As the Neocons Blunder Their Way to Armageddon

It’s almost as if they would prefer to spark a world war rather than admit that the world would be infinitely better without them.


What Says Banana Republic Like a Visit from the IRS on the Day You Testify in Congress

Matt Taibbi is testifying before the House sub-committee on the weaponization of the federal government.  And what better proof of the existence of this problem than the IRS picking this time to show up at Taibbi’s house in person to confront him on his possible problems with his taxes?

Well, at least you can’t claim that the IRS doesn’t have a sense of humor.  It’s a morbid sense of humor but obviously heart felt.  You see?  These folks don’t work clandestinely they are openly contemptuous of any attempt to rein in their abuses.

25JAN2023 – Shoveling Various Things

So, I’ve been under a form of coercion for the last three days.  Between shoveling snow and shoveling paperwork I’ve been buried alive.  Now I’ve been reading the news and opinion for the last few days and thinking about what might be interesting.  There are developments on both sides of the Ukraine war and there are interesting developments in Kevin McCarthy locating his backbone but I just haven’t had any time to contemplate, cogitate, and rhapsodize on these themes.

Instead, I’ve been concentrating on just what awful people inhabit the cesspool that is the Uniparty.  Schiff, Swalwell and Schumer.  And that’s just the esses.  The bees, ems and the pees are no better.  It’s a whole alphabet full of sleazebags, crumb-bums and crooks.  But at some point, during my second day of shoveling I wasn’t too cold from the weather or too hot from the exertion and I was feeling curiously relaxed by the rhythm of throwing the snow over my shoulder that I started thinking about the bright side of our present situation.

For one thing McCarthy said categorically that Schiff and Swalwell were disqualified from being on the Intelligence committee because they were, respectively, a documented liar about classified information and a purchaser of sexual favors from Chinese spies.  And I thought, “Hey that’s right, McCarthy said these two guys are scumbags and he wasn’t afraid of hurting their feelings like that RINO Paul Ryan would have been.  He just said it as a matter of fact.  That’s kind of fun.

And he’s going to try to keep Ilhan Omar off a committee too.  He’ll have to whip his whole party to make it happen but he’ll probably succeed because she’s a lousy human being and probably almost no one likes her anyway.  And that’s kind of fun too.

And McCarthy looks like he’s going to at least try to negotiate with the White House on some kind of budget deal.  Sure, he may cave and go along with the continuing resolution on the obscenely bloated so-called budget because all the media outlets are screeching every hour on the hour that the sky is falling because we won’t be able to send out the welfare checks to the illegal aliens.  But at the least he won’t just roll over and add another $100 billion for Ukraine as far as I can see.  And he won’t ban guns by calling them assault weapons so that’s pretty good too.

And then I heard that Mike Pence found classified documents in his fanny pack or his nap room and I started to laugh.  Now Mike Pence is a threat to our democracy.  Who’s next, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger?  Should they rifle through Grant’s Tomb to see if there were any Civil War secret weapons that might end up in Russian hands?  Our Deep State have beclowned themselves in the last few months.  Sure, they’re a metastatic cancer on the lifeblood of our republic but they’re also the Keystone Cops.  Certainly, they destroy the lives of many innocent Americans but they’re also pathetic losers.  And it’s almost certain that they’ve already sown the seeds of their own destruction.

Any society that descends down the path of surveillance state eventually implodes from loss of legitimacy.  Eventually everyone pretends to believe the lies but no one actually does.  And one day pretend loyalty won’t be enough to save the state from a catastrophe and after that you get the Soviet Union and East Germany and Romania in the 1990’s.  And if they’re not careful they’ll end up with what Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu got, a kangaroo court like they gave their victims and a firing squad.

So, there’s no big news this week.  Just little stuff.  But I must be in a good mood because I had all these pleasant thoughts while shoveling.  Well, exercise is good for you.  Maybe it’s good for the soul too.

What’s the Message?

So, what do I think of Joe Biden’s classified document problems?

