Putting the Fox in Charge of the Henhouse

Garland appoints the same guy who is currently trying to bury the Hunter Biden investigation as special counsel so he’ll have even more power to bury it.  In fact. he’ll probably use his office to investigate the people trying to get to the bottom of Hunter’s crimes.  I expect him to indict all the whistle blowers and even the Republican congressional committee members.

And now that the special counsel’s work is ongoing the congressional committee can be held off as trying to interfere in an active investigation.  What a wonderful system we live under.

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Damning.  Will anything come of it?


President Crackhead

The steamy heat has arrived with a vengeance.  We finally got two sunny days in a row and the mercury (gasp!) exceeded ninety degrees.  Luckily, I’ve finally gotten the pool’s pH, clarity and algae infiltration status (I just made that up) where they belong.  And now the younger grandson cohort has arrived and they threaten to infest the pool with complete abandon.  And afterwards, they’ll demand that Camera Girl produce grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk.  Eventually we’ll head down to the pool table and delve into the mysteries of Euclidean-Newtonian elastic collisions.  But before we get around to that I’ll provide my daily gazette.

Official Washington seems to be fascinated with the West Wing cocaine caper.  Apparently, the FBI and CIA that can use advanced DNA detection technology to solve decades old cold cases can’t identify the owner of the zip-lock bag of cocaine found in the West Wing.  Now that is so transparently absurd that anyone with a modicum of intelligence realizes that everyone knows exactly who was in possession of the bag.  Just as a guess I’d say it’s Hunter’s.  But I’m sure there is a long list of coke heads inhabiting the White House.  The real question is why was the discovery of the coke allowed to see the light of day?

Is this part of an op meant to discredit the Biden re-election or is it meant to give the Republicans some semblance of hope that they can beat Biden in 2024?  Honestly?  I can’t decide and even more importantly I don’t care.  The degeneracy of the Biden regime has never been in doubt.  Everywhere we look in the Biden administration we see corruption and dysfunction.  It’s a freak show.

At the same time that has had exactly zero effect on the political landscape.  Official Washington does exactly as it pleases and it no longer seems to matter how outrageously the regime misbehaves.  So once again, we see the completely separate realities that friends of the regime inhabit versus everyone else.  The IRS tracks every deposit and withdrawal from your bank account that’s more than $600 but Hunter Biden has tens of millions of dollars floating in and out of his accounts and the only consequence is he has to re-file his taxes.  Anarcho-tyranny at its very best.

The only worse example is the difference in how we’re treated with respect to speech.  Here’s a staffer for the present New York City Council who advocated for violence against the police during the George Floyd riots.  She suffered no consequences and currently has a job in government.  Whereas a right-wing Twitter personality was convicted of voter suppression for mocking the intelligence of Democrat voters by tweeting that they could vote by texting.

So why don’t they just give Hunter his coke back.  What possible difference could it make to anyone?  In fact, why don’t we just save time and let Hunter take over his father’s spot on the 2024 Democrat presidential ticket?  I think President Crackhead is exactly what we should have in the White House.  Let’s stop any pretense that we have a democratic process or that the regime even bothers to pretend to care what we think.  What we have to do is find the work-arounds that will allow us to survive in this thugocracy.  And I think moving this thing along makes sense.  Yep, President Crackhead.

Okay, so there’s my black pill for the day.  I’ll try to be more cheerful later.  Meantime I better go spend some time with the kids.  That’s the white pill.

Hunter Biden and Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine?

After reading this article in the New York Post nothing can seem improbable any more.  So between bouts of smoking crack cocaine and indulging in demented sex with state funded prostitutes Hunter Biden managed to find the time to find funding for US bioweapons labs and hook them up with his friends at Burisma, the Ukrainian petroleum corporation.

This story which the Russians are trumpeting is corroborated in the e-mails found on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop.  You know, if nothing comes of these revelations then there truly is no hope for this country.  If our citizenry is so brain dead that they aren’t outraged to the point of revolt by these revelations then there’s no reason to think they ever will.

Our government is run by crooks.  And they’re not even smart crooks.  They’re caricatures of stupid gangsters.  But if we permit all of this then we’re an order of magnitude more stupid.  Words fail me.  Bring on the deluge.

Hunter’s Laptop and Ashley’s Diary

It’s not hard to believe that the Bidens are the most dysfunctional and stupid people in Washington DC.  But call it my suspicious nature, it seems like a ridiculous coincidence that the famous Hunter laptop and the Ashley diary were both hot items during the 2020 election cycle.  Honestly, is there no end to the shenanigans that the Deep State and its various factions come up with?

It’s very reminiscent of the pizzagate gag.  The Dems come up with an atrocious story that would be unbelievable if it weren’t for how depraved people like the Clintons and Bidens are.  Then they use it as a trap to paint people on our side as conspiracy theorists.  But in this case I assume the intent was to entrap anyone who received the material and that way give the FBI an excuse to snoop in their computers looking for dirt.

