Guest Contributor – Glenn W – 04FEB2024 – Free Association

Hi photog,

I basically agree with your analysis (I haven’t listened to the Zman’s podcast though). Freedom of association is critically important and it’s childish for people to demand to be included in clubs where they aren’t welcome. For example all the current hubbub about Taylor Swift is, in my opinion, because football was one of the last few bastions of testosterone heavy entertainment remaining and now even it is being eroded.

I completely agree that all levels of government must be color blind in their enforcement of the law. Separate but equal was always nonsense.

I will say I have some reservations about “public accommodations” being excluded from freedom of association. I can see forcing grocery stores to allow all law abiding members of a community (that would exclude shop lifters) to purchase food. On the other hand I don’t see why we need to force coffee shops to serve their over priced drinks to everyone. When I was younger the general attitude was that if we force people who don’t like each other to associate then we’ll all discover we aren’t so different after all. The ink is black, the page is white, together we learn to read and write… That just doesn’t seem to be true.

Feel free to call me an idiot (well, within reason :-)).

On With the Show

Well, it was Friday so of course, I listened to the ZMan’s podcast.  It was called “The Mutant Supremacy” and was about the search to find the part of the Democrat constituency that is responsible for demanding the worst of their agenda.  These would be things like reparations, transgender rights and all of the most egregious policy demands.  He did a pretty good job narrowing it down by analyzing the underlying motivations of the various components of the Democrat coalition.  All in all, a good discussion.  And one of his points was that without the small group of people that spearheads these crazy causes the rest of the Left and Right would probably get along reasonably well, as opposed to the Civil War that seems to be on the verge of breaking out any day.

And then later on I saw that trailer again for that upcoming “epic” movie. “Civil War” and it made me think that all of this is completely unnecessary.  None of the things going on is due to inevitable clashes between different classes and ethnic groups at all.  All of these things are being stirred up by the same people who gave us Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  All of this is a deliberate program of incitement.  Joe Biden released millions of illegal aliens into the United States deliberately to sow conflict and worsen the economic plight of the American working class.  All of the dislocation associated with the “green energy program” will make everyone except for the investors in the companies manufacturing the green energy products, poorer.  For all the rest of us, we will be paying more for gasoline, heating oil and gas, food and all the other products that are manufactured from or with fossil fuels.  And then think of the whole COVID fiasco.  They were willing to shut down the whole economy and keep kids out of school for a year just to sabotage voting in an election.  And with the recent confirmation that the COVID virus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab it points to even more awful possibilities.  It has been reported that the United States, probably for the CIA, was paying for a virus program at Wuhan that included “gain of function” modifications to bat corona viruses.

When I first read that I felt like it was some kind of bad joke.  I mean, what other information would be needed for anyone with even room temperature IQ to make the imaginative leap to the idea that we paid for the COVID virus.  I just hope we didn’t actually release it too.

So, if we live in a society where a small number of people antagonize the rest of the population with increasingly harmful and even disastrous governmental dictates, how long can it be before this program leads to open revolt?  And after all, isn’t that exactly why all these things are being pushed?  None of these things satisfy the various aggrieved parties.  They only enrage the people they target, the unprotected constituencies that suffer the consequences.  So maybe all of this is to bring on the war that they claim we’re spoiling for.

So, I have to assume their ready for it.  Just as they were ready for the January 6th riot.  You could say they wanted the riot.  Some say they actually led it with undercover agents in the crowd entrapping the unsuspecting protestors.

Maybe they’re ready for what is going on in Texas.  Maybe they want the confrontation.  It’s hard to say.  But I think at a certain point all of this becomes a fait accompli.  A spark will set off the whole powder keg and we’ll get the explosion that the Left has been building for decades.  And at a certain point you stop caring about trying to avoid the inevitable.  The extra work becomes insupportable.