As the regime scribes breathlessly report the latest daily discovery of classified document caches in Hunter Biden’s far-flung empire of crack and hooker safe houses let us see if we can decode the message being sent.  Aside from the obvious signal to Dopey Joe that 2020 was his last rodeo are they telling all of us something too?

Maybe not intentionally.  But surely, they’re aware that most people no longer think the politicians call the shots in Washington.  We’ve been given a master class in how the administrative state can prevent any politician from enacting any policy they don’t agree with.  And they’ve also demonstrated that they can imprison anyone from a Q-anon shaman to a general to a former president if they decide to.

Then the Deep State should be aware that most people see this exercise of intimidating a president for what it is.  That means that those in charge aren’t afraid to nakedly signal their control over the government of the United States.  They aren’t in any way afraid of the people knowing that they’ve effectively usurped the sovereignty of this country.

To me that’s the message.  When they took Nixon down probably most people believed it was what they said it was.  A coverup by the president of the action of some rogue administration flunkies.  Brave reporters and patriotic FBI agents putting country before their own personal safety and careers, blah, blah, blah.  But we’re not that stupid anymore.  We’ve seen this kabuki theater a bunch of times.  It’s predictable.  And they must know that we know.  To my mind the message is, “Get used to it.”

That means that Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are risking a lot challenging and tweaking the noses of the Deep State and their allies in the Congress.  They already came after Gaetz.  They tried to hang him out to dry on a phony sex crime.  I don’t doubt they’ll try something else again.  Jordan’s subcommittee on weaponizing the Justice Department is waving the red cape at the bull.  I don’t doubt they’ll play some dirty tricks on him.

I read somewhere that one of the rules that Gaetz and company restored was one that allowed the House of Representatives to withhold the funding of any agency based on a majority vote.  If this is true that could be a substantial club that might impress the Deep State.  After all money is a big part of the lure that puts these people in these agencies.  The salaries and benefits are extremely attractive.  Imagine if the Congress got serious about punishing these creeps.  It would take guts but it might be a way to convince them that this isn’t their country.  It’s supposed to be ours.

Yeah, but who am I kidding?  They’d have Jordan and Gaetz in a holding cell so fast it’d make their heads spin.  They’d go after their wives and kids.  They’d have the FBI dig through every document they’d signed since their first library card and they’d link it all to Putin.  And they’d laugh about it in public.  They’re not afraid and they don’t care if we know it.

So, what do I think of Joe Biden’s classified document problems.  I don’t think anything of it at all.

This Guy Thinks the Deep State in Going to Jettison Dopey Joe

I’ll break it down.  They’re going to use this document thing to deep six Dementia Joe and replace him with Gavin Newsom in 2024.   Well, I guess, maybe, I dunno.  I guess I’m getting jaded.  I’ve stopped caring about all the clever things the Democrats can do to misdirect the American people.

Whether it’s Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom or Bozo the Clown the program will be the same.  As long as this goes on without opposition there’s really not much excitement about which talking head is in the center ring.

I guess for people who try to figure out exactly how the maniacs running our country manipulate the public this might be fascinating.  Well there you go.  Let the chess games begin.

Meanwhile, what I’d find more interesting is whether the House Republicans will have the backbone to start saying no to the Senate and White House when they come screaming for money in a few months.  They should hold out for a balanced budget and tell Dopey Joe to pound sand.  Now that would be fascinating and invigorating.

The Rallying Cry of 2024 – Defund the Deep State

Let’s face it, the political activism in 2022 is a purely defensive crouch.  Taking back the House and Senate are the equivalent of bringing your arms and hands over your face while you’re on the ground being pummeled.  It’s hardly a 4D chess move.  But if we’re ever going to accomplish anything against the Leviathan in DC, we will need to starve it out.

I think the first step is to cap all federal salaries at $54,132 which is the median US salary and freeze hiring except at the discretion of the President.  Then start punishing the Deep State swamp creatures by making their lives much less fun.  Move the State Department to Baltimore and the FBI to St. Louis and reassign the sensitive jobs to direct appointees of the President.  Then reduce and simplify the income tax so it can be done with sixth grader math and convert 90% of the employees of the IRS into public restroom attendants in the high crime districts of America.

