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I was glad to get some interesting comments from both the civic nationalist and dissident right perspectives during the last few days.  And I’m especially glad that the writers were level headed and thoughtful individuals.  I visit various sites with all kinds of commentors who don’t always react to each other with, let us say, tolerant open mindedness.  And I understand that verbal combat may be more of a feature than a bug at some of these sites but truthfully, I seldom learn anything useful from the sort of mental arm wrestling that goes on during these exchanges.  So, kudos to all involved.  We’ve raised the level of internet discussion by several orders of magnitude.  Bravo.

I’m especially glad about this situation because I’m personally located somewhere on the border between the civic nationalist and dissident right factions.  While I consider myself a civ-nat I recognize that for whatever reason my political cohort has been guilty of incredible gullibility for decades and I’m tired of being part of a conspiracy of the ignorant.  So, I’ve been listening in on what goes on at the cool kids’ table and learning their lingo.  And I’m not afraid to admit that they’ve got a lot of things figured out.  But I also know that I’ll never be cool enough to sit at their table.  I just believe too deeply in the decency of most people when they’re all treated fairly.  I feel that if we run the game fairly, we can get people, all kinds of people, from the dumbest to the smartest and from the meanest to the most naïve to at least act decent.

But that’s why I’d like to have the discussion with people whose hearts are in the right place.  If you ever see the comments section of a Fox News article it’s remarkable.  There are some thoughtful comments.  But they’re drowned out by a flood of rage-aholics.  You could say that any site that has the traffic that a large outlet like Fox gets is bound to attract a goodly number of deranged individuals but from my point of view it renders the comments almost useless as a venue for the exchange of ideas.  So that is why I’ve been trying to find people who straddle that same line on the political spectrum and set up a dialog.  Because that political border is where I think the reality of our future lies.

We need to toughen up the civic nationalists to where they won’t let themselves be rolled by the progressives, while at the same time lure the dissidents back from the fringe where things get pretty dark.  My dream would be to have a space where a guy as tough minded as the ZMan would be willing to have a good faith conversation with civ-nats like Michael Anton or Chris Rufo.

Now this might be terribly mistaken.  As I’ve said many times, people must be allowed to select their own enemies and it’s ridiculously presumptuous of me to think I can judge whose interests are served by discussion and with whom.  These are all grownups and they get to decide which playground to play in.

So, let’s not use those names.  Let’s just use regular folks who inhabit the internet and try to see if the information flow serves any purpose.  I’ve heard lots of interesting perspectives.  And all of the talk has been quite cordial, which makes my life easier.  So, keep up the good work.

Asking the Hard Questions

I watched Tucker Carlson’s interview of Mike Pence in Iowa.  It was extremely hard to watch.  In fact, I turned it off more than a few times because it was just too painful to watch this man say one stupid thing after another.  But stupid doesn’t really capture it.  It was as if he were lying and yet unaware of just how poorly he was lying.  When he talked about the 2020 election, he said that the voting irregularities would have had no impact on the outcome of the election.  And then he claimed that changes that have been instituted have strengthened election integrity.  I refuse to believe he’s that stupid.  I think he’s just lying and when he makes his case that’s exactly what it seems to be, a very poor liar.  When Tucker presses him on the various weak points in his story it’s like a little kid who has been caught doing something wrong and you ask him about it and you can almost see the wheels turning as he makes up a pathetic story that is patently absurd.

And then came the coup de grace.  While Pence is complaining about Joe Biden not getting Abrams tanks to Ukraine fast enough, Tucker asks whether with all the terrible problems that now plague our country; crime, drugs, violence, inflation; shouldn’t Pence be more worried about those things than Ukraine’s access to more American weapons.  And Pence’s answer was, “It’s not my concern, it’s not my concern.”  Now he tried to bury this answer by claiming that as president he’d handle both domestic and foreign policy issues simultaneously.  But all that anyone will ever remember is that he said that crime and homelessness and suicide and fentanyl overdoses and inflation were not his concern.

Well, Mike Pence will never be the Republican candidate for president.  My question is, with his breathtakingly awful communication skills, how was he ever a successful politician?  I’m aware that being vice president doesn’t require much in the way of talent.  But he did manage to become the governor of Indiana.  Is the bar that low in Indiana that a man without any discernible rhetorical abilities could become governor?  I’m going to give Pence the benefit of the doubt and that he used to be a very honest man and that in Indiana an honest man can accomplish a lot.  And that what we see now is what happens when a simple man is thrown into the cesspool that is Washington DC and tries to swim with the rats there.  Inevitably he gets eaten alive.