So, when Joe Biden wins the 2024 election, things will change.  I think those not on the Left will abandon the presidential election as a legitimate institution.  I think what we’re seeing in Texas right now may be the blue print for what will happen going forward.  The Constitution’s definitions of the federal government’s duties can be used to prove that they are in dereliction of their responsibilities and this provides a rationale for the states to step in.   This is what Governor Abbott has done for the border crisis and it can be used in the future for a number of similar cases where the feds have defaulted on their responsibilities.

From my point of view, the sooner this begins, the better.  With his abysmal approval ratings, Biden is in the weakest position imaginable for a president and additional attacks will weaken him further.  Will the outcome be a disaster for our side?  Maybe.  But as I said earlier, at a certain point you just stop caring and want to get it over with.  On with the show.

Guest Contributor – GlennW – 28OCT2023 – Reaction to Chucking Pebbles

Hi photog,

I’ve been watching the comments to your post to see if a discussion breaks out. Well, maybe I should be the first one to jump in and see what happens.

As you may remember, I read and listened to ZMan religiously until the kerfuffle with Michael Anton. After giving it some thought I decided that Anton was a lot more right than the ZMan and I just lost interest. I’m sure ZMan would brand me as a “civ-nat” but I just can’t care anymore. As I get older I find one dimensional labels, including “civ-nat”, worse than useless and try to avoid them when possible.

There are several ideas I would like to throw out there and see what your readers think. It seems to me that the white collar and entrepreneurial community always knew the blue collar folks were getting the shaft. For the most part they thought they were on the “right side” of history so they were safe. Now they are starting to realize they are just the next ones to be eaten by the crocodile. The next couple of years should be interesting.

You are correct that ZMan doesn’t think the races can live together under one set of laws fairly enforced. A big problem for the Dissident Right is they can’t really provide a definition of “race.” White, black, and brown aren’t races. I have heard ZMan say on several occasions that the original colonies should have grouped together into five different countries, instead of one, due to differences in the English immigrants. For anyone whose interested I believe he got that idea from the book Albion’s Seed.

If that’s true, and you multiply that across all European immigration to the U.S., there are literally hundreds of white groups (really clans) in North America. Add to that all the other immigration that’s happened over the years and I am a bit perplexed as to how the Dissident Right would implement a government. ZMan never provides a sketch of what this reconstituted government would look like and I suspect that’s on purpose.

Also, per their theory, I should prefer to live next to other white people (yes, I’m white) over anyone else. I happen to be Christian and find that I have more affinity for other Christians than a generic white person. I would, in no uncertain terms, rather live next to a black family from my church than Richard Dawkins. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way and would fight any attempt to cram some form of involuntary segregation down my throat.

In the end I don’t think the Dissident Right will be a majority on the “right”. If they hope to accomplish anything they will have to learn to work with the civ-nats who they love to hate. Maybe ZMan is coming around to that view? I guess we’ll see in time.

Chucking Pebbles

Last week I was listening to the Friday morning Power Hour podcast that the ZMan produces.  And during the discussion he mentioned that he was surprised when a particular civ-nat pundit who was usually very mainstream normie-con started exhibiting a lot of the talking points that the ZMan associated with the dissident right perspective.  I don’t think ZMan was very specific about the exact context and exactly how far to the right this fellow had gone, but I guess the change from the pundit’s usual rhetoric to this new point of view was sufficiently great to merit surprise.

I found this interesting.  Usually, ZMan is extremely dismissive of civnattery.  He finds their points of view hopelessly naïve and foolish.  So, his surprise caught my attention.  Now what exactly the details of this change were, I can’t say.  But what I assume was that this pundit started using the vocabulary of the dissident right.  Maybe he used a term like anti-white racism or just anti-white as a description of someone on the Left or some policy.  Something like that might surprise coming from someone who has up until now avoided racialist terminology.  Maybe it was a comment about the dishonesty of the establishment Republicans and their phony struggle against the Left’s policies.  Or maybe it was an opinion against the war in Ukraine.  But whatever it was it’s part of a trend that is no longer possible to ignore.  The normies, a lot of them, are waking up.