Of course it’s possible Hunter and Ashley Biden are just the stupidest and most careless people living.  And that these blunders just reflect their moronic mentality.  But I have to say it flies in the face of the laws of probability.  Now it can’t be ruled out that intelligence agents tried to expose these documents in an attempt to warn the world just how horrible Dementia Joe and his mutant strain really are.  If that is the case they didn’t reckon with how equally stupid the public is and how shamelessly corrupt the media has become.

I guess the only good these documents will be is when the historians of the future look at them, they’ll be able to gauge just how corrupt our politics were.  Maybe a future Suetonius will write a “Lives of the Bidens.”  Then history can decide how Joe and Hunter stack up against Tiberias and Caligula.  Maybe he can throw the Clintons and Obamas in to add comic relief.

But all this weirdness can’t help but depress anyone considering the caliber of people that are “leading” America.  Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, John Kerry.  It just goes on and on.  And I’m not even scratching the surface.  Think of the third tier of losers, General Milley, “Rachel” Levine, Pete Buttigieg.  It’s a virtual freakshow all the way down.

I guess I’m just whining but wouldn’t it be an amazing revolution if we could purge our politics of weirdos?  In the old days (pre-Clinton) just the hint of a sex or money scandal around a presidential candidate was the kiss of death.  Now it’s almost a form of endearment.  Maybe we can compromise.  Maybe the candidates can admit the whole gamut of sexual and monetary sins they’ve committed but swear a blood oath with their heads on the chopping block that while in office they promise to adhere in their official actions to the Ten Commandments.  I think that would go a long way to cleaning up the horror show we currently have on display in DC.  If nothing else, it would give much more interest and meaning to impeachment procedures.  And it would allow us to hire one new civil servant.  The Executioner.  But would he work for the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branch of government?  Decisions, decisions.

Buckaroo Biden and the White Supremacist Space Pirates – Chapter 3 – Biden Family Values

This week marked the resurfacing of Buckaroo’s sidekick, “The Parmesan Kid.”  Hunter has returned to the spotlight with new tales of his incomparable lust for life.  And it’s hard to imagine that anything he could say at this point could compare with his former exploits.  A man who captures video of himself having sex with underage girls surely has already hit bottom.  But for the sake of having something new with which to sell his new book, Hunter shares the trials and tribulations of his search for remnant crumbs of crack cocaine in his carpet.  Apparently, parmesan cheese and Cheetos dust resemble crack cocaine when you’re as strung out and stupid as the son of Dementia Joe.

Now we’ve had loser relatives of the president before.  Jimmy Carter had his brother “Billie Beer” Carter who would urinate on Air Force One’s tire on the tarmac when the urge hit him.  And Chelsea Clinton was guaranteed to embarrass the country if for no other reason than her parents are Bill and Hillary.  But Hunter is in a class of his own.  Here’s a guy who impregnates a stripper, refuses to pay child support but has to relent to avoid having his financial records inspected.  He’s kicked out of the Navy because he couldn’t pass a drug test.  He works one no-show job after another because of his father’s political clout and he launders all his father’s kickbacks.  But without a doubt the absolute bottom has to be bedding his dead brother’s widow.  You have to wonder whether he thinks he’s competing with Caligula or something.

But you have to know that Hunter is just the logical conclusion when someone like Joe Biden has a family.  How else can you end up when your crooked politician of a father makes you his bagman.  What could Joe possibly say to Hunter to dissuade him from doing any fool thing?  It’s wrong?  Please!  It’s dangerous?  How could anything be dangerous when the fixers in the FBI and the CIA have got your back?  It’ll look bad?  With the News agencies and Silicon Valley at your beck and call?  Why shouldn’t he become the Charlie Sheen of Washington?

No, no, no.  Hunter is not the villain, he’s the result of someone as corrupt as Joe Biden being elevated to the highest power in the land.  In a way Hunter almost seems moderate.  As far as I know he’s never been accused of cannibalism or necrophilia.  But we’re still pretty early in his career.  I have to assume that sometime after Kamala’s third term Michelle Obama is going to need a running mate and then who knows, when Hunter is close to eighty maybe it’ll be his turn in the White House.

Of course, by then it’s hard to imagine there’ll still be much of a country left for Hunter to pillage.  But that’s where his experience picking crumbs out the carpet will really come in handy.  There should be just enough left for him to keep the orgy going right to the end.  If not, he’ll have to get the stripper’s kid up to speed on shaking down foreigners.  Maybe he can impress the Zimbabweans.

Buckaroo Biden and the White Supremacist Space Pirates – Chapter 1 – The Haunted Staircase

Buckaroo Biden and the White Supremacist Space Pirates – Chapter 2 – Hidin’ Biden Jibber Jabber

When the Mainstream Media Descends into Self-Parody

I just skimmed through a magazine article called (so help me this is true):

“How Joe Biden Is Positioning Himself as a Modern FDR”

It was published in what is left on-line of Time magazine and written by Charlotte Alter who apparently has either learned at the foot of her father Jonathan Alter  how to lie outrageously or is a congenital idiot.

Reading what Alter says about the similarities between Roosevelt and Creepy Uncle Joe is like some kind of fun house mirror that could turn a flawed but patriotic persona like FDR into the semblance of a congenital liar and moral leper like the grifting, influence peddling, hair-sniffing, shoulder-fondling, gollum-like sex predator that fathered something as degraded as Hunter Biden.

