About Orion’s Cold Fire

For the new readers, welcome.  I run a site that features my take on social and political happenings from a right-wing perspective (my location on the political spectrum is probably best described here).  I also write on photography and science fiction and do reviews of various books, country music, movies and anything else that interests me.  And I put up my humble work as an amateur photographer.  I encourage comments for those who want to discuss any of the relevant topics.  I allow folks to state their opinions as long as it’s kept reasonable.  I have readers from pretty far across the political spectrum and don’t have a problem with that.  In fact, I think that can be a plus as long as the discussion can be kept reasonably respectful.

My intent is to try and provide a space for folks like me.  Specifically civic nationalists who have gotten it through their thick skulls that establishment parties aren’t interested in defending their values and way of life.  My take is that the US government has suspended our rights to freedom of speech, religion and free association to force us to think the way they want us to.  I encourage readers to share information and opinions and even have some fun.  I want to have a place to discuss the events of the day and any entertaining topics that people are interested in.  If you like what you read the best way to show appreciation is to send a link to someone you think will appreciate it too.  Finding readers is a full time job.  

And I’m looking for people who want to contribute their own posts.  If you are interested e-mail me at orionscoldfire@charter.net and we can discuss if the topics are a good fit for the site.

Anyway, welcome and I hope you can find something interesting to read and maybe discuss.


post script – Oh, I forgot, I also do outlandish Trump humor where I fondly portray him as a cartoonish version of himself.  Very juvenile of me but I must have my fun.