I have a theory about why the Dissident Right has been at the cutting edge of the awakening on the Right.  I think many on the dissident Right have their roots in the blue-collar working class.  And that is the segment of White America that was impacted first by the policies and prejudices that the Left and their minions installed during the last fifty years.  It was the working class that had a ringside seat for the Great Society upheavals with welfare culture destroying the schools and neighborhoods that they inhabited.  And it was the working class that were the first and hardest hit by the off-shoring that went hand in hand with the globalization program of the Left.

And so, the most discerning of the working class were able to express the things they saw and they became the vanguard of the Dissident Right.  But now that the whole program of the Left has emerged the white-collar workers and the entrepreneurial community have been impacted and now the intelligentsia.  Even leftist journalists can see what’s happening and recognize the Orwellian nature of what’s going on.  In that environment it makes sense that even the blindest of normie-con pundits would stumble onto the truth.

Now the funny thing is that even tripping over facts doesn’t mean that unanimity will break out between the Dissident Right and the people to their immediate left.  The folks on the Dissident Right talk about a river that they cross that separates them from the rest of the Right.  And that difference has more to do with their beliefs about the incompatibility of different ethnicities and races of people.  And they see this as part and parcel of the problems that are afflicting this country.  And they don’t believe that the possibility exists for different types of people to live together under one set of laws even if it were fairly enforced.

Currently the dissidents and those on the other side of the river just shout back and forth at each other and shake their fists because it’s an academic question.  The administrative state, since the 1960s, has used things like affirmative action and other forms of discrimination to stir up animosity between various communities.  It’s currently illegal to hire people based only on their individual talents.  A quota must be filled regardless of whether qualified applicants can be found based on race and gender.  If this ever gets fixed then we could find out if the Dissident Right is correct in their belief that different people can’t coexist amicably.  Until then it’s just speculation and we can stay on separate sides of the river pointing at each other and maybe chucking pebbles across from time to time.

“Bugs, Mr. Rico. Zillions of em!”

ZMan takes the Dean of Science Fiction to task on his concept of a soldier only franchise in “Starship Troopers.”

Of course he’s rightly basing it on the book but even the highly toxic spin that the director took with the movie still made it a fun experience to watch them zap those bugs.  Hopefully some of Heinlein’s better novels and juveniles will be brought to the screen the way they deserve.

For fans (and detractors) of the book there is a lively discussion in the comments of the post.

Mercenary Rule

A Friday Lecture and the Laboratory of Real Life

I spent my morning exercise time listening once again to the ZMan’s Friday podcast.  And once again it was a very illuminating hour.  Ostensibly it was about the degrading of college football.  But really that was only a single example of corporatism’s ability to dissolve the underlying value of an institution or business and convert it to short term gain.  And the whole talk is extremely well done.  It’s like a lecture by a college professor who knows his material pat and who also happens to be a gifted orator.  I’ll stop raving about it now but if you are interested in hearing how we’ve gotten into the mess we’re in with the managerial state swallowing the federal government and just about every other institution give it a listen.

After that I read through the news and my Twitter (I mean X) feed.  It was a combination of more bad news from Washington and some small bits of hope from some of the less crazy parts of the nation.  On balance I think the nation as a whole is growing tired of Biden’s America.  I haven’t seen any organizing in order to begin taking control of things above the state level yet.  I’ve been hoping that more cooperative action would begin.  But maybe the 2024 election is actually a barrier to people thinking in those terms until after it’s lost.  Maybe after the expected election fraud returns Biden to the White House next year people will realize that waiting to take back the federal government is a fool’s errand.  And that they have to control the things that they have power over and work around the things they don’t.

A nice summer day today so I tried to find some macro shots (insects and flowers) but there weren’t many bugs at all.  It’s as if the insects were on strike.  Even the mosquitoes and deer flies were missing.  But I found a dead toad and set it up as bait.  Later on, I saw a carrion beetle sizing the toad up.  We’ll see what develops.

