Practically Speaking, How Would a President Dismantle the FBI?

After what we’ve seen happening over the last two decades in the intelligence agencies there’s no doubt in my mind that they need to be fundamentally altered.  And I don’t think the word dismantle is an exaggeration of what needs to be done.  It could be argued that there are functions that the FBI is uniquely suited to perform that need to be done.  But I look at those functions as the exceptions.

I imagine that someone tasked with this dismantling would form a new “group within the bureau and reassign all the personnel and infrastructure critical for these useful functions to this new group.  Once that is done, he could begin dismantling the rest of the agency without too much fear of meaningful disruption.

Fire all of the top echelon of management.  Assign trusted personnel to take over and begin removing any functionality that has been abused in the past.  Using internal rules block the access to FISA courts from anyone who isn’t appointed by the new management.  Begin surveilling the use of federal resources by the FBI personnel to find anyone who is running counter-intelligence operations against the new management and the President.  And continue to prune back the agency from the top down.

Look for hidden caches of information on powerful people and figure out what this has been used in the past to blackmail them into doing.  Figure out how this information is best disposed of.  In some cases, where real crime has occurred, exposing the information may make sense.  In other cases, confronting the victim and forcing changes in the status quo may be possible.

And once power has been wrested from the FBI and other intelligence agencies then the laws that have allowed them to terrorize this nation need to be changed to prevent these abuses from recurring.  The obvious one is the Patriot Act.  The Supreme Court knows it is unconstitutional but during the supposed “War on Terror” it allowed the law to stand in order to allow unrestrained pursuit of Islamic terrorists hiding in the United States.  I think we’ve learned that the law was meant to be used against all of us.

And other laws need to be changed.  The definition of civil rights needs to be rationally defined to prevent the kind of outrageous overreach that was on display in the federal government’s interference in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases.  And we can’t allow actual domestic terrorists like Antifa and BLM and their confederates in the blue city governments to perpetrate outrages like the George Floyd riots against American citizens.

And who would be the right person for a Republican president to appoint Attorney General?  I’m guessing it will require someone who has worked for the Justice Department.  Maybe someone like Rudy Giuliani.  He’s getting kind of old but he still might be the right guy.  But whoever it is he can’t be like William Barr who just tiptoes around the edges of the FBI and lets the swamp creatures run the show.  It has to be someone who is willing to perform radical surgery with a chain saw.  Because that is exactly what is needed.

So, will this ever happen?  If we ever want to get our country back it’s a necessity.  But it’s going to take brains and guts.  Where will we find those?

What is BLM’s Mission?

It’s in the name, right?  Black Lives Matter.  That means that blacks have been illegally targeted by the police for no good reason.  That’s been the narrative used since Obama’s regime was running the FBI.  And yet, every one of the alleged victims was a thug.  Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, George Floyd and the rest of their less well-known associates.  Each one was killed either committing a violent assault or resisting arrest.

What that tells me is that the goal is to make black criminals immune from arrest.  This requires that the police will be prevented from using force to subdue dangerous criminals.  So, if you commit a robbery or even a murder all you have to do is resist and fight your way out of the arrest.

And how do you make something like this happen?  Easy.  You do it in blue cities and you use the FBI to frighten the cops into laying down.  After what happened to the cops who were involved in the Michael Brown and George Floyd cases it’s obvious that there will be no justice for police involved.  They will be the criminals and the thugs will be the heroes.

And now that the police have been neutered, the looting and burning is a part of daily life taken for granted by the urban dwellers in places like Portland and Seattle.  These activities are studiously ignored by the FBI.  And the FBI is the branch of the federal government that was specifically created to deal with organized crime.  But Antifa and BLM have a free pass.  They’re ignored but a kid like Kyle Rittenhouse has helicopters following him to make sure the prosecution has all the evidence they might need to send him to jail for life for trying to stop the mob from burning down another city.

