Plan B is Not the End of the World

So, I had my little outburst the other day.  And I guess it was cathartic because I feel better, cheerful even.  I think it’s good to be able to resolve a dilemma.  Two years is a long time to wait for clarity.  Good.

As I said, I’ll almost be disappointed if there is a red wave.  Having to worry about all the subsequent actions and the vicissitudes of political war is exhausting and when your team is the Stupid Party it can be maddening.

So, let’s not go there today.  Let me think about the other outcome.  Suppose on Wednesday I wake up and the Democrats still control the Senate.  Maybe it’s still 50/50 or maybe they’ve padded their lead.  What does my world look like?  What is my mission?

Well, remarkably little will change right away.  I guess the first fruits will be a long post on the reality of living in post-America.  Hopefully I won’t make it too morose or vitriolic.  But it will certainly be an acknowledgement of the position of the Dissident Right’s motto, “We’re not going to vote our way out of this.”

After that I will take some time and try to formulate my own agenda in this “brave new world” of post-republican American life.  Right now, I don’t know many details but I have a sense that mostly it will be making as many separate connections with like-minded individuals and organizations as I can and try to support all the things that used to be the business of our society to support.  I think I’ll change my writing schedule to provide much more time for fiction writing.  Conservatives are grossly underrepresented in the arts and producing works that reflect our values and sensibilities might be good for morale.

Beyond that I’ll be making a minor foray into local government.  It won’t be much but it’ll keep me involved with my neighbors.  Beyond that I intend to see if I can find some like-minded people to form a social club.  Currently I’m thinking it could involve a rotating weekly poker game.  But we’ll see.  Billiards is also possible.

So, you see, it’s actually not so bad being a man without a country.  First off, you’re no longer responsible for justifying the bone-headed actions of the government to foreigners.  And if you happen to live in a deep blue state, you can pick and choose which individuals and groups you consider your community.  So, if Barack Obama says that doing something is “not who we are,” your answer would be, “What “we” are you referring to?”

One other thing that will change will be the contents of my posts.  All of the uncertainty and speculation on the political happenings of the day will sort of fade away.  I’ll restrict myself to practical considerations like how to avoid the real-world problems faced by people like me living in a dystopia.  No more discussions about Washington politics unless they have a direct bearing on day-to-day life.  Probably more attention paid to what is going on in the red states and whether any progress is being made to resist the feds encroachment of their sovereignty.

So, this is the first step at figuring out what comes after a November fail.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll go our way.  But if it doesn’t Plan B exists.  And right now, that’s good enough for me.

Here’s Another Poll That Says, “It’s the Economy Stupid.”

The Democrats are working as hard as they can to replace the lousy economy on the minds of voters with anything else; abortion, the Ukraine, gun violence, January 6th, anything.  But it hasn’t worked:

“In the latest Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP Poll conducted in early September, we asked Americans to pick top-3 issues facing the country. The economy came as the top issue for most. It does not matter what party you are from; the sentiment is shared across the political spectrum.

The economy is the #1 issue for nearly half (48%) of the Americans who took part in the poll. It is important to 38% of Democrats, 63% of Republicans, and 46% of Independents.

The #2 issue is Gun violence/Gun control at a distant 27%. Democrats (37%) think it is important and it is ‘somewhat important’ to Independents (21%), but it has limited appeal to Republicans (15%).

Immigration and border security (24%) is the #3 issue. While immigration and border security is a critical issue for one-half (49%) of Republicans, only 21% of Independents think it is important.

Many Democratic politicians want to leverage abortion as a wedge issue, but it has only limited appeal. One in five (21%) think it is important, with 26% of Democrats and a similar share of Independents (25%). Only 13% of Republicans rated it as a top issue.”

So apparently Americans aren’t as clueless as the Democrats hoped.  Sounds hopeful.  Let’s just see if the voter fraud machine is ready to crank out more fake Democrat victories.