I also tried to get some shots of Camera Girl’s free-loading turkey flock but they were MIA.  A little later I think I saw the reason.  An adult fox showed up and made the rounds.  It was a good-sized animal but the fur was very light in color.  I asked Camera Girl if she thought it was one of the gray foxes but she said it had red in its fur.  Now I’m color blind but I could tell it was very light.  It almost looked like a cream color to me.  Well, anyway, I hope it didn’t eat up all of Camera Girl’s gobbling welfare recipients.  She really does like them and I will admit I hear they eat lots of ticks and that’s always a welcome situation.

Now I don’t pretend to know how much impact a thoroughly cynical electorate could have on the regime of the United States but I definitely think that it does have an impact on the behavior of the people who live as captives under this regime.  One of the impacts is already being seen.  A migration out of the blue states and into the red states is ongoing.  People are doing everything they can to minimize their exposure to dysfunction.  The same kind of thing is going on in other aspects of life.  People are avoiding the public schools.  They’re looking for colleges that aren’t propaganda internment camps.  They’re avoiding the chaotic blue-run cities.  And lately they’re even trying to punish companies that hate them through boycotts like the one that’s currently strangling Bud Light to death.

So maybe the grand total of all these small changes in behavior might have some bigger effects.  All this remains to be seen.  But watching this stuff is the only show in town.  After all, saying the wrong thing will get you dragged off to the gulag or even shot in the street by the Stasi.  Much better doing the things within your purview and just observing how stupid and obnoxious all these feds really are.

So, the summer is winding down and there are a few more get togethers scheduled.  The grandkids have been away this week at the beach and it sounds like they had a lot of fun.  Now school is imminent and we’ll see if they can spend the last week or two in the pool while their parents scramble to get things done.  I’ve had my one-on-ones with them and watched as much Godzilla and Jurassic Park as an alleged grownup possibly can and still survive.  Soon it will be shifting over to Fall and the approach of Halloween.  There are still a couple who haven’t been initiated into the classics of Universal’s Monster movies of the ‘30’s and ‘40’s.

I guess that’s enough for now.  Enjoy your day.

04AUG2023 – Dissident Clarity, Home Maintenance and the Art of Surviving the Apocalypse

Friday morning is one of my favorite times.  I usually get to spend an hour or so in the home gym and I usually listen to the ZMan’s Friday podcast.  And today was no exception.  As I said I’m changing up my exercise routine so it wasn’t routine but I was still able to pay attention as the Voice of Saruman declaimed on the workings, or rather, the non-workings of the American political system.

But he changed it up a little and this time he played devil’s advocate and tried to describe what it would take to fix our political system.  Or, more accurately, he explained what would happen if we tried.  And I think he was relatively even-handed in his estimation of what it would take to change the Republican party into an honest representative of the American Right.

And then he ended off this discussion by talking about what happens if the Uni-party continues on, in full control of the country.  He gives four alternatives.

  • The Uni-party consolidates its control and produces a stable and powerful regime that rules in perpetuity.
  • The Uni-party continues to struggle and internal forces within the power structure create reforms to address the more dysfunctional policies of the Left.
  • The Uni-party continues to struggle and a rogue component of the Uni-party performs a coup that forces reforms that shake up the status quo.
  • The peasants revolt and burn the whole damn thing down.

I found the tenor of the whole discussion extremely moderate and reasonable.  In fact, it occurred to me that the ZMan was risking his standing as a dweller on the fringe.  Someone might accuse him of not being crazy.  Hopefully, word won’t leak out.

