The End of Summer

August 31st isn’t the last day of summer.  It’s not even Labor Day this year, the unofficial last day of summer.  But flipping the calendar from August to September is a psychological milestone.  Even in an unusual year like this where the grass is lush and green and the flowers abound there are subtle signs that fall is imminent.  The days are already shorter.  Even on hot days the nights are cooler.  Some birds are getting ready to leave and some of the insect life is dying off.  The crickets and frogs are still singing but there is a certain desperate edge to their choruses.

So here we are at the end of the silly season and pretty soon politics will begin dominating the news as the pretend process of enacting all the psycho legislation that Biden and the rest of the nation-wreckers have teed up is displayed for us in the headlines.  And once that charade is done it’s time for the Republicans to miraculously make a comeback and win back control of the House and maybe Senate in 2022.  Of course, that won’t undo any of the damage done.  Fake elections will have been enshrined as the law of the land and various other atrocities will be enacted.  But, by gum, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell will be handing out PAC money to their loyal toadies the way nature intended it to be.  And then it will be time for Mitt Romney to start talking about Senate investigations into the failures in the Afghanistan withdrawal.  And the recommendations of that investigation will be to double the defense budget to make sure that next time we never leave a country like Afghanistan again.

But I’m guessing that a lot more Americans aren’t buying into any of this anymore.  A lot of us have seen this movie before.    Does anyone believe that our defense budget isn’t big enough?  Does anyone think we need another aircraft carrier?  Does anyone believe that we all need a third dose of COVID vaccine?  Does anyone believe that putting the first tranny Moslem on the Moon is what NASA should be doing with their budget?  Does anyone believe that eliminating all testing from our schools will bring about equal opportunity for kids in the ghetto?  Does anyone believe that defunding the police will make black kids safer?  Does anyone believe that mandating what percentage of women or minorities or sexual deviants make up the board of directors of a corporation will make it a more efficient or even a more moral company?  Does anyone believe that a country that has tolerated endless affirmative action is afflicted with “systemic racism?”

I could go on forever.  The point is we are reaching a tipping point.  Soon more people will be done with the charade than follow it.  At some point there won’t be enough people who believe in this stuff to keep the thing going.  More people will be looking for ways to avoid the fallout of living in a madhouse than will be trying to keep it going.  For instance, when public schools don’t teach, parents who care about their kids will opt out of them, even if they have to scrimp to pay for private schools.  Eventually the public school system will become untenable.  No employer will hire a public-school graduate.  The local taxpayers will refuse to pay the salaries of people who don’t perform any useful service to the community.

When a city defunds the police, the middle class will move out.  The very rich who can afford private security and the very poor who have no choice will stay.  But the city will become a dysfunctional wasteland the way Detroit has.

And the eventual outcome when these breakdowns continue long enough is that somewhere someone is going to see an opportunity to challenge the system and provide people with an alternative.  If a governor decides to insulate his citizens from the dysfunction that the federal government sponsors, he’ll be the most popular leader in America.  And if he succeeds in resisting the federal government in this effort more than half of the other states will join him.

And if no one comes along to do this a lot of Americans will leave.  We were born and raised in a free country.  If we’re going to be serfs we might as well go somewhere where they treat the serfs better.  We might as well go where they don’t indoctrinate our kids into believing that they were born evil because of the color of their skin.  And when we leave America will become Brazil.

Good-bye To All That

I borrowed the title of this post from a book written by Robert Graves after the end of WW I.  Graves was referring to the smashing of the pre-war civilization in Britain after the horrors of the trench had discredited all the institutions that had led England into and kept it’s young men trapped in the meat grinder that was that war.

World War I had disillusioned a whole generation of men on the competency and legitimacy of the social order that had sent their generation to their deaths.  The fitness of the ruling class had been exposed as an illusion.  This radicalized the population and undermined the control that the old upper-class order had formerly possessed.

In a similar way, the Elites in both the Democrat and Republican parties and in the institutions that they control like the media, the federal agencies, academia and the corporate boardrooms have lost all legitimacy and competency in the minds of the normal members of the American public.

They’ve shown themselves to be completely incompetent at performing the functions they supposedly are experts at.  They can’t win wars.  They can’t be trusted to manage a pandemic.  They can’t maintain the economy of the most prosperous country on the face of the Earth.

The only thing they are competent at is dividing people into warring factions and rigging fraudulent elections.

If tomorrow, ISIS-K took General MIlley captive and demanded some large amount of cash, like fifty or a hundred bucks to get him back alive, sure I’d probably say we should pay it but I’d definitely recommend that we hold out for a price reduction.  But if they catch Pelosi, I’d tell them they can keep her.  I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for her.

So when the next atrocity occurs, when some Afghan refugee that they plunk down in San Francisco blows up the local gay bar in the name of ISIS, well, they can send the CIA or the FBI to Afghanistan to straighten things out themselves.  It’s not going to be my grandsons going.  I can tell you that for sure.

And that goes for the Ukraine or Belarus or Myanmar or any other “critical” hot spot anywhere on this planet.  If human rights are being wronged or women aren’t feeling empowered or LGBTQ people are having their feelings hurt, I recommend they call Putin or Xi.  I’ve lost all sympathy and motivation.  All of my sympathy and interest is concentrated on taking care of my own.  And anyone who wants to be included in that set, more or less, has to agree with me on what things are important.  And everyone else is on his own.

