Tucker Carlson Showing Real Guts

Tucker Carlson is doing an expose on the January 6th protest/setup and he is getting enormous pushback from everyone on the Left from the ADL to Liz Cheney to every crazed lunatic on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News itself.

I have to admire his courage and coincidentally I’m shocked that Fox News is allowing him to do it.  And to dust off an old chestnut, “If you’re taking flak you’re probably over the target.”  Kudos to TC for speaking truth to power.  I’m sure Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will ban the video and any clips from it from their platforms.

But Fox News is a pretty big megaphone.  If he has anything new that will give it wide coverage.  And even if we’ve heard it before lots of normies haven’t seen it all laid out together.

I’m looking forward to watching it.  Carlson has been hammering Biden pretty hard lately and it’s gratifying to see.  Tipping points are really hard to identify.  Let’s just call this another nail in the coffin.