Afterward as I mulled over his words, I continued with my repair of the lock on my sliding glass door.  As I described the other day, the latch on the inside of the door broke off and the replacement handle I bought at the local hardware store didn’t fit.  So, I went on line and bought a new latch.  It was supposed to be a direct replacement but that was a lie.  Now I’m going to buy a whole new set-up; handles, lock, latch mechanism and hardware and start from scratch.  I anticipate a disaster.  But at least temporarily I can lock the door at night to keep the werewolves, vampires and ghouls at bay.  I think Camera Girl is starting to lose faith in my mechanical aptitude.  Confidentially, so am I.  I realized I had mislaid my claw hammer.  I’ve had the thing for forty some odd years and I really don’t use it that often so I don’t have an excuse for losing it.  I would think this is the first sign of dementia except it’s really the millionth episode starting in my early twenties.  So maybe I’ll take a wait and see policy because I’m too lazy to do anything about it anyway.

Camera Girl and I started watching a tv series on FX called “The Old Man” with Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow.  Bridges is a rogue CIA agent that has been hiding out for the last thirty years trying to live a normal life with his wife and daughter.  Lithgow was his old handler who is now an FBI big wig who doesn’t want Bridges to be caught because it will expose his part in shady doings that went on when the Russians were at war in Afghanistan.  So far (two episodes in), it’s very interesting and both of the leads are extremely interesting to watch.  Hopefully it continues to impress us.  We’re always short of good things on tv.

The ZMan’s podcast reinforced my recent feelings that we will be engulfed in this class struggle here in the West for a very long time and it is up to all of us and each of us on our side to strengthen the things we believe in and form as many links in the world to help our side survive the onslaught of the Left.  And surprisingly, it left me feeling slightly calmer and happier than before I listened to it.  Maybe it was his talk or maybe I’m reaching a better place with the status quo.  Panic doesn’t seem to be productive.

Well, that’s enough for now.  Have a great day.

05JUN2023 – OCF Update – This’N’That

Probably the most significant news is that yesterday the long-discussed Ukraine offensive began.  There were several troop and tank movements in the Donetsk

“Russia’s defence ministry released video of what it said showed several Ukrainian armoured vehicles in a field blowing up after being hit.

Russian forces killed 250 Ukrainian troops as well as destroying 16 tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles and 21 armoured combat vehicles, the ministry said.”

Currently the Ukrainians have not released any statements with their take on the fighting.  From what I read the Ukrainian forces involved included about sixty tanks, 3,000 men, artillery and other armored vehicles.

This is still just a small fraction of the forces available for this offensive but it seems clear this wasn’t a feint.  It’s act one.  It will be evolving over the next days and weeks and it will be gut-wrenching for all involved.


The Z-Man had an interesting post today about the evolving perspective on the dissident right about what the struggle with the Left actually entails.  Instead of the resistance of the Right to slow down the Left’s never-ending push to produce a heaven on earth he posits that the dissidents are aiming to eliminate ideology as the engine of human social advancement.  What’s being rejected is basically the Enlightenment project that gave birth to liberal democracy in the West.  In its place would be a pragmatic program based on the limitations of human society.  No more heaven on earth.  Just earth.

Pretty thought provoking stuff.


I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about a horror movie (if that’s the genre) called Nefarious.  Apparently it’s a death row prisoner being interviewed by a psychiatrist to see if he’s sane enough to be executed.  The twist is that the prisoner claims to be possessed by a demon who wants the execution to proceed so he can escape to a new body from which he can continue his mayhem.  It’s still in the theater so they want twenty bucks to stream it at home.  Well!  I must be getting old.  I remember when twenty bucks was actual money.  I remember as a kid I once found a twenty dollar bill and I thought I was rich.  So anyway I’m stalling until it comes down in price.  It looks pretty good in the trailer.  The producers aren’t mainstream Hollywood types.  They’re on the religious side of things.  So that makes it even more interesting to me.  Maybe I’ll spring for the twenty bucks.  I’ll probably still be able to eat that week.  And supporting alternatives to woke corporations like the Hollywood studios is almost a religious obligation.  So I guess I’ll fork over the quatloos.