I used to be the most jingoistic American patriot I knew.  I thought Iraq and Afghanistan was payback for 9-11.  I imagined that George W Bush was going to hammer the bastards that attacked us so they’d never come back again.  Instead, he invited them into our country in unprecedented numbers and killed off our soldiers in an effort to make the middle-east into middle America.  And now they want us to care about Afghani refugees.  Let them go live with George Bush.

Being disillusioned is a gut-wrenching process.  But it also provides clarity and eventually that is valuable.  It won’t be so easy for the politicians to manipulate us next time.  And it won’t cost us as much money when we don’t have to pay to build up third-world hell-holes into modern countries.  Let the Iranians pay for the Afghanis to have internet access.  Let the Russians and the Chinese build and maintain sewage systems in Zimbabwe.

Come to think of it, let Merkel and Macron pay for the tanks to keep Putin out of Berlin and Paris.  I no longer see any rationale in maintaining those dying cultures.  They’ve already self-suicided by opening the floodgates to the third world.  I’m more interested in places like Hungary and Poland who take care of their own people.  I admire those countries and hope some areas of our own country will do similar things.

So, excuse me if I don’t watch the Olympics to cheer on the American athletes as they take a knee or turn their backs on the American flag.  Pardon me if I don’t support whatever charity is flying the rainbow flag over their headquarters.  Forgive me if I burst out laughing when some guy in a sun dress comes on tv to tell me how to raise my family.

I’ve said good-bye to all that and am ready to turn the page.

27FEB2021 – And the Truth Shall Set You Free

Anyone older than thirty has probably seen the classic Peanuts cartoon of Charlie Brown and Lucy enacting the football fake.  Lucy tells Charlie Brown that she’ll hold the football for him to kick but when he is running full throttle and just winding up his leg to kick, she pulls it away and he lands on his back in confusion, pain and despair.  And the most horrible part is that this is the hundredth time that Charlie Brown has fallen for Lucy’s assurance that this time it will be different.  Schulz must have modeled this plot on Republican politicians and their voters.  The stupid party, and stupid refers to the voters not the grifters they vote for, have been falling for the football fake for about sixty years.

But hallelujah, for some of us at least, the game is over.  I don’t want to hear about the Supreme Court, balancing the budget or making the world safe for democracy.  All I want is revenge.  The only thing that will get me to the ballot box is voting out any Republican weasel that has stabbed us in the back.  I’d vote for an avowed cannibal if it meant I could banish Mitt Romney to the company of Salt Lake City Californians.  Hell, I’d vote for Caligula if I could see Liz Cheney deprived of a paycheck and forced to get a job as a DMV clerk.

Let’s face it, we live under a Uni-Party.  Giving it two names allows the actors to stage the little puppet show theater spectacle that they put on for our benefit.  Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy strut around waving their hands and then breathlessly report back to us on their efforts.  They admonish us to send more money and vote harder so that they can take back the Senate and the House in 2022 and finally make the world safe for mom, apple pie and the good old traditional Republican sodomites instead of these new-fangled, communist transgendered kind.  Once you’ve seen behind the curtain the only objective is figuring out how to expose the puppet’s strings so that the rest of the audience can share in the joke.

Here’s an example.  Liz Cheney is a neocon.  She hates Donald Trump because he knocked out Jeb Bush and prevented her from getting some cushy job in the Bush III administration’s intelligence apparatus back in 2017.  So instead, she’s dependent on the voters of Wyoming whom she despises to get her re-elected every two years.  Kevin McCarthy knows this but he gave her cover after she voted against President Trump in the Impeachment Show.  She should have been pulled out of her leadership spot.  Who knows, maybe letting her take a kick in the pants might even have allowed her to apologize to the voters back home, gotten re-elected and rethought her place in the world.  But McCarthy’s loyalty is to the system and Liz Cheney has connections to the system that are just as strong as his, maybe stronger, so he caved.

Now my loyalties are to normal people trying to make a living and raise their kids.  They are being assaulted on every side by every elitist run institution and by their camp followers in the managerial and bureaucratic establishments.  A Republican politician’s only motivation should be doing every single thing in his power to break the stranglehold these institutions have over his constituents’ lives.  If it’s not then he is just part of the problem.  And because he is flying under a false flag, he should be treated as all traitors are, with swift justice.  It’s the only way to discourage traitors.

So, there you have it.  We’re in no position to dream about the promised land where everything is run by our side and progressives are cast into the outer darkness and have to live on Styrofoam packing peanuts and wall paper glue.  Progressives run everything and our party is made up of finks and crooks.  But at least some of us know it.

And because we know what’s what, we can at least stop making our enemies our “leaders.”  We can at least withhold consent from those who hate us.  And maybe just maybe we’ll find some men who actually will help us.  Looking at the history of these things, it’ll probably be a Caesar.  He’ll want a lot.  But at this point I don’t think it could be any worse than what we have now.  I’m willing to roll the dice.

So, let’s say this is an optimist’s take.  At least now I won’t be kicking at any imaginary footballs.