Now I know that the mainstream media is shameless and will say anything to aid the Democrats but what kind of morons do they think the American people are?  FDR was a master communicator that was elected four times to the presidency during the Great Depression and World War II.  Joe Biden can barely string a noun and verb together in a sentence and when he manages to do that the noun is invariably a mistake for some other subject.  Is he running against George Bush or Donald Trump?  Is he running for the Senate or the presidency?  Is it 1988 or 2020?

FDR was a power politician who was known to manipulate those around him to achieve his goals.  But Joe Biden is a just an out and out crook who has sold the influence that his offices as Senator and Vice President have allowed him.  And the culmination of that career of betraying his public office is on display on the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Hunter was Joe’s self-identified bagman for thirty years.  He collected the bribes and laundered them through ridiculously overpaid, no-show jobs for which he was absurdly unqualified.  He was paid $80,000 a month by Burisma, a Ukrainian oil company, when he had no knowledge about the petroleum industry and no knowledge about the Ukraine.  And just to make sure no one mistook him for an actual employee he never showed up in the Ukraine.

Just to be clear, I am not a big fan of FDR.  His handling of the Great Depression was disastrous.  His socialist policies in the long run have not been helpful to the financial health of the United States.  And his character was quite flawed.  But to compare FDR to Joe Biden is like comparing Augustus Caesar to Caligula.  We can agree that both men were Romans and there the comparison ends.  We can agree that FDR and Joe Biden were both born in the United States and that’s about it.

Instead of advocating to have Biden elevated to the White House we should be endeavoring to have him locked up in a prison or at best consigned to a mental institution where he can’t harm himself or anyone else.

I didn’t include a hyperlink to the article because I didn’t want to provide them with any clicks for this crap.  If you really have a strong stomach or enjoy absurdist humor just do an internet search with the title.  But you’d be more amused by stopping by the Babylon Bee.  It truly is amazing what the human mind can make up if rent money is provided as an incentive.  At least if you happen to be a shameless progressive.

Shut Down the FBI

Say whatever you like, if the Hunter Biden laptop has elicited no action from the FBI in nine months then we are officially a banana republic.  There is no way to paper over or hedge on the fact that they are refusing to investigate obvious influence peddling and corruption at the highest levels.  What are we supposed to believe, that Hunter Biden is really James Bond investigating international crime by appearing to be a sexual degenerate crack addict and accepting bribes for his demented father?  If a Republican had a tiny fraction of the evidence against him that Biden does, he’d have been hauled into court months ago to the accompaniment of media headlines branding all conservatives criminals.

And we’re supposed to believe that the Democrat party would have allowed Joe Biden to accept the Democrat nomination for President with this information floating around the government for over nine months?  The only explanation I can come up with is that the FBI is so bought and sold that the Democrats didn’t even sweat for a minute that any of this would be allowed to surface or in any way endanger the candidacy of Creepy Uncle Joe.

Where the hell is Christopher Wray to explain this outrage?  Where the hell is his boss Bill Barr?  Doesn’t it seem perfectly clear that if there is a reasonable explanation for why Hunter Biden isn’t on trial that they should be providing it right about now?  Based on everything I’ve read and heard Wray should have been fired by Barr and replaced with Rudy Giuliani at least temporarily to begin the prosecution of the Biden crime family and to begin the long hard process of emptying out the FBI.

I know that fixing the FBI wouldn’t end the corruption in Washington.  The CIA, the NSA and the State Department are all rats’ nests of corruption and anti-American globalism.  But the FBI is the single most dangerous weapon that the Left uses against its enemies among the deplorables.  Their expertise at gaming the various laws and their connections to the corrupt leftist judges that they feed their cases to makes them a terrible weapon to have turned on anyone even among the rich and powerful, never mind private individuals without resources or connections.

I was saying before any of this broke out that as soon as the election confirms President Trump for another term, he must confront Bill Barr with the ultimatum of either prosecuting the Russiagate offenders immediately or resigning.  Now I think the day after the election he should fire Barr.  It’s obvious there is no equal justice to be had in Washington D.C.  General Flynn is railroaded for imaginary crimes that even the Justice Department admitted didn’t exist but actual criminals whose crimes are documented and outrageously illegal are not only ignored but their co-conspirators are among the highest elected officials in the land.  The CIA needs to be forced to uncover the off-shore accounts of the Bidens and all their criminal partners and this whole outrage needs to be punished in a way that will put the fear of God into every dirty politician in this country.  Russia and China are adversaries of the United States.  Accepting bribes and other payments from them is tantamount to treason.  Joe Biden is a dirty crook and instead of moving into the White House he should be moving into Leavenworth for the remainder of his unnatural life.

Aside from any considerations of who wins this election, the American people have to come to grips with the fact that equal treatment under the law has been proven to be an illusion.  The rich and powerful on the Left are protected by a praetorian guard that includes the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that protect the status quo and make sure that anyone who shouldn’t be in charge isn’t.  If we ever hope to become free men again, we will have to find a champion willing to pull the teeth of this awful monster and then put it down.  That’s what has to be done.