charade than follow it.  At some point there won’t be enough people who believe in this stuff to keep the thing going.  More people will be looking for ways to avoid the fallout of living in a madhouse than will be trying to keep it going.  For instance, when public schools don’t teach, parents who care about their kids will opt out of them, even if they have to scrimp to pay for private schools.  Eventually the public school system will become untenable.  No employer will hire a public-school graduate.  The local taxpayers will refuse to pay the salaries of people who don’t perform any useful service to the community.

When a city defunds the police, the middle class will move out.  The very rich who can afford private security and the very poor who have no choice will stay.  But the city will become a dysfunctional wasteland the way Detroit has.

And the eventual outcome when these breakdowns continue long enough is that somewhere someone is going to see an opportunity to challenge the system and provide people with an alternative.  If a governor decides to insulate his citizens from the dysfunction that the federal government sponsors, he’ll be the most popular leader in America.  And if he succeeds in resisting the federal government in this effort more than half of the other states will join him.

And if no one comes along to do this a lot of Americans will leave.  We were born and raised in a free country.  If we’re going to be serfs we might as well go somewhere where they treat the serfs better.  We might as well go where they don’t indoctrinate our kids into believing that they were born evil because of the color of their skin.  And when we leave America will become Brazil.