I watched Tucker’s interviews with the other candidates too.  Asa Hutchinson was equally hopeless as Carlson hammered him over his veto of a ban on pediatric transitioning and also on his tepid response to closing the southern border to drugs and illegal immigration.  So, what I see is that Tucker is acting as the voice of the normal Americans who are fed up with the GOP establishment candidates.  What he is doing is preventing the candidates from giving their lame rah-rah speeches and instead addressing the very painful fact that they don’t have solutions for the most pressing problems in America today.  In fact, he exposes the fact that they want to make believe that these problems don’t exist.  Or if they aren’t allowed to ignore them, then they just handwave them away as, “We’ll put our top men on that.”

Mike Pence is hopeless.  Asa Hutchinson is hopeless.  Nikki Haley is hopeless.  But even the candidates who make some sense like DeSantis and Trump can’t answer the most important question, “What are we gonna do if and probably when the Democrats steal the election in 2024?  That’s what we should be talking about with the men who want to be president.  And they should be talking to the red state governors about the contingencies that they should already be putting in place.  We’ve been occupied for over three years now by a rogue regime.  Enormous damage has already been done.  Taking concrete steps to begin reversing the damage and protecting people is long overdue.

So, good for Tucker for asking some hard questions.  But I think the harder questions remain to be answered.  That’s the debate that still needs to take place.  Maybe Tucker can work on that.

Tucker’s New Gig

I saw this article about Tucker Carlson “floating the idea of hosting a Republican primary forum.”  And I thought about all the ways such an idea could go right and wrong.  But what I thought would be much more productive would be for him to assemble a panel of those on the Right who aren’t fake and allow them to speak to us about what they can and can’t do to make things better; straight talk.

Think about it.  Carlson knows all these people.  He knows who the phonies are, people like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley and Mike Pence.  He knows things about the power structure in Washington that we don’t.  He could easily get all of the candidates with the possible exception of Donald Trump to accept an invitation.  And without a doubt he could come up with an agenda that would be illuminating for both the attendees and the public.

I’d say this could be a series of discussions where the first few episodes should completely steer clear of the 2024 election.  Instead, what is needed is an honest discussion of all the things that are pushing the country down the dark road it’s on.  Congressmen and senators could talk honestly about the barriers that prevent honest change from happening.  They could talk candidly about the way lobbyists control the direction and specifics of legislation.  Past officeholders from the executive branch could shine a light on exactly who runs the federal bureaucracy.  And I mean name names.  And they could provide suggestions on how that mess could be repaired.  The ultimate coup would be if Carlson could convince Trump to speak candidly about the way that the federal government stonewalled his attempts to enact his various policy directives.  Then he could give his ideas on how this interference could be prevented in the future.

And even more important, I’d like to see a bunch of Republican governors sitting down together; Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, Bill Lee, even a waffler like Kristi Noem could be there.  They truly are the most powerful office holders on our side.  Carlson could ask them to speak to the problems they face and also what things they see as opportunities.  And he could ask them how they plan to help their constituents escape the effects of federal government interference in their lives.  And how they plan to coordinate their efforts.

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these officeholders refused to get involved in such a project.  Even politicians who aren’t out and out crooks like McConnell and Graham don’t want to stick their necks out and get put under the spotlight.  After all, speaking the truth is treason in Washington D.C.  But with so much of the Republican electorate now solidly red-pilled to what’s really going on in Washington it is in the interest of these politicians to convince their constituencies that they aren’t just part of the problem.  Because a lot of people are coming to the conclusion that voting in Republicans is a useless activity.  If that idea gets too ingrained even red state senators and congressmen may find themselves out on their ears.

So, this is just a lot of hot air.  But Carlson could provide a public service (and make an enormous amount of money) if he can convince some of these conservative lawmakers to push back the curtain and let us know the ugly truth about our government.  The truth is a remarkably valuable commodity.  Providing the gory details to the American public would be a public service of enormous consequence.

Think of it as one of those livestream podcasts where the viewers get to ask questions.  Carlson could take the top five questions based on number of questioners and at the end of the show have his guests answer them.

And I guess he should host a 2024 debate show.  I’d be interested in his questions and his refereeing of the candidates.  It would be hell of a lot better than what the mainstream media does every four years.

22OCT2020 – Post Debate Note

Well, it wasn’t what I hoped it would be.  First off the moderator wasn’t more than normally biased.  She slanted all the questions of course but there was even some questions that Biden didn’t like.  And President Trump was actually given close to the chance that Biden got to talk.  And President Trump was allowed to say a good deal about Hunter and the Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian deals.  I think on balance President Trump got the best of it.  He did a good job and made his points.  All good stuff.

But it was no fun.  There were no shouting matches or crying moderators.  All just too normal and boring.  Oh well.