Handicapping November 2022

Of late I’ve stated that the coming November elections will be a clear indicator of how much hope there remains for the American political system.  My often-repeated basis for this statement is that the various progressive organizations have totally dropped the mask and exposed their disregard for all legitimate behavior.  And by this, I mean the activities of the last two or three years during which we were exposed to complete loss of freedom during the COVID lockdowns, the collusion between the federal government and the tech companies to silence and punish dissenting opinions, the selective enforcement of laws by the Justice Department.  In addition, with the outbreak of stagflation history informs us that the party in power is always punished severely by the electorate.

Based on this situation we find ourselves in, I would assume that if the American electoral process is still functioning, the Democrats would be handed strong losses in both the House and Senate.  Currently the polls indicate that the Republicans will reclaim the House with a ten to twenty seat majority.  The Senate is much closer with current estimates indicating that the Republicans will take two seats and have a slim majority.  To my mind that is hardly the outcome to be expected when every indicator of government failure is flashing bright red.  To my mind this indicates that the system has stopped working.

But to be fair I think I should define what I think would be a functioning result of the political system in these mid-terms.  As far as absolute numbers I’d say that the House would have to give the Republicans a forty-seat majority.  And the Senate wouldn’t provide that lop-sided a change but I would expect to see all the purple state contests go to the Republicans.  That would be Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Georgia and Nevada.  In addition, I’d expect to see a couple of governors of blue states getting ejected.  Specifically Wisconsin and Michigan should be looking to boot out their governors.

So that’s my definition of a healthy American electoral response to the dysfunction and malfeasance that has been on display by the Democrats in the last few years.  If something resembling this response occurs, I will be heartily encouraged that maybe we can vote our way out of this.  Then it will be up to these politicians to use the people’s mandate to begin holding Biden and company accountable for their reckless misuse of our government.  I’d expect investigations to conclude with an impeachment of at least Biden.  Of course, we won’t have the votes in the Senate to convict him but it will show responsibility on the part of the House.  And it will set the stage for replacing Biden in 2024 with a Republican (Donald Trump) who intends to repair the damage.

But if we end up with the ten-seat majority in the House and a one or two seat majority in the Senate I’ll consider that proof that the United States is no longer able to change course in response to disaster.  Whether this is the result of widespread voter fraud or due to a majority of the electorate having been bought off by the promise of free stuff really doesn’t matter.  The outcome will be the same.  Democrat control of the United States federal government will be assured.

And if that’s the case I will spend my time looking for a Plan B.  whether that’s a red state or a different country depends on how the red states stand up to the feds.  There have been some positive signs in Florida and Texas.  Maybe they’ll move forward with these actions and establish their states as sanctuaries for freedom loving Americans.  Maybe they’ll expand this by joining with neighboring states to form a freedom zone within the United States.  It could be a very large zone.

But that’s a story for the future, after November.  First things first.

Another Anniversary of a Very Sad Day

Time passes and perspective changes.  The horror of that day fades and what remains is the damage that was done in the name of protecting the country from danger.  The overarching result was the surveillance state which as we’ve seen doesn’t protect us from foreign threats but instead is a weapon against Americans.  The Patriot Act and all the other measures that have been put in place to monitor our every word, action and even thought is a monstrous law that has changed the very nature of our relationship to our government.  It is literally 1984’s Ministry of Love.  It combines complete surveillance of the citizenry with unlimited power to punish of anyone who objects to it.  And now with the capture of the internet through proxies like Google and Facebook we have the Ministry of Truth instituted too.  Free speech is seen to be non-existent as any attempts to contradict the Ministry of Truth’s pronouncements are erased from the network.