So even this guerilla warfare against the Deep State would be just the warning shots.  Whole agencies will have to be reinvented.  The FBI and the CIA have to be defanged.  In addition to repealing the Patriot Act and the FISA Courts all of the bad actors that staged the coup against Trump must be removed from positions of authority and put in charge of counting paper clips and shredding paper.  And the new work that is determined to be valuable will be given to people who won’t have the power to attack the American people again.  Those powers will be removed from the jobs.

Another priority is to legislate the venue for trials against federal employees to be in areas that don’t house large bureaucracies.  The spectacle of John Durham’s prosecutions all being acquitted proves just what kind of justice you can expect in Washington DC.

Now let’s think of what some of the consequences of this kind of change will be.  First of all, it will impoverish the Greater Washington DC area.  How great is that?  Rents and property values will collapse.  Hobo jungles will spring up in Georgetown and Chevy Chase.  PBS documentarians will be able to interview people like Antony Blinken and Merrick Garland as they huddle around a trash fire cooking their mulligan stew and hear disoriented stories about how they used to be somebody.  And DC will revert to a slightly warmer Newark, New Jersey.

I understand that there are many priorities that vie for a place among what needs to be done to save this country from the disaster that is overtaking us.  But directly attacking and taking the food out of the mouths of truly dangerous people like the deranged bureaucrats that torture us on a daily basis should be right at the top of that list.  In the long run finally getting the budget under control will require paring down the federal bureaucracy so we might as well get some fun out of it too.

And defunding the Deep State does not mean we should neglect to prosecute the bad actors who’ve done so much harm in the last few years.  I just think it will be easier and more effective if we first remove them from power.  Once you’re only earning a third of what you once were you have bigger problems than promulgating new laws on pronouns.  Instead, they’ll be concentrating on making that huge mortgage payment.  That’s the time to drag them into court to answer for their past sins.

Now the problem with all this is that legislators have a very cozy relationship with the bureaucrats.  Attacking them is tantamount to betrayal.  That is why the influx of outsiders like Marjorie Taylor Greene is such a great thing.  These people aren’t beholden to the Deep State.  The problem is they’re a handful in a sea of insiders.  This is why I almost despair of how much still has to be done.  But there’s no reason not to define the problem.  And that’s why I still bang this drum.  Carthago delenda est.

All You Zombies

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, John Fetterman, The Clintons.  The list goes on and on.  Where do these people come from?  They’re all the weirdest individuals imaginable outside of the Arkham Lunatic Asylum.  And yet they’re accepted and elected to high office by tens of millions of American voters.  This alone is an indictment of our society.  Only corruption so ingrained and pervasive as to be virtually the dominant force in our politics could explain Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being the President and Vice President of the United States.

Listen to Nancy Pelosi just once and you’re sure that she’s an inebriated dolt.  Try to follow an answer that Harris gives to a direct question.  It’s like some kind of scene from a Seinfeld episode where George Costanza is pretending to be an architect or a marine biologist.  She’s a complete moron.  Buttigieg is only nominally less stupid.  Now we have an actual stroke victim pretending he’s capable of representing his state in the Senate.  I guess compared to these characters the bald guy wearing the wig, dress and admiral’s hat is the normal one.

And finally, the pinnacle of our dysfunctional government menagerie, Joe Biden.  His advancing dementia is actually his least offensive characteristic.  He’s a congenital liar.  He lies continuously and so outrageously that there’s no way for him to hide it.  He lies to make himself look better.  He lies to hide the incompetence of himself and his administration.  He lies to further his personal gain.  He lies to fool the American people about the terrible policies he wants to adopt.  And sometimes I think he lies just to stay in practice.

Based on the things we’ve learned about him from his own family he’s a frightening deviant who showered with his teenaged daughter.  He’s very credibly accused of having sexually assaulted a woman on his Senatorial staff in broad daylight.  He sidles up to women and girls and sniffs their hair and fondles their shoulders even while being televised.  And he’s the father and business partner of Hunter Biden, a crack-smoking bagman who has managed to make his father look slightly less insane by comparison.  And this is the President of the United States of America.