The Hunter Biden Debate

On Thursday President Trump is scheduled to debate Creepy Uncle Joe Biden for the final time.  The Democrats, or more specifically, the part of their organization that runs the debates, has decided that during each candidate’s assigned speaking period they will mute the microphone of his opponent.  Now that’s interesting.  It’s got me thinking, when Toobin thought his microphone was on mute he exposed himself and performed unspeakable acts.  Might not Joe Biden do the same?  And if the moderator reacts to it will Joe just say, “Oh come on man I heard you liked me.”

Another thought I had was this.  If the moderator hears President Trump spilling the beans on Joe Biden’s various crimes might not she be tempted to mute him even though it’s his turn?  I think this might happen.  I’ve got to confess I’m really looking forward to this event.  I think it will be hilarious and possibly amazing.  The previous debate was wonderfully bizarre and based on the set up of the Hunter Biden expose earlier this week I expect the President to unload on this guy with both barrels.

But what everyone wants to know is what else is on the hard drive.  Up till now it’s been pretty straight forward.  But what if they’ve held back some really crazy stuff for the debate and it gets debuted there?  I don’t have any information to that effect but knowing what a showman Trump has always been I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he unleashes a bombshell.

So now you understand why, from my point of view, tomorrow night’s debate is so fascinating.  For all I know Trump has staged things so that Creepy Uncle Joe will be taken directly into custody as he exits the stage.  I mean between Joe and Hunter nothing like this has existed since Tiberius Caesar took Caligula under his wing and showed him how it was done.

But let’s assume instead that nothing like that is going to happen.  This will still be the first Presidential Election Debate within the modern era where one of the candidates and probably actually both candidates will accuse the other of being a criminal, a liar and a traitor right on the stage.  You can’t ask for more drama than that.

Now that our politics will never go back to the mealy-mouthed days of Mitt Romney we at least can look forward to candidates calling each other horrible things out loud and uncovering the dirt that’s always been there but has been hidden from sight by the mutual consent of both parties to shield them from the wrath of the voters should their countless acts of graft and corruption ever be uncovered.  But of course, I’m forgetting, that would require the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute these crimes.  Sort of like investigating the Hunter Biden hard drive that they’ve had in their possession for nine months and did nothing about.  Silly me.

Anyway, tomorrow’s event is must see tv.  Joe will be hopped up on Ritalin and I guess there is some risk that his eyes will start bleeding again and his head might explode.  But that is a risk I am willing to take.  It is my patriotic duty to sit there and laugh uproariously right through every historic moment and then later on play back the best parts for even more laughs.  I should dig out my old copy of I Claudius and re-watch the scenes with Caligula so I’ll have something to compare Hunter to when I do a separate post on him.  Stay tuned.

Jason Whitlock over at OutKick Speaks the Hard Truth About Antifa and BLM

Jason Whitlock is a black sports writer.  He’s gone on his own after working for FoxNews and I think ESPN.  He says what he thinks and doesn’t care about sacred cows of any color.  He’s saved me a buch of time talking about the debate and what was covered up about the riots.  Jason has some good insights.  And he’s unafraid of the outrage he causes.  Good for him.

Chris Wallace, American Media Fiddle During Debate As BLM, Antifa Burn Our Country




29SEP2020 – First Presidential Debate – A Review

The first thing that should be said is that even though Chris Wallace is a lefty creep, he is probably going to be the least offensive of the moderators we can expect during the rest of the debates.  The ones going forward will probably be women from NPR and CNN that will whine and screech about every woman’s issue imaginable.

The format was supposed to be six segments with sometimes more than one question in each segment.  Each candidate was supposed to get two minutes without interruption to answer the question.  Well that didn’t happen.  The President interrupted early and he interrupted often.  But to be fair the lies that Biden was telling deserved to be refuted.  And several of the topics were slanted obviously against the President.

The questions that I remember were about:

  • The Supreme Court Pick
  • The Economy
  • Black Voters
  • Law and Order
  • President Trump’s Tax Returns
  • Climate Change
  • The President’s Ending of Anti-American Indoctrination in the American Government Offices
  • Mail-In Ballots

I would say that the President got the best of the arguments about The Supreme Court Pick, Black Voters, Law and Order, Tax Returns, Climate Change, Anti-American Indoctrination and Mail-In Ballots.  But that leaves COVID and the Economy that weren’t as clear cut.  Biden hammered away at COVID with all he had.  President Trump made his case but that round was more like a tie.  And since that’s a very important issue that needs to be improved on in the next debate.  On the economy both Biden and Wallace exaggerated the economic situation at the end of the Obama administration.  And Biden downplayed how well the economy has recovered after the initial COVID shutdown.  I want to give the President a slight edge on the Economy segment.  So overall I’ll say President Trump won the debate.  And above and beyond the stated topics, the President was able to raise the question of the culpability of Obama and Biden in the Russia-gate scandal and he hammered Biden on Hunter Biden’s activities in the Ukraine and China.