Looking back to where we were twenty-one years ago, we can see that we have lost our freedoms and gained nothing of security.  It was all a lie.  The only question is can we undo what has been done.  There are two mechanisms.  If we had a majority in Congress and a President who both wanted to repeal the Patriot Act it could be done.  Currently even if the Republicans controlled the Congress there are too many Senators who work for the military industrial complex and would never dream of curtailing its power.  The other way it could be done would be to have the Supreme Court find the Patriot Act unconstitutional.  That would work.  I wonder if the Justice Department and the other parts of the Security State would just ignore the Supreme Court and just continue on with their abuses of power.  It might only serve to prove that we are no longer living under a constitutional government but under a junta instead.

September Eleventh highlights that our government relies on the good will of the people running it to keep it honest.  What is plain to see is that Obama and his regime completely corrupted the security apparatus and now that they’ve gotten a taste for unlimited power, they have no intention of backing away from it.

It will take a concerted effort by all branches of the government; President, Congress and Supreme Court to undo the damage that has been inflicted on our freedoms by the Patriot Act and the other surveillance and control methods.  The problem is how do we reach a national consensus to build up that concerted effort?  So many Americans benefit from the current regime.  They’ve been bought off with money and programs that allow them to coast along.

So that brings us to the possibility that it’s already too late to undo the harm.  If that’s the case then the present regime will have to go through the evolution that all diseased states experience.  The discrepancies between reality and the narrative that the government enforces will eventually lead to massive dysfunction.  And without a feedback mechanism to correct these problems the whole titanic structure of the bureaucracy will crumble under its own weight.  It took seventy years for the Soviet Empire to suffer this kind of catastrophic failure.  Maybe the American Empire will take another hundred years.  Or maybe it’s already starting to tear itself apart.  A case could be made for either scenario.

But what I’ve decided is that the 2022 election is the test case for me.  The disastrous consequences of the Left’s agenda are on full display.  If this does not provide enough impetus to the American electorate to throw out the Democrats, en masse, then nothing ever will.  What we’ll end up with is the situation in Massachusetts where the excesses of the hyper-progressive left are balanced off every eight or twelve years with some squishy Republican who pumps out the water from the sinking ship of state and restores some semblance of sanity until the next spasm of progressive insanity sweeps in another madman who proceeds to sink the ship again.

So, I’m looking for signs that people have had enough.  I can see some hope in places like Florida and Texas where Democrat voters are switching sides.  But so far these are isolated cases.  We’ll need to see it spreading to places like Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania.  So far, the polls are inconclusive.    But it’s less than two months until we’ll know.

A sad day.

Nothing Left to Fear

When the Dissident Right mocks the people who haven’t given up hope of fixing the country conventionally, their favorite line of ridicule is, “Maybe if we just vote harder next time we’ll win.”  The irony is this time we voted as hard as it is possible to vote and we lost by millions.  Basically, the Democrats proved that they can rig any number of votes necessary to win.

So that’s that.  As the dissidents are fond of saying, “We’re not voting our way out of this.”  A few months ago, I said our choices are Fold, Flee or Fight.  None of those are easy choices to make and I still haven’t decided between Flee or Fight.

But one thing is now better.  I no longer have to be afraid of whatever the next thing the Left manufactures to upset me.  For instance, the latest outrages include:

  • D.C. and Puerto Rico will get statehood.
  • Citizenship for sixty million illegals.
  • Make gun ownership illegal.
  • Criminalize Christianity.
  • Criminalize masculinity.

Whatever.  I don’t care.  Trying to figure out how we can scrape together enough votes in the Senate and the House and how to win back the White House and engineer reliable votes on the Supreme Court is just a stupid game they play with us.  They won’t let us win and we won’t win by voting harder.  When all is said and done, I still have three choices, Fold, Flee or Fight.  And none of the things that the Left can do change those choices.  Sure, if they ban guns then it’ll be harder to fight.  But you have to be willing to fight in order for that disadvantage to even matter.  Outvoting me with DC or Puerto Rico is academic.  They outvote us by fraud.  Why should I care if they increase that voting edge?  Can I lose twice in the same election?  If they officially take away my freedom of speech and religion is that much worse than what is going on right now?  Not really.

