Give the Left What It Says It Wants

The recent bus service from Texas to New York City and Washington DC that Governor Abbott initiated got me thinking.  It sort of aligns with the idea of acceleration that is popular with some on the Dissident Right.  The idea is to accelerate the crazy ideas that the Left favors in order to let reality crash the system sooner.  The thought is that hitting bottom is the only way to convince the stupid that their beliefs are irrational.

I have mixed feelings about the accelerationist theory.  Hitting bottom seems like a particularly dangerous place to be.  I’m not sure some of these “bottom” conditions can be reversed.  For instance, if Biden allows another fifty million illegal aliens to invade the country, I’m not sure it will be possible to repair that kind of damage short of some horrific violence that might finish the country off altogether.

But the example of the bus rides points to a different kind of acceleration.  If the damage can be restricted to blue states, then maybe the actions will serve a purpose.  Suppose the bus rides were extended to other groups that aren’t wanted in the Red States.  For instance, imagine if the homeless could be persuaded to move to California.  And the same could extend to prison inmates.  Their sentences could be commuted if they agreed to leave the red states permanently.  After all New York and California have been pioneering the concept of emptying the prisons and eliminating criminal convictions.  It only makes sense to send career criminals where their talents can be put to their best effect.

I haven’t gone through all the accelerationist scenarios that could be handled this way but I’m sure it could be quite interesting to play this thought experiment.  Maybe there could even be some kind of negotiations to get certain corporations to move out of state.  Or more realistically, provide a carrot and stick approach for companies (and universities) based on whether they engage in anti-social behavior like white guilt struggle sessions and EDI propaganda.  Hefty fines for each infraction would quickly make these companies weigh whether their policies were more important than relocating.  As a practical example, Ron DeSantis has recently tweaked Disney by eliminating their self-governing status in Florida.  It will be interesting to see if further “lessons” influence Disney’s propensity for condemning conservative laws and programs in Florida.  Changing their behavior would be a major victory.

Obviously, my poor efforts are woefully insufficient to evaluate just how many similar ideas could be identified.  Governors and legislatures are the right ones to do it.  Imagine if Washington DC could be inundated with a million illegal aliens and a hundred thousand freed felons.  Joe Biden would probably have to roll out the razor wire and call back the National Guard to keep his friends from defecating on his lawn, stealing the catalytic converter on his bomb proof limousine and spray painting, “Let’s Go Brandon” on the side of the West Wing.

Well anyway, that’s what I thought about this evening.  You see, I can be constructive if I try.  It doesn’t always have to be doom and gloom.  We can have fun once in a while too.

The Absurdity of Republican Governors in Blue States

The linked article describes how Andrew Cuomo’s refusal to resign following his twin scandals of killing off all of New York State’s old people with COVID and groping all the women who work for him has opened up an opportunity for a Republican to be elected as Governor next year.  Oh, joy.

I lived for decades in a state that typically goes through a cycle of one or two terms of a Democrat governor followed by four or five terms of Republican governors.  How it works is that a Democrat governor does so much fiscal and public safety harm during just a few years in office that even the ideologues in the blue state population realize that their livelihoods and lives are at risk.  So, they allow a Republican to come in and right the ship.

But the Republican governor is so grateful to be allowed to fix their mess that he bends over backward to be indistinguishable from a Democrat on social issues.  The state I refer to is Massachusetts and they brought in William Weld and his two subordinates and then Mitt Romney to clean up the Mike Dukakis mess.  Then after they let the Barack Obama Mini-Me (Deval Patrick) crash the Massachusetts Miracle for eight years they had to bring in Charlie Baker to stop the hemorrhaging and allow the state to revive.

Why exactly Blue State Republicans are willing to fulfill this role for their progressive constituencies is a mystery to me.  I suppose they are attached to their homes and always hope that a permanent equilibrium is possible.  But this is a fool’s hope.  Just looking at Massachusetts, or even more vivid, New York City’s mayoral history will demonstrate that the fiscal and public safety sanity that a Republican leader provides will eventually convince the progressive population that they have nothing to fear by installing a lunatic like Deval Patrick or Bill de Blasio.  And once the inevitable happens they still only grudgingly accept the prescription that a Republican reformer brings to them and chafe at its requirements to hold people accountable regardless of favored racial and sexual status.

So, you get this predictable oscillation, up and down, for crime and poverty and chaos.  The question remains why the Republicans bother.  It will never get better and they will never get credit for keeping their constituencies from destroying themselves.  Places like California, New York and New England should be allowed to destroy themselves without interference from the people they so obviously despise.  This is the accelerationist argument and over time I’ve come to adopt it wholeheartedly.  It will only be after one of these places crashes completely that the people who are left might learn enough to know that the things they believe in are irrational and unsustainable in the real world.

So, I wholeheartedly agree with ridiculing the people who run these states and highlighting for everyone to see how awful the outcomes of their policy choices are.  But I object to the Right, such as it still exists in these places, pulling their chestnuts out of the fire.  Things need to get so bad that even the elites that formulate these nonsensical polices are made to suffer the consequences.  Probably, from my point of view, the perfect outcome would be for the inhabitants to revert to cannibalism and eat Bill Gates and Nancy Pelosi off of a spit.  In that way they could see the racial justice they strive for brought to fruition and also do their part for sustainability.  After all, in California there is an almost inexhaustible supply of white progressives and I can think of no higher use to put them to than as entrees on a community barbecue menu.