So how the hell do we get rid of these people?

There is no answer to this question.  Because there is no simple solution.  The federal government is a Frankenstein’s Monster that has been created by well meaning people to solve problems like World War II and the Great Depression but instead is now uncontrollable and a menace to those it’s supposed to serve.  The FBI, the other intelligence agencies and several other key agencies have been given carte blanche by such laws as the Patriot Act and the FISA court to control Americans at any level they choose to.  Combine that with the data collection resources they’ve amassed and we have something even Stalin would have thought beyond the pale.  So how exactly do you rein in this monster?  It would take the concerted effort of the President and Congress along with the armed forces to dismantle our Deep State.

And don’t get me wrong.  It’s worth doing.  It’s the only way we could wrestle back our country.  But who’s got that kind of power?  We’d need a cadre of supermen to make it happen.  Instead, we’ve got Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.  So as much as I’d like to imagine us draining the swamp, I realize that it would involve first uniting the country in a way that hasn’t happened since World War II.  We’d need a supermajority in the Senate and House and we’d need a President who was personally unafraid to take on people who probably aren’t afraid to use assassination as a problem-solving technique.

But I’m game to see it done.  I just think it’s important not to kid ourselves.  Winning an off-year election or even winning the Congress and Presidency is far from sufficient to make this happen.  Mitch McConnell is bought and sold.  Half of the Congress is too.  We’re so far from seeing anything happen that it’s hard to even imagine how it would.  But let’s see it play out.  If nothing else it’s fodder for a book.  It’s like watching Rome in the time of Julius Caesar or possibly Caligula.  The bad guys control so much of the playing field that it’s hard to even find the good guys.  But let’s watch it unwind.  At least we can watch the freak show go by.  That’s good for a few laughs.

The Sussman Verdict

So I read the articles (1, 2, 3) about Sussman being acquitted.  It’s a long sordid tale.  The judge is a colleague of Sussman’s from the Clinton White House.  His wife is a lawyer that defended the FBI agent that was part of the Russia-gate scam that spawned the Durham investigation.  And the judge also made a point of seating several jury members that were big donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The acquittal proves the point that no one will receive actual justice in a DC court.  What will occur will be machine justice.  Nothing is clearer than that the Deep State owns DC lock, stock and barrel.  The only way to “fix” the federal government is to draft legislation to allow the president to fire anyone in the executive branch for any reason that he may care to come up with.  Short of that, the Deep State owns this country.

I guess I already knew this inside but it’s gut wrenching when circumstances prove it to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt.  I guess the only question that’s still open is whether Durham is completely a puppet or whether he will try to avoid this set-up for his ongoing cases.  Surely there must be a way to have the trials moved to a fair venue where something beside insiders will be the judge and jury.  Couldn’t he pick Oklahoma or Idaho?

Well, now I’m just daydreaming.  This reinforces all the worst things I have heard about our justice system.  This is right up there with that other bozo of a judge who spent years torturing General Flynn for a trumped-up charge.  And it goes along with the January 6th judges who have allowed defendants to languish for over a year in prison over a trespassing charge.

Equal justice under the law is supposedly the proudest claim that America makes before the world.  But that is shown to be an obvious fallacy.  There is one law for the common people and an altogether different law for friends of the regime.  If we ever get a truly powerful majority in the Senate, we should use it to impeach judges.  There are a goodly number of them who have proven themselves corrupt and impeachment is the minimum penalty they should have to pay.  A good stiff prison sentence would be even more fitting.

So, when and if we regain the Presidency and the Congress the program that should be initiated is to reform the executive branch.  The ability to fire employees is basic but in addition, the practice of allowing administrative departments to dictate law must be curtailed.  The EPA cannot decide whether you can heat your home with gas or oil without Congress writing the law.  They should be able to recommend it and they should be charged with enforcing it but they can’t be judge, jury and executioner anymore.  It’s un-American and it’s proof that we’ve become slaves to the bureaucracy.