Short of sending me to an actual arctic prison camp there really isn’t much that they can do to make things worse.  We already live under a coercive tyranny.  The prospect of the Left making things incrementally worse really isn’t scary anymore for me.

In fact, I almost hope they’ll ratchet things up a whole bunch.  If things got much, much worse then I’ll have to make one of those choices.

So, go ahead Dementia Joe, Cryin’ Chuck and Crazy Nancy.  Declare George Floyd’s Birthday a national holiday.  Get Bruce Jenner crowned as Miss America.  Have Miley Cyrus canonized.

I don’t care.

And that feels great.  None of that crap has anything to do with me.  That’s an alternate reality that I never signed on for.  In my reality Bruce Jenner is a self-mutilated mental patient.  George Floyd was a fentanyl addict that mixed it up with the cops.  Miley Cyrus is an ex-Disney child actress turned attention whore.  Joe Biden is a hack politician and a creepy sexual deviant who likes to paw little girls and women.  Kamala Harris is a literal whore who parlayed her sexual favors into a political career in California.  Nancy Pelosi is a drunk who traded on her father’s name as a politician to enrich her husband’s real estate investments through her patronage.

In my reality human beings have the right to freedom of association, religion, speech and self-defense.  If none of those things exist in the place I currently live maybe that’s a good reason to fight the system or leave.  So, thank you Leftists.  You’re making it easier to do something hard to do.

A Normie Basically Admits That Force is the Only Option Left

I found this through a link on a comment on a dissident site.  I think this jibes with what I was thinking when I wrote that the deplorables are waiting for a sign.  As per the author’s direction, I have copied the text and linked it to the site.  It’s long but it is self consistent.

Open Letter from an American Coward

Please save, screenshot, etc., then boost.
I don’t usually ask for my content to be shared. What I am about to say though is perhaps the most important thing I will ever say in public, and in the present landscape of the internet, there is a very high probability that it is being silenced or erased even now as you read it. So, I am asking you to please, save an offline and/or archived copy of this letter RIGHT NOW.

If, once you’ve read this letter, you feel that it has any value or interest whatsoever, please, as a personal favor, send it on through whichever channels, to whichever people you feel safe doing so.

If you think what I say is absurd, please share my letter with your friends so you can all laugh at me.

If you think that what I say is evil, please share it with your friends so you can all rage at me.

If you think I deserve to be punished for what I say, please send my letter on to the “authorities” or to any person you think might hurt me for writing it. At least then, those people will have a chance to read it.

I am
an American, a New Hampshirewoman, a lover of liberty, and a happily married mother of four beautiful children. I have a wonderful life, a bright future, and could not ask for any greater blessing than those I have already received.

My enemies are
in a word, communists. Modern communists do not usually call themselves such. They do not talk about workers rising up and seizing the Means of Production.

Instead, modern communists adopt a rhetorical stance where they assume that all people and all property are ALREADY COLLECTIVIZED, then calmly discuss what WE should do:
– What WE should ALLOW people to own.
– What WE should ALLOW people to do.
– What WE should ALLOW people to say.
– How WE should ALLOW people to use their property.
– How WE should ALLOW people to conduct their businesses,
– … and WHO should be ALLOWED,
– … and WHERE.
– How WE should ALLOW people to raise their children.
– Who should be GIVEN which roles within society.
– etc.

The issue under discussion is always something sympathetic, something most decent people would like to see fixed: Intergenerational poverty, police brutality, environmental degradation, bigotry, violence.

But the solutions modern communists put forward are rarely passive, and they are never liberating. If a problem can be solved by individual action, voluntary charity, by the free market, or by the passage of time, that is never seen as good enough. In fact, nothing that fails to increase the power and control of governments or certain institutions (or to grow the people’s dependence on them) is ever regarded as a solution at all.