I read that Ron DeSantis has enacted new legislation to arrest and jail rioters.  But he is one of few.  In all the other areas of the country the cities are devolving into lawless free-fire zones.  The woke black lesbian mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, who let the BLM riots devastate her city, even she has finally balked at the level of lawlessness that the even crazier black woman state’s attorney, Kimberly Foxx has unleashed on the city.  Foxx refused to prosecute gangs involved in a murderous shootout.  Her reason, because it was a mutually engaged in fight.  So, no charges, not even littering for filling the streets with spent bullet cartridges.  Gang war is now just part of daily life in Chicago.  Basically, that is a return to the situation when Al Capone ran whiskey back in the 1920’s.

A friend of mine is convinced that this whole approach is a ploy to allow the police to be federalized.  Maybe he’s right.  But whatever the deeper motives may be there is no doubt that the destruction of law and order will lead to dire consequences.  An obvious one is that the urban areas will become violent hellholes that all normal people will flee.  But these areas will be centers from which the criminal gangs that inhabit them will range out to commit all manner of crime against the surrounding suburban and even rural areas.  And that will be where the conflict will probably be resolved.  Eventually the states will either have to step in and rein in this organized crime or vigilantism will become the policing of last resort.

Maybe the vigilantes will brand their organization White Lives Matter.  It sounds like a concept whose time has come.

Defund the FBI

In the endless George Floyd rolling riot of 2020 and the subsequent permanent urban crime wave that now occupies all the blue cities, no one has been arrested except for people who tried to defend themselves from the mayhem.  Whether it was police officers trying to stop crime or homeowners brandishing weapons to stop rioters from invading their homes or a kid with a rifle trying to keep a mob from burning down a local business it was those trying to defend themselves from government sanctioned race rioting who were singled out for prosecution.  The local Democrats and the Justice Department conspired to encourage the destruction of these cities as a terror tactic to show white people that they were a hated class that could be attacked with impunity.  And the selective prosecution of anyone trying to stop the rampage was to prove that resistance was futile.

With the trial this week of Kyle Rittenhouse we’ll get to see just how depraved our criminal justice system has become.  All accounts of the trial describe a prosecution in disarray.  The video footage and even the testimony of one of the “victims” corroborates the defense contention that Rittenhouse was defending himself against attacks from the rioters he shot.  This week we were told by BLM activists that the jurors are being videotaped so that they can be targeted if they don’t find Rittenhouse guilty.

So where does this go?  I assume the verdict is a 50/50 proposition.  Even with a terrible case the jurors have enormous pressure on them to find him guilty.  But even if Rittenhouse is absolved on all charges, I assume that the Justice Department will immediately arrest him and charge him on trumped up weapons and civil rights charges.  And that is the point of this article.  Since the days of the Obama Justice Department, the FBI has been weaponized to allow the black underclass to commit crimes against white and even Hispanic citizens with impunity.  Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, George Floyd and the rest of the litany of black criminals who were shot because they were committing violent crimes are the examples of this policy.  This is a clearly delineated plan to demoralize and essentially terrorize the law-abiding population of the country into submission.  They want us to surrender and surrender up whatever is asked of us in the hope that our lives will be spared.  It is a fiendish plan and it is working.

So, it is apparent what needs to be done.  The FBI has to be defanged.  And the best start to something like that is a two-pronged approach.  First, appoint an Attorney General who is not part of the old boys’ club in Washington.  It will be his job to start demolishing the senior leadership of the FBI.  Fire every single one of the cabal leaders who ran the takedown job against Donald Trump’s administration.  Then fire everyone who reported to those guys.  Then fire everyone who reported to those guys.  You get the picture.  Second, cut the budget of the FBI by about two thirds.  Take away all their toys, the armored assault vehicles and the combat weapons.  They are not the Navy Seals.

As a separate effort I think it’s time to cancel the Patriot Act.  It may have been well intentioned by some of the congressional leaders who originally drafted it but it has proven to be a license to treat American citizens as if they lived in a banana republic without any rights.  We cannot allow the government to spy on Americans as if this were East Germany.

Of course, none of this happens until a real President is in office again.  But even then, there has to be the will to do it.  With the recent string of debacles by Biden and the terrible state of the economy it’s quite possible that the Republicans will have the edge in 2024.  But it is absolutely imperative that ending the FBI’s reign of terror is a first priority in any Republican administration going forward.  If not, we can look forward to burning cities and mob violence from now on.