If Trump or DeSantis gets in next, he better make taming the Deep State his first order of business.  If he doesn’t, then he might as well stay home and just let the Democrats continue putting nails in our coffin.  It won’t make a bit of difference otherwise.

Being Managed by the Managerial State

One of the hallmarks of the current system we live under is that it is assumed that people cannot manage their own lives anymore without the guidance (control) of experts in government and industry.  The computerized systems we must negotiate to satisfy the requirements of daily life are arcane to the point of impenetrability.  And they’re constantly patched and endlessly updated.  At every turn we need to employ the “help” of experts and agents of the government and quasi-official agencies or just corporate customer service.  Some of these in the corporate ranks are, to be fair, quite good.  You might buy a phone or a service contract from a vendor and they might do excellent work providing customer service for their products or services.

But for every good example there are a dozen where customer service is provided by someone in Mumbai with English language skills that would test the patience of Job.  And sometimes the results of consulting these representatives are worse than useless.  Rather than alleviate some initial problem they sink you deeper in a morass of problems.  And going through these sometimes hours-long ordeals saps your energy and raises your stress levels through the roof.

And this is just trying to get the service on a device working.  Imagine what it’s like when the IRS gets its claws into you.  Then we’re talking about terror.  And taking it all the way to infinity, imagine dealing with the FBI when they take a battering ram to your front door at 3 a.m. prior to dragging you off to the gulag.  I guess you could describe the whole system as assault by expert.  We are no longer allowed to live our lives in a simple reasonable way.  We have each become just a cog in the machine.  And every cog must be cut into the precise size and shape needed to conform to the requirements of the machine.

It might be bearable if it wasn’t apparent that the stress, embarrassment and pain inflicted in the machining of the cogs is obviously a feature of the process and not a bug.  Just as in the Soviet system, control is maintained through fear and confusion.  Orwell described this system in his novel “1984” and Solzhenitsyn confirmed its reality and provided details in his memoir “Gulag Archipelago.”

So, what’s my point?  Well, just this.  Winning elections is not going to gain back the country we had.  Whoever is president is going to have to demolish the Deep State.  And that means eliminating thousands and thousands of bureaucrats whose jobs are meant to bludgeon us into submission, literally cause death by a thousand paper cuts.

I’ve read that eliminating those bureaucrats can’t be done.  That all those bureaucrats’ jobs are protected by federal law.  To that I say, “So what?”  Surely the President can transfer all of these torturers into completely harmless parts of their departments.  If need be, he can create sections where the offending individuals can be employed stuffing envelopes with letters that won’t be mailed.  He can keep them doing that until they’re forced into retirement by extreme old age.

But by whatever means he comes up with to do it, that’s what must be done.  All those FBI agents who currently spend their days enticing disgruntled Americans into joining phony militias with phony insurrections can be reassigned to a division where all their time is spent ticketing double parked limousines outside the State Department.  All of the IRS agents can be repurposed as latrine inspectors for the National Parks Service.  All of the bureaucrats currently hassling utilities companies about the carbon dioxide emissions of their combustion plants can be safely transferred to Denali National Park in Alaska where they can monitor the temperature of the grizzly bears with a rectal thermometer.  Or they can try to at least once.

All kidding aside.  Whoever wants to save this country will have to dismantle wide swaths of the managerial state just to start regaining control of the federal government.  There’s no other way.  Think about that Mr. Trump and anyone else who thinks he wants the job.  And then think about how you can get it done.

A Clear Headed Analysis of Zelensky’s Mistake

Ukrain’e President Zelensky is adored by the West.  Reporters and politicians practically sing his praises and vow to do whatever is needed to win his war for him.  But the realities of how he got into the truly awful predicament he’s in is not a story of statesmanship but one of terrible naivete.  Being a tv comedian may not be the background needed to navigate the space between nuclear superpowers.

I recommend this article to get a better understanding how Mr. Zelensky blundered his way into a disastrous war.

It comes down to a puppet for the American color revolution forces doing what he was told.  He may live to regret it if he is lucky.