The people who do the work of modern communism, debating and voting on these “issues of the day” are mostly not aware of what they are doing. A majority of them are decent people who want real problems addressed. But their thinking is confined to a multiple choice question presented by prestige media and schools where only oppressive proposals are listed as options.

Even those higher up the food chain, the ones who create the policy proposals or set the bounds of debate around them are not usually conscious of the way they are manipulating the public. They are hobbled by a theory of history (care of the school system) where the past is merely a series of dragons slain by government policy, where everything is “systemic”, and where the free choices and conscientious actions of individuals have no meaningful effect.

This is how the enemy operates.
In order for modern communists to have the latitude to execute their plans, they need every citizen to be as weak and dependent as possible. They especially need the middle tiers of management, professions, and bureaucracy to be filled with minimally competent placeholders who owe their position to political and institutional favor. These sorts of people, since they are only able to achieve their present position through the system, are more pliable to coercion and less likely to see freedom in any aspect of life as promising or beneficial.

As a consequence, modern communists wage eternal war against every wholesome and sustainable aspect of life, society, and culture which gives people or communities strength and independence. They see it as desirable to destroy the natural optimum which people discover through freedom and competition and replace it with fragile, orchid-like solutions which could not thrive without government and/or institutional intervention:
– Those with demonstrable skills must be replaced by those with credentials.
– The self-employed must be reduced to the status of employees.
– Property must become regulated or burdened with tax and debt, and wherever possible, wealth must be rendered intangible as abstracted financial fictions constructed of laws.
– People must come to rely on government programs for security where they previously relied on themselves and each other.
– The traditional family and organic communities it forms, such as churches, must be invaded, defanged, and delegitimized to leave people at the mercy of authorities.

To a modern communist, “freedom” means the opportunity for individuals to choose some fundamentally maladaptive way of life and be protected from consequences, encouraged and subsidized by power.

The weaker you are, the more useful you are to those in power. Those who choose to be weak and dependent where they could be healthy and independent are collaborators.

This is what I see happening.
The American public has come to accept all the components of totalitarian states.
– We have come to accept a militarized police.
– We have come to accept ideological indoctrination in schools.
– We have come to accept mass surveillance.
– We have come to accept speech codes.
– We have come to accept the rewriting of history to serve the interests of the ruling party.
– We have come to accept the tarring of political dissidents as “terrorists”, “extremists”, and “White Supremacists.”
– We have come to accept the State telling us when and where we can meet.
– We have come to accept the State shutting down our places of worship.
– We have come to accept the idea that parents should have no special authority over their children.
– We have come to accept the manipulation of thought through the manipulation of language.
– We have come to accept the radical reordering of society by government in the name of crisis.

In the 2016 election, the full-throated manipulation by the mainstream press, academia, and the political establishment was so intense, and so obvious, that many people (myself included) who did not consider themselves “conservative” voted for Donald Trump just to poke a finger in the eye of Leviathan. So many people did so that his margin of victory exceeded the margin of cheat, and he was actually able to become president.

In the intervening years, the modern communists of both parties (though more so the Democrats) and those same media and academia mandarins have only doubled down on their commitment to subjugating the public and clamping down on our personal freedom and political prerogatives. Somehow, in losing electorally, we are to believe that their mandate for runaway collectivism and authoritarianism was strengthened.

Now, in the 2020 election, the fraud and manipulation became so glaringly obvious that, at the time of writing, at least 47% of all Americans, regardless of party loyalty, understand that the election was stolen and Joe Biden is illegitimate. Somehow though, it is still a long shot that Donald Trump, the person who has done more to expose the mendacity and incompetence of the ruling party and institutions than anyone else, will be seated as President.

Every one of those Americans who understands this must realize that this is it. This is the last moment for the American Republic, the last time we will even have a glimmer of a chance of an honest election result, and the last time any opposition to modern communism will be afforded space in the public square. And yet, neither I nor most of you are going to do anything about this situation that might risk our present status or comfort.