On a personal note I find it nauseating that the moderators still slant the whole proceeding clearly to the Left.  It’s good to see the President stood up for himself and zinged Biden left and right.  Some of my favorite moments were:

  • When Biden said the President was unintelligent and President Trump came back and said that Biden was at the bottom of his class in college and lately couldn’t even remember the name of the town, he was in.
  • When Biden criticized President Trump’s large rallies, the President mocked him saying the Biden rallies typically had about three people attending because no one wanted to attend something so boring.

So, to sum up what I saw:

  • Biden has to be credited with not being brain dead.  Whether chemically enhanced or just reinvigorated he only looked frail not demented.
  • The President vigorously defended himself on all fronts and jabbed Biden on all his weak points.
  • The moderators are going to be nakedly biased for Biden in their questions and their attitudes.
  • The President is going to have to come up with a more coherent COVID story that attacks the Dems for their linkage to China, their ineffective handling of protecting the elderly in the states they govern and the damage their extended lockdowns are doing to people and the economy.

First Debate – Quick First Impressions

Biden was coherent, so I guess the meds are working.  Toward the end he did seem to get a little rattled but not much.  Wallace was biased in favor of Biden but not nearly as blatantly as I expected.

Trump was in rare form.  He was interrupting Biden constantly and taking digs and shots at him left and right.  It was very entertaining.  Biden made up a lot of stuff as expected.  I think the President did what we expected him to do.  Biden held his own.

I think his most effective jabs were about Biden’s record for black Americans.  He talked about the crime bill and he talked about his own release from prison actions.

When it got down to the rioting Wallace protected Biden by stopping the debate before it could all be said.

And finally there were some good digs at Hunter Biden.  Very funny.

I’ll give the President the edge on this one but it was relatively evenly matched.

What to Expect When President Trump Squares Off Against Chris Wallace at the First Presidential Debate

Chris Wallace, the lefty shill from Fox News will moderate the first debate, which is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 29 in Cleveland.  Whether Joe Biden shows up either corporeally or even as a hologram, the real debate will take place between the President and Wallace, the lefty Media’s hatchet-man du jour.  I expect the first question he’ll address to Joe Biden will be a yes or no question, “Do you agree that President Trump is criminally responsible for all COVID deaths?”  Joe may flub this question by thinking it’s about him or by mistaking the term COVID for some kind of video-sharing service but either way it will be up to President Trump to slap Wallace around for most of the night in order to be declared the winner by the viewing public.

And I think he will.  President Trump is a savvy media personality and he knows that Wallace is there to try and swing the election for Biden.  And since Biden at this point is about as intellectually capable as a flat worm with its head cut off it’s up to Wallace to do the dirty work.  And he will.  He will go right to the COVID issue and try to portray every death as a crime that the President is responsible for.  But let’s face it, Wallace isn’t all that convincing a liar.  He always has that smug grin on his face and he always seems to be overreaching with his accusations and innuendoes.  I expect the President to drill down into Wallace’s accusations and push back very hard.  I hope the President calls him a liar and a lefty shill because that is exactly what Wallace is.  Chris Wallace is a poor man’s version of the commie that his father was.  Mike Wallace had gained credibility based on his long association with the news industry’s icons of yesteryear like Walter Cronkite and his work on the old television news series Biography and 60 Minutes.  But his son hasn’t got the gravitas that the elder Wallace had or his sonorous voice.  Chris’s voice is more of a nasal honk that annoys a lot of listeners.  I confess I will be disappointed if Wallace doesn’t get knocked around in these exchanges.  He really needs a good smackdown performed on him.

Now looking at the Biden component of the event, I am curious to see if his handlers try to use an ear piece to feed answer to Slow Joe.  That would be fun to watch.  Maybe we can pick up the signs that he is listening to an audio message.  I wonder if the Secret Service has the capability to jam radio transmissions around the people they are protecting.  And I wonder if the White House will have any kind of surveillance that picks up that kind of thing going on.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if after the debate an audio recording of someone prompting Joe were uncovered?  Well, I shouldn’t be too greedy.  I’ll settle to just watch and listen as Joe does his Biden act and eventually starts umming and uhhing at the end of every sentence he attempts to make.

And who knows, maybe they’ve loaded Joe up with pep pills to cut through the fog and he won’t embarrass himself.  But as long as the President goes on the attack about the substance of Biden’s long and undistinguished record in government it will be enough to carry the night.

So, sure I’ll be watching.  It could turn out to be a lot of fun.  I just hope Joe doesn’t get flustered and wanders off into the crowd.  He’d be bound to start sniffing hair and rubbing shoulders and even I have limits on what I’ll watch on tv.


The comments section on Chris Muir’s Day by Day cartoon today (9/24/2020) has a lively discussion on the ins and outs of the debate.

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