Tucker Carlson Addresses Dems Stoking Race Hatred through the Buffalo Shooting

I’d say this was one of Carlson’s most thoughtful and effective discussions of how racialist political policies end up in mentally ill people committing violent and senseless acts.  I especially liked how he compared the racial hatred in Rwanda between the two black ethnicities, the Hutus and the Tutsis, with how the Democrats are stoking racial hatred in the United States.

The demonization of a whole race, whites, by the practitioners of critical race theory over the last ten years has now begun to bear fruit with black and white individuals with axes to grind acting out some race war fantasy on the streets of our cities.  And with the police now sidelined thanks to the George Floyd movement, these mentally ill people have an easy time slipping through the cracks and unleashing mayhem and murder on innocent people just trying to live their lives.

Carlson starts off the show by noting that over the last weekend a hundred and four Americans were shot to death.  This puts in perspective the 10 murders committed by the Buffalo shooter.  The ten murders were horrifying but hardly exceptional or even dominant on a national level.  It was just another example of the breakdown of law and order in Joe Biden’s America.  People can try to demagogue using racial politics to take advantage of this tragedy but until the Democrats drop identity politics this will be the future of our country going forward.

Something to Show To Confused Children and Their Parents

Tucker Carlson interviews a young woman who has “de-transitioned.”  In other words she got over her delusions that she was male and now realizes that she allowed herself to be convinced by the trendy trans-gender influencers that she wasn’t a normal girl.
This young woman very eloquently and movingly describes how her normal awkward feelings going through puberty were interpreted by these dangerous outsiders as definite signs that she was “trans.”

Kudos to Carlson and especially this young woman for speaking out about what a dangerous thing it is convincing vulnerable and suggestable teenagers (and younger) that they should disrupt the critical physical changes going on during puberty.  Dosing children with puberty blockers and hormones is madness.  How much worse then is surgically mutilating them?  Carlson is performing a public service.  This interview should be required viewing for any parents out there.

Protect your kids.

Tucker Carlson Provides an Excellent Discussion of Ukraine

I think this is the best summary from a mainstream source that I have seen so far.  Carlson touches upon many of the important aspects of how this war is going to make our lives worse in the weeks and months ahead.  Energy prices, food prices and increases in everything else because of the impact of the price of oil.  And fundamentally, the increased risk of starting a nuclear war.  Tucker Carlson is probably the only mainstream source that provides this point of view.  Everyone else including the rest of Fox News is carrying water for the UniParty and their desire to start a war with Russia.


Tucker Showcases Kamala Harris Speaking Gibberish

Kamala Harris’s brain must be the scariest territory to try to navigate safely through.  To say that she spouts nonsense is being superhumanly generous.  Tucker Carlson has two quotes of her speech to the NATO allies about the Ukraine debacle.  In the first one she manages to say absolutely nothing while gassing off for a few minutes.  In the second she lectures the Europeans on the fact that they have been at peace for seventy years.  Gee, I hope she didn’t give this speech in Belgrade.

Seriously, what must even the half-witted globalists think of America if we send this bimbo over during a disaster like the Ukraine collapse.  Even dimwits like Macron are going to start thinking they better make friends with Putin right away.

If this woman is qualified to be President of the United States then anyone is.  My alarm clock can be President.  My car GPS can definitely be President.  Either of my dogs can be President except right after they take their heartworm medicine.  My car keys couldn’t be President, but maybe Vice President.

We’re in a lot of trouble.

Tucker Carlson Showing Real Guts

Tucker Carlson is doing an expose on the January 6th protest/setup and he is getting enormous pushback from everyone on the Left from the ADL to Liz Cheney to every crazed lunatic on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News itself.

I have to admire his courage and coincidentally I’m shocked that Fox News is allowing him to do it.  And to dust off an old chestnut, “If you’re taking flak you’re probably over the target.”  Kudos to TC for speaking truth to power.  I’m sure Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will ban the video and any clips from it from their platforms.

But Fox News is a pretty big megaphone.  If he has anything new that will give it wide coverage.  And even if we’ve heard it before lots of normies haven’t seen it all laid out together.

I’m looking forward to watching it.  Carlson has been hammering Biden pretty hard lately and it’s gratifying to see.  Tipping points are really hard to identify.  Let’s just call this another nail in the coffin.

Tucker Carlson Unloads on the Vaccine Mandates

Carlson has become the mainstream voice of the Deplorables.  I think he has a future in politics if he decides that is something he’d like to do.  In this video he gets right to the point.  Only months ago Biden, Fauci and all the other Dems swore that mandating vaccination was unthinkable.  Now they’re doing it.

He talks about the dubious nature of the vaccines and their health risks.  He identifies the coercive and psychological nature of the control that the Biden administration is perpetrating against us.  It’s an excellent indictment of the Biden White House.

Tucker Talks About Hungary’s Pro-Family Policies

Victor Orban is Hungary’s Prime Minister.  He is a populist Hungarian nationalist and he’d rather help his people raise their own families than import third world immigrants to replace them.  Tucker went to Hungary to talk to Orban and the media is very angry about it.  Listen to Tucker’s description of the program.  Grants to families that have three or four children,  No income tax for life for large families.  Tax breaks to grandparents that help with the children.  Sounds good to me.  I hope some of our leaders like DeSantis and Abbott go to Hungary and learn a few things there.

I’ve been thinking about Hungary as a refuge of last resort but not being of Hungarian extraction they probably wouldn’t let me in.  So there is definitely one club I’d like to join that wouldn’t have me as a member.  Take that Groucho Marx.