This is why I won’t yet act.
Unfortunately for me, the crisis has come either too late or too early. Our family has four young children, a single income, and a base of assets which could be easily lost but probably never replaced. We are maximally vulnerable to the sorts of attacks which collectivists bring against those who fight back.

Even so, if the fight were on, if the majority of Americans who this past election shows are opposed to creeping collectivism were on the march, I would risk it all to join them. No comfort, no wealth, not even life itself is as important as preserving the possibility of human freedom. The hive-society prison which is being built around us must be demolished at any cost.

But when I look around me, I see many people who are paralyzed as I am. We know that the fight for our republic is unavoidable, and that the time is now, but do not see a nucleus of resistance to which we can pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honors without it being tantamount to suicide. We are watching and waiting for someone else to be that nucleus.

Most people who have not committed to the cause of freedom are not conscious supporters of modern communism. Some hold out the futile hope that things will all go back to normal, others have convinced themselves that what is happening is inevitable and cannot be opposed. Both are dead wrong. As open struggle against collectivism, communism, authoritarianism, and globalism rises, both of these positions will weaken, and support for freedom will grow.

If you have the courage to act where I do not,
here is what I WILL do:

– If you speak out against them, I will listen.
– If you act against them, I will not stand in your way.
– If they portray you as uncool, cringey, old-fashioned, unintelligent, or low-class, I will not laugh at you or think less of you.
– If they call you a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, Nazi, granny killer, etc., I will not believe them, nor will I care.
– If they call you a terrorist or an extremist, I will not assume that you are in the wrong.
– When they ask me questions, I will lie, forget, or evade as I am able.
– When they tell me their version of history, I will smile and nod and know they are liars.
– If they dispossess you, I will share what I can.
– If they martyr you, my children will learn your name as that of a hero.
– If you have the courage to be shameless in opposing them, you will be honored in my house.

This is what I will remember.
The universities and the class of “experts” and “professionals” to whom they grant legitimacy have no constitutional role in the American Republic. No amount of schooling grants one authority over others, and no consensus among the educated should have the force of law.

2. The guarantee in the Constitution of “Freedom of the Press” is not a grant of authority to the legacy media or to professional journalists. It is, in fact, a right belonging to the people: WE have the right to publish and disseminate views and information the same as those who work for newspapers or television networks.

3. The Intelligence and Defense establishments of the US exist to secure the rights and liberties of the American people. The US has constructed a vast apparatus to deploy force, subvert or overthrow governments, and disseminate propaganda, but these activities are only legitimate when they are directed OUTWARD. When the geopolitical capabilities of the US government do not act to empower the American people and sustain our Constitution, they are just as criminal as the same actions taken by private citizens.

4. Law enforcement and defense against violence is the responsibility of each and every person. Even though we have become accustomed to having these services provided by professionals, they remain our right and our personal responsibility.

  1. Education of the young is the responsibility of parents and natural communities. Even though we have become accustomed to having this service provided by professionals, it remains our right and our personal responsibility.
  2. Provision of necessities such as food and shelter is the responsibility of each and every person. Even though we have become accustomed to these goods being delivered by a vast and interconnected economic machinery over which we have little control, it remains our right and our duty to provide for ourselves and those we care about.

    7.Though peace, prosperity, happiness, and a long life are all wonderful conditions to experience, they are not what makes a human life worthwhile. Humans have dignity and value insofar as they are free agents struggling and striving to obtain these ends. “Treating someone as a human being” does not mean coddling them and providing for them like you would a child or a pet. It means getting out of their way and leaving them the freedom and latitude to provide for themselves.

    8. Whoever relinquishes their freedom to obtain comfort or security is not acting as a human, but as an animal. Because our fates are all intertwined, such a person is betraying all of us, and does not deserve our concern or regard.

    — Sarah Chamberlain

Say Rather, We Aren’t Going to Just Vote Our Way Out of This

There is a well-known saying on the Dissident Right, “We aren’t going to vote our way out of this.”  This is based on a combination of two facts.

  • No matter how many times we won the Presidency and Congress by voting in GOP Establishment losers, nothing ever got better.
  • Changing demographics will eventually produce a permanent Democrat majority.

And in a lot of ways they are right.  The Republicans have been an unmitigated disaster at least as far back as George Bush the Elder.  No matter where in the government we elect them to they immediately become liberals.  Every Supreme Court that we supposedly dominate pushes the culture farther and farther to the left.  This point has been undeniable up until the election of President Trump.  Of course, you could also make the point that he isn’t really a Republican but either way he’s the first Republican in decades who actually has made a dent in the culture war.

As for the demographics, they have a point there too.  Non-white voters typically vote in higher numbers for Democrats than for Republicans and in a decade or so white Americans will cease to be a majority of the American population.

For me this means that just voting is not going to win the culture war.  But just saying we can’t vote our way out and doing nothing is foolish.  We need to find such men as Donald Trump who want to restore the culture to the things that we actually want.  Whether we can elect them or not is to be seen.  And it is not certain that we cannot form alliances of various ethnicities.  Forging a coalition based on common interests with anyone of any background who wants to have membership in the middle class seems a much better fit than the current confederation of the outraged that the Left has cobbled together based on the myth of the evil white supremacist monsters that somehow is holding back the other more virtuous people of America.

And sometimes it will mean forming alliances based on common enemies.  So, for instance, if both whites and Asians are discriminated against in school admission then it would be natural for them to form common cause to elect politicians who want to eliminate affirmative action in school and employment.  Or how about recruiting women who have seen their daughters displaced on sports teams by men in sun dresses.  Peeling women off the intersectional bandwagon would be a real coup.

But all of these considerations will follow only if we get our act together.  The important project is to kill the Left’s propaganda campaign against normal America.  Fighting back against Antifa and BLM and pushing back against all aspects of the progressive assault is possible, popular and critical to winning back our rights.  And to accomplish those things not only requires us to vote, it also requires us to organize politically.  It means we’ll have to get off our butts and find out if there is a Republican party organization in your area and whether any of the members are actually on the Right.  And if they’re not, try to organize like minded folks to pick someone who is and run him for some low-level post, state rep or dog catcher or whatever.  And if worst comes to worst run for the office yourself.  And it means we have to find out about the higher echelons of the party and support good men and work against the rinos.

So, getting back to the original idea, it’s true that we can’t get out of the hole we’re in if all we do is vote.  But the simple truth is that for decades all we thought we had to do was vote.  We were blind and the people we thought were on our side weren’t.  But that’s hardly a reason to say it can’t be done.  If we actually try, we may fail.  But if we do nothing we certainly will fail.  So, go down swinging.  Do something.  Who knows, you might surprise yourself and actually win!

Interesting Article Over at the Z-Man, “The Long Road”

The folks on the dissident right are known for making the statement that “we aren’t going to vote our way out of this.”  For that reason, it’s interesting to see the Z-Man discussing the importance of tactical flexibility with respect to political opportunities.

The gist of it is that even if you don’t think that political reform can solve all our problems it doesn’t make sense to ignore the advantages that can be obtained at the ballot box.

And this is a good sign.  A lot of the time, the gloom and doom and apocalyptic language coming from the fringe is unhelpful and self-defeating.  President Trump has actually made some good progress (against unbelievable headwind) in judicial appointments, business and trade policies, reining in the bureaucrats and declawing the Justice Department.

While the question of whether restoring the values of the Old America is possible under our present system is still in doubt, it doesn’t seem to me to be the time to give up.  Especially since we’ve actually had some measure of success at the